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COVER STORY ÉMINENCE AND GOING GREEN – Celebrating 50 years of supporting beautiful skincare is an achievement of which to be proud. Creating products that are kind to the environment is even more reason for pride. Éminence is committed to being the industry leader in keeping our planet green. Éminence has always been concerned about the environment, and since its inception in 1958, the company has been using sustainable farming and green practices to create organic products—long before the green movement was hot. Éminence is constantly looking for ways to reduce its carbon footprint, from the harvest and production of products to how they are packaged and, finally, how they reach spa clients. In recent years, Éminence has stepped up its green factor by enlisting wind and solar power energy in the making of products, using recyclable packaging, vegetable-based inks in printing, FSC-certified post-consumer recycled paper and our new line created with biodynamic farming practices. Éminence is also pleased to secure several new organic farms in Hungary and has made agreements to ensure exclusivity and the supply of raw ingredients all while maintaining its position as the leader in quality organic skincare. The company is committed to providing the best quality skincare while being environmentally responsible.


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VOL. 19 NO.6


JUNE 2009

Stimulating The Spa Economy

Amid doom and gloom of the global economy, new spas are providing a stimulus to the well-being of travelers. Here’s what’s happening this summer!



Are you willing to keep your goals alive for 30 years? At what point do you give up? Thomas Edison never gave up, instead he said, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Winston Churchill during the bleakest hours of World War II kept an entire country motivated with this diehard conviction: "We shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches... in the fields and in the streets... we shall never surrender." Many of us give up too soon because we set limits on our goals. Achieving a goal begins with determination. Then it's just a matter of our giving them attention and energy.


Focus On Customer Positive Experience

One bad service experience can set a spa business back years in the eyes of a consumer. In fact, some studies have found that it can take as many as 12 positive interactions with a service provider to overcome the negative effects of one bad interaction. This can be a difficult proposition, since you may never get the opportunity to serve that customer another dozen times. Elements of good customer service include ease of access to your products and services; the general tone of the verbal interaction between your employees and your customers; how effectively your staff can answer questions and address concerns; how well you deliver the actual service; and the quality of the results the customer perceives when the service is complete. All of these elements must be present.


SATURNIA: Thermal Cures Work Where Classic Medicine Fails

Saturnia-A Dimension of Sight, Sound and Mind – Despite featuring the most state of the art paraphernalia for medical aesthetic procedures and classic spa services, the success of Saturnia is founded on the premise of three fundamental factors; nothing replaces the impact of the region’s natural resources, the power of human touch and the Spa’s unique approach to wellness. As a result, most migrate to the Maremma captivated by the magnificent essence of these, myself included. Philosophy – Distinguished for its exclusivity Saturnia is renowned for the innate therapeutic benefits of its thermal spring waters; to regenerate the entire body while comforting the soul. According to the dictates founded on ancient therapeutics including iconic masters such as Hippocrates, all of the thermal cures of Terme di Saturnia aim for the body’s restoration to homeostasis prior to addressing the mere symptoms that prevent that balance from occurring; working on the root causes of the trouble spots by means of methods linked to heat, the symbolic senses and the unique properties of the thermal water. The Culture of Well Being – The concept of global well-being is the objective that Terme di Saturnia has sought for years with a team of doctors therapists, dieticians, beauticians and instructors that share the principles of natural medicine and employ pleasure as a therapeutic aid. Saturnia’s mission is that global well-being should be the objective of all mankind, taking that break from the delirium of daily routine at least once a year.


What Women Want: 5 Easy Steps to Increase Your Sales

From Mel Gibson’s starring role in “What Women Want” to Dr. John Gray’s book “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus,” the messages have been out there for a long time. Communicating effectively with women is an art, and it will do two things for your business: First, she’ll follow your recommendations and buy from you; and more importantly, she’ll be the best marketing tool you could ever implement. Remember this phrase: “What women buy, they sell!” Treat her exceptionally well and you’ll earn her loyalty and referrals.

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Advanced... Exclusive Duel Proprietary Delivery Systems, Ionization and Liposomal which deliver Hormeta's active ingredients deep into skin tissue to activate vital functions & biological exchanges for cellular & DNA regeneration, repair, protection & maximum absorbency!

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Stimulating the Spa Economy By Bernard Burt

About the Author SpaGoer Bernard Burt An authoritative, independent observer of the spa industry for nearly two decades, Bernard Burt was founding director of ISPA in 1991. He foresaw industry growth, staging annual conferences and cochairing the first international summit meeting of industry leaders in Baden-Baden, Germany, a landmark event in 1996 covered by USA Today. His services to the industry were honored with presentation of the International Spa Association's Dedicated Contributor Award in 2000. Documenting destinations worldwide, Burt co-authored "100 Best Spas of the World" with Pamela Price. Published by The Globe Pequot Press in 2000, Third edition of the book was recently published. Previously he created and wrote "Fodor's Healthy Escapes," a North American guide to spas, health resorts, and spiritual retreats, published in 1986 by Random House. For continuing coverage, see his Web site,

Amid doom and gloom of the global economy, new spas are providing a stimulus to the well-being of travelers. Here’s what’s happening this summer:

an investment of over $4 billion in new hotels, plus upgrading 100 hotels in the U.S. - nearly half its North American portfolio.

CALIFORNIA AUBERGE PROJECT ELEVATION In a year where we may see few developments, L'Auberge de Sedona will ring in their 25th year with a $25 million expansion. "Project Elevation" adds contemporary hillside cottages, spa cottages, and a new spa exclusively for guests at the Napa Valley resort. The redesign of the hotel's entrance, restaurant, creek side and garden cottages and more will reflect a new level of luxury. Information:

Nectar was developed by the international spa management and brand delivery firm, Spatality, as a proprietary concept that offers an experience based on "high design/low ego." Research by Sheraton revealed guests value “the quality of luxury, but not the pretense often accompanying it.” Eight out of 10 Sheraton guests are likely to consider using spa services when traveling, including male guests. And the majority prefer to visit spas only when traveling.

RITZ CARLTON RESERVE TO DEBUT IN THAILAND The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. is launching a new exclusive brand extension for the most discerning global travelers: Ritz-Carlton Reserve. The first is in Thailand at Phulay Bay in Krabi. Designed for those who seek to escape the stresses of everyday life by retreating to experience new cultures and adventures, upcoming locations include Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Turks & Caicos, and The United Arab Emirates. SHERATON HOTELS AND RESORTS FORGES GLOBAL AGREEMENT WITH INTERNATIONAL SPA BRAND, NECTAR™ Concept Customized Exclusively for Sheraton Enhances the Brand and Differentiates the Guest Experience with High Design/Low Ego Spas. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. and Spatality Holdings, Ltd. have entered into a multiyear agreement under which Nectar Spa LLC and its affiliates will make the upscale Nectar Spa brand available at Sheraton properties worldwide. The new spa experience is part of a brand-wide effort to enhance the iconic Sheraton brand, which includes

"Nectar will be an invaluable, welcome addition to the Sheraton guest experience," said Hoyt H. Harper, II, senior vice president for Sheraton. "We know our guests will value an exceptional spa experience with a welcoming atmosphere. With this global agreement, we plan to make spa a cornerstone of the Sheraton brand experience, one that guests will truly embrace as part of their lifestyle." "We are quite honored that Nectar will play a part in the revitalization of Sheraton, the most recognized hotel brand in the world," said Richard Dusseau, CEO of Spatality Holdings and Nectar LLC. "When we created Nectar, we certainly had the upper upscale hospitality segment in mind, but it was pure serendipity that our brand proposition dovetails so well with Sheraton. The placement of Nectar into Sheraton hotels will help create additional brand loyalty by delivering an exceptional spa experience." "Spatality's expertise in the spa field will bolster our ability to help Sheraton properties worldwide create more comfortable and memorable guest experiences," said Mia Kyricos, Director, Spa Development for Starwood. "This relationship also underscores Sheraton's commitment to the business of spa which is increasingly impacting rate and occupancy at upper-upscale hotels worldwide."






Sheraton is revitalizing its iconic brand while continuing its aggressive international expansion of franchise operations as a division of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

sumptuous private villas. The full-service Estrella Spa offers a wide selection of desert-inspired signature treatments, some specially tailored for brides and couples, in a private and serene indooroutdoor setting.

Spatality is based in Denver, Colorado, has offices in Bangkok and Berlin.

About Viceroy Viceroy hotels and resorts exemplify a passion for authentic, world-class, visionary design and inventive service. From skyscraping cities to pacesetting playgrounds, every Viceroy destination re-imagines the essence of style and service and inspires discriminating guests to indulge in glamour, reinterpret cultural traditions, and redefine their notions of luxury. Under development are Viceroy Miami, and Viceroy Snowmass in Colorado; on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, Viceroy Mayakoba. Kor’s initial overseas venture, Viceroy Anguilla, is in the British West Indies. The official site for the Viceroy brand is

KOR HOTEL GROUP EXPANDS VICEROY BRAND Viceroy Hotels and Resorts, one of Kor Hotel Group’s luxury brands, expanded its provocative blend of intuitive service, innovative culinary experiences, and holistic wellness programs with the 2009 openings of Viceroy Miami and Viceroy Anguilla. Creative new voices also brought an infusion of energy to the collection’s desert gem in Palm Springs, California: Melissa Solis-Caluya as Spa Director for the Estrella Spa, is developing holistic programs that capitalize on the resources of the region. Previously manager of Sage Spa and Oasis Pool at Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa in Cabazon, California, Melissa moved up through hotel hospitality departments. Nestled beneath the ever-changing hues of the dramatic San Jacinto Mountains and amidst the distinct retro-appeal of Hollywood’s Golden-era playground, Viceroy Palm Springs Resort & Estrella Spa is an intimate boutique resort with 68 customdesigned rooms, studios and suites, as well as

Terranea Resort Opens Features Stunning Golf and Spa

Terranea Resort, a stunning new oceanfront destination in Palos Verdes, just 20 miles from Los Angeles features a Ted Eckenrode-designed nine hole golf course and The Spa at Terranea, a stateof-the-art, 25,000 square-foot oceanfront oasis nestled in a secluded, unrivaled setting with sweeping views of the Pacific and Catalina Island - a distinctive California-style “sanctuary of the senses.” The spa has 24 treatment rooms, including three VIP Suites, accessed by a grand staircase with unobstructed ocean views. The pristine and protected setting of Terranea immerses guests in the natural world. Treatment options correspond to the body’s internal rhythms: Vibrant and






invigorating treatments in the morning; gentle, quieting treatments during the afternoon and evening. The Spa at Terranea features an array of fitness options including a 5,000 square-foot Fitness & Wellness Center with cardiovascular and weight training equipment, a movement studio and outdoor yoga terrace. Spa cabanas and spectacular ocean views from sweeping terraces create intimate areas for lounging around the spa’s lap pool. And, an expansive and diversified wellness program includes hiking, cycling, yoga, Pilates, movement, meditation and lifestyle awareness classes. The intimate Spa Café offers a wide variety of delicious, freshly prepared natural food, juices and other drinks. About Terranea Resort Poised above the Pacific Ocean on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, the resort includes a 360-room hotel with 20 bungalows and 32 suites. Also available are 50 oceanfront casitas and 32 ocean view villas tailored to individuals looking for a more intimate setting. In addition to spa and golf, Terranea Resort includes three swimming pools (one with children’s play area and a 140-foot waterslide); Three ocean-view restaurants and a cliff-side bar with spectacular vantage points for whale watching. Other amenities include a children’s center with interactive programs and several miles of on-property scenic bluff-top trails that connect miles of coastal trails. A secluded beach cove also adds to the unique experiences at Terranea Resort. For more information: Hawaiian Icon Hotel Hana-Maui and Honua Spa Under New Management Arden Grove Hospitality, a newly developed hotel management company under the helm of accomplished hotelier Philip Wood, debuted in Hawaii at the iconic Hotel Hana-Maui. An isolated gem of unsurpassed natural beauty overlooking

Maui’s stunning Hana Bay, the resort reflects its Hawaiian heritage: relaxed luxury accommodations and a spa featuring Hawaiian rituals. A favored retreat for generations of discriminating travelers, (AAA Four Diamond Award since 2003), HanaMaui’s fine dining restaurant, Ka’uiki, which features ingredients nearly 90 percent sourced from the island’s great bounty, now has a spa to match its setting. Kerzner International Returns to South Africa with One & Only Resort

In the heart of Cape Town on the Victoria & Alfred waterfront, the new One&Only Cape Town resort features 131 rooms with captivating views of Table Mountain and the marina. The resortÅfs contemporary interiors were created by internationally acclaimed New York-based interior designer Adam D. Tihany with strong influence by AfricaÅfs culture and heritage. One&Only Cape Town also features an exclusive Spa Island – a haven of serenity which offers the most expansive and comprehensive spa in Cape Town. Washington, D.C., Welcomes Bliss Spa at W Hotel, Botanical Spa at The Jefferson Capitalizing on renewal of two historic hotels downtown, Washington, D.C. welcomes its first Bliss Spa this summer at the new W Hotel by Starwood. Described as “The Congress of Cool is in Session,” the hotel is owned by the Dubai development company Nakheel. A few blocks from the W, plans for The Jefferson, a 99-room hotel, include a spa featuring treatments “inspired by botanicals from Jefferson’s own farms in Virginia,” according to the hotel Web site. Plus a new twist: only hotel guests will have access to the facility. Local investors remodeled the property and will operate the boutique hotel. ■






Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. is a motivational speaker and humorist. He works with companies that want to be more competitive and with people who want to think like innovators. For more information on Robert's programs please visit www.

What's Pushing Your Buttons? By Robert Wilson



hat motivates you? That's the question I'd like to ask in this inaugural column on motivation. Are you motivated by fame, fortune or fear. Or is it something deeper that fans the flames inside of you. Perhaps you are like Jeanne Louise Calment whose burning desire enabled her to do something that no other human being has done before.A feat so spectacular that it generated headlines around the globe, got her a role in a motion picture, and landed her in the Guinness Book of World Records. A record that has yet to be beaten. Jeanne Louise, however, did not initially SPA MANAGEMENT • JUNE 09

motivate herself. It was someone else who drew the line in the sand. But, it became a line she was determined to cross. In motivation we talk about getting outside of one's comfort zone. It is only when we are uncomfortable that we begin to get motivated. Usually to get back into our comfort zone as quickly as possible. Born into the family of a middle-class store owner, Calment was firmly entrenched in her comfort zone. At age 21 she married a wealthy store owner and lived a life of leisure. She pursued her hobbies of tennis, the opera, and




Many of us give up too soon because we set limits on our goals. Achieving a goal begins with determination. Then it's just a matter of our giving them attention and energy.

sampling France's famous wines. Over the years she met Impressionist painter Van Gogh; watched the erection of the Eiffel Tower; and attended the funeral of Hunchback of Notre Dame, author, Victor Hugo.

bet" that she would soon die. It was motivation enough for Jeanne, who was determined to beat the lawyer. Thirty years later, Raffray became the "sucker" when he passed away first at age 77.

Twenty years after her husband passed away, she had reached a stage in life where she had pretty much achieved everything that she was going to achieve. Then along came a lawyer. The lawyer made Jeanne Louise a proposition. She accepted it. He thought he was simply making a smart business deal. Inadvertently he gave her a goal. It took her 30 years to achieve it, but achieve it she did.

When asked about this by the press, Calment simply said, "In life, one sometimes make bad deals." Having met her goal, Jeanne passed away five months later. But on her way to this end, she achieved something else: at 122 years old, she became the oldest person to have ever lived.

Are you willing to keep your goals alive for 30 years? At what point do you give up? Thomas Edison never gave up, instead he said, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Winston Churchill during the bleakest hours of World War II kept an entire country motivated with this die-hard conviction: "We shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches... in the fields and in the streets... we shall never surrender."

In future articles we'll examine further the ways in which motivation works. How to motivate ourselves, our employees, customers, volunteers, friends, loved ones and children. I would like to get your feedback on which of these areas of motivation are of most interest to you. I‚d also like to hear your stories of how you may have overcome adversity and what pushed you to go the distance. Please email me with your suggestions and stories. Will You Freak-Out or Hunker Down?

Many of us give up too soon because we set limits on our goals. Achieving a goal begins with determination. Then it's just a matter of our giving them attention and energy.

Sometimes motivation is forced upon us. We are thrust into the Un-comfort Zone. And, whether we sink or swim depends on how we respond to the situation. How do you react during a crisis?

When Jeanne Louise was 92 years old, attorney François Raffray, age 47, offered to pay her $500 per month (a fortune in 1967) for the rest of her life, if she would leave her house to him in her will.

Here are the stories of two men who faced a crisis late in life and how they dealt with it. One was a restaurant owner; the other a janitor. The former went into bankruptcy at an age when most people retire, and the latter was fired from a job he'd had for nearly 20 years.

According to the actuarial tables it was a great deal. Here was an heir-less woman who had survived her husband, children, and grandchildren. A woman who was just biding her time with nothing to live for. That is until Raffray came along and offered up the "sucker-

The restaurant owner enjoyed a successful business in a small town at the edge of the Appalachian Mountains. It was a great location along busy U.S. Route 25. And, because he offered the best food and service around, his





Two sides of the same coin. In other words, it's all in our perspective. Will you find the opportunity in your next crisis?

eatery was jammed from sunup to sundown. But it wasn't to last. The janitor started his job at St. Peter's Church in London as a teenager. Over the years he married and raised a family and enjoyed a perfectly predictable profession with solid job security. That is until the new vicar came along. Over the course of 26 years, he was honored by the state governor for his recipes; and was praised by famous restaurant critic, Duncan Hines, in his column Adventures in Good Eating. Then in1956, the new super highway by-passed the little town. It's amazing the difference just a few miles can make. Two years later the restaurant was closed and the property auctioned off to pay creditors. At 64 years old, the restaurant owner was broke. It was around the turn of the twentieth century when the new vicar, a stickler for decorum, took over St. Peter's Church. When he learned that the janitor could not read, he gave him three months in which to learn. Quite depressed by the news, the man thought it might make him feel better if he smoked a cigarette. Unable to afford the cost of opening another restaurant closer to the highway, he reviewed his assets. All he had left was his knowledge and the delicious recipes that made his food so popular. So, he got into his car. As he walked home, the janitor searched for a tobacco shop. There was usually one on every block, but there were none near the church. He walked block after block without finding one. By the time he reached his house he knew exactly what he was going to do. Town by town, he drove, stopping at every restaurant along the way. He told the owners they would be more successful if they served

his secret recipes under his brand name and paid him a royalty. Two years later, in 1960, he had 400 restaurants serving his food. By 1963 he was making a profit of $300,000 per year. And, in 1964, Colonel Harlan Sanders sold Kentucky Fried Chicken to investors for $2 million, plus a lifetime salary of $75,000 per year. With his meager savings, he opened a tobacco shop near the church. It was an immediate success. His profits went to open a second, then a third and before long he had thriving tobacco shops all over London. Ten years later, he met with his banker about investing his earnings. The banker gave him some papers to sign. The man asked the banker to read the papers to him, explaining that he didn't know how. Shocked, the banker exclaimed, "You are so successful, just think where you'd be today if you could read!" Albert Edward Foreman smiled and sighed, "I'd be the janitor at St. Peter's Church." (Based on a true story by Somerset Maugham) Did you know that in Chinese, the symbol for the word "crisis" is the same symbol used for the word "opportunity?" Two sides of the same coin. In other words, it's all in our perspective. Will you find the opportunity in your next crisis? The Most Powerful Motivator I was abruptly awakened and told, “The house is on fire. Go outside!” As I ran out of my bedroom and into the hall my socks slipped on the polished oak floor. A guiding hand helped me keep my footing and a frantic voice urged, “Hurry! Hurry!” As I got to the door I looked over my shoulder





Fear is used to sell virtually everything: cars, tires, and life insurance are classics. But, clever marketers also use it to sell breakfast cereal and deodorant. As a result we purchase all sorts of things that a generation ago were considered unnecessary

and saw flames leaping out of the heating grate on the floor. The door was thrown open and I was shoved outside into the carport. “Go stand in the driveway and wait for me. And, DO NOT come back inside. Do you hear me? DO NOT come back inside the house!” The door shut and I began to cry. I stood and stared at the seafoam green door with the frosted jalousie windows. I waited and waited, but I did not go stand in the driveway. I couldn’t move. I began to shiver as the cold concrete floor seeped through my socks, and the winter air penetrated my pajamas. It seemed to take forever, and with each passing minute, I cried harder. I could taste the salt of tears flowing down my face and into my mouth. Finally the door reopened and my mother announced, “The fire is out.” Relief flooded my body as I ran into her arms and she held me tight. I was two years old and the mental images of that day are as clear as if it happened yesterday. It is perhaps my oldest memory. As an advertising and marketing consultant, I know there are many things that motivate us. During my presentations I frequently conduct straw polls, where I ask my audiences what motivates them. The first answers are usually about desires, but eventually someone remembers the most powerful motivator of all. FEAR. Fear is a primal instinct that served us as cave dwellers and today. It keeps us alive, because if we survive a bad experience, we never forget how to avoid it in the future. Our most vivid memories are born in Fear. Adrenaline etches them into our brains.

to name a few. Fear invokes the flight or fight syndrome; and our first reaction is always to flee back to our comfort zone. If we don’t know the way back, we are likely to follow whoever shows us a path. Marketers use fear as a motivator as often as they can. They present a scenario they hope will invoke our sense of fear. Then they show us a solution – a path back to our comfort zone – that entails using their product or service. Fear is used to sell virtually everything: cars, tires, and life insurance are classics. But, clever marketers also use it to sell breakfast cereal and deodorant. As a result we purchase all sorts of things that a generation ago were considered unnecessary: antibacterial soap, alarm systems, vitamins... the list goes on and on. WARNING: Fear can be too powerful to use as a motivator because it can also paralyze - the classic deer in the headlights syndrome. Would you like to use fear to motivate your employees to perform better? “If you don’t sell more widgets - you’re FIRED!” It can work, but there are rules you must follow for it to be successful. To use fear successfully as a motivator, a solution must be offered with it. A new path to follow. You can tell an employee he or she must sell more, but unless you show them how, fear will cause flight or worse: paralysis. Fear is a powerful motivator, but it is a negative one. I prefer to motivate someone by eliminating doubt. Doubt destroys motivation. If you can help a person get rid of it, you will motivate them positively. I will elaborate on this next time. Defeating the De-Motivator

Nothing makes us more uncomfortable than fear. And, we have so many: fear of pain, disease, injury, failure, not being accepted, missing an opportunity, and being scammed

The sweet strains of a Puccini aria cut through the Saturday night clatter of the busy Italian restaurant in New York City, but it wasn’t





Doubt is a silent killer. We transmit feelings of doubt to others through subtleties in our body language, facial expression and tone of voice. It is picked up subconsciously by those with whom we communicate.

coming from the aging voice of the Sicilian baritone who was hired to belt out favorites like Funiculi-Funicula. It was a soprano whose crystal clear voice filled the room. Within moments all the ambient noise came to a halt. Diners stopped eating and talking, busboys stopped clearing tables, the cooks even came out of the kitchen. Singing on the tiny stage was the skinny moon-faced waitress from Ohio. The Sicilian heard she studied opera, so he invited her to join him, but what began as a duet ended in solo as he too was mesmerized by the beauty of her voice. When she finished, the place thundered in applause and I saw tears of gratitude glistening in her eyes. She had hit each note perfectly. If only she had done that when she auditioned for the Metropolitan Opera. But she choked, flinched, allowed a seed of doubt to creep into her consciousness and thus her voice. She told me her story over a couple of beers after work. It was the fall of 1984, and I was a fellow waiter at the restaurant; just another struggling artist in the city that never sleeps. She explained that she got nervous during her audition and couldn’t hit the high notes. She would get one more chance to audition, but she would have to wait an entire year. I never found out if she made it; as a writer my art is portable and a few months later I moved to a city where they still have a bedtime. I suspect she did, because that night she received a proof - a vital beginning step. Doubt is a silent killer. We transmit feelings of doubt to others through subtleties in our body language, facial expression and tone of voice. It is picked up subconsciously by those with whom we communicate. Worse than that, we communicate it to ourselves, and it seeps into our performance. Doubt is the De-Motivator

and all too often it prevents us from even trying. We all suffer doubt occasionally, and its cure is always the same: proof. Proof that we are indeed talented enough to do what we set out to do. A proof doesn’t need to be big to eliminate doubt. A series of little ones can be just as effective. I keep a journal – a log – of accomplishments. Both small and large, because they all add up to reasons for believing in my abilities. It is especially important to log the little ones, because they are so easy to forget or overlook, and yet they carry tremendous weight when it comes to giving ourselves confidence. You say, “I’m just starting out and have no accomplishments.” That just means you’re not looking in the right places. We all have successes, some of them may be found in different areas of your life. I often read in the Wall Street Journal about women, who after years as stay-at-home Moms, return to the workforce in well-paid management positions. They acquire these jobs by citing in their resumes the many skills and achievements they learned through their volunteer work. What talents are you racking up through your hobbies and leisure activities? Sometimes proof comes to us by comparing ourselves to others. Simply ask yourself, “Out of all the people who have ever lived, how many have attained what I want?” The sheer numbers alone will often be all the proof you need. When all else fails, fall back on faith. Some of the most successful people in the world had absolutely no proof that they could achieve their dreams. All they had was a strong desire and a belief in themselves. As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” ■





Focus on Customer Richard Linder is the CEO of PCA SKIN®. Prior to joining the company, he held executive positions at Greenwich Street Partners, the St. Louis Economic Development Council and KPMG in Zurich, Switzerland. Mr. Linder’s long-standing interest in the healthcare field dates back to his studies at Harvard Business School, where he earned his MBA. While there, he was awarded a grant from Harvard University to study the purchasing behaviors and preferences of the aging baby boomers.

Positive Experience By Richard Linder


ne bad service experience can set a business back years in the eyes of a consumer. In fact, some studies have found that it can take as many as 12 positive interactions with a service provider to overcome the negative effects of one bad interaction. This can be a difficult proposition, since you may never get the opportunity to serve that customer another dozen times. Elements of good customer service include ease of access to your products and services; the general tone of the verbal interaction between your employees and your customers; how effectively your staff can answer questions and address concerns; how well you deliver the actual service; and the quality of the results the customer perceives when the service is complete. All of these elements must be present. First, your customers need access to your services. It must be convenient for them to

make an appointment, get to your location and park once they are there. If it takes too much effort to get to you, they will simply seek a different provider. Next, your staff must use the appropriate tone when interacting with your customers. There should be joy in their voice for the opportunity to serve. Too often, especially on the phone, employees sound annoyed, as though the customer has interrupted them from something more important. This comes through loud and clear to your customers. Third, customers will look to your team to answer a variety of questions from the simplest (such as your address) to something much more complex (potential complications from a treatment, for instance). Customers also will come to your staff for troubleshooting problems like inappropriate charges or changing appointment times. Spend the time necessary training your employees on



DO NOT PROMISE BETTER RESULTS YOU CAN ACTUALLY DELIVER how to respond appropriately, even when they don’t know the answer themselves. Fourth, it is imperative that you deliver highquality service. Your customers must have confidence in your and your team’s skill level and ability to fulfill your promises.

Also, you will help your patients achieve their desired results by using products that are proven safe and effective and by developing a solid knowledge base in how to use those products for the best possible outcomes.

Customer service plays such an important part of building your business that you must do it Finally, your customers will give more weight to well every time and with great consistency the end of their service encounter, not the across your staff. In a paper from Harvard beginning. Ultimately, they are paying for Business School professor Frances Frei, and Ann Evenson and Patrick results, not just your products Managing your Harker, both of The Wharton and services. These results will come from the quality of customers’ expectations School at the University of Pennsylvania, the authors found products you use, your with respect to the that “each service interaction understanding of how to use results you can deliver forms the basis of a consumer’s those products and most importantly, the expectations is tricky. People often perceptions of the overall quality of the organization.” you set for your customers from want instant the beginning. gratification. The desire Additional research from Dr. Frei to build a patient base shows that customers do not Managing your customers’ attribute performance evenly expectations with respect to the can lead some to across the employees and the results you can deliver is tricky. promise better results company. People often want instant than they can actually gratification. The desire to build a patient base can lead some to deliver. Do not fall into She found that customers promise better results than they associate positive experiences this trap. Start by can actually deliver. Do not fall with the individual; conversely, showing typical results into this trap. Start by showing they attribute negative typical results you have achieved you have achieved with experiences to the organization with other patients. itself. This means that you must other patients. focus your time, energy and To help, be sure to take pictures of the areas you resources on fixing the processes and training are treating before and after each treatment. the staff that contribute to poor service. Use these to show your patient the progress they are making. Have your patient look into a Developing the right customer service, paying mirror while you demonstrate on them what particular attention to each of the elements you will be doing and what they can expect to mentioned above, will lead to higher retention see when you are finished. Sometimes, special rates with your current patient base and new computer software can assist through this customers from the positive word-of-mouth process as well. you will generate. ■ 31



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Tuscany’s Fountain of Youth Terme di Saturnia Resort and Medical Spa By GINA MOLINARI

From page 52 to 68: Photo Credit LINDA TROELLER

In the Beginning As part of the journey of our pre-existence we emerge from the lions of our parents streaming upwards to soak in enveloping amniotic waters eventually arriving at the ultimate miracle, the nativity of life itself. It should be to no surprise then that we are magnetically drawn to water’s nurturing effervescence in our desire to bathe, swim, soak, and heal. Our European ancestors have continued these innate rituals hence a spa culture which capitalizes on the curative effects of this natural resource. In Italy these waters have eminently echoed for centuries and are renowned for their effects from thermal to thalasso therapies and the quality of these is serious business requiring a medical director to “protect and serve” the property site.


My Discovery of Saturnia In the mid 1990’s I embarked on a personal crusade to discover my ethnic roots and arrived at Terme di Saturnia for my premier European escape. I was overcome with emotion, captivated by its enchanting beauty while intoxicated by the sights and sounds of the romantic Italian culture. But long before modern day spa goers arrived on the timeless landscape of its therapeutic thermal waters, Terme di Saturnia was part of the eternal bathing rituals as well as the social scene of the evocative Etruscan era. What, however, has prompted the pilgrimage of the populous to this property withstanding the test of time while remaining a curative cult presumably for centuries to come? The Stuff That Legends Are Made Of Terme di Saturnia is nestled in the Maremma region of the heart of the southern Tuscan countryside; celebrated for its rolling hills, enriched agriculture and medieval towns with fairytale like fortresses settled by Lords and ladies of long ago; hence the inspiration for the local legend. “One day Saturn, god of crops, time and abundance, lost his patience because earthling men were constantly at war. Thus he took a bolt of lightning and threw it down onto the earth with great force, causing sulfurous and warm water to gush out from the crater of a volcano, covering valleys, mountains and plains consequently overthrowing men and everything around them- finally, calming their spirits”.

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Saturnia's Medical Spa

SATURNIA HOSTS 18,000 GUESTS AND ATTRACTS 25,000 VISITORS ANNUALLY History however tells a different tale. The Ancient Etruscans respected Saturnia’s medicinal properties, bathing in its water before battles to enhance their vivacity, while the Romans, masters of thermalism, reverenced Saturnia’s hot springs for their hygienic value and as an essential focal point for societal and political life. The first structures were erected with distinctive decorum of frescos, statues and mosaics. Eventually however, Roman spa pragmatism was suppressed as a consequence of the advent of Christianity’s moral code, but was later resurrected during the Middle Ages as a result of the reincarnation of hydrotherapy; an evolution of which was enhanced with mud cures and inhalations. Over the centuries, Saturnia’s prosperity made it an object of local feuds extending through the Renaissance period with destructive ravages followed by restorations and reconstructions. Today, Saturnia’s waters are a juncture point of peace, studied and analyzed by the spa industry’s contemporaries and capitalized on for their curative concepts coupled with the unparalleled beauty of the region arriving to what has become a world acclaimed resort dedicated to total well-being. Eventually in 1978 the Tuscan government authorized the opening of an official institution specializing in bathing and mud therapy and over the modern decades its waters remain in their picturesque legendary setting, renewing the miracle of rebirth, in health vitality and pleasure. Saturnia-A Dimension of Sight, Sound and Mind Despite featuring the most state of the art paraphernalia for medical aesthetic procedures and classic spa services, the success of Saturnia is founded on the premise of three fundamental factors; nothing replaces the impact of the region’s natural resources, the power of human touch and the Spa’s unique approach to wellness. As a result, most migrate to the Maremma captivated by the magnificent essence of these, myself included. Soaking in the Saturnia spring I became intoxicated by the water’s sedative effects coupled with the aroma of the sulfuric steam emerging from the pools like the image of a white spirit. My senses were soothed with the sound of each drop of the pulsating waterfalls fusing a musical rhythm deep within each cell of my body while shedding my soul of stress. Saturnia’s visitors, most of which are from Italy or its European neighbors (UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria) come as often a possible for weekend getaways or extended visits drawn to the water from all walks of life to relax, reflect and renew; the resort hosts in excesses of an impressive 18,000 guests annually and attracts more than 250,000 visitors. Of its guests 51% are women and 49% are men. 85% of the clientele are Italian, primarily from the northern and central regions. As we bathed, native Italians shared their stories of fact and fantasy including tales of past and present testimonials of their personal journeys to well-being from de-stress scenarios to post cancer care. A majority of the guests indicated that most of their time is spent in the water itself enhanced by specific thermal mud treatments. For them the water is majestic and sacred protected by God with the surrounding mountains appointed as its “guardian angels”. Like their Roman ancestors, they view Saturnia as a critical point of the Maremma’s social and economical prosperity. Saturnia-Its Chemical and Therapeutic Character Completely connected to its history, the locals and hotel guests as well as the Spa’s personnel are intimately familiar with the details of data associated to the chemical and pharmaceutical value of the water. Saturnia’s principal pool emerges from a subterranean spring 200 meters (appx. 656 feet) deep and has been gushing from its crater for 3,000 years at the rate of 800 liters (appx. 211 gallons) per second with a constant temperature of 37.5 degrees C (99.5 degrees F). This continual flow permits the physiochemical characteristics, and biological and therapeutic qualities to remain in tact to the extent that the water is living; rich in minerals and micro organisms. In every liter of Saturnia’s water there are 2.790 grams of mineral salts in solution. The main elements are the large quantities of two gases, Hydrogen-Sulphate and Carbon Dioxide, which permit the water to be defined as sulphurous-


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Saturnia's Medical Spa

THERMAL WATERS REGENERATE THE ENTIRE BODY WHILE COMFORTING THE SOUL carbonic – sulphate - bicarbonate - alkaline - earthy, because it contains Sulphates in prevalent quantities (details below). SULPHUREOUS, IT CONTAINS MG 14.6 PER LITER OF SULPHURATED HYDROGEN. CARBONIC, IT CONTAINS 462 CC PER LITER OF CARBON DIOXIDE. SULPHATE, SO4 IN PREVALENT QUANTITIES. BICARBONATE-ALKALINE EARTH METALS, IT CONTAINS (HCO3), CALCIUM AND MAGNESIUM IN LARGE QUANTITIES. Aspect: Clear Color: Colorless Odor: Sulfhydrica Temperature 37.5 °C Electro-Conductivity Spec.K I8 °C 28.95 uS/c PH at 18 °C 6.4 Permanent residue 180 °C 2790 mg/l Oxidizability at the Permanganate 3.1 mg/l Tot-hardness 193 °F Sulphidrometric-Grade 14 Bicarbonate (HCO3) 661.2 mg/l Chlorides (CL) 74.4 mg/l Sulphates (SO4) 1480 mg/l Sodium (Na) 71.2 mg/l Potassium (K) 10 mg/l Lithium (Li) traces Magnesium (Mg) 129,6 mg/l Calcium (Ca) 561 mg/l Iron (Fe) traces Tot-Phosphorus (PO4) 0.12 mg/l Nitrates (NO3) >1 mg/l Nitrite (NO2) absent Ammonium (NH4) 24.9 mg/l Sulphite (SO3) >0.05 mg/l Tot-Hydrogen Sulphurate (H2S) 14 mg/l Carbon-dioxide (CO2) 728 mg/l Carbon-dioxide lose 462 ml/l This “living” water begins its excursion as rain in a “catchment area” on the slopes of Monte Amiata 30 kilometers (18 miles) to the north east of Saturnia. In its subterranean route the water filters slowly through micro-fissures in the rocks, descends to the depths of the earth in excess of 700 meters (appx. .5 miles) to finally surface as Saturnia’s spring in a process that spans over 40 years. During this excursion the water dissolves large quantities of salts from chalk formations and geological strata, hence the water becomes a natural, mineral rich solution with specific curative properties which cleanse, exfoliate and is organically antibacterial. The bathing park of the Terme di Saturnia spa property is a relaxing cornerstone with four thermal water pools, falls, Jacuzzis, vascular courses having both warm and cold water, a Spa Boutique that caters for all health & beauty purchase needs as well as a Spa Cafe.


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Saturnia's Medical Spa

DOCTORS, THERAPISTS, DIETICIANS, BEAUTICIANS, INSTRUCTORS SHARE THE PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL MEDICINE Philosophy Distinguished for its exclusivity Saturnia is renowned for the innate therapeutic benefits of its thermal spring waters; to regenerate the entire body while comforting the soul. According to the dictates founded on ancient therapeutics including iconic masters such as Hippocrates, all of the thermal cures of Terme di Saturnia aim for the body’s restoration to homeostasis prior to addressing the mere symptoms that prevent that balance from occurring; working on the root causes of the trouble spots by means of methods linked to heat, the symbolic senses and the unique properties of the thermal water. The new millennium has rediscovered popular traditional medicine coupled with natural remedies and the psychosomatic aspect of every pathology. In this context thermal treatments are closest to the most advanced concepts of “curing”. During their visit guests and the complexities of their individual make-up are at the center of attention, their health requires a psychophysical balance which must be constructed, reawakened and maintained through a holistic approach; the objective is for guests to become totally conscious of their overall well-being thus an awakening of their smallest feelings and deepest emotions as well as a re-connection to their thoughts and relationships. In the thermal “microcosm” one breathes a culture of well-being permeated not so much by the desire to escape from or cure illnesses, but rather the desire to be reborn and fully enjoy every second of our life. Even the structure of the spa, set amidst the innate countryside, is itself an aspect of well-being, from the choice of materials to the arrangement of the architectural elements and furnishings, to the layout of the water and gardens. This harmony which surrounds guests is a fundamental ingredient for feeling well. The context in which we live including environmental pollution, excessive work loads, bad eating habits, little exercise and the lack of satisfying relationships, all place our psychophysical balance at risk. Saturnia encourages guests to build up their own “global well-being” daily by means of fighting stress, eating healthy and engaging in physical exercise, reawakening personal beauty. Guests learn to prevent negative influence thereby eliminating the accumulation of toxic substances, disregarding the bad habits of daily life while regenerating the body and the mind. The Culture of Well Being The concept of global well-being is the objective that Terme di Saturnia has sought for years with a team of doctors therapists, dieticians, beauticians and instructors that share the principles of natural medicine and employ pleasure as a therapeutic aid. Saturnia’s mission is that global well-being should be the objective of all mankind, taking that break from the delirium of daily routine at least once a year. At Saturnia health is a priority and in a week or paradoxically even in a week-end one can lay the foundations of a new way of thinking and practical guidelines to continue a health program at home. The sulfurous waters, the surrounding countryside, the treatments and the pampering can provoke in every one of us an “illumination” which may stimulate and inspire change.


MEDI CAL SPAS • June 2009



A recent report by L. Packer featured in the Skin Care Forum describes the effects of vitamin C with vitamin E in defending the skin against photoaging. A well-known phenomenon is how sun exposure (photoaging) results in skin's aging and how ultraviolet (UV) rays and infrared (IR) radiation accelerate the aging process. Exposure to ultraviolet rays leads to the formation of free radicals, which are highly reactive molecules. However, the damaging effects of UV may be lessened by antioxidants in the skin, such as the lipid-soluble vitamin E and the water-soluble vitamin C. If these antioxidants are replenished, they implement a first line of defense against damage to the DNA, proteins and other molecules in the skin. Vitamin E traps free radicals in the skin cells that are thought to damage the cell membrane, the DNA in the cell nucleus and the collagen fibers responsible for the tightness of the skin. Stored in the cell membrane, vitamin E takes away, figuratively, the "point" of the molecule, thus diminishing its damaging potential and effects. Vitamin C then removes the "point" from the vitamin E and releases it again. Vitamin C and vitamin E interact and constitute an interplay between water-soluble and lipid-soluble antioxidants in protecting against free radical damage.

Information: Hale Cosmeceuticals 1 800-951-7005



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THERMAL CURES WORK WHERE CLASSIC MEDICINE FAILS Limpha of Saturnia - Timeless Youth Now more than ever before the well-being bestowed by Terme di Saturnia is even more valuable because it is timeless. Terme di Saturnia Spa Resort gives you LIMPHA of Saturnia, an exclusive and personalized course designed to help you preserve your youth. Evaluation of your biological age The Saturnia thermal resort welcomes every guest with a team of experts who evaluate their biological age. The first phase of the program is actually a moment of intense listening, through which the physician tries to construct a comprehensive picture of the individual’s actual well-being by means of: • Case-history appraisal • Evaluation of general spirits • Evaluation of stress level • Evaluation of memory • Skin evaluation • Evaluation of body composition • Evaluation of articular flexibility • Evaluation of presence of ‘free liberals’ • General medical check-up PRESERVING, RECTIFYING, AND REPAIRING. The Take Home Program At this point each guest, more informed about their own state of well-being and of the behavior needed to be rectified so as to increase and prolong it, can continue to conveniently follow the advice and the precautions of their own personal LIMPHA of Saturnia at home and RELISH A NEW, HEALTHIER, MORE BALANCED AND ENJOYABLE LIFESTYLE. ABOVE ALL PERFECTLY ATTUNED TO THEIR BODY AND SOUL. The Treatments-Classic Cures Synergize with State of the Art Technology In the second step, immediately after the evaluation of biological age, the doctor prepares a personalized course for the guest, which indicates all the recommended treatments to improve their quality of life. Despite its old-world charm Saturnia has pioneered many of the innovative medical spa treatments that are only now hitting the American spa property scene, encompassing components include: Hydrotherapy Thermal cures work where classic medicine fails for two reasons: the first concerns the psychiatric aspect. The thermal cures act, as we have witnessed, on the global well-being of the individual rather than on the illness exclusively. At Saturnia, one is removed from the circumstances which are the root cause of the illness, and allow themselves to be pampered and self indulgent, thus recuperating lost affection that many times is the origin of the most serious illnesses.


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Saturnia's Medical Spa

DREAM HOLIDAYS ARE THE RIGHT METHOD TO PREVENT & MANAGE STRESS A doctor is always present, listening and responding to questions, encouraging the participation of the guests in their own healing. The second reason is linked to the composition of the water which at Terme di Saturnia contains all the elements able to positively stimulate the entire organism. In particular the hydrogen sulphate works directly on the cardio circulatory system (dilation of surface veins and the reduction of arterial pressure), on the muscles and bones (relaxing and antiinflammatory effects) and the respiratory system (fluidification of secretions, antiinflammation). In addition it has a strong protective and detoxifying action on the liver. The presence of carbon-dioxide also helps the blood circulation intensively and increases the depth of breathing and lung capacity. Saturnia’s water has a natural peeling action due to its cleansing, exfoliating and antibacterial properties. When ingested on an empty stomach in small quantities it can aid digestion and have a positive influence gastrointestinal problems. The temperature also has a beneficial influence encouraging the dilation of arteries and veins, thus improving blood circulation, increasing muscular relaxation and reducing stiffness. Beauty Feeling and looking good coupled with a beautiful face and body helps us to feel at ease with others as well as ourselves. This is the main objective of all the activities carried out by Terme di Saturnia beauty specialists at the Spa; exclusive state of the art equipment is coupled with natural and extremely efficacious product formulations from Saturnia’s signature Thermal Skin-Care Line (containing Bioglea Tm, a thermal plankton extract, extracted from Saturnia Thermal waters) to ensure superior results. Stress Management Dream Holidays are the right method to prevent and manage stress. Of all the practical advice that Saturnia offers with a view to prevent or cure stress, the most important is to “take a break”, leaving behind everything that can generate or has generated stress. Take off for a blissful haven where someone nurtures you, cuddles you, and leads you by the hand towards a physical and mental rebirth, freeing your mind from negative thought, join in the activities and plunge into the source of your existence – water. Diet The Dietetic counseling guests receive at Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort shows them that the word “diet” means “know how to live”, in few words a good nutritional, physical and mental behavior. The contest is certainly the right one: the extraordinary properties of sulphurous and hot water which, according to medical research, acts directly on the body, improving both the weight-related aspects and the metabolism of sugars, fats and proteins. From Excess Weight to Global Well Being Excess weight is mainly the result of a sedentary life and excessive calorie intake caused by anxiety and stress. Terme di Saturnia tackles the problem in a holistic way, tailoring the treatment program to the needs of the individual guest as much as possible. A situation of considerable stress is not compatible with a low-calorie diet, but a moderate condition of anxiety and stress can be improved with hydrotherapy and some specific treatments such as: Aquarelaxation, an extraordinarily relaxing experience in water with the help of a physiotherapist Autogenous Training, literally “selfgenerating training” Plantar reflexology, a natural technique that stimulates the reflexogen points of the feet Saturnia Stone Therapy, a multi-sensorial massage with heated and cold stones Terme di Saturnia provides its guests with everything they need to feel at ease: from the setting, surrounded by luxurious and primitive vegetation, to the architecture of the buildings, gardens and pools, to the “cuddles” everyone receives each day... in such a context, one spontaneously feels the desire to contribute to his/her healing thus even obese


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AT SATURNIA, WELL-BEING IS A CONCEPT IN CONTINUED EVOLUTION or overweight people will be gently stimulated to do physical exercise, which will be gradual and tailored to their specific needs, with the collaboration of the physician and dietician. Beauty is another aspect of well-being that is closely linked to Dietology: much of the localised fat (stomach, hips, thighs) can be reduced simply with a diet associated with such medical remedies as pressotherapy, ultrasound therapy, mesotherapy, as well as specific anti-cellulite treatments: mud packs, seaweed wraps, draining massages, etc. To conclude, one does not need to be overweight to go to Terme di Saturnia: all those who care about themselves and their psycho-physical well-being are welcomed. Fitness Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort is an ideallic environment in which to begin a fitness program. It is in itself a place for “global well-being”. This is where the fitness program takes on a special personalized combination of alternating gymnastics in the park or in the pool with walks and modern approaches to physical exercise. The thermal Spa specialists are equipped and always available to plan a personal program based on requests and needs. Terme Di Saturnia -The Treatments As Europe’s most awarded medical/thermal Spa, well-being is a concept in continual evolution, a concept to respond to ever more diverse lifestyles. Massages, beauty treatments, thermal and medical spa cures and fitness are combined to help the guest rediscover well-being. A place dedicated to sensory pleasure with 60 treatment rooms. Guests of the Resort can therefore rely on regenerative treatments capable of restoring pleasure and beauty as well as advanced and personal medical consultations to improve the quality of their lives. Thermal Treatments Terme di Saturnia offers a series of personalized programs of treatments and psychophysical regeneration which exploit the precious qualities of the sulphurous thermal mineral water integrated with the most state of the art equipment and methodology. Balneotherapy in the pool is the simplest and more traditional way of reawakening the body and the mind. At Saturnia this is integrated with hydro fitness consisting of a series of varied water courses employing showers, jets and waterfalls, underwater massage in baths with water jets directed on specific parts of the body and consumption of the water itself. The body benefits from both ingesting as well as inhaling the vapor and the steam of the water. Furthermore the spring water is the integrating element in the latest rehabilitation therapies.


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Saturnia's Medical Spa

SATURNIA THERMAL WATERS HAVE HEALING PROPERTIES Exceptional results are achieved for victims of auto accidents, work related accidents as well as sports injuries. In these cases physio kinesitheraphy is employed; a method that has enormous possibilities for application and is powered by the specific composition of the water, which stimulates healing time and stabilizes long term results while avoiding post-traumatic symptoms (scar tissue, mal functioning, est.) Mud Treatments “Thermal mud” refers to a paste of thermal water and clay to which are added organic substances produced and matured from the development of specific algae. The Saturnia mud is composed of siliceous limestone clay which when finely ground and mixed with water assumes the consistency of a smooth cosmetic cream. These mud mixtures are matured for more than 12 months in sulphurous water and are generally better tolerated than others. They are used for therapies indicated for elderly people, hypertension and heart problems. Warm, hot or cold mud can be applied all over the body or on specific parts as an integral element of the water treatments or in the relief of arthritis, rheumatism or certain skin diseases. Enriched by elements low in mineral content and natural essences which adapt them for specific problems, the mud is also the main ingredient in formulating beauty products. The “cosmetic” muds are available as masks for all skin types - normal, impure, sensitive and delicate. With the addition of specific nutrients and moisturizing ingredients they fight aging or applied to the body they tone, reduce cellulite and fatigue while reducing tension. Treatment Services Include: Relaxation & Massages, Beauty Treatments, Aesthetic Medicine, Specialist Assessments, Thermal Treatments, Physiotherapeutic Techniques, Fitness, Beauty Services Well Being Programs Include: Remise en Forme, Anti-Oxidant Thermal Program, Aquarelax, Cellulite Control,Beauty, Full Immersion, Life Quality, Skin Quality, Day Spa, Limpha of Saturnia, Relax Yourself, Saturnia Holistic, Saturnia Basic, Saturnia Golf Basic, Slim Intensive Saturnia - The complex Geographically, the resort is situated in the province of Grosseto which is approximately located 2 -hours from Florence or 2 hours from Rome. The site stands in an ancient park at the foot of the village of Saturnia with its original travertine stone structure renovated to the new capacity of 140 guest rooms within its four star hotel, complete with conference room for 250 people and gymnasium. For the natives it was a hallmark day in June of 2001 when a new thermal park was inaugurated which extended the guests’ bathing bliss to include 5 thermal pools (complete with pulsating falls and Jacuzzis) as well as a cold water swimming pool in addition to the main spring bringing the total bathing area up to 2,800 square meters (appx. 30,000 sq feet) of pool pleasure. Auxiliary bonuses include eco conscious 18-hole golf course 6,600 meters (appx. 7000 yards) in length, complete with golf academy to complement the driving range (designed by California based Ronald Fream and Dale's Golfplan; completed in Spring 2008), tennis courts, apparel and skincare boutiques snack bar, art and antique gallery, lounge and restaurants. Management Early in 2006 Saturnia was pleased to announce the appointment of their new Medical Director, Dr. Piergiorgio Calcaterra. Under his supervision the spa is currently working on joint studies with the Universities of Milan and Urbino to determine the healing properties of antioxidants found in thermal waters for chronic diseases such as arthritis. Initial testing had been completed on the control group with its second phase have taken place in Spring of 2007. Cuisine Saturnia’s newest restaurant, Ristorante all'Acquacotta focuses on traditional Tuscan cuisine which is defined by country-style repasts, intense flavors, sauce reductions and wine. Starters include classic crostini misti toscani (mixed Tuscan crostini), Prosciutto di Cinta Senese al taglio (Hand-cut, cured Siena ham). Soups and Primi piatti include


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Saturnia's Medical Spa

SATURNIA CREATES HEALING HARVESTS SPA JOURNEY TO WELL-BEING traditional Zuppa di Pane alla Toscana (Tuscan style bread soup) or Pappardelle al sugo di cinghiale (pappardelle pasta with wild boar sauce). Dishes from the grill include classic Bistecca all Fiorentina (Florentine T-bone steak), Coniglio nostrano disossato (local bred rabbit), or Costata di manzo di Chianina (grilled sirloin steak of "Chianina" beef). Residence Additionally during my visit spa personnel was proud to inform me that its hottest project included the development of 15 Luxury estate residence villas designed by renowned Italian architect Lorenzo Bellini. Bellini’s vision was to create pictorial views from every location within the home as well as to maximize the outdoor environment experience. Come Join Me for Your Ultimate Spa Journey to Well Being and Italy's Treasure Trove of Harvests. As a result of my desire to share my experience I was inspired to create Healing Harvests Spa Journeys to Well Being. This is a reflection of my dedication to creating a new phase of awareness on ones personal excursion to discover optimal health. My vision is a multi dimensional concept of coupling the healing protocol from its genesis of the harvest to arrive at its ultimate facet of the definitive product within the spa environment. Guests discover an agriculturally enriched region, nourished with dynamic underground springs and volcanic sand, the remote area of Tuscany natively known as the Maremma; a land of living soil, living water, and living herbs. Healing Harvests’ guests encounter personal reflections of the past, the present and the future on these experiential interactive and exclusive excursions. The quintessential nuances of my distinctive programs include private participatory expeditions to Saturnia and the local areas directed by the principal artisan authorities of their healing crafts. Guests engage in harvests associated to the produce and spa products indigenous to the native region complete with lectures, demonstrations and interactive agricultural and spa activities encompassing an elite retreat indulging in both culinary and cultural richness. My ultimate goal is to enlighten the participant’s knowledge as well as to provide personal enrichment in Saturnia’s luxurious ambiance. Guests join leading local biodynamic olive oil and wine producers to learn about the components that uniquely define the character and quality of Tuscan agriculture. Private activities also engage lectures, and participatory demonstrations with master artisan Herbal Technician Costanza Guinti who directs a harvest of wild craft medicinal herbs as well as identify them growing spontaneously along a breathtaking botanical walk. Guinti, Italy’s principal authority of herbal medicine, is celebrated nationally for her herbal preparations but is locally recognized for her authentic therapeutic herbal infusions, known as tisana. Healing Harvests’ intimate groups receive a guided tour of the tombs of Tuscany, explore the history and charm of ancient medieval towns (with shopping and limited guided tours of Sovana, Saturnia, and Pitigliano) dine on heirloom cuisine on Etruscan estates while residing in boutique hotels (including the enchanting Sovana Resort and Spa****built over the site of Etruscan ruins displayed through a glass floor on the hotel’s main level) and indulging in the extravagance of the renowned Terme di Saturnia****(voted best destination spa Conde Naste 2003) as well. Nestled in the heart of the Etruscan countryside guests can personally experience Saturnia’s legendary healing thermal waters, succulent spa cuisine and select signature spa activities and services ( Ultimately guests will discover the luxuries of Rome, the metropolitan mecca for art, fashion, and culture. All programs have been passionately designed with a focus towards the new movement to refine the universe of your soul for Global WellBeing. Come join me - Salute!


MEDI CAL SPAS • June 2009

The Business Side of Beautiful 30 Years of Insuring The Spa, Salon and Beauty Industries For more than 30 years Marine Agency has provided insurance for beauty and wellness facilities in fifty states. Policies are custom tailored to meet the needs of each individual company. Protecting your company with the proper coverage is our specialty including:

General, professional and umbrella liability Complete Day Spa, Salon and Medi-Spa coverage Laser, IPL and Dermal fillers Workers Compensation and EPLI

The most respected name in Spa & Beauty insurance is dedicated to protecting your investment. For more information call: 800-763-4775 or

marine agency I












WHAT WOMEN WANT: ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. Rhonda Savage is an internationally acclaimed speaker and CEO for a well-known practice management and consulting business. As past President of the Washington State Dental Association, she is active in organized dentistry and has been in private practice for more than 16 years. Dr. Savage is a noted speaker on practice management, women’s issues, communication and leadership, and zoo dentistry. For more information on her speaking, visit www., or e-mail rhonda@dental


5 Easy Steps to Increase Your Sales


By Dr. Rhonda Savage

ROM Mel Gibson’s starring role in “What Women Want” to Dr. John Gray’s book “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus,” the messages have been out there for a long time. Communicating effectively with women is an art, and it will do two things for your business: First, she’ll follow your recommendations and buy from you; and more importantly, she’ll be the best marketing tool you could ever implement. Remember this phrase: “What women buy, they sell!” Treat her exceptionally well and you’ll earn her loyalty and referrals. Connecting with your female customers may be more important now than in the past. Economic hardship has changed the way consumers are spending their dollars. Those businesses that have not had to constantly worry about marketing or sales previously are finding themselves in a new world. SPA MANAGEMENT • JUNE 09

Women control the majority of spending in their households; they purchase the majority of new cars, computers and home electronics! With $2 trillion dollars of earnings and a $3 trillion dollars of spending, you need to consider your female client. How is your female customer different in the decision-making process than a male? Both are looking for a combination of knowledge and trust, yet men and women develop trust in different ways. Men make decisions based on few facts and tend to take action independently. Women need more information up front and tend to be slower to make a decision. She needs to process the information and feel like she’s been listened to; she’ll want to ask her friends and family about their opinions. Most importantly, if you want to increase your sales to women, you need to sharpen your listening skills. If you want to



COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY WITH WOMEN IS AN ART increase your sales among female buyers, consider the following five things: 1. LISTENING SKILLS Women are much more sensitive to your tone of voice than a male customer. If you’re stressed and tense, your words can unknowingly become clipped, curt and short. Your female client will tune into your tone and judge your business negatively because of the way you talk to your employees or other customers. This is called “anti-marketing.” Women are more sensitive to eye contact, body language and gestures. Women need sustained eye contact more than men; usually 20-30 seconds at least to feel you’re listening to her. Focus on her during your presentation. Listen with your eyes, body language and tone of voice. Listen to her story. If you’re busy looking paperwork, she will feel you’re not listening and will not give you her trust. Direct your conversation toward her, but be sure to ask her spouse or significant other about any concerns she or he may have. As she tells you her story, she’ll be giving you clues to her concerns, to her wants, her goals, and her desires. Answer all her questions, no matter how trivial they seem. When she’s all done asking questions, she may need to think things over and call you back, or come back in to ask more questions. It’s important she not sense you’re stressed for time.

When you present your information, don’t use a canned presentation. Customize the sale to her needs and communicate with her how she would like to be communicated with: If she needs a lot of information, give it to her. If she wants very few facts, deliver your answers to her questions and wait for more. 2. IMAGE IS EVERYTHING Women are detailed oriented. From the very first phone call, she needs to connect and for you to make her feel special. You cannot ever redo a bad first impression. If you have a store location, the front office area needs to be warm, inviting clean and neat. Your team needs to wear professional clothing. Women notice details! Look at the women’s restroom: It should be HER restroom. The appearance should be not only neat and clean, but up-to-date with the décor and decorated with a woman in mind. 3. DON’T PUT DOWN THE COMPETITION When communicating with women, it’s important to remain neutral when discussing your competitor. Never speak badly about another business. Instead, talk about the benefits of your products and how they will best suit her needs. Talk about your products with a positive focus on how they will meet the needs of her family. Women often have two main passions: her family and making the world a better place. How will your product save her family money? Keep them safer? Protect the environment?

Women need sustained eye contact more than men; usually 20-30 seconds at least to feel you’re listening to her. 76 SPA MANAGEMENT • JUNE 09




When men say, “I’ll think about it,” it usually means they’re not interested. When women say, “I’ll think about it,” it means she truly will think about it!

In addition to remaining neutral and focusing on positive attributes of your product, be certain to display your credentials. Your female buyer will look at your diplomas, certificates, honors, but she won’t want you to “tout” them. You can refer to a safety award, but don’t brag on it!

male client, as she wants to gather information and make that right decision. You might facilitate acceptance sooner with a complimentary added-value service, such as a guarantee.


Many times, sales are lost with female customers because of a lack of follow up. When men say, “I’ll think about it,” it usually means they’re not interested. When women say, “I’ll think about it,” it means she truly will think about it!

Women look for the perfect answer. It’s in her nature … she wants to be certain she’s making the right decision. Help her make the right decision by discussing why it’s best she move on this decision right now. Respect her time; don’t keep her waiting. Remember the phrase: “People count up the faults of those who keep them waiting.” This is especially true for women. Women are multitaskers. If you keep a woman waiting, she’ll be thinking of all the other things she needs to do and will be more stressed than the majority of your male clients.


Another phrase to remember: “People shop up.” Most people want the best treatment they can afford. Women especially like to buy the best they can for their family’s needs. Provide her with her options, but do tell her what you feel is the best for her situation. Remember she may be slower to make her decision than your SPA MANAGEMENT • JUNE 09


Ask permission to follow up within a week and answer any questions she may have. From there, she will direct you to what she wants. She’ll either need more time, more information, want to buy from you, or have decided on another product. Demanding, insistent salespeople will often lose the sale to the female client. She doesn’t want “to be sold!” If you focus your business on the needs of the female customer, you will have her loyalty, trust and referrals. Men have needs, but women need much more. Remember these three things: If you don’t meet the needs of your female customers, they will leave you. If you just meet their needs, they’ll stay. If you exceed their needs, they will refer their friends, family and colleagues. ■





Seven Ways to Cut Cost Without Cutting Your Lorraine Haataia, Ph.D., is consultant, corporate trainer and professional speaker who helps businesses achieve continuous improvement and growth from the inside out. As an expert in education and business process improvement, she guides clients toward improving their customers’ experiences while increasing profitability. Lorraine has more than 15 years in business leadership in various industries including construction and transportation, and she earned her Ph.D. from the University of Florida. To book Lorraine for your next event, call 904-315-8962 or visit

Lifeline By Lorraine Haataia, Ph.D.


HEN the global economy is in a recession, all companies – from Fortune 500s to small, family-owned businesses – suffer. And some of the weakest ones become casualties, leaving their employees without jobs, and losing customers to their competitors. During these tough times, owners, executives and managers often make decisions about jobs, resources and facilities they think they can do without, and then they cut. But this isn’t necessarily the best answer. The truth is, excess waste accumulates in all of these areas during prosperous times. When managers don’t have to worry about the pennies, the company can quickly begin to leak dollars. And it can easily go unnoticed for months and even years. But when the economy tightens, companies must look for innovative ways to streamline – rather than cutting what might be their lifeline. Management needs to first recognize leakage within the company, and then involve employees, suppliers and even customers to find wastetrimming opportunities. Here are seven ways your company can reduce cost and improve current business practices while strengthening the core business.


Have your top managers, in-house optimists and experts lead discussion groups for employees. It’s SPA MANAGEMENT • JUNE 09

common for companies to send employees to outside training programs that range from $199 to $1,999 per person, but this isn’t necessary. Employees can meet regularly to discuss articles, books or DVDs on relevant, specialized knowledge. For example, after reading a David Allen productivity book, one executive assistant came up with an idea to set up a corporate calendar with the major events at all their sites. This calendar posted on their intranet allowed for organized planning and a reduction in their travel costs by 20 percent. Give employees flexibility to meet their personal goals and you’ll build loyalty and engagement. If you’ve never asked, you may be surprised when you learn your employees’ lifestyle desires and attitudes about money. Many of them probably want more flexible work hours and breaks, instead being held accountable to work results and deadlines. If you go this route, have faith in them to help set up new pay structures. Numerous employees may take advantage of a leave-without-pay if they had the option. Compensate in proportion to incoming orders and set up pay-for-performance with cost tied to revenue. Review your telecommuting and flex-time policies. Providing office space for all your employees is costly and often unnecessary. Consider surveying your employees for their work preferences and then set up processes and work schedules to allow more



IMPLEMENT COST-SAVING GREEN SOLUTIONS Create an environment where people expect change. Once you systematize perpetual feedback from your employees, customers and suppliers, your core business will thrive regardless of economic conditions.

people to work remotely or from shared workstations. You can then update job descriptions, work instructions and measures to ensure that expected work results are clear to everyone. Implement cost-saving green solutions. If you’re supplying coffee, disposable cups and other freebies to your employees, you may want to reconsider these expenses. Employees can bring in reusable mugs and utensils instead. Ask your employees, already passionate about the environment, to continually search for and implement cost-saving green solutions such as: installing thermostats with timers or motion sensor light switches to help reduce your utility bill, installing motion sensor faucets to help save water, or identifying vendors to purchase your waste products such as scrap metal or electronics, which can also cut back on your garbage. Green is in – go with it. Regularly seek estimates from your suppliers and their competitors, and you may be able to tap into a gold mine. Your current suppliers desire to keep your business, so persist in getting at least two additional bids on all your services annually. Invite them to do an analysis for new cost-saving ideas. Befriend them as potential partners and you’ll win their mental power in giving you potentially priceless ideas. This can save you a fortune over time. Even if you choose to stick with the same associates, it’s always a good idea to have leverage to renegotiate rates and agreements. Compartmentalize and prioritize your customers and their purchases. Any company offering multiple products or services has some that are more profitable than others. If you haven’t reconsidered your less profitable ones recently, now is the time. Analyze the segments and the cash value differences among them. Once you have this data, you can restructure your pricing or sales processes to encourage customers to behave in ways that keep your costs down, or you may even choose to discontinue some of your services. If they truly want those that are less lucrative, and you choose to continue them, adjust your prices to ensure profitability. Foster trust, mental chemistry and decisionmaking abilities in your employees by starting a Toastmasters Club. Many employees complain

about too frequent and ineffective meetings. One solution is to start a Toastmasters Club in your company and encourage everyone to participate. It’s a nonprofit organization with a proven feedback system to advance communication and leadership aptitude. Members build self-confidence, overcome fears and grow relationships. Google, Starbucks, Dell, Disney, McGraw-Hill, Microsoft and many other top organizations sponsor clubs for their employees. At less than $100 a person per year, these clubs improve participants’ productivity in and out of meetings. Good communication is the most essential competency in any company with two or more people. Involve employees in regularly adjusting operations to improve efficiency. You may be surprised at the excitement when you get everyone engaged in fixing their biggest frustrations and time-wasters. If you aren’t ISO 9001 certified, get a copy of this latest Quality Management System document from the International Organization for Standardization. It provides a powerful set of globally-tested principles to keep everyone focused on continually improving processes and enhancing customer satisfaction. If you don’t focus on improving your work systems, they quickly become outdated, reducing efficiencies and increasing risk. Your processes drive your bottom line, day by day, toward bankruptcy or prosperity. Employees can easily learn to recognize where time or resources are being wasted. Offer them incentives for cost-saving ideas and recognize them among their peers. Give them 10 percent back in monthly or quarterly payments, for example, against the annual savings opportunities they discover. This increases their loyalty and willingness to search for more ways to save, and the company still comes out ahead. The people you least likely expect, such as your lowest producers, might come up with the best ideas, since they’re the ones who look for short cuts anyway. Create an environment where people expect change. Once you systematize perpetual feedback from your employees, customers and suppliers, your core business will thrive regardless of economic conditions. ■



PCA EDUCATION June, 2009 Skin Biology & Chemical Peel 6.5.2009 San Francisco, CA 6.6.2009 Tampa, FL 6.8.2009 Newport Beach, CA 6.12.2009 Kansas City, MO 6.15.2009 Scottsdale, AZ 6.18.2009 Richmond, VA 6.19.2009 Seattle, WA 6.19.2009 Houston, TX 6.27.2009 Ft. Lauderdale, AZ 6.28.2009 Orlando, FL 6.29.2009 Las Vegas, NV 6.29.2009 La Guardia, NY 6.29.2009 Milwaukee, WI 6.29.2009 Nashville, TN 6.29.2009 Falls Church, VA

June, 2009 Skin Biology & Chemical Peel (Students) 6.7.2009 Newport Beach, CA 6.7.2009 Tampa, FL 6.14.2009 Naperville / Lombard, IL 6.22.2009 Scottsdale, AZ 6.28.2009 Las Vegas, NV

June, 2009 Advanced Treatment Technologies 6.6.2009 San Francisco, CA 6.13.2009 Kansas City, MO 6.16.2009 Scottsdale, AZ 6.19.2009 Richmond, VA 6.20.2009 Houston, TX 6.30.2009 Nashville, TN

Tel: 877.PCA.SKIN [722-7546] • Fax: 480-946-5690 • PCASKIN.COM THE PIERRE IS NOW RE-OPEN–JUNE 1, 2009 $100 Million Renovation Features Luxurious Guestrooms, Marble Baths & Redesigned Public Areas That Include First US Location for Noted London Restaurant, Le Caprice at The Pierre The Pierre, the iconic U.S. flagship of Taj Hotels on New York's Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park, will re-open June 1 following a meticulous $100 million renovation to create new guestroom and bath interiors and to reconfigure first floor public areas to accommodate a new restaurant, Le Caprice at The Pierre, as well as 2 East, a new lobby lounge, and a graciously welcoming reception area. "We're extremely pleased with the results of our transformed residential-style interiors. The designs perfectly complement The Pierre's classic ambiance of quiet refinement and restore a sense of the property's original grandeur," said Heiko Kuenstle, General Manager, The Pierre. "We look forward to welcoming guests to our distinctive world of luxury. We're also excited to join forces with Le Caprice to introduce our new brasserie-style restaurant, Le Caprice at The Pierre, the first restaurant outside of London for this celebrated UK favorite." Visit: 86 SPA MANAGEMENT • JUNE 09

VITAMIN C: VITAL ANTI-AGEING ENERGY Several studies show that Vitamin C has excellent benefits for your body and your skin. It’s great rejuvenating power works on four essential functions of the skin: 1. Anti-oxidizing action that counteracts the damage produced on the skin by environmental aggression. 2. Skin regenerator that helps to stimulate collagen

synthesis, essential for working against ageing. 3. Illuminates and balances the skin thanks to its balancing action on the complex pigmentation mechanism. 4. Optimizes hydration.

Vitamin C+: Technological revolution Vitamin C+ or derivative of Vitamin C (VC-IP) is an innovative form of Vitamin C that has enormous advantages: - It is stable under heat and oxidation. - Excellent absorption by the skin. - Once it is absorbed, it decomposes in the form of pure Vitamin C, with all its benefits. Timexpert C+ Professional Nature and technology combine in Timexpert C+ products. This is truly an anti-ageing care that intensely repairs skin luminosity and vitality. Its two products: PURE C ESSENCE serum and PEEL+C RADIANCE facial mask, presented independently, will help to deeply regenerate and revitalize the skin, especially for: -

dull, lifeless skin skin with dark spots and lack of uniformity flaccid skin with deep wrinkles Skin especially exposed to aggressive environments (pollution, dehydration, etc.) skin that has recently undergone medical-aesthetic treatments (dermabrasion, IPL, peeling, etc.) for a better, faster recovery - skin that needs a true “seasonal cure” - skin with visible signs of ageing For more information contact your Germaine de Capuccini representative. Call: 800.968.5925 (West), 800.842.9922 (Northeast and Midwest), 888.477.1477 (Southeast), or visit

PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM INSURANCE BROKERAGE has announced the launch of their new Beauty Program. Independent contractors can quote and buy coverage online. For spas looking to provide coverage for multiple technicians they have an easy online application process and a 24 hour quote turn around time. Services to be covered can include Beauticians/Barbers, Nails, Waxing, Facials, Peels, Microdermabrasion, Electrolysis, LED/Microcurrent, Foot Detoxification, Airbrush Tanning These policies include coverage for your general liability (slip and fall) and your professional liability and we can include coverage for your business property in most states. For more information visit their website or give them a call (415) 475-4300 87



SOFIA MILOS LOVES EMINENCE! Sofia Milos of CSI Miami fame recently sent in a hand penned thank you note to Eminence Organic Skin Care after she had the chance to stop in and try some of their award winning products while in LA for the Academy Awards. A fan of organic skin care, Ms. Milos was impressed with their new Biodynamic Collection of hypoallergenic products made with biodynamic and certified organic ingredients as well as a selection of popular products from classic collections such as the Apricot Whip Moisturizer, Blueberry Soy Massage Soufflé and the Mimosa Champagne Body Oil. Ms. Milos is most famous for her roles as Detective Yelina Salas on CSI Miami and Special Agent Bianca LeGarda on The Border and has had an impressive career spanning nearly 20 years in television. She is recognizable for her beauty as well as her acting and Eminence is thrilled to count her as a fan of their organic products. More on the Biodynamic Collection from Eminence The Biodynamic Collection originates from a balanced, holistic view of the universe, and regards the farm as a self supporting ecosystem that lives and breathes—just like your skin. Adhering to the strictest international regulations while working to preserve the soil for generations to come, biodynamic farming produces the most nutrient rich ingredients known to nature. With a minimum of 95% organic ingredients in every product, the Éminence Biodynamic Collection is comprised of the finest, most potent ingredients available, infusing your skin with renewed energy and a more luminous, youthful appearance. For more information about Eminence products please contact Meaghan Cochrane at Eminence Organic Skin Care toll free at 888.747.6342 or at UNIVERSAL COMPANIES names J. Patrick Campbell CEO Universal Companies, the leading supplier of spa products and services, is pleased to announce the addition of J. Patrick Campbell to its management team as CEO. In his new position, Mr. Campbell will work to continue Universal Companies’ growth and strive to further strengthen the company’s position of leadership in the industry. Following his distinguished investment banking career of 26 years, Mr. Campbell served as President of The Nasdaq U.S. Markets, Chairman of software company Digital Focus Inc., interim COO of The American Stock Exchange, and most recently President of Grantham University. Mr. Campbell has joined Universal Companies as the Senior Executive of the company’s management team, where his focus is on maintaining tight operational efficiencies and developing solid infrastructure. “We are very pleased that Pat has joined our organization, bringing us a great deal of experience and insight,” said Marti Morenings, company Owner and Founder. “His extensive record of growing and operating successful businesses and his hands-on leadership style will be great assets to Universal Companies.” For more information and find out how Universal Companies can be “Your One Source Spa Solution®,” call 800.558.5571 88 SPA MANAGEMENT • JUNE 09

SPA INSPIRED BATHROOMS Known for its strikingly simple guest rooms designed by Kengo Kuma, The Opposite House has equally stunning spa-inspired bathrooms highlighted by deep soaking oak bath tubs, dual oak basins, invigorating rain showers, and under floor heating. The oversized deep-soaking oak bathtubs were custom-made in the Chengdu province, using 100year-old American white oak known for its exquisite texture and color. To become fully waterproof, the wood goes through more than 10 treatments. There is someone on staff whose sole job is to maintain the tubs every day. Exclusive BaYanKaLa bath amenities are made with water from the Yellow River and natural elements based on Chinese herbal practices. For more information: REPÊCHAGE CEO AND FOUNDER LYDIA SARFATI Honored at ŒŒTop Women in Business‚ Networking Dinner; Awarded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York City Council Member Helen Sears Recently, Repêchage CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati received special recognition at the Seventh Annual “Top Women in Business” Networking Awards Dinner presented by the Queens Courier, Queens Business Today and American Airlines. Sarfati was honored as a successful leader and innovator in her field of business and was awarded with a Certificate of Recognition of the City of New York by Mayor Michael Bloomberg for her outstanding business and community leadership and a Certificate of Recognition and Gratitude on behalf of the New York City Council by Council Member Helen Sears. “Top Women in Business” is an annual event that honors outstanding women in the NYC metro area and recognizes their achievements in business. Over 600 people attended this year’s dinner, a premier event in the New York Business world. Rosanna Scotto, co-host of “Good Day New York,” was dubbed “Top Woman of the Year” and other honorees included women from a myriad of business backgrounds from Public Relations to Government to Education. Lydia Sarfati, CEO and President of Repêchage, discovered the rich, hydrating properties of seaweed and was the first to bring seaweed-based skincare products to the US and turn it into a business initiative. Born in Poland and inspired by European Spa traditions, Sarfati elevated her passion and experience into one of the most successful skin care companies in the world. She has devoted the past 30 years developing seaweed-based skincare products that soothe, repair and reverse damage caused by stress, aging and environmental pollutants. Today, she presides over a 50,000 square foot manufacturing, research and development and training facility in the U.S. For more information about Repêchage and Lydia Sarfati, call 1-800-248-SKIN or log onto 89


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