APEX Experience: MultiMedia Market 2018

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An Ad, Just for You

It’s no longer enough that airlines offer advertisers a captive audience. Research has shown personalization is the key to increased engagement. On the ground, programmatic advertising, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the buying, placing and optimization of digital ads, is becoming the dominant method of delivering targeted campaigns. According to Zenith, “The value of advertising sold programmatically will rise from $57.5 billion in 2017 to $84.9 billion in 2019, growing at an average rate of 21 percent a year.” But in the air, programmatic advertising’s reliance on AI means it isn’t suitable for traditional seatback in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems, which need to become faster before they can run the technology, says Kim Creaven, vice-president, Global Advertising, Sponsorships and Partner Marketing at Global Eagle. “Programmatic buying is instantaneous, delivery of traditional IFE content is not,” she explains. For now, Global Eagle is looking to introduce programmatic advertising to its airline lounge network. “We are initiating unique options for media buyers that will put our media assets above the competition,” Creaven says. And while legacy IFE infrastructure catches up to speed, Global Eagle is priming its wireless IFE platform for monetization in other ways. “Our third generation of Airtime not only runs faster, but is built with industry-first reporting and data analytics,” Creaven says, adding that the platform will eventually enable passengers

“Our third generation of Airtime not only runs faster, but is built with industry-first reporting and data analytics.” KIM CREAVEN, GLOBAL EAGLE



to order products and services, so they can buy groceries in flight, for example, creating a service for passengers and a valuable ancillary revenue opportunity for airlines. But for companies like Immfly, which deliver IFE on passengers’ mobile devices, technology isn’t a setback. Working with Inadvia, in January, the company put Iberia Express’ media inventory on a marketplace platform, allowing advertisers such as Teufel, a German audio equipment brand, to secure 30-second ads that aired ahead of music videos on the airline’s IFE portal. Matt Blay, co-founder and director of Inadvia, notes one of the USPs (unique selling points) of the platform is its ability to run even where there is limited or no connectivity. “It provides peace of mind to airlines that the necessary approvals can be achieved via a dashboard prior to a flight, he said.”


Targeted advertising gets kicked up a notch with the introduction of a dynamic marketplace where companies can vie for a prime ad spot.