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COVER STORY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT...ESTHEDERM KEY ISSUE! ESTHEDERM Research & Development staff is thoroughly versed in the requirements of each French research agency. All required procedures are in place to ensure the integrity of all skincare products that Esthederm produce. All Institute Esthederm team is committed to constantly investigating new technologies and cosmetic market trends to produce products that will give spas the competitive edge in the marketplace. Through continuous research and development, Esthederm strive to produce the most effective possible skincare products for all types of skin around the world. Esthederm sunproducts range, for example, was a breakthrough in sun education technology. Esthederm commitment to innovation has kept them at the forefront of dermatological science and they have consistently led the development of quality skincare advanced products. Esthederm R&D department and team focus only on one goal: what more can we do to protect the future of skin?

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MAY 2009

Medical Wellness

When President Barack Obama made his first official visit to Europe last month, he enjoyed a taste of Baden-Baden, Germany. While spa time isn’t on his itinerary, it’s likely that this fitness-oriented American president took advantage of facilities for exercise and runs. Hilltop location and a heliport make Schlosshotel Buhlerhohe a good choice for the U. S. president’s visit. A German newspaper reported the American delegation to stay in town at Brenner’s Park-Hotel & Spa, a european kur center. Facing economic challenges, fifteen German health institutions have signed a “letter of intent” to establish a new standard for resorts and clinics, designated “Medical Wellness.” The concept combines spa and beauty with medical services for “people who want to actively do more for their health than the health insurance offers. Criteria for medical wellness facilities require a doctor integrated with procedures, from general health checkup to lectures; certified therapists; multi-disciplinary holistic programs geared to change guests’ lifestyle sustainably. Even the furnishings of facilities and documentation of management is spelled out. Medical Wellness is the new spa.


THE MISSING LINK IN HEALTHCARE Integrating Healthy Lifestyles, Spas can Provide New Synergy For Preventive Medicine Policy

Facing demands to control spiraling costs of healthcare, government policy makers around the world are developing new approaches to prevention of illness. The operative phrase: Integrative Medicine. The aim: Care that is patient-centered, proactive, continuous in nature, securely grounded in evidence, and promotes health and well-being as an integral part of the care process.


Medical Staff Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal is the most powerful tool a spa manager has in determining an employee’s continued fit with the organization, potential for additional responsibility and opportunities for development. Proper performance appraisals include a self-assessment, the direct manager’s evaluation and 360° feedback from peers, subordinates and other managers.


Active Management

“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority" says Ken Blanchard co-author of one of my favorite books: The One Minute Manager. – Influence………not authority….hmm…..reflect on that… And now think about this: what is your spa management style? Are you a good and effective leader? Are you providing direct practical experience in the operations and functioning of your spa and wellness facility? Are you hands-on? Does your management style allow you to participate in issues ‘on the floor’ ? Or in contrast – are you more rigid and distant in your management style?


Spa Market Niche

NICHE EQUALS RICH – With the spa market becoming more and more saturated the standard methodologies behind doing business within the industry are rapidly changing. A decade ago it was sufficient to offer the standard fare of facials and massage with a theme and an appealing facility. This is no longer the case. Today there is a spa on every block. Unfortunately the competition is tugging at the purse strings of many spa owners. While it is typical in a capitalistic society for competition to force the weaker players out, the redundancy of spa facilities makes it difficult for the consumer to choose a spa and stick with that spa loyally. A price war typically ensues and in a service based business–no one wins at this game. The solution is to forge a new path.

Discover the Anti-Aging Power of Minerals. Natural & Organic... Hormeta uses only the Purest, Proven & Most Effective active ingredients from oceans & earth, including Organic plant, fruit and botanical extracts as well as essential oils!


Advanced... Exclusive Duel Proprietary Delivery Systems, Ionization and Liposomal which deliver Hormeta's active ingredients deep into skin tissue to activate vital functions & biological exchanges for cellular & DNA regeneration, repair, protection & maximum absorbency!

Minerals...Vital to Life...Essential to Skin... Powerful in Skin Care... All Hormeta products contain a Special blend of Ionized minerals in every product! Clinically proven... Hormeta products are clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone & condition! Swiss... True Swiss skin care products all Guaranteed to be made & packaged in Switzerland, don't be fooled by imitations!


T 888.435.5022 F 888.783.1659 E info @ W

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The biggest risk we take in life is not taking a risk

If we get money moving around the economy starts to recover. Are you doing your part? As we all know, there are people who lead and there are those who follow.


you want to hear more bad news about the economy, turn on the news tonight when you get home. It is pretty much nonstop now, right? You are not going to get it here. In fact you might get the opposite. I have spent this past month talking to those in charge of spas for many of the major hotel companies and yes, it is totally different than it was at this time last year. The same goes with the vendors that provide products & services to

these spas. I hate that overused phrase that we hear in so many conversations today, but the truth is, it is what it is. Who came up with that line anyway? I publish Spa Management, the trade magazine that covers what is going on in spas for the hospitality industry and then some. If the end of the world is upon us, why are we doing so well? We rely on advertising to pay our bills and the support we are getting during this “down economy” might be considered nothing short of miraculous.

Then I started thinking it might have less to do with the value of the advertising as it is about our dealing with people with vision. If you want to be part of the resurrection of the U.S. economy why not lead instead of wait? I hired a new person last month, her name is AAdele, and she will be helping in many aspects of our business. Why hire somebody when revenue is less than it was last year? Hey, if you are going to talk the talk, then you also need to walk the walk. Are you a hotelier or spa manager contemplating layoffs because of less business? Can it wait or does it need be done today? Do you have a users’ group meeting coming up where your staff could benefit from learning about new spa treatments? Do you have a travel freeze within your company? Do you realize the value of users groups? Send them. Is there a spa/medical industry event or conference where you would like to be represented? Go. If the spa industry does not lead the way with travel, how can we expect other companies to do so? As I have said before, I am not an economist. But I do know that if we sit scared on our money then the economy stays bad. If we get money moving around the economy starts to recover. Are you doing your part? As we all know, there are people who lead and there are those who follow. I might not be the smartest guy in the world, but I know that the biggest risk we take in life is not taking a risk. I hope nobody ever accuses me of that.

Guy Jonkman, Publisher Spa Management Journal 14 SPA MANAGEMENT • MAY 09





HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD About the Author SpaGoer Bernard Burt An authoritative, independent observer of the spa industry for nearly two decades, Bernard Burt was founding director of ISPA in 1991. He foresaw industry growth, staging annual conferences and cochairing the first international summit meeting of industry leaders in Baden-Baden, Germany, a landmark event in 1996 covered by USA Today. His services to the industry were honored with presentation of the International Spa Association's Dedicated Contributor Award in 2000. Documenting destinations worldwide, Burt co-authored "100 Best Spas of the World" with Pamela Price. Published by The Globe Pequot Press in 2000, Third edition of the book was recently published. Previously he created and wrote "Fodor's Healthy Escapes," a North American guide to spas, health resorts, and spiritual retreats, published in 1986 by Random House. For continuing coverage, see his Web site,


Red Carpet Treatment at Spa Luce Showcases Starpower By Bernard Burt

Imagine walking the red carpet at the Oscar awards.


fter the hype and ceremony, Hollywood still draws crowds of star-struck tourists. But the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel & Spa delivers a real Red Carpet experience.

Highland Center, this is the only spa close to the Kodak Theatre, where the Oscar awards show is staged, as well as the historic Grauman Chinese Theatre. And the complex is owned by the developer, CIM Group, who contracted with WTS International to operate Spa Luce.

Secluded on the hotel’s pool terrace, Spa Luce is the perfect place to prepare for a big event, ……or recuperate. One of the best-kept secrets in statusconscious Los Angeles, this tiny spa was actioncentral prior to the Academy Awards. According to spa director Erika Kissinger, they booked 65 treatments, many taking advantage of the hotel’s Red Carpet weekend package (see box), at $250 premium over prevailing leisure rate, $499-$599.

Cross-marketing spa and hotel packages is a priority for Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa director of marketing Dan Shaughnessy. Group planners are contacted by event coordinator Jeff Stutz to schedule spa services. With seven treatment rooms and a co-ed lounge, Spa Luce caters to localites and hotel guests, about 50/50 said Erika. Signature treatments feature an aromatherapy collection created exclusively for Spa Luce by renowned celebrity aromatherapist Dr. Sharon Z. Zadanoff.

But like the movies, there is more to Spa Luce than meets the eye. Located in a movie-themed Renaissance hotel within the Hollywood &

Each ritual is designed to create a complete experience of relaxation and renewal. Using essential oils of Mandarin Orange, Tangerine,






Lavender, and Vanilla, Spa Luce offers a balance of pure indulgence and genuine benefit that make the treatments a truly rewarding experience. Spa Luce’s 20-product collection includes the Spa Luce Custom Massage, the Spa Luce Custom Facial, the Spa Luce Signature Facial and the Spa Luce Custom Couples Massage. For nearly two decades, Dr. Sharon, as she is popularly known, has been the go-to source of health and well-being for music superstars, top actors and models Her selective clients include Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, REM’s Michael Stipe, the Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam among many other A-listers. Aromatherapy is just one of Dr. Sharon’s methods to promote both physical and mental health. She also offers chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapies. Whether on location for a film or on a worldwide tour, her programs establish a health “comfort” level, keeping the stars at peak performance despite their high stress and demanding schedules. SPA LUCE RED CARPET PACKAGE at Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa • Executive Room or View Room (Hollywood Sign/City View) • Sparkling Wine on arrival • 80-Minute Anti Gravity Facial • Manicure • Pedicure • Two Signature Martinis • Breakfast for two • Valet Parking; Appointments: 1-323-491-1376

.......................... Erika Kissinger’s spa career started in Wisconsin as a beautician at Kohler Waters Spa. After a stint in

Las Vegas at a timeshare resort, she moved into management, replacing Helen Storer, who joined the Mondrian Hotel Group in LA as regional director of spas after opening Spa Luce. Hollywood’s buzz faded to a warm glow. My therapist suggested a facial with red flower men’s line, which suited me perfectly. Also featured: Sonya Dakar, Somme Institute, and Signature Rituals by Dr. Sharon including a hydrotherapy bath. The view from my hotel window encompassed hillside mansions below the iconic Hollywood sign, both the faded glamour and renewal of the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. Even the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel is getting a facelift! Truly a four-star experience. A STAR IS BORN: KATE SOMERVILLE The scene: Kate Somerville, skin health guru to the stars, invites me to her clinic in West Hollywood. Tucked into an area of fashion boutiques on Melrose Place, Kate’s place resembles a bungalow on steroids. Previous owner Sean Connery hosted intimate dinners here. The décor is classic Hollywood: white walls, black drapes, crystal chandeliers. Somerville skin health experts emphasize clinical skincare rather than salon treatments. Advanced technologies in the hands of a team that includes a medical director, nurse practitioner, RNs, and estheticians turn an ordinary treatment into a lifeenhancing investment. In “the White Room” private suite with dressing area, shower, and relaxation alcove, your entourage can relax while your treatment progresses. The highlight of my DermaLucent facial was the sundrenched effect of Kate’s patented light machine. The glow, plus Somerville DermalQuench hydration






with oxygen and serum laden with Vitamin C, is said to protect the skin from future sun damage – with no side effects or recovery time needed. Recommended as a series of six treatments, the DermaLucent regimen is now featured at spas in Four Seasons Hotels as well as the new Mandara Spa at the Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach, Florida.


A pioneer in paramedical esthetics, Kate Somerville began her career in pre-operative skincare, working side-by-side with dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. Now, 20 years on, her trademarked Skin Health Experts are at the forefront of the Medi-Spa movement. Contact:; Appointments: 1-800/984-KATE.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were in India filming a Hollywood epic at the same time as “Slumdog Millionaire” went into production at Bollywood studios.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were in India filming a Hollywood epic at the same time as “Slumdog Millionaire” went into production at Bollywood studios. We were at an elegant beachfront resort, the JW Marriott Mumbai, recuperating from jet lag at the Marriott Quan Spa. Prior to boarding the Deccan Odyssey, we had tea at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel (scene of last year’s terrorist attack), visited a cricket club, and explored Mumbai in the company of executives from the Four Seasons Hotel under construction downtown.

The scene: Mumbai’s Victorian train station, jammed with humanity in all classes. A red carpet leads to reception desk for a private train, The Deccan Odyssey, where passengers are greeted by turbaned stewards and the spa team.

We were at an elegant beachfront resort, the JW Marriott Mumbai, recuperating from jet lag at the Marriott Quan Spa. Prior to boarding the Deccan Odyssey, we had tea at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel (scene of last year’s terrorist attack), visited a cricket club, and explored Mumbai in the company of executives from the Four Seasons Hotel under construction downtown. Surrounded by slums and squalor, the soaring Four Seasons Hotel symbolizes the rebirth of Bombay as the new financial center of India. Interiors are contemporary luxe, much like the brand’s hotels in major cities around the world. But the distinguishing feature of Four Seasons Mumbai is a two-story spa attached to the hotel tower. With eight treatment rooms, swimming pool, and spacious private suites, this is an urban escape from traffic congestion and crowds. There’s a hair salon staffed with Italian-trained stylists, Thai masseuses, and an Ayurveda doctor. Watching “Slumdog Millionaire” capture Academy Awards, my memories of Mumbai came vividly alive. Were we really on a spa with wheels? Or was it a scene from a movie? ■





The Gift of Giving Hugh Jones has been in the spa & fitness industry for 21 years andhas successfully directed spa programs in several 5-star hotels, resorts and planned communities. He began his career in 1981 at the world famous spa at Palm-Aire, Pompano Beach,Florida. Hugh has also written several articles for Spa Management on planning for profits within the spa, recruiting and managing spa staff, and reviewing existing spa operations to improve service and profitability. During his many years as a Spa Director, Hugh Jones, has mentored many staff members that have gone on to become successful Spa Directors at several prestigious properties. Since 2000 Hugh has been involved with spa design and development in over 80 successful national & international projects in Switzerland, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

By Hugh Jones, M.Ed.

Some people in the spa industry do not think that gift cards are good for the industry. I do not agree and have used gift cards to generate incremental revenue for the spa and the rest of the resort. There are all kinds of ways to recoup this money and even triple the money if you skillfully develop a process and system to capitalize on this opportunity. At a spa in Florida I managed this is how it worked for us. First make sure you have a great software system and you put in accurate information on who bought and who received the gift card. Second our price point was $99, $149 up to $249 in 1990’s prices. I still believe in these price points even today. That does not mean you cannot go higher or lower it depends on your location and menu prices.


Third never prejudge how much money the gift card holder is willing to spend. This is because up to this point they have not spent a penny because the card was a gift. SPA MANAGEMENT • MAY 09

Fourth be generous, courteous and wow everyone with great service. After all we are in the hospitality industry. Fifth put your spa on show. During the orientation of your guests “show and tell” the spa departments and all the services and products that are available if you would like to add to your services. Sixth make the guest feel comfortable, wanted and not intimidated if it is a new environment for them and they are not sure what to do. Seventh include everybody in this endeavor. It must be a team effort within the resort not just in the spa. Celebrate every guest. Every guest who walks through your doors is helping to pay your wages. THE GIFT OF GIFT CARDS EXAMPLE: $99 Gift Card equals 1- 25 minute massage and 125 minute facial 1. Call up the gift card holder and ask “Would you like to utilize your gift card?”.



TRIPLE YOUR MONEY IF YOU SKILLFULLY DEVELOP A PROCESS For more information on Spa Training and Educational Programs contact: HUW Enterprises at 386-671-9225, or

2. We have a special going on in the resort from Monday through Thursday 3. Our offer is if you would like to stay in our beautiful resort we will charge $50 per person per night 4. Arrival will be after 2PM and you will have the full use of spa amenities. I suggest you arrive between 2PM and 4PM. 5. May I book your services for your 25 minute massage and 25 minute facial? After appointments are made for the following day and a room reservation has been made ask the guest to confirm time of arrival so that a tour of the spa can be arranged and a locker prepared for their arrival. $99 + $50 = $149 Gift card + Room Revenue When the guests arrive for their tour there is an opportunity to show all the amenities available and include classes if you like. Now is the opportunity to upgrade the service: a. from a 25 minute to a 50 minute service or b. add another service. After checking into their room the guests will likely want to eat dinner which will probably cost about $25 per person. $99 + $50 + $25 = $184 Gift Card + room + Dinner Following their morning service lets say they upgraded one service at $50 per person plus breakfast $99 + 50 + $25 + $10 + $50 = $234 Gift Card + room + Dinner + Breakfast + spa upgrade Finally the opportunity to sell some of your spa products, logo items or accessories as a farewell gesture at average price of $25 per person equals a total $259 all from a $99 Gift card.

At check out before 2PM there is an opportunity if your lunch is really appetizing to pick up another $15 per person $274. Total Revenue Breakdown Spa Revenue Room Revenue

$99 Gift Card $50 $50 Upgrade $149 $ 25 Retail $174 Per Person $50 per Person

Food and Beverage $25 Dinner $10 Breakfast $15 Lunch $50 per Person

Service charges, local taxes, resort fee, etc. should be disclosed when making reservations to avoid any misunderstanding of extra charges. If the gift card program is instituted as a yield management tool you can increase revenues not only for the spa but the total resort. Like any other program it has to be managed, so do not think because you have sold a gift card the recipient is going to use it or the money will disappear as undisclosed income on your P & L statement. However, following the sale of gift cards for special events, Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, make sure you follow up with your client and make every special occasion a visit to your spa. This gift card redemption program can be used as a yield management tool or at off peak times to generate additional revenue, introduce new clients to the spa and to demonstrate the benefits of enjoying the spa experience. Ask if “the spa experience was to their satisfaction?” and “may we contact you for future promotions” or “would you like to make a future appointment before you leave?” ■





Choosing an ALEXIS UFLAND A respected authority in the Spa industry, Alexis Ufland is the owner of Lexi Design, a Spa Consultancy firm that has developed premier spas and fitness centers across Europe, Asia and the United States. With a unique combination of creativity, development and operations, Ms. Ufland will create and implement a proven turnkey operation that guarantees success. Ms. Ufland has written numerous articles on Spa development and has been quoted in the top industry trade magazines as well as lectured at national trade events


Organic Skin Care Line By Alexis Ufland


to have similarly high standards of excellence from the vendors they choose to patronize.

aintaining beauty and youthfulness is a daily preoccupation for many women and men. Environmental exposure, lifestyle choices, normal chronology and many other factors all take their toll on the aging process of our skin—and most appearance-conscious people are eager for ways to effectively turn back the clock. So it’s no surprise that millions of dollars in research and testing have helped to create mass market, anti–aging skin care products. But when research also unearths the frightening fact that parabens (the most commonly used preservative) have been found in breast cancer tumors*, it sparks understandable concern. In this climate, it’s easy to see why organic skin care products hold a ready niche for beauty consumers intent on both looking good and treating their bodies well.

Medical science tells us we absorb 60-70% of everything applied to our skin, and there is mounting evidence that chemical pesticides, synthetics and petroleum products can ill effects on our bodies.

The concept of organic skin care seems simple enough. The reality is somewhat more complex. Creating, packaging and shipping skin care can require a lot of synthetic support. Today’s consumer holds higher expectations of the products and services they purchase. Likewise, spa owners need

So the most eco-vigilant spas seek product lines that use innovative technologies to develop organic, biodynamic skin care formulas that are parabenfree. Here are a few tips on what to look for—and what to avoid—when selecting a skin care line of your own.


When committing to skin care vendors, smart spa owners are seeking those who are devoted to ecofriendly practices through every phase of the production and distribution cycles. This includes sourcing ingredients from fair trade and biodynamic farms; packaging products using recycled, recyclable and bio-degradable containers; and finally, delivering products in bio-diesel vehicles.



SKIN CARE PRODUCTS HOLD A READY NICHE FOR BEAUTY CLIENTS WHAT DOES ORGANIC AND BIODYNAMIC MEAN? Organic products are made with ingredients grown without any synthetic chemicals, sewage sludge or GMOs (genetically modified organisms)—and they are third-party certified. "Certified organic" means that an official certifying agency has approved that the producer has grown and handled all ingredients with an adherence to strict procedures. Biodynamic® agriculture is a method of organic farming that treats farms as unified and individual organisms—respecting the holistic interrelationship of soil, plants, and animals as a closed, self-nourishing system. Biodynamic farming embraces organic agriculture's emphasis on manures and composts; it excludes the use of artificial chemicals on living organisms. While implementing organic practices such as crop rotation and composting, biodynamic farmers also rely on special plant, animal and mineral preparations—along with the rhythmic influences of the sun, moon, planets and stars. Biodynamic farming is an approach based on the work of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. WHAT IS A PARABEN? In simplest terms, parabens are chemicals that operate as preservatives to extend a product’s shelf life by warding off bacterial growth. They fall into a family of chemicals known as alkyl esters of phydroxybenzoic acid. Many researchers believe parabens contribute to the increasing incidences of breast cancer, low sperm count and other estrogeninfluenced medical problems in humans. Accordingly, try to avoid these commonly used Parabens: • Methylparaben • Propylparabens • Ethylparaben • Benzylparabe • Isobutylparaben • Butylparaben Look for these organic and natural alternatives instead: • Rosemary Extract • Citrus Seed Extract • Potassium Sorbate

• Benzoic and Sorbic Acid • Sodium Benzoate • Vitamin A, C & E HOW CAN I TELL IF IT IS TRULY ORGANIC? When selecting an organic skin care line, look for products that meet both the European and United States national certifications standards for organic personal care products. Currently, the top U.K. certification is handled by the Soil Association, while France relies on the Ecocert. Both certification standards act as benchmarks to the newly-created US certifications—which presently include OASIS, NSF & Certech. Look for these labels when selecting a skin care line: • ECOCERT: ECOCERT is an inspection and certification bodywhich operates offices in 18 nations worldwide, carrying out work in over 90 countries; their activities are governed accordingly by public authorities and legislation. ECOCERT has developed rigorous standards that allow companies to promote environmental practices and manufacture organic products in tandem with certain eco-friendly guidelines. One of ECOCERT’S main objectives is to promote ingredients that originate from organic farming. The ECOCERT stamp, an imprimatur of global esteem, is a mark of international credibility; the certification reassures both consumers and the organic industry that a particular skin care product has complied with the most rigorous standards of eco-consciousness. • Soil Association: This organization is the UK's leading environmental charity promoting sustainable, organic farming and championing human health. There are three levels of labeling: a. Products comprised of 100% organic ingredients. b. Products made with 95% organic ingredients, allowing up to 5% of synthetic ingredients from a restricted list.




CREATING PACKAGING & SHIPPING SKIN CARE REQUIRE SYNTHETICS c. Products containing between 70% to 90% organic ingredients, in which the actual percentage is duly noted on the label. • OASIS: The OASIS certification will be conducted by International Cosmetics & Regulatory Specialists L.L.C., an independent certifier complying with standards developed by OASIS. All products certified by OASIS will carry the OASIS seal logo on their packaging. Currently, OASIS requires 85% certified organic content. According to the guidelines of its organizing board, this "organic" percentage standard will gradually increase until it reaches 95% organic content in several years. • NSF: - The NSF has now developed a fully organic standard along with a 'made with' standard specifically for personal care manufacturers. While the NSF organic standard is identical to the USDA's, the 'made with' standard differs markedly in a way that enables manufacturers moving in an organic direction to become certified. In order to secure a 'made with' standard, manufacturers will not be allowed to use petroleum-based ingredients or processes. It is worth noting, though, that several processes and ingredients banned in the USDA will be permitted by the NSF—including the use of certain synthetic preservatives and biodegradable surfactants. • Certech: Organic Cosmetic Certification (not sure what this means…is Certech an abbreviation for Organic Cosmetic Certification? I’m also not sure I edited this accurately, since I found it a bit comfusing.) - Certech has published its own

standard for Natural and Organic Certification: It’s an all-encompassing 'hybrid' addressing effective management controls/systems and product stewardship—as well as testing and auditing through the design, sourcing, production, and labeling of natural and organic cosmetics. To the best of our knowledge, Certech has ensured the credibility of its 'IOS Cosmetics' Standard by strict adherence to the principles, guidelines, and regulations already in existence both nationally and internationally: a. US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Title 7 Part 205 Natural Organic Program b. California Health and Safety Code, Article 7: "The California Organic Products Act of 2003" c. Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act (Canada) d. Canadian Food and Drugs Act e. FDA/CFSAN Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice guideline CAN/CGSB 32.310 2006 Organic Production Systems General Principles and Management Standards f. EEC Regulation number 2092/91 g. ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems - Requirements h. ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems-Requirements As most Americans are taking the smart step of eliminating trans fats in their diets to avoid heart disease, it only stands to reason they would show a similar level of vigilance in protecting their endocrine system from toxins. And since we don’t yet know the extent of damage synthetic chemicals can inflict, it’s only logical to eliminate those chemicals we put on another important organ—our skin. Our skin, after all, is not only designed to last a lifetime, but it’s the most visible reflection of the smart steps we’ve taken to promote health, serenity, and lifelong. ■


INSTITUT ESTHEDERM A TRUE SKIN STORY! 100% SKIN APPROVED Skin Care! What a world of innovation and renovation! This is the key to success in the Spa and beauty industry. It is our mission and we do know that your clients are increasingly demanding better results on their skin. They want sustainable and fast results. On the following pages we have selected for you a few issues which bring together performance, profitability and functionality. These are the keys of Institut Esthederm: to seduce and to secure new clients and your existing clients. It is not only a job it is our mission with all Spa owners!


All my research in skin care is based on this life philosophy. I am more than convinced that the skin has an extraordinary capacity of self defense against sun and the environment. All my job was to create sun care products and a skin care line able to provide to the skin all those elements to survive on a sustainable way.

SM: In fact you believe in a skin mission?

Jean Noël Thorel,

A unique creator!

JNT: Yes you are right, you cannot take the risk to play around with your skin. My team of 40 world-wide researchers are all convinced that each skin of each human being has sufficient natural resources to live in the safest way possible. It is only a matter on how you decide to take care of your skin.

SM: Do you mean that skin does not need skin care? JNT: No, of course your skin needs some products, it is just a matter of balance between skin and life environment. For sure the skin has all the natural resources... We are all born with those natural resources.

SM: When did you create this unique skin care brand? JNT: In 1978 I was employed in a French pharmaceutical skin care company as a biologist. During those years I have tried to understand how a skin could tan safely. Because I was so convinced that there was a new way to take care of the skin that I have decided to create Institut Esthederm. SM: But there was already at this time a lot of sun protecting line on the market? JNT: Yes but to protect the skin against sun is not enough! All my skin philosophy starts there. Yes you can still protect your skin by applying a basic protecting cream every 30 minutes but your skin will not tan safely. The key issue was for me how to teach the skin to be protected while tanning. We must not confuse a sunburn with tanning. Of course sun can be harmful when there is no protection but if the skin does not tan safely it can be worse! Of course a skin which is totally intolerant to sun should avoid sun! But globally all types of skin can face the sun, it is all about education of the skin facing the sun. SM: What do you mean education? JNT: The skin is a living organ and will need to adapt itself to the living environment. Sun can be dangerous for skin but if the skin is educated step after step to face the sun in a safe way so your skin will know how to face much more safely the sun.

SM: Could you say that skin is an organic ecologic system? JNT: Yes absolutely the skin manufactures it’s own natural resources! The skin is intelligent... The skin just need to be feed with the right ingredients in order to live as long as possible in a sustainable way. Despite a skin care is organic or not you must apply a product which for sure will not hurt the skin but a product which will reveal and optimize the natural strength of the skin. This is the true mission of Institut Esthederm to «Create products which are only 100% skin approved!». Marketing or advertising does not make your skin better... Formulation and ingredients are for me key issues for skin.

SM: But all skincare products do claim that there are good for skin? JNT: Of course everyone wants to claim this! But the real issue is to make sure that no ingredient will damage your skin or your body on a long term. Is the issue for a women to see wrinkles to disappeared in a few days? No wrinkles do not disappeared in a few days, the issue is: what to apply on your skin to prevent and to postpone future wrinkles? All this is a matter of education of your skin. All my work consist to create products which will help the skin to live on a sustainable way for all ages during the life of each women. I do believe only on long term skin action. My responsibility with my researchers is to create the right product for the right time of skin’ life.


ALL INSTITUT ESTHEDERM PRODUCTS ARE 100% SKIN APPROVED SM: Would you identify yourself as a skin doctor?

SM: Why do you believe so much in natural skin resource?

JNT: Not really! But I am a skin researcher who is totally convinced that skin must live in total harmony with environment. But to apply the correct ingredient you must be sure of your skin diagnosis, this is why all our worldwide beauticians using Institut Esthederm are first of all trained to be able to do the right skin diagnosis before they start any facial treatment. It is part of this global skin approach which I teach with my team to all beauticians around the world. For sure when the diagnosis is correct then the skin treatment and the prescription will fit the natural resources of the skin. It is simple it is only a principle of method. It is the same in nature... If the diagnosis is correct then you will take safely of the environment.

JNT : It is simple. If the basic nature of your skin does not accept ingredients of your skin care products it is the proof that the ingredients are not correct for the skin. Just try to put a fish of sea water in a lake of thermal water... The fish will not survive very long... It is the same for the skin. Make it right for the ingredients your skin will say yes to it!

SM: In terms of ingredients for your products what is the priority?

SM: How old are you Jean Noël Thorel?

JNT: My priority is to choose ingredients which will fit the daily life of the skin. I want to make sure that all ingredients are biocompatible with the skin itself. This is a guarantee for the skin. The major question for me: can the skin absorb the correct ingredient in order to avoid any problem in the future? All our products are based on ingredients naturally present in our skin. I do believe that to treat the skin is not enough we need to reeducate the skin and we know how to do it. It is our expertise.

SM: You give us the impression to believe in what you say? JNT: Of course otherwise I will not say it! Yes I do believe in what I do and I do what I believe in! I am lucky in my life because I love this skin care industry, it is all about life and nature. Believe me I am proud when a women says to me that her skin is in good shape! It is a great satisfaction for myself and my team to hear when a woman says «My skin is happy».

JNT: My body is 61 years old, but my mind much younger and my skin always in good shape! I keep very busy, it is the best training for life... Just like for the skin… SM: Are you working on new products and new patents? JNT: Yes I try to constantly upgrade all our products and I do work on new products in order to improve more and more the natural strength of the skin. It is more than a challenge for me it is my mission!


Cellular Water what is this? Cellular Water is present in all Institut Esthederm products, it is not a basic water it is a 100% active water which is totally approved by all types of skin. Cellular Water was created in 1999 by Institut Esthederm research and is the first and only replica of the skin’s water. It is the basis for all of Institut Esthederm’s cares, and it carries cells’ water to replenish the skin’s vitality. This ingredient of Cellular Water is patented and unique. It is an ideal natural an sustainable environment for the life of the skin cells. In all Institut Esthederm products… Demineralized water has been replaced by a active water which is identical to the water in our skin which brings energy to the cells.

Research and development... Our key issue! Our Research & Development staff is thoroughly versed in the requirements of each French research agency. All required procedures are in place to ensure the integrity of all skincare products that we produce. All Institut Esthederm team is committed to constantly investigating new technologies and cosmetic market trends to produce products that will give our spas the competitive edge in the marketplace.

Cellular activity of the skin is constantly optimized!

Research and manufacturing at Institut Esthederm!

Through continuous research and development, we strive to produce the most effective possible skincare products for all types of skin around the world. Our sun-products range, for example, was a breakthrough in sun education technology. Our commitment to innovation has kept us at the forefront of dermatological science and we have consistently led the development of quality skincare advanced products. Our R&D department and team focus only on one goal: what more can we do to protect the future of skin?

The Institut Esthederm research laboratory and factory is located in Aix en Provence in south of France. To meet our consumers needs, our climate controlled, compliant facility incorporates an on-site laboratory and testing facility. Our Laboratory staff includes full-time scientists, researchers and pharmacists as well as a highly qualified analytical chemists, who are constantly researching cutting edge skin care developments and performing microbiological, stability and other quality control tests. Our Institut Esthederm laboratory staff’s commitment to ongoing education ensures we are not only «in line» but in advance with the skin care industry’s innovations. This research center is unique. It reflects totally the spirit of Institut Esthederm products... It is a place where «skin» is not only a word but a true and living reality.

One mission > 100% skin approved! Institut Esthederm works with several external and independent scientists and specialists from all around the world. This network of competences contributes with its expertise in the product development as well as to the work of documenting the effects of the products through clinical studies. A large part of Institut Esthederm research budget is spent on clinical studies related to product documentation. In conjunction with the network of specialists from different countries, the studies are performed within the international parameters of «Good Clinical Practice». Institut Esthederm emphasizes the development of unique, well-documented and high-quality products in order to fulfil the aim of creating and manufacturing only products «100% skin approved».


History and key dates 1978

Creation of Institut Esthederm and of the first sun care with organic filters.


Creation of the first 100% mineral suncare cream.

Skin... A living world apart! Water Cellular Water was created in 1999 by Institut Esthederm research and is the first and only replica of the skin’s water. It is the basis for all of Institut Esthederm’s cares, and it carries cells’ water to replenish the skin’s vitality.


Creation of Cellular Water 1st water identical to the skin water.


Creation of the first UV products without filters or screens.

Light A pioneer in photobiology for 30 years, Institut Esthederm has a positive, different approach to sunlight. UV InCellium technology, a light modulation technique, allows the skin, according to type or lifestyle, to benefit from the positive effects of light while protecting it from its harmful effects.


Creation of the first selective cleansing system (SBS).


Creation of UV InCellium internal sun protection.

Cycles Institut Esthederm’s cellular treatments are pioneers of evolving cutaneous chronobiology. The skin is not treated in a static way but according to its seasonal rhythms, day and night cycles, and its evolution over time.

INSTITUT ESTHEDERM A TRUE SKIN STORY! A unique expertise: time and life for skin! An organic skin life… The skin has no choice to survive in an environment that affects its biology and its core nature. The skin has all the natural resources it needs to stay in balance on a natural way. The skin manufactures it’s own organic ressources. Institut Esthederm develops treatments with products based on ingredients naturally present in our skin.


We truly believe in one claim: for a sustainable skin! The skin is an ecosystem! Institut Esthederm treats it with respect. Skin is part of our daily environment! Institut Esthederm takes into account the interaction between the skin and its environment in order to adapt it to that environment. The skin reflects our day to day life! Institut Esthederm’s skincare products are active cellular treatments based upon the skin’s energy and biology. The skin survives over time! Institut Esthederm develops systems that take into account the cycles of life and of seasons. All products are de-aging products.



Products for all skin physiological issues!

Meet your daily needs and those of your skin! Institut Esthederm trains beauty, well-being and health professionals within an ecological framework to deliver a global handling of symbiotic programs (a reciprocal and profitable combination for a sustainable skin).


What a life! The skin is programmed to live for a long time and must be be treated on a long term basis. The skin is a living organ of the human body composed of cells that are programmed to regenerate and to live for 120 years. Institut Esthederm’s research is based upon the conviction that cutaneous ageing is not inevitable, and accordingly all of Institut Esthederm’s products are developed to maintain the skin in its optimal state as it lives. The skin is an active organ that has all the inner natural resources needed to be well-balanced. Institut Esthederm’s products are made from patented actives that specifically help re-educate the skin so that it can learn to power itself by restarting its life cycle. Institut Esthederm products, made from tested, traceable and selected actives, act on the skin while respecting its particularities and its environment. This is cutaneous ecology. In French we called it «ÉCOLOGIE CUTANÉE»


Cellular Concentrate! Institut Esthederm products are unique. Just as an example Institut Esthederm created a universal serum for all skin types that acts at the heart of skin cells to help restart their life cycle and balance skin’s dysfunctions. Cellular Concentrate quickly and effectively restarts skin metabolism according to the cell’s life cycle and the 4 fundamental skin balance factors: moisturisation, purification, reconstitution and skin redness. The skin regains incomparable quality: radiance, translucency, strength and brights up! This unique serum can be apply with all Institut Esthederm facial products. CELLULAR CONCENTRATE Blindigia Minima polysaccharides, Planckton phytoallexines, Laminaria Saccharina, Laminaria Ochroleuca lipids, Soya extract, Tetrapeptide HD, agaric acid, Rhamnose. TIME CONTROL SYSTEM PATENT Creatine, Bioflavonoids, soluble Vitamin C.


True products for natural skin! Our facial care products are designed to help fight against skin aging and to deliver effective, long-lasting solutions for various skin problems. These products are proactive so they boost the most of your skin’s natural resources. The result is vitality, comfort and radiance under all circumstances. All Institut Esthederm ingredients will booste the natural sense of skin. The mission of all products is to bring a sustainable result to the skin. To try Institut Esthederm products is to adopt them!


Institut Esthederm... Dedicated to spas! Refining the spa experience to the most effective and beneficial products and treatments, Institut Esthederm delivers a menu of highly targeted, signature therapies for sustainable results. Discover the spa essentials as only Institut Esthederm can provide.

Institut Esthederm facial treatments for spa menus: Absolute Aqua: for all those whose skin lacks softness, radiance and suppleness and whose skin is taut! «Awaken the water within» is a treatment that provides intelligent moisturisation the skin can then retain.

When Science Meets Nature! Institut Esthederm features the renowned products to meet all beauticians needs. Soothe your skin senses and see the difference on your customer skin.

Absolute Purity: for all of those tired of their shiny skin, dilated pores, black heads and even sometimes spots! A treatment that instantly oxygenates asphyxiated skin like a breath of fresh air and gives a velvety appearance and instant radiance.

Diagnosis Questionnaire Institut Esthederm can only be achieved with an assessment of fundamental therapeutic skin needs. Each treatment is customized according to the results of a skin diagnosis questionnaire designed to reveal what is wrong on the skin!

Absolute Calm: for all those with very sensitive skin or blotchiness! A treatment that calms deep down and teaches the skin to remain calm.

How do you develop trust with an Institut Esthederm beautician? Fundamental to any positive spa experience, trust is necessary for relaxation and dictates receptivity to a treatment’s benefits and the extent to which a beautician can be effective. As with any relationship, communication is vital, and there should be an open dialogue at the outset about specific concerns and expectations. «Honesty and respect are key components in starting and building this bond» says Karen Mc Guiness Institut Esthederm USA Vice President. «A client needs to be as honest with his Institut Esthederm beautician as she is with any health care professional». Karen Mc Guiness also advises that personal boundaries need to be set from the very start and adhered to. If your beautician is not responding to your requests or you feel uncomfortable at any time, it is your right to end the treatment immediately. Institut Esthederm products do trust the skin, but first the customer needs to trust his Institut Esthederm beautician! What makes a good Institut Esthederm beautician? «A Good Institut Esthederm beautician listen with their ears during the initial assessment prior to the start of a service, then they listen to the guest’s face and body with their hands during the treatment to fully address the client’s needs» says Sophie Talhouarn Institut Esthederm International trainer. Institut Esthederm believes in training, yes a good beautician is even better after an Institut Esthederm training. For example how long it takes to train a beautician for a Classic Institut Esthederm Facial? Using the traditional French method this facial includes skin analysis, cleansing, relaxing massage of the face, neck and shoulders, and manual cleansing of pores, followed by customized masks. Suitable for all skin types. If the beautician is a strong professional it is only a matter of 30 minutes to be trained to such an Institut Esthederm facial. Institut Esthederm is a professional brand dedicated to spas!

Absolute Repair: for all those who have damaged, sagging skin, worn out from excess and external aggressions! Absolute Nutrition: for all those whose skin lack comfort and radiance, with deficiencies mainly due to their lifestyle! A facial treatment that provides perfectly balanced, useful nutrition to skin to make it more serene and stronger when confronting daily life.

Those essential Cellular facial treatments are intended for skin with a physiological dysfunction. They help to solve problems of dehydrated, impure, sagging, weakened, sensitive and deficient skin. An hour and a half of relaxation to restore the natural, long-lasting balance and beauty that your skin should never have lost. Those facials are perfect to be integrated in spa menus. Institut Esthederm has it all!


YOU NEED TO BUILD UP A NEW SPA MENU? INSTITUT ESTHEDERM HAS IT ALL! What makes a good Institut Esthederm facial and prescription? You’ll know you got a great Institut Esthederm facial and home prescription when: your Treatment Fits Your Skin as well as the home prescription. A good spa which carries Institut Esthederm treatments will present you with a questionnaire during check-in, which informs your beautician (a state-licensed skincare professional) about your medical conditions, current medications, and skincare regimen. Your answers, which she’ll review with you in the treatment room, will help her using ingredients potentially adapted to your skin condition. Next she will scrutinize your cleansed complexion under bright lights and a magnifying glass – but do not be upset if she notes that your skin is imperfect. «Unless you’re very young, your face likely has blackheads, uneven pigmentation, or dehydration around the eyes» says Michelle, director of training at Institut Esthederm USA. Your beautician got the details right. A good Institut Esthederm beautician has a passion for skin and Institut Esthederm and isn’t just going through the motions. Let us say for example that the customer after skin diagnosis has sensitive skin, what to do? Does the skin turns red and blotchy at the slightest provocation, particularly when is used a fragranced skincare product? Is the skin easily irritated by extreme temperature fluctuations? If so, like 40 percent of the population, the customer has a sensitive skin. Institut Esthederm products created for sensitive skin have one thing in common: minimal ingredients (fewer than 10 are recommended) with no unnecessary bells and whistles such as fragrance. Since sensitive skin is often dry, a simple splash of Cellular Water will effectively remove any surface oils in the morning. Then remove any surface oils in the morning. Wash with a very mild Sensi Cleansing Milk in the evening, when you have makeup and the day’s debris to get rid of. While you might think that you should go nowhere near an exfoliating scrub, you still need to help your skin shed that dead upper layer quickly – rest assured that a gentle scrub like Osmoclean will get the job done effectively. Next, moisturize, which is important both to increase skin’s resilience and to boost its ability to protect itself from environmental irritants. Always use a Sensi System Outdoor Cream with UV protection. Finally, choose a night cream that’s targeted for sensitive skin around eyes such as Sensi System Eye Contour.



Institut Esthederm creates facial treatment with light! Knowing that Institut Esthederm started with a very ÂŤavant gardeÂť process on how to teach the skin to tan (skin education toward sun), our researchers are now convinced that it is obvious that visible light applied on the skin brings new benefits for a sustainable skin. A skin treatment with light. Institut Esthederm, pioneer in photobiology has built its expertise on skin and light. The scientific studies done by Institut Esthederm have proved that the visible light do stimulate the skin activity. For the first time this unique association of the spa with the expertise in skin of Institut Esthederm allows quick, powerful and sustainable results on the skin. With the Chroma-Dermy, the skin is refined and safely! The under control process of light is combined with the knowhow of your beautician. Your beautician will analyze your skin in order to define the proper skin treatment with the proper application of Chroma-Dermy. This unique association of manual treatment with light technology (LED Light Emitting Diodes) allows quick, powerful and sustainable results on your skin. This treatment is safe! No heat! No redness! No side effects!


How it works? Chroma-Dermy application on skin?

What is the visible light? 7 Colors for 7 benefits on the skin.

60% of the light is absorbed by the skin. This light becomes energy that activates the skin. The scientific studies done by Institut Esthederm have proved that the visible light do stimulate the skin activity. With its 7 wavelengths, visible light is capable of acting at the heart of the skin to target dysfunctions such as hyper seborrhea, loss of elasticity, dehydration. Since a long time, the visible light is used in skin photobiology. Isaac Newton, English physicist, underscored the breakdown of visible light in 7 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Violet: Helps to purify the skin especially for oily skin.

Over the years: the effects of the skin depending on the wavelength of light used. In the eighties: Development of LED (Light-Emitting Diode) by NASA for its research projects on photobiology.

Blue: Relaxes muscles, lines and wrinkles and promotes cellular communication. Aqua: Great for amture skin and increase skin cellular activity. Green: Ideal for sensitive skin helps to diminishe redness. Yellow: Toning and tightening the skin and helps to detoxify the skin. Orange: Elimates dull complexions, revitalizing gives to skin an healthy glow. Red: Ideal for de-aging process of the skin. Helps to stimulate collagen.

The Chroma-Dermy: treatment for a sustainable skin by visible light. The quality and beauty of the skin depend heavily on the functioning of skin cells. Each cell, like any living organism consumes energy. When the visible light comes into contact with skin, 60% is absorbed by the skin cells. It turns into energy that stimulates skin cells. The result is a better oxygenation, a vascular stimulation and expulsion of toxins. The Chroma-Dermy is therefore based on the positive effect of certain wavelengths on the quality and beauty of the skin coupled with the recent progress of technology LED (LightEmitting Diode) and robotics. The Chroma-Dermy is the only skin treatment which is non-invasive and painless.

What a great cosmetic device! No labour hand cost! Easy to use. Preloaded light treatments. All programs are preloaded! Can also work with specific program for very specific skin! Cel.lux device uses LED: Light-Emitting Diode. The beam of 180 diodes runs on the face during the poly chromatic treatment changing color automatically according to the type of treatment. Cel.lux is a device that combines high performance and total security. Cel.lux treatments: Tailor made treatments.


Cel.lux device a quick pay back! That is a deal for all spa starting with Institut Esthederm facials and a Cel.lux device. Institut Esthederm USA helps spa owners to pay back their device investment. When a spa starts with a Cel.lux device, Institut Esthederm USA will help spa owners by providing to them free cabin size products to achieve 300 Institut Esthederm facials.

The pay back for one Cel.lux device is to achieve 250 facials and it is quite easy to make it in a year or slightly more. This device is really a spa business solution and it brings results on your customers skin.

Institut Esthederm since 30 years provides answers to treat the skin, this soft light therapy device brings again a major solution to improve all Institut Esthederm facials.

It is really worth it because the spa business will grow and again the technology is 100% skin approved. All spa owners who think that their spa should be perfect should require a Cel.lux device. It is a must for the skin.

To have a Cel.lux device in a spa it is great way for your potential customers to identify you, it is also a way to put a concrete image on sustainable skin for your customers. Institut Esthederm products and this Cel.lux device is a perfect combination to boost your customer loyalty.


Building your retail space inside the spa! At Institut Esthederm we do believe that a good diagnosis and a good treatment are important for consumer but we also believe that the consumer must leave the spa with the right products to be used at home. This is why Institut Esthederm is also focusing with all spa owners on how to improve retail sales inside a spa. A consumer will not only trust his beautician on the quality of the treatment but also on the quality of the prescription of products to be used at home. «A perfect treatment for a sustainable skin is important but to sell the right products to the consumer is also a priority for the spa owner» says Stéphane Enouf, Institut Esthederm General Manager. This is why Institut Esthederm is willing to support all spa owners around the world in order to promote their business and their profitability within the spa retail area.


You all know that providing a sustainable skin to your clients has to be just right‌ A mistake is just not possible! Institut Esthederm has it all! Products + Facial process + patents + cosmetic device > Will bring results on the skin. Drawing upon our experience and understanding of the skin and the spa market we are more than convinced to bring you what you need for your spa daily business. You are part of this mission with our brand! You deserve to succeed! Institut Esthederm is more than just a brand it is a way of life for skin! GO FOR IT!

Thank you.

TESTIMONIALS PURESKIN SPA - PHONE (301) 907-6662 4609 WILLOW LANE - CHEVY CHASE, MD 20815 When Amy opened her doors two years ago, it was apparent that she wanted to make an impact on her clients. Amy doesn’t offer traditional skin care services – facials and body wraps – she offers technology. The research that she undertook and I might add significant financial investment, were key to selecting her state of the art equipment. Cel.lux Chroma-Dermy is one of the treatments that Amy offers. An innovator in LED therapy, Cel.lux treats any type of skin by simply laying under the ocular lensed light for 20 to 30 minutes over 6 to 8 treatments. The individualized protocols render a dramatic and sustainable skin improvement. Before and after each treatment she turns to Institut Esthederm facial and body products to prepare and support a client’s skin. LPG’s Endermologie and Lipomassage are her treatment choice for clients fighting cellulite and the nutritive rich and luxurious Bio-Balance body line supports her technology based arsenal while offering a result that is really noticeable. Amy’s mission is not to be different but to make a difference and she has. She offers intelligent treatments to intelligent clients with creating and maintaining health and beautiful skin as the main objective. It is part of her style that she is also the front of the house, meeting and greeting each client personally and she won’t waste her time promoting any service that she doesn’t really embrace. She has put technology to work for her from detoxifying to radiance promoting. Her clients trust her and trust me that her business is a success. Good luck getting an appointment! I have already booked 10 in advance and am so happy that the future is now and it combines such smart technology. The success Amy finds is very gratifying and as Pureskin grows, so will her creative approach to achieving just that. RADIANTE JACQUELINE DAY SPA - PHONE 850-432-0939 1521 NORTH 9TH AVENUE - PENSACOLA, FLORIDA 32503 Radiante Jacqueline Day Spa introduced Chroma-Dermy, defined as skin powered by positive light, in November 2008. It is the newest advancement in LED intelligence and state-ofthe-art robotics, the Cel.lux device works hand-in-hand with renowned French skin care brand, Institut Esthederm to provide complete colored light-based preventative and corrective skin treatments. Our clients are hooked after just one session. We have found the best way to market this new service is to offer it as a complimentary add on to any full hour facial service. We now have a large number of clients coming weekly for treatments. It has been amazing to see the results! We have clients that have seen their skin become more firm and luminous, and clients that have seen their acne clear. It is so exciting to see the clarifying and rejuvenating effects on clients with sun damage and hyperpigmentation.



Wellness & Medical


MEDICAL WELLNESS REPLACES SPA IN NEW FOCUS OF EUROPEAN KURS SpaGoer Bernard Burt An authoritative, independent observer of the spa industry for nearly two decades, Bernard Burt was founding director of ISPA in 1991. He foresaw industry growth, staging annual conferences and co-chairing the first international summit meeting of industry leaders in Baden-Baden, Germany, a landmark event in 1996 covered by USA Today. His services to the industry were honored with presentation of the International Spa Association's Dedicated Contributor Award in 2000. Documenting destinations worldwide, Burt co-authored "100 Best Spas of the World" with Pamela Price. Published by The Globe Pequot Press in 2000, Third edition of the book was recently published. Previously he created and wrote "Fodor's Healthy Escapes," a North American guide to spas, health resorts, and spiritual retreats, published in 1986 by Random House.



HEN President Barack Obama made his first official visit to Europe last month, he enjoyed a taste of BadenBaden, Germany. While spa time isn’t on his itinerary, it’s likely that this fitness-oriented American president took advantage of facilities for exercise and runs.

legionnaires once camped there. But a new medical wellness center in the former police station, Arztenhaus, features a salt-encrusted grotto and private clinics. Dr. Andrea Bernhard and her mother demonstrated colon therapy combining massage and internal flush in programs for a week or more. On other floors you can visit an osteopath and fitness trainers. A short stroll past the gilded Kurhaus where the NATO banquet will be held, I visited the Hilltop location and a heliport make Schlosshotel contemporary art museum donated by the Frieder Burda Buhlerhohe a good choice for the U. S. president’s visit. A Foundation, a visual feast, blending past and present. German newspaper reported the American delegation to stay in town at Brenner’s Park-Hotel & Spa. With an imperial eagle perched on the courtyard wall, spacious rotunda, cozy lounges with fireplaces, Schlosshotel Baden-Baden today looks much like it did in 1996 when the Buhlerhohe resembles a baronial hunting lodge. Opened in ISPA Summit for European and American spas was held at 1914, now a member of The Small Leading Hotels of the Buhlerhohe and Brenner’s Park-Hotel & Spa. Remembering World, the schloss spa is a recent addition. A small gem, the an exceptional level of interest in change, my co-chair, Jenni salon features La Prairie, Decleor, and Cartier. Lipa of Spa Trek in New York, says European spas had lost state subsidies, had to learn American concepts of fitness and wellness vacations. Spa was a town in Belgium; BRENNER’s SPA SETS GOLD STANDARD health resorts were called kurort or terme, run BISA at Brenner’s Park-Hotel, grande dame of by doctors. Baden-Baden, brought it all together.

The historic bathhouses of BadenBaden have been privatized by a Swiss operator. Former kur director Josef Bartholemy met me at a café near his apartment in the center of town. Josef talked about changes in the local lifestyle. Russian investors are buying everything in sight, he laments. A new condo-hotel is under construction directly in front of thermal baths named For continuing coverage, see his Web site, for the Roman emperor Caracalla whose


Brenner’s Spa offers several levels of upscale treatments, featuring SkinCeuticals, B. Kamins, Futuresse, and Kanebo suites. Medical services are integrated with a personal lifestyle program. Managing Director Frank Marrenbach lightened the look of public rooms, maintaining an air of refinement and attentive service. Coupled with a glamorous indoor swimming pool and fitness suite, this 1872 MEDI CAL SPAS • May 2009


Wellness & Medical


100-room hotel is a bastion of luxury. Privately owned by the Oetker Hotel Collection, member of The Leading Hotels of the World, home of the European Spa Gala, Brenner’s have signed a “letter of intent” to establish a new standard for resorts and clinics, designated “Medical Wellness.” The bridges past and future. concept combines spa and beauty with medical services for “people who want to actively do more for their health than BISA IN BADEN-BADEN The conference sponsored by the British International Spa the health insurance offers. Criteria for medical wellness Association (BISA) last December gave me a sense of déjà facilities require a doctor integrated with procedures, from vu. New directions filled the agenda, yet old problems general health checkup to lectures; certified therapists; persist: lack of standards, benchmarking, need for multi-disciplinary holistic programs geared to change educating spa directors. Presentation of excerpts from an guests’ lifestyle sustainably. Even the furnishings of ISPA documentary of industry visionaries elicited facilities and documentation of management is spelled out. questions about who sets standards for the industry. The Europeans seem to be headed in the direction of more Medical Wellness is the new spa. government regulation. MORE NEWS . . . . . Chaired by Marion Schneider from Bad Sulza, this fourth The Oetker Hotel Collection has been selected to operate a BISA conference helped forge international links with seafront hotel in Abu Dhabi. National Corporation for European visionaries like Dr. Milada Sarova whose private Tourism and Hotels (NCTH) plans a 250-room five-star clinic helped revitalize the Czech health resort now known hotel that will reflect the classic Parisian Le Bristol Hotel, as Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad). From the oldest spa town in owned and managed by the German Oetker Company, Britain came a report by Jonathan Ogden of Danubius Hotel offering private fitness amenities and enhanced by Arabian Group that his Hungarian company will invest in rebuilding hospitality, according to Frank Marrenbach, CEO of the Oetker family-owned hotel group based in Baden-Baden. a former hospital in Bath. Marion Schneider and her husband Klaus Boehm are extending their company brand to a new Toskana Therme near Frankfurt in an old spa town called Bad Orb. We first met at the 1996 Summit, displaying their collection of “Healing Waters” photography by Linda Troeller. The same creative team is working on a spectacular bathhouse for Bad Orb, scheduled to open next year with a new Liquid Sound experience by Micky Remann, who did double duty as translator and conference commentator. The BISA conference ended on a note of optimism. Facing economic challenges, fifteen German health institutions 54

MEDI CAL SPAS • May 2009

The 5th British International Spa Association international conference will take place next year (June 3-6 2010) in Budapest, Hungary, hosted by the Danubius Grand Hotel Margitsziget and the Margitziget Health Spa Resort, a BISA member spa. Located only minutes from the center of the Hungarian capital, the spa resort is on picturesque Margaret Island, in the middle of the River Danube. As the jewel of Danubius Hotel Group, the island complex features thermal water pools, fitness facilities, medical as well as spa services.




THE MISSING LINK IN HEALTHCARE SpaGoer Bernard Burt An authoritative, independent observer of the spa industry for nearly two decades, Bernard Burt was founding director of ISPA in 1991. He foresaw industry growth, staging annual conferences and co-chairing the first international summit meeting of industry leaders in Baden-Baden, Germany, a landmark event in 1996 covered by USA Today. His services to the industry were honored with presentation of the International Spa Association's Dedicated Contributor Award in 2000. Documenting destinations worldwide, Burt co-authored "100 Best Spas of the World" with Pamela Price. Published by The Globe Pequot Press in 2000, Third edition of the book was recently published. Previously he created and wrote "Fodor's Healthy Escapes," a North American guide to spas, health resorts, and spiritual retreats, published in 1986 by Random House.




ACING demands to control spiraling costs science centers, and hospitals in America and the U.K. of healthcare, government policy makers Organized by the Institute of Medicine at the National around the world are developing new Academy of Science, the program provided a unique approaches to prevention of illness. The window on how health policy is formulated by public and operative phrase: Integrative Medicine. The private partnerships. Balancing scientific presentations,

aim: Care that is patient-centered, proactive, continuous in distinguished researchers documented alternatives to pills nature, securely grounded in evidence, and promotes health and surgery that have the potential to reduce costs of health and well-being as an integral part of the care process.


The Summit on Integrative Medicine and The Health of the Models to integrate health and healing were much Public held last February in Washington, D.C., brought discussed. But the scientific process ignores a role for the

For continuing coverage, see his Web site, together several hundred doctors from leading universities, spa industry to educate and motivate the public. 56

MEDI CAL SPAS • May 2009







a multi-week course in stress

National Institutes of Health will

For the spa director offering

management and prevention of

be increased thanks to the federal

programs in yoga, meditation,

heart disease. Another speaker

government’s economic stimulus

exercise, and nutrition, Integrative

revealed socio-economic status as

package that includes funding for new projects at the National Center for Complementary and

Medicine is a golden opportunity to create new models, partnering

a barrier to healthy diets; response from Kaiser Permanente led to farmer markets at clinics in low-

with public health institutions. One income communities.

Alternative Medicine.

example at a hospital in Senator Tom Harkin introduced the

Healthy Lifestyles


Connecticut is the introduction of a




proclaimed Dr. Ornish. Even in

Prevention America Act which

program based on documented

takes a comprehensive approach

success of Dr. Dean Ornish at the

major challenge. “Awareness is the

that focuses on nutrition, physical

Preventive Medicine Research

first step in healing,” said Ornish.

activity, mental health, and

Institute in San Francisco




Senator Edward Kennedy tapped Harkin to lead a working group charged




prevention and public health

( Hospital workers can enroll free; the public pays $8,000 for a multi-week course in

The transformative power of Integrative Medicine, he added, should include emotional wellbeing as well functional medical

stress management and prevention approaches to disease.

components of the Obama Administration’s

West Virginia, where obesity is a


of heart disease.

health reform plan.

The joy of living, he advised, works wonders. ■

For the spa director offering programs in yoga, meditation,

Change is also coming to European spas. As

exercise, and nutrition, Integrative Medicine is a golden

reported by Bernard Burt in this issue, a new

opportunity to create new models, partnering with public

model of Medical Wellness combines spa

health institutions. One example at a hospital in Connecticut is the introduction of a program based on documented success of Dr. Dean Ornish at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in San Francisco (

treatments with medical services in Germany. Perhaps it’s time for international spas to partner with health policy planners and politicians. What better way to demonstrate the serious side of spa? Audio files and documents presented at the Summit on Integrative Medicine

Hospital workers can enroll free; the public pays $8,000 for


MEDI CAL SPAS • May 2009

are online at



A recent report by L. Packer featured in the Skin Care Forum describes the effects of vitamin C with vitamin E in defending the skin against photoaging. A well-known phenomenon is how sun exposure (photoaging) results in skin's aging and how ultraviolet (UV) rays and infrared (IR) radiation accelerate the aging process. Exposure to ultraviolet rays leads to the formation of free radicals, which are highly reactive molecules. However, the damaging effects of UV may be lessened by antioxidants in the skin, such as the lipid-soluble vitamin E and the water-soluble vitamin C. If these antioxidants are replenished, they implement a first line of defense against damage to the DNA, proteins and other molecules in the skin. Vitamin E traps free radicals in the skin cells that are thought to damage the cell membrane, the DNA in the cell nucleus and the collagen fibers responsible for the tightness of the skin. Stored in the cell membrane, vitamin E takes away, figuratively, the "point" of the molecule, thus diminishing its damaging potential and effects. Vitamin C then removes the "point" from the vitamin E and releases it again. Vitamin C and vitamin E interact and constitute an interplay between water-soluble and lipid-soluble antioxidants in protecting against free radical damage.

Information: Hale Cosmeceuticals 1 800-951-7005



Medspa Performance


Medical Staff performance

Richard Linder is the CEO of PCA SKIN®. Prior to joining the company, he held executive positions at Greenwich Street Partners, the St. Louis Economic Development Council and KPMG in Zurich, Switzerland. Mr. Linder’s long-standing interest in the healthcare field dates back to his studies at Harvard Business School, where he earned his MBA. While there, he was awarded a grant from Harvard University to study the purchasing behaviors and preferences of the aging baby boomers.



PERFORMANCE appraisal is the most powerful tool a manager has in determining an employee’s continued fit with the organization, potential for additional responsibility and opportunities for development. Proper performance appraisals include a selfassessment, the direct manager’s evaluation and 360° feedback from peers, subordinates and other managers.


The self-assessments and 360° feedback rate the frequency in which the person demonstrates the desired behavior. The manager’s evaluation, on the other hand, compares the observed behavior with the expectations of the role. It is vital that everyone who participates in this process is specific in their examples. It is not enough to simply say, “She’s great.” You need to identify what makes her so great, such as being a key resource for specific product information or an excellent trainer or a fantastic motivator. Through this process you are judging the individual on job That level of detail better allows you to evaluate her talents competency and contribution to culture. Job competency and skills and identify possible gaps in performance. measures someone’s ability to perform the assigned role. Contribution to culture judges whether the employee For all appraisals, include one final question that represents makes the business a better place. Generally, in a service- the hallmark of your culture. This hallmark is the most oriented business, you will want to consider the person’s important thing for which you stand. It can be anything knowledge about the job and her commitment to serving from customer service to business ethics. No matter what the customer, in addition to how well she models the you choose, it is a “yes” or “no” proposition. Anyone judged culture you have established for your business. as a “no” cannot remain as a part of the team. Hopefully, if MEDI CAL SPAS • May 2009


Medspa Performance

JOB COMPETENCY MEASURES SPA STAFF’S ABILITY TO PERFORM you do have someone who fails to live up to this hallmark, accomplished, still enjoy what they do, and have no you have dismissed them prior to the regular appraisal. aspirations for further advancement. While it is important that they continue to perform at a sufficient level, there is At the conclusion of the actual appraisal you still have a few no need for further investments in their development. more things to do. First, you need to rank your employees in terms of Concerns are just that—concerns. Rising stars are capable of their performance, from highest to In general, they are not fulfilling lowest. Keep in mind, this is a their role as needed or expected or being promoted two to three relative ranking. Your lowest they are not contributing to the performer on a highly talented staff levels over the next couple of culture in a meaningful way. Anyone may still perform well. Regardless, categorized as a concern must be years. They typically require you will want to coach your lower placed on a performance performers up. improvement plan. The primary additional coaching and skill goal is to coach the employee out of Next, categorize each employee as this category either through actual development. They have either high performer, rising star, improvement or dismissal from the experienced professional or organization. demonstrated technical ability concern. These categories will not necessarily match with your and leadership qualities. Often The final step after conducting the ranking. High performers are at the appraisals, ranking the very top. In fact, they may have the most effective investment in performances and categorizing reached their peak within the employees is to establish a organization. Investments in their professional development plan for them is through assigning development must be at an each member of your team, with the additional responsibilities or exception of your experienced advanced level, such as executive professionals. These plans address education or master’s degree having them manage larger program. This type of commitment the needed skill improvements as will propel your organization’s well as the goals for the business and projects. growth. Keep in mind that people the individual. performing at this level will seek opportunities elsewhere if there is nothing else for them There are a couple of recommendations for increasing the where they are. overall effectiveness of performance appraisals. One, be fully transparent with your employees throughout this Rising stars are capable of being promoted two to three process. Make sure they understand what is happening, levels over the next couple of years. They typically require where they rank and how they are categorized. Two, additional coaching and skill development. They have consider spreading the activities out across the review demonstrated technical ability and leadership qualities. period. For instance, if you are conducting appraisals every Often the most effective investment in them is through six months, do the 360° feedback at the three-month mark. assigning additional responsibilities or having them This will help you avoid assessment fatigue among your manage larger projects. They gain key experience, and you team and allow them to focus more time attention to the get to test how they function at those higher levels. activity. Experienced professionals, like high performers, have Elevating your employees’ performance improves your reached a peak. This peak, however, may be self-imposed. business performance exponentially. It starts with an They tend to be satisfied with what they have effective appraisal process. ■


MEDI CAL SPAS • May 2009

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!"#$%&!'#%(')'#%*+',#-#.(/0*"! 1(2'$3(&!---/'#%*+',#-#.(/0*"!

!"#$!%&'()*+*,$!#*+-%.*)#!/*0!1&"-%$2!1-#.)&##!")3!"!1&%%&0!4-"+.%$!*/!+./&! 740/,8 9:;;;:<=>:;9;9 ?02*.*?.+')*?2,,*1,@"/.2*


Medspa Experience


EXPERIENCE LOYALTY WITH CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE John Ely is senior vice president of marketing for Signature Worldwide, a training and business solutions company dedicated to helping clients create legendary experiences for their customers. Ely is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating strategic marketing and corporate growth plans, and has more than 16 years of industrial and consumer marketing experience. For more information, call (800) 398-0518 or visit www.signatureworldwid For more from Ely, visit his blog, www. OnceUponACustomerExp

MANAGEMENT Train employees how to create experiences rather than just measuring them By JOHN ELY, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Signature Worldwide


RECENTLY was speaking with my father about his new car. For as long as I can remember, my father has driven a Cadillac, and our new car conversations were always about the new Sedan DeVille, Coupe De Ville, and even the new Allante! So you can understand my shock when I pulled into his driveway and saw a gleaming new Lexus. My father explained that, while he still thought Cadillacs were great cars, he was convinced to buy the Lexus because of the experience a close friend had with the dealership — no high pressure sales, always a loaner car when his was in for service and free carwashes for life! His friend raved about how well he had been treated, not to mention how well his car drives. So my father — a man who has driven the same brand of car since JFK was in office — decided to check it out. He ultimately switched not because he was dissatisfied with Cadillac, but rather because he wanted to experience the acclaimed Lexus culture.

money and tell their friends about you. However, new customer behavior research proves customers who are merely satisfied aren’t particularly loyal. A survey from the Harvard Business Review found that 65 percent of “ex-customers” reported being satisfied with a company they left. So, if satisfied customers are likely to leave when a more convenient, affordable or just different option presents itself, what more can you do to keep them? The answer, according to Customer Experience Management (CEM) thought leaders, is to look past product, price and location to focus completely on creating emotional experiences at every customer touchpoint.

Unlike CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which provides applications for gathering quantitative data about your customer, CEM focuses on qualitative components — the emotional responses of a customer. Study after study As a manager or owner of a spa, you surely understand the has shown that humans are driven by emotion, not reason. importance of quality customer service and probably do a good job of satisfying your clients. And you know that loyal According to Neurologist Donald Cayne, “Reason may lead customers are likely to return more often, spend more to conclusions, but emotion leads to action.” 64

MEDI CAL SPAS • May 2009


Medspa Experience

IDENTIFY THE IDEAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Giving every client a magnificent experience is certainly not new to the spa industry. All spas offer wellness, peace, and tranquility — very powerful emotional ideas. But managing the customer experience so every single client loves every single aspect of your spa requires more than ideas. It requires a unique commitment and a systematic, company-wide approach to excellence that makes it virtually impossible for employees to deliver anything less than an exceptional experience at every customer touchpoint.

impressions those behaviors create. You may even want to focus on a net promoter score.

Developed by loyalty business model expert Fred Reichheld, the concept of a net promoter score is essentially to find those customers who are evangelists for your spa. They are “promoters.” Based on a 10-point scale, when these clients are asked how likely they are to recommend your spa to a friend or colleague, they answer nine or 10 with 10 being the most likely to recommend. If those survey results show that you don’t have a lot of promoters and that you’re Commitment to CEM starts with a different way of looking not consistently creating the ideal experience, your third at satisfaction and loyalty. While many step is a training program that arms The first step is working with clients managers conduct customer surveys, every employee with the tools to get who love you most so you can they often view the results too better. identify the ideal customer positively. Successful CEM managers experience. Through market know that customer satisfaction isn’t a Start by making sure your team knows research, focus groups or just oldexactly what a great spa experience goal — it’s an absolute necessity. They know there is very little connection fashioned conversations with your feels like. Don’t be vague or conceptual. between mere satisfaction and true most loyal clients, find out what your Every single employee must staff is doing to regularly create customer loyalty, so they set higher understand and accept his or her role in those emotional bonds. What you standards and analyze data much the experience and the specific learn will help you build the ideal differently. behaviors needed to always meet and spa experience, one that your best exceed client expectations. For example, if 85 percent of survey clients can’t wait to have again and again. respondents say they’re “somewhat Regularly hold fun, interactive training satisfied” or “completely satisfied” with events that stress participation and your spa, is that reason to celebrate? Perhaps it is. But practice. Create a learning environment that encourages doesn’t that mean 15 percent of your customers are participants to be open and identifies obstacles to their disappointed? And remember, research suggests merely success. If employees suggest changes to procedures that satisfied clients are not particularly loyal. So while you will help delight clients, have the courage to implement congratulate yourself for a job well-done, 80 percent of your those changes. Most important, remember that training is a customers may be making plans to switch to another spa. journey, not a destination. Support skill development by measuring performance with ongoing mystery shopping Once you establish CEM as the top priority of your spa, it’s and surveys. Use those results to recognize success and important to build a three-step system that helps every coach for improvement. member of your team deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences. The first step is working with clients Because today’s customers are more informed and more who love you most so you can identify the ideal customer volatile, it’s much easier to get more from your loyal experience. Through market research, focus groups or just customers through upselling and cross-selling. It’s this old-fashioned conversations with your most loyal clients, loyalty — created through legendary experiences — that find out what your staff is doing to regularly create those will have a huge impact on your spa’s bottom line. In fact, a emotional bonds. What you learn will help you build the survey from Harvard Business Review reports that 97 ideal spa experience, one that your best clients can’t wait to percent of all customers who report being loyal to a have again and again. company do not leave. Next, compare that ideal to the way your people are working If you want to stay ahead of your competition, start today. Regular customer surveys and mystery shops can improving your spa’s customer experience today. If you’ll help you evaluate employee behaviors and the customer excuse me, I’m off to look at new cars! ■ 66

MEDI CAL SPAS • May 2009


Medspa Management



Shirley Meerson has a career and lifelong passion in the spa, health, and wellness industry that spans for over 20 years. During this time she has embraced the challenge of relocating to distinct destinations around the globe. Her specialties lie in spa and wellness developments and operations. And in natural health, healing technologies, staff training, and cultural integration. Additionally, she has taught classes and seminars on stress management and relaxation techniques. Shirley has contributed to worldwide publications for over a decade – writing on spa management, beauty, health, travel, and living well. Her company provides a multi-faceted selection of services to achieve excellence in your business and enhance your personal quality of life. For more information visit Shirley at her website: White Star Wellness www.whitestarwellnes .com 68


Influence………not authority….hmm…..reflect on that…


he key to successful leadership today operations and functioning of your spa and wellness is influence, not authority" says Ken facility? Blanchard co-author of one of my favorite books: The One Minute Are you hands-on? Does your management style allow you Manager. to participate in issues ‘on the floor’ ? Or in contrast – are you more rigid and distant in your management style ? Influence………not authority….hmm…..reflect on that… The conversation here is on what I call ‘Active Management’. It is a reminder to all of us, of the importance, and And now think about this: what is your management style? influence, that this can bring. Are you a good and effective leader? Active Management are my words. It is a style that I Are you providing direct practical experience in the recommend, to integrate into how we live, work, and MEDI CAL SPAS • May 2009



NEW FROM PHYTOBIODERMIE This extreme hydrating cream is recommended for very dry and sensitive skins, and against extreme weather conditions (cold, windy, dry). It contains powerful hydrating compounds with proven efficiency for hydrating and restructuring the skin (Aquaxyl, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Sunflower Oil). It also contains enhancing ingredients such as lingonberry, sweet orange and oat, which are recommended for sensitive skin. The essential oils are chosen for their moisturizing and antiinflammatory properties. To be applied day and night on face and neck, after cleansing.

PROOF OF EFFICACY: HYDRATION EVOLUTION IN PERCENT VALUES An evaluation of moisturizing efficacy was made by the Swiss Skin Test Institute. Extreme Cream was applied twice a day, on 10 healthy volunteers’ forearm, aged 35-65 years. At the first application the moisture increase was still almost 45 % after 6 hours. After 2 weeks of regular application the moisture increase was close to 60 %. These results classify Extreme Cream as EXCELLENT MOISTURIZER, the highest qualification from the Skin Test Institute.

KEY INGREDIENTS ORGANIC RED ALFA (LINGONBERRY) SEED OIL: berry from the Arctic region, extremely rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 (moisturizing and anti-age) and in tocotrienols (antioxidant, more powerful than vitamin E). These ingredients help the berry to survive temperatures as low as minus 50°C. ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL: this vegetal oil is moisturizing with a non-greasy touch. It penetrates the epidermis easily and leaves no film because its characteristics are very close to those of the skin’s natural sebum. It is also an antioxidant with anti-age properties. ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL: rich in omega 6 and 9, and in vitamins E and F, this oil moisturizes and softens the skin. ORGANIC ALOE VERA: it acts directly on collagen fibres and induces skin elasticity. AQUAXYL: hydrating concept of natural origin. This ingredient has proven hydrating results. NATURAL VITAMIN E: main antioxidant of the organism, it protects the cells against free radicals. ORGANIC OAT EXTRACT: used in the treatment of dry or burnt skins, sunburns and eczema. ORGANIC GINGER OIL: anti-inflammatory, toning, antioxidant and stimulating. ORGANIC SWEET ORANGE OIL: anti-irritating, anti-inflammatory and calming. Phone: 1 888 715 8008; Fax: 1 352 483 4880 ;



Medspa Management

ARE YOU A GOOD AND EFFECTIVE SPA DIRECTOR LEADER? succeed within our spa and wellness environments. While You are the manager in your facility of spa, fitness, or this is not something that is needed or required 24/7 it is an wellness. You create an AAROM to the energy of your invaluable piece, for the success of your business. facility. Actively get involved. Therefore, you – the manager - are doing similar as when a therapist or trainer does To clarify: I am not speaking of the financial term of ‘active active assist exercise to achieve a better range of motion, management’ which is also called active investing and ROM. refers to a portfolio management strategy. The dictionary has dozens of definitions for the word I am speaking to - a concept to add or revive within your active: engaged in action - characterized by energetic work style of leading and managing. – participation – busy – progress motion - capable of exerting Make informal visits around to influence - requiring personal effort My suggestion is to think of Active Management as a type of therapy or the work areas and listen to your or attention. Do any of these words speak to your training. staff, your team. The purpose of leadership style…? Biomechanics and exercise this exercise is to collect How can a person develop into a physiology are used in fitness and also in massage therapies. Range of qualitative information, listen to manager, who then is actively assisting the energetics within their motion exercise – ROM - is the putting of a particular joint or suggestions and complaints, and facility? muscle group through its full range keep a finger on the pulse of the Here are a few ideas. of normal movements. In order to It is most important to bring your assist with the movement – it can be organization. self, out of the office, and on to the done actively or passively – and by floor - and by giving a hand in other means. situations - this will boost staff Why not also go to the staff motivation and morale. One type of physical therapy is called: AAROM = Active Assistive lounge areas – as I have done. I am speaking of taking time from Range of Motion. You’ll be surprised at the your day and it need not be every Active-assisted ROM exercises are day that you do this. It couldn’t be reactions and information that done by the person and a helper. every day = impossible. We as spa managers and directors, have to you can glean. Little bits of It is for people who can move their juggle a job description that requires muscles with a little help or who can us to be supernatural magicians. information can be very move their joints but feel pain when Seriously - we must be excellent at useful….as situations unfold. they do. People move their limbs the ability to multi-task. themselves, but a therapist or trainer helps them do so, by hand or with bands or other Also superb at time management skills. And with the stream of interruptions that we balance day in and day out equipment.


MEDI CAL SPAS • May 2009


Medspa Management

ARE YOU PROVIDING DIRECT PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE IN YOUR SPA? – we need to remain as patient and in good humor as a is really lacking. Of course – there will be some on your highly paid comedian in Las Vegas. And we can. team – ‘the ‘manipulators’ – who will think that this is their ‘in’…….to ask for favors and things. It is easy for you to It is said that effective leaders use a myriad of leadership deflect this - I have. styles that are adaptive and flexible. Basically, leaders are able to morph when presented with a plethora of situations. As an ‘Active Manager’ be natural and relaxed. And genuine. Make sure that you are not doing it to motivate by fear. That Now – I suggest that you add another dimension, another your presence is not intimidating. spice to the mix. Become an ‘Active Manager’. We – as managers have got to participate. However, this Make informal visits around to the work areas and listen to approach is not something that is easily taught. your staff, your team. The purpose of this exercise is to collect qualitative information, listen to suggestions and It is a natural intrinsic trait for some and for others it is just, complaints, and keep a finger on the pulse of the ‘too much’. organization. Or in some countries it is thought of as not a good thing = Why not also go to the staff lounge areas – as I have done. ‘must hold that line’ and keep that distance. This is You’ll be surprised at the reactions and information that somewhat true to retain the respect of your team and you can glean. Little bits of information can be very holding of the line should be there. But you can have the intelligence to intuit the balance. useful….as situations unfold. You can actually ‘shadow’ your staff…well sort of…and To be a good effective leader is a continuing process of selfstudy, education, training, and experience. Try the ideas in they do not know it. this discussion – in what ever ways fit you and the Another idea is to help out occasionally in regular tasks – situation. The outcome will be the same. because it will reinforce all of the training that the team has had – previously done by either you or an outsider. Five star To inspire your team and increase the level of service is all about details and skills. Reinforce those accomplishments and cooperation. details. Do you want to be a leader or a boss…? Often, I have found that staff do like to be shown to create things in a more beautiful or positive way. Or - if appropriate, you can use the time and episode to strengthen those brand standards.

In Wellness, Shirley

Results will speak for themselves. Part of your team will see you as a human being….more approachable. You know that quasi ‘open door policy’ – really is a bit stiff. It is a very overused term. And that style 72

MEDI CAL SPAS • May 2009

The Business Side of Beautiful 30 Years of Insuring The Spa, Salon and Beauty Industries For more than 30 years Marine Agency has provided insurance for beauty and wellness facilities in fifty states. Policies are custom tailored to meet the needs of each individual company. Protecting your company with the proper coverage is our specialty including:

General, professional and umbrella liability Complete Day Spa, Salon and Medi-Spa coverage Laser, IPL and Dermal fillers Workers Compensation and EPLI

The most respected name in Spa & Beauty insurance is dedicated to protecting your investment. For more information call: 800-763-4775 or

marine agency I










Medical Spa Revenue


New MEDICAL Spa Revenue Steams and Skip Williams Spa Financial Development Consultant Vice President of Resources & Development® Skip Williams, the author of “The Reluctant Spa Director and the Mission Dream”, is a recognized speaker and author in the spa arena, with over thirteen (13) years of experience in the Management, Financial Development & Operational fields, mostly in the Spa and Hospitality Industry as Spa Director, Controller and Business project Consultant. He brings his previous years of analytical business experience in a broad variety of manufacturing, retail and service businesses to studying Resort Spas, Day Spas, Medical Spas, Wellness Centers, and Salons: their profitability, how they operate, and what makes them successful.

More Spa Profit Potential



EW equipment manufacturers and As you know, we are experiencing a new Baby Boom in our product companies are always trying to country and as a guy I can only imagine what it is like to be tell us to buy their product and you will pregnant, but it must be extremely uncomfortable and have more business, more revenue, and taxing on a woman's body. I can't envision a time in ones sometimes they tell us more profit also. life that massage would be more important to a woman! I know if I were in this condition I would want a massage

As an industry consultant I am always extremely leery of EVERY WEEK. these claims. Most of the time if you incorporate their product or equipment into your menu of services you are Not only would a woman with child make a great massage simply shifting the same clients from the old service to the client, and you can sell a series of services to her throughout new service and trading one revenue stream for another her pregnancy, but I can think of several easy, low/no cost and instead of adding to your bottom line it simply stays ways to market these services to her: the same. 1. Leave a stack of simple brochures on this specific Unless a new product or piece of equipment will bring in a

service in every OBGYN office waiting room in town.

NEW customer, or save us so much time and money that it 2. Leave those same brochures in baby clothing and easily pays for itself, then why buy it, right? accessories stores, and perhaps do some cooperative marketing

This is why I am always on the lookout for products and 3. with them as well. services that do deliver new revenue streams and/or 4. A simple ad in the local "Baby Talk" magazine. skip@resourcesand additional profits, ones that help us bring in NEW 5. Mother's Day promotional tie-in. customers.

www.resourcesand This leads me to:


6. And most important; many of your existing clients are mothers or mother in laws to a lovely pregnant young

Pregnancy Massage!

lady. Be sure to email blast your list to these existing

MEDI CAL SPAS • May 2009


Medical Spa Revenue

CREATE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES AT EVERY CUSTOMER TOUCH POINT clients telling them what a wonderful gift a series of 5 What is unique about this Pregnancy Cushion is that it is pregnancy massages would be to the mother of their ergonomically designed as well as a host of amazing future grand children.

features that will continue to bring your prenatal customers back.

When incorporating this service into your menu be sure to give your providers ample training on this specialized Your mother to be can receive a full body massage on a service, and provide a safe and comfortable environment cushion that allows you to perform supine, prone as well as for your "mothers to be".

sideline pregnancy massage, safely and comfortably.

To that end I have arranged a special exclusive arrangement This is the ONLY cushion that I know of that has been with "Comfort Crafts" to make this well designed MEDICALLY EVALUATED and is HIGH RECOMMENDED Pregnancy Cushion available to you immediately.

by a Medical Professionals for the use of Prenatal Massage.

What is unique about this Pregnancy Cushion is that it is ergonomically designed as well as a host of amazing features that will continue to bring your prenatal customers back.

This cushion has breasts cutouts and a tummy well for the baby to be use up to the third trimester of a normal pregnancy. It is also portable so you can easily transport it from room to room or take on outcalls. This Patented Pregnancy Cushion is the preferred Pregnancy Cushion used by Professional Massage Therapists and Midwives to provide the ULTIMATE in comfort for their clients! A self contained, one unit, with a built in adjustable face

Your mother to be can receive a full body massage on a cushion that allows you to perform supine, prone as well as sideline pregnancy massage, safely and comfortably. 76

MEDI CAL SPAS â&#x20AC;˘ May 2009

cradle that can be reversed and used as a head rest when your client is in the supine position. Made of high density foam and Sta-Soft Naughahide and environmentally friendly. It is antimicrobial and tear resistant. This cushion can be used by many in the medical field including Massage Therapists, Hospitals, and Midwives. For more information:

Carl Potter, CSP, CMC and Deb Potter, PhD, CMC work with organizations that want to create an environment where nobody gets hurt. As advocates of a zero-injury workplace, they are safety speakers, authors, and consultants to industry. For information about their programs and products, see or contact them at Potter and Associates International, Inc. 800-259-6209 or


ARE YOU READY TO BE A SAFETY HERO? Five Lessons Learned from the Heroes of Flight 1549, By Carl and Deb Potter Heroes abound in the safe water landing of US Airways flight 1549 on January 16, 2009 in the Hudson River: the flight crew, the New York Waterways ferry operators and other watercraft operators, police and fire rescue teams, the Red Cross and other first responders as well as the 155 passengers. The whole event has been dubbed “the miracle on the Hudson”. This is a great event – one in which many things went well. Even without having the benefit of a full investigation and report, there are many lessons that we can learn from. Here are just a few things to consider. 1. Training and experience are the best defense when things start to go wrong. Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger, III and first officer Jeffrey B. Skiles safely “landed” the Airbus A320 in the Hudson River on Thursday. Their training and experience “kicked in” - they each had decades of experience and tens of thousands of flight hours. The next time you grumble about attending training of any kind, think again. It may be what saves your life or the lives of others. 2. Be aware of changing conditions. When you think about what happened in just a matter of minutes – a safe “crash” landing with quick thinking on the part of the pilot and first officer, the safe evacuation of passengers by the flight crew, and the initiation of a well-executed water rescue – there is no better example of situational awareness. Media interviews with the water taxi operators demonstrated that they were aware of the situation and responded swiftly and appropriately. The Red Cross also was aware of the crisis within minutes and had supplies ready and people available to help. Conditions can change quickly in the day-to-day work. Be aware and be ready to respond if the unexpected happens. 3. Follow the leader. Almost every interview with passengers has been marked with comments about how calm everyone was during this situation. Much of this no doubt was due to the expertise and leadership of the flight crew first and foremost. People got over their initial shock quickly and responded rapidly to the crews’ instructions. Recognize that you may be in a situation where a leader is assigned – or you may be the leader in charge. Be ready to follow as well as to lead as the situation demands. 4. Follow the rules. The airline industry is rife with mandatory rules. One of the tenets of commercial flight safety is that all checklists will be followed. Passengers are required to follow the directions of the flight crew, including reviewing passenger information in the seatbacks prior to take-off. (How many of us really do that?) Think about the rules and regulations associated with your industry and the safe work practices for your job. If you have questions about how to apply the rules or practices, let your supervisor know. Above all, take time to review checklists and to conduct pre-job briefings. 5. Continually learn everything you can about safety. It’s essential that you continue to take opportunities to learn everything you can about doing your job. Many sources exist for information. For instance contains information about accidents and incidents. This is a source that many pilots refer to as part of their ongoing development. Likewise, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has information at that can help you learn more about how to do your work safe. Specific information may be available in other industry sources. Take the time to learn from incidents in your workplace and your industry. When you see a written near-miss or accident investigation report, take time to study it and learn what you can apply to your own job. And, help others learn by turning in meaningful reports of incidents you are involved in. We will all learn more about how this miracle on the Hudson occurred in the days and weeks to come. Take time to consider what you can apply to your own work from the lessons learned. The words of NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) spokesperson Kitty Higgins sum it all up: "These people knew what they were supposed to do and they did it and as a result, nobody lost their life." That’s the best lesson. Follow the five tips presented here and you’ll be ready to be a safety hero when the time comes. 80


Niche NICHE EQUALS RICH, By Melinda Minton Melinda Minton is a spa consultant and health and beauty expert living in Fort Collins, Colorado. Minton is a certified massage therapist, esthetician and cosmetologist with an MBA in marketing. A past spa owner, Minton has consulted on spa management issues, product formulations, spa profitability and strategy among sundry other projects. Minton is the founder of The Spa Association, a world-class organization dedicated to enriching the professional beauty industry through self-regulation, education and sound business practices. Minton founded Spa Secure, launched in 2004. Spa Secure is an international licensing program for salons, spas, medical spas and wellness centers that sets the standard for business practices, operations, quality of service, and health and safety. • 602-540-4696 or 866-599-9316


ITH the spa market becoming more and more saturated the standard methodologies behind doing business within the industry are rapidly changing. A decade ago it was sufficient to offer the standard fare of facials and massage with a theme and an appealing facility. This is no longer the case. Today there is a spa on every block. Unfortunately the competition is tugging at the purse strings of many spa owners. While it is typical in a capitalistic society for competition to force the weaker players out, the redundancy of spa facilities makes it difficult for the consumer to choose a spa and stick with that spa loyally. A price war typically ensues and in a service based business–no one wins at this game. The solution is to forge a new path. DO WHAT YOU DO BEST

Instead of offering a War and Peace styled menu, why not only offer those services that you are known for? Instead of the “all under one roof ” approach why not whittle your services down to the heart and soul of your spa? For instance, I taught a spa management class for a spa in Los Angeles that only does one service. They only did one type of facial. They only sold 6 products. Their profit margins were well above average. Their estheticians were booked weeks in advance. Their retention figures were unheard of. The simplicity of their offerings paid off through consistency, expertise at a singular service and sell-through. Clients came either on a weekly or monthly basis and they routinely purchased home care. Their formula for success was lean but absolutely complete. Ditto for a waxing parlor in New York City. In this day of laser hair removal who knew that a facility only offering waxing would be so sought after. However, they were also booked solid with a pre-booking success rate of 92%. Wow! IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET MARKET By segmenting your target market you can truly begin to break down your general clientele into subgroups who share specific interests. Given this you can target specific needs within the smaller populations (i.e., career women vs. stay at home moms; men vs. women; tweens vs. baby boomers). Each of these groups have specific needs and will crave particular services, home care and overall experiences. Setting aside an evening for gentlemen only, for instance, allows for a sub-group of clients to truly be catered to. Likewise, offering a fashion forward career enhancement night in the form of an educational soiree will accommodate busy working women. Moreover, by grouping clients in such a fashion the stage is set for bonding amongst your current clientele and encourages happy clients to bring along their friends for ideal referral opportunities.



Breaking your spa’s services and goals into specific groupings or opting to only service particular spa needs are ways to further define your presence in a saturated marketplace. Sit down with your menu and your financials and explore where your facility offers the most potential for current and future earnings. Fine tuning your vision and offerings can truly be worth your time and attention.

GET MOBILE If you have a successful, up and running spa there is no reason not to expand your reach. Creating a mobile presence is easily done and so very flexible. With a van or a small trailer your spa can attend weddings, parties, events, corporate celebrations and so much more. Further, a mobile presence is a great way to get the word out. The ability to generate publicity with a mobile unit is tremendous. Overhead is relatively low and the outlay of materials and equipment can be quite sparse. The real trick is being on location and creating the appropriate mood. PARTY One of the best ways to supplement the daily earnings of your spa is to allot for parties and gatherings during non-peak hours and times when the spa is ordinarily closed. Corporate parties, princess parties, bridal parties and simple family get-togethers generate income during those times when the spa would otherwise be closed or underperforming. By moving a bit of retail and setting up rooms for multiple users a large number of people can typically be accommodated. For those on a budget, consider setting up a “do it yourself ” bar of facial and body products. Similar to a buffet, clients can then do their own masquing, body wrapping and buffing under the guidance of a staff member. This approach can be a lot of fun for the participants while the costs are cut dramatically given the tremendous reduction in staffing requirements. Catering the event is a part of the fun. Building sampler kits for at home use should be a part of the event’s pricing. Furthermore, inviting participants back through incentive options like gift with service purchase is a great way to build your spa’s long term client base. Breaking your spa’s services and goals into specific groupings or opting to only service particular spa needs are ways to further define your presence in a saturated marketplace. Sit down with your menu and your financials and explore where your facility offers the most potential for current and future earnings. Fine tuning your vision and offerings can truly be worth your time and attention.




PCA EDUCATION May, 2009 Skin Biology and Chemical Peel 5.1.2009 Las Vegas, NV 5.1.2009 Long Beach, CA 5.1.2009 Atlanta, GA 5.3.2009 San Diego, CA 5.8.2009 Birmingham, AL 5.11.2009 Scottsdale, AZ 5.11.2009 Chicago, IL 5.15.2009 Charlotte, NC 5.18.2009 Manhattan, NY 5.18.2009 Indianapolis, IN 5.18.2009 Minneapolis, MN 5.29.2009 Portland, OR 5.31.2009 St. Louis, MO

May, 2009 Skin Biology & Chemical Peel (Students) 5.11.2009 Salt Lake City, UT 5.17.2009 Kansas City, MO 5.17.2009 Manhattan, NY 5.17.2009 San Antonio, TX 5.31.2009 Chattanooga, TN 5.31.2009 West Palm Beach, FL 5.31.2009 Ontario, CA May, 2009 Advanced Treatment Technologies 5.2.2009 Atlanta, GA 5.16.2009 Charlotte, NC 5.30.2009 Portland, OR Seminario de biología de la piel y peeling químico (Spanish Language) 05.11.09 New York, NY 05.18.09 Miami, FL

Tel: 877.PCA.SKIN [722-7546] • Fax: 480-946-5690 • PCASKIN.COM PCA SKIN named one of Arizona’s Top Workplaces for Women PCA SKIN was named one of Arizona Woman’s Top 25 Workplaces for Women. The company was founded in 1991. PCA SKIN, the leading authority in chemical peels, creates products for a wide variety of skin types and conditions, such as acne, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), sensitive skin (including rosacea), sun damage and aging skin. In addition, the company conducts nearly 300 educational seminars for skin care and medical professionals annually. “Our vision is to improve people’s lives,” said Dr. Jennifer Linder, a dermatologist and fellowship-trained Mohs skin cancer surgeon who also serves as PCA SKIN’s chief scientific officer. “That vision extends to our team, our customers, patients and everyone else with whom we do business.” PCA SKIN honors its vision through professional development opportunities and flexible work arrangements for its employees, education and business development tools for its customers and clinically-researched products that work for patients wanting to correct an undesired skin condition. Info: • 877.PCA.SKIN (722-7546) 86 SPA MANAGEMENT • MAY 09

GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI – BATHS • A complete variety of Balneotherapy for your Spa! Spa Marine presents products created specifically for Hydrotherapy and Spa Bathtubs. Directly from Spain, we bring a wide variety of soaks for your guest to choose. Vanilla Bath. Relaxing Body Bath containing the magic of the Silk Route. Milk Bath. Nourishing bath known as the “Cleopatra’s secrete” Red Grape Bath. A true bath of youthfulness Algae Baths. Because of Britain’s climate, marine currents and characteristic geography almost 80% of the different types of world algae can be found there. Marine Algae Bath. Gel format that easily dissolves in the bath, better than powder as it does not obstruct the pipes and drains. It is use for Slimming, Re-mineralizing and Detoxifying effects. It has Laminaria Digitata and Fucus Vesiculosus alages. It can be used alone, but when combined with a few drops of one of the ESSENCIALES MARINE BATH products, it can become a personalized treatment giving it a greater toning, relaxing, circulatory, slimming or moisturizing effect’s. Likewise, it can be combines with SEA CRYSTALS, increasing the marine sensation of the bath and making it a real pleasure and invites you o maximum relaxation. Sea salts with high algae and mineral salts content. It can be combined with the algae bath or essential oils to help transform the bath into a thallasotherapy treatment. Essential Oil Baths. The research department at Germaine de Capuccini carefully selects the highest quality ingredients for its five Essenciales Marine formulas: • Vitality for toning, energizing and adding natural vitality to the skin. Contains essential oils of mandarin, nutmeg, lime and Italian lemon. • Relax for a calm body and mind. Contains essential oils of lavender, sandalwood, patchouli, violet and ylang-ylang. • Active for stimulating lymph and blood micro-circulation and creating a feeling of total lightness. Contains essential oils of spearmint, clary sage and cinnamon leaf. • Svelte for purifying and creating a perfect silhouette. Contains essential oils of cedar wood, juniper and lavender. • Aqua for natural moisturizing, regenerating and skin renewal. Contains essential oils of geranium, patchouli and coriander. These five balanced combinations help re-establish the client’s required equilibrium between the mind, body and spirit. The have a 50% concentration of natural aromatic essences in a dissolving base that disperses completely in the water and leaves no oily residue in the tub. For more information on the Spa Marine Baths contact your Germaine de Capuccini representative. Call: 800.968.5925 (West), 800.842.9922 (Northeast and Midwest), 888.477.1477 (Southeast), or visit A4M – AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ANTI-AGING MEDICINE Dr. Ronald Klatz, President of the A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) invites you to view his "Anti-Aging World Update," at: In addition to his position with A4M, Dr. Klatz also serves as Director for the The World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine (WAAAM). Since 1995, WAAAM is a member-based society dedicated to the protection and preservation of the health of the public, and the advancement of education and research in the clinical specialties of anti-aging and regenerative medicine. In its objectives as the first global entity specifically established to unify and coordinate cooperation among organizations on the national level that are involved in the advancement of progressive preventive medicine, WAAAM adopts the United Nations model for organizational participation. As such, WAAAM is comprised of 96 affiliated member organizations, medical societies, and educational institutions. For more information: 87



NEW COVERAGES AVAILABLE Professional Program Insurance Brokerage a leader in the MediSpa insurance market, has announced new services that are available for coverage: LEDTeeth whitening including products sold for at home use, Carboxy Therapy for technicians who have specific training and are legally able to operate in their state, Yoga and Pilates for entire studios or independent trainers. Coverage is also available for Laser/IPL, Botox/Dermal Fillers, Mesotherapy/Lipodissolve, Medical & Aesthetic Peels, Facials, Microdermabrasion, Sclerotherapy, Physician Supervision, and Aesthetic Services. To receive pricing or for more information visit their website at or call 415-475-4300 EMINENCE – Holiday Gift Bag Contest Winners The holidays are long over but today Eminence Organic Skin Care is thrilled to announce the winners of the Holiday Gift Bag Contest for 2008 as picked in the official draw recently. Catherine Cassidy of Pismo Beach, California won the grand prize of an all expenses paid trip to the world famous and award winning Mii amo, a destination spa at Enchantment Resort in beautiful Sedona, Arizona! Catherine will enjoy a relaxing weekend away with a guest where they will be treated to decadent and deluxe spa treatments and world class gourmet meals, all while taking in the breathtaking desert vi ews from the luxury spa suites. We wish Catherine a wonderful weekend! Also counted as winners in the contest are our three runners up who all received scrumptious Eminence facials from local spas near them in their areas. Marion Abelsen was treated at Spa Ethos in Vancouver, BC; Megan Thompson was pampered at Juva Salon in Ankeny, Iowa; and Megan Macmillan enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at Facelogic in Lafayette, Colorado. Congratulations to these winners - we know they enjoyed their prizes and all look gorgeous! Eminence is also pleased to announce our 3rd place winners who all received generous gift baskets. Kimberely Hyde from Arizona, Vivita Kleyner from NY and Sally Phelps from California all received impressive baskets of Eminence goodies. Eminence’s holiday promotion ended December 31, 2008 and included an adorable eco gift bag filled with an organic fruit smoothie bodywash, natural body loofa, decorative ornament and a chance to win big. We would like to thank the world famous Mii amo destination spa at Enchantment Resort for their partnership in this exciting contest and we look forward to the next promotion! 88 SPA MANAGEMENT • MAY 09

NUTRALUXE MD PRODUCTS, What You Need to Know about Anti-Aging Skin Care By Christine Pemberton We all know that the body is surrounded by a natural protective layer, our largest organ, the skin. Although a protective layer, this “barrier” does allow penetration of various chemicals and vitamins, hence the reason for trans-dermal patches such as the birth control patch and the nicotine patch. Much of the marketing in the cosmetic industry is focused on anti-aging, the use of parabens, and the desire for a more natural approach to daily care. The most tantalizing promise is that of anti-aging, which accounts for a market currently estimated at $9.8 billion and growing at an average rate of 109% per annum. Parabens are in almost every skin care cream on the market, including those labelled organic. But mounting evidence by the Environmental Working Group suggests that consumers should avoid them. Studies in the British Journal of Toxicology assert that we should read the label and be wary of petrochemicals and parabens in skin creams, lead in lipsticks, and mercury in mascara and eyedrops. My advice? Start reading your cosmetic labels as carefully as you read your food labels. Like food, cosmetics also end up in your bloodstream and affect your health. Christine Pemberton is managing director of Nutra LuxeMD Canada and can be reached at

EXERCISE CAN HELP THE heart and mind, REPORTS THE HARVARD HEART LETTER Mind and body are really two halves of the same whole. Each profoundly influences the other. Depression and heart disease are a good example of this duality. People who are depressed are more likely to develop heart disease than people who aren’t depressed, and those who have heart disease are more likely to fall into depression. But it is possible to exploit this two-way street and simultaneously heal the mind and the heart, reports the February 2009 issue of the Harvard Heart Letter. Depression isn’t just in the mind. It causes a host of physical changes that can lead to heart trouble. It increases inflammation, which is involved in artery-clogging atherosclerosis and the rupture of plaque. It boosts the production of stress hormones, which dull the response of the heart and arteries. It activates blood platelets, making them more likely to form clots in the bloodstream. The Harvard Heart Letter is available from Harvard Health Publications, the publishing division of Harvard Medical School, for $29 per year. Subscribe at or by calling 877-649-9457 (toll-free).

SIMPLIFY YOUR SPA SHOPPING WITH UNIVERSAL COMPANIES’ 2009 SPA RESOURCE BOOK Universal Companies’ new 2009 catalog, always the preeminent resource for the spa industry, aims to help simplify shopping for spa owners and operators. One of the most comprehensive resources available to spas, the annual Spa Resource Book is the prime example of how Universal Companies can serve as “Your One Source Spa Solution®.” This year’s catalog was unveiled at SPATECH Spring ’09, held February 18-21 in Orlando, Florida. “We’re returning to our roots and sharpening our focus on being ‘Your One Source Spa Solution,’” says Universal Companies Founder Marti Morenings. “We want to streamline our customers’ purchasing to save our them time and money. Then they can focus on serving their clients, reducing costs, and maintaining a healthy bottom line.” The 2009 edition of the Spa Resource Book features more than 5,000 spa products, including hundreds of exciting new professional and retail items, as well as many favorite products. In an ongoing effort to consistently deliver innovative spa solutions to maximize the success of our partner-customers, many offerings are exclusive to Universal Companies. Universal Companies offers a comprehensive selection of equipment, supplies, retail products, merchandising ideas, marketing tools, many levels of consulting, education, training, apparel, books, and videos. We provide products and services designed specifically to fit the needs of day spas, resort spas, medical spas, and independent practitioners. To receive your free 2008 Spa Resource Catalog and find out how Universal Companies can be “Your One Source Spa Solution®,” call 800.558.5571 89


nted in Canada

SPA Management Journal May 09 Issue  

SPA MANAGEMENTDesign / Investment, Hotel Resort SPAS,Destination SPAS, Urban SPAS, ThalassoTherapy, Hydrotherapy, Skin Care, SPA Software,La...

SPA Management Journal May 09 Issue  

SPA MANAGEMENTDesign / Investment, Hotel Resort SPAS,Destination SPAS, Urban SPAS, ThalassoTherapy, Hydrotherapy, Skin Care, SPA Software,La...