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SPARE is an international school project on energy, climate and environment with more than 4.500 schools and 175.000 pupils participating. This international school project has been run by the Norwegian Society for the conservation of Nature since 1996. Through this project pupils learn how to use energy and resources efficiently. Active SPARE schools conduct education on sustainable use of energy and resources, implement practical measures of energy efficiency or renewable energy, and finally inform the neighborhood about their achievements. The educational activities in each country are coordinated by national NGOs, who also promote education on energy and environment into the national educational plans as well as simple technologies for energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources. SPARE educational material is aimed at pupils aged 10-14, and it is developed by environmental NGOs and teachers through more than 10 years of active use in schools. The main implementation strategy is adaptation of teacher guides and methodologies for each country, as well as training of teachers. Teacher training is often made in cooperation with institutions for retraining of teachers. School activities have been proven to be efficient for energy information and promoting energy efficiency in households. On the basis of SPARE, national NGO coordinators, schools and other partners cooperate for development and implementation of simple low cost energy efficiency and renewable energy measures at schools and in private homes. SPARE has many partners in different countries, from ministries of education and environment institutes for retraining of teachers, local administrations, UNDP and other local donors and organizations.

SPARE in Macedonia Macedonia became member of SPARE in March 2006 and during the implementation of the projects “Energy efficient municipality” in the period between March 2006 and March 2009 the SPARE educational program was completed. Till March 2009 SPARE program in Macedonia was implemented locally in three municipalities, Municipality of Jegunovce, Suto Orizari and Gazi Baba, the project was leaded in cooperation with NGO Proaktiva. The experiences gathered indicate a future logistical step in improvement of the program – an official ratification from the Ministry of Education and Science. The Bureau for Development of Education was consulted at strategic workshop held on 7th November 2008. One of the activities indicated and agreed by the participants was organizing a SPARE conference.

SPARE Conference

Goal of the conference

For better coordination and future cooperation in the frame of the project, the attendants agreed on several future activities

• •

• • •

Promote and assess the SPARE educational program at the national level, as well as its successful implementation in the curricula programs for physics at the elementary schools Preparation of preliminary report for the Bureau for Development of education what will be a base stand point for future ratification of SPARE by the Ministry of Education and Science Preparation of anonymous questionnaire for assessment of the quality of the SPARE set for teachers. Involvement of the Bureau for Development of Education and the Faculty for Mathematics and Natural Sciences in the process of implementation and future ratification of the program by the Ministry of Education and Science. Involvement of the stakeholders in the project “Energy efficient municipality”. Presentation of the results of the survey at the international SPARE conference in Norway. Coordination of creating of the annual SPARE program in Macedonia.

SPARE and Proaktiva PROAKTIVA is non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable organization, founded in March 2001. Our main mission is true Mutual Corporation with domestic and foreign organizations, local authorities and central government, business sector and other institutions that are aiming to the same goals as ours: •

Promotion of the sustainable development

Promotion of sustainable transport

Promotion of sustainable energy and energy efficiency

We can only reach our goals trough realization of the planned activities: •

Organization of public campaigns

Production and distribution of the printed materials

Lobbying at the decision makers

Organization of seminars and meetings

Distribution of information to other NGO’s and other interested groups

Implementation of researches

Education of the public for the opportunities for public participation

Proaktiva is a member of many international networks such as: Environment Education Network (EEN), International network for promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (AGREE.NET), International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE), School Project for Application of Resources and Energy (SPARE), Baltic Youth

Cooperation Network (BYCo), South Eastern Europe Environmental NGO’s Network (SEEENN), and national networks such as: Macedonian Green Center (MGC), National coalition of NGO’s from Macedonia (GREEN STARS) and Aarthus Family in Republic of Macedonia (AFRM).

Proaktiva actively co-operates with these following organizations:




Biosfera, IO Krste Jon, OXO, Planetum, ED Svetlina, Centre for electronic communication EKO.NET, Eco Team, Nansen Dialogue Center


Time Foundation, Za Zemiata, PECSD, Info Karlovo

Serbia and Montenegro

Endemit, Serbian Town Planers Association

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Center for Ecology and energy – Tuzla, Young Researces of Banja Luka


Green Action


Earth Friend


JUP Bad Oldesloe

Czech Republic

Hnuti Duha


Norges Naturverforbund


Both Ends



Among the other projects NGO Proaktiva is implementing an educational energy program SPARE and applying the principals of energy efficiency, energy savings and renewable energy. The first part of the project is already finished, the project activities were implemented in the Municipality of Jegunovce, will be replicated in the Municipality of Shuto Orizari. The project has two components: •

Energy efficient interventions of the public objects in the mentioned municipalities

Implementing an educational energy program SPARE

Since March 2006, Proaktiva started to organize activities as part of the Small Grant Program of GEF in Macedonia. With the cooperation of municipality of Jegunovce, Nancen Dialog Center and Norwegian association for environmental protection at the first two months were organized meetings where it was discussed for possible

activities, and concrete dates for the first phase of the project that will last until August, 2006. This project target groups were local citizens, representatives of COU Aleksandar Zdravkovski, school Parents Board, presidents of villages close to Jegunovce, after presented request and honest wish from locals froma Janciste and Raotnince, where was decided to be organized more additional trainings. In June and July were organized 3 practical trainings in 3 schools, the first plan to organize next practical activities in Local school in Semsevo was changed because with the project in 2007, school will do total replacement of all windows. Project tim visited seven other primary schools and afterwards decided to organize technical energy efficiency workshops in villages Ratae, Ozormiste, Kopajnce and Preljubiste. One solar collector for sanitary hot water is planned to be installed in the first phase of the project in a Kindergarten in Jegunovce. With this activity, few volunteers were trained how to install “Do It Yourself” system.

SPARE activities in Macedonia Energy efficient municipality, Projects

Sustainable development in the energy sector in local municipalities, Education of young people about climate change

Municipality Jegunovce Implementations Municipality Suto Orizari Municipality Gazi Baba

Project name


Energy efficient municipality, sustainable development in the energy sector in local municipalities

01.03.2006 – 31.03.2009

Program for education and activities Project activities:

Energy saving in homes Energy efficient lighting Renewable energy sources

Norges Naturvernforbund – Norway Municipality of Jegunovce Partner organizations: Municipality of Suto Orizari Nansen Dialogue Center – Macedonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Norway

Funded by:

GEF/SGP Macedonia 4600 meters of silicon strips

Technical component: 130 large caps for closing windows 15 small caps for closing windows 970 energy efficient light bulbs (21W and 24W) 450 energy efficient bulbs for street lightning 4 solar systems for hot sanitary water 20 automatic door closures 7 energy efficient panel convectors Describing techniques for energy efficiency in public buildings and households (May 2007) Educational component:

Founding out about the benefits of renewable energy 3000 stickers distributed





7000 SPARE energy efficiency guides are printed and distributed (400 in Macedonian, 200 in Albanian and 100 in Roma language) 2 300 posters with educational distributed in the municipalities

Facilities/Institutions involved in the project


Jegunovce Jegunovce Janciste Raotince Semsevo Ratae Preljubiste Ozormiste Vratnica Staro Selo




Orasje Rogacevo Jegunovce Boarding school for children with special needs – Vratnica Braka Razim I Hamid Kindergarten – Snezana

Suto Orizari

SPARE materials (on macedonian, albanian and roma language) are available:

NGO Proaktiva contact:

SPARE contact:

Contact name:

Contact name:

Vladimir Karchicki, Proaktiva

Vladimir Karchicki, Proaktiva



web: Phone: + 389 (0) 2 2465 963

Address: P.Box Macedonia


Phone: + 389 (0) 2 2465 963



Address: P.Box 695, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

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Spare Project Macedonia  

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