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NYU-POLY 2013-2014

2013-2014 School Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Part 1 Important Information & Policies

1.1 New Student Orientation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 1.2 FERPA Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 1.3 Communications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 1.4 Computer Requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 1.5 NYU-Poly Housing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 1.6 Advocacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 1.7 Students with Disabilities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 1.8 Academic Honesty Expectations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 1.9 Health Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 1.10 Counseling and Wellness Services . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 1.11 Career Services and Internships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 1.12 Academic Support Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 1.13 Leave of Absence . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 1.14 Financial Aid & Scholarships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 1.15 First-year Advising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

Undergraduate Adviser list . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part 2 NYU-Poly Services & How to Use Them

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The Bookstore & Textbooks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Paying Your Bills . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . How to Register for Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . How to Use the Library . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . How to Work On-Campus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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Part 3 The Forms You Need to Complete & Return

3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5


Immunization Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Meningitis Response Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Honor Code Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Media Rights Waiver . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Housing Application . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Contact Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Fall 2013

Spring 2014

MAY Tues, May 21....... Last Day of Spring 2013 Exams Thurs, May 23....... NYU-Poly Commencement Mon, May 27....... NO CLASSES-Memorial Day JUNE Sat, June 1....... English Placement Exam (10 a.m.–11 a.m., RH 116) Sat, June 1....... Math Diagnostic Exam (11:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m., RH 116) Wed, June 12....... English Placement Exam (4:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m., RH 116) Wed, June 12....... Math Diagnostic Exam (6 p.m.–9 p.m., RH 116) Sat, June 29....... English Placement Exam (11:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m., RH 116) Sat, June 29....... Math Diagnostic Exam (10 a.m.–11 a.m., RH 116) JULY Thurs, July 4....... NO CLASSES-Independence Day Mon–Wed, July 8–24....... Webinar Dates Wed, July 10....... English Placement Exam (4:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m., RH 116) Wed, July 10....... Math Diagnostic Exam (6 p.m.–9 a.m., RH 116) Fri, July 12....... Online Registration (Appointment Only) Mon, July 15....... Online Registration (Appointment Only) Wed, July 17....... Online Registration (Appointment Only) Sat, July 27....... English Placement Exam (10 a.m.–11 a.m., RH 116) Sat, July 27....... Math Diagnostic Exam (11:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m., RH 116) Mon, July 29....... Online Registration (Appointment Only) Wed, July 31....... Online Registration (Appointment Only) August Mon, August 5....... Online Registration (Open Enrollment) Sat, August 10....... English Placement Exam (10 a.m.–11 a.m., RH 116) Sat, August 10....... Math Diagnostic Exam (11:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m., RH 116) Wed, August 21....... English Placement Exam (4:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m., RH 116) Wed, August 21....... Math Diagnostic Exam (6 p.m.–9 p.m., RH 116) Sun, August 25....... English Placement Exam (2 p.m.–3 p.m., JAB 474) Sun, August 25....... Math Diagnostic Exam (3:30 p.m.–6:30 p.m., JAB 475) Mon–Friday, August 26–30....... New Student Orientation Tues, August 27....... English Placement Exam (4:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m., RH 116) Tues, August 27....... Math Diagnostic Exam (6 p.m.–9 p.m., RH 116) Thurs, August 29....... English Placement Exam (4:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m., RH 116) Thurs, August 29....... Math Diagnostic Exam (6 p.m.–9 p.m., RH 116) September Tues, September 3....... Fall 2013 Classes Begin Tues, September 3....... Math/FRE First Half Begins Tues, September 10....... Add/Drop Deadline October Fri, October 4....... Math/FRE First Half Withdraw Deadline Mon–Tues, October 14–15....... NO CLASSES-Fall Break Wed, October 16....... Legislative/Make-Up Day (Monday Classes Meet) Wed, October 23....... Math/FRE First Half Ends Thurs, October 24....... Math Second Half Begins Thurs, October 31....... Math Second Half Add/Drop Deadline Thurs, October 31....... FRE Second Half Begins November Thurs, November 7....... FRE Second Half Add/Drop Deadline Wed, November 13....... Withdraw Deadline Mon, November 18....... Spring Registration Begins Tues, November 26....... Math Second Half Withdraw Deadline Thurs–Fri, November 28–29....... NO CLASSES-Thanksgiving Break December Thurs, December 5....... FRE Second Half Withdraw Deadline Fri, December 6....... Last day of Undergraduate Classes Mon–Tues, December 9–10....... Undergraduate Reading Days Wed–Fri, December 11–20....... Undergraduate Final Exams Fri, December 13....... Last day of Graduate Classes Mon–Fri, December 16–20....... Graduate Final Exams Fri, December 20....... Math Second Half Ends Fri, December 20....... FRE Second Half Ends January February March April May

NYU-Poly Calendar of Events 2013–2014

Summer 2013

Mon, January 6....... Winter Mini-Session Begins Mon, January 20....... NO CLASSES-Martin Luther King Jr. Day Fri, January 24....... Winter Mini Session Ends Mon, January 27....... Spring Classes Begin Mon, January 27....... Math/FRE First Half Begins Mon, February 3....... Add/Drop Deadline Mon, February 17....... NO CLASSES-President’s Day Fri, February 28....... Math/FRE First Half Withdraw Deadline Mon–Fri, March 17–21....... NO CLASSES-Spring Break Tues, March 25....... Math Second Half Begins Tues, April 1....... Math Second Half Add/Drop Deadline Tues, April 1....... FRE Second Half Begins Tues, April 8....... FRE Second Half Add/Drop Deadline Tues, April 15....... Withdraw Deadline Mon, April 21....... Fall Registration Begins Thurs, April 24....... Math Second Half Withdraw Deadline Fri, May 2....... FRE Second Half Withdraw Deadline Mon, May 5....... Last Day of Undergraduate Classes Tues–Thurs, May 6–8....... Undergraduate Reading Days Fri–Tues, May 9–20....... Undergraduate Final Exams Mon, May 12....... Last Day of Graduate Classes Tues, May 13....... Graduate Reading Day Wed–Tues, May 14–20....... Graduate Final Exams Tues, May 20....... Math Second Half Ends Tues, May 20....... FRE Second Half Ends


Part on Part 1.1 New Student Orientation Part 1.2 FERPA

Important Information & Policies Website:

Once you deposit and confirm your arrival for the fall you will be invited to experience New Student Orientation at NYU-Poly. Be prepared for fun, informative, and meaningful events and programs, all geared toward you as you begin your journey with us. Orientation will provide incoming students with academic advisement as well as the opportunity to meet other new students, learn more about NYU-Poly resources, and fully get ready for their first semester. New Student Orientation is scheduled to begin on Monday, August 26, 2013 with NYU-Poly’s Convocation Ceremony and will run until Friday, August 30, 2013. Online registration will open Monday, July 15, 2013.

What You (and Your Parents) Should Know about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Website:

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of a student’s educational records. Under FERPA, NYU-Poly may release “directory information” to third parties outside of NYU-Poly without prior written consent from the student. At NYU-Poly, directory information includes: Name, dates of attendance, class, previous institution(s) attended, major field of study, enrollment status (full-, half-, part-time status, etc), degree(s) conferred (including dates), honors and awards (including dean’s list), past and present participation in officially recognized sports and activities (including positions held and official statistics related to such participation and performance), e-mail address and NetID. [Important. See notes (1) and (2) below.] (1) E-mail address and NetID are directory information for internal purposes only and will not be made available to the general public except in specified directories from which students may opt out. (2) Under federal law, address information, telephone listings, and age are also considered directory information for military recruitment purposes. Address refers to “physical mailing address” and e-mail address. A student has the right to “opt out” of the provision of directory information to third parties. To do so, the student must contact the Registrar’s Office in person. Under FERPA, you have the right to review and inspect your educational records. If you wish to allow a third party (your parents, a foundation, a government, or governmental agency) access to your educational records, you must sign a consent form that waives your FERPA rights. The “Waiver of FERPA Rights” form found on the website at may be used to waive your FERPA rights. Note, however, that the form may not be mailed but must be presented in person to the Registrar’s Office.


Part 1.3 communications

Important Communication Changes NYU-Poly will be transitioning student email to NYU’s Google email application over the summer. • May 22, 2013- June 1, 2013: All new students will be receiving a second ( email account. • The new ( email and activation instructions will be sent to your NYU-Poly e-mail address. • Once you have activated your NYU email you should discontinue use of your temporary NYU-Poly Microsoft email and use the NYU email application as your official NYU-Poly email account.

Summer Communications You will be receiving a variety of notices from a number of different offices at NYU-Poly over the course of the summer. • These notices will initially be sent to your NYU-Poly e-mail account. • May 22, 2013- June 1, 2013: All new students will be receiving a second ( email account. • Once you have activated your NYU email you should discontinue use of your temporary NYU-Poly Microsoft email. • Make sure that you check your NYU-Poly e-mail, or later in the summer, your NYU email account, regularly. • We strongly encourage you to access your email accounts directly rather than forwarding to another e-mail provider as the reliability of forwarding is sometimes questionable and you may miss important information/reminders. Your NYU-Poly e-mail account was sent to you in the letter acknowledging that we received your application for admission. If you are unable to locate this information, simply call the admissions office at (718) 637-5955 for assistance.

Other Accounts Approximately one week after receiving this “Enrollment QuickStart Guide,” you will receive an e-mail from IT giving you directions on accessing three additional online systems: • MyPoly • PeopleSoft • VPN These systems allow you to enroll in classes, check your schedule, view your financial aid and view and pay your bill online. Because you will be registering for your fall classes online, it is imperative that you follow the instructions in the e-mail in a timely manner. Should you experience difficulties in activating your system access after receiving IT’s e-mail instructions, feel free to contact the Information Systems Help Desk at (718) 260-3123 or e-mail the Help Desk at


NYU-Poly’s Communication Policy In our on-going campaign to be environmentally aware by “going green” and to increase the safety, efficiency and speed of our communication with students, NYU-Poly has instituted a communication policy in which NYU-Poly will no longer use paper communication with students. All NYU-Poly students have a Polytechnic Institute of New York University e-mail account and access to MyPoly for institutional information, concerning the classes for which they are registered and organizational information and services. Because of this robust electronic access, NYU-Poly faculty and administration will contact students with important information and notices electronically only through the various communication technologies and environments provided by the Institute. To ensure that students both receive and are responsive to important notices from all departments and offices at NYU-Poly, students need to observe the following policy: • The NYU-Poly and NYU Google e-mail accounts are a student’s official point of contact. Students are expected to directly access one of these accounts at least once each school day. • Students must be aware of notices posted on MyPoly. It is the student’s responsibility to check this portal during the add/drop period of registration and regularly during the term in order to verify the accuracy of his/her schedule and to read any official Institute notices. Schedules should be verified by students at least once during the first two weeks of the term and once after mid-semester. The Academic Calendar that delineates the different registration periods for new students is also available on MyPoly and information on future semesters is available on the Registrar’s website: Students are required to be aware of course-related information available on their MyPoly course environment, such as course syllabi, resources, calendar, assignment expectations, special announcements, grades, etc.

About the NYU-Poly OneCard Website:

As an NYU-Poly student, you are required to have an NYU-Poly photo ID card to gain access to all buildings on campus and to swipe your NYU-Poly ID card at the reader to gain access to each building. Your ID card must be carried at all times and should be worn so that it is visible. Never lend your ID card to anyone for any reason, as you will be subject to disciplinary action for fraudulent use of the NYU-Poly ID card.


About your netid All NYU-Poly faculty and staff members, as well as students enrolled in degree or diploma programs, are provided with an NYU NetID (Network IDentification). Your NetID is a combination of your initials and a few random numbers, e.g., aqe123, and is usually printed on the back of your NYU-Poly OneCard. Your NetID is your key to many NYU online resources, including, for eligible community members, NYUHome. Your NetID is also used to create your ( email address. (e.g., Your NetId is the first part of the Poly email address. (e.g., Your NYU address, when enabled, will be your NetId with the suffix (e.g.,

How to Get Your NYU-Poly ID OneCard Photos Admitted students NetIDs will be NYU Google enabled. Once your NetId is enabled you will receive instructions on how to activate your account. New undergraduate students will be required to upload their own ID photo on After a photo has been uploaded, students will receive a notification to their NYU email account outlining details and their next steps. Submitted photos must meet the following criteria: • Your photo must be against a white background. • You must be facing the camera. • The top of your head must be visible in the photo. • No hats or dark glasses. • The final photo, after cropping, must be at least 480 pixels wide by 600 pixels high.

Distribution New Undergraduate Resident Students will receive their photo ID on move-in day, Sunday, August 25, 2013. All other students will receive their ID card during New Student Orientation week. (Monday, August 26, 2013–Friday, August 30, 2013) In order to receive your Photo ID you must bring proof of registration for the current semester (class schedule) and proof of identification (State Diver’s License, State Photo ID or Passport).

Lost or Stolen ID Cards Replacement ID cards are available from the Facilities Management Office. You must first pay the $20 replacement fee at the Financial Services window on the 2nd floor of the Dibner Building, Room 201. Then, bring your receipt, alternate photo ID and class schedule to JB 152 for a replacement. Individuals with stolen IDs who possess a police report may have the $20 fee waived.


Part 1.4 Computer requirements


NYU-Poly requires that each student have a laptop computer. Please visit our website to review this year’s minimum requirements for laptops. It is imperative that you read the specifications very carefully before purchasing your laptop. For your convenience, we have made arrangements with the NYU Computer Store for new students to purchase a recommended laptop that already meets these requirements; instructions on how to purchase the recommended laptop from the NYU Computer Store can be found on our website as well. Students may drop off their laptops at the NYU-Poly Laptop Help Desk to have the required software (NYU-Poly Software Package) loaded on their laptops beginning in July and also during the New Student Orientation. Please make sure to have your NYU-Poly/Student ID number with you. For questions, please contact the NYUPoly Laptop Help Desk at or (718) 260-3368.

Part 1.5 NYU-Poly Housing


The Othmer Residence Hall: (Freshman/Sophomore) Located on NYU-Poly’s Brooklyn campus, the Donald F. and Mildred Topp Othmer Residence Hall is a 20-story building, housing over 400 students in 2-bedroom suites and apartments. The residence includes student lounges, study rooms, laundry facilities and outdoor space.

The Clark Residence: (Junior, Senior and Graduate) The Clark Residence is located at 55 Clark Street, housing over 200 upperclass students. Each single, double and triple fully-furnished room offers a TV, DVD player, high-speed internet, refrigerator, microwave and bathroom. The residence features lounges, a pool table, public computers, communal kitchens and a complimentary membership to the four-star Eastern Athletic Club.

Housing Costs Othmer Residence Housing Deposit



Suite, per semester

$4,290 Single,*per semester $8,550

Suite-Meal, per semester

$1,200 Double, per semester $6,475

Apartment, per semester


Large Double, per semester $7,100


Lofted Triple,*per semester $5,160

Apartment-Meal, per semester * Limited availability


Clark Residence

Triple,*per semester


Important Housing Information Residence Life Communication Policy: In accordance with NYU-Poly guidelines, all communications from the Office of Residence Life are sent directly to the student’s NYU-Poly e-mail account, not to a parent or guardian. Communication may include information pertaining to roommate information, important dates, re-application instructions and deposit deadlines. Residents should expect e-mails over the summer containing the following: 1. Room/Roommate Information 2. Items to Bring 3. Emergency Contact Form 4. Minimum Sanctions

Room/Roommate Assignments: Many factors contribute to an individual student’s assignment. These factors include, but are not limited to: gender, year in school and major. Room/Roommate assignments are typically sent by the end of July.

New Student Check–in Day: Sunday, August 25, 2013

Standards To view the Residence Life Handbook/Code of Conduct please visit: NYU-Poly is a diverse community of people with many racial, ethnic, social and economic backgrounds, national origins, religious and political beliefs, physical abilities and sexual orientations. We celebrate our rich on-campus community. All of our activities and programs benefit from our engagement and interaction with one another, as we affirm and uphold the countless backgrounds and personalities that forge one collective community. At NYU-Poly, we strongly believe that actions demonstrate one’s commitment to respecting differences. Therefore, everyone who lives in or visits the Residence Hall must understand that we do not tolerate bigotry, threats, intimidation, violence, or harassment against any member of our community. We insist that every member of our community commits to the principles, described in the Residence Life Handbook and Code of Conduct, which we have established to promote the personal and academic growth, safety and well-being of our students.


Part 1.6 Advocacy

Advocacy Services E-mail: Phone: Visit: Office (718) 260-3046 Judith Simonsen LC 240, Dibner Building Monday–Friday; 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

During the semester you may become ill and, as a consequence miss an examination. If that should happen you need to obtain medical documentation. Please look at your medical note before leaving the physician’s office, and ensure that it includes a medical diagnosis. Tell the office you will waive your HIPPA rights, as you missed an exam and the school requires medical information in order to reschedule. Bring the note to Judith Simonsen, along with contact information for your professors and we will inform the professors that you have a documented absence. The same process is true for absences caused for other family emergencies, such as a death in the family. Please note that students must provide 15 days written notice of intent to observe a religious holiday.

Part 1.7 Students with Disabilities

Disability Services Website: E-mail: Phone: Visit: Office (718) 260-3046 Judith Simonsen LC 240, Dibner Building Monday–Friday; 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

About the Law Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973: Handicapped Persons’ Rights Under Federal Law provides disabled students protection from discrimination and entitles them to an equal educational opportunity.

NYU-Poly’s Commitment At NYU-Poly, we do not discriminate in our admissions practices and base acceptance decisions primarily on academic records. We are committed to assisting students with disabilities in developing the academic skills necessary to fully participate in NYU-Poly student programs. To that end, we provide services to students with disabilities based on their individual assessments as outlined under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We are also committed to working with students with disabilities to assist them to become effective selfadvocators. Services for students with disabilities do not include the waiving of academic course requirements, nor the changing of course subject matter.


Responsibility as a Student with a Disability Although not every student with a disability requires services, registering with the Office of Student Affairs is advised. Once you are accepted to NYU-Poly, you should contact the Office of Student Affairs for an appointment to discuss your request for services. Be prepared to submit documentation verifying your disability. Do not wait until after classes have begun and you are experiencing difficulty before you contact Student Affairs. If you fail to contact Student Affairs in a timely manner, your opportunity for services can be delayed and under such circumstances, your instructors may not be able to make any adjustments to accommodate you.

Confidentiality The only information about your disability that is shared with other members of the NYU-Poly community (instructors, counselors) is its categories, such as: legally blind, deaf or hearing impaired, medically impaired, physically disabled, or learning disabled.

Part 1.8 Academic Honesty Expectations

E-mail: Phone: Visit: Office (718) 260-3046 Judith Simonsen LC 240, Dibner Building Monday–Friday; 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Code of conduct As a member of the NYU-Poly community, you are expected to exhibit honesty, integrity and fairness in your academic work and interaction with others. The entire community shares the responsibility to secure and respect general conditions conducive to academic honesty. Individual academic departments may develop and publicize supplemental guidelines in conformity with Institute policies for academic competence and honesty appropriate to their fields of study. Academic dishonesty is treated as a moral and intellectual offense against the academic community and is not tolerated. You and all members of the NYU-Poly community are responsible for reading and familiarizing yourself with the Institute Policy on Academic Dishonesty found in the Code of Conduct. Academic dishonesty is an act of fraud, which may include misrepresentation, deceit, falsification, or trickery of any kind that is done by the student with the purpose, intent, or expectation of influencing a grade or other academic evaluation. Academic dishonesty also includes forgery and falsification of NYU-Poly academic documents, intentionally impeding or damaging the


academic work of others, or assisting other students in acts of dishonesty. Common examples of academically dishonest behavior include, but are not limited to, the following: cheating, fabrication, facilitating academic dishonesty, plagiarism and unauthorized collaboration. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the code of conduct. Please refer to the Code of Conduct for the complete Institute Policy on Academic Dishonesty, which can be found online at: Website:

Standards To view the Residence Life Handbook/Code of Conduct please visit: NYU-Poly is a diverse community of people with many racial, ethnic, social and economic backgrounds, national origins, religious and political beliefs, physical abilities and sexual orientations. We celebrate our rich on-campus community. All of our activities and programs benefit from our engagement and interaction with one another, as we affirm and uphold the countless backgrounds and personalities that forge one collective community. At NYU-Poly, we strongly believe that actions demonstrate one’s commitment to respecting differences. Therefore, everyone who lives in or visits the Residence Hall must understand that we do not tolerate bigotry, threats, intimidation, violence, or harassment against any member of our community. We insist that every member of our community commits to the principles, described in the Residence Life Handbook and Code of Conduct, which we have established to promote the personal and academic growth, safety and well-being of our students.

Part 1.9 Health Insurance


Polytechnic Institute of New York University requires that all students who are registered for nine (9) or more credits or are considered full-time students have medical care insurance. We are pleased to provide students with a comprehensive health insurance plan option. This option is for students who do not have insurance, whose current family health coverage is about to expire, or whose current health insurance is with an HMO or restricted PPO out of the area. Additionally, we require that all of our international students be enrolled in the school sponsored accident and sickness plan. The NYU-Poly Student Health Insurance Plan is a low-cost Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan that meets school, state and federal requirements and provides important coverage at a reasonable cost. The plan brochure, enrollment information, insurance card and forms for the 2013-14 academic year will be available only through a link on the NYU-Poly website at (This site will be available to you not later than June 1 and we will notify you when it “goes live.�)


For students with 9 or more credits or who are considered full-time, a health insurance fee of *$499 for the NYU-Poly Student Health Insurance Plan will appear on your fall tuition bill and *$499will appear on your spring tuition bill. This covers the annual cost of the insurance. If you are a graduate student taking less than 9 credits, and are considered full-time, please contact Student Accounts to make sure that you are properly enrolled in the program. ALL students MUST go to the above website and either 1) officially enroll in the plan or 2) waive the plan. If you have your own comparable health coverage and wish to waive the plan (i.e., have the fee removed from your bill), you must complete the online waiver form located at the above website. The waiver is valid for one year. (Please note that the fee will only be waived if you complete the online waiver form by September 11, 2013 for the fall and for new students in the spring, February 4, 2014. After this date the fee will remain on your account and will not be removed.) *We do not expect these rates to change unless there is a material change in federal or state laws or regulations that require a significant modification to the plan of benefits.

Part 1.10 Counseling and Wellness Services

Counseling - Consultation, Counseling and Psychotherapy Website: E-mail: Phone: Visit: Office (718) 260-3456 24-hour NYU Wellness Exchange Hotline (212) 443-9999 232 Dibner Building Monday–Friday; 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Current Students NYU-Poly’s Counseling and Wellness Services (CWS) offers a variety of services to help students achieve their maximum potential, both academically and professionally, as well as socially and emotionally. If you are an NYU-Poly student, you can meet with a professional staff member, a licensed psychiatrist, or social worker (or with a supervised trainee), for consultation and referral, short-term individual counseling and psychotherapy, medication consultation, and group counseling and psychotherapy. Consultation, counseling and psychotherapy are confidential and paid for as part of your registration fees, so there is no additional cost to you. There is no fee for medication consultation for students with NYU-Poly student insurance. Students with other insurance will be billed for the applicable co-pay.

Family, Faculty and Staff We also offer consultation to friends, family, faculty and staff members who are concerned about an NYU-Poly student. (Note: We cannot disclose information about a particular student without his/her written consent, nor can we disclose whether or not a student has or is receiving services at CWS.)


NYU-Poly Community We are also available as an educational resource and present workshops on a variety of topics to NYU-Poly organizations, clubs and departments. All legal/ethical limits to confidentiality will be either discussed with you by a staff member or presented to you in writing prior to your disclosing any information to us.

Part 1.11 Career Services and Internships

Website: E-mail: Phone: Visit: (718) 260-3650 359 Jacobs Administration Building

The Wasserman Center for Career Development will connect you with leading companies that are searching for highly skilled, market-ready individuals prepared to take on the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Our offices help undergraduate and graduate students seek positions where their refined technical, analytical and communication skills can best be put to use.

Career Counseling and Career Development Seminars Knowing how to conduct an internship or job search is key to landing the opportunity you want. Through one-on-one career counseling and group seminars, NYU-Poly students acquire effective job search skills designed to complement their successful in-classroom experiences. Writing an effective résumé, preparing for a career fair and acing the interview are just some of the topics addressed by career center staff.

Internship Opportunities Internships allow students to gain real-world experience while giving employers a chance to identify future talent. Students are encouraged to participate in one or more internships before they graduate, demonstrating to employers NYU-Poly’s high standards of excellence. These professional experiences give students an edge over the competition and have the potential to turn into full-time opportunities following graduation.

NYU CareerNet, Career Fairs and On-Campus Recruiting NYU-Poly students can connect to NYU CareerNet, our online internship and job search engine. Using this valuable database, students can submit a cover letter and résumé directly to employers. Additionally, internship and job seekers can meet with hiring companies at career fairs and even arrange on-campus interviews with these employers. Participating companies range from small entrepreneurial startups to mid-sized businesses to internationally recognized major corporations.


Part 1.12 Academic Support Services

The Polytechnic Tutoring Center (PTC) Website: The Polytechnic Tutoring Center, often referred to simply as the “PTC,” is dedicated to giving students the personalized attention they need to help them achieve their academic goals at NYU-Poly. Our services are available to all students free of charge. We offer tutoring in biology, chemistry, computer science and physics for first and second-year undergraduate courses during the academic year. We also provide writing, reading and English language help in our Writing Center to undergraduate and graduate students at all levels.

Who are the PTC Tutors? Our tutors for biology, chemistry, computer science and physics are NYU-Poly students who have good mastery of the subjects that they tutor. Our Writing Center consultants include writers, instructors and graduate students. All of our tutors are good communicators who want to help you take that leap from “Huh?” to “Oh, I get it.”

Office of Special Services—TRIO Programs Website: NYU-Poly’s federally-funded TRIO program is run through NYU-Poly’s Office of Special Services. The TRIO Program offers services designed to maximize TRIO participants’ academic and personal potential, providing them with the support and skills needed to remain in college and complete a degree program. The TRIO program motivates and supports students who are either low-income, first-generation college, or have a documented disability so that they can succeed at NYU-Poly. What TRIO offers our students: • Individualized Tutoring • Counseling • Workshops • Cultural and Social Activities • Exam Preparation

Part 1.13 Leave of Absence


Students who cannot enroll for a semester due serious illness, national service, or compelling personal reasons may request a Leave of Absence. Students must submit a request for Leave of Absence via PeopleSoft Student Center at pdf. Undergraduates must obtain permission from the Academic Advisement Center (first year students) or the Office of Academic Affairs (sophomore–senior students). If a request is approved by all required signatories, the Registrar will record a leave of absence on the student’s transcript. Leaves of absence, if approved, are granted for a maximum of one year except in extreme cases. International students must also contact OISS.


Part 1.14 Financial Aid & Scholarships

Website: E-mail: Phone: Office: (718) 260-3300 Dibner Building, Second Floor, Room 201

At NYU-Poly, we make every effort to assist you as you apply for the wide variety of financial aid, scholarships, grants and loans available to undergraduate and graduate students. We offer a range of scholarships, work-study and graduate assistantship programs that reduce education costs for students of need and merit. We also support your efforts to obtain grant money and loans, and are available to provide guidance whenever possible. On our website:, you will find a comprehensive listing of resources that help you navigate the many options available for financial aid. We encourage you to contact us to address any questions you may have regarding the cost and financing of your undergraduate or graduate education at NYU-Poly.

Part 1.15 First-year advising

First-Year Advising Experience: The Academic Advisement Center Website: Phone: (718) 260-3980 Office: Dibner Building, Room 210 The Academic Advisement Center (AAC) provides centralized advising to incoming first-year students, informing them of major requirements, university regulations, and academic standing requirements. The ultimate goal of the AAC is to empower students to make informed decisions about their academic career. Throughout the first year of college, first-year students will work with their academic adviser via individual and group meetings. Some of these meetings are arranged by the advisers, while others are set at the student’s request. Students will work with the adviser assigned to their major according to the following designation: Richard Toth

Tassamai Sawetpibul

Major Major Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Biomolecular Science Computer Engineering Business & Technology Management Computer Science Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Construction Management Physics Mathematics Undeclared Mechanical Engineering The AAC is located in the Dibner Building, Room 210. Students are welcome to call the office at (718) 260-3980 to schedule an appointment, or drop by during regular business hours (9:30a.m.–5:30p.m.) to speak with their first-year adviser.


The Polytechnic Institute of NYU Undergraduate Advisers Fall 2013–Spring 2014 DEPARTMENT / MAJOR ADVISER ROOM TEL E-MAIL ADDRESS AAC

Academic Advisement Center Assistant Dean for First-year Students & Academic Initiatives Melinda Parham Coordinator of First-year Advising Richard Toth First-year Academic Adviser Tassamai Sawetpibul

LC 216 LC 212 LC 214

3391 3375 3647

Bruce Garetz (Chem. track) Evgeny Vulfson (Biotech track) Biomed track /Pre-med advisors Gene DiResta (A–M) Tommy Lee (N–Z)

RH 801A RH 612

3287 3096

RH 828 RH 701C

3269 3471

Gene DiResta Tommy Lee

RH 828 RH 701C

3269 3471

Med School Adviser (for CBE students) Adviser for BS CBE/MS students for BME program component

Gene DiResta

RH 828


Business & Technology Management

Bohdan Hoshovsky LC 401


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Walter Zurawsky Jovan Mijovic

RH 728 RH 638

3725 3097

Jose Ulerio (CE) Roger Roess (CE)

RH 412A RH 400A

3178 3018

Bio Molecular Science (BMS) BMS Pre-Health Careers Adviser BTM


Civil Engineering


Construction Management

Lawrence Chiarelli (CN)

RH 411B



Computer Science

Susana Garcia

2 MetroTech, 10 Fl 3290


Digital Media

Andres Pang-Becker

RH 209

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Ellen Daniels Matt Campisi (Honors ECE)

2 MetroTech, 10 Fl 3595 2 MetroTech, 10 Fl 3893

General Studies GS

Melissa Barnes (Director) Nora Jemison Paul Lellis Stephen Kendall

LC 262 LC 264 LC 260 LC 258

3882 3882 3882 3882


Honors Program

Meagan Watson

RH 216




Ellen Daniels

2 MetroTech, 10 Fl 3595


Mechanical Engineering

Joseph Borowiec

RH 524




Lorcan Folan

RH 300B



Science & Technology Studies (STS) Sustainable Urban Environments (SUE)

Chris Leslie

LC 131


Over-the-limit permissions for the department Alan Nadlier

RH 210


Approving HU/SS equivalents for courses at other schools of NYU

Jean Gallagher

RH 828




Richard Toth

LC 212


HEOP Counselors

Shawneece Bailey (Director) Tara Lao Karen Rose Cover

LC 244 LC 246 LC 248

3031 3547 3132

Liaison to Undergraduate Advisers

Michael Campbell

LC 218







PartTw Part 2.1 Bookstore & Textbooks

NYU-Poly Services & How To Use Them Website: Once you have registered for your classes, you will be able to find the required and recommended textbooks for your classes through the NYU Bookstore website. All you need are the catalog numbers for all your classes, and the bookstore’s website will provide you with a list of books required for your courses. Step 1: Have the catalog numbers ready for all your classes. You can find these numbers on your student schedule, which is available through PS Data once you are registered. You can also find these numbers on the class schedule page on the NYU-Poly website ( Here are sample catalog numbers for NYU-Poly courses: CS 5403 section 1328 CM 1014 section 1689 DM 6153 section 2322 *If your catalog number is only 3 digits, then add a “0” (zero) to the end of it: Example CS.392 becomes CS.3920 Step 2: On the NYU Bookstore Home page, click on the link: “Textbook Inquiry and Ordering.” This link will bring you to a page titled “Find a Book/Inquiry and Ordering.” Step 3: Once you’re on the “Find a Book/Inquiry and Ordering” page, locate the heading “By Course.”

Click Here


Enter Here

Select the term “Fall 11.” In the “Department” field enter your department initials, in the “Course ID” field, enter your four-digit catalog number and in the “Section #” field, enter your four-digit class number, then click on the “Go” button. Example:

Step 4: This will provide you with a list of the course materials required for the course you have entered. You will need to repeat steps 1-3 for each course you are taking. From this list, you may choose to purchase your books either through the NYU Bookstore or via an alternate method. Popular online booksellers that students have used in the past are:, and If you complete the process and there are no textbooks listed, it means that the professor has chosen not to use the NYU Bookstore for his/her particular class. You can then find any needed textbooks by visiting or on the first day of class. Should you have any questions about the book ordering process, please contact the NYU Main Bookstore: 18 Washington Place New York, NY 10003 Phone: (212) 998-4667 Fax: (212) 995-4118 E-mail:


Part 2.2 Paying Your Bills

Website: If you are an enrolled NYU-Poly student, your tuition bill is sent electronically. Polytechnic Institute of NYU no longer sends printed tuition statements. We adopted electronic billing to allow you and users you’d like to authorize (parents, for example) to: • Receive e-mails at your NYU-Poly e-mail address when new statements are available to view • View and pay bills online; and • Track 12 months of previous tuition statements

How to Use Electronic Billing There are two ways to access your account: • Directly: • Via PS DATA 1. Log in with your NYU-Poly ID and password 2. Click on Student Center 3. Select the View your Statement button which will take you directly into CASHNet, our electronic billing system

Important Things to Know • You will only receive an e-mail notification of a new statement if you have a balance on your account. • If you made a recent payment, it may not be reflected on your electronic billing statement. Payments made to your account after the statement date will be reflected in your next electronic billing statement. * In addition to viewing and paying your bill, you may also sign up a parent or other user to have access to your electronic bill.



Part 2.3 How to Register for Classes

First-Year Student Registration Process On-Campus: Off-Campus: Registering for classes involves a multi-step process that takes many factors into consideration, ultimately yielding a combination of classes that are reflective of the student’s intended major. All first-year students are responsible for registering for classes, and will complete this process in consultation with their academic adviser. Specific guidance on how to select and register for appropriate courses will be provided throughout the summer. Below is an overview of the steps students need to complete in order to register for fall classes:

English Placement exam A select group of students will be required to take the English placement exam, a campus based assessment, and will be notified by the Admissions Office of their status, on or before May 30th. Upon taking the exam, students will be notified of their fall English class. Students required to take the English Placement Exam must do so before they can enroll in their fall English class. An English course marker, a placeholder for the actual course, will be available to those who are not able to take the exam before registration begins. A schedule adjustment will be required, once the placement score has been determined, with the English class replacing the course marker.

Math Diagnostic exam All students must complete the math diagnostic exam, or submit AP scores of a 4 or 5 on the calculus AB or BC exams, in order to determine their fall class. The math diagnostic exam is an on-campus assessment, and will take place on various dates before the beginning of the semester. While students are encouraged to complete the diagnostic before the beginning of the registration period, students will be allowed to enroll in classes before completing this diagnostic, using a math course marker to reserve a space in their schedule for math. Students may go online after they complete the math diagnostic to make a schedule adjustment, dropping the math course marker and adding the actual course.

Major Confirmation Students will be allowed to go online to enroll in classes based on their major. During the first week of June, students will receive a correspondence from NYU-Poly, asking them to confirm their intended major. Any request to change the listed major must be sent to the Registrar’s Office by June 7th.

AP and Transfer Credits Credits received as a result of an AP exam and/or previous college experience may allow the recipient to be exempt from certain first-year courses; these credits will be posted to the student’s transcript. Students should arrange to have their official test results released by the College Board to Polytechnic Institute of NYU, Code: 2668. Scores received after July 11th may be applied to the student’s academic record (i.e. transcript), but will not be considered in the creation of the fall schedule.


Registration Webinar All students will be required to attend an online advisement session, where they will receive information on their first-year courses, how they are connected to their intended major, and how to select and enroll in the appropriate fall courses. All webinars will be scheduled by major—students should attend accordingly— and will be archived online for future reference

Online Registration Registration will begin on Friday, July 12th by appointment. Registration appointments will be determined by the student’s major. Open enrollment will follow the scheduled appointment period, where students, regardless of their major, will be able to go online and make adjustments to their schedule. Students will receive additional information about the aforementioned steps by the first week of June. Students who are admitted into the General Studies, HEOP, and Honors programs may have additional items to consider during the registration process, and will receive supplemental information to guide their enrollment experience. Any and all questions about the registration process for first-year students can be directed to the Academic Advisement Center (AAC).

Part 2.4 How to Use the Library

Bern Dibner Library of Science & Technology Website: Phone: (718) 260-3530 E-mail:

General Hours Monday–Friday 8:30 a.m.–1:00 a.m. Saturday & Sunday 10:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m. Reading Days & Finals Open 24 Hours

Dibner Library provides the following services: • Borrowing Materials Use your NYU-Poly ID card to borrow up to 20 circulating items for a 28-day period. Reference materials may not be used outside the library. • Course Reserves Textbooks and other class materials are available behind the service desk for use in the library for a three-hour period. • Computing Both Mac and PC workstations are available and come equipped with a variety of software including MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and Matlab. You can borrow a laptop at the service desk to use on the Brooklyn campus for up to four hours. • Databases The library subscribes to many databases covering a variety of academic disciplines and peer-reviewed publications. Access full-text articles 24/7 from on-campus or off via the library website. • Interlibrary Loans If the Dibner Library does not have the item you need, request it from another library by filling out the Interlibrary Loan form on the library website: or at the service desk.


• Printing & Copying Use your NYU-Poly ID card to print and make copies. You will receive a printing and copying allowance of $50 each semester and be charged for use above that amount. • Study Rooms Select study rooms are available to reserve ahead of time. • Remote Reference Service Chat with a librarian about your research needs at the service desk, by phone at 718-260-3530 or online, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To instant message a librarian, go to After hours, e-mail your question to: • Workshops Learn how to develop your research skills and take advantage of all the library has to offer by taking a library workshop. Workshops are offered throughout the Fall and Spring semester; check the library website for the current schedule:

Access Bobst and other NYU Libraries You can visit and borrow materials from Bobst Library using your NYU-Poly ID. Use your NYU NetID and password to access Bobst’s electronic resources from off-campus.

Access to Local Libraries Dibner Library belongs to the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), which allows you on-site access to 268 libraries in the New York Metropolitan area. Dibner Library also has borrowing privileges with the Academic Libraries of Brooklyn (ALB). You can request a METRO or ALB referral card at the service desk. For more details about all of the above services, visit:

Online Guides Check for a series of subject and research guides that will help you find and use the library’s resources more efficiently.

Part 2.5 How to Work On-Campus

Student Employment Options: • NYU-Poly offers a wide variety of part-time employment opportunities. • All jobs are posted in the NYU CareerNet database at the beginning of each semester. • Visit the Wasserman Center for Career Development at NYU-Poly to have your résumé and cover letter reviewed. You will need these documents to apply for open positions. • Access NYU-Poly’s online job posting site, NYU CareerNet, to review posted positions and apply. • Meet with a career advisor for additional job search tips and strategies.

Federal Work Study (WKS): • If a Federal Work-Study award is included in your Financial Aid package, you have the opportunity to apply for both on-campus and off-campus employment through this federally funded program.


What to do when you get a campus job: For US Citizens and Permanent Residents: Once an offer of employment has been extended, the next steps are as follows: 1. Students go to Human Resources (HR) to complete an I-9 form. U.S. Federal Law requires the I-9 be completed by ALL employees within three days of hire. 2. Once the I-9 form is completed, the student employee will be given a signed “Certification of Employment” by HR. This certification identifies the effective date that the student is eligible to work. 3. Students are required to provide the supervisor with the (yellow) copy of the Certification of Employment. The department is responsible for completing and submitting the electronic Personnel Action Form (PAF) to record the employment. Once HR receives the PAF, HR will review and begin processing of the new hire.

Foreign Nationals / International Students: • Confirm your immigration status and/or employment eligibility with the Office of International Student and Scholars (OISS) prior to seeking any employment at NYU-Poly. OISS will provide you with an “On-campus Employment Verification Letter,” which shows that you are eligible to work on-campus.

Getting paid: • All hourly (bi-weekly) student workers are required to complete time sheets to record their work hours and meal breaks. Student employees are responsible for completing their time sheets in a timely and accurate manner.


Required Forms & Waivers These forms are required to be complete and submitted prior to start of classes: • Immunization Form—If not already submitted • Meningitis Form • Honor Code • Media Rights Waiver • Housing Application—If needed and not yet submitted

Please print and complete forms and return to: Undergraduate Admissions Office Polytechnic Institute of NYU Six MetroTech Center


Brooklyn, NY 11201


Immunization Form


Student Immunization Record Please submit as soon as possible and retain a copy for your files. NYS Public Health Law 2165 requires post-secondary students to show protection against measles, mumps and rubella. Persons born prior to January 1, 1957 are exempt from this requirement. Measles, mumps and rubella vaccines must have been administered on or after your first birthday. Measles vaccines and MMR’s must be at least 30 days apart. For specific information regarding valid proof of immunity, please refer to the Polytechnic Institute of NYU Immunization Guide.

Please complete and return to: UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS The Office of Undergraduate Admissions Wunsch Building Six MetroTech Center Brooklyn, NY 11201

student information: (all fields must be filled out completely) Name _______________________________________________ Age _____ Date of Birth _________________ Poly ID__________________________________________________________ Gender: Male Female Address ________________________________________________________________________________ City __________________________ State __________ Zip __________ Country______________________ Home Phone (_____) _________________________ Cell Phone (_____) _____________________________

Health Care Provider or School Official: Vaccine dates must include month, day, and year. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY AND SIGN.



disease history

(Onset Year)

serology date/results

(Also state Immune or Not Immune)

MMR Measles

(2 vaccination dates are REQUIRED; must be given on or after the first birthday)


(must be given on or after the first birthday)


(must be given on or after the first birthday)


I, the health care provider or school official, certify that the above is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge: Print Name: ________________________________ Lic. No. ___________________________ Signature: ___________________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________ Phone: _______________________________________________Date: __________________

Immunization Form 2013–2014 STUDENT IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS New York State requires students attending colleges and universities in New York to comply with Public Health Laws 2165 and 2167 for measles, mumps, rubella and meningitis. These laws apply to all students registered for 6 or more credits and include graduates, undergraduates, and commuter, resident, domestic and international students. Students must submit proper proof of immunity to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions within (30) thirty days of their first class. Students who do not submit the required information will be excluded from class, the residence hall, and prohibited from further registration at NYU-Poly. Proof of immunity is as follows:

MEASLES (Rubeola) Two dates of immunization Both dates must be at least 28 days apart. A positive measles titer (blood test) or a disease statement from the diagnosing physician also constitutes valid proof of immunity.

MUMPS One date of immunization The date must be on or after your first birthday. A positive mumps titer (blood test) or a disease statement from the diagnosing physician also constitutes valid proof of immunity.

RUBELLA (German measles) One date of immunization The date must be on or after your first birthday. A positive rubella titer (blood test) is also an acceptable proof of immunity in lieu of an immunization date.

MEDICAL EXEMPTIONS Medical exemptions can be demonstrated by having a licensed physician or nurse practitioner certify in writing that one or more of the required immunizations may be detrimental to the student’s health or is otherwise medically contraindicated. The requirements will then be waived until such immunization is determined no longer detrimental or otherwise medically contraindicated. Students who have temporary medical exemptions will be kept on a separate listing and will be notified in writing of the need to submit immunization records after the temporary medical exemption date.

RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS Religious exemptions can be demonstrated by submitting a written and signed statement from the student, or in the event the student is a minor, from his/her parents or guardians, that they hold sincere and genuine religious beliefs, which prohibit immunization of the students. This statement must be detailed enough to prove to the Institute that the beliefs are religious, not philosophical, and sincerely and genuinely held.

meningococcal meningitis 2013–2014 vaccination response form

New York State Public Health Law Requires that all college and university stuents enrolled for at least six (6) semester hours or the equivalent per semester, or at least four (4) semester hours per quarter, complete and return the following form to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions 6 MetroTech Center (Wunsch Building) Brooklyn, NY 11201 Fax: 718-637-5930 For additional questions, please contact or call (718) 260-4161. Check one box and sign below. I have (for students under the age of 18, My child has:)

had the meningococcal meningitis immunization (MenomuneTM) within the past 10 years.

Date received: ______________________________________________________________________________

read or have had explained to me, the information regarding meningococcal meningitis disease. My child will obtain immunization against meningococcal meningitis within 30 days from my private health care provider.

read or have had explained to me, the information regarding meningococcal meningitis disease. I understand the risk of not receiving the vaccine. I have decided that my child (I) will not obtain immunization against meningococcal meningitis disease.

(Note: The vaccine’s protection lasts for approximately 3 to 5 years. Revaccination may be considered within 3–5 years.

Student Information (please print):

Student Name:__________________________________ Date of Birth:______________________________________ Student Email:____________________________________ Student ID#:______________________________________ Student Mailing Address:____________________________________________________________________________ Student Phone Number: ____________________________________________________________________________ SIGNED:_____________________________________________________ DATE: ___________________________________

(Parent/Guardian if student is a minor)


Acknowledgement of Community Standards, Responsibilities and Expectations The Polytechnic Institute of NYU community comprises a diverse population of people in pursuit of honest inquiry and academic excellence. Members of the academic community are encouraged to develop the capacity for critical judgment and sustained personal independence and are required to engage in responsible social conduct that reflects credit upon the Polytechnic Institute of NYU community and also models good citizenship in any community. As a student and a responsible member of the NYU-Poly community, I am aware that I will be responsible for knowing, understanding and adhering to the following during my entire enrollment at NYU-Poly: (Please initial each statement. All information is available on the NYU-Poly web site).

_____ The Code of Conduct and all associated policies (including, but not limited to, the policies on plagiarism and cheating/academic dishonesty, the Information Systems acceptable use policy, and harassment and sexual misconduct). _____ Activating and using my electronic NYU-Poly accounts (including e-mail, PS Data and MyPoly). _____ All official correspondence from the Institute is sent to my NYU-Poly e-mail account, posted on the NYU-Poly web site, or sent by mailed letters and cell phone texts. _____ My financial obligations and deadlines for payments, filing for aid and loans, class registration and withdrawal. _____ Enrolling into, or waiving out of (if eligible), the school-sponsored student health insurance by the set deadlines. _____ Requesting special accommodations for documented disabilities by the set deadlines, where applicable. _____ Receiving my ID card and understanding the responsibilities associated with it and the access it provides. Please indicate your agreement by signing below. Name (print)________________________________________________________________________________________ ID #________________________________________________________________________________________________ Major ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone__________________________________________________________________________________________ Date _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Media Rights Waiver 2013–2014 GENERAL MEDIA RELEASE The undersigned hereby consents and grants to Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly) the unrestricted right to use my photograph, image, likeness and voice, together with biographical information, for all purposes related to NYU-Poly, including publicity, advertising, marketing and promotion in magazines, booklets, newsletters, promotional materials and on College websites, so long as there is no intent that the use be disparaging. This consent covers all markets, media, technology and methods and extends to others on NYU-Poly’s behalf. I release NYU-Poly and such others from any claims arising out of or related to these uses.

Please indicate your agreement by signing below. Signature_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Print Name____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If you are under 18 years of age, your parent or guardian must sign below: I represent that I am a parent/guardian of the minor who has signed the above release and that in that capacity NYU-Poly has my consent and authorization to use the name, voice and/or likeness as described above. Parent/Guardian: Signature_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Print Name____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date_________________________________________________________________________________________________________

PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM TO: Undergraduate Admissions Office Polytechnic Institute of NYU Six MetroTech Center Brooklyn, NY 11201

New Resident Student Housing Application 2013–2014 OFFICE OF RESIDENCE LIFE

Academic Information Enrollment Date:


In the Fall/Spring I will be a: (check all that apply)


Undergraduate International Undergraduate


Freshman New Transfer Continuing Student/ New to Residence Hall

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior

Student information: (all fields must be filled out completely) First Name__________________________________________________________________________________________ Last Name _________________________________________________________________________________________ Poly ID ____________________ Gender:


Female Age ________ Date of Birth ______________________

Home Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City __________________________ State __________ Zip __________ Country _______________________________

Contact information: (all fields must be filled out completely) Cell Phone #________________________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone #______________________________________________________________________________________ E-mail Address______________________________________________________________________________________

Room preferences: (all fields must be filled out completely) What type of room are you requesting?



No Preference

Do you have any medical conditions we should know about? _____________________________________________ What is your major? __________________________________________________________________________________ Are you on an athletic team? If so, what team? __________________________________________________________ (Please fill out remaining information on back)

New Resident Student Housing Application 2013–2014 OFFICE OF RESIDENCE LIFE Do you have a specific roommate you would like to live with?



If YES, provide roommate information below: Roommate:

First Name: ___________________________ Last Name: _____________________________________


First Name: ___________________________ Last Name: _____________________________________


First Name: ___________________________ Last Name: _____________________________________

If NO, please fill out the following roommate survey.

RoomMate survey: (Every effort will be made to honor your preferences. However, there is no guarantee.)

I would like to live with a person who.... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Is a morning person Is very studious Is a smoker Is neat Is in my age group Has many guests

Is a night person Is somewhat studious Is a non-smoker Is somewhat neat Is older than me Has some guest

Does Not Matter Does Not Matter Does Not Matter Is messy Is younger than me Has no guests

Does Not Matter Does Not Matter Does Not Matter

I have filled out this application to the best of my ability. I fully understand that housing is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. I am also aware that a non-refundable deposit of $400.00 for Domestic Students and $1,000.00 for International Students is required to process my application and if my deposit is not paid, I will not be eligible to receive housing. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Student Signature Date


Check list:

Freshman Housing application and deposit priority submission deadline for the Fall semester. Online housing deposit payments:

Completed Application Enclosed/Paid Housing Deposit

Mail this application to: Office of Undergraduate Admissions Six MetroTech Center Brooklyn, NY 11201 Fax this application to: Office of Undergraduate Admissions (718) 637-5930 E-mail this application to:

Important Phone Numbers & Web Links


Undergraduate Admissions . . . . . . . . . . . . (718) 637-5955 Graduate Admissions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (718) 260-3182 Student Financial Services . . . . . . . (718) 260-3700/3300 Registrar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (718) 260-3486 Student Affairs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (718) 260-3800 Security . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (718) 260-3537 Information Systems Help Desk . . . . . . . . . (718) 260-3123 Laptop Help Desk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (718) 260-3368 Undergraduate Academics . . . . . . . . . . . . (718) 260-3718 Residence Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (718) 260-4160

For NYS TAP Information:

NYS Higher Education Services Corp . . . 1-888-697-4372


For Tax Return Copies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-800-829-1040 FAFSA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-800-4-FEDAID

For Health Insurance Information:

Collegiate Insurance Resources

. . . . . . . . . . . 1-800-322-9901

Useful Websites 35

Six MetroTech Center Brooklyn, New York 11201 1 (800) POLYTECH

NYU-Poly Enrollment Quickstart Guide  

2013-2014 NYU-Poly Enrollment Quickstart Guide

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