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In the dark, the growing dark You know that you can find the spark That guides you home my friend Josefin - First Aid Kit

spark #2

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Spark is created by Riyandini Putri. Contact email : twitter : spark_zine

10. music talks THE RUNAWAYS

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44. obsession MIU MIU SHOES


Photographer : Alfredo Cassano Model : Ale Location : Royal Park of Racconigi


“I use to celebrate the first days of Autumn visiting my favorite woods, feeding the squirrels and enjoying a quiet afternoon by the lake. I took this picture last October. The trees were starting to get gorgeously painted in red and gold and there was such a whimsical feel in the air. Sometimes there’s even some horsedrawn carriages passing by, I really love that, it kind of feels like traveling through time.” —Ale

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spark contributors

Ale Turin, Italy

Cherokee Summer London, England

Anna James Utah, USA

Marcia Wong New York, USA

She live in a pretty town in the north of Italy, with her boyfriend Alf, her huge cat Julius and a rather embarrassing amount of clothes. She work in animation by day, illustrate children’s books by night and, in the middle, she is a lover of all things vintage. Email her at

She is your average hormonal 18 year old trying to awkwardly make her way through life. While horribly attempting to write short stories that people may or may not like, she runs a feminist film blog, She can be reached at cherokee.s.summer@

She is a freelance photographer, journalism student, and media junkie based in the Wasatch Front. She finds inspiration in the simple and mundane details of life, and enjoys preserving these moments in her photography. To see more of her work, check out her website at or email at

She is an art student and full-time procrastinator. She considers herself as a feminist and likes to write about fashion and cultures whenever possible. She loves Lady Gaga, Harry Potter and Nine Inch Nails (though not necessarily in that order) Nutella and bacon are pretty awesome too. Contact her at marcia19971025@

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HAVE I TOLD YOU THAT I AM OBSESSED WITH THE SKY? Hi everyone? How’s life? I hope it is freakin’ awesome and great. Actually, I didn’t expect that I’ll make the second issue that fast. I thought it would be a year from the first issue or so. But I heard beautiful song at my heart when I was working for the first issue and I want to hear it again. The song that I am the only ones who know. Even you sit near me, you can’t hear it. Because it is my very own song. When I began this issue, actually I don’t know what should I write. But since times fly (so fast), I know what I really want to write. It began with ‘Oh, Boys’ that I mention at the first issue will be the theme for the second issue (but I don’t know what the heck that I should write). After several weeks (tried not to overthinking about the second issue, but it was hard of course) I passed my life and did whatever is it, I really want to write about Freaks and Geeks. Actually, I was made 24 pages before only for Freaks and Geeks. I know it was so silly, so I made it into 6 pages (which is so hard to do). Not long time ago, I decided to watch The Runaways movie. And you can expect that I really like The Runaways band. Oh my gosh, why everybody is so cool? I also watched Juno for the second time, and then I thought I should write it too. When the first time (at high school) I watched the movie, I didn’t really obsess with it (I don’t know why. Maybe I was busy with something else). As I work on the second issue, I don’t know why but I think I changed. Now, I feel better if I can do the whole issue by myself, not depend on my friends. I am really glad to meet new people that become Spark contributors. Don’t ask me how nice they are. They are absolutely nice and great. Thank you to my friends and Spark contributor for this issue. Oh my gosh, thank you very much girls! And thank you for you who read Spark. I really appreciate it. Riyandini Putri

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you should know

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FREAKS AND GEEKS 1999-2000. 18 episodes. Created by Paul Feig and executive produced by Judd Apatow.


o, have you watched Freaks and Geeks? Yes? You really love it? Great! Or you have no idea what is Freaks and Geeks? Well, you already miss something great at your life. You miss it! And I know that you’ll regret why you never watch the show. Why? At IMDB it get 9.3/10. You should have an idea why this show gets high rating. Yes, true! That is because Freaks and Geeks is so great. And brilliant. I stop watching TV when I was at my late high school. First, it was because crazy exams and study thing-y. Plus the fact that I was so tired being manipulated with TV shows. There are many unreality shows. When it comes to reality shows, many people debate it. Is it true? Or the creative director makes the script first? I don’t know because I have no creaative-director friend so I can’t tell you what the truth is. But all I can say now is there are so many fake things at TV shows. One episode of girl and boy who will date at the end of the show, opera soap that play unrealistic life, mainstream music which play every morning at some channels and the audiences are paid, reality show that is not reality because there is script behind it, comedy show that mention sex jokes plus big cliche. That is so tiring to watch TV here in Indonesia. I mean, where is the genius creative show maker? I know that they are alive somewhere here, but too bad there is so many dummy people who copy plots from movie or another show because it has good rating. When they make similar show (from Hollywood, Bollywood, or even another channel), I mean it really similar except the quality. I’m sorry, I think I should stop and talk about Freaks and Geeks instead. Freaks and Geeks is different. It is real. I mean, you really can relate this show to your real life.

You’ll never think, “That things only happen at TV show or movie” because it is very real. What is the story of Freaks and Geeks? The show centers on a teenage girl, Lindsay Weir (Linda Cardellini), and her brother, Sam (John Francis Daley), who both attend William McKinley High School during the 1980–1981 school year in the town of Chippewa, Michigan, a fictional suburb of Detroit. Lindsay’s friends constitute the “freaks” — Daniel Desario (James Franco), Ken Miller (Seth Rogen), Nick Andopolis (Jason Segel), Kim Kelly (Busy Philipps) — and Sam’s friends constitute the “geeks” — Neal Schweiber (Samm Levine) and Bill Haverchuck (Martin Starr) — of the title. The Weirs’ parents are Harold (Joe Flaherty) and Jean (Becky Ann Baker). Millie Kentner (Sarah Hagan), Lindsay’s nerdy and highly religious former best friend, also Cindy Sanders (Natasha Melnick), popular cheerleader upon whom Sam has a crush. This show doesn’t show high dose of drama. Only a little drama, maybe because Lindsay hang out with Freaks and Sam hang out with Geeks which both doesn’t really hangout with group of girls (they did, but not at all of episodes). Also, because of there are so many fresh jokes which absolutely damn funny. Why it only last for one season? WHY? The series appeared on Time magazine’s 2007 “100 Greatest Shows of All Time” list, as well as placing 3rd on their list of the greatest television shows of the 2000s. In 2007, ranked #21 on TV Guide’s Top Cult Shows Ever. In 2008, Entertainment Weekly ranked it the 13th-best series of the past 25 years. Is it not enough to make more series? I think this show is better than Gossip Girls (I really like it though, but Freaks and Geeks is better).

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The Characters

SAM WEIR (John Francis Daley) Sam is a geek (sorry, Sam. But you’re so funny and every girl would be grateful to be your date). He had crush on Cindy. Something that so funny about this was Cindy greeted, “Hi, Sam” and Sam always reply, “Oh, hi Cindy.” He is so cute! They dated later, but not for the long time. “It’s Cindy. She’s kind of boring. It’s weird hanging out with her friends. And, I mean, all she wants to do is make out and stuff,” Sam asked to Lindsay, “What’s wrong with me? I mean, she is so pretty! Why don’t I like her?” and Lindsay wisely answered, “Just because a girl is pretty doesn’t mean she is right for you.” Yeah, I think that is right for Sam. I mean, Cindy wasn’t kind of funny girl. So, maybe it was little bit hard for Sam to understand Cindy because she was so girly and did girls thing (like gossip, etc) and Sam kind of couldn’t understand it because his life surround with funny people. Plus, his sister was kind of tomboy. So, girl things are kind of strange.

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LINDSAY WEIR (Linda Cardellini) “All my new friends think I’m some goodytwo-shoes and all my old friends think I’m throwing my life away. What the hell am I supposed to do?” I think that Lindsay is, actually, in between. Not so freak, but not so geek. Maybe it was great that she decided to hangout with freaks. Lindsay gave good influence to the freaks, especially Kim. Lindsay used to be member of Mathlete, but she is not the same person as before. Her return to the Mathetes is both about getting back to her comfort level, where her smarts are put on display and appreciated, and also about social convenience, about being secure as the star somewhere after having been on unsure footing with the freaks for so long. Lindsay tried to be the girl she used to be only to find out that she couldn’t because it wasn’t her anymore. Most people have tried to be someone else just to fit in, but it is not work. It’s not. Lindsay and Nick dated, but broken up then. It is little bit hard to stay as friend after broke up because your friends gonna make joke about it like Ken did as he said, ”Lindsay, here’s an idea - how ‘bout you break up our band so you can go make out with Nick? Oh, wait, you already did that.” Sometimes, boy is only for friend not for boyfriend. It is really different about boy as friend and boy as boyfriend. (I think Lindsay was better with Barry).

DANIEL DESARIO (James Franco) He rides around the town with his red car. Fool around. And sounds cool. Daniel is the one who will be funny to talk to when you’re fool around. He is very not serious with his life. Sounds effortless! But sometimes it is tiring too to look at him. How he become so unserious with everything? And me, here I am, always think everything is a big deal. I can’t be look like him (I don’t want to and I’ll never ever try). Daniel is the boy (I like to point it out. Ha!). He is freak at heart. He is very badass. He dated Kim, the badass girl. He is a good friend, but not a great boyfriend. He is good boyfriend because no matter what he’ll accept Kim whatever she is. This couple last forever. They are funny couple, actually.


KEN MILLER (Seth Rogen)

At real life, I’ll hate Neal. He is so egoist, and thinks that he is hilarious but actually he is not. Yeah, he is kind of arrogant. He gets a dummy to impress girls but is having a big mouth at school and to people in general. But, Neal is kind of funny actually (maybe we just can’t get it). And he is kind to his friends. I think the big issue about Neal is he found that his father had affair. Neal insults his dad at the party and tells his mom about the cheating, which turns out that Neal was the last to know of the whole family. Yes, it is kind of sick.

Ken is the man (Daniel, you’re wrong. The man is Ken, not Nick. Not you too of course). Ken dated the Tuba Girl, Amy. They are cute couple! Ken and Amy first date was so hilarious. I really can’t describe it. Go watch yourself (episode 12). It’ll give you an idea where you should go to spend your time. A very great idea! Ken is sarcastic who always make sarcastic jokes (you know, damn funny but hurtful if the subject is you). But at least, Ken was falling love! Deeply in love with Amy. You can see how he becomes a man, not a boy anymore since he has girlfriend (be sure watch episode 17). Good news!

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NICK ANDOPOLIS (Jason Segel) Nick really loves Lindsay. Not good for him because Lindsay didn’t love him as he does. I think Lindsay was tired to be his girlfriend. Nick is stoned (good choice, Lindsay). By the way, Nike made a song for Lindsay (but Ken broke the guitar when Nick played the song for Lindsay. So, Lindsay never hears the song. And Ken is kinda tired of the song, and the terrible guitar playing), hear it at episode 14. “Look, these teachers. These teachers want us to work, you know? And I say fine. I’ll work. But you gotta let me do the kind of work that I wanna do. And for me, Lindsay, it’s my- it’s my drum kit, man. This my passion, you know? This is- this is the essence of who I am now. But before I had this, I was lost too. You see what I’m saying? You need to find...your reason for- for living, man. You’ve got to find, your big, just gigantic drum kit, you know?” (Nick, you need to go to music school).


KIM KELLY (Busy Philipps) Yeah, here is it. The badass girl. I think Kim is kind of Courtney Love. Not like Courtney, but kind of, okay? She is very temperament. She yelled too much. Kim doesn’t like Lindsay at first. Maybe that is because Lindsay is kind of goody-goody (but actually Lindsay is in between). Kim has lovely heart. She is lovely at her own way. Lindsay said, “Just because she speaks her mind doesn’t mean she is psycho.” That is true, Lindsay! At one time, Lindsay parent do not allow Lindsay to hangout with Kim. After too many things happen, at last, they become best friend!

8 | spark

Bill is the geek! (look at his glasses, his attitude, etc). He was raised by single-mother. The geeks have difficult times at gym class. Bill called their gym teacher, Mr. Fredricks, and yelled at him. Then Mr. Fredricks made him and his peers read (curse) paper (Alan, I know that it was funny. Read it again with your big laugh is better than bully another peers). Finally Mr. Fredricks know that it was Bill. Then Bill said how it feels to be at his class. Mr. Fredricks was kind enough to change the way they choose team. Bill was the one who pick the team (he wasn’t the last choice for the first time!). Congratulations, Bill! The big news was Ms. Haverchuck dated Mr. Fredricks! Bill kind of couldn’t accept it first. But later, he understands it. He knows that Mr. Fredricks loves his mom so much. And actually, Mr. Fredricks is a kind guy too. Remember about how he treated Sam (at episode 5). And how he react when he know that Bill was the one who (curse) called him. Calm down, Bill. You get huge fans there.

The Episodes


Episode 1. Pilot


Episode 2. Beers and Weirs Episode 3. Tricks and Treats Episode 4. Kim Kelly is My Friend



Episode 5. Tests and Breasts Episode 6. I’m With The Band


Episode 7. Carded and Discarded


Episode 8. Girlfiends and Boyfriends Episode 9. We’ve Got Spirit


Episode 10. The Diary


Episode 11. Looks and Books Episode 12. The Garage Door Episode 13. Chokin’ and Tokin’


Episode 14. Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers Episode 15. Noshing and Moshing Episode 16. Smooching and Mooching Episode 17. The Little Things Episode 18. Discos and Dragons All images are picked from the show, ‘screen captured’ using Photoscape.

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music talks

the runaways

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’ll admit that I watched the movie first. Then I decided to download the albums. And I never regret it. Ever. Oh my gosh, The Runaways is epic cool! You know, girl charisma that I never close to. Yeah, kind of Courtney Love but little bit different. Girls who really really rocks! The Runaways were an American all-girl rock band that recorded and performed in the second half of the 1970s. The Runaways are Sandy West, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Cherrie Curry and bass guitar which changed several times. People who (lucky) had been a The Runaways bass guitar are Micki Steele, Peggy Foster, Jackie Fox, Victory Tischler-Blue and Laurie McAllister. After four years of recording and touring the

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world, The Runaways disbanded in 1979. The Runaways have 6 albums: The Runaways (1976), Queens of Noise (1977), Waitin’ for the Night (1977), And Now... The Runaways (1978), Flaming Schoolgirls (1980), and Little Lost Girls (1981), re-sequenced U.S. version of And Now... The Runaways. Flaming Schoolgirls is stated as the last album of The Runaways. This album composed of unreleased material from the Queens of Noise sessions along with four leftover tracks from the 1977 Live in Japan album. I listen to their album systematically from the really first to the newer. They changed. The first album is different from the last (except the song from Live in Japan because the song come from their first album).

Actually the band formation isn’t so dramatic but since Cherrie Curry left the band, they seemed different (not very different, but a little bit). Talking about their music, I was kinda shocked when I heard Strawberry Fields. This song is beautifully sung by Joan, but still. This is not so The Runaways. The other slow songs are Here Comes the Sun and Hollywood Dream. You can find that three songs at Flaming Schoolgirls. And Now... The Runaways is more slow rather than their first album, but I can still related to their music. You can conclude that my favorite is the first album. The tracks are perfect. I like all of the songs!!! Talking about The Runaways member after the band disbanded is interesting. Who knows that Joan Jett is vegetarian? I didn’t. The great part is Joan has been referred to the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll”. I totally agree! How about Lita? She has solo career now and already have 7 albums! At May 2012 her eighth album, Living Like A Runaway, will be released. She said, “Living Like A Runaway means freedom and empowerment. To do what I want and to pursue my dreams while answering to no one.” (Yes, Lita. Runaway is about chasing freedom). Cherrie Curry struggled with drug addiction throughout much of her younger life, which largely factored into why her career ended so abruptly. She later wrote a memoir called Neon Angel recounting life in the band and her traumatic experiences with drug addiction, sex abuse and her broken family. Currently, Currie is a wood carving artist who uses a chain saw to create her works. I was reading about Sandy West, and then I know that she died several years ago. It was so sad. She had difficult life after The Runaways disbanded. Yeah, when I was almost crying, Joan Jett sang Here Comes the Sun (oh my gosh, thanks Joan! Suddenly I feel better to be myself). Joan said in a statement, “We shared the dream of girls playing rock and roll. Sandy was an exuberant and powerful drummer,” adding, “I am overcome from the loss of my friend. I always told her we changed the world.” (!!!) For me, The Runaways is about dream. Girls who dream to be on a rock and roll band. Dream to say to

the world that girl can do rock and roll. As I write this, I feel so sad. I feel sad about their life. The disbanded and the drug addiction. I hope they’ll make music together again. (Why there is no more great girls’ rock and roll band? Whhhhyyyy? I think Courtney is the last female rock and roll generation. But, who knows if rock and roll gonna wake up and rise again?). As I read somewhere (okay, Wikipedia), I feel that the movie (The Runaways, 2010) isn’t captured The Runaways itself. The movie only focuses on Cherrie Curry, Joan Jett, and Kim Fowley (but after I think about it again, this movie only focus on Cherrie Curry). It is so sad because the title of the movie is The Runaways. The Runaways is band, not personals. As the movie close to the end, I hear something familiar. Something that I know really well. OH MY GOSH, IT WAS FREAKS AND GEEKS THEME SONG!!! Bad Reputation by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. I didn’t really know before, I wasn’t pay attention too much about it (I learn something, okay). But, as I pay more attention to everything I feel that at life there is always something related to another one. Freaks and Geeks to The Runaways. Everything is perfect. Thanks to the internet. ♦

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girl crush

Susie Bubble

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“My love of fashion was initially an act of rebellion against my parents and the ‘popular’ people at school – which then developed into something all consuming and now is my number one passion.” Susie Bubble. 12 | spark


usanna Lau, also known as Susie Bubble, is a writer and editor living and working in London. She is a full time blogger now (Dad, you should believe that being blogger is a job!) Talking about bubble makes me remember about Sponge Bob and his bubble friends. Bubble is magic! Susie style is magic too. I mean, look how she wear (literally) everything! She wears many layers, one of kind outfits. Unexpected, but fun. Her signature bun and bangs hairdo makes you’ll know that it is her! She also wears so many colors! You can see rainbow at her outfits. I like it because colors are not boring (especially rainbow!) (the fact is I didn’t know for many years that black is basic color. It also mean that I have so many colors at my closet until I can’t decided what is my favorite color exactly) (and I blamed my sister to tell me that I shouldn’t buy everything at black when I was a little dork child). Look at Susie outfits makes me remember about my child life. When I dressed up not so casual and I wear so many colors at my outfits. Green, blue, red, pink, purple, everything at once (maybe, I thought I was a little rainbow). And the layers. Recently I love to wear some layers that makes my friends asked to me whether I was okay or not (I live at tropic country if it makes sense). I like the layers effect. It is so lovely. My layers are just boring thing if you compare it with Susie’s layers. I should tell you that Susie is layering guru. She always amazing! Not boring, always fun. She also plays with prints and textures. Very very unexpected. Be ready to be surprised. It’s also admirable that Susie supports fashion all the way, meaning from the high fashion labels down to the unknown ones. Writing style wise, she’s

also very spontaneous and very personal when talking about her looks. She is down to earth which makes her so lovely. She wrote on a beauty blog, Into The Gloss, “I find it wholly hilarious that I’m even on a blog like this because my relationship with beauty is, at best, a terse one. I have a puppy dog crush on all things beauty but all things beauty want nothing to do with me which leaves me feeling like a L-O-S-E-R. Ok, I might be being a tad dramatic but I’ve always been a latecomer to anything beauty related. I never tried on lipstick until I was about 16 or 17 and then decided it tasted like chip grease so I left it well alone. I washed my face with cold water and soap until I was 17 as well. The odd blemish has crept in since I’ve started drinking and going out more—I blame VODKA! Traveling has also meant my skin gets very dehydrated which means I do have to meekly go into department stores and buy some lotions and potions.” Oh my gosh, Susie. So I should be fetus who knows nothing if you were ‘latecomer to beauty related’. According to, stylebubble. is worth approximately $35,602 USD. Wow! But it needs hard work I know. As The Inside Source asked to Susie, “How do you stay awake through it all?” Susie replied, “By not sleeping too much – because then you fall into the habit of thinking you’ve got time to sleep. I survive better on fewer hours of sleep and more energetic activity.” I like to call it productive life, which is far away from my real life here (you can say that my life is not productive. Of course!). Susie Bubble is a girl who inspired many people all around the world. It is okay to be different. It is okay to dress up whatever you want. And it is okay to be yourself. Just, be yourself. ♦

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girl life

OH, BOYS. some stories, some thoughts, some things by Riyandini Putri

14 | spark

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girl life

OH, BOYS. some stories, some thoughts, some things by Riyandini Putri


i, grrrls! What do you think now? Boy from your calculus class who is super cute, or the impressive Leonardo DiCaprio? Maybe you don’t even think both because you’re too busy with your exams. Or whatever. Many of my peers are obsessed with boys. I can’t blame them of course, because it is hormonal and you even can’t think about how your hormone works without read thick textbook. But if you have many spare times, I recommended you to read some of this books rather than watching TV. As your hormone works, don’t forget that you still have something called brain to make you keep sane and realize that this world is more than what you already know. Since you think that you can’t life without, at least, a boyfriend absolutely I can’t blame you. But if you have boyfriend only to impress your peers, forget it. Having boyfriend is not a big deal if you’re not comfort with it. As example: when I was at high school, I had friends who only talked about boys (okay, not only but maybe 90%. Ha!) and it made me want to have boyfriend which leads me to do some stupid things that I regret for my entire life. Actually I have this high taste of man which only considered potential man (not boy). So, I made it lower (very very low) and made me met some of jerk boys. They was. Because some of many things (my brain was work again!), I finally realized that it wasn’t me. It wasn’t me

16 | spark

who looked for jerk to be my boyfriend. So, I ended up everything related with boyfriend and back to my normal life. I love my life more than jerks! I think girl and boy should be together in a relationship to get a happily ever after is what pop culture try to makes us believe. Can you name a Disney story where is no Prince at the end of story? It should be so hard because every Princess always met Prince (at least a Charming Boy) and they’ll life happily ever after. At Enchanted, a 2007 Disney movie, Robert Philip said, “Forget about happily ever after, it doesn’t exist.” I thought the story of this movie would be different from typical Disney, but I was wrong. It was long time ago, my friend ask me, “So, what kind of boy that you like?” “I don’t know. I really don’t know. Oh my gosh, I don’t even know about that. Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio. Or Nicholas Saputra.” I answered it with a big question mark at my tiny head, I wasn’t sure. Then, one day, I met Paulie Bleeker (on a screen). And I think that he is really cute. Yeah, I can see him as my boyfriend! I like boy who didn’t talk too much. These days, boys seem talk too much and it is pretty annoying. Why they just can’t shut up and doing everything with cool ways? Jeez, it is my high expectations! Several months ago I worked with some boys. Maybe

it was interesting to chat with boys who don’t gossiping at all. But I can’t handle late deadline. I hate to be late. So, I end up working alone. What I learned from this situation are: 1) don’t believe boys about time, they always late 2) don’t give advice to boy who didn’t ask you (it end up the boy think that I like him and he acted so weird. What the hell with the idea girl and boy as friends forever? Jeez) 3) tell yourself that you can do everything that boys can, so start learning! One day, I watched movie with my friend, Dreamiy (all of you should read The Picnic Girl because she is so lovely!) The movie was Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life. First, I didn’t get it why girls like him, like a lot. Dreamiy tried to tell me that there is man with charisma. A man who sings that makes you crazy and all you want to do is dance and love him. As Gainsbourg is a singer, I think that’s why. But since he was a little kid, he teased woman who much older than him. He had taste! Curve woman. Even as a little boy he said to his model, “I’ll looking for woman who looked like you.” (but Birkin is exception). After I googled him, he looked better. Even handsome. But Dreamiy said he wasn’t. And the point is I have such a rare taste. Ha! The other day I hang out with my friend, Mila. We spent some hours at Wendy’s and talked about our present life. We were at the same high school, but at the

different college now. It is pretty interesting because she went to another town and it makes our life seems little bit different. Me at my hometown, and she at another town live at dorm (maybe I’ll hate dorm, but I don’t know). She told me that most of boys at her college is pretty great and every boy is different (at mine, every boy seems the same. Irony). There is a boy who looks like the bad ones, but it turns out that he is really loves his girl and does everything for his girlfriend. But when they are angry with each other the boy gonna be so productive. “Actually I was pretty like it when they were angry at each other. It makes our group task done so fast. I don’t know how it can be like that,” Mila told me. “It is because he has many times that basically he spent with his girlfriend before. So, when they were on a fight, he has many times to do his task because he shouldn’t text his girlfriend or whatever with his girlfriend.” I said it wisely (duh). “Yes, maybe you’re right.” “So, how about the other boys? Are they nice?” “Yes, of course. There are boys who always kind to girls. At the presence, my number is between boys. So, when I work on group task, I’ll end up working with them. I spent many times with them. You know, working for the tasks. Actually it was little bit annoying since all of

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girl life

them are games freak. Even I should take the battery off of their laptop so they can focus on the task.” “Oh my gosh. I think you have colorful life.” “Is there nobody likes games at your college?” “Umm, I don’t know. Yes, maybe. Do you have friends who are dating, and basically they are on the same class?” “Yes! There were four couples, but a couple had broken up. So, there are three couples now. My lecturer said ‘if you dating people from your class, you’ll get E. From the other year, you’ll get D. From the other faculty, you’ll get C. From the other university, you’ll get B. And from the other town, you’ll get A’. And my peers shouted to the couples and said that they’ll get E. Hahaha.” “Oh my gosh, your lecturer is wise! So, when you and your boy friends (not boyfriends) were work on the task, what do you guys talking about?” “Basically, they were talking about games. And soccer.” “One day, I had sat at around group of boys who talking about masturbate. Ew, it was pretty annoying. Did your friends do that?” “No, luckily no. They were talking about sex, but not masturbate.” “Yeah, it was so awkward for me to be there. And they keep giving comments to girls who passed on the way in front of us about their appearance, you know, butt and breast. It was rude!” “Yeah, it was rude! I think all of boys do that. So annoying.” “So, how about your girl friends who have boyfriends? Are they acted too much?” “Oh, people have different way about their relationship. So, there is one of my girl friend who told me that

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it was pretty confusing when at lunch to decide go to with her friends or her boyfriend. And there is a girl who angry to her boyfriend if he denied her invitation to hang out. Also, there is a girl who wants to be independent. Oh, there are so many types.” “I have a couple friends who, for me, little bit ridiculous. They could be on fight just because parking.” “It should be tiring. I don’t know but I think my friends are more mature.” “Do you think that boy as a friend and boy as a boyfriend is different thing?” “Yes, of course! Boy as a friend is only for fool around. And a boyfriend always protects you.” “Is it? So, boy friends don’t protect you just like boyfriend do?” “Boy friends help you, but boyfriend protects you.” “I think it makes sense.” As Mila said that boy as a friend and boy as a boyfriend is different, I think it is right. But sometimes, when you’re on a relationship, it makes you should treat him differently. If he is kind of protective, say hi to drama life. Tiring. But if someone asks me, do I prefer hang out with Sofia Coppola or Paulie Bleeker, I’ll choose Sofia without thinking twice! (Look how weird I am). So, whoever you are, there is always one way that made for you. If you have curve body, don’t forget that a gentleman like Gainbourg would love you. But if you’re skinny, gentleman like Brad Pitt would be on your waiting list. So, we have different ways to live that shouldn’t be jealousy about. Just believe that there always one things that made only for you. Don’t you feel so special? Since everyone said that have boyfriend (or girlfriend) is cool, don’t think that it’ll cool for you too. You should make your own rule. Your very own rule! ♦

My favorite couple ever,

Bitto and Bitta.

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girl life

Some Years Ago A story by Marcia Wong. “Do not just look at your boyfriend as just a boyfriend. Look at him as a friend, too.” Vanessa Hudgens “He might be my boyfriend. He might not be my boyfriend.” Lauren Alaina

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ost boy-girl relationships start off as an awkward situation of “you have cooties!” in kindergarten, where flirting is defined as pulling each others’ hair and sticking our tongues out. As we grow up, however, everyone around you seems to have a relationship and all you have is a magnetic fish. It might seem like a bummer, but I don’t mind. Not really. I have an on-and-off relationship with my best friend since I was eleven. Isn’t that too young for a relationship, you might say. It’s hard to explain, but this weird and slightly unhealthy relationship is a mixture of friendship, slightly-romantic relationship and, in a way, very brother-and-sister. It started all when I was in sixth grade. Alex (we shall call him that because I don’t want to put my whole personal life on the Internet for the world to see, if you know what I mean) and I went to the same elementary school together, but we weren’t that close to each other until we got into the same class in 6th grade. I was, and still am, a socially-awkward person — but I managed to make a few friends, including Alex. I never give it much of a thought — guys can be friends with girls without having a crush on each other, right? Not in this case. It turned out that Alex — ding ding ding! — actually had a crush on me since 5th grade. Despite being a bit surprised (I found out through wide guessing and a mutual friend of ours), I was pleased because I also had a crush on him (not that I had expect the feelings to be mutual; crushes rarely come true). I was young, carefree and didn’t want to be burden by the responsibility of a relationship, so I never tell him about my feelings toward him. Enter summer vacation — I was travelling aboard for two months and wasn’t in touch with Alex at all. I was glad at first about having more time to think about this relationship, but it was the last thing on my mind while I was skiing in Australia or going to dinner parties with my parents. As we were sorted into different classes for seventh grade, we started making new friends and

having new obsessions — though we were still talking to each other whenever possible. However, I wasn’t thinking about Alex as much as I used to. I had a new crush on this guy in my class, and looking back — I’m not even sure why. When Alex found out (through that mutual friend again. Damn, I need to shut my mouth around her!), he was surprisingly calm, or at least to my face. It’s probably because he didn’t find out I had feelings for him, more than friends, yet. Throughout the two year, Alex seems more remote and distant than ever. As if that veil in Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix had divided us into different universes. Ah yes Harry Potter references! But he was still there. Alex was still there when I lost all of my friends, when I struggled through my eating disorders, when I wanted to shut off the door to the rest of the world so they couldn’t see me struggling. That was one of the worst years in my life — yet I made it because of Alex. He made me laugh when I was going to cry, and told me that everything is going to be fine even though it’s probably not. I was never so glad to have a friend like him. We never get over each other completely. We both know that, somewhere in our heads that we used to wish secretly that we both suddenly realize our feelings for each other again and live happily ever after like a fairytale. It never happens. Scrolling through Facebook a while ago, I found out that he finally got a new girlfriend. Throughout the comment section, his friends were congratulating him and asking him if he finally got over me. I guess I’m supposed to cry over my sorry self and be a silly mess over my ex’s new relationship. But I didn’t — because they are more important things in life than a relationship — like friends, and favourite bands and really too much to list. We both realized that we’re still going to be friends no matter what happened. And I am happy for him. ♦

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girl life

BENZIE BOX A story by Cherokee Summer.

“Is this yours?” he asked, showing me a presidential ‘I Believe in Harvey Dent’ badge he’d found. “Yeah that’s mine!” I said. It took a while to register he was speaking to me. I was stoned. “How do I know it’s yours?” The music was loud, but I could still hear him. Just about. He was tall, far taller than me, and had to lean in a little when I was speaking. “It’s my Harvey Dent badge.” “You sure?” “Yes, it’s mine,” I said. “How did you get it?” “It was on the floor.” “It’s mine, though, it’s mine.” He looked at me, smiled, and handed me the badge. I pinned it to my jean vest jacket. “It better be.” “It is.”

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“What’s your name?” He asked. “Cherokee,” I replied. “What?” “Cherokee.” “What?” I leaned in closer, right into his ear, and said my name. “Cherokee?” I was happy he pronounced it right, and nodded. “That’s a cool name.” “Thanks, what’s yours?” “I’m Daniel.” “Hi Daniel, nice to meet you,” I said. I say stupid things when I’m stoned. I say stupid things when I’m not stoned. “How old are you?” He asked me. I counted on my fingers because he couldn’t hear me saying 18.

“18? Wow, you’re young…” “How old are you?” “I made out ‘24’.” “You don’t look 24,” I told him. He took it as a compliment, but he really didn’t look his age. In the dark he appeared younger and white (he wasn’t either). He then introduced me to another guy he’d met tonight, a few people down in the front row with us two. I can’t remember his name – Alex or something. “You’re lovely,” Alex told me. He was drunk, but it made me smile anyway. “Thanks.” I didn’t notice the music had stopped until the lights came up and I saw that Daniel was mixed and taller than he had first seemed. I had lost a pre-rolled joint and was annoyed that I couldn’t find it. I probably sounded like an irritating stoner, but he still went ahead and asked me what I was doing now. “Nothing.” “Do you want to come and hang out with us?” “Sure.” I met the group of guys Daniel had come with, and then we slowly made our way out of the Roundhouse. That Alex guy helped me manoeuvre my way through the crowd. Everyone seemed taller than me. They usually were. ***** The group and I spent a while outside chicken shops and off licences, lined up next to expensive clubs. I was back to being 13; when I would go to random parks and drink because there was nowhere else to go to binge unless it was at someone’s house. I thought about leaving, but had no idea where I was and honestly had nothing better to do, so I stuck it out. “Your name is Cherokee?” one of the guys’ asked me while a few were getting more drinks from a shop. I

don’t remember what his name was, but I remember him being pretty and giving him my phone number because he was in disbelief that I didn’t have Facebook. (I am not sure how my phone number would be evidence of me not having Facebook.) “You know there is –“ I interrupted him. “I know, there is the car, the clothing line, and the porn star named Cherokee. Jeep Cherokee, the Cherokee Tesco clothing line; Cherokee D’ass, I know. Kind of hard not to know when you have a name like Cherokee.” “You know about Cherokee D’ass?” “Yeah.” “No way,” Pretty Boy said, shocked. “Did someone black tell you?” “No,” I replied. I found out about her existence when I was still in school, years ago, and someone joked about me having the same name as a porn star. “Who is Cherokee D’ass?” Alex asked. “This woman who has a massive arse, and has D’ass tattooed on her, well, arse.” “A girl that goes to a *XXXX gig on her own, is right up at the front, and knows about porn stars? You’re like the ideal girl for a guy,” Alex concluded. I’d never known how to take compliments when I got them because I rarely ever received them, but it seemed like one, so I said thanks, leaving out the probably important detail that I had never actually watched one of Cherokee D’ass’s films. I don’t know if that made me less of an ‘ideal’ girl. ***** Daniel told me about some of his heritage (he was also quarter Scottish and Irish like me), and how he had met everyone in university and it was nice to hear because he obviously cared about his friends like I cared about mine, even if it stunk a little of the ‘I love these guys!’ drunk talk. “I don’t know how I met Boya, though,” he admitted.

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“How can you not?” I asked. “I don’t know, he’s not important,” he joked. The guys became soon became bored of throwing a tyre round, so Alex mentioned to all of us that he knew someone who was having a party, and said it was going to be good; that we were all invited since we had nothing else to do. Everyone agreed that was where we should be heading, so we made our way to the nearest cab stop. Walking side-by-side, ahead of the others in the group, Daniel asked me what my number was. “Hold on, let me look it up for you, I don’t know it off by heart.” I found it, and read it to him. He rung me so I could save his number, but I was too drunk to carry out such a simple task. Then, after typing something, he started to laugh. “What?” I asked, feeling a little bit self-conscious. “Nothing,” he said. “No, there is obviously something. What is it? C’mon, tell me!” “Your name.” “What about it? Did you spell it wrong? A lot of people do…” “I guess,” he said. “What did you spell it as?” “I don’t want to say.” “You brought it up, c’mon, it can’t be that bad! Do you want me to spell it for you?” “Promise you won’t laugh?” “I promise, I promise.” He showed me his phone. I was under the name ‘Beautiful’. “Is that what you pull all the girls?” “No,” he said, trying to supress a laugh even though he remembered I’d made a vow not to do the same thing. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I apologised. “It’s stupid.” “Nah it’s not stupid, it’s corny. It’s cute. Don’t worry about it.” After a cab was ordered, I got into the back with Dan-

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iel. Boya sat next to Pretty Boy and Alex was up front, giving directions. “Have you ever seen The Warriors,” I asked Daniel. Our legs were touching and he was playing with my hand again. He reminded me of one of the gang in the film when he took his hat off. Cute, like Rembrandt-cute. “Of course, it’s like my favourite film!” I can’t help but like someone a tad more when they say they like The Warriors. “Same, man! How weird…So, what else do you like?” I asked him. “I’m kind of a nerd. I’m into comics and stuff like that.” “Me too,” he said, a little surprised. “I’m a massive nerd.” “Who’s your favourite superhero?” “Deadpool,” he answered. I admitted I’d never read a Deadpool comic, and he suggested I do. “What about you? Who’s your favourite superhero?” “Probably Spidey – no wait, what am I talking about? It’s Daredevil. Why the hell did I say that?” The rest of the journey was spent talking about the same nerdy stuff we were both majorly into. “I thought that badge was, like, the coolest thing ever,” Daniel mentioned, referring to the I Believe in Harvey Dent badge he’d found hours ago. “Sucks that I’ve lost it now.” “You lost it?” “Yeah, I think it fell off my jacket when I went to the toilet in that club, I don’t remember.” He didn’t speak for a moment, but went on to remind me the now-significance of the badge. “If I hadn’t picked it up, we wouldn’t have spoken to each other.” “Yeah, weird how those things turn out.” “It is.” ***** Music was playing from someone’s laptop, and a familiar song came on. “This is Otis isn’t it?” I asked Daniel. “Yeah, I think so.”

“I really like this song. I haven’t heard the rest of Watch the Throne, though I can’t stand some songs on there that I have listened to.” “Same – I’m not even a fan of Jay-Z or Kanye – but I do like this song.” My expectations of Daniel would have sunk a little if I liked him in that way. I loved Jay-Z and Kanye. “I really like them…I’ve seen them both live, not together, obviously, but, like, separately – they’re really good live.” “Ah, cool,” he replied. ***** After lying down, giving me his hat to wear, and resting his head on my legs, he asked me something no one – a guy anyway – has asked me before. “So, I want to know everything about you. I’ve talked too much about myself. Go on, tell me about you.” I was stumped. I didn’t know what to say. “Er, what do you want to know?” “Everything.” ***** For a while, we had a surprisingly comfortable, and silent, moment. It reminded me, funnily enough, of that Pulp Fiction scene when Uma Thurman says something like: “That’s when you’ve found somebody. When you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence.” “You know I only turned 18 a few months ago?” “I know, I know! It makes it so much worse, doesn’t it?” “When I was 10, you were 16.” “Don’t joke about it,” he said. “It’s not funny.” “When I was 8, you were 14.” “It’s not funny,” he repeated. “It so is, man.” “Not for me.” There was a weird sadness in his voice that I couldn’t quite place. “Okay, I’ll stop.” “You know, seriously, you’re like the better-looking fe-

male version of me, it’s crazy.” “I don’t feel like it yet, but I am legally an adult,” I reminded him. “Yeah, but still.” “I know what you mean. It has this whole ‘paedophile’ vibe to it.” “Yeah.” Daniel was breaking records on the ‘no one has ever asked me before’ poll. People would just kiss me and not bothering to ask me if I thought it was okay. I’d just let them because I had no idea at the time to say no. I wanted to kiss him, though, I really did. I was taken aback at first – properly taken aback this time. I said no because I felt too grimy. I allowed him to kiss me on my neck, cheek and head, but nowhere else – those were my only restrictions. I regret feeling the way I did – the whole ‘grimy’ thing – because I bet he would have been a nice kisser. He said I was pretty and, stupidly, I grew to like him a little more because of it. At some point or other, I knew I had to check the time, and I did. It was 7’oclock. The tubes were running, now. After making our way to the ticket barriers, we both stopped, stood there, and hugged, slowly coming to the realisation that we had to part ways. In the end, our goodbyes were said, we both agreed to keep in touch – we had too – and he went on his way, letting me keep his hat. I rummaged round in the pocket of my jeans, found my Oyster Card, tapped it on the reader to let me through the barriers, went down the escalator and got onto my tube platform. I didn’t look back because it’d probably make me feel a little sad, like everything that we had in the space of that hour we were properly alone would be gone and become a little less special. I took my phone out when I was sitting down on one of the platform benches, searched for Daniel’s number when he rung me a couple of hours ago, and added him to my contacts. I saved his number under ‘Daniel – Cherokee Number 2.’ ♦

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ABOUT A GIRl Photographer | Anna James Models | Lindsey | Caitlin | Kelli Text | R. Putri

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We girls have such a long way to through this life. Since we are mature first than boys, it also makes sense to our real life. We like to call it ‘The Journey’.

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Maybe you’ll see girl broken heart, except she is 100% player (90% is considered not a pure player).

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But how hard is it, we girls would find out how to be happy again. There is something called sisterhood.

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I don’t wanna lie that girls think about marriage since we were a little girl. And we want it once, in a life time.

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But actually marriage is culture dictation. So, who cares about it? I am not, at least, for now.

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blogger feature

Ale of Rosaspina Vintage Name : Ale Age : 30 years old Hometown : Turin, Italy Blog : Blogger since : September 30th, 2010


really like someone who put pictures from their childhood on the internet. It give nostalgia about my childhood and of course I want to know about how they are when they were a child. It happened that Ale put hers which made me happy and envy her beautiful mustard car toy (my dad isn’t cool so he didn’t buy me this. At least, I had bycicle. But still, car toy is awesome!). For you who want to know more, read on (but of course I wasn’t talking about her mustard car because I’m afraid that I’ll buy one immidiately. Too old for it now. Jeez). Me : Why did you initially decided to start a blog? Ale : I started my blog about a year ago when I set up my vintage shop on Etsy, I adore thrifting and browsing through vintage treasures and I thought it would have been fun to share my little finds with friends and family. It was meant to be just a sort of casual diary with visual inspiration and store updates, I really didn’t expect that it would have become my favorite past time! It also made me discover a huge passion for photography and analog cameras, I love snapping pics away during my day trips and showing off pretty spots of my town.

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How did you first become interested in fashion? I think I’ve always been. When I was a little girl I used to spend my summers at my grandmother’s, who is a professional tailor, watching her creating beautifully crafted clothes for my whole family. I loved drawing cute little frocks that I wished she made for me (you know, throwing suggestions there!), and at the end of the summer I used to clip them all together in a sort of ‘lookbook’. I wish I still had one of those! Who inspires your style and why? Oh it can be anything really… photographs of the past, a 1800 painting, an old lady walking her dog on the street, schoolgirl uniforms, World War II documentaries, my mom in the 60s, and bloggers of course are a daily source of inspiration for me.

Who are your favorite designers? I guess my fangirling for Orla Kiely is no secret, I’m absolutely enamored with her vintage inspired shapes and eye-catching prints. I own a few (uh.. ok, more than a few!) of her pieces and everthing she creates is just so flattering and fun to wear. I’m really fond of Tba, Lazzari, Licia Florio, Sessun, Vivetta, and I’m always happy to support independent labels, especially when it means handmade garments made with love that make you feel special. Nadinoo is always on top of my list with its whimsical frocks and cute details, Nadia just nails it season after season. Mrs Pomeranz is another favorite of mine, she makes high sartorial quality dresses made from original 50s patterns, practically a dream come true.

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Where are your favorite places to shop? I find myself shopping most of the time online, but if my favorite labels were available in my town I’d be definitely happier to slip on a pair of comfortable loafers and run to the shops with my best friends! It’s just so much more fun to try things on twirling in front of the mirror instead of clicking on an ‘add to basket button’. My favorite place to shop though has to be the ‘Gran Balon’, the vintage fair that takes place once every month here in Turin. Every time is different and so exciting, you can never expect which treasures are waiting for you! What are your personal favorite blogs and magazines? I really love reading Lula, Frankie and Betty magazine. My favorite bloggers are generally ladies who look and feel comfortable with what they wear, you can tell they are truly enjoying it even if it’s not in fashion at that

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moment or if it’s two sizes bigger. It’s what they’re actually wearing to walk to the grocery store or having a sunday walk, not just for the time to take a couple of outfit pictures. Rhiannon of Liebemarlene is one of these amazing gals, she always look so effortlessly stylish. Ashley of Fancy Fine is another favorite of mine, her collection of vintage frocks and cute hats is mind blowing! I also love Foxtail + Fern, Sally Jane Vintage, Helmi Otsalla and the charming film photography of Madelene of Le Portillon. How do you prepare a photo shoot? I never really plan a photo shoot, it usually ‘happens’. I take my trusty camera with me wherever I go so when I find a spot that inspires me I just start snapping away! I’m not a big fan of tripods and I’m extremely shy, so it’s Alf who takes my pictures and I can heartily say he’s the most patient man on earth!

The girl with the furry monster is the cover illustration of one of her books, “My Monster Burrufu”, published in the USA under the publishing company Petite Grande Idee and available on Amazon (go get it!)

Do you use make up? What is your beauty routine? I do, makeup is actually one of my favorite things and I’ve spent countless hours watching beauty tutorials on youtube in the past years - plus, I can’t go anywhere without popping some concealer on my dark circles! If I have time, like during the weekend, I like to treat myself with lots of little things, from a homemade face scrub to an argan oil hair treatment, to a new nail polish. But if I’m in a rush (see: every day) this is my survival kit: a very good foundation, black eyeliner and a bright red lipstick.

one I wake up in the morning and feel a great energy that makes me want to just grab my pencil, when it’s a bit easier is very relaxing, which is good too and you definitely need it to keep a healthy balance! But generally I only really accept a job if it’s something I would enjoy and do with a smile on my face, as the one thing you need to make it good and make your skills work full steam is inspiration.

What do you do when you’re not blogging? I work in animation, both as a character animator and storyboard artist and I’m also a children’s book illustrator, so I basically draw all day long. I really enjoy being a freelance artist as it gives you the chance of living in the place you love the most, organizing your free time according to your needs and having always a cat on your lap! Sometimes it can be a very soul consuming job, but it’s what I’ve always wanted to do since I was a little girl and I wouldn’t trade it with anything else in the world. Occasionally, I teach at the Film Institute and do cat-sitting too!

So, how is it feel to be teenager at the 90s? I always think that 90s is very great. Hole, Freaks and Geeks, and etc. I just want to life like them. Without cell phone, without internet (maybe i’ll regret, but who knows). Haha, oh dear it’s the first time someone asks me how was life without the internet and mobile phones . I should feel like an old lady but it’s actually so funny! Well, I have to say it was AMAZING before. I am very nerdy when it comes to technology, I love it, but if I could choose I would certainly go for writing letters instead of emails, going to the library instead of googling, remembering people’s birthdays for real, playing videogames by inserting a coin and dialing my friend’s number on a rotatory phone! To me, nothing’s romantic like that today.

I never think about being illustrator before. And I think it’ll be my dream job. How is it feel to be illustrator? Do you happy all the time when you are illustrating? I always think that doing something you like a lot as task is not good. It gonna makes you hate thatsomething-what-you-like. Oh I love it, every single day. Of course it depends on the project you’re working on, when it’s a challenging

Is there anything you’ve learned that you’ll like to pass on? I think the most important thing in blogging is staying true to yourself, creating something that is unique and building a sincere relationship with your readers. I met so many adorable and inspiring people along the way, some of them became dear friends so I’m utterly grateful to my blog for that. ♦

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music talks


Stars and Rabbit Genre: Folk | Indie | Pop Members: Elda and Adi Origin: Yogyakarta, Indonesia Since: February 2011 Website:

All images from their own website/facebook.

She and Him Genre: Indie | Alternative country | Indie folk Members: Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward Origin: Portland, Oregon, USA Since: 2006 Website:

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The Bird and The Bee Genre: Indie pop | Synthpop Members: Inara George and Greg Kurstin Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA Since: 2006 Website:

ON THE STAGES The Ting Tings Genre: Dance punk Members: Katie White and Jules De Martino Origin: Greater Manchester, England Since: December 2007 Website:

Slow Club Genre: Indie pop | Folk rock Members: Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson Origin: Sheffield, England Since: 2006 Website:

Mates of State Genre: Indie pop Members: Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel Origin: Lawrence, Kansas, USA Since: 1997 Website:

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movie play




uno MacGuff (Ellen Page) is a 16 years old girl who lives with her dad, Mac (JK Simmons), stepmother, Bren (Allison Janney) and Liberty Bell, her stepsister. The story starts when Juno is pregnant. It was Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera). Bleeker is an innocent boy who really childlike (yeah, girls are faster to be mature) and sweet (okay, I like him!). Juno told Bleeker that she is pregnant and, “I was thinking I’d just nip it in the bud before it gets worse. ‘Cause they were talking about, in health class, how pregnancy, it can often lead to an infant.” Bleeker was, “Typically, yeah, yeah. That’s what happens when our moms and teachers get pregnant.” See, how childlike he is? (yeah, 16 years old is considered under-age, but still I think Juno is more mature and such). Juno decided to take abortion, but at the entrance she met her friend, Su-Chin, who said, “All babies want to get born. All babies want to get born.” Also said to Juno, “Your baby has fingernails.” which makes Juno canceled her plan.

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She said to Leah (Olivia Thirlby), “I’ve been thinking. I was thinking I could, like, have this baby and give it to someone that, like, totally needs it. You know, like, a woman with a bum ovary or a couple nice lesbos.” Leah said, “But then you’re gonna get, like, huge. And your chest is gonna milktate. And you’re gonna have to, like... tell people that you’re pregnant.” “Yeah, but maybe they’ll, like, canonize me for being so selfless.” “Or maybe they’ll, like, totally shit and be really, really mad and not let you graduate or go to Cabo for spring break.” (Pregnant girl is always a minor, moreover at my environment). So, Juno told her parent that she is pregnant and guess what. There is no shouted or tears, that typically happen (see Quinn at Glee). Juno plan was take her baby for adoption. The adoptive parents are Mark and Vanessa Loring (Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner). The story is goes on and on. I think you can read it at Wikipedia (for sure!) Some great things here are 1) Juno got support from her parent and her best friend, Leah 2) Juno is not selfish that maintain the pregnancy 3) the hamburger phone! 4) I want Bleeker to be my boyfriend 5) the fact that Juno is very cool! 6) JUNO LIKE THE RUNAWAYS 7) Juno is ‘different’

8) the best part is Juno have charisma. Female with charisma is the only thing that caught my mind recently. This movie gets a lot of criticism as this movie is very successful. People said that this movie is both about pro-choice (support for the legalization of abortion) and pro-life (opposition of the legalization of abortion, anti-abortion). The other critics labeled Juno as feminist because of its portrayal of Juno as a confident and intelligent teenage girl. Antifeminist Phyllis Schlafly wrote that Juno’s theme “isn’t love, romance, or respect for life, but the triumph of feminist ideology, i.e., the irrelevancy of men, especially fathers”. It is hard to say here whether I am a pro-choice or prolife. But doctor, who bound to code of conduct, can’t do abortion and even can be revoked their license. So, I just really can’t say my opinion about pro-choice or pro-life. I think Juno made great decision not to take the abortion. Yes, she is not selfish to her baby. I think, maybe, I agree that you should maintain your pregnancy. I mean, don’t you be so selfish if you take the abortion only to make people shut up and never bother you. But it is up to you. Everything is up to you. Just don’t be over thinking or you’ll be really really sick. ♦

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book learning


You Know Who You Are This book is written by Francessa Castagnoii.


his book tells you how to be a Princess in this era. Not just because you are a daughter of a king, but Princess is a true heart at yours. Do you think that you deserve to be happy? Do you think that you can do everything that you want? Do you think that you are so precious? Congratulations! You’re a Princess. (Well, actually that is the conclusion that I take from this book). As I read this book, I found myself don’t agree for some things, but I get the point. You should love yourself, really really love. The author is fan of Elizabeth Taylor and Diana Vreeland. So, when shop Francessa asked herself, “What

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Would Elizabeth Do?” so she is, “Able to waltz past racks of trendy clothes made for Twiggy, Marcia Brandy, or Cyndi Lauper without looking back”. My favorite part of this book is when Francessa told us, “Men are dogs you can’t put I your purse.” Also, “Princess does not look to men to turn our lives into fairy tales; we’ve figured out how to do it for ourselves.” I always think that girls should be independent. So, I totally agree! In this book, you’ll also find kinds of guys: category 1 to 4. I think you should read by yourself. And I recommended this book! ♦

book learning

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus This book is written by John Gray.


ctually, I never finish reading this book. I am too lazy to do that. Last time I read this book, when I was at high school, I guess. Well, it was long time ago since I took this book from my brother desk (yes, you’re not wrong. My brother had read it). In this book, there are so many things like women say this, so it mean that, then you should; men go to their caves; how to ask support and get it; well, something around that things. Read this book seems like read my textbook. Both makes me sleepy instantly (you can curse me!) I don’t think that I need this book, so far. I mean, I don’t have boyfriend and I think I shouldn’t under-

stand boy like this book try to explain. But if you have boyfriend, this book (maybe) very important for you. In this book, you’ll know the difference between women and men element feeling (we have those things!) Maybe I’ll read this book when I am much more older and more mature and such. Plus, that time I should be a dilligent person, because I decide to read this book. I don’t wanna lie that reading comics is more fun rather than read this book (now). For you who have boyfriend, I recommended book. But if you’re not, I recommended you to go somewhere and picnic. Or explore the beauty of this world through internet. ♦

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girl bedroom


About The Room “My room is very personal to me because I believe it reflects my personality more so than probably the way I dress. It’s taken me ages to get it to what it is now (with all the little trinkets, posters, things hanging from the ceiling, etc.) and since those photos were taken, it has changed, too. While there are definitely things I would like to add to my room, for now it works for me the way it is. It’s got all the mismatched objects and weird toys that I love, and pretty much expresses the person that I am. (With a massive film and comic collection to boot!)” Cherokee

Attention, grrrls! Have any photos, articles, illustrations, or anything else you might’ve made related to GILR BEDROOM or STUFF AND SUCH? If so, please send to Thanks!

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stuff and such

5 things at the top of my life by Marcia Wong






1. I know what you’re thinking — a Spongebob doll is one of my favourite things? Sad but true. Whenever I look at it I have a sudden urge to laugh. 2. I have a really weird collection of jewelry that ranges from rings from 3rd grade, tacky mood rings, old watches from flea markets and wrist bands. 3. Do I even need to explain Harry Potter? Go read Philosopher’s Stone! 4. When I’m feeling nostalgic and very old I like to look at this journal I’m keeping right now. Then I feel even older. 5. I love my fridge because it has all my food in it.

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Miu Miu shoes

The glitter shoes from and the other from

The glitter shoes is from Fall 2011. The others are from Spring 2010. Miu Mu shoes are always beautiful. So far from both of that seasons makes me crazy. They are so beautiful. And I think the glitter trends come from Miu Miu. Now, I really want to have glitter shoes. But maybe I’ll make a DIY glitter shoes instead (I should be more creative now, as holiday is coming and I apparently have nothing to do. Except I am too dilligent enough to study for the next semester. But, too bad I am an A+ procrastinator. Jeez). As there is nobody wear glitter shoes to college, wear them is a great idea I think. Well, everybody tends to

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dress up too casual here, which is boring (so you know why my life is boring. Because it is so plain. And nobody want to look different because of social standard and such. I need to get a life. I know). I think everybody loves Miu Miu, as Nicole Phelps said, “They did make playing grown-up look like a lot of fun.” on the S 2010 review. When I see the collection (especially S 2010), I think growing up isn’t scary. I always think that when you grow up (adult) you should be freakin’ serious and stay simple. I was wrong. As I always hear, “Why so serious?’ But I seriously want Miu Miu shoes! ♦


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