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DO YOU WANT TO HAVE INTERNS TO HELP YOUR COMPANY? Spain Internship can make it for you! Inside the EU Mobility programs you can host as many students as you need to help you to develop your company projects.

What kind of requirements do I need to have an intern in my office? Insurances: Students are not considered in any caseas workers due to the mobility programs legal framework so you don´t need to have a special insurance for the intern during working hours. European students will provide the E-111 form or private insurances held by their own universities. Salaries: It is not mandatory to pay any fix amount to interns to develop their internships with you. Spain Internship will help the student to receive a grant from the EU what will make all the process easier. We always recommend providing some small stipend, as transportation or accommodation help. Contracts: Spain Internship will provide a training agreement for your company which will ensure the legality of the internship and assist your company in the contract supervision, providing assistance in customized projects.

SERVICES: 1. Free basic: Our agency will publish your internship vacancies in our website and wait till we get some suitable candidates for you. Once we have it, we will prepare the interview. Communication: Conventional media, own website. Through this service Spain Internship doesn’t acquire any commitment with your company and will only send CVsunder availability and convenience. Students will pay for internship arrangement full price.

2. Standard Spain Internship will recruit candidates establishing your company as PRIORITY collaborator and publishing the vacancies in different paid-media online. This vacancies will have a discount in the fee for students. Communication: conventional media, Premium media (online paid subscriptions) and social media. Price: 300 € / student hired

3. Premium Spain Internship will develop a completely customized project for your company, creating an internship structure inside your company to develop long-term projects. We will combine internships so a new intern arrives before the previous one leaves so they can transfer their know-how learnt and guarantee 100% the availability of the candidates. Communications: Conventional media, Premium media, Social Media, Company profile and vacancies in our website and university mailing. Besidesthis, customized projects have training contracts assistance and general issues (Visa, Health, phones, banking) for student’s assistance. Premium projects don’t have any costs for students. If you want to have a customized project send us an email to get your budget.

Spain Internship | Internship projects services  
Spain Internship | Internship projects services  

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