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Celfyddydau Span Arts

May-August Mai-Awst 2017

Cut Capers 9 June Mehefin 2017 | 01834 869323

May Mai

Find us | Dod o hyd i ni Span Arts, Town Moor, Narberth, Pembrokeshire SA67 7AG The Queens Hall, High Street, Narberth, Pembrokeshire SA67 7AS Parking | Parcio Parking is available in the nearby Town Moor Car Park approximately 50 metres from the Queens Hall. Disabled Parking at entrance. Mae lle parcio ar gael ym Maes Parcio Waun y Dref gerllaw, rhyw 50 metr o’r Queens Hall. Mae lle parcio i bobl anabl wrth y fynedfa. For information on other venues, please visit the Span Arts website. I gael wybodaeth am y lleoliadau eraill, cysylltwch a gwefan Celfyddydau Span. Accessibility | Mynediad Cyraeddadwy All venues are fully accessible. If you require special arrangements please contact the box office. Mae modd i ymwelwyr anabl gael mynediad llawn i bob lleoliad. Os hoffech gael trefniadau arbennig, cysylltwch â’r swyddfa docynnau. Eat and Drink | Bwyd a Diod Sospan Fach Café & Bistro is open during the day, for evening meals and interval food for selected events at The Queens Hall. Mae Caffi a Bistro Sospan Fach ar agor yn ystod y dydd, ar gyfer prydau gyda’r hwyr a bwyd adeg yr egwyl ar gyfer digwyddiadau dethol y Queens Hall. Support us | Cefnogwch ni Span Arts is a charity and welcomes donations online or over the phone. Elusen ydi Celfyddydau Span a chroesawn roddion ar-lein neu dros y ffôn. Become a volunteer. Contact: Dewch yn wirfoddolwr. Cysylltwch â: Become a Span Arts member and receive a number of benefits, including discounts to most events. Dewch yn aelod o Celfyddydau Span a chewch nifer o fanteision gan gynnwys gostyngiad i’r rhan fwyaf o ddigwyddiadau. • Single Membership/Aelodaeth Sengl: £20/£17.50 • Family (2 adults + 2 children)/Teulu (2 oedolyn a 2 blentyn): £40/£35 Ticket Prices | Pris Tocynnau Prices are listed as follows: Y prisiau wedi’u rhestru fel a ganlyn: Adult Oedolion/ Member Aelodau/Concession Gostyngiadau/Child Plant/Family Teuluoedd Follow us | Dilynwch ni Follow us: @SpanArts


Proud members of the Hynt scheme spanarts


7 May Mai

11 May Mai

Côr Pawb Singing Day

Comedy Club: Troy Hawke

Join Côr Pawb for an uplifting community singing day learning a collection of songs from the Sing For Water 2017 repertoire - led by experienced singing leaders Clara Clay, Molara, Cat Fothergill & Henry Sears. Bring lunch to share. No experience necessary, just a willingness to make a noise! Ymunwch a ni am diwrnod canu cymunedol yn dysgu cymysgedd o ganeuon ymryw y 'Sing for Water 2017'.

A walking homage to the glorious thirties, Troy Hawke is a loveable fool stuck in the wrong era. Come along and laugh at his struggles with modern life. A candid and charming storyteller, cockney raconteur Paul McMullan brings his own brand of quick-fire comedy to the Queens Hall and compere Susan Murray, prone to taking a few easy jokes gives some sharp lines too. Ffŵl hoffus yn sownd yn y cyfnod anghywir yw Troy Hawke ac mae Paul McMullan yn dod a'i fath arbennig o gomedi slic i Neuadd y Frenhines.

Venue Lleoliad: The Queens Hall Tickets Tocynnau: Advance/Door: Pay What You Can Starts 10am

Venue Lleoliad: The Queens Hall Tickets Tocynnau: Advance: £10/8/8 Door: £12/10/10 Starts 8pm

To book I archebu tocyn: | 01834 869323

25 May Mai

30 May Mai

2 June Mehefin

Bare Knuckle Parade

SpanJazz: Khamira

Family: The Pixie’s Scarf

Raw and honest with captivating energy; if you like Mumford and Sons, you’ll like this folk/ indie rock band. They’ve made appearances with Dermot O’Leary and Rhod Gilbert on Radio 2, at Glastonbury Festival and now at the Queens Hall, Narberth. One of the most exciting bands in the South West. Cignoeth a gonest fyddwch yn hoffi ei swn nhw os rydych yn hoffi Mumford and Sons.

New world music band featuring musicians from India and Wales. Four musicians from Wales join three of India’s genre breaking artists to create Khamira, fusing Welsh folk, Indian classical, jazz and rock, this will be a truly unique world music experience. A feast of rhythms and soaring guitar solos, with keyboard, bass, trumpet, and vocals. Cerddoriaeth byd newydd gyda phedwar cerddor o Gymru'n creu Khamira mewn cyfuniad o arddulliau cerddorol : cerddoriaeth Werin o Gymru, clasurol o India, jazz a roc.

Soap Soup Theatre return with a theatrical treat set in the wet craggs of Dartmoor. Dicky Bundle finds a treasure that opens the door to the beautiful world of The Wee Folk where he must strike a deal with the Queen of the Pixies, or loose the treasure forever... See beautiful puppetry, charmingly funny characters, magical music, and unforgettable adventure. Puppet making workshop afterwards. Dicky Bundle yn ymweld â byd hud a lledrith y Bobl Bach. Pypedwaith hyfryd, cerddoriaeth swynol ac antur fythgofiadwy. Gweithdy creu pypedau yn dilyn. Age Oed 5+

Theatre: A Regular Little Houdini

Venue Lleoliad: The Queens Hall Tickets Tocynnau: Advance: £10/8/8 Door: £12/10/10 Starts 8pm

Venue Lleoliad: Plas Hyfryd Hotel Tickets Tocynnau: Advance/Door: £10/9/9/5 (students) Starts 8pm

Venue Lleoliad: The Queens Hall Tickets Tocynnau: Advance: £5/17.50 Door: £6/22 Starts 2pm

To book I archebu tocyn: | 01834 869323

May Mai | June Mehefin

20 May Mai

A lowly dockworker's son idolises his hero Harry Houdini, committing himself to a life of escapology in South Wales at the turn of the last century. With a head full of magic, the harsh reality of his working class life in Edwardian Britain collides with Houdini himself, changing his life and the future of his community. A beautiful play about hope, magic and coming of age. Mae mab i ddociwr yn gwirioni ar gampau dianc Harry Houdini. Drama hyfryd yn llawn gobaith, hud a dod i oed.

Venue Lleoliad: Llanfallteg Hall Tickets Tocynnau: Advance: £7.50/5.50/3.50/28 Door: £8.50/6.50/4/32 Starts 7.30pm


June Mehefin 4

8 June Mehefin

9 June Mehefin

15 June Mehefin

SpanJazz: Dom Pipkin

Cut Capers

Comedy with a Twist

The UK’s best kept jazz secret with piano from London and soul from New Orleans. One of the most authentic and spirited players of blues and New Orleans piano. Dom Pipkin has appeared all around the world, on TV and radio, winning and wowing fans with his electric live performances. Dom Pipkin - Piano o Lundain, miwsig yr enaid o New Orleans. Un o gerddorion mwyaf dilys a bywiog y blws a phiano New Orleans. Age Oed 3+

These established heavyweights in the Bristol music scene have played at Latitude, Bestival, WOMAD and Glastonbury. An explosion of hiphop, ska and reggae beats, a dynamic 3-piece brass section, English and Spanish lyrics, roots and tight grooves bring the party to frenzied crowds looking for a good time. They've shared stages with J Lee “Scratch” Perry, The Skints, and since their debut release “The Pinstripe EP” was released, these Bristolians have created a string of singles. Their high energy shows keep their audiences engaged and looking to jump to a fresh new sound, featuring the soulful vocals of a local gal made good and local support Moksi. Their liveliness, enthusiasm and infectiously upbeat style is what makes them such a must see band! Mawrion ym myd cerddoriaeth Bryste mewn ffrwydrad o guriadau hiphop, ska a reggae, adran bres 3-darn deinamig, geiriau Sbaeneg a Saesneg - hyn oll yn dod â sain ffres, newydd i'r parti, gyda dawn leisiol deimladwy merch leol. Gyda chefnogaeth leol.

Two fabulous female acts! Clare Ferguson-Walker is a wellknown stand up comedienne described by Phill Jupitus as "absurdly talented". Tender, funny with a wicked bite; she will have you crying with laughter. Joined by Angie Belcher; award winning standup and spoken-word perfomer, finalist at What the Frock and winner of Best Comedy National Newcomer 2015. Come and Stand-Up for Women! Dau ddigrifwr benywaidd talentog iawn, wedi gweithio dros hyd a lled y DU.

Venue Lleoliad: Plas Hyfryd Hotel Tickets Tocynnau: Advance/Door: £10/9/9/5 (students) Starts 8pm

Venue Lleoliad: The Queens Hall Tickets Tocynnau: Advance: £10/8/8 (17-25s) Door: £12/10/10 (17-25s)

Venue Lleoliad: The Queens Hall Tickets Tocynnau: Advance: £10/8/8 Door: £12/10/10 Starts 7.30pm

Starts 8pm

To book I archebu tocyn: | 01834 869323

29 June Mehefin

Comedy Workshop

SpanJazz: Keith James The Songs of Leonard Cohen Afternoon in Paris

Come to Unearthed In A Field Festival, near Solva for this fantastic Cheerful Workshop! Clare Ferguson-Walker is a wellknown stand up comedienne who has supported Phill Jupitus & performed all over the U.K & Ireland. Explore your sense of humour with us in this action-packed, comedy-filled fun-fest! No previous experience required. Archwiliwch eich synnwyr digri gyda digrifwr dda hysbys yn 'Unearthed in a Field' gyda ni.

Venue Lleoliad: Unearthed in a Field Festival Tickets Tocynnau: Free to festival goers

13 July Gorffennaf

With a lifetime reputation of quality performance and an undying love of the ‘pure song’ Keith James gives you a concert of Cohen’s amazing material in the most intimate and sensitive way imaginable, exposing the solitary inner strength of his greatest songs in their original perfect form. Caneuon Leonard Cohen - Keith James mewn cyngerdd o gerddoriaeth wych Leonard Cohen mewn dull sensitif ac agos, gan ddatgelu cryfder mewnol unigol ei ganeuon clasurol.

A myriad of influences flavour this mix, cheekily referencing their diverse musical background - feel good and accessible gypsy swing jazz based on Hot Club of France. Virtuosic guitar licks, eloquent clarinet, bouncing bass lines in several languages create the unique and sophisticated sound of Afternoon in Paris, delivered with heartfelt and irresistible joie de vivre. Cerddoriaeth jazz swing sipsi i godi'r galon wedi'i seilio ar Hot Club of France - sain unigryw a soffistigedig wedi'i gyflwyno gydag asbri o'r galon.

Venue Lleoliad: Plas Hyfryd Tickets Tocynnau: Advance: £10/9/9 Door: £12/11/11 Starts 8pm

Venue Lleoliad: Plas Hyfryd Tickets Tocynnau: Advance/Door: £10/9/9/5 (students) Starts 8pm

To book I archebu tocyn: | 01834 869323

15 July Gorffennaf

The Singing & Sewing Bee Join the Cheerful Project for a day of singing and sewing in preparation for the Narberth Carnival, led by our very own Queen Bee and her entourage of glorious humming bees. Help create the costumes and the song that will accompany the Narberth Queen Bee Carnival procession on 29th July. Ymarferwch eich canu a gwnïo mewn diwrnod creadigol yn creu dillad yn barod i ni dilyn ein Frenhines Gwenyn yng ngorymdaith y Carnifal.

June Mehefin | July Gorffennaf

17 June Mehefin

Venue Lleoliad: The Queens Hall Tickets Tocynnau: Advance/Door: Pay What You Can Starts 10am


July Gorffennaf | August Awst

25 July Gorffennaf

22, 24 & 26 July Gorffennaf

29 July Gorffennaf

10 August Awst

Family: Higgledy Piggledy Pie

Family: Queen Bee Carnival Workshops

Family: Queen Bee Carnival

SpanJazz: Groucho Club

You may not have noticed but this Summer Span Arts is all about The Bees! Catch the buzz at Narberth Carnival and witness a spectacular swarm of worker bees chasing their glamourous Queen down Narberth High Street, accompanied by their very own movable meadow. This will be an unmissable extravaganza. Siawns gweld yr holl haid o gwenynod mewn taith trwy Arberth yn dilyn y Frenhines Gwenyn.

This electric 5 piece group from Swansea and Llanelli mix warm Welsh wit and jazz with rock and funk making a dynamic blend of melody, rhythm and improvisation. Enthusiasm, a combination of propulsive grooves and powerful, fiery solos gives the music room to live and breathe and is a joy from start to finish. Grŵp trydanol 5-darn o Dde Cymru, yn gymysgedd o ffraethineb Cymreig a jazz, roc a ffync gan greu cyfuniad deinamig o felodi, rhythmau a difyfyrwaith.

Venue Lleoliad: Narberth Tickets Tocynnau: Free

Venue Lleoliad: Plas Hyfryd Hotel Tickets Tocynnau: Advance/Door: £10/9/9/5 (students) Starts 8pm

Royal Chefs and their vegetapals collect the nursery rhyme ingredients for the King’s Higgledy Piggledy Pie. How many will it take? And will it be ready before the dish runs away with the spoon? Rhymes come to life using puppets made of vegetables and kitchen objects, a hula hooping butternut squash, Stunty Dumpty unicycling on a tightrope, original music, clowning, and a rather large pie! Higgledy Piggledy Pie - Rhigymau'n dod yn fyw gan ddefnyddio llysiau a gwrthrychau cegin - pwmpen gyda chylch hwla, Stunty Dumpty ar feic un olwyn ar raff dyn, cerddoriaeth wreiddiol, clownio - a phastai go fawr! Age Oed 2+ Venue Lleoliad: The Queens Hall Tickets Tocynnau: Advance: £5/17.50 Door: £6/22 Starts 2pm


Join The Cheerful Project for 3 free drop-in workshops making awesome paper creatures and costumes for Narberth Carnival 2017, based on the theme of Bees. Make a bee as part of the swarm following the Queen Bee at the head of the parade! Dewch i adeiladu holl haid o gwenynod am gorymdaith yng Ngharnifal Arberth 2017.

Venue Lleoliad: Clarbeston Road, Narberth, Maenclochog Tickets Tocynnau: Free Starts 10am

Starts 2pm

To book I archebu tocyn: | 01834 869323

August Awst

17 August Awst

24 August Awst

31 August Awst

Outdoor Shakespeare: The Merry Wives of Windsor

Outdoor Family: Queen Bee

The scheming rogue knight Falstaff intends to woo two married women to get his porky hands on their husbands' money, but the wiley Wives of Windsor are more than a match for him. The Festival Players Theatre Company brings you this hilarious and colourful Shakespeare comedy in an all-male, fast paced, costumed production, a summer feast of farce. Our annual Shakespeare open-air performance starts at 7.30pm and there will be prosecco, food and other refreshments available to enjoy. Taking place in the beautifully relaxed grounds of Lampeter House, the estate has hosted events for almost 15 years. Arrive early to enjoy the stunning gardens with a drink from 6pm. Alternative indoor seating area in case of bad weather however the outlook is good! Mae'r marchog twyllodrus Falstaff yn cynllwynio gyda'r bwriad o geisio cariad dwy wraig briod er mwyn cael at arian eu gwŷr. Ond mae gwragedd cyfrwys Windsor yn fwy na chystal ag e. Mae cwmni theatr y Festival Players yn cyflwyno'r comedi lliwgar a thu hwnt o ddigri o waith Shakespeare mewn cynhyrchiad bywiog gan ddynion yn unig. Gwledd o ffars ar gyfer yr haf.

In this gorgeous spring tale the audience are trainee bees testing their prowess in pollen collection and pollination. Have fun buzzing in harmony, waggle dancing and experience the chaos of the swarm in this lyrical mythical story by Feral Theatre. Songs drawn from a Radio 1 playlist and natural history collide in this wonderful, fanciful, theatrical storywalk through the beautiful gardens and woodlands of Hilton Court Gardens. Yn y stori wanwynol hyfryd yma mae'r gynulleidfa'n profi anrhefn yr haid mewn hanes chwedlonol, telynegol wrth fynd am dro stori o gwmpas gerddi hyfryd Hilton Court. Age Oed 3+ Venue Lleoliad: Hilton Court Gardens Tickets Tocynnau: Entry: £5.50*/20* *Includes free entry to gardens. 11am & 2pm

Outdoor Family: Bear Necessities

Venue Lleoliad: Lampeter House Tickets Tocynnau: Advance: £12/10/10/6 Door: £14/12/12/6

Starts 7.30pm

To book I archebu tocyn: | 01834 869323

An interactive show by Feral Theatre where the audience play games, make clay models and come together for a story. Bring your teddies along for a picnic with a difference! Travel through Scolton Manor’s beautiful woodlands back to a time when bears roamed the land. Play games with wolves, get muddy with wild boar and listen to stories from the mythical past. Digwyddiad Eirthriadol Dewch i greu modelau clai mewn picnic tedis mewn cyfnod pan grwydrai eirth y tir, chwaraewch gêmau gyda bleiddiaid a beth am chwarae llawn llanast a llaid gyda baidd gwyllt yng nghoetiroedd hyfryd Maenor Scolton? Age Oed 3+ Venue Lleoliad: Scolton Manor Tickets Tocynnau: Entry: £3 11am & 2pm


Bringing workshops and social activities to rural communities in Pembrokeshire. Please get in touch if you need help getting to any of our events

Cheerful Workshops May-Aug 2017 Gweithdai llawen Mai-Awst 2017

Skill Share Rhannu Sgiliau Meet local people, have fun and do something different!

Coffin Painting Paentio Arch Learn how to paint your own (or someone elses) coffin.

3 May: Mindfulness: a taster to help you be more present. 7 June: Papercraft: folding and cutting to make a magical creation. 5 July: Bread Making: make delicious, everyday loaves.

6 May: Part of Pushing Up The Daisies; Pembrokeshire festival of living and dying. Finished results will be available to view during May in Span Arts Gallery.

Maenclochog Hall Neuadd Gymunedol Maenclochog

Span Arts, Narberth

Pay What You Can

Pay What You Can




Creative Tuesdays Mawrth Creadigol Get creative at our global craft sessions; tea, cake, conversation and creativity - all welcome! 9 May: Memento mori flags. 23 May: Rose festival bath-bombs. 6 June: Dragon festival: Batik. 20 June: Summer Solstace: Needle felting. 4 July: Carnival insects.

To 01834 869323

Mending Café Café Trwsio Welcome to our new monthly Mending Café!

Wild Workshops Gweithdai Gwyllt Lovely summer workshops to help keep the family occupied.

Other Workshops Gweithdai Eraill We have a fab selection of other workshops this season including:

16 May: Bike maintenance. 27 June: Woodwork and DIY. 18 July: Sewing, Darning and Clothes Swap. Bring something and learn how to fix it or just come and learn a skill.

7 Aug: Marie from Mims Flower Shed will show you how to make beautiful garland headresses. 9 Aug: The Cheerful Project will take you on a sketchbook walk around the grounds.

27 May: Skep Beehives: Preserve an ancient rural skill and learn how to make a Bee Skep with Tina Cunningham 10 June: Flag Weaving with Bettina Becker. More info on our website and Facebook page.

Clarbeston Road Memorial Hall


Colby Woodland Gardens

Venues across Pembrokeshire


Pay What You Can

£5 Includes FREE entry to gardens 10am-12:30pm or 1:30-4pm




ORIEL Q GALLERY Queens Hall Narberth 8th April-13th May Mary Lloyd Jones Internationally renowned painter and printmaker from Aberystwyth, her work draws on the influence of ancient cultures and languages including graffiti and holds a particular preoccupation with the context of her own landscape.

20th May-24th June Osi Rhys Osmond A celebration of a life’s work. Osi would have been 75 this June and this exhibition is a selection of his paintings and sketchbooks with films and interviews from this talented artist, teacher and writer.

Keith Williams in Oriel Fach ‘The White Book of Llareggub’ Paintings based on memories of living in Laugharne

1st July-30th July Summer Open & Auction Annual fundraiser for the gallery run by The Friends. Up to 3 Works may be entered. Handing in days Monday and Tuesday 26th & 27th June 10 am -4pm

5th August-3rd September Sarah Rhys ‘Coal Tree Salt Sea’ An inter-disciplinary body of work which began as a research and development artist residency in partnership with the Josef Herman Art Foundation Cymru in Ystradgynlais, Using film, archaeological artifacts and drawings Sarah links the industry of the area with her travels in Poland.


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Comedy Club Music SpanJazz Family Theatre

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SpanJazz Music Comedy with a Twist Comedy Workshop Music

08 09 15 17 29

Singing and Sewing Bee Family Theatre Outdoor Spectacle Outdoor Spectacle

15 25 22-26 29

Outdoor Theatre Outdoor Family Theatre Outdoor Family Theatre

17 17 31

Carnival Workshop Skill Share Creative Tuesdays

15 July 22-26 July 3 May, 7 June, 4 July 9 & 23 May, 6 & 20 June, 4 July

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Clarbeston Road Memorial Hall

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Unearthed in a Field

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Span Arts, Narberth

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Clarbeston Road, Narberth Maenclochog

The Queen’s Hall

The Queen’s Hall

Plas Hyfryd

Plas Hyfryd

Unearthed in a Field

The Queen's Hall

The Queen's Hall

Plas Hyfryd

Llanfallteg Hall

The Queen's Hall

Plas Hyfryd

The Queen's Hall

The Queen's Hall

The Queen's Hall



16 May, 20 June, 18 July Mending Café Narberth To book I archebu tocyn: | 01834 869323 Mon 7 & Wed 9 Aug Wild Workshops Colby Woodland Gardens

Comedy Workshop Singing and Sewing Bee

17 June

Coffin Painting Skep Beehives and Flag Weaving

27 May, 10 June

Bear Neccesities

Queen Bee

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Groucho Club

Queen Bee Carnival

Queen Bee Carnival Workshops

Higgledy Piggledy Pie

Clowning for the Terrified

Afternoon in Paris

Keith James - The Songs of Leonard Cohen

Claire Furguson

Claire Furguson

Cut Capers

Dom Pipkin

A Regular Little Houdini

The Pixies Scarf


Bare knuckle Parade

MC Susan Murray, Paul McMullen, Troy Hawke

6 May

Workshops Gweithdai



August Awst



July Gorffennaf

Pop Up Theatre


June Mehefin



Côr Pawb Singing Day


May Mai





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Span Arts Brochure May - August 2017  
Span Arts Brochure May - August 2017