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A lifetime of comfort International Style In a world of mass production, owning beautifully hand-crafted furniture is a rare pleasure. Indeed, King Furniture craftsmanship is carried through from the award winning style, at the cutting edge of modern furniture design, to the sturdy construction of each piece of furniture. King Collection fabrics and leathers reflect both the latest international trends and the best of tradition.

ENGINEERED FOR COMFORT King Furniture’s exclusive POSTUREFLEX® system combines all the traditions of handcrafted furniture with the most recent technological advances. One of the most important components of the POSTUREFLEX® system is the seat and back suspension, which is also used by Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Porsche and in supersonic jet aircraft. AN INVESTMENT IN QUALITY Your investment in King Furniture is protected by a 15-year written warranty on the faultlessly engineered steel frame used in the construction of each piece of furniture. Every item of King Furniture is tracked meticulously through each stage of the crafting process, ensuring quality control standards are met or exceeded every step of the way. So you can be assured that each piece of King Furniture will provide years of solid service and comfort, long after other furniture has surrendered to constant use. THE TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE For decades now, King Furniture’s designers and craftsmen have been producing elegant and outstanding furniture, built to the highest international standards.

© 2011 King Furniture Australia Pty. Limited. all rights reserved. Original Design concept King Furniture. all products offered for sale in this brochure, appearing in this brochure are the property of King Furniture Australia and its contractors. Nothing contained in this brochure is intended to hold out any express or implied representation to you that any other person (including any manufacturer, designer, retailer or other organisation) has authorised or is in any way associated or affiliated with this brochure or the goods, products and services shown in this brochure or offered for sale by King Furniture Australia. Specifications are correct at the time of printing but are subject to change without notice. Postureflex® is a registered trademark of King Furniture Australia. Ultradown® is a registered trademark of King Furniture Australia. King Furniture innovations are protected by patents and design registrations pending and granted.

The Strength of steel Engineered, galvanised steel frames provide the ultimate in support and durability. Steel suspension The same advanced seating suspension system used by leading automotive manufacturers including Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Porsche.

High Resilience cushioning Using the latest technology, high resilience C.F.C. free foams will outlast and outperform conventional cushioning. Seams for strength Stressed seams are reinforced and double stitched using a remarkable UV resistant thread. Outstanding Covering System The tailored covers are completely removable. The easy replacement of covers means the furniture could be recycled over many generations. For instant access to multimedia that demonstrates the flexibility of King Furniture’s award winning designs follow these simple instructions. Use your smartphone and set your camera to at least two megapixels. 1. 2. 3.

Upload QR Code software to your smartphone (there are free applications such as ‘i-nigma’). Open QR Code application and hold camera exactly over the QR code. When the camera registers the code it will activate a link to the multimedia content.

Please note: video viewing may incur a cost. Check with your mobile supplier.

Adjustable Legs Optional adjustable legs can raise or lower the seat height. The entire seating angle can be “fine-tuned” to achieve the highest level of comfort.

Sleek, artistic modular form with spectacular functionality, the Andrea design comes from the special collaboration between renowned Australian designer, Charles Wilson and King Furniture. Charles’ ability to design this beautiful, sculptural form, built around the unique King Furniture steel frame is the perfect combination of design talent and manufacturing experience. A superb design piece with all the functionality of modular flexibility, luxurious comfort and uncompromising quality.

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A collaboration with renowned designer

Sculpted polished aluminium legs

Adjustable arm

Moveable timber tables


Oscar from King Furniture offers extraordinary benefits because it’s built around a unique steel frame. Oscar’s elegant, low line styling delivers the look and the comfort you’ve been searching for. Numerous combinations let you select the Oscar that’s right for your living space. Choose from two or three seaters. Curved or square corner pieces can be used with modular settings. Decide between standard or extra wide seating. Select an ottoman or chaise to complete your setting. Adjustable back cushions allow you to turn from an uncluttered, low back look to high back personal comfort. Oscar’s adjustable legs let you raise or lower the height and seating angle for extra comfort and support. Generous storage is an optional benefit and is subtly integrated into the design. King Furniture has an exciting, contemporary range of premium fabrics and leathers to choose from. Finally, complete your Oscar setting from a range of complementary accessories such as the flexible Moon™ table shown here. Oscar combines superb comfort and flexibility. Extraordinary Oscar.

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Generous storage built into this great design

Legs are adjustable for personal comfort and support

Headrests that adjust for your personal comfort


Luxurious leathers or fabrics to suit your personal style

The amazing Houdini is the brilliant new design from King Furniture. Built around the famous King Furniture steel frame, Houdini delivers endless flexibility by bringing new possibilities to modular design. Easily swap and change the modules around to alter the look and suit your mood. Watching a movie? Houdini lets you stretch out. Feeling cosy? Houdini lets you cuddle up. Friends staying over? Houdini becomes a super-comfortable queen-size bed. Seats, backs, arms, tables, anything and everything is ready for change.

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Houdini is all about comfort. The soft quilting looks comfortable and inviting, and beneath the seat surface lies bands of multi-layer HR foam, and the KingCellTM system to ensure your personal comfort. It’s guaranteed! Why consider ordinary furniture when you can enjoy the amazing, modular Houdini ... it’s magic!


Kato Deluxe. Take a seat on indulgently beautiful, design luxury! Kato Deluxe with its low line, wide and inviting, feather-filled comfort, sets the standard and combines good looks with ultimate modular flexibility. Kato Deluxe has superbly crafted, timber storage boxes. This design feature adds warmth, style and is an ideal home for the TV remotes, reading material and things that need to be close-to-hand when you sit down to relax. Change your Kato Deluxe setting and swap the storage boxes around with arm pieces. Alter the back cushion arrangement for a different look and feel, or convert to a comfortable overnight sleeping arrangement. The unique King Furniture modular system allows you to do just that – simply, easily and in just a matter of minutes. Check out a demonstration on our website! Removable covers are available in your choice of superb European leathers and unique, imported fabrics.

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Kato Deluxe

Kato is designed for today’s fast moving lifestyle. Compact styling and low line profile make Kato perfect for apartments and studios.   The flexible modular system can also create large configurations for media and family rooms. Interchange the arms, backs and tables to change the look and suit the mood. Simply adjust the legs to change the height. Timber tray tables can be used as side tables or dining trays. With the King Furniture guaranteed steel frame and soft feather blend cushioning, Kato delivers style and comfort. And when friends and family stay,  Kato converts to a luxurious bed. 


Jasper is the award winning design that changes with the times.


Jasper combines a number of comfort engineering features in one flexible design. Jasper is built around a unique steel frame that supports the Postureflex® seating system. The same seating system used in luxury European cars. This ensures that you’ll sink into deep-seat, feathersoft comfort knowing that it will last and last because Jasper is backed with King Furniture’s 15 year steel frame guarantee. Coffee tables by Former Italy.

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Jasper consists of a series of “floating” platforms or bases upon which various components can be placed including upholstered arm/back units in various lengths, seat cushions, back cushions, arm cushions, single or double height shelves. The components can be interchanged and moved around to create an infinite number of settings including free standing pieces, sectionals with or without “chaises” and luxurious beds. Deeper platforms allow the Jasper to be arranged in two different depths. Fully removable covers are available in fabric or leather.


So, when times change, Jasper can change with them. Different seasons, different settings. Formal or informal. One combination or separate pieces. A sofa or a bed. Jasper is available in your choice of quality King fabrics and luxurious leathers. Otto cubes by King Furniture. Coffee table by Former Italy.


The Jasper program of platforms and shelves can be moved around to form a wide range of furnishing and seating needs. Examples shown here range from an individual chaise with timber end-shelf to a large bed with surround shelf and upholstered backrest, while the Jasper double shelf becomes a handy bookshelf to be accessed from the side or back of a long sofa. The platforms can be moved around to form two, three and extra long four seating arrangements and combined with deeper platforms for extra seat depths. Jasper consists of steel framed platforms, the King Coil system, arms/backs combined with HR foam and soft feather blend seat and back cushions. The back cushions have a removable roll support. Fully removable covers in a choice of fabric or leather are complemented by timber shelves in a Wenge finish or other colours available on request.


King Furniture’s award winning Jasper has become a design classic and favourite for Australian lifestyles. Jasper epitomises lasting, personal comfort. Generous and welcoming, for the ultimate TV viewing experience and soft feather blend cushions that are just right. Now, King Furniture has the brand new Baby Jasper with all Jasper’s special, much loved features – just a little more compact – designed specially for smaller living spaces, apartments and studio lifestyles. Baby Jasper has all the important underpinning of King Furniture quality and value – the unique steel frame and the Postureflex® seating system. Adjustable legs, also an option, allow for height/angle variation. Baby Jasper is just as flexible as Jasper – seat cushions, ottomans, back cushions, upholstered arms and timber shelving – arrange them any way you like. Formal or casual, one combination or separate pieces, a sofa or a bed. The choice is yours.

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Baby Jasper

The Strata (meaning layers) is a low line design with a high level of comfort. The sleek profile features a “floating” arm/back layer over a “floating” base layer. The same height back/arm layer wraps around for complete freedom of seating position (i.e. backs can be used as armrests and vice versa) and can be adjusted to provide greater seat depth or become a very comfortable bed. Optional soft feather blend filled cushions come in two sizes with detachable bolsters. Adjustable legs, also an option, allow for height/angle variation. Materials include steel frame incorporating the Postureflex® seating system with multi-density HR foam seat and back. Removable covers are available in your choice of fabric or leather.

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Dressed in black, Strata’s sophisticated and seductive appeal lies in its sleek good looks and smooth contours. With the ability to transform into multitudes of seat-depths, to a sumptuous daybed or spacious overnight bed, Strata satisfies the demand for versatility and style. The reassuring support of the soft feather blend back cushions and expansive seating, ensures Strata is sublimely comfortable. An optional swivel base added to the generous armless chair or ottoman creates freedom of movement. Miss series coffee tables by Former Italy.


Concerto. Personal comfort has never been available in quite so many choices. There are more arrangement possibilities with Concerto than you can imagine. You start with the choice of component parts, straights or curves. All with the unique King Furniture steel frame and Postureflex® seating system, with your choice of soft feather blend overlay or luscious memory foam in the back and seat cushions. You decide how wide and how deep you want the seating to be. You choose the arms and back cushions. You decide how many extra seats you need. You decide on the finish you want from King Furniture’s wonderful range of quality fabrics and luxurious leathers. Then when you’ve decided, King Furniture will make your special Concerto just for you. When your Concerto arrives you can arrange it to suit your room. Then you can rearrange it to suit your mood. You’ll always enjoy lasting, wonderful King comfort. Your Concerto, your design. Perfect!

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Concerto now includes soft, gentle curves – a new comfort experience. Your Concerto sofa design can curve gently around the room providing inclusive comfort while creating a superb visual effect. Each curve section seats two people and a unique headrest design provides added personal comfort that is easily adjusted or removed. Concerto’s curves and straights – in your choice of King Furniture’s wonderful range of quality fabrics and luxurious leathers.

Concerto Curve

The King Furniture Delta II is a well known and popular choice of sofa. Now, the latest design solves the storage problem. Includes all the usual ‘Delta’ features – modular flexibility, contemporary, clean design and classic comfort. Each piece in the Delta Storage range has generous storage space – discreet and very, very useful. Delta Storage provides the perfect place for the sheets, blankets and pillows ready for when you turn Delta Storage into comfortable bed settings. It’s a great solution for bulky items like ironing boards and vacuum cleaners. The storage spaces in Delta Storage are ventilated to allow air to circulate. The same sort of pneumatics used to open car hatchbacks are used to access the Delta Storage spaces. Access is a simple, easy, single-handed lift to the sofa seat cushions. The galvanized steel frame and the Postureflex® suspension system ensure the famous King comfort is uncompromised. The sides of the storage areas are smoothly angled so the storage spaces are virtually invisible. Delta Storage really does solve the storage problem.

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Delta Storage

Delta II introduces the latest updates and improvements to the remarkably successful Delta system. For even more flexibility, bracket holders are located inside the frame providing easy attachment of backs, arms and tables at any point. Bases have a hidden zip pocket that can be used to store bed brackets and other accessories when not in use. Box arms can be added instead of tables. Bed brackets are available to change the Delta II into a single or queen size bed or change the back cushion into a footrest. Delta II is built around the famous King Furniture steel frame and is available in your choice of quality fabrics and leathers.

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Delta II

Delta II

The flexibility of Delta II is shown in this penthouse setting with chaise lounge combined at one end of an armless three-seater sofa, the perfect arrangement for entertaining. Round and rectangular tables, another element of the Delta II system, can be used for different functions – for drinks when entertaining, laptop computers for working or as arm rests for cushions when relaxing. Removable covers, shown here in white leather, are available in your choice of fabric or leather. From the King Classics Collection, Art. 124 chairs in white leather, Art. 3052 black marble side table and (on terrace) Art. 3051 in dining table size, Art. 192 wire side chair.

Delta II

The Phoenix is a breakthrough in contemporary furniture design and continues King Furniture’s commitment to flexibility and comfort. Low line square styling allows for varied seating positions. The back and side cushions can be positioned high for sitting, low for reclining, or placed in one line to make a classic four-seater sofa. Manufactured with steel frames incorporating the Postureflex® seating system with multi-layered HR foam, and KingCellTM cushioning, the Phoenix appears to ‘float’ above the floor. Removable covers are available in your choice of superb leathers and fabrics. Low timber coffee table by Former Italy.


Winner of the FIAA Leather Furniture of the Year award, the Linea is a brilliant design that lets you raise and lower the back cushions for maximum comfort. The backrests are raised with the simple touch of a lever. The Linea features engineered steel frames incorporating the remarkable Postureflex速 seating system with multi-density HR foam seat and back. Removable covers are available in your choice of superb leathers and fabrics. From the King Classics Collection: Art 3052 Marquinia (black) marble top side tables. Artwork: by Kent Chuang (Sydney)

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Meridian is a design with maximum comfort for the user in mind. Meridian not only fits seamlessly into any environment, but Meridian comes in three models. Each model offers a unique seating difference. A standard, optimal comfort seat, a mechanised slide out, reclining function seat and the new Postureglide® which changes the seating position at the touch of a button. These features are designed to accommodate individual differences and ensure your choice of ultimate comfort. The adjustable seats can be locked to each individual’s preferred setting to provide maximum personal comfort. Meridian is built around engineered steel frames incorporating the advanced Postureflex® and Postureglide® seating system for a lifetime of comfort and durability. Pictured in pure aniline TrueTouch leather, Meridian is available in your choice of tailored fabric or thick, European leather removable covers.


The Studio with its clean, contemporary styling features engineered steel frames incorporating the remarkable Postureflex速 seating system. Shown below, an optional version of the Studio with headrests that can be adjusted up and down to perfectly support the head and neck. Removable covers are available in your choice of superb leathers and fabrics. From the King Classics Collection: Art 58 cantilevered side chair upholstered in black leather. ARTWORKS Artworks: Perforated paintings by Anne-Karin Furunes (Norway) and glass sculpture by Christofer Kochs. Both represented by Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney and Cologne.


The Circle Sofa is fun! It turns easily and smoothly because it’s built around a unique steel frame.

Delta Circle Sofa

This means the famous King comfort will last and last. It’s backed by King Furniture’s 15 year steel frame guarantee. The Delta II Circle Sofa is ideal for relaxing, for watching TV or just for going round and round. It’s indulgent for one, wonderfully comfortable for two and very cosy for more. You can move the backs to make the setting you want. The Circle Sofa comes in your choice of quality fabrics and luxurious leathers.

Pronto is a versatile design consisting of armless and corner modules that, when positioned together create configurations to suit both small and larger living areas.


Generous deep seating made of multi-density HR foam, the unique KingCellTM system and feather/down, ensures total relaxation is achieved. Quality fabrics and durable leather covers are available in a selection of contemporary colours.

Commissioner Chair

The Commissioner Chair was designed specifically for the Commissioner General’s offices at the 2010 World Expo. This is the perfect chair to complement your lounge setting. Or, use the Commissioner Chair as a statement piece for any living space in your house. The design delivers comfort and convenience without taking up valuable room. King Furniture’s reputation for lasting personal comfort continues with the Commissioner Chair. The secure, swivel base that’s designed into the steel frame structure of the chair ensures smooth and simple movement. The Commissioner Chair is available in all King Furniture’s premium fabrics and luxurious leathers.

Luxemburg uses multi-layer HR foam and the KingCellTM system for maximum seating comfort. Designed and tailored in Australia, Luxemburg has unique features that stand out from ordinary design. Its elongated steel sled legs and beautifully quilted arms are a carefully crafted and elegant finish. Try Luxemberg for yourself and choose the same luxurious European leather that both BMW and King Furniture prefer. Or, select from an exciting range of premium imported fabrics.


Luxemburg – a very special sofa with a unique history. Originally designed for luxury motor vehicle manufacturer BMW, to be placed in their Australian showrooms. Luxemburg is a luxurious design that combines an appealing low line look with the back support that you’ve been searching for. Built around the famous King Furniture steel frame and using the uncompromising Postureflex® seating system, Luxemburg will deliver comfort and support for years to come.

Columbus Opera

The Columbus combines contemporary styling with traditional square lines making this design a popular choice to blend with the decor of many homes. Columbus incorporates all the key benefits of King Furniture designs and manufacturing. It is built around a steel frame and uses the Postureflex® seating system for lasting comfort. The seating cushions are made using long life multidensity HR foam. Columbus is available in three sizes including a traditional three-seater sofa with a matching armchair and ‘chaise’ ottoman. Available in your choice of leathers and fabrics.

Young in spirit, the clean style of the Opera sofa is ideal for apartment living. While compact in design the Opera retains the high level of comfort and all the benefits of King Furniture design and manufacturing quality. The Opera uses the Postureflex® seating system and is built around a unique steel frame. Seating cushions are made using long life multidensity HR foam. Opera comes in a choice of three sizes of two, two-and-a-half, or three-seater sofas, along with an armchair and ‘chaise’ ottoman. Available in your choice of leathers and fabrics.

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Shown here in white, Morocco has a light feel, perfect for warmer climates. The combination of genuine leather and luxurious materials make this flexible and extremely comfortable seating system ideal for year round living. King Furniture uses specially selected, natural quality leather. Leather has never looked better than on Morocco.

Morocco Maverick

Maverick combines the best of traditional upholstery with latest techniques resulting in the highest level of comfort. Subtle curves are combined with well proportioned contemporary styling. Dual finish legs can be quickly changed from timber to brushed metal. Optional headrests feature the all new invisible attachment system, eliminating unsightly support structures. Postureflex速 Seating System provides unsurpassed comfort and support, removable cover system and 15 Year Steel Frame Warranty.

Bongo & Otto are perfect for modern living. They are a stylish and fun addition to any room and complement contemporary design. A clever solution for extra seating when entertaining or for use as an occasional table, Bongos are available in round or oval in a selection of sizes and heights. Converting to a footstool while relaxing or a child’s favourite seat, the uses are unlimited.

Bongo & Otto

To make a stunning statement or harmonize with your decor, Bongo & Otto can be covered in an exciting range of fabrics and leathers.

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Sleek, ergonomic contours and smooth linear design make Astro II as pleasing to the eye as it is comfortable for the body. Astro II delivers style, elegance and simplicity that transforms a workplace and modernises a living space. Try Astro II and feel for yourself the rewarding comfort and support. Perfect relaxation! There are two options for Astro II. The Deluxe Astro II rocks, reclines and swivels. The Standard Astro II is anchored. Astro II is available with or without arms. The removable covers come in a selection of superb European leathers and beautiful fabrics.

Astro II Moon Tables

For example, simply by attaching the frame extensions, Moon™ table heights can be varied allowing exciting combinations that are both fashionable and functional. Base sections can be inverted to provide extra support for additional trays or shelves. Timber tops are removable and can be used as trays. Choose your Moon™ table components from a range of options so you can create the style and settings that suit you.


The Moon™ table design brings that famous King Furniture flexibility to the coffee table. The multi-purpose Moon™ tables have separate component parts that can be easily rearranged and configured to create different settings.

This new, sleek Italian designed furniture brings an exciting dimension to the King Furniture range. The Edge Collection presents a range of pieces that can be arranged to suit your individual needs. The sleek lines present a choice of discreet storage and wall systems that provide a place for everything you might need. You have a choice of timber veneers and lacquered matt finishes to suit your lifestyle. The Edge Collection includes: sideboards, side tables, dining tables, buffets, coffee tables, wall systems and book cases. Now you can complete your living spaces and complement your King sofa setting with Italian designed, quality made pieces from the new Edge Collection.

Edge Collection

FORMER is based in Italy, near Milan and enjoys an international reputation for design and quality. King Furniture and FORMER share the same design philosophy and that is why it is exclusive to King Furniture. To see how FORMER can streamline your lifestyle visit any King Furniture showroom. Or, visit FORMER direct at their website

Former is available in vast range of units, TV and media centres, shelving systems and side tables – please ask us for dimensions and delivery times.


Exclusive Leather + Fabric King Furniture is available in a superb range of exclusive leathers and fabrics, all selected and tested for light and colour fastness and seam strength. Overall durability is essential to ensure King Furniture leathers and fabrics will last and last. King Furniture offers a remarkable selection of TrueTouch leathers, considered by experts to be the highest quality leathers for upholstery. TrueTouch leathers are natural leathers from the specialist German tannery that supplies Rolls Royce and premium end BMW. Leather on furniture should reward the eye and comfort the body. But all leather is not the same. Most leather in furniture stores today is corrected leather and devoid of natural character. Corrected leathers are sanded or buffed to remove the natural surface grain. Marks and scars are covered up with plastic filler and pigment paint which can crack and cause problems over time. And finally, in an attempt to bring back some of the lost character, an imitation grain is then stamped into the leather. Discerning buyers demand true, natural leather with the individual markings proudly exhibited. Varying densities, natural scars and marks are the hallmarks of real, quality leather. TrueTouch leathers have the colour tanned into the hide so that the colour permeates the full thickness of the leather. Because TrueTouch leathers are full grain and aniline dyed they feel soft and subtle and have a wonderful, natural patina. They have high light fastness and are water and stain resistant. Natural full grain leathers such as TrueTouch feel warm in winter and cool in summer. Like fine wine, TrueTouch leathers age beautifully. The exceptional skills of the cutters and tailors at King Furniture ensure that selection, colour balance and grading are taken through to every piece of King Furniture. It is this attention to detail and quality that contributed to King Furniture winning the Furnishing Industry of Australia Association’s National Award for Excellence in using leather. When it comes to King Furniture leathers and fabrics only the best will do.

King-Care King-Care King Furniture is different to ordinary furniture. We not only sell furniture, we are the designers and manufacturers and that means we know everything there is to know about the quality and care of our products. King-Care has been designed to help you care for your furniture at home with King-Care products, or call the King-Care professionals who will come to you. KING-CARE PRODUCTS King Furniture has brought together the latest technology in Australia and Germany to develop these unique leather and fabric care kits. King-Care – Leather Kit – cleaner and conditioner are designed to keep your leather at its beautiful best whether it is a sofa or chair, in your car or on personal items. Regular use will ensure your leather retains its character, flexibility and strength whilst retaining the high quality comfort that the best leathers deliver. These cleaners, conditioners are not suitable for use on suede, nubuck, oiled or waxed leathers

King-Care – Fabric Kit – is a dual fabric-care treatment – spot cleaner and King GuardTM protector will keep your furnishing fabrics looking fresh and beautiful. KING-CARE PROFESSIONAL Have you ever felt like sending your sofa to the cleaners? Well now – the King Care professionals will come to you. King-Care ( will send a professional team to clean, refresh and rejuvenate your sofa. Trained experts will renew cushions, cope with stains and return your sofa to looking great once again. Call the King-Care experts and extend the life and usefulness of your sofa. To order King-Care products for prompt delivery or to book an appointment for King-Care Professional go to or call 1300KINGCARE (546 422)

King Furniture open 7 days Email: Internet: Annandale 61 Parramatta Rd Annandale NSW 2038 T +61 2 9516 5466 F +61 2 9550 5247 Castle Hill Shop 17 North Building “Home Hub” Cnr. Victoria Ave & Showground Road Castle Hill NSW 2154 T +61 2 8853 6766 F +61 2 8850 6121 Chatswood 216 Victoria Ave Chatswood NSW 2067 T +61 2 9410 3366 F +61 2 9410 1199 Moore Park - Open in June - Supa Centa Moore Park Cnr South Dowling Street & Todman Avenue Kensington NSW 2033 T 1300 Kingfurniture (546 438) Northmead 2 Windsor Rd (corner James Ruse Drive) Northmead NSW 2152 T +61 2 8838 6666  F +61 2 9890 4966 Richmond 569 Church St Richmond Vic 3121 T +61 3 9429 7666 F +61 3 9429 0877 Southbank 312 City Rd, Southbank Vic 3006 T +61 3 8633 8666 F +61 3 8633 8633 South Wharf South Wharf Homemaker Centre 20 Convention Centre Pl Melbourne Vic 3006 T + 61 3 8696 6466 F + 61 3 9686 9237 Nunawading 258 Whitehorse Rd Nunawading Vic 3131 T +61 3 8877 0666 F +61 3 9877 7590 Fortitude Valley 1024 Ann St Fortitude Valley Qld 4006 T +61 7 3253 6666 F +61 7 3253 6600 Gold Coast 76 Upton Street Bundall Gold Coast QLD 4217 T +61 7 5656 0366 F +61 7 5531 5165 Fyshwick 12 Townsville St Fyshwick ACT 2609 T +61 2 6239 3336 F +61 2 6239 3662

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