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Summer Camps in Spain Spanish

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i n d e x Summer camps for teenagers in Spain JUNIOR PROGRAMMES OVERVIEW CITY

3 Cosy facilities in Alicante city centre.

Alicante, Costa Blanca


SCHOOL In Alicante



Spanish lessons for teenagers

JUNIOR SUMMER CAMPS Tennis Summer Camp Golf Summer Camp Sailing Summer Camp Windsurfing Summer Camp Water Sports Summer Camp Basketball Summer Camp Football Summer Camp

ACTIVITY PROGRAMME Games & activities Cultural visits Excursions Sample Programme schedule

ACCOMMODATION Residence/Dormitory Full board

OPTIONAL TRANSFER From Alicante airport on request

INSURANCE Travel and accident insurance

Active and communicative language lessons in mini-groups to learn to speak in Spanish.

9 Social, cultural or sports activities to enjoy your free time and excursions to get to know Spain.


Spanish and Summer Camp for Juniors in Alicante in July and August.


Students visiting Alicante City Hall.

summer camps for teenagers in spain

summer camps overview 2, 3, 4, 6… up to 8 week Spanish courses plus sport activities with Spanish teens in July and August in Alicante. Junior Spanish Courses in Spain for teenagers and youth students aged 14 to 17, combine Spanish language courses with sport activities in different summer camps, excursions and trips. Summer Immersion programmes are the opportunity for youth students to learn Spanish in Spain and practice the Spanish language, as well as to discover a new culture and its customs, and make friends with other young people from around the world. Besides, studying Spanish abroad teenagers can improve their Spanish language skills to prepare future Spanish exams. Summer Spanish language programmes for teens in Spain include special Spanish language courses for youth students, residence/dormitory accommodation with full board (with 3 meals) - also possible Host family stay-, activities, excursions and trips and insurance. Junior Programmes have a high level of supervision for students living in a residence and moderate for students living in a family -they are accompanied the majority of the time, but they will NOT be constantly supervised (from the school to the host family, go shopping…). Students will be expected to act mature and responsibly.

Junior Programmes Highlights  Programmes

for teens from 14 to 17 Summer Camp in the morning  3 Spanish lessons per day in the afternoon (usually from 16:00 to 18:30)  Full board Residence accommodation  Cultural visits, trips and other activities  1 full day excursion per week (Valencia, Tabarca Island, Terra Mitica Amusement Park or Elche, depending on the week)  Local transports tickets  Optional transfer from Alicante airport  Insurance 

*Our Teen Spanish programmes also have an adult programme onsite, so it is possible for parents or other relatives to attend Spanish courses at the same school as the teen. Please ask us the adult Spanish programmes offered in our School in Alicante.

summer camps for teenagers in spain

alicante overview a mediterranean city

If diversity is what you are looking for in your Spanish immersion courses in Spain, you will find plenty of it in Alicante, in the Costa Blanca region. Alicante combines classicism with modernity, leisure with business, fun with study, and even mountain and beach. The richness of Alicante's history is preserved through its archaeological remains. The beauty of its monuments along with the charm of various festivities and cultural events held throughout the year increase the appeal of the city. The wonderful beaches and mild climate all year round make Alicante one of Spain’s most important tourist areas. All in all, Alicante is a Mediterranean city, with its beautiful beaches, its promenades, its restaurants, cafés and terraces, its nautical club... If you go up to the top of the hill of the Santa Barbara Castle, you will discover an unforgettable panoramic view of the most important monuments in Alicante: the church of Santa Maria, the Cathedral, the Town Hall façade, the monastery of Santa Faz, the San Fernando Castle and much more. Seeing all these magnificent monuments from above will invite you to go down the hill and walk along them. Along the streets, you will come across large and small palaces, as well as traditionally painted white, yellow and pink houses. Everything is illuminated by the blue light of the Mediterranean Sea and encourages you to continue walking around and discovering places. The widest avenues, such as La Rambla or Doctor Gadea will lead you to Alfonso X el Sabio Street with the Luceros on one side and the Central Market on the other, just opposite the School of Spanish.

summer camps for teenagers in spain

alicante overview a mediterranean city Location

In the South part of the Valencia Region, Alicante is located 185 Km from Valencia, 60 Km from Elche, 515 Km from Barcelona and 422 Km from Madrid.


With around 330,000 inhabitants, Alicante is a prosperous city, attracting people from different regions in Spain and Europe. Alicante has grown a lot thanks the continuous expansion of its dynamic services sector.

How to get there

There are train and bus stations, a harbour and an international airport. The A-7 toll motorway connects Alicante to all the Mediterranean coast cities. There is also a highway to Madrid. Bus and train lines link Alicante to all these cities. Airlines offering both regular and charter flights connect Alicante with the main European cities.

Places to visit

Santa Barbara Castle, the City Hall, one of the largest medieval fortresses in Europe, San Nicolas Concathedral, Bonfire Museum, Crib Museum, Archaeological Museum (MARQ), Gravina Palace, Barrio de Santa Cruz, Bullfighting Museum, Ereta Park, range of 18th century manor houses… and the sea front.

Surrounding cities

The biggest city is Valencia, 1 hour and a half, with architecturally impressive City of Arts and Sciences; Elche, where you can walk round the largest palm forest in Europe; Orihuela, Murcia, Altea, Villajoyosa, Jijona, Calpe…

summer camps for teenagers in spain

zador spanish school in alicante Zador Spanish language institute in Alicante occupies the first floor of a restored historical building, situated right in the Alicante city centre. Alicante Spanish School is at 14, AVENIDA DE LA CONSTITUCIÓN, near the corner of the Alfonso X el Sabio Street, between the Central Marketplace and the city’s Principal Theatre. The Spanish language centre is very well situated. It is 7-10 minutes on foot from the beach, in a very dynamic and commercial area of Alicante. The market, the theatre, the shops, cafés, restaurants and terraces create a lively atmosphere at any time of the day or night. The Spanish language school in Alicante has:  A spacious reception area, where you will find a sofa, armchairs and easy chairs to relax during the breaks between your Spanish lessons. Here you will also find a great deal of tourist information about Alicante as well as bulletin boards with the activities offered by Zador Spanish language school or events in Alicante and surrounding area.  An office where there will always be someone to inform you and give all the information and support you need.  A computer area, where you can send and receive your emails.  7 classrooms, each decorated in a different style: the glazed tiles classroom, the bay window class-room, the glass window class-room... all pleasant and welcoming, with video and audio equipment, where you will certainly enjoy working and learning Spanish.  Free Internet access is available on the computers at the resource centre.  Alicante Spanish language institute is equipped with air-conditioning.

The Zador Alicante Spanish language school premises comply with all the legal requirements and are accessible to the handicapped.

summer camps for teenagers in spain

spanish lessons overview lessons in mini-groups

Our General Spanish immersion courses for teenagers make use of an active, practical and communicative methodology to guarantee that students learn Spanish as fast and effectively as possible: With Zador Spanish language lessons:  Students work on a variety of skills: Speaking and Fluency, Interaction, Listening and Reading Comprehension, Writing.  There is a great focus on oral skills so that students develop an ability to communicate fluently, accurately and efficiently in Spanish language.  Nevertheless, our Spanish lessons go far beyond that: they are an opportunity to learn about Spanish culture as well as a meeting point for people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures trying to find out more about Spanish habits, traditions, national celebrations (the “fiestas”) and ways of living in Spain. Our small-group Spanish lessons will:  allow to get the most from our personalized teaching,  facilitate active and dynamic participation in class,  maximize the use of classroom interaction techniques, thus facilitating the ability to speak Spanish fluently. Spanish lessons last 45 minutes and in all the Junior Programmes students receive

Spanish lessons Highlights  Teaching

Spanish since 1990. communicative, efficient, and reliable teaching methodology.  A maximum of seven students per classroom.  Personal attention.  Level Test (written and oral test) on arrival.  Progress check test.  Free Internet access. WIFI area.  Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course.  Active,

summer camps for teenagers in spain

tennis summer camp ―

 20 – 25 places  

spanish and intensive tennis training 2, 3, 4… up to 8 week Tennis Summer Camp and Spanish lessons for teenagers from 14 to 17 years old in July and August in Alicante. To participate in the Tennis Camp the trainees must have an acceptable level to compete, must be people usually playing tournaments or registered in a club. The central point of the “Tournament Tennis Camp” will be the combination of training sessions, specially aimed at competition situations, with training support in national tournaments of all categories. If the players want to, they can take part in tennis tournaments organised by some clubs of the province (Elche, Villajoyosa…) and/or they can also do it in the club itself that may organise 2 or 3 tournaments per month. The trainer accompanies the students, and the trip is included. The registration in the tournament is not included: approx. € 20-25 per tournament. Tennis Summer Camp includes: tennis instruction in a Tennis School to prepare participants for tournaments, from 10:00 to 13:30 (Monday to Friday, 17 hours per week) with Spanish teenagers. The distance from Alicante city centre to the Tennis School is covered by public transport and lasts approximately 10 minutes. It is also included in the price.  3 Spanish lessons per day from Monday to Friday in the afternoon (usually from 16:00 to 18:30)  Full board Residence/Dormitory accommodation  Cultural visits, trips and other activities, where the students will be accompanied by a group leader  1 full day excursion per week  Local transports tickets  Tickets for the museums, monuments, amusement parks…

 Intensive

golf camp ―

 20 places  

spanish and golf lesson This Summer Camp is intended for teenagers who want to start learning to play golf or they want to improve their game. They have golf lessons every morning: depending on their level of golf, participants will have 2 hours with the teacher with the aim of learning basic golf technique or field lessons to improve their play and correct mistakes; then, they will enjoy an additional hour to practice what they have learnt during the day. As in the rest of Summer Camps, they have 3 Spanish lessons in the afternoon, they live in a residence, visit the most interesting places in Alicante; have 1 full day excursion per week; and they are covered by medical insurance.

summer camps for teenagers in spain

sailing summer camp

25 places  < 

learn spanish and learn to sail

2 week Sailing Summer Camp and Spanish lessons for teenagers from 14 to 17 years old in July and August in Alicante. 3 hours every morning from Monday to Friday to learn sailing in GAMBA, LASER SB3 and LASER STRATOS sailboats: from the first week you will be ready to start learning to navigate. After a short theoretical introduction to the basis of sailing, such as: rigging up, wind, basic trimming, rudder, centreboard, capsize and recovery... you will be doing some basic practices on the channel of the school and right after, sail away on your Skiff sailboat under the supervision of an instructor. Students start to sail divided into groups of 5-6 people in fast boats that will make them feel many new things. Participants finish the course sailing on their own boats in groups of 2-3 students supervised by an instructor on a safety boat. The programme also includes 3 Spanish lessons per day in the afternoon, transport tickets, full board Residence/Dormitory stay, cultural visits and activities, one full day excursion per week and insurance.

25 places  < 

windsurfing summer camp

learn spanish and learn windsurf

2 week Windsurfing Summer Camp and Spanish lessons for teens from 14 to 17 years old in July and August. 3 hours every morning from Monday to Friday to learn Windsurfing. It is maybe true that windsurfing requires lots of patience, dedication and a certain degree of sacrifice to start with. But it is also true that when the first step is done, we will be ready to enjoy one of the most pleasant water sports. In the windsurfing summer camp you will find all the necessary to learn and practice windsurfing in ideal conditions. Funny and exciting, young people learn how to windsurf with balance exercises and many baths. Once they are able to navigate, they learn to plane and to play with waves. They will be always supervised by a trainer on a safety boat. After having lunch at the Nautical Club ―always with a Zador leader―, the students go to the school to learn Spanish until 18:30h. When the lessons finish, students accompanied by a school leader visit Museums, Parks, participate in games, and go to the beach… and finally, around 20:30 or 21:00 students go to the residence to have dinner.

summer camps for teenagers in spain

basketball summer camp ―

 50 places  

spanish and intensive basketball training 2 week Basketball Summer Camp and Spanish lessons for teenagers from 14 to 17 years old in July in Alicante. To participate in the Basketball Camp players must have an acceptable level to compete, must be people usually playing basketball or registered in a club. Basketball skills development camp for boys and girls with 4 hours of basketball per day: themed basketball lectures, individual technique training circuits, workshop focusing on shooting and developing team-play from 3x3 to 5x5. Training sessions and lectures are carried out in Spanish and English with coaches and assistants from both Spain and the USA.   Basketball Summer Camp includes:  Development Basketball camp: 4 hours per day devoted to basketball: 1hour lectures, 1.5 hours of training focussing on individual technique, 1.5 hours of group training from 14:30 to 18:00 (Monday to Friday, 18 hours per week) with Spanish teenagers.

Football Camp ―

4 Spanish lessons per day from Monday to Friday in the morning (usually from 9:00 to 12:15)

Full board Residence/Dormitory accommodation

Cultural visits, trips and other activities, where the students will be accompanied by a group leader

1 full day excursion per week

Local transports tickets

Tickets for the museums, monuments, amusement parks…

 30 places

Spanish and Football Football camp in August (20 th August-1 st September) for groups of football players (minimum 10 players) who want to practice their favourite sport and improve their conditions in the game. In the camp will be carried out specific learn training and improvement of the game (including goalkeeper). It is 2 hours of training every day which includes warm- up, technical learning, individual correction of physicaltechnical mistakes and perfection of team playing and development of the game vision and the importance of decisions in sport. The programme is completed with a Spanish course, the accommodation with full board, visits the most interesting places in Alicante; activities and 1 full day excursion per week. All students are covered by medical and accidents insurance.

summer camps for teenagers in spain

activity programme overview We know students want to learn Spanish but we also know that there are many other things surrounding the language that are important and interesting for them. Language, culture, monuments, gastronomy, the beach… After the Spanish lessons and during the weekend, all these things will make their stay the perfect language immersion. From Monday to Friday activities take approximately 2 hours depending on the activity. On Saturday or Sunday, the full day excursion takes approx. 8 hours. When a ticket entrance or a transport is necessary, the price is included in the cost. Transport could be public or private (decision to be taken by Zador). A Zador leader will accompany students during the activities.

The activities below are a selection of the most interesting activities for the students; they change every week and students will take part in the activities planned during their stay. ―

cultural visits in Alicante  Visit to the Santa Barbara castle in Alicante: One of the biggest medieval fortresses in Europe. It is located on the peak and hillside of the Benacantil Mountain, so, from its privileged position, you can see the entire Bay of Alicante.  Concathedral of San Nicolás.  Guided tour to the Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ).  Lucentum Archaeological Site.  Bonfire Museum to know more about Fiestas in Alicante.  Crib Museum.  Bullfighting Museum.

amusement parks near Alicante  Terra Mítica: Half or full day excursion to amusement Park.  Terra Natura: excursion to animal Park.  Aqualandia: Half or full day excursion to aquatic Park.  Mundomar: Half-day to animal Park.

summer camps for teenagers in spain

activity programme overview excursions and trips  Elche - the greatest palm grove in Europe: Half-day excursion to Elche to see the greatest palm grove in Europe, World Cultural Heritage.  Island of Tabarca: excursion on boat trip to the Island.  Valencia, the City of Arts and Sciences: One-day excursion.  Excursion to Calpe.  Excursion to Jijona visiting the Museum of Turrón to discover how to do the most typical Spanish sweet for Christmas.  Excursion to Villajoyosa excursion visiting the Chocolate Museum.  Excursion to Canelobre Caves in Bussot, fantastic shapes sculpted into the rocks.  Excursion to Altea, typical Mediterranean village.

tasting mediterranean cuisine  Tapas in a typical bar to taste typical Spanish dishes with the teacher.  Dinner in a restaurant to taste the famous paella.  Tasting day at the school to try Spanish omelette, horchata, turrón and other typical Spanish food.

other activities –        

Clue game through the city. Games in the beach. Shopping afternoon. Open-air cinema in the evening Karaoke Exhibitions Cooking lessons Salsa lessons

summer camps for teenagers in spain

sample programme schedule - sport camps 1st week

Friday Saturday

Full-day trip to Terra Mítica Amusement Park or Terra Natura Park


Excursion to Villajoyosa: Visit –and taste!- the Chocolate at the Museum of Chocolate in the morning and beach in the afternoon

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

2nd week

- cultural activities

7:30 Wake-up 8:15 – 8:45 Breakfast


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Saturday Sunday

3rd week

10:00 or 10:30 to 13:30 Summer Camp

Wednesday Thursday

Spanish lessons - Karaoke

San Juan Beach day with a school leader


Afternoon - Evening Spanish lessons – Walking tour

10:00 or 10:30 to 13:30 Summer Camp

Spanish lessons - Visit to the Archaeology Museum Spanish lessons – Beach Spanish lessons - Clue game through the city Spanish lessons – Salsa lessons


Visit to the Central Market in the morning and beach in the afternoon


Route 4x4: mountain walking, lakes, waterfall or Valencia

4th week


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

- transfer & insurance

Spanish lessons - Games at the beach

Full-day trip to Tabarca Island /Mundo Mar or Acqualandia Open-air cinema in the evening


- residence stay

Spanish lessons – Cathedral and Crib Museum

Spanish lessons – Farewell party at the beach for students with a 2 week programme

Monday Tuesday

Afternoon - Evening Spanish lessons – Shopping and Tapas


- excursions & trips

Afternoon - Evening

14:00 – 15:30 Lunch time at the restaurant in the Nautical, Tennis or Golf Club 16:00 – 18:30 Test level and Interview. Spanish lesson. Guided tour of Alicante and Welcome party with tasting tapas 9:00 -9:30 21:00: Return to the residence, Dinner and Time to go to the after games in Spanish: Film/Clue games/Board Camp with a games/Theatre/Dance leader from Zador Spanish lessons – Bonfire Museum 10:00 – 13:30 Summer Camp: Spanish lessons - Beach Sailing, Windsurfing, Spanish lessons –Santa Bárbara Castle Tennis, Golf Spanish lessons – Salsa lessons


- spanish lessons


Afternoon - Evening Spanish lessons – Games at the beach

10:00 or 10:30 to 13:30 Summer Camp

Spanish lessons – Bullfighting Museum or beach Spanish lessons – Karaoke Spanish lessons – Beach or shopping Spanish lessons – Spanish lessons – Farewell party at the beach Optional transfer to the airport

There might be some changes in the schedule and in the programme, depending on the Summer Camp, the weather, the festivities celebrated, and the concerts and shows organized in Alicante. Junior Programmes have a high level of supervision for students living in a residence and moderate for students living in a familythey are accompanied the majority of the time, but they will NOT be constantly supervised (from the school to the host family, go shopping…). Students will be expected to act mature and responsibly.

summer camps for teenagers in spain

residence/dormitory accommodation residence/dormitory


Living in a residence gives the students the opportunity to practice their Spanish with other students from all over the world. The residence has been carefully chosen by our school staff. During the school year it accommodates students from University and is therefore fully equipped with modern facilities. It is a modern building with cafeteria and restaurant, TV room and Internet room, laundry and several living rooms to relax and the possibility to play football and basketball on special courts on the grounds or swimming. The residence is situated in the university area, about 20 minutes from the school or the centre of Alicante by bus and students will be accompanied to the school and sport camps by monitors. Students will have a twin room of 16m 2 , which they will share with another student. All rooms are equipped with airconditioning. The room includes a bathroom with a shower, cupboards and a desk. Furthermore the students can use the internet in their rooms and have a telephone with which they can receive incoming calls from their parents. Two twin rooms, i.e. four students, share a kitchen which is equipped with a microwaves and a fridge. The residence provides the bed linen and towels, but they must bring their own towels for the beach. Students will have laundry once or twice a week and they should keep their room clean and tidy. As in any other residence there are some norms the students have to respect. At the beginning of the stay our staff members will make them familiar with the residence rules. All the students should arrive the evening before the beginning of the Spanish course and leave the accommodation the day after the end of the Summer Camp. Days before or after are considered extra nights.

summer camps for teenagers in spain

residence/dormitory accommodation ―

full board with three meals

Regarding the meals, students will have full board:  Breakfast at the Residence: Breakfast in Spain usually consists of juice or yogurt, hot chocolate, tea or coffee with milk, bread or biscuits, butter and jam or cereals.  Snack during the Sport camp: cereal bar or sandwich, fruit and water.  Lunch: During the week, from Monday to Friday depending on the camp, have lunch at the Nautical Club Restaurant or Tennis Club Restaurant –always with Zador group leaders-. On Saturday and Sunday students receive usually a packed lunch with two sandwiches (“bocadillos”), fruit and drink, thus students can enjoy the excursions and trips or the beach with Zador School group leaders.  Dinner is around 21:00 or 21:30. Students can choose the food in buffet restaurant with a variety of dishes every day (starters, vegetables, meat or fish and fruits or dessert).  Special requirements: students with special dietary requirements should make a note in the enrolment.

some rules in the residence Phone calls and Internet: There is a Public Phone at the Residence. Students can use calling cards. There are computers with Internet access. Student expenses: Remember that the students should pay their own expenses on excursions if they want to buy soft drinks, ice creams, snacks… We suggest around €10- €15 per day as pocket money.

summer camps for teenagers in spain

optional transfer from the airport a 24-hour pick-up service on request


Alicante has excellent connections with other cities in Spain and Europe. The majority of the students arrive by plane. The Alicante airport (El Altet) is located 11 km from Alicante and it takes about 30 min from the airport to the city centre. There are domestic and international flights that connect Alicante to the main European and Spanish cities. Transfer service from Alicante airport, bus station or train station is not included in the package price. A representative of the school can pick students up at the airport and bring them directly to their place of accommodation. If you want the transfer service, fill in the corresponding section in the enrolment form, specifying clearly the Airline, the flight number, the date and time of your arrival. Since Alicante airport is small, you will quickly see a person with your name that will be waiting for you when you exit the terminal. Zador Spanish School provides you a 24hour pick-up service from the airport to go directly to the accommodation.

medical and accidents insurance All the students are covered by a medical, accident and travel insurance: INSURANCE INCOMING PLUS, especially designed to cover contingencies in foreigners´ trips taken in Spain, is the most comprehensive and complete insurance on the market and recommended by the main receptive Travel Agencies. Includes 7 types of insurance in 1: Medical assistance for illness or accident, with repatriation and relocation for health to your country of origin; robbery of, search for and localization of baggage; loss of services previously contracted; delays of trip and baggage; accident while travelling 24 hours; civil liability and legal defence. With continuous 24 hour Service Centre.

summer camps for teenagers in spain

- zador Spanish language schools in Spain -

Basketball Camp

Sailing Camp

Tennis Camp

Golf Camp


zador alicante Avenida de la ConstituciĂłn, 14 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Principal Izquierda 03002 Alicante Spain

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Maximum 7 students per group Phone & Fax: 34 965 142 371 Skype name: alicante.zadorspain

zador alicante



Spanish lessons


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Summer camps in Spain  
Summer camps in Spain  

Summer Camps in Alicante Spain for teenagers from 14 to 17 years old in July and August, a complete package for young students in Spain: S...