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winter/spring 2014 - issue 3

Strategy, culture & change for Europe What’s in store for the future...

Win! Xbox 360 games console worth £160! Getting to know Regional Sales We bring customer’s recycling campaign to life

Associate benefits: What’s available for you

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welcome bites 3 reality Taking stock and moving on know 4 inOfficetheDepot and Viking news clean 9 spring Vacuums get in a dust up over bragging rights

10 The world around us is changing... fast adapt or disappear

way forward 12 the Strategy, culture & change

from the editorial team A Very Happy New Year! The start of any year is a chance to look ahead, whether that involves making personal resolutions, setting work objectives or planning a trip away. Office Depot is also anticipating the future through the recent launch of a new European Strategy. This strategy starts with a reality check on our current state of business (see opposite page). One stark truth is that the world around us is changing faster than we are; check out pages 10 & 11 for a few predictions on how technology, customer needs and the market are likely to evolve in the coming years. Pages 12 &13 reveal the headlines of the EU Strategy, including a four-pillared culture that each of us will be asked to live by.

A key aspect of this new culture is ‘overwhelming customer focus’. Take a look on page 14 at how Office Depot has wowed customer Amey with our dedication to meeting its recycling needs. Of course, we’ve also included some great stories on your achievements - in the workplace and beyond… which we hope you’ll enjoy. Let us know what you think of this edition… Happy reading! Internal Communications Team P.S. Please excuse us if we start referring pompously to Insight as ‘your award-winning magazine’ since scooping up a prize for ‘Excellence’ from the Institute of Internal Communication last autumn.

jam packed with all your news!

attitude 14 can-do How we brought Amey’s recycling campaign to life

15 Winning hearts & minds on the road Regional Sales

European Associate 16 Engagement Survey The results are in

17 From Child Care Vouchers to what’s the benefit?

cover story...

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James Meadows, Merchandising Manager, checks out our new European Strategy mapping the Strategy, culture & change for Europe future direction What’s in store for the future... of Office Depot and Viking.

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Getting to know Regional Sales We bring customer’s recycling campaign to life


winter/spring 2014 - issue 3

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Win! Xbox 360 games console worth £160! Associate benefits: What’s available for you

our Pension Plan

notice board 18 the Wedding bells and shout outs, plus competition

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a fresh start... Waking up from the hangover of the previous year prompts many of us to consider New Year resolutions and plans for the future. Office Depot has done a lot of self reflection too, and has made some decisions about being a better business for our customers and associates. We've launched a new European wide strategy based on some blunt business realities and an aspiration to build a stronger organisation for the years ahead. Check out the 'business realities' on the right for the some of the key points we need to address along our journey. Then turn to pages 12 & 13 to read a summary of how we're going to do it.

Strategy, culture and change You can check out our new European Strategy on the UK & Ireland portal home page.


Strategy, Culture and

Current Curr ent State of the Business

Our Strategy

Change for Europ urro ope e

Creating Creating a New Culture Culture

Key Initiatives for 2014

Re alit y ch eck lis t Ou r cur ren t bus ine ss mo del is not sus tai na ble . Yea r on yea r the ma rke t for con tract statio ner y is declini ng. If we con tinue as we are , we wo n’t have a bus ine ss in the fut ure . Price is the num ber one dec isio n ma ker for our cus tomers . Jus t like you, our cus tomers want the bes t dea l for the ir mo ney. Ser vice alo ne isn’t eno ugh . We offer gre at ser vice but , gue ss wh at? So do our compet itors. The re’s no dif ferent iat ion bet we en us and our compet itors. We offer the same stu ff as our compet itors, so we nee d to ma ke sure we sta nd out from the cro wd . Bei ng a low-co st bus ine ss is not opt ion al bec ause our pro duc ts have no dif ferent iat ion . We have to ope rate at the lowest pos sible cos t to be compet itive in a commo dit y indust ry. The world aro und us is cha ngi ng fas ter than we are . We have to ma ke sure we ’re relevant in a changi ng ma rke t, wh eth er throug h the pro duc ts we sel l, or the ser vices we pro vide. We don’t ope rate as one tea m. We nee d to ele vate WE ove r I. The re are too many silo s across Europe and we have to work togeth er towards a cle arl y def ine d cul ture.

What now? So – these are the facts. Turn to pages 12 & 13 to read what we’re going to do about them.

3 winter/spring 2014 - issue 3

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in the know board’s eye view 2014 brings with it an aspiration for a well defined culture across Europe:

Paula Nowak Leicester DC Manager

● Overwhelming customer value ● People, people, people ● Executional brilliance ● Accountability with consequences. You will have heard some of this over the last few weeks and you’ll hear more over the coming months.

You cannot ‘see’ culture but you can see behaviour and you can hear conduct. Culture is what you feel as a consequence of all the actions and words in a business. All four should be read together and not in isolation. They represent the conduct that is essential for our survival and growth. It is how we conduct ourselves as associates that will define our culture. Culture and strategy are only tested in implementation – what we do and what we say, each and every day. Steve Flynn HR Director – UK & Ireland

Graduate MSc

Prince 2 (project management qualification)

DC Manager – Leicester (Office Depot)



Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (saved her business £1 million) 2012



Warehouse Manager (The Hut Group) 2009

Reverse Logistics Manager (Vodafone)

Graduate Psychology 2009


Various logistics roles 20072009


BA Engineering

Moved to UK from Poland



School of Architecture

The four headlines above capture the kind of business we wish to become. Every phrase is designed to offer day-to-day guidance for each one of us in how we should go about our business.


Culture has been explained in many ways: It's “the way we do things around here”. It's “what we want to be known for”. It “holds us together as a group and as a business”. It's “who we are”. It's the “conscience that should guide our conduct”.


So what is ‘culture’?

credit where credit’s due Our Credit Control team (pictured) is looking forward to slashing our customer debt even more in 2014. During the past 15 months the team’s cut debt over 120 days old by 86 per cent. We need to become a low cost business, and one of the ways we can cut costs is by reducing the amount of money customers owe us. Sharon Britton, Contract Channel Credit Manager, said: “By reducing overdue debt we’re helping make more profit for the business and creating better cash flow.” UK & Ireland customer accounts are split equally between Andover and our office in Cluj, Romania.

winter/spring 2014 - issue 3

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Parcel Motel cuts out waiting times There’s no more hanging about for deliveries for our Irish Viking customers. Customers on the go can now get their items delivered to a remote locker.

round our way - Andover Our Hampshire-based colleagues drop a little local knowledge.

Overnight stay? Then try The Cricketers Arms, it has some cute little chalets. Jackie O'Hara , Management Assistant

Thanks to our deal with Parcel Motel, customers can pick up their goods from 100 parcel collection points, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as tracking their parcel’s journey online. The service is free for Viking customers.

Like to spice things up?

Pictured are Jason McCourt, Logistics Manager – Ireland and Orla Sheils, General Manager of Parcel Motel.

Then pop in to the Mumbai Thai. Laci Wilson, Data Management Services Executive

Watch a mini movie about how Parcel Motel works.

Spud u like? Then there’s Wyke Down, it does great jacket potatoes. Gemma Preston, Data Management Services Executive

zero hours contracts “unfair” but necessary Four out of ten small business owners believe zero-hours contracts are “deeply unfair”, according to our latest Viking Small Business Barometer. A third of employers said they used zero-hours contracts, but admitted they felt guilty for doing so. Yet our research shows that the contracts, under which staff don’t know if they’ll have work from one week to the next, were seen as a necessary part of running a business.

A bit peckish? The Hare and Hounds does super ostrich burgers! Andy Thomas, Sales Analyst

Sophie Christopher, Head of Events, PR & External Communications, said: "This reveals the dilemma some small business owners find themselves in – their conscience seems to be split between understanding the impact zero-hours contracts have on employees and needing to do what's right for their business." The Viking Small Business Barometer is a quarterly survey of 1,000 small businesses, helping them share their views on a range of issues, while Viking increasingly understands more about our customers’ worlds.

Got a story? Contact the Internal Communications Team:

Forgot your toothbrush? Tesco Extra is just five minutes from the office. Nana Amoafo, Ecommerce Developer


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in the know global news USA - Now we’ve merged with OfficeMax our US colleagues are busy working on combining our two companies. USA - 150 retail stores nationwide are now offering customers in-store 3D printing. We’re the first office supplies company in America to offer this service in addition to selling 3D printers to consumers.

Watch the 3D Cube promo here. USA – For the third year running Office Depot, Inc. has received a 100 per cent score in the Corporate Equity Index by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. The ranking recognises Office Depot as one of HRC’s Best Places to Work for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality. Netherlands - Dutch colleagues are increasing Viking’s focus on online sales. Sweden – 22 Associates have been given PrOPER training to help them better plan projects. Europe – All Wiki playbooks have been moved from Wiki sites to Google sites. France - Our Key Account Management team across the channel, working with the International Business Accounts Solution team, has won a multi-million pound, three-year deal with Solvay, a global chemical company.

sales round-up Arguably 2013 was a tough year for Office Depot sales with key areas such as banking, retail and public sector feeling the pinch. But despite the conditions we won some great new accounts such as Thomas Cook and Citigroup, as well as retaining several large contracts including eDF. So let’s celebrate some of the wins we had, and look forward to building on them during 2014. Claire Swallow, Senior Regional Sales Executive, won accounts with Galglass and Countrywide Healthcare Supplies worth a combined £65,000 per year. Mark McWilliam, Key Account Manager, acquired a £100,000 office supplies contract from charity ExtraCare.

more than £10million in 12 months, achieved by working closely with the Print team and in particular Russell Jones, Sarah Parker and Neil Gandolfi. Carolyn Wade, Account Manager, achieved preferred supplier status for Office Depot with utility company SSE worth £400,000 per annum. The International team landed a number of contracts including Westcon Group for £50,000 by Rob Weston, Key Account Manager, and Eurofins for £70,000 by Paul Faulkner, Key Account Manager. Furniture wins included a £106,680 deal with Spencer Group by Business Development Manager Jamie Wilson and a £76,000 deal with Avtrade, agreed by Steven Minney.

Craig Lethbridge, Key Account Manager, picked up a £60,000 office supplies contract with Gwalia Housing Group and a £50,000 deal with North Hertfordshire Homes.

Stuart Taylor, Business Development Manager, chalked up a £35,000 deal with 12 Costa Coffee franchises and Regional Sales Executive Kristian Ball signed a £50,000 contract with Tetrosyl.

James Brownlie, Key Account Manager, Beth Rowbottom, Customer Implementation Executive, Ron Anscomb, Bid Proposal Executive, and Tim Hyde, Bid Pricing Executive, nailed a £120,000, three-year deal, with Weir Group.

International Business Manager David Owen, with the support of Andy Findley, Key Account Manager, retained Cameron for another two years, worth £125,000 per annum.

Sam Morris, Account Manager, grew the Network Rail contract from £6million to

National Grid extended its contract for another 12 months worth £1.5 million thanks to Jo Dyson, Major Account Manager.

History a thing of the future Viking customers can now see their online order history more clearly, thanks to those clever peeps in Ecommerce. The team has jazzed up the website so it’s easier for customers to see what they’ve bought in the past and place repeat orders. Improvements include a redesigned history page and added search functionality. By developing our website we get to know more about our customers, so we can provide the most relevant products, solutions and services.

winter/spring 2014 - issue 3

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who’s Roland Smith? The hunt for a global leader came to an end last November, with Roland Smith declared the new CEO of Office Depot, Inc. With an impressive CV spanning 15 years as CEO of various large companies, here are a few nuggets you might not find on Roland’s LinkedIn profile…

news in brief Our Dublin warehouse is our first distribution centre to score 100 per cent in an internal environmental audit. Yvonne Hayles, Environmental Auditing Manager, said: “The audit score reflects the hard work of our Environmental Champions and the support of Dublin’s site management.” Pictured: Dublin Environment Champions Gillian Kotowicz, Donna Reilly and Chris O'Brien.

More customers than ever are benefiting from our revamped Viking Nursery programme. The programme went live in January and is aimed at new and reactivated customers. The nursery programme has been extended from 12 to 16 weeks. All online and offline customers now receive £60 worth of money off vouchers (pictured) with their first order compared to the previous £10 for offline orders only.

Congratulations to Steve Davis, Inside Sales Operative, on selling 60 iPads and cases to Phoenix Primary School, Basildon. As well as iPads, Office Depot and Viking sell a wide range of Apple products including MacBooks, iPods and iPhones.

Watch a mini movie of Roland’s appointment speech.

Crawley Driver Neil Corney was recently paid some smashing compliments from two customers in as many days. Customers Portslade Medical Practice and Blenheim Sealants both said Neil went above and beyond their expectations.

Got a story? Contact the Internal Communications Team:


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in the know news in brief Office Depot is offering thousands of new products this year. We’ve got something for every type of business, whether our customers work in a factory, hospital or even a building site.

robots threaten future of humans Robots and drones are being tested as an alternative to human delivery. Amazon is already researching the use of flying drones to deliver parcels. And if you think that’s far out, Google’s looking at pairing robots with self-driving vehicles to make deliveries to customers. We don’t want to worry you, but have you seen Terminator?! The fact is our sector needs to innovate – latest financial figures show that major competitors including Staples, Lyreco and Banner have all seen sales or profits decline. We need to be looking to the future if we’re going to remain competitive. Office Depot intends to do this by investing in research & development as part of our new European Strategy. Watch this space, and look out for those pesky drones…

Our Stock Management and Customer Services teams are working together to try out eBay as a way to sell obsolete stock. Listed on the auction site as viking-clearance-stock, we’re mostly selling general office supplies. It’s another way we’re looking at new sales channels and opportunities to keep costs down.

A new initiative sees us working with independent online retailers who sell Viking products and take a cut of the profit. It works by offering a commission to independent stores who sign up as affiliate sellers. David Coleman, Head of Ecommerce, UK & Ireland, said: “Businesses know Viking and trust us. We’ve got wide brand recognition and we’re one of the leading online business supplies retailers, so there’s great potential for traffic and revenue for any affiliate working with us. “Our programme offers fantastic ‘earnings per click opportunities’, with highly competitive commission rates.”

charity is child’s play Neil Wayland brought smiles to the faces of Cambodian school kids with a hoard of stationery from Office Depot. Leicester-based Neil, from European HR, visited the Pour un Sourire d’Enfant school during a recent tour of the country. The school was set up in the 1990s to help the country’s many children who live in poverty, and now supports more than 3,000 young people. Office Depot donated stationery, footballs and promotional items to Pour Un Sourire d’Enfant as well as to a smaller school in the Kampong Thom region. Supporting the health, education and wellbeing of children is one of the Office Depot global charitable foundation’s strategic priorities.

winter/spring 2014 - issue 3

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seasonal campaign Salim’s clever plan to cut his work in half

spring clean Spring’s on its way (we hope!) so now’s the time to break out your feather duster and do Kim and Aggie proud with the traditional annual clean! No one likes working in a dirty environment, so here are just a few of the ways we’re helping our Viking and Office Depot customers keep their sites clean and tidy, and confining the filth to lunchtime banter! Deflect-o-cube It’s hip to be square with this innovative desk tidy. Deflect-o-cube enables workers to create the optimum arrangement for their desks by linking cubes vertically and horizontally.

Post-it dispensers We can help our customers avoid the scrabble for a sticky note with our range of attractive Post-it Z-note dispensers – they’re the cat’s whiskers.

Kärcher Steam Cleaner SC1020 Office cleaners can get hot and steamy with the latest trend in appliances. The Kärcher SC 1020 is ideal for floors, tiles, work surfaces and much more.

Clean up for less Customers can clean up on a range of washroom, laundry and multi-purpose products including leading brands such as Flash, Dettol and Daz.

Own brand For the cost conscious, our own brand range of products offer great cleaning solutions, at fantastic prices, without compromising on quality.

Henry’s dust up with German contender Would our new Kärcher vacuum cleaner wipe the smile off Henry’s face? Insight asked Salim Sidatt, Peartree Cleaning Services professional, to test the two machines. First off, the Kärcher; Salim said the vacuum was light and the suction was good: “It’s also quiet which is especially important in an office so you don’t disturb people.” At 1,200 watts the British-built Henry’s more powerful than the 750 watt Kärcher, but he’s noisier, too. Henry’s also heavier than his German rival despite having a smaller capacity. After testing the two, Salim said the Kärcher came out tops due to its weight and manoeuvrability. Many of you will know members of the Peartree Cleaning Services team as they clean all of our sites in the UK.

Product news? Contact the Internal Communications Team:


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adapt or disappear environmental change the truth is if we want to be successful then we’re going to have to evolve to meet the needs of a rapidly changing business environment. take a look at some of these predicted future trends, and let Insight know what your team is doing to spot our customers’ changing needs and keep Office Depot and viking competitive.

Sources: Chatham House 2011, Springboard, Office of National Statistics, Science Warehou winter/spring 2014 - issue 3

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ehouse, PHS 2014 trends, Forbes, McMorrow Report, Bay Note, RBS, NHS, Cisco, Juniper Research, WebDam Solutions Spotted a trend? Contact the Internal Communications Team: uk.communications@oďŹƒ


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Strategy, culture & change The end of 2013 saw a new strategy unveiled, uniting all Office Depot’s 13 European countries in a common direction. Insight maps out what you can expect to hear more about this year.

Guiding Principles If the business realities you read about on page 3 are what’s wrong with our business, the guiding principles are the flip side – the key things which need to inform our future strategy, leadership, management, operations and structures. ● Address the current business model, which isn’t sustainable as it is. ● Recognise that price is the number one decision maker for our customers. ● Provide more than just great service, as this is no longer enough to differentiate us from our competition. ● Provide clear differentiation for our customers. ● Become a low cost business and manage the commodity market. ● Always be relevant in a changing market place. ● Elevate WE over I and use a clearly defined culture.

Strategy It’s obvious that the industry we’re in is both fiercely competitive and commoditising – we know that customers can already get our products from hundreds of other businesses, often at a better price. So our strategy has to be about doing more than just adjusting and improving Office Depot and Viking as they are today. In broad terms, the strategy can be divided into three areas: Managing this commoditisation by being a low cost business, while investing in innovation and differentiating by always being relevant.

We need to: ● Deliver and grow our core business through executional brilliance, while introducing new value. ● Innovate with new products, services and solutions. ● Differentiate ourselves from our competition by always being relevant. Use insightful business intelligence to be better than anyone else at knowing and understanding our customers.

winter/spring 2014 - issue 3

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for Europe Want to know more? Obviously the meat to these bones is still to come, and there’ll be plenty more communicated this year. But if you want to know a bit more now, visit the portal homepage to download a PDF which covers extra detail.

Competition To win a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W350 digital camera, answer this question: What are the four pillars that define our new culture? Send your answers and contact details with the heading Strategy Competition on a postcard or envelope to Internal Communications, Leicester, or email Closing date for entries is Friday 14 February.

Watch a mini mov of how other man ie agers have reacted to this new strategy.

Culture Wrapping around this strategy is a culture of four pillars setting out how we want to achieve our goals. ● Overwhelming customer focus. ● People, people, people. ● Executional brilliance. ● Accountability with consequence.

Managers sstart to buy in

At the end of last year, managers joined a Europeanwide webex to learn about new EU Strategy. Insight cover star and Merchandising Manager James Meadows was one of those on the call.

He said: “The new European Strategy clearly sets out our way forward as a business. The reality is we're in a crowded marketplace, but one of the ways we can differentiate ourselves is by knowing more about our customers than anyone else so that we invest in the right people, products and services.”

13 What’s your take? Contact the Internal Communications Team:

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customer case study can-do attitude Office Depot’s positive approach has won over waste disposal and public services provider Amey. Since our print solutions came top of Amey’s procurement exercise in April last year we’ve partnered the company, responsible for collecting and disposing of Wolverhampton’s waste, in a number of high-profile communications projects. This has included producing its annual waste collection calendar. Rebecca Jenkinson, Amey Customer & Performance Manager (pictured), stressed the significance of the project: “It’s our  one opportunity a year to send something out to every household in the city, so it’s got to be right.”  The calendar followed our successful involvement in a recycling campaign encouraging residents to separate their waste responsibly. Central to the campaign was the creation of a new mascot, Stan Can, a giant walking drinks can. Rebecca said: “I was tasked with coming up with something that was a bit more  engaging than we’d done previously and came up with Stan. I’d a vague idea of what I wanted him to look like, but no idea how to turn him into reality.” Having recognised the opportunity, Amey’s Key Account Manager Don Slawson called upon the Print team to help out. Also working on the project were Katie Haime, Print Client Services Executive, Andy Bleasdale, New Business Manager, and Michael Davis, Print and Business Development Manager. Undaunted by the task of bringing a drinks can to life, Michael employed a cartoonist to design Stan and found a supplier to create a full-sized character costume. Office Depot also produced the campaign’s leaflets and posters, and sourced promotional items such as key rings, fridge magnets, pens and erasers. Rebecca said: “I’d recommend Office Depot for large projects, such as Stan Can. You’ve been great at every stage including the design, print and delivery. To be honest I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Watch a mini movie interview with Rebecca and Stan. Clockwise: Stan Can, Stan comes to life, character designs 

winter/spring 2014 - issue 3

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team profile 15

regions to be cheerful ever wondered how we manage to talk face to face with Office Depot customers in towns as far apart as Bo’ness, Bangor and Bournemouth?

SAleS teAMS in UK

irelAnD: €2m SaleS per year

then ponder no more, as we lift the lid on our UK regional Sales division.

£270,000 average portfolio for regional SaleS rep

5,000 cuStomerS

£27M SALES IN 2013

f the Danielle says it’s the pace o s joy e en t sh  tha job

With 105 associates divided into 15 teams covering the whole of the UK, they’re responsible for winning, retaining and growing business accounts worth between £5,000 and £50,0000. It’s a competitive world out there, especially as deals are ‘non contractual’, which means customers can leave us at any time. A typical day for a Regional Sales rep will, therefore, be split between ‘prospecting’ for new business and giving existing customers reasons to stay with Office Depot. Danielle Moran, Senior Regional Sales

Executive, explains some of the challenges: “A customer could have three or four reps from different companies knocking on their door every day, so we’ve got to work quickly.” One way to differentiate ourselves is to know more about our customers’ needs than our competition. Danielle said: “What I try and do is establish some common ground with the customer. Once I’ve made that connection it’s less likely they’ll go elsewhere. “Building trust is also important, so when I say I’m going to do something,  I do it.”

Despite the pressure, Danielle says it’s the pace of the job that she enjoys as well as dealing with so many different types of businesses every day. Over the Irish Sea our Regional Sales team consists of five Field Sales representatives covering the whole of Ireland.

Last year we  doubled the number  of sales teams in London,  adding fresh talent  including new  recruits Becky carlile,  claire porter, alex Brown and Sophie Denham.

Like to feature here? Contact the Internal Communications Team:


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associate survey paws for thought... Feedback and coaching from managers is just one area you think we’ve improved on over the last year, according to the results of our second European Associate Engagement Survey. Seventy nine per cent of you took the time to let Office Depot know what you think we’re doing well and where we could do better. In terms of overall engagement, our scores are stable against 2012 and above the industry norm in many areas compared to similar companies.

Good A majority of you said… you can clearly see how your work contributes to achieving our business goals Office Depot takes associates’ health and safety seriously you think teamwork and cooperation are encouraged you’re proud to work for Office Depot you’d recommend Office Depot as a good place to work

Could do better You’d like… more training opportunities to help you do your job more help with career planning more flexibility to provide good customer service the right tools and equipment to do your job well to make sure our most talented associates are retained

Remember this is just a snapshot of the survey and answers will differ between departments. Managers should be sharing results relevant to your area, and coming up with actions to enhance your experience of working at Office Depot.

winter/spring 2014 - issue 3

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work smart what’s the benefit?

Just for associates:

Did you know that as an Office Depot associate you’re entitled to a variety of benefits, ranging from eye care vouchers to educational assistance? Here’s just some of what’s available for you.

Eye care

Office Depot Pension Plan

Have your peepers tested for free using our eye care vouchers scheme.

Associates automatically enrolled into our Office Depot Pension Plan at two per cent of basic salary before tax relief, receive an additional two per cent from the company. If you choose to save five per cent before tax relief you’ll receive six per cent from Office Depot.

Caroline McDowie, Management Assistant Leicester, said: “I recently suffered with headaches at work, so it was reassuring that I was able to book an appointment with the optician and get my eyes checked for free.”

Need emotional support? If you need someone to lend an ear, you can get free and confidential advice from PPC Worldwide. Tel 0800 282 193, +44 1865397074 for Ireland or, username: Office password: Office01.

Child care scheme You can sacrifice up to £243 a month of your salary before tax to go towards child care, saving you up to £933 a year if you’re a standard rate tax payer. Diane Riseley, Merchandising Planning Manager - Leicester, said: “I’ve got two boys and the voucher scheme is a great help with the huge cost of childcare. The vouchers aren’t just for nursery school children, and can be used for childminders and after school clubs.”

Life insurance Office Depot runs a non-contributory life insurance policy scheme for all its associates.

Matthew Jeynes, Strategic Business Development Manager, said: “It’s good that you can decide how much you’re going to save. A lot of other companies don’t offer that amount of flexibility.”

Associate discount You can buy most of our products at cost price plus VAT.

Educational assistance Office Depot offers full or part financial funding for educational courses deemed of mutual benefit to you and the company. Shane Soor, Selling Analyst - Leicester, said: “It’s encouraging that the business is willing to invest in my development while I study for my Association of Chartered Certified Accounts exams, which is a big personal commitment.”

Benefits will vary according to your contract. Please check your individual terms and conditions of employment for a full list of what’s available to you. If you’d like to know more about benefits, contact your local HR team.

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the noticeboard the crèche Congratulations to: Shweta Stanakiya, Northampton Customer Services Representative, on the birth of Sia in November. Colin Drinkwater, Ashton Furniture Fitter, on the safe delivery of his baby boy Harry in November. Sarah Hamilton, Dublin Sales & Service Team Manager, on the arrival of baby Caoimhín in October.

Northampto n Community & Charity Co mmittee raised more than £2,000 to help refurbish th e Gosset War d Parents Room in the Special Care Baby Unit at Northampton General Hos pital. Members of the CCC, Rit a Upeniece left; Cariann , e Lawrence , second left Ainsley Kar and ella, stood be hind Cariann are pictured e, at the official reopening w other fundra ith isers and ho spital staff.

Jerome Bushell, Northampton Furniture Fitter/Driver, on the birth of his son Freddy in October.

Colleagues in Ireland have so far raised €955 for their chosen charity, Children in Hospital. Well done!

Trina Nightingale, Northampton Customer Services Representative, on the arrival of daughter Elsie in October. Emma White, Regional Sales Executive, on the safe arrival of her son Max Lamb (pictured) in September.

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Siobhan Williamson, Dublin Business Development Manager, on the birth of baby Matthew in September. Niall Murphy, Dublin Business Development Manager, on the arrival of baby Roisin in September.

Ros Ayling, Customer Profitability Analyst - Ashton, was jumping for joy after she took part in four world record-breaking sky dives in September.

Linda Waters, Dublin Business Development Manager, on the birth of baby Heather in September. Audrey Murphy, Dublin reception, on safe delivery of her baby boy Finn in September. Paula Cleary, Northampton Installations Co-ordinator, on the birth of twins Jacob and Esmae in August. Thomas Stockton, from the Customer Excellence team in Ashton, on the birth of daughter Lola Grace in August (pictured).

Happy birthday to: In September Ashtonbased Phil Howson, IT Service Delivery Coordinator (pictured left), reached the big five-zero. In December there were sign ificant birthdays for: Helen Hamilton, Ashton, and Alexis McGrath, Northampton, who waved goodbye to their twenties. Colleagues Lisa Hatch, Ash ton, and Isabelle Blanchard-Hayes, Andove r, who both celebrated life beginning at 40. Andover receptionist Wendy Hawkeswood who notched up a half cen tury. Robert Allen, Print Custom er Support Representative, Sidcup, who celebrated hitting 60. receptionist Time flies for Leicester s an Office Depot Sherrill Mitchell. She wa when she gave birth ago rs yea 20 ate oci ass to her son Joel. Now all grown up, Joel works as a driver at our Leicester depot. Pictured - Sherrill and baby Joel, and Joel and his proud mum today.

Lola Grace Stockton

Nuno Silvestre, Northampton Warehouse Operative, on the arrival of his daughter Angela in August. David Partridge, Ashton Account Manager, on the safe delivery of his daughter Ava Reese in July. Vytautas Macenskis, Northampton Warehouse Operative, on the birth of his son Deinas in July.

Top marks for Andover Senior Bid Proposal Executive Aleks Wells, on achieving a First Class BA (Hons) in Business Management.

Andover eSupport Manager Amanda Doig raised £1,053 in November, by organising a sponsored ‘Kongathon’ in aid of local four-year old Rhys Taylor who has Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic condition.

winter/spring 2014 - issue 3

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Crawley Driver Michael Ricketts married fiancée Naomi in August.

Gemma Terrar, Leicester Senior HR Officer, married Neil Fox in September.

Heather Hunter, Northampton Telephone Sales is Executive, married Lew McIntyre in August.

RETIREMENTS Ashton Warehouse Operativ e Mick Rowland (pictured righ t) retired in December after 15 years with Office Depot. All of his colleag ues wish him a long and happy retirement. Pricing Executive Brian Chivers has retired from our Andover offic e after 10 years with Office Depot. He’s looking forward to pursuin g his hobby of photography and completing all the jobs his wife Sue will be setting him. Rosemary Walsh, Customer Services Representative - Viking, retired from our Dublin site in September. All her colleagues wish her well.

Andover-based Bid Pric ing Executive Lisa Shreeves married Anthony Martin in August. The happy couple are pictured with daughter Ellie.

Crawley Administrator Naomi Merryweather married Matt Maguire in October.

WIN a fantastic Xbox 360 games console! Gavin Porter, Transport Shift Manager – Craw ley, delivered a donation of 10 0 netballs from Office Depot to Tanbridge Hous e School in Nove mber. The balls were left over fro ma promotional ev ent. Gavin is pictured with Ka ren Hyslop, Leader of PE.

To win an XBOX 360 all you have to do is tell us: What’s the only colour ink new CEO Roland Smith writes in? Send your answers and contact details with the heading Xbox competition on a postcard or envelope to Internal Communications, Leicester, or email Closing date for entries is Friday14 February (that’s Valentine’s Day).

recipe corner Try out Leicester Assistant Chef Steve Earle’s, yummy Italian pea and basil soup: You’ll need:

s dover associate Kind-hearted An and on ilt m Ha na Georgi Jenna Meigh, ’ ks in cent Dr ed hats for Inno it Sue Duke knitt Kn ig th/B read the Warm and Age UK’s Sp ber. to Oc in n ig pa m fundraising ca

So far we’ve raised more than £10,000 for our chosen charity in the UK, the NSPCC. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

75ml olive oil 2 onions, chopped 1 celery stick, chopped 1 carrot, chopped 1 garlic clove, finely chopped 400g frozen petit pois 900ml vegetable stock 25g fresh basil leaves, roughly torn 1. Heat the oil in a large pan and cook the onions, celery, carrot and garlic over a low heat until soft. 2. Add the peas and stock and bring to the boil. Reduce heat and add basil and seasoning, then simmer for ten minutes.

Congratulations to all our Andover associates who received their long service awards in August and enj oyed a meal at the Hawk Con servancy Trust.

Send your news and photos to:

3. Spoon soup into a food processor, then blend until smooth. 4. Return soup to rinsed pan and reheat gently until hot.


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