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Louisiana Research Infrastructure Development

“System for Classification of 3D Dynamic Hand Gestures,” Rastko R. Selmic, AT&T Professor of Electrical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University The project objectives are to develop an accurate and efficient classifier with a diverse vocabulary of dynamic gestures and apply this technology to gesture recognition and controls. Studies related to dynamic gesture recognitions as an extension of static gesture (posture) recognition algorithms have begun, and neural networkbased and Kalman filter-based classifiers for dynamic gesture recognition are being studied. Dr. Selmic’s group, including Dr. Jinko Kanno, Dr. Christian Duncan, and Ph.D. student Andrew Gardner, uses a smart glove for both static and dynamic gesture detection and classification. Fifteen markers are distributed over the glove. Each finger has two markers except for the thumb, which has three markers. A special rigid pattern on the back of the hand is used to establish local coordinate systems invariant under translation and rotation. Once the team theoretically develops dynamic gesture detection and classification, they will work next on producing the software based on those algorithms.



NASA EPSCoR Stimuli 2014 -15

Dr. Selmic’s team has been developing a laboratory testbed for dynamic gesture recognition and control. The testbed consists of a Vicon camera system with ten Vicon MX T-40 cameras. The system provides a full resolution maximum capture rate of 370 frames-persecond (fps) for each camera. This enables the system to provide high precision tracking motion data. Mr. Andrew Gardner, a Ph.D. student on the team, has developed an interactive demo that allows a user to interact with a virtual environment by employing five static gestures. Pointing allows the user to control the camera like a joystick with pitch, yaw, and roll. The user may also grab and move or throw objects, while a stop gesture pauses the animation. Potential future applications of this technology include gesturebased control of robots, vehicles, and home appliances, gesturebased (body language-based) authentication and recognition, and development of 3D user interfaces.

EPSCoR Stimuli 2014-15  

NASA Office of Education’s Aerospace Research & Career Development (ARCD) is pleased to release NASA EPSCoR Stimuli, a collection of univers...

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