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Need Office Space for Rent in New York City? Seeking the perfect office space is inevitable for your startup business. It will not only help your business grow, but it also increases your exposure and likelihood of success. Furthermore, working in a co-working environment gives you the ability to collaborate with other and have access to amenities to further market your company. Here are four considerations when seeking office space for lease NYC.

Location: What elements are important to you when choosing what part of the city your office needs to be in? Do you need access to transit for yourself or your clients? What about current and future employees?

What’s the vibe of your business?


neighborhood should be in sync with you and your employees. 

Size: This is the hardest part of finding office space in NYC. Actual sizes are always smaller than advertised, sometimes as much as 50%. What you see in a picture or floor plan rarely translates to the actual space.

Infrastructure: Unless you’re moving into a turn-key space, it’s important to work with an architect and engineer to figure out the approximate costs for configuring the space to your requirements.

Cost Effectiveness: There are tremendous benefits to starting out in a shared office space or pre-built space, rather than a raw space. By having all services provided for by your landlord, you can cap your expenses and maintain a reasonable monthly budget.

Many startups begin in an open co-working environment, rather than a private office. This is a realistic alternative until you grow beyond 4 or 5 team members. At that size, the ability to communicate effectively is diminished and begins to detract from your productivity.

If you are looking for an office space for rent in New York City to open up your business or increase your size, SpacesNY Commercial Real Estate should be your ultimate destination. SpacesNY will help you locate the right space for your new start-up business in New York City and their services are free.

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