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Come and walk with us Spanish Walking offer walking in Spain at its very

best, the mountains of the Sierra Nevada are undoubtedly one of the best areas in the world for walking as well as many other outdoor pursuits. If you are unfamiliar with the area we will introduce you to the country, culture, cuisine, music and people whilst you walk in some of the most breathtaking country you will ever experience. Just a short flight from the UK, its often quicker and cheaper to come to us for a long weekend or a weeks walking break than it is to drive a long distance to your ideal walking location in the UK. From the moment you land in Spain you have nothing to worry about except relaxing and enjoying your walking, our breaks are more or less all inclusive, we provide everything except your drinks, and when you go out around town in your spare time. Lanjaron is a small spa town in the Granada region nestling in the mountains with distant sea views, the perfect location to start your walking holiday, here you can literally turn off the main high street and find yourself walking in the mountains within minutes, enjoying spectacular views and some great walking, also there are many local hotels that are perfect for walking visitors, this is because Lanjaron is a popular destination for many hundreds of Spanish holiday visitors every year due to the spa waters that are said to have curative powers, there are also local shops that sell traditional products that our visitors always enjoy. From Lanjaron we explore the whole area, with a short drive from the hotel we can be in Pampaneria or Bubion, the famous traditional white villages of the area or even Trevelez the highest village in Spain and infact the highest village in Southern Europe. Then of course on your rest day we are just twenty minutes from the wonders of Granada, here we have the famous and fascinating Alhambra, the old Silk Market, the Royal Chapel, the old Arab Quarter, you can even enjoy the many Tapas bars that make a day here a great experience, you can do your own thing or join Robert for a relaxing guided tour around Granada.


Our walking week Our weekly itinerary has taken us years to develop

and perfect, we have walked many miles to finally decide what walks to offer. We often change walks due to weather and sometimes the ability or needs of our group at the time, one thing that never changes is the quality of the walking, our walks are always an experience with breathtaking views in a country that will never disappoint you. We are able to provide challenging exciting walking for all age groups and abilities, our trails never disappoint. For more details of our itinerary check out our website We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Exeter & District Ramblers Association who enjoyed a wonderful weeks walking with us. Rambling Clubs are a great way of walking with like minded people in a group that often takes you on walks that you wouldn’t normally know about, a group also gives you safety in numbers, to find out more or maybe find a rambling group in your area go to

Freeridespain have been based in the area for more than ten years now, and offer some great and challenging mountain bike riding, they are experts in the field of offering guided rides, and they will take you on rides that will blow you away. Maybe try them for your rest day if you dare! or contact us at Spanish walking for more information.

Some Sierra Nevada facts.....

...The Sierra Nevada is home to 66 endemic plant species. ...There are more than 140 endemic animal species, the Spanish Ibex being the largest. ...Many of the species have developed their own characteristics or have been developed quite independently as a result of their isolation. ...There are more endemic species in the Sierra Nevada than in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Poland combined. 3

Walking abroad for less Our holidays include all of the below for just £550 per person per week.

Airport transfers Accommodation Breakfast and Dinner Lunches with drinks on walks Visit to Granada Final day barbeque and drinks All transport to and from your walking All guiding Long weekends are available, prices and availability varies depending on the time of year and other groups etc, so availability and prices are available on request. Our groups are normally small so early booking is advised to avoid disappointment. Check availability now we are happy to help!

Our wonderful weather Andalucía has one of the most pleasant climates in

the world. The winters are warmer and drier than almost any other walking destination, so when you walk with us you can expect a “sunshine walking holiday”. The summers can be very hot so we sometimes start a little earlier in the morning, but the mountains are often around 5 degrees cooler than the coast so it’s not too bad most of the time. August is a different story and very often it’s just too hot so we rarely take groups throughout this month. Rainfall here is lower than almost any other walking destination you will visit, so you are almost always guaranteed some wonderful dry warm sunny days when ever you arrive here. So always bring your hat and sun block and your favourite tee shirt.


“La Alpujarra” All of our trails pass through “La Alpujarra” .

The Alpujarra is the region of around 50 mountain villages on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada, with the great Mulhacen the highest point on mainland Spain at 3,482 metres towering over it, the slopes are speckled with deep sheltered gorges and valleys which run to the Mediterranean Sea. The region popularly known as the Alpujarra, is famous throughout Spain because of its unique mini ecology and its terraced farmlands that are continuously watered by the melting snow from the mountains above, creating a high-altitude oasis of greenery which stands in dramatic contrast to the arid foothills below.

peppers and tomatoes are still set out to dry on the flat clay roofs among the tall round chimney pots. Pampaneira at the bottom, bustles with crafts shops and restaurants, as does Bubion half way up the slope with its massive square church tower standing on a plaza of rough paving stones, but some say to really savour the authentic Alpujarra you should go to Capileira at the top of the valley, one of our walks takes you down from the road into the lower streets of the village, where the rocky streets, overhanging passageways and sagging stone houses have not been remodelled for modern living. As you walk the old mule trails you will often catch sight of the region’s abundant wild life, such as the Cabra Hispanica, a mountain goat which roams the mountains in herds and is often seen standing on pinnacles, silhouetted against the sky. The capital of the region is Orgiva on the lowlands, and the village of Trevelez famous throughout Spain for its superb mountain Serrano hams or jamón, at over 4,840 feet above sea level Trevelez is the highest village in southern Europe.

The cultural interest of the region lies in its fifty odd villages, which were the last stronghold of the Spanish Muslims or Moors, as soon after the Castillians took Granada in 1492, all the city´s Moors were forced to convert to Christianity but those who refused took to the hills, settling in this remote, inaccessible area. The villages of the Alpujarra were then resettled with some 12,000 Christian families brought by King Philip II from Galicia and Asturias in north western Spain, today the unique hamlets first created by the Moors can still be seen and have retained their traditional Berber architecture, terraced clusters of grey white box-shaped houses with flat clay roofs which is still common in the Rif and Atlas mountains of Morocco. Perhaps the most picturesque villages are the famous three which cling, one above the other to the slopes of the Poqueira Valley, where red


See Granada……. Our day in Granada is as popular as ever, steeped

in history that seems to be everywhere; our walk takes in as many of the sights as possible. The city of Granada is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and is 738 metres above sea level, yet only around one hour from the coast, further up the mountain is the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort. The famous Alhambra, a Moorish citadel and palace is here in Granada, it is one of the most famous places of the Islamic historical legacy that makes Granada a hot spot among cultural and tourist cities in Spain.

took the city but it was not fully conquered until 713. The 1492 surrender of the Islamic Emirate of Granada to Ferdinand II and Isabella I is one of the more significant events in Granada's history, and also the completion of the Reconquesta of Al Andalus. The fall of Granada holds a significant place among the many important events that mark the latter half of the Spanish 15th century as it completed the reconquesta of the eight hundred year-long Moorish civilization in the Iberian Peninsula, Spain, now without major internal territorial conflict, embarked on the great phase of exploration and colonization around the globe. We visit Granada and take in as many of the sights as possible ending with a few of the better Tapas bars before returning for our evening meal at our hotel.

Over the centuries Granada has been an important city and home for many people, from an Iberco Celtic settlement before the Greeks in the 5th century, the Romans, Visigoths and the Moors upto the present day Spanish. But it was the Moors that possibly had the biggest impact on the area after the Romans; in fact after 711 the Moors occupied large parts of the Iberian Peninsula establishing the Al-Andalus (Moorish Spain). They cleverly maintained much of the Roman legacy having Roman infrastructure repaired and extended, using it for irrigation while introducing new agricultural practices and novel crops such as citrus fruit and apricots in Granada, earlier the Jewish people had established a community on the edge of the city, called "Gárnata" or "Gárnata al-yahud" ('Granada of the Jews') with the help of this community the Moorish forces first


lagoons that feed water to the lower lying areas.

5 Summit holidays for 5 weeks only...

This is a fantastic opportunity to spend time in one of the most fascinating natural unique eco systems in the world, during the winter months the mountains have been covered in snow and almost completely isolated, when the snow melts as the weather warms a whole new world is revealed one that very few people get to experience

Trek to the "mountain of the sun"

Our special 5 summit holidays start at the end of

We will be backpacking, so you will be carrying your kit with you during the day, we will be staying at various campsites, mountain refugios and hotels along the way with at least one night on the mountain under the stars if conditions allow.

July and run until the end of August there are a maximum of just 6 places available per week! Our summits ‌.. Puntal de la Cornisa altitude 3,185 m Puntal de Coldera altitude 3,223 m Mulhacen altitude 3,482 m Pico Veleta altitude 3,394 m Caballo altitude 3,013 m

Our holiday includes ‌. Airport transfers 7 nights 8 days All meals Drinks with meals All accommodation All equipment All guiding

We will be spending the week in the unique Sierra Nevada mountain range hiking above 3,000m we will be walking 5 summits including Veleta at 3,394m and the mighty Mulhacen at 3,482m we will also be visiting most of the wonderful clear glacial

The price for the complete week ÂŁ625


Spanish Walking Summer Brochure  

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