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Renting a coach in Spain:

six advantages for group trips

Let’s travel! • You are organizing a trip to visit Spain with a couple of friends, but the plan becomes so popular that other people begin to join the project. And once you start realizing, there are more than thirty people who want to go on that trip. This situation can occur with friends inviting other friends and acquaintances, with classmates or even with relatives. Renting a bus can be considered the perfect solution to transport a bigger group.

Advantages of renting a bus • The advantages sum up from saving time standing in line to board the coach, as is often the case at airports, to the comfort and convenience that they drop you off and pick up just where you prefer, up to its affordable prices. • Hereafter we will list the advantages of renting a bus for group travel.

1. More cost-effective • Renting a bus is one of the cheapest options when traveling with a group. If each person would have to pay a ticket for other means of transportation or if each of them would travel in his own car, the expense would be much higher. When it comes to bus rental services in Spain, the transportation costs such as tolls, fuel or the pay for the driver are divided among the passengers.

2. More comfort • Airports and train stations are often far away from the city centers and you need another means of transportation to take you to the reserved hotel or apartment. Hiring a bus for groups signifies more comfort on the road, being able to speak freely, without fearing that other travelers might be bothered by conversations or music and besides there is no need to worry about parking since you bring your own car.

3. Tranquility at the wheel • No passenger has to worry about having a beer or a drink because in case of renting a coach nobody has to drive but the bus driver. When renting a bus, you don’t have to worry about the steering wheel, and moreover there will be no delays when it comes to picking up people, something you previously agreed on with the driver.

4. More security • Both vehicles and drivers of our company in Spain are accredited to drive legally complying with all security standards involved in a trip. Travelers can talk calmly without having to worry about when arriving at the destination, if there is a lot of traffic on the road or if you still will be driving at nightfall. Respecting the driver’s breaks also ensure the safety of the trip for everyone.

5. Gain of time • Time flexibility provides a better enjoyment of the trip. The bus rental allows the travelers to decide where they want to make a stop or where they want to be picked up, which in turn permits that the group of people can make most of their visits in the Spanish cities. Furthermore, the group is not dependent on the timetable of other means of transportation, yet each group can set the pace of the trip according to the current needs.

6. Respect for the environment • Bus trips are more environmentally friendly, by reducing the number of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. On a journey of 1,300 kilometers, a bus emits 80.6 kg of CO2. The same trip in a car, involves 247 kg of CO2, but only a maximum of seven people enters in a passenger car. That means, that at least five cars are needed to accommodate all people entering a coach, and this makes renting a bus a much more environmentally friendly transport in the end.

Conclusions • Spain is a very diverse country. It is possible to visit the main cities and also widely unknown corners for tourists by renting a bus. Besides, the road networks form a backbone running North to South and East to West through expressways and highways that guarantee speed and security.

Have a good trip! • Knowing these reasons there is only one thing left to do: thinking about the group of people with whom you would like to travel to Spain. Remember: the more people, the cheaper the transport. Begin to imagine your way around the Iberian Peninsula and have a good trip!

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Renting a coach in Spain: six advantages for group trips  

Renting a bus is a low-cost, safe and comfortable way to travel in groups around Spain. The advantages of the service will stop you from thi...

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