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FILM WASHINGTON, DC October — November

Objects of Desire The Films of Luis Buñuel

The Discreet Cha rm of the Bourgeo Criminal Life. Ens ayo de un crimenisie

The Adventures of Robinson


Born in Spain, filmmaker Luis Buñuel’s (1900–1983) life and career read like an absurdist epic: a pioneer of experimental surrealist cinema in France at the close of the silent era, then a political exile from 1930s Europe who took refuge in the U.S. (and worked in the MoMA film department) during the war years, next a busy talent during Mexico’s Golden Age of Cinema in the 1940s and 1950s and, finally, a celebrated auteur during the peak years of European art house cinema in the 1960s. Objects of Desire: The Films of Luis Buñuel is presented by AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center; American University School of Communication and College of Arts and Sciences; the Cultural Services of the French Embassy; the Mexican Cultural Institute; the National Gallery of Art and SPAIN arts & culture.

L´Age d´Or

This retrospective includes more than 20 of Buñuel’s most accomplished films, both canonical screen classics and underappreciated rarities.

SPAIN arts & culture's Fall / Winter 2016 Program