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Procurement Procurement means buying. All businesses need to buy things to operate their business – raw materials, good to resell, equipment, stationary etc.

Research The internet can be a good source of information. Businesses can find out about their competitors and what is happening in the market for their goods or services.

Sales Many businesses sell their goods and services online. Some businesses only sell online, while traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses are also selling online.

Promotion The internet is being used by many businesses to promote their goods and services. Popular websites like Facebook and Google offer advertising space on their websites. A advantage of online promotion is that adverts can be target to specific target markets.

Customer Service Businesses can use the internet to offer excellent service to their customers. Examples of customer services that businesses can provide on their websites include: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), delivery information, returns services, catalogues with product description including photos and videos, the ability to ask questions.

Public relations (PR) PR is about giving a positive message about a business and its activities. A website allows businesses to say what they do what their values are.

Providing information Every website has information. Businesses can use the internet to give information to their customers and stakeholders.

Influence The internet can be used to influence people. Businesses can set up blogs where they can provide additional information about their products and also explain why potential customers should use their products or services. Customers can also use the internet to influence businesses. Apple customers used internet forums to pressure Apple to replace faulty batteries on the first iPhone free of charge.

Communication The internet can be used for different types of communication like email, voice and video communication through VoIP, and also messaging services like MSN. Many of these services are being merged – Skype now offers all of these services though its software.

Uses of internet  

Uses of internet by business

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