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depending on what we find. Right now we are spinning some classics with dry sherry.

What drink turns you off? Vodka martinis. They are Vodkatinis, not Martinis.

189-191 Elizabeth St, Brisbane Answered by: Katherine Whitcroft What’s your bar’s specialty drink? It’s constantly changing,

What makes your bar different? The quiet,

relaxed, secluded, European feel. The ability to naturally start a conversation with the people at the next table, or just sit with a nice glass of wine and read a book. Like our single origin coffee we like to change our beer, wines and cocktails regularly, and have a team of staff that are passionate about the products we serve and love talking about why. What’s the design/ atmosphere of your bar? Sleek, clean, precise, with a little bit of jazz. The space is designed to feel refined yet inviting. The music is funky and can go

anywhere – the smooth sound of Eliza Fitzgerald can turn into the breaks of Kurtis Blow before you realise the record’s finished. The atmosphere feeds off it all – calm yet exciting, like you’re in a little hideaway. It’s a shelter from the city’s hustle and bustle. Best hangover cure? I like a daytime cold and flu tablet – painkillers with a little ‘upper’ in there to keep you awake. However, we know someone who likes to wake up with a vodka-Red Bull, which they drop a Berocca in for an extra kick.

HOT SPOT RIBS & BURGERS – SHOP 1, CENTRO ON JAMES, 39 JAMES STREET, FORTITUDE VALLEY Brisbane’s first Ribs & Burgers is now open! The celebrity fave is famous for its retro-butcher-meetsbistro-diner philosophy, and heavily guarded secret family recipes. If the mere no-messing-about name of the restaurant hasn’t piqued your interest yet, maybe some of the menu items will: beef, lamb and pork ribs (of course – served with chips and salad); Wagyu Burger (premium wagyu beef mince, tomato, Spanish onion, baby cos, dill pickles, crispy onion rings, pink and BBQ sauce); Cajun Chicken Burger (avo, chilli mayo, salsa, iceberg lettuce and Cajun spice); and crispy chicken wings.



REASONS TO TRAVEL BY BIKE TO GIGS - It’ll ensure you don’t get stuck in traffic or delayed by public transport fuck-ups. - Will get you pumped for the band*! (*Only if you don’t have to ride too far or hard) - If done regularly, will strengthen your leg muscles so you can stand and dance more at gigs. - You will be feeling full of adrenalin after a great gig so riding home (or to your next destination to keep the night going) is a great way to harness that energy - Once you get home you’ll be exhausted from all that riding and will fall into a deep and satisfying sleep. FACT. Illustration: Sophie Blackhall-Cain

ALCHEMY RESTAURANT AND BAR 175 Eagle St, Brisbane alchemyrestaurant. Answered by: Angelica Jolly What food couldn’t you live without? Pasta; love it. I’m Italian. What ingredient couldn’t you live without? Garlic. I’m sure you know why. What food fad do you see being popularised

next? Grill. Everything on the grill; it captures all we are in Australia. Healthy, laidback style of cooking. What’s the atmosphere of your restaurant? Upmarket and relaxed with five star service. Who is serving/cooking and what makes them special? All the staff at Alchemy are special. Each person offers a

different personality to our business, which makes us successful. Where do you eat out? Harvey’s New Farm, Beccofino, Spice Temple Melbourne and Sydney. What should I order

when I visit? Braised beef cheeks with button mushrooms, creamy mash, bacon lardons. Can’t go wrong. Liquid nitrogen experience if you’re looking at some food chemistry. THE MUSIC • 4TH JUNE 2014 • 31

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The Music (Brisbane) Issue #41  

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