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Tennessee Minority Service Institution – Faculty Engagement

Project PI, Dr. Ali Sekmen, Tennessee State University

1st Annual Workshop on Data Sciences


This research develops mathematical theory and algorithms for clustering high dimensional data that lives in a union of lower dimensional subspaces. This work conducts balanced research that brings the theoretical foundation of subspace segmentation and high-dimensional data clustering together with practical applications in computer science and engineering. The associated research objectives are threefold: (1) Develop mathematical theory for modeling signals in terms of union of subspaces and manifolds. (2) Develop algorithms for clustering high dimensional data that can be modeled as a union of subspaces and manifolds. (3) Apply the proposed techniques and algorithms in related computer vision problems. This research is a bridge between Computer Science and Mathematics and its theoretical findings include first application of subspace segmentation in bioinformatics, a novel approach for improving randomized Kaczmarz’s iterative projection method, and a novel approach to solve subspace segmentation problem for general case. This grant generated impactful journal publications in (1) Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, (2) Journal of Computational Biology, (3) Journal of Medical Engineering as well as impactful conference publications in (4) 10th International Conference on Sampling Theory and Applications, (5) IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, (6) IEEE Workshop on Robot Vision. As part of dissemination of our results, 1st Annual Workshop on Data Sciences was held on April 16-17 in Nashville, TN. The theme of the workshop was “Subspace Segmentation and HighDimensional Data Analysis”. The project PI (Dr. Ali Sekmen) served as the Chair of the workshop. A total of 142 participants attended the workshop. The keynote speakers were Dr. Akram Aldroubi of Vanderbilt University and Dr. Rene Vidal of Johns Hopkins University. NASA EPSCOR was a sponsor of the workshop.

Theresa Martinez, PMP, NASA Technical Monitor, Kennedy Space Center

NASA EPSCoR Stimuli 2014-15



EPSCoR Stimuli 2014-15  

NASA Office of Education’s Aerospace Research & Career Development (ARCD) is pleased to release NASA EPSCoR Stimuli, a collection of univers...

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