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I heard a spark, something that glowed hundred feet higher I opened my eyes when there is light to see if I'm closer Spark – The Bird and The Bee

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We were a few years too late to be a part of the original Riot Grrrl movement, but it didn't stop us from making zines. — Stephanie Kuehnert Me too! I am not give up on it. I always want to work on magazine, now I am satisfied with zines. Although 'zines' has red line here in Microsoft Word which means it is incorrect. I tell you Microsoft, zine is right. Totally right, nothing wrong with that. What I love from zine is I can write whatever I want. I can make the zine on my own way. I enjoy making this zine. I feel so alive. I like the process, from the panic moment until the fun moment. If you like something, just do it. Don't think about when or how to do because it only makes your idea stuck on your mind. And the idea is not growing. As you start working on it, everything gonna be clicked. Connect the dots and you rule! This year, I heard so much about rapist. There was movement from Indonesia which reacts about this issue. It was so great because it means that we girls care about female issue. It reminds me of Girl Power. I really like the idea between girls support each other. It is so deep and sweet. I was sick of being made fun of for being different or harassed for simply being female. What's wrong with that? I am proud to be female. Although we wear skirt doesn't mean we can't be and say whatever we want. I hope every girl in this world love their life. I don't want to tell you that you should be happy all the time. Pretend happy all the time is not good too, I know it hurts. So, love your life, feel the life, appreciate life. Life is precious. I feel so happy to have great friends here who help and support me a lot. Thank you friends, we rock! Riyandini Putri

Dwi Nawang Wicaksana is a boy who spent most of his time making graphic designs and playing games. He had played in a rock band as guitarist. He is kinda busy with college things now, but he'd be pleased to hear from you at Riyandini Putri is the editor-in-chief and founder of this zine. She made collages, also write almost everything there. She likes to take a walk, meet with friends, and read (literally everything) in the internet. She lives at Dream Avenue. At least, you can email her at Setiawan Rezki Indarta is a gamer and futsal player who plays for his college. He like to cycle around the town. He has interest at photograph. Go contact him at

CONTRIBUTOR Adinda Medina is a moody girl who could make literally everything (depend on her mood). She is part of Mcrmy Indonesia, Partha Softball, and Crosfal. Go contact her at Dea Karina is the flag-bearer of randomness in her cage who make the illustration beside. She doesn't like be thrown by tomatoes or grand pianos. She also manages a band, Answer Sheet. Don't be shy to say hi at Golda Florencia Putri Gusar is a law student who had photographed the cover of this zine. She is a dog lover. Sure, she is funny! Music and photograph is her life. C o n t a c t h e r v i a e m a i l

On The Cover Photographed by G. F. P. Gusar Edited by R. Putri and D. N. Wicaksana Location : Terowongan Casablanca, Jakarta I took the photo around the middle of 2009. I was on my way to Monas, Ancol, etc with my cousins and bother. My cousins came from Malang and we decided to take trip around Jakarta. I was so happy. I sat near the driver, suddenly I want to take pictures of the tunnel that we passed over. Even at noon, the lights are on. Somehow, I just want to make some fun of this. And here is it. It captured my lovely journey. - Golda

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WHY I KEEP THINKING ABOUT GIRL POWER Let's learn it from movies, Girl Friendship.

Talking about girls' friendship is very confusing with all the drama and gossip related. The previous day a girl can hate another girl and today they can be friend, even best friend! Being girl is complicated, confusing, no exact rules (we should improve to make everything accepted and tolerable and don't forget the drama). Mean Girls (2004) is the right example to describe how complicated girl is. The Plastics! Remember about the Burn Book anyone? That's it! How they become 'Mean Girls'. For you who never watch the movie (you miss it!), The Burn Book is a pink book where they write mean things about girls in their grade. Regina is the queen until Cady came to their school. Then she asked to Cady, “You think you're really pretty?” and Cady seems don't know what it really means, by reply, “Oh…. I don't know.” Girl Alert! Later Cady said, “The weird thing about hanging out with Regina was that I could hate her, and at the same time, I still wanted her to like me. Same with Gretchen, the meaner Regina was to her, the more Gretchen tried to win Regina back.” Damian describes Regina as,

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“She's fabulous, but she's evil.” Oh, Regina. There are a lot of true girls' issues in Mean Girls. In the real life I really found it. That is why this movie gets girls heart <3 Something that so mean of girls is they talked about bad things of the other girls (even their best friend) behind their back. Boys, you can laugh at us now. You win! I know that boy doesn't do that (but I know those jerks boys do that. I am spy remember?). One day, a girl said to me that we can't wear heels or wedge to our college if don't wanna be object of gossip-time. Why? They should not know how it feels to get more-cm-in-second. It gives confidence. All I know, confidence is not crime! And what is the problem with wearthe-favorite-shoes? They even do not pay or what. Shoes are far in the bottom, so many times people even too busy to notice the other shoes! Well, it is just one of example. So high school. Daphne Guinness was interviewed on NPR. "I don't tell anybody else what to wear," she says. "I would never dream of it.”

HIGHLIGHT So when a friend told me that girls can be so cruel to judge the other girl I was kinda surprised. Why they keep talking about bad things of the other girls? They should have so much time when I have lack of time these days. And I think it was so high school. This friend also told me that talking about it is fun. Where is the fun? Can you tell me? I think that is so sad and cruel. And it hurt of course. Even the object is not me, it still hurt for me. I am girl being, you know. I have feeling, and Girl Power spirit! Please remember about Girl Power. The solidarity of being girl. Sometimes people make wrong impression. How girl dress doesn't tell you how is she. Don't judge a book by its cover. Very true! A man told me, “Everybody is nice. When you think someone is cruel now, maybe he/she will be very nice tomorrow.” I remember a scene from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005) where Tibby went to hospital to visit Bailey. Tibby said, “Oh man, you were right, and I was wrong, but I'm... I'm wrong about most people, so…” “The important thing is you always change your mind about them.” Bailey continued. In this movie Tibby, Carmen, Lena, and Bridget are always together since they were baby. I think that is why they have this kind-of-friendship. There is no talk about the bad of the other. Which make this friendship is so cool! Although they have different character, they really fit together. Difference doesn't matter at all. Not in my real life, where difference matter in every aspect of life (maybe that is because we wear uniform since we were kids. Everybody is uniformed, difference can't accept!) Actually, the truth is we are not mature enough to accept everybody however they are. Not good. And finally I watch Sex and The City (2008) the movie. When John didn't come to the wedding, Carrie was very super upset. Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda decided to go to Mexico (it was a honeymoon plan) to cheer Carrie up! In New Year eve, Miranda called Carrie and wanna talk on the phone. Then, Carrie decided to walk to Miranda apartment which is far plus the weather is not nice because it was winter. Their friendship! Maybe this is the best thing ever that I could see on girls' friendship. Be there for whatever the reasons. Support friend who need it. And selfish is

unaccepted. Sometimes to support other girls is being there. Phone only helps a little. I don't wanna tell you that I never talk about bad of the other. I did. But it always hurt when I did it. So, I decided to stop. I am trying to avoid it. How? When I really can't help to talk about it, I gotta home soon so I can listen to my favorite band and just forget it. Then I'll be busy on the internet. Problem solved! Sometimes I go to my sister house and talk about it. Why? Because I know that my sister never talk about this 'secret' (I keep it as 'secret') and I'll ask her what should I do. Almost the time she gives me useful advice. Not bullshit or pitting. Talking about bad things of the other girls is not fun. It hurts. It always hurts. Instead of doing this thing, why don't you be creative? Make music, DIY project, zine, or write poems, novel, article. Be creative is much better than talk about bad things of the other girls. If you don't stop this bad behavior, you'll find yourself 50 years older and still talking about bad things of everything (not just about the other girls) because you're a way older and talk about bad things is your major talent. We know that we can stop it. From now, we can talk about good things about the other girls. Just remember about Girl Power. We girls should be uniting to make this world a better place to live and life. Nah, it must be fun! Go go go Girl Power! PS. When a girl ask me, “Are you alone? Where is your colony?” I really should say, “Do you know about Girl Power? Every girl in this world is my colony. It means, include you, girl ;)”

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There is Something So-Called ADD

You really should know about mental disorders.

October 27th was just like my common Thursday morning. I woke up, turned on my laptop, read first post of Rookie, eat my breakfast, read the second post of Rookie which mention about ADD. That was how I decided to google ADD. I didn't know what it was. I never aware about mental disorder before. I only knew about OCD (later I realized that I have wrong interpretation about OCD). So, here are some of mental illnesses that you should now. Well, I googled them. ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

ADD / ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a biological, brain based condition that is characterized by poor attention and distractibility and/or hyperactive and impulsive behaviors. It is one of the most common mental disorders that develop in children. If left untreated, ADHD can lead to poor school/work performance, poor social relationships and a general feeling of low self esteem. ADHD is often first detected when a child enters school. Attention and behavior issues become more obvious in this structured setting. The student may have trouble sitting still or waiting his turn. His impulsive behaviors may lead him to “act before thinking”. His short attention span and distractibility become more noticeable. It was once believed that ADHD was exclusively a childhood disorder that was outgrown during adolescence. It is now known that these symptoms can continue into adolescence and adulthood. Symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsiveness may decrease somewhat during adolescence and be replaced with feelings of restlessness. Attention problems often persist and may manifest itself in different ways. Time management and organization are often difficult. Planning ahead, finishing work, staying on track, organizing activities, following conversations, maintaining relationships — all may required intense effort.

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OCD (Obsessive CompulsivE Disorder) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder that affects about 1-2% of the population. People with OCD experience both obsessions and compulsions. · Obsessions are unwanted and disturbing thoughts, images, or impulses that suddenly pop into the mind and cause a great deal of anxiety or distress. · Compulsions are deliberate behaviors (e.g. washing, checking, ordering) or mental acts (e.g. praying, counting, repeating phrases) that are carried out to reduce the anxiety caused by the obsessions. Young adults between 18 and 24 years of age are at the highest risk for developing OCD. However, many adults with OCD say their symptoms started when they were children or adolescents.

Borderline Personality Disorder Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental disorder that belongs to the group of mental illnesses called personality disorders. Therefore, like other personality disorders, it is characterized by a consistent pattern of thinking, feeling, and interacting with others and with the world that tends to cause significant problems for the sufferer. Specifically, BPD tends to be associated with a pattern of unstable ways of seeing oneself, feeling, behaving, and relating to others that markedly interferes with the individual's ability to function. Also, as with other personality disorders, the person is usually an adolescent or adult before they can be assessed as meeting full symptom criteria for BPD. BPD is more likely to be associated with eating disorders symptoms in women. In adolescents, BPD tends to co-occur with more anxious and odd personality disorders like schizotypal and passive aggressive personality disorder, respectively.

So, do you have one of them? I hope you're not. I know that being teenager is hard. We are worry about everything too much. All I want to say is love yourself. Everything is gonna be okay. No matter how you deal with your problems, everything gonna go by. Don't worry too much, live your life, eat healthy, sleep enough, and stop what do you do now. Stop, take a breath, and feel that you're alive. Just don’t be panic, okay?

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Ladies, be Careful of Rapist Maybe no body talk to teens, especially girls, that rapist can be everywhere and everybody.

Maybe you know that in 2011 there were some cases about rapist in public transportation. Don't you think that it was pathetic? I felt so sad when I heard about this. I am female who has sympathy. There is a movement called Slut Walk in USA. In Indonesia at September 18th 2011 was held a movement called Aksi Perempuan Menolak Perkosaan. This movement spurred by the widespread rape in 2011 and the disappointment over the statement Fauzi Bowo (DKI Jakarta governor) who said that rape trigger is the way women dressed. He blamed the victim rather than the perpetrator! (Okay, he said sorry later). Can you see that female and male have different view about this problem? Male tend to blame the victim (even some boys think that rape is funny). They said how female dress is the reason. But how about rape in a baby girl who dress like, yeah you know, child. No sexiness. Are you gonna blame them too? Maybe you never know that rapists look for victims they perceive as vulnerable, not women who dress in a particular way. Assuming that women provoke attacks by where they are or the way they dress is victim-blaming. No person, whatever their behavior, "deserves" to be raped. Rapists act without considering their victim's physical appearance, dress, age, race, gender, or social status. Assailants seek out victims who they perceive to be vulnerable. The Orange County Rape Crisis Center has worked with victims from infancy to ninety-two years of age and from all

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racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. Beside these, research has found that the vast majority of rapes are planned. Opportunity is the most important factor determining when a given rapist will rape. Are you starting panic, dude? Actually, 80% of sexual assaults reported by college age women and adult women were perpetrated by close friends or family members. There is no common profile of a rapist. Rapes are committed by people from all economic levels, all races, all occupations. A rapist can be your doctor, your boss, your clergyman, your superintendent, your partner, your lover, your friend or your date. Now, public transportation in Jakarta is prohibiting use film-window. It gave 1% safer to us if there is violence in there. So, as a female all I can say is, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Be careful.â&#x20AC;? Nobody deserves to be raped. Rapist is the worst ever. I still confused why some people still thought that women was raped because of how they dress. That is unfair! Please think before you say something (internet can help you grow up by go to the right site, no mention to Facebook). PS. There was issue about Government will make a virginity test for new students. I think it was a project to gain money for them. What do you think about this? How if there are some girls who was raped? The rule is not fair for them, right?

I wear make up, so I'm plastic?

I speak my mind, so I'm a b*tch?

I cry, so I'm an attention seeker? I like taking pics, so I'm conceited?


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Sofia Coppola is Francis Ford Coppola (director of The Godfather) daughter. Her brother, Roman Coppola, is music video director of The Strokes. She married Thomas Mars who is the lead singer of Phoenix. Nicholas Cage is her cousin! Her family becomes the three-generation Oscar winning family, her grandfather Carmine Coppola and her father Francis Ford Coppola having previously won Oscars. Sofia got Oscar at 2003. A very talented big family. Sofia is director of The Virgin Suicides (1999), Lost in Translation (2003), Marie Antoinette (2006) and Somewhere (2010). Sofia received the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Lost in Translation and wins the Golden Lion, the top prize at the Venice Film Festival, for Somewhere. If you think Sofia made movies which cast Cameron Diaz or Jessica Alba, you are wrong. If you think gonna watch What Happen in Vegas stereotype, forget it. Sofia deliberately tried to eschew stereotypes and do something different. Watch the movie with deep feeling. You can't think superficial. If so, you gonna be bored. Sofia is very detail. Like Marie Antoinette who went to France from Austria, Sofia captured the journey so much. But I like it. We can't skip time. Instead of skip it, we can feel the journey, feel the breath to realize that we life, and think of everything. I like to guess what is on her mind. What is in her mind? Is she happy of the marriage? Or what? At Lost in

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Translation, Charlotte looked out the window on the scene. If you think that is boring, I disagree. Why? I really can't tell you exactly how I feel about it. It is so deep. Sometimes that is what you do to deal with loneliness or emptiness. You wanna look out from where you are. Wanna feel the life. Coppola has described Somewhere (the story of dissipated movie-star dad, Johnny Marco, and an 11year-old girl, Cleo) as "a portrait of today's L.A." There is deep father-daughter relation here. When presenting the film, Coppola reminisced that she and her family spent a lot of time growing up in hotels where her father was out on location while filming. So, it supposed to where she got the idea. The Virgin Suicides is related in retrospect by an anonymous male narrator who stands in for the brotherhood of boys who were and continue to be fascinated by the aura and mystery surrounding Lisbon sisters. The girls is so mysterious that (maybe) no one know why the committed to suicide. I like when in movie there is no antagonist character. I think nobody cruel all the time, they always have good character. Movie which (close to) captured real life. Not dummy, too much haphazard, and predictable ending. In real life, the ending is unpredictable. Watch Sofia movie makes me think. Think about life, stranger that I meet everywhere, and a long journey.

girl heart

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PHOTOGRAPHY adinda medina STYLING riyandini putri MODEL ida ayu melati // ayu dewi 15 |

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MUSIC A Very She and Him Christmas She and Him 2011, Merge Records American indie pop duo, Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, launched their new album at October 24th. The first time I heard this whole album I really couldn't stop. Just like when you get your first candy. Really really couldn’t stop. This album gave nostalgic about Christmas. I remember my childhood when I watched TV all day long about Christmas movie. The last track, The Christmas Song, remind of my favorite scene of Catch Me if You Can (I think this is a Christmas movie too). When Frank stand on her mom house this song start playing, got him broken heart to see her mom's daughter with another man not his dad, then police cars start coming and he yelled, “Take me in the car, please. Take me in the car.” It touched my heart. This album is the right choice to hear when the sky is cloudy. Feel sad and happy at the same time. Feel so quite and peace. I personally really love this album.

The Big Black and The Blue First Aid Kit First Aid Kit is folk duo that comes from Stockholm (I think Stockholm is very cool, plus today I read many Stockholm-s). Sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg started the band at 2007 (oh my gosh, I never think to make a band with my sisters. Even never close). They covered Fleet Foxes song, Tiger Mountain Peasant Song, send it to youtube and be popular then. Later, they performed with Fleet Foxes (you should admit that internet is very great) (you do? Great!). This album is their first album, the second album (The Lion's Roar) will be released at 2012 (!) Their EP Drunken Trees released at 2008. I like to hear them while study. It makes me calm down. But not sleepy of course. I Met Up With The King should be the OST of Speak. He took everything she had kept / And then he took everything else that was left / But no one believed her / No one believed her. This song should be played when Miranda talked about the raped to Rachael. Too bad it wasn't.

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The Fool Warpaint 2010, Rough Trade

Warpaint is a band from Los Angeles that has stood since 2004. This band consists of Emily Kokal (vocals / guitar), Theresa Wayman (vocals / guitar), Jenny Lee Lindberg (bass / vocals), and Stella Mozgawa (drums / keyboards). Their music tends to be dreamy psychedelic sounds cape added and the layers guitar, made t​ housands of people directly be to their fans. The band played in the Los Angeles area for three years, writing songs ("Stars", "Beetles", and "Elephants") which would eventually comprise their debut EP (Exquisite Corpse) (2007-2009) their first album. On October th 25 2010, the band released their debut album, The Fool, but his career skyrocketed during the past year, especially after the release of their debut EP "Exquisite Corps" and consolidated with a full length album "The Fool". This album consist nine tracks: Set Your Arm Down, Warpaint, Undertow, Bees, Shadow, Composure, Baby, Majesty, and Lissie's Heart Murmur. Still Night, Still Light Au Revoir Simone 2009, Our Secret Record Company Au Revoir Simone is electronic dream pop band which formed Erika Forster, Annie Hart, and Heather D'Angelo. Believe me, they are match together. Just like best friend who decided to make band to declare their friendship. I like to think that way. The music is so dreamy. “You know I'm child// I keep this alive” is my favorite part of Another Likely Story. Whatever they mean, I like to say that they are talking about dreams which start from childhood and the dreams never extinct. I play all tracks of Au Revoir Simone and I like their music a lot. Maybe that is the effect of my dreamy mood (don't ask, I can't explain). They are best-friend who sings together. Live their dream together. Another one of their track, Only You Can Make You Happy is a best track to answer why you can not be happy with everybody, if you do not allow it happen. Shadow and Take Me As I Am are another favorite track. Okay, I like all of them. That is because the dreamy mood effect, remember?

MUSIC Let's Get Out of This Country Camera Obscura 2006, Merge Records Camera Obscura is indie pop band that come from Scotland. Camera Obscura! This name is very catchy and cool and smart. The current members of Camera Obscura are Tracyanne Campbell, Carey Lander, Kenny McKeeve, Gavin Dunbar, and Lee Thomson. I got this album when I was in high school. This is my first collection of their album. I am addicted. I listened to them every day when I was in high school. Tracyanne voice is so nice so good. When they played in my town too bad I couldn't come. I regret it all of my life. I already love the album since I read the title. Let's Get Out of This Country, how cool! So, I am not the one who think about that idea. Clever! The first track, Lloyd I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken, is a respond song to Lloyd Cole and the Commotions' song "Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?". Their lyrics are inspiring. “When I choose my color it

Romantico 800 Cherries 1999, March Records

The Japanese electronic duo, Manami Marufuji and Masayuki Takahashi, contains a pure pop innocence that they self-describe as "futurepop." Some also describe them as dream pop and chillout pop. This is album that I want to listen when I go to picnic. All the tracks are very sweet. It also gives dreamy picnic effect. Went to picnic in the secret garden, listen to this album, lie in the grass, drink lemonade, and eat delicious biscuits. The entire track is very lovely; even I can't decide the best track because every track is great. Painty Paint Pots, Romantico, Rainy Poppy Fields, B.B.V.U. (Give Me Give Me), Planc-Tone, Through, La Pa Ti Ta, Honeydew Blue, Frozen, Everybody Knows '98, and Here She Comes Now are the tracks. The last track, Here She Comes Now, is a cover of The Velvet Underground. You can see through the title of the tracks how dreamy picnic effect it would be.

American Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Machine The Donnas 1999, Lookout! Records I like band which come from best friend rather than stranger people who decide to make band. That is different. That is why The Donnas still exist after more than 15 years. Brett Anderson, Maya Fordon, Allison Robertson, and Torry Castellano decided to make rock band since they are friends in high school at 1993. They took name “Ragady Anne” in their early career then changed to “The Electrocutes”. Later, they changed name the band become “The Donnas” and called them-self Donna A, Donna F, Donna R, and Donna C. That makes their friendship into the next level. So sad that Donna C. got shoulder problem and retired from the band in 2010. Amy Cesary replaced her then. “Cause I don't care about going to school// And I don't care about having friends// And I don't care 'cause I'm a rock 'n roll machine” of Rock 'n Roll Machine is one of example how cool their lyrics are. And this band proves to the world that girls can rock! They are really American

Life Through This Hole 1994, Geffen Records

Hole is an alternative rock band. Courtney Love, the vocal and rhythm guitar, is so rocks! I like her charisma, something that maybe I'll never close in. This album released four days after Kurt Cobain (Courtney's husband) found dead. There was rumor related the death and this album. But I don't care. I like this whole album. I am not surprised when Rolling Stone said the album "may be the most potent blast of female insurgency ever committed to tape". I keep listening to this album because this is kind of true story behind the lyrics. “And the sky was made of amethyst// And all the stars look just like little fish// You should learn when to go// You should learn how to say no” is part of Violet. I like all the tracks especially Violet, Miss World, and Doll Parts. When I wanna scream and don't care about everything, I keep listening to Hole. Courtney is very cool, remember? Maybe I should make love letter to her.

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MOVIE WHIP IT (2009) The story is about Bliss Cavendar (Ellen Page) who's forced by her mother, Brooke (Marcia Gay Harden) who is obsessed with the perfection of a woman, to be a miss beauty. Bliss would not want to do the things she did not want it. One day while shopping at stores outside the city, Bliss saw women's roller derby league brochure, Roller Derby. Bliss was interested in the event and then decided to go, of course she had to lie with her parents. Her natural talent brought her name famous among lovers of Roller Derby, and she even earned the nickname Babe Ruthless up of members of his team. Whip It itself based on a novel written by Shauna Cross called Derby Girl. In this film, Cross also contributed in the execution of the movie script. The combination junior-senior from the casts like Ellen Page, Juliette Lewis, Kristen Wiig, Eve, Zoe Bell to Marcia Gay Harden was very effective to turn the film. Ellen Page, although still not far from her character in Juno, with her appearance was always able to steal the attention of audiences with the spirit of youth and acting skills. Whip It succeeded in making an entertaining teen comedy drama with a story of light and full of moral messages that hit the audiences. Overall, Drew Barrymore (director) can practically breathe since her debut as a director turns out to be fairly successful. At least she successfully delivered a message on the film effectively by presenting a story with a light dressing, fresh comedy, messages and morals delivered well.

SPEAK (2004) The story is about a girl named Melinda who starts out her freshman year in high school with trauma of being raped by a senior, Andy, at a summer party. Melinda also shunned by friends in school because she called 9-1-1 at the party. The worst was her best friend, Rachael, dated Andy and she couldn't warn Rachael. Why? Because she couldn't talk about the raped yet. Melinda became antisocial and tries not to talk to her friends, teachers and even her parents again. But sometimes she couldn't not speak, just like when a teacher asked her name. Being polite, you know. Then Melinda found support with her art teacher Mr. Freeman and started to love painting. Her feelings threaten to engulf her but Melinda learns to grow from her experiences instead of repressing the past. That emotion has scarred her for the rest of her life. Later, she talked to Rachael about the raped but Rachael couldn't believe it. Until one day, when Andy tried to do it again and luckily some girls found them. That is the end of her pressure to never talk about the raped and Rachael would believe her then.

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THE TEEN VOGUE HANDBOOK An Insider’s Guide to Careers in Fashion

This is a handbook for you who wanna be designer, stylist, model, photographer or another fashion related job. Even if you only interest in fashion without plans on work at this area, this book is very great. There are designers such as Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Tory Burch, and many more who talked about their early career. Work in fashion is just like another job. You should work so hard on it because you should be prima all the time. Plus, you considered having multi-tasking-skill. Internship is the key to get the next level (that is what I learn from this book). You don't gonna get specific advice there, almost the time the advice is general. But this book is very well amused. I never bore to read and look at the photos. “Do your homework, go online, visit every museum, and intern. You just need to have a love for what you're doing. It's not about thinking that it's the cool thing; it's about really believing in it.” – Anna Wintour.

I bought this book when I was freshman or earlier (I forget exactly). I think buy this handbook is better than buy their issue every month. I was right. I never regret to own this book. When I was so down and sorrow, I'll open this book and feel so happy to remember about my dreams and the beauty of fashion world. Then I'll remember how I obsessed with Miu Miu (I still asking why Miuccia Prada is not in this book). Fashion is beautiful however I think about it. “If you want to be fashion blogger, what's stopping you? You can start your own blog tomorrow! Post the things –clothing, culture, whatever– that you wish you could see on other sites.” – Natalie Hormilla. So, I decided to make a blog. But I am not a good blogger, later I know. Everything needs effort. And sometimes I am not good at it. I still learn how to make everything work on my blog. If you interest in fashion with whatever your purpose is, I recommend this book. You'll be one step closer.

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This is the right place where you can read books (not text book of course) that interest you include magazines, doodles, journal, etc. There are many categories such as Auto & Vesicles, Creative, Film & Music, Nature & Animal, Sports, Technology & Internet, etc. Here are some my favorite:

Chiffon Magazine Common Uncommon Italy, Milano

The name is very true. I think they can describe themselves better than me, “You can print it, page it through, love it, cook it, sell it, copy it or snob it. It's just COMMONUNCOMMON mag. The first magazine in Italy dedicated to fashion, the true one that we see, that we touch. A singular "formula" with which young designers (and old) can communicate their message and their will to front a world that reflects our contemporary times.” Their issues is very interesting such like Wondereal, Low Fashion High Expectation, Don't Tell A Book From Its Cover, Outta The Blue, Weirdoes, and many more. I like the ideas, the editorials, the photos, almost everything.

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United States, Los Angeles

“Chiffon Magazine is an artist created and run Fashion/Culture magazine. Here you can feel the pulse of fashion, while looking into the people and places behind these trends. Obtuse thinking is out, open minded is in. We don't see fashion as two sided. While most magazines either feature mainstream fashion or eco fashion, we bring together both worlds. It's time to celebrate fashion and our culture, fab or ridiculous” as they said on the first issue. This magazine is a fashion magazine where you'll find great fashion editorials also beauty editorial. The styling is very fun and great and awesome. My favorite editorial is 'Down The Rabbit Hole' at Awkward. I like everything with Alice in Wonderland related because it gives dreamy effect. Well, dream is not crime.

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Rookie is my news every Tuesday to Saturday (Monday to Friday at their time, but time zone is cool so I got their issue late for around 12 hours if looking at the clock, but at the same time on the internet. That's why I love internet. Time is blurry). Rookie told us, as teenager, to like and love whatever we are (are we skinny or fat, straight or gay) because that is not a matter whoever and whatever we are if we can confident to be ourselves. I like Life Through This, Eye Candy, Style, Friday Playlist, literally everything on their page. I got myself inspired day by day. I become aware about girls issue that I didn't before. I like being girls at this era, internet era. So I can go everywhere in the internet and get what I want to know. At Rookie, I got great links! Rookie talked about many singers and bands that I like very much, such as Björk, Au Revoir Simone, Fleet Foxes, etc. And the Eye Candy, don't ask me how I really like it. Maybe even I can make essay about it. My favorite photographers are Petra, Eleanor and Autumn de Wilde. For the writings, I really like Jenny Zhang because hers is very true, polished, cool, and awesome. Okay, I like Tavi Gevinson (editor in chief of Rookie) too. That was how I got to Rookie and addicted. Dear Teen Me

I always like to read letter. Especially when it comes from adult to her-teen-self. It becomes so special. Feels like I read letter from myself-1oyears-later. I always curious about my future. Am I gonna have daughter? What is my job? Where I live? Am I change? Yeah, that regular question. I really want someone invents time machine so I can talk to myself-30-years-later. I think it would be fun because I can talk and ask about everything. Especially about myself. Teens have their own problems, include the-drama-effect. I always think that everything is big deal. I can't lose it or I gonna die (the-drama-effect, remember?) (okay, LIE. I don't care actually). Reading the letters makes me realized that many girls worry too much and have mental disorder. It makes the-drama-effect even worse. It gonna make them depression. That is the bad effect. Sometimes all we need is stop. Feel the breath. Feel the life. Just stop and breathe.

When Rookie is my personal news, Jezebel is for general news. Jezebel provides many news from fashion to family. I really like the fashion page (Jenny Zhang also writes there). And General Interest page (Hugo Schwyzer writing is very good). The best thing about Jezebel is seems like they have everything. Literally everything! Maybe I need more than six months to read their entire pages (when I like a website, I'd love to read all of pages). But so far I am not smart enough to read literally everything (please, I need more than 24 hours a day). Jezebel has College page too. And book, music, pet, TV, politic, motherhood, even bullying! I am not lying when I said they seem have everything. And I like the writings. Do not make me bored, but entertaining and inspiring. Start reading now, and you'll never regret. The Style Rookie

Tavi Gevinson (15 years old) is the girl behind this blog. She is gonna be my best friend ever! We have the same things just like our date of birthday (it is destiny that people who born at April 21th is cool and smart and inspiring. Duh). She is young girl who start her blog at 11 years old (don't ask me what I did when I was 11 years old). Her writing is keep better and better. She inspires me to write and dress up whatever I want to wear. She said, ““I like that my friends don't really care about fashion. They just like Justin Bieber and sports.” That is true at my friends too. Even Miuccia Prada said, ““I am impressed by the comprehension that Tavi has of fashion. She's very young and that's why her mixed vision of old and contemporary fashion is so interesting and unexpected.” Tavi announced her fashion philosophy: “In my opinion, the most interesting fashion is the Anti-Fashion. No rules, no restrictions, no normalcy, no pleasing anyone… . I might only be less attracted to the entire 'chic' deal because, as a younger person, I do gravitate more towards tackier clothes. That being said, I'm twelve! I have no one to impress and I'm not concerned about wearing something flattering to my body. I will dress as ugly and crazy as I want as long as I'm still young enough to get away with it. Suckerssss.” Well done, Tavi. There are no rules. So, stop gossiping about the other style girls. People wear whatever they want to wear. You too.

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This is our first issue. Our theme is Girl Power. Enjoy!


This is our first issue. Our theme is Girl Power. Enjoy!