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Game of Auspol

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t the time of writing there are two big unknowns that will be revealed by the end of May. At the end of the month we should know who has won both the federal election and the battle for the Iron Throne. Strap in for epic drama in both #Auspol and the final season of Game Of Thrones. The election is currently playing out as the bigger soap opera of the two. Like many poll watchers I would struggle to name many policies promised by either of the major parties if I was subjected to a pop quiz. However, I could definitely list off a handful of election-related scandals and Twitter trending topics. Finally Australia got its own ‘watergate’ in the election lead-up (it’s about water buybacks, see what Twitter did there?). It’s the biggest 2019 Auspol scandal (so far) so, of course, it involves Barnaby Joyce. It seems like just yesterday since his last scandal, but it’s actually been over a year. We’ve also had Peter Dutton apologise for accusing his opponent of exploiting her disability (she lost a leg in an accident trying to protect her son), plus there was a lot of grief about Bill Shorten dodging a question from a Channel Ten reporter. As I write, trending on Twitter is the hashtag #ILikeBillShorten. It seems the opposition leader’s fan club felt it needed to stand up to what they perceive as the ‘mainstream media’ narrative that Shorten is unlikeable. Kinda sweet. But also kinda like having a parent come to your school to beg the other kids to stop picking you last for sports teams. Game Of Thrones has been experiencing its own unexpected Twitter trends this final season as well. There’s been wild reactions to Bran’s cold stare, Daenerys’ DGAF reaction to Jon’s ‘ew’ reveal and Brienne’s moving knighthood. And, while there’s a possibility that the election result may leave some of us feeling underwhelmed, the outcome of the battles of Westeros is without doubt going to leave most of us devastated. Not only are we going to lose beloved characters, after the finale we are going to be left with dragon-sized holes in our lives without any more Game Of Thrones to watch (even when we eventually get HBO’s GoT prequel, it won’t be the same). Well, we have plenty of content to distract you from contemplating the outcomes of these important events. Most importantly we have doggos. Skip straight to our Your Town section and lose yourself in dog tales. Happy reading.

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