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transition from dictatorship to democracy and the importance of female authors like Ana Juan, Ana Miralles and Asun Balzola. From this group of women, Ana Juan is very well-known in America for her covers of The New Yorker since 1995. On the other hand, Asun Balzola, who was mostly an illustrator and had a very limited production of just two comics for the magazine Madriz, is considered a pioneer of feminism in Spanish comics. Ana Miralles is another historical figure who has done very relevant work in Spain since the 1980s and is still working on comics today. Looking at the twenty-first century, there are other important rising female stars, such as Sonia Pulido, Ana Oncina and Ana Sainz, who can be added to Santiago García’s wise selection to form a more complete perspective. Anthologies like Spanish Fever entice American readers, while serving as an excellent tool to scholars, students and teachers who want to learn more about Spanish culture.

Sergi Puyol

Ana Galvan

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