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Editor’s letter get a sneaky peak of whats coming up in this first issue and read about how Duvet came to be.

See Duvet’s idea for some fun in the sun in “Pushing Plastic” where we look at the only way to surf the streets using bright colourful Penny boards. Featuring Ying Lui. Who is our beautiful cover star.



See a selection of pieces Duvet has picked out for what has to be the worlds biggest catwalk, festivals! See some “Festival Fashion” looks modeled by Cassandra Jane.


This issue in “Pillow talk” we talk with singer songwriter Bry. Her new single Night Flights will be in our heads all summer. This gal from down under is definitely one to watch. Remember that name because you will hear it again!



Welcome to Duvet mag, this may seem like a small publication but it actually represents a 3 year chapter of my life coming to a close. Everything in this magazine has been created by me. It’s my photography my words and my design. This magazine being published means that my degree is nearly over and that I’m going out into the big bad world. I’d like to thank everyone who helped me with making Duvet a success. Especially all my friends who have helped out, assisted and nagged when necessary. I hope that everyone can enjoy what I’ve put together, From

sofia (not just a photographer)

While making Duvet...


Pushing It’s summer time which means its time to wipe the cobwebs off your sandals and step into the sunlight. We all want to make the most of the weather and here is Duvet’s suggestion for an interesting way to get around. Meet the Penny board, a compact plastic skateboard that is bringing surfing to the streets. These colourful creations have made it to us all the way from Australia and aren’t stopping there. These boards are special because they are made of plastic, the wheels are so smooth that it makes for a clean ride and without the loud noise of normal skateboard wheels. They are super light and portable and great for chucking in a bag to travel with. Our favourite thing though has to be the amazing range of colours that they come in and if you can’t find exactly what you want you can always customise your own. It is immensely fun you won’t be sorry you tried it!

Plastic Featuring the very talented Ying Lui, it’s not easy to skateboard and model you know! 7





Festival Fashion


Pillow talk


BRY Bry is a singer songwriter from Australia, whose new EP is already gaining interest on the blogosphere. We spent the day in Crowthorne, a small village which happens to be my home town and where Bry spent some of her summer. We chose this place because of it’s imagery, it truly is the height of suburbia and growing up here I always felt it was just a boring small place. But suburbia is a theme that tends to interest a lot of people. Bry also grew up in a small town but hers is a long way down under. She grew up in Ingham, Australia. Her soft calming tone and intriguing lyrics are capturing and will ensure you want to hear more. Her new song Night Flights is definitely going to be the single of the summer.


“I wouldn’t sing if I couldn’t write”

Have you always wanted to do music?

What colour is Night Flights?

I sort of knew it was what I wanted to do, it was the one constant thing that I thought about doing. I started singing when I was 5/6 years old and went to boarding school from the age of 12, I’d actually decided that I was going to do law. But In my last year of school I thought I’d give music a real shot.

Blue and Orange, thats what the lyrics of the EP are going to look like.

Have you always written your own songs? I wouldn’t sing if I couldn’t write. I’ve been songwriting since I was 14. When I was at school I used to write songs about my friends love lives, because I didn’t have one. We would all learn the words and sing them on the bus on school trips.

Is there a particular band that inspires you lyrically?

So how did you end up in London? I was in Sydney, and I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I’d stopped college because it didn’t work out and I was so sure that it would, it really threw me. My mum suggested I go to England, she thought of it as a travel idea but the idea stuck with me and I realised it was really possible. I was actually born in Doncaster, I should probably keep that to myself.

Are you enjoying the UK? I love London, I’m definitely more of a city girl. London feels like a giant playground to me. I want to discover more bars, and places to gig.

Arcade fire, after I wrote my EP I What are 3 words you would read all their lyrics and I loved it, thats use to describe yourself? the feel I want to go for. Hmm ambitious, independent. I can’t think of a third haha I’ll get back to you! Did you always know the

style you wanted to do?

You can listen to Night Flights No, I finally found the style I want to do, it’s what I what the EP to sound at: like. The way I reference them to myself, I see them as colours. The words evoke Or follow her on Twitter at: colours in my head. Lyrically I’ve been @brymusic_ going for this colour scheme in my head.


“Blue and Orange, thats what the lyrics of the EP are going to look like”


“I want to discover more bars, and places to gig�