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Creating right work environment for your lab Modular Lab Furniture, manufactured by Space Design Labs, is an exclusive requisite for all Modern Laboratories entailed for Food, Pharmaceuticals, Research, Chemical Labs, Institutional & Educational Science Labs, etc. The Furniture is completely Modular in Nature, with upto date technology, with raw material & accessories being procured from some of the finest and most reputable manufacturers.The furniture is delivered Semi-knock down and is assembled at the site with utmost care and in a professional way.

state-of-the art manufacturing unit

The company offers its no-obligation, complimentary services, erstwhile to visiting the site, taking physical measurements, understanding the customers’ requirements and then preparing a complete and detailed draft layout of the laboratory along with the different required sizes of boxes and all other accessories.We have our own in-house team of designers to offer the best and optimized use of Lab area. Space Design Labs has been in the Modular Lab Furniture Business since 2012, whereas it has been in Modular Office Furniture business since 2009, specializing in undertaking Complete Turnkey Jobs of setting up a Lab along with Modular Lab Furniture and all the other necessary components to be installed, like various options of Counter Top, Electrical Trunking Raceway, many options of Sinks, Taps, Peg Boards, Eye Washers, etc. In our manufacturing, we have got state-of-the art machinery, including CNC Laser Cutting Machine (for utmost precision), CNC Shearing & Bending Machines, Power Presses, Projection Welding Machines, etc., with in-house Powder Coating Plant (with Phosphating) apart from other required machinery. In our Lab Furniture, we offer World’s Leading and most Unique Flexible Power Management System ‘EUBIQ’ from SINGAPORE, for all Electrical Power Needs required on Counter Top of Laboratories.

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Furniture Systems

Cleantec ‘C’ Frame System An easy to clean, a Modern ‘C’ Frame design, Internationally acclaimed, most widely accepted, based on a Cantilever Systems is a very Modern Lab Furniture System. These systems do not have any Support Legs (neither Metal understructure, nor PP Legs). As the Storage boxes hang above ground, everyday cleaning becomes effortlessly easy. These can be very easily realigned and shifted, making them more modular and versatile. Also the back side (Utility maintenance area) is easily accessible in these Cleantec System. ‘C’ Frame is constructed using a 60 mm x 30 mm rectangular pipe, which is usually 2 mm thick. The Frame does not have any front vertical legs, which provides a much orderly look. It comes with a leveler at the bottom, so that unevenness of any floor can be ironed out. Horizontal Connecting Rods are removable and can be constructed in any width according to preference. Back Panels are removable and are used to cover the utility lines going on the back. They can be easily removed to approach the service area for maintenance.

Universal System A free standing Pedestal based system with Heavy Duty MS Welded Understructure is a classic type of Laboratory Furniture which is very robust in nature, where all the load is born by the heavy understructure. Space Design Labs offers these systems in both standing height (900 mm) and sitting heights (750 mm), which adds practicality and flexibility to the modularity, in addition to the simplistic aesthetic. The basic structure of the model in no way hampers the smooth and frill-free functionality.

Furniture Systems

Sleek System

This modern and elegant-looking Lab Furniture systems, is not only visually attractive, but also gives an immaculate look to the Laboratory. The whole Furniture stands on adjustable and heavy duty PP Legs, which are covered (Wrapped Around) with 150 mm High PVC Skirting. However, for maintenance purpose, this skirting is easily removable and can be re-fixed on hooks provided on the legs. The major advantages provided by the system include avoidance of any falling object moving under the Laboratory TableÍž and comfortable, spill-resistant cleaning due to the gaps being closed at ground level.

Above: PP Leg Base System before skirting Below: PP Leg Base System after skirting

Work Table Options



Wall Side Tables: As the name suggests, the layout of these systems are tethered along the wall, in various depths of counter – 600 mm, 750 mm and 900 mm. The 750 mm and 900 mm counter depths provide more space to work and also offer better space in case Table Top Mounted Raceway is to be installed, or for the Piano type 3-way tap which is installed on counter top along with a Sink. An overhead storage can also by hanged above the Working Table. ‘L’/‘U’/ ‘M’ / Extended ‘M’Shape Tables: Wall tables when extended from one wall to other wall(s) become ‘L’ shape and ‘U’ shape. However, when one wall is much longer than the perpendicular wall, Tables are arranged in‘M’ type and extended ‘M’ shape which provides better space management and utilization.


Island Tables: These Stand Alone tables can be placed anywhere in the Centre of Lab Area. These come with a provision to keep Counter Top ‘REGENT SHELF RACKS’, which provide ample storage space to place Chemicals, Powders, accessories, etc.

Wall Table with Power Raceway on Top. Most suitable for Physics Labs and Instrumental Labs

Island Table with Regent Racks for Storage & Sink. Most suitable for Chemistry Labs, Biology Labs and other testing labs with chemical usage

Wall Table with Regent Racks for Storage. Most suitable for Chemistry Labs, Biology Labs and other testing labs with chemical usage

Work Table Options

Island Table with Power Raceway on Top. Most suitable for Physics Labs and Instrumental Labs

Wall Table with Regent Racks for Storage, Sink & Peg Board. Most suitable for Chemistry Labs, Biology Labs and other testing labs with chemical usage

Island Table with Regent Racks for Storage along with Power Raceway. Most suitable for Composite Labs where multiple testing activities take place.

Wall Table with DOUBLE SINK on both side, with Peg Board. Labs demanding lots of washing require this kind of arrangement

Wall Table with Power Track & Overhead Storage. Physics, Instrumental & other alike labs require these.

‘L’ Shape Wall Table with Regent Racks for Storage and SInk along with Power Raceway. Most suitable for Composite Labs where multiple testing activities take place.

‘’U’ shape Wall Table with CORNER SINK and Power Track. Physics, Instrumentation & Bio Labs usually require this kind of configuration.

‘M’ shape Table, combination of Wall, as well as Island Table with Regent Rack, Power Track, represents a BIG Lab.

DOUBLE ‘M’ shape Table, combination of Wall, as well as Island Tables with Regent Rack, Power Track, represents a BIG Lab.

Application Areas Institutional / Research & Industrial Labs Modular Labs are among the basic requirements of any Food / Pharmaceutical / Pesticide / Research / Chemical / Medical / Bio-tech / Microbiology kind of Industry / Institutions / R&D Centre. All kinds of various components of Modular Lab Furniture, like Storage Boxes, Leg Spaces, Slim Drawers, Sink Boxes, Regent Racks, Corner Storages, S.S. / P.P. Sinks, 3-Way Swan Neck Tap, Peg Boards, Eye Washers, Safety Shower with Eye Wash, Spot Extractor, Overhead Storages, Fume Hoods, Chemical Storage Racks, etc. along with GRANITE tops are used in these Labs, depending on requirements and space availability.


Food Industry

Modern Laboratories


Healthcare Industry


Chemical Industry

Educational Institutions Labs Chemistry Lab: In Chemistry Laboratory, work tables with Sink & Regent Racks are recommended. Various types of chemicals, powders, reagents, etc. are required at the time of practicals, so these need to be placed at an accessible distance. Extra stand-alone storage in Powder Coating or S.S. may also be placed for storage of extra materials if so desired. Gas Piping & ‘FUME HOOD’ are also a necessary part of a well laid out ‘Chemistry Lab’. Fume Hood of basic Bench type are recommended for educational chemistry labs. Physics Lab: A Physics Laboratory has more use of instruments, thereby, making the requirement of adequate poweran important stipulation along with Storage. Electrical Power provision, with the use of Electrical Trunking along with suitable Switch-Sockets is provided on the top itself. Moreover, as there are lots of instruments used in these labs, extra standalone storages are also recommended. Biology Lab: In a Biology Lab, a Small Regent Racks along with a Sink is recommendedon the working Table as cleaning is an essential part of the laboratory work. Also, emphasis is given on Large Storages Spaces in Biology Labs so as to store charts etc. Drawer storage units are also offered for a more systemized storage management. Composite Lab: Composite Lab is primarily a combination of all three kinds of Labs, viz. Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab and a Biology Lab. It may have three kinds of different tables, each suitable for different kind of Lab or a bigger table fulfilling requirements of all three types of Laboratories.

Box Modules Box Modules for Cleantech Systems

Box Modules for Universal & Sleek Systems

Fume Hoods Fume Hood - Ducted Designed to maintain laboratory hygiene conditions and safety of researchers at all times, Fume Hoods protect against flammable or toxic chemicals. These protection devices have clear sashes that slide horizontally or vertically into place and support high working visibility. Constructed for maximum chemical resistance, the leak-proof enclosures do not corrode even with heavy routine use and corrosive spills. The chemical fume hoods circulate and filter air to eliminate possible vapours produced.

Constant Air volume (CAV) With Bypass In a bypass fume hood, The grille for the bypass chamber is visible at the top. Bypass CAV hoods addresses the issues of high velocity that affect conventional fume hoods. These hoods allow the air to be pulled through a "bypass" opening from above as the sash closes. Usually, the bypass is located at a position so that as the user closes the sash, the bypass opening gets larger. Thus the pulled air going through the hood maintains a constant volume no matter where the sash is positioned and without changing fan speeds.

Variable Air Volume (VAV) Hoods A variable airflow (constant-velocity) fume hood, has a visible flow sensor. These fume hoods, vary the volume of room air exhausted while maintaining the face velocity at a set level.



User friendly Options

as per ASHRAE 110:1995 standards

Inner workspace made from Trespa™ Scientific Surface / HYLAM

Variable Options of Under Storages Under storages are on Heavy Duty Castors or Pedestals

DUCTLESS FUME HOODS: We are in the process of developing Ductless Fume Hoods of International Quality.

International Standard aesthetic

Anti-Vibration Tables (AVT) Ergonomically styled, the AVT offers a solid and stable surface specifically for vibration free requirement during measurement. When used in tandem with a balance, the table allows the balance to perform with marked precision, despite air currents or movements that might cause readings to fluctuate. Our AVTs offer excellent protection from vibrations and oscillations, which would otherwise distort the weighing result. Solid framed base can be levelled easily, along with Polished granite slab that provides solid support, and combined with specially designed rubber vibration reducing pads, it makes for an anti vibration table that gives user the vibration relief needed for precision

weighing. The table comprises two separate parts: An internal working surface consisting of a thick granite slab mounted on adjustable rubber shock absorbing mounts along with Heavy duty Scew Supported Mounts having Rotational Axis. All our tables are manufactured with rugged construction for durability, easy setup, adjustable levelling feet to compensate for uneven floors, and scratch proof top granite slab to prevent surface damage. Customized dimensions – Standard Sizes of AVTs offered are L-900xW-600xH-900 and L-1200 x W600 x H-900mm. However, customized sizes may also be offered on request.

Storage Options Full Height Storage with Glass in Shutters Library /Lab Storage Cabinet with Glass, Overall Size - 1980 x 910 x 480 mm with 4 shelves making 5 compartments along with Snap Shut Locking System. Photo

Chemical Storage with provision of ducting /ventilation Chemical Storage is similar to Full Height Storage with Glass in Shutters, but with Chemical resistant coating on all inner surfaces, having 4 shelves, 5 compartments and 4 openable doors. Optional PP Trays are also offered for each shelf. The entire cabinet has an exhaust provision at the top, which can be connected to ducting and blower, via a flow control valve.

Overhead Storages Overhead, Wall Mounted Storages are offered with Glass in Shutter for better visibility with auto closing hinges and widths of 600 and 900 mm (with 2 shutters) and height of 650 mm and depth 325 mm.

Lockers Lockers for safe storage of Staff’s personal belongings or otherwise utility items, with Options of 6/9/12/18 Lockable Lockers are available in Full Size Locker of overall size H1980 x D-480 x W-910 mm.

Accessories Sinks • Polypropylene Sinks (Drop-in )- Black in color, made up of High Density of Elastic poly propylene;are corrosion free, inactive to almost all chemicals, and have a very long life; provided along with all fittings & accessories.Availabe in 3 different Sizes, L-600 x W-450 mm, L-560 x D-355 mm and L-340 x D-340 mm • S. S. Sink – Stainless Steel Sinks of very high quality is offered as per requirement. • Ceramic Sinks - Suitable for Acids and Alkalies • Granite Sinks – Aesthetically very appealing and resistant to most chemicals. Premium Grade. Available in many colors.

Taps • SWAN 3 waygoose neck water tap with 2 fixed bib taps & 1 tap with swivel spout bench mounting. Made from Brass Forging and Epoxy Powder Coated . • One Way with Swivel Spout Bench Mounting. Made from Brass Forging and Epoxy Powder Coated. • C.P. Swan Neck, Three Way Water Tap. Two Fixed Faucets and one swivel type.

Peg Boards • S.S. Peg Boards with Tray area available with 24 / 28 / 33 Nos. of Pegs • Acrylic Peg Boards with S.S. Tray with 18/23/30/33 Nos. of Pegs

Eye Wash & Safety Shower • • • •

2-Way Eye Wash for Instant Safety of Eyes One Way Eye Wash S.S. Safety Shower with Eye-Wash GI Safety Shower with Eye-Wash

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers are the best Laboratory hand portable fire extinguishers. These have been tested and approved for Class F specially for Laboratory hazards.

Also Available: Gas Valves-One Way/Two Way/Four Way, Spot Extractors, PP Moulded Trays for placing above Storage shelves, etc.

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