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The artist creates alone within the intimacy of his drawing table, for his eyes only. The images decide otherwise rebelling and escaping the solitary margins, fleeing to the world around and looking for other eyes to behold them. Our cover by cartoonist and illustrator Javier Olivares evokes the power of images that invite our minds to explore and discover. This season, the Spanish Fever best-of anthology brings us testimony of that power through the recent resurgence of the Spanish comic and graphic novel, a fertile ground for creativity and diversity that speak to us in a myriad of ways. Luis BuĂąuel knew very well how images touch our minds and souls, breaking the social structures that confine them. This fall, a selection of the most celebrated movies of the master filmmaker will engage us one more time with his rebellious understanding of the world and the irreverent power of the irrationality of dreams. As the year wraps up, we will continue to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of Miguel the Cervantes and the 100th anniversary of that of composer Enrique Granados with a number of events in the U.S. and Canada. Picasso and other great Spanish masters will visit different cities in an array of exhibitions that assert the tradition of excellence of the visual arts from Spain. Our program this season invites you to explore the power of images, sounds, voices, words and flavors: the power of art and culture. We hope you can join us.

SPAIN arts & culture's Fall / Winter 2016 Program  

The 2016 fall / winter season of SPAIN arts & culture offers a wide range of cultural activities around the United States and Canada

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