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Eat Spain up!


A Journey into Spain’s Food and Culture

Eat Spain up! is a three-day cultural festival that brings Spanish food culture closer to New York City and Washington, DC audiences. Eat Spain up! is a cultural initiative to bring Spanish food culture closer to the rest of the world by sharing the cultural essence of its gastronomy: its origins in the soil that shapes Spain’s land, its dependency on the people who inhabit it, and its contribution to society as an instrument of communication. This will be a virtual trip around the country to discover people from Spain and how they live from their food: what traditions they have kept and which they have blown to pieces to give birth to the new Spanish cuisine. The project brings together tastings, cooking workshops, screenings, art exhibitions, and round table discussions in New York City and will feature a cooking demonstration by Spanish chef Firo Vázquez in Washington, DC as part of the Delegation of the European Union’s monthly series Conversations in Culture . Eat Spain up!


October 25 — 28 King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center New York University 53 Washington Sq, New York, NY October 27 Delegation of the European Union 2175 K St NW, Washington, DC INFO

SPAIN arts & culture's Fall / Winter 2016 Program  

The 2016 fall / winter season of SPAIN arts & culture offers a wide range of cultural activities around the United States and Canada

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