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Javier Olivares

In the last fifteen years, Spanish comics have attracted much interest in the field of cultural studies within academia in the United States. Scholars feel a strong fascination for the Spanish cultural production and its complexities. The Civil War, Franco’s dictatorship and all of the historical transformations of the country during the twentieth century have had an impact on Spanish comic production. Democracy in the late 1970s brought freedom with graphic experimentation and a search for new styles that would foster a dialogue between American and European comics. Scholars in the U.S. like to analyze the contrasting production of the different political times of last century. There is a lot of interest in the ways artists express themselves through comics. During the Spanish dictatorship, comic artists working mostly on pieces for children used their creative talents to either resist and confront or comply with and even promote the government’s ideological discourses. There are a lot of aspects of Spanish history that can be revisited through the cultural production of comics. At the same time, new, contemporary Spanish productions are finding a general public of American readers that celebrate and enjoy the cleverness and creativity of the Spanish authors of our present times. The inspiring creativity, diversity and richness of Spanish comic production is starting to be part of academic conferences and publications. In 2003, I edited a symposium of nine articles on Spanish Comics for the International Journal of Comic Art. This academic journal, founded and edited by Temple University Professor John Lent, has a strong international and multidisciplinary scope and has promoted and studied comics all over the world since 1999. That symposium, which includes articles from international scholars such as Viviane Alary, Pedro Pérez del Solar, Anne Magnussen, Jesús Jimenez Varea, Manuel Barrero and Alvaro Pons, helped promote the study of Spanish comics at the university level.


David Rubín

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