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Tokimonsta A look at the first lady of Brainfeeder

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ImKing This summer’s freshest fashions are here

38 Rusko In 10 steps, find out how the producer creates his beats

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Mai-Mai Monster How a font influenced an entire campaign.

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What moves you? Find out what style speaks to you the most


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Space Neil deGrasse Tyson reinvents Carl Sagan’s “The Cosmos”

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Two Fresh


The Dynamic Duo speaks out

40. a blend of 50 hip-hop beats will ease your mind

52. Qui-Sommes Nous?

Zim & Zou’s unique style is unforgettable


What we love about summer

The White Temple Thailand

Photography by Mike Gianatto

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Worldwide Inspiration Visit these places that will blow your mind

ABOUT THE COVER Yes:No is where all things underground collide: music, design, apparell, inspiration, and everything in between. The 2012 Summer Volume covers everything we love about these hot and fun months. Y:N Summer 2012



by Sean Ryon



IGGY AZALEA Iggy Azalea (born Amethyst in 1990) is an Australian songwriter and rapper. Azalea started rapping at 14 and moved to the United States of America in 2006. As of November 2011, she is managed by Interscope Records’ George Robertson and Neil Jacobson but still unsigned officially. She is perhaps better known for her promotional songs “Pu$$y” and “My World” whose music videos went viral on YouTube. Her debut studio album “The New Classic” will be released in 2012.


SBTRKT SBTRKT is the stage name and project headed by Aaron Jerome, a musician and producer from London, United Kingdom. SBTRKT began his career as a DJ in the east London club “Plastic People”. SBTRKT has remixed songs by artists such as M.I.A, Radiohead, Modeselektor, Basement Jaxx, Mark Ronson, Underworld and Goldie, and has released singles, EPs, and a self-titled album. SBTRKT’s music is a mixture of two-step, UK funky, dubstep, US RnB and Chicago house.

TWO FRESH The twin brothers of Asheville, North Carolina’s Two Fresh incite laptop-powered dance parties, producing a mix of thumpy hip-hop remixes, synth melodies, and slightly tripped-out soul. As Sherwyn and Kendrick Nicholls dance (usually together in sync) behind their consoles, drummer Colby Buckler adds some extra rhythmic punch to the live set. Two Fresh offers a chill-stylish blend of sounds that acts to holds up as flavor on the dance floor.

Photo by Cinesthetics Portraits

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Describe your sound in your own words. Well, I describe the sound as a newish type of hip-hop style, with a little bit of electronic influence. It is not a genre, really. I don't know -- it swings all over the place, depends on what we are feeling that night, but as far as producing s--- it's mostly hip-hop.

How did your band form? I started messing with programs on the computer in high school with my twin brother, then we went to separate colleges and came back to it. We were making beats and got Colby along. He started playing drums with us and we kept going from there.


What are your musical influences? A lot of instrumental hip-hop: J Dilla, this cat by the name of 14KT. We take from a lot of music, we get a lot of rhythms from old-school rock and straight jazz, and then regular hip-hop and mainstream, too

How did you come up with your band name? We kind of were just sitting around at the house and just naming off s--, and it kind of just came. And we are fraternal twins; we just look a hell of a lot like each other. So Two Fresh seemed right. Written by Summer Ghias

Born and raised in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, TOKiMONSTA (Jennifer Lee) was an unfocused pupil of classical piano. However, she has come to use this background to create vast textural soundscapes through utilizing live instruments, percussion, digital manipulation, and dusty noise. she is able to fuse vintage sounds with progressive styles into something unique.



“Through the creation of beats, she is able to fuse vintage sounds with progressive styles.”

Firstly tell us a little bit about yourself:

Who are your big influences past and present and

My real name is Jennifer Lee. I was born and

who should we all be looking out for in the future?

raised in Torrance, CA in Los Angeles County. I’m

Wow, I’m terrible at listing these things off the top

Korean-American–though I’m very often mistaken

of my head, but I’m just going to avoid being

as Japanese, by Koreans as well. I was formally

overly obscure and list the obvious ones: Marvin

trained in the piano and clarinet,

Gaye, João Gilberto, Sunra, Althea and

and later taught myself the guitar

Donna, traditional Korean music, J Dilla,

and drums. Of course, I was

Wutang, Dj Shadow, Smashing Pump-

never quite spectacular at any of

kins, Kings of Convenience, Junior Boys,

these instruments, but I gained a

Miho Hatori, Deftones, Radiohead. As

good ear and musical sensibility.

far as the future, stay keen on the All

When I was in college, a friend

City Los Angeles 10×10 series. It will

suggested that I try making beats

feature 20 of LA’s best producers on ten.

and it’s all history from there.

What are your feelings on the current So you are very much unofficially

state of hip-hop?

dubbed the ‘first lady of Brain-

Generally, I don’t have any particular

feeder’. How did you hook up with

feelings about the state of hip hop.

those guys?

Changing times also means chang-

Flying Lotus called me that on the

ing tastes and styles, which means that

BF site and I find it really nuts how

hip hop was never destined to stay the

that title has stuck ever since. As

same as it was in ’93. However, with

far as how I hooked up with them, I guess it was

any genre, growth is important, but so is maintain-

just the course of nature bringing like-minded

ing the integrity of your craft. Perhaps the general

people together. We all knew each other before I

quality of hip hop isn’t as great now, but the direc-

was even a part of the crew–the LA beat scene is

tion it has taken isn’t a bad thing at alll, it’s been a

an intimate community.

natural progression.




As well as clearly being pretty handy


with a drum machine and other gadgetry you are classically trained

Darkest Dim Jennifer Lee aka TOKiMONSTA makes some sexy soothing tunes that you cant help but nod your head to.

in the piano and you have started to use traditional Korean instruments on your tunes.

percussion the way I did. I have

I think my former training has given

adopted a mindset that strives to mix

me my sense of musicality, but I

new with old/obscure with conven-

have learned to throw out the struc-

tional/light with dark. I guess that’s

tural rules in order to embrace a bor-

why “toki” (which means rabbit in

derless musical realm. If I thought

Korean) and “monsta” fits me. It’s

like how I was trained, I doubt I would

the idea of yin and yang–opposites

have thought to combine Korean

behaving in complete harmony.

Y:N Summer 2012



Installations can sometimes be impressive, but some involve the spectator in a full way. Japanese artist, Yosuke Goda, creates immersive environment rooms, just using his talent and creative mind. He creates living, breathing rooms that swallow human beings. Thank to the use of a black markers, Goda has no mercy for the surrounding white walls, floor, and ceiling. He creates organisms with a body similar to the roots and vines of trees. This impressive monster appears to constantly grow, with no self-control, like art, unstoppable. ‘ (via Elitism) continued on pg. 58 >


Photo and article by Jorge Artola


h! mai mai!® its a danO gerous and cute typeface created by Jorge Artola.

Inspired by the mai mai monster® it is fully equipped with numerals, accents, punctuation and special characters! It also includes a bonus wallpaper pack! so don’t be afraid... its free!

Y:N Summer 2012



The Washington Post commissioned the dynamic duo to envision a “New Tysons”


> Y:N Summer 2012


QUI-SOMMES NOUS? Lucie Thomas teamed up with Thibault Zimmermann to form Zim&Zou, a french studio based in Nancy that explores different fields including paper sculpture, installation, graphic design, illustration. Rather than composing images on a computer, they prefer creating real objects with paper and taking photos out of them. A number of intricate illustrations actually come from the three-dimensional installations made by Zim&Zou. Zim&Zou’s strength is to be a complementary and polyvalent duo.


New Tysons CLIENT: WASHINGTON POST The story is about an area in the

open out there. This car driven

Hoping to add more pedestrian

Washington DC suburbs, that

area will suddenly have more

walkways, more apartments,

is mainly offices, shopping and

public transit. Right now it’s kind

more grocery stores - more of a

parking lots with tons and tons

of a soulless place, but they’re

place that people want to live,

of cars. 4 metro stations will

hoping to make it more of a city.

rather than just work.


Straight Edge $25.00


Opportunities are never given to the ordinary;

IMKING’s mission is to discover and inspire, to

they are seized by the extraordinary. Raw, talented

feed our hunger for creativity and evolve with

individuals able to see beyond the struggles of the

experience and determination. Whether you’re a

present, elevate with knowledge of the past, and

scholar or an artist, raw talent breed’s opportunity.

achieve the goals of tomorrow.

Pictures and article by IMKING Clothing

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