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Development of High Power Density Regenerative Bi-electrode Supported Solid Oxide Cells to Support NASA’s Planetary Exploration Missions


University of South Carolina/NASA Glenn Research Center, Ames Research Center, SMD & HEOMD

NASA’s mission to explore inhospitable environments requires substantial use of electrical power and oxygen for extremely long durations to support manned missions. The unitized regenerative ‘closed loop’ solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) cycle is one of the most attractive choices for supplying power for communications, advanced life support, survey equipment and rovers, and oxygen for crew habitats. However, there are several key technical challenges that need to be resolved in order to increase the technical readiness level of the SOFC technology for implementation in the forthcoming missions. The central objective of this EPSCoR project is to establish the underlying science and engineering that can accelerate the SOFC cell development and to increase the technology readiness level of the SOFC technology. This project is a collaborative effort involving four faculty members with complimentary expertise at University of South Carolina (USC). Integrated approach and multidisciplinary tasks are planned to systematically explore strategies for improving specific power density and reducing performance degradation to advance the SOFC technology for unitized regenerative operations. This NASA EPSCoR project has made significant contributions to energy storage and power systems, a strategic research and technology priority of both the Science Mission Directorate and the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, as well as greatly contributed to the overall research infrastructure, science and technology capabilities, higher education, and economic development of the jurisdictions of South Carolina.

South Carolina undergraduate students engaged in NASA EPSCoR funded research. Dr. Fanglin (Frank) Chen, Science PI, Associate Professor, University of South Carolina

Dr. Serene Farmer, NASA Technical Monitor, GRC

NASA EPSCoR Stimuli 2014-15



EPSCoR Stimuli 2014-15  

NASA Office of Education’s Aerospace Research & Career Development (ARCD) is pleased to release NASA EPSCoR Stimuli, a collection of univers...

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