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he hardest thing about condensing a whole year’s worth of escapades – musical or otherwise – into a page of prose is knowing where to start. We need to talk? It’s been the best of times and the worst of times? How about that photo of Hayley Williams/Joel Monaghan/Nick Riewoldt? Got any pingers? Well no, it doesn’t seem like anybody does act ually. A Current Affair are now railing against the scourge of meow meow, the News publications of the world are warning against the dangers of i-Dosing and the elect ronic dance music and hip hop listeners of Aust ralia are too busy losing their shit at clubs and fest ivals to care. Or are they? By all means they should be given the plethora of fine music – particularly in the form of artist albums – which have seen the light of day in 2010, but that’s not necessarily the case. Times are tough in clubland, no quest ion. Turn-outs at club nights used to be as predictable as the results of cricket games involving Pakistan, but now you’re just as likely to see tumbleweeds rolling through the room that was ram-jammed the night before and with no discernible pattern behind it all. Punters are certainly crying out for a different, intimate, “special” clubbing experience, and a patient “if you build it, they will come” mentality is needed by promoters and venues rather than quick-fi x band-aid solutions involving words like “Top 40”, “mashup” and “Promoter DJs”. Politicians of a Labor disposition may have trumpeted verbatim that Aust ralia largely avoided the impact of 2008’s Global Financial Crisis (they obviously haven’t had a close look at my bank balance of late, but I digress…), but young people are st ruggling and something’s got to give. And so predict ions of a consolidation in the dance music fest ival playing field finally came to pass. While it seemed to be business as usual for some of the major players, some new entrants into the market found that “if you build it, it will come”

really does only apply to baseball diamonds in Hollywood corn fields, other staples saw their crowd numbers recede after years of growth, We Love Sounds and its subsidiaries have most likely gone to that great portaloo in the sky and, in the case of Sydney’s Homebake and Days Like Th is, the white flag was temporarily hoisted as the respect ive promoters wisely decided their brand was better off taking a holiday then delivering below its potential. But it’s all about the music, right? Of course it is. And the depth, scope and ambition of music covered in 3D World in 2010 has rarely been as inspiring in the 15 years (albeit somewhat hazy ones) since my fi rst Summer Of Love. Icons in the making like Kanye West, LCD Soundsystem and Flying Lotus continued to fulfi ll their promise and live up to the hype, while unknowns like Mount Kimbie, Janelle Monáe and Darkstar came from nowhere to deliver long-players no one would have anticipated 12 months earlier. And the 90s behemoths continued proving there’s life left in the old legs, The Chemical Brothers most successfully while the jury is st ill out on Underworld and Faithless (at least as st udio entities). Groove Armada called it a day, Sasha and Digweed continued to reinvent themselves, The Prodigy dest royed fest ivals once again and Orbital showed that they probably should have taken over the world back in the day. As for the future of the DJ Mix CD? We discussed that at length in these pages many months ago, but the dist inct lack of compilations making it into the Writers’ Polls you’re about to read is a worrying trend. But the biggest event in the world of 3D World this year has been internal – and kinda external as well. We’ve gone glossy, switched from tabloid to a more user-friendly news st and st yle, added content far beyond mere beats and rhymes (and indeed from beyond Aust ralian shores) and extended our reach into Victoria and Queensland. And we’re just getting started. So settle back, digest what the writers of 3D World made of the mysterious beast that was 2010 and we’ll see you in 2011 – I’ll bring the digital camera if you bring the meow. 3D WORLD IS BACK ON THE STREETS WEEK COMMENCING 17 JANUARY.

Issue 1039 TUESDAY 30 NOVEMBER 2010

CARL COX Millennium Marathon ARMIN ONLY Mirage Reviewed THEULTIMATE Midnight Tracks AULD LANG SYNE Explained NYE Survival Kit

CARL COX Millennium Marathon ARMIN ONLY Mirage Reviewed THEULTIMATE Midnight Tracks AULD LANG SYNE Explained NYE Survival Kit

CARL COX Millennium Marathon ARMIN ONLY Mirage Reviewed THEULTIMATE Midnight Tracks AULD LANG SYNE Explained NYE Survival Kit

Issue 1039 WEDNESDAY 1 DECEMBER 2010






MyBeautifulDarkTwistedFantasy (Roc-A-Fella Records/Universal)


t’s often bandied about that The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Nirvana’s Nevermind are the only two albums of the “rock‘n’roll” age to put a full stop on their respect ive musical eras and change the game entirely. Just a month after its release it’s perhaps too early to call whether Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy will inspire a whole new generation of musicians to selfrighteously invade stages at awards ceremonies, open a Twitter account for st ream-of-consciousness ramblings and spend a year of their lives crafting some of the most progressive, self-confessional hip hop jams ever made, but one thing is certain – not since Radiohead’s OK Computer in 1997, or at a st retch its st ill myst ifying 2000 successor Kid A, have so many overwhelmingly fawning column inches been dedicated to one body of work. “This st uff really is Picasso-like, fulfi lling the Cubist mandate of rearranging form, texture, color and space to suggest new ways of viewing things,” Los Angeles Times’ Ann Powers gushed. Pitchfork’s Ryan Dombal called it “a blast of surreal pop excess that few artists are capable of creating, or even willing to attempt” on the way to handing out the hipster portal’s first 10/10 review for a new release since Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in 2002. Even 3D World ’s own Cyclone got in on the act, declaring “West articulates an existentialist hip hop. Obama’s “jackass”, and Dubya’s nemesis, authors a meta-commentary – he’s a hip hop Borges.” US Presidents and obscure Argentinean writers aside, what West was able to do was combine widescreen ambition with pop accessibility, call in a topheavy guest cast of producers and voices which never feels over-st uffed and throw it all at a wall st uck together with glue labeled “Important”.

“Could we get much higher?” coos Yes frontman Jon Anderson (sampled from Mike Oldfield’s In High Places) on opener Dark Fantasy’s hook, and over the ensuing 68-plus minutes the sky is, indeed, the limit. West’s choice of samples aren’t just there to serve the songs (which they do superbly) but also appear to signpost where he’s positioning himself as an artist – swiping ideas from iconoclasts like King Crimson, Gil Scott-Heron and Richard James (aka Aphex Twin) can’t just be pure coincidence, nor can recontextualising the vocal hook from Black Sabbath’s paranoia-heavy Iron Man into a refrain of “No more drugs for me, pussy and religion is all I need ” on Hell Of A Life. But lofty goals and weighty themes would count for nothing if the songs weren’t up to scratch, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy delivers at every turn. Nicki Minaj steals not just the show but the entire album with her elect rifying star maker minute on Monster (no mean feat given Jay-Z and Rick Ross also unleash hell on the same cut), Rihanna’s triumphant chorus on All Of The Lights (that’s Elton John you’ll hear tinkling the ivories) is the lighter/mobile phone-waving Empire State Of Mind of 2010, West alongside Swizz Beatz, Jay-Z, Pusha T, Prynce Cy Hi and The RZA comprise one of hip hop’s most formidable posses ever on So Appalled – hell, even Chris Rock and Salma Kenas’ two-and-a-half minute phone conversation about, umm, pussy reupholstering at the tailend of Blame Game sounds like genius. But it’s Kanye West conduct ing this grand affair and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy certainly is a grand statement. Only time will tell whether it’s a full stop on popular music, but as it stands it’s one impressive exclamation mark.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS 2.LCD SOUNDSYSTEM This Is I Happening (DFA/EMI) “A song son like I Can Change [is] not about thinking you ca can change, it’s more about being pathetic, being sung fr from the position of what you do and how you act when wh you feel desperate.” James Murphy (LCD Soundsyst em), 3D World #1042. Sound that falls well short of hipster “...oozes with timely modernism mode bandwagon b d jjumping.” i ” Chris Ch Yates, 3D World #1011.

3.MO 3.MOUNT KIMBIE Crooks And Lovers Croo

(Hotflush Recordings/Inertia) unfamiliar with the pair’s sound, it’s “For those th about the texture and ambience. Far from the all abo precise and clinical high-impact assault of cold, p dubsteep, the tracks across this album have much more in common with Boards Of Canada, Fennesz, Four Tet or Burial.” Bo Brad Swob, Swob 3D Worldd #1032. #10




Cosmogramma Cosm

(Warp Records/Inertia) “I was honest at a point where it would have been easy and very tempting very ea for me to just bullshit like that album but the people. I’m glad people lik reason I’m most proud of it is because I told the truth.” Steven Ellison (aka Flying Lotus), 3D World #1040. “The amazing tones on the album owe as much to the likes of Madlib as they do Four Tet, Aphex Twin, Kode9, Motown, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis or Ornette Coleman.” Brad Swob, 3D World #1012.

5.CA 5.CARIBOU Swim (City Slang/Shock) “Snaith has again succeeded in creating a wondrous crea and fantast fan ical world for listene eners to explore with hazy h house anthems like Sun and understated disco-pop disco-po gems like opener Odessaa ...probably prove to be one of the most beloved albums of 2010.” Matt O’Neill, 3D World #1012.

6.BIG BOI Sir Lucious L Left Foot: The S Son Of Chico Dust y

(Def Ja Jam/Universal) decent, mature “It’s a raw, r but st ill wacky, fun, zany and intense lyrical album that I put together.” together Antwan Patton (aka Big Boi), #1016. Bi B i) 3D World W ld #1016 “…a wonderfully funky and unique set, that, much like Outkast ’s product, puts creativity and colour ahead of current trends. With his long-awaited and utterly unmissable Sir Lucious Leftfoot, Big Boi has proven that hip hop in 2010 can st ill, just occasionally, smile.” Darren Collins, 3D World #1023.

7.THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS BRO Further (EMI) Furth “I think thin we’re both positive at the moment – we’re really m happy to be making music that gets ge to people. There’s always kind of been, some of the words that

Tom has used and written, there’s always that kind of positivity. We’re from The E Generation.” Ed Simons (The Chemical Brothers), 3D World #1026. “There’s a lot to like about Further – a big reminder that when the chemists stop experimenting and stick to the formula, few can produce a natural high quite like them.” Kris Swales, 3D World #1015.

8.TEC 8.TECHNASIA Central (Technasia Centr

Records/Stomp) Record “There are so many different ere influences, so many diff d erent vibes... Whether Wheth they make you dance, whether they make you vibe, whether they make you happy or whether they make w you have special emotions, that is what I tried to put into this album all together.” Charles Siegling (Technasia), 3D World #1030. “The ideas are simple, with most tracks only flaunting the bare minimum of elements, yet Siegling executes every move to perfect ion.” Kris Swales, 3D World #1018.

9.FO TET 9.FOUR There Is Love In You

(Domi (Domino/EMI) record glows with “The re warm, forgotten hiss the wa classic vinyl, the of clas fract ured ur samples st ill manage to bleed soul and charisma and, no matter the act ual genre, each product ion e arrives with that familiar scent of jazz’s indefatigable cool.” Matt O’Neill, 3D World #998.

10.TH ROOTS 10.THE How I Got Over

(Def Ja Jam/Universal) ““How I Got Over, is one of the finest albums of their 115-plus year career, another combination of anothe one of the most consistent MC’s in the game in Black Th ought and visi visionary producer/ Thought drummer ?uest love’s deft, and progressive, ear for a great hook. The album finds the band in a particularly sombre mood, a jaded postGFC melancholy weighing heavily on their shoulders.” Darren Collins, 3D World #1023


(Cooking Vinyl/Shock) “22 years on and Underworld st ill know how to throw a good curve ball, and with melodic drum‘n’bass prodigy High Contrast joining the duo in the st udio they’ve delivered one of their biggest tracks in years with Scribble. It’s beyond massive, it makes you smile, it makes you want to dance and it’s everything anyone could ever hope for from an Underworld album preview.” Kris Swales, 3D World #1013. “High Contrast lives in Wales, almost in the same st reet that I lived in – and he knows all the same people I used to know! Rick went down to Wales for a short while and worked there, and he came up and worked for a short while. Lincoln was fantast ic because he took [the live working version of You Do Scribble] and he did a lot of work on it and returned it to us, and we thought it was a fantastic inst rumental. To be honest I really thought there were going to be more inst rumentals on this album than there turned out to be, because Rick would on all of them go ‘you know, yeah it sounds fantast ic, but have a go at a vocal’.” Karl Hyde (Underworld) from a previously unpublished quote to 3D World, Wednesday 1 September 2010. “It was great to work with them because they’re people who have influenced me from the beginning. Apparently, they were big fans of mine, but they were scared to get in touch sooner. They thought, because I was a drum‘n’bass DJ, I was gonna be some kind of bad boy gangster! But, luckily, they realised that I’m just a musical geek like them, so we got on well.” Lincoln Barrett (High Contrast), 3D World #1037 (Sydney edition).


3.CAR CARIBOU Odessa (City Slang/Shock) Odess 4.BIG BOI Shutterbugg Shutt

(Def Jam/Universal) Ja

5. JAN JANELLE MONÁE Tightrope Tight

(Bad B Boy Records/Warner)


There were no female or Aust ralian artists in our Top Ten, with Janelle Monae’s The ArchAndroid just missing out on repping the former and M-Phazes debut Good Gracious doing likewise for the latter. Perhaps more significantly DJ mixes didn’t even feature in the Top 20, with only John Digweed’s Structures, Agoria’s Balance 016, Apparat’s DJ-Kicks and dBridge & Inst ra:mental’s Fabriclive 50 getting multiple nods (Shackleton’s Fabric 55 was more de facto artist album than compilation).



Although the all-conquering Kanye West didn’t feature in this category, it’s probably because he cannibalised his own vote with so many big tunes – our writers couldn’t decide whether Power, Runaway, Monster or That’s My Bitch with Jay-Z was the pick of his 2010 output. Caribou, Flying Lotus, Illy, LCD Soundsystem, The Chemical Brothers and Underworld all had three tracks nominated.


HONOURABLE MENTIONS Janelle Monáe; LCD Soundst ystem; Flying Lotus; James Blake. FUN FACTS In proof that chinst roke and blatantly mainst ream musical tastes can happily co-exist, the picks of team 3D proudly st raddle the divide – from Lady Gaga to Tensnake, from Katy Perry to Salem, from Shed to Nicki Minaj and Drake. Even Rick Ast ley picked up a solitary vote for reasons best known only to the writer in quest ion.

KANYE WEST Could it be anyone else? Regular music media darlings LCD Soundsyst em and Flying Lotus both captured their respect ive zeitgeist s with spect acular album drops while relative newcomers Janelle Monáe and James Blake made their presence felt, but 2010 was all about Yeezy – originally for worse, ultimately for better. Th e hangover from West ’s ill-advised st age invasion during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards raged well into 2010 as both artist s used it to clock up frequent fl yer miles on the publicity clock before West joined his earlier sparring partner 50 Cent on Twitter to deliver condensed versions of his rambling blog. Th en he st arted drip-feeding a track a week through the GOOD Fridays series on his website, st arting with Power (Remix) on 20 August and wrapping up 13 weeks later with Chain Heavy featuring Talib Kweli and Consequence with Q-Tip on the boards. A sprinkling of the series ended up on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantay when it dropped worldwide on 22 November, and the rest is history. Especially for West, who is rumoured to have spent at least some of his time touring Australia in December as Jay-Z’s guest of honour decamped in Melbourne’s Sing Sing st udio to work on his next magnum opus…


M-PHAZES With Australian hip hop enjoying another red letter year, particularly if judged on the sheer number of artists (known or otherwise) releasing long-players, EPs and mixtapes, it’s perhaps fitting that the man who produced one of 2010’s strongest debuts gets the nod. Both our Victorian and Queensland stables lay claim to the superproducer who was raised in the latter’s Gold Coast region yet now resides in the former’s capital, and rightly so – with Pharoahe Monch reportedly calling on his knobtwiddling services for as many as six tracks on his forthcoming WAR (We Are Renegades), M-Phazes is certainly hot property. But it was his Good Gracious album released way back in February which served notice of his skills, its crisp and uniform aesthetic (inspired by the classic boom-bap ethos with the odd detour into pseudo drum‘n’bass rhythms) giving the record a singular voice despite a varied guest cast including Illy, Muph, Mantra and Drapht on the break-out track Where’s Elvis?. “I think I’ve just been doing this so long that I’ve developed a style I can’t really escape from – and I don’t mean that in a bad way – but it’s almost like a natural thing for me to have my own sound now,” he told 3D World in March. And it’s a sound that looks set to resonate beyond our shores in 2011. 16 3DWORLD

HONOURABLE MENTIONS Tame Impala; Bliss N Eso; Washington; Space Invadas.

FUN FACTS M-Phazes earned his title the hard way with spirited competition from fellow album debutantes Tame Impala, the ubiquitous Washington and Space Invadas, while Bliss N Eso’s Running On Air was another winner for the Sydney crew. Crossover acts st raddling the elect ronic/indie divide were the flavour of 2010, with Yolanda Be Cool and Jaytech the highest ranking acts cut from the traditional DJ/producer cloth.




ORBITAL The announcement of elect ronic music legends Orbital heading to Aust ralia to headline Playgorund Weekender in February 2010 was the last piece of news slotted into the then Sydney-only 3D World in 2009 – that the inevitable east coast sideshows have taken out top spot is almost a given. And our reviews of those shows probably say it best… “The beats bumped while fabulously textured washes of synth sounds cascaded over everything at times adding abst ract ion and at others giving the mix a more ethereal dimension.“ Guido Farnell review of Orbital at Billboard (Melbourne) Friday 19 February 2010 in Zebra (RIP). “Satan seemed to divide the crowd, with half throwing up the Devil horns, head-banging and just generally losing it, and the other half standing around waiting for something a little less face-melting. However there was no division when the fi rst notes of Chime rang out. As one, thousands of spirit fingers floated in the air and the crowd sang along (albeit by just repeating the sound “do-do-do” over and over)…” Andrew Wowk review of Orbital at The Forum (Sydney) Tuesday 23 February 2010 in 3D World #1000.


“A barefoot, mustachioed Phil Hartnoll and his unassuming brother Paul take position at the helm of starship Orbital, coax the opening st rains of Out There Somewhere? out of their consoles and drop a sonic boom which proves

to a packed Family dancefloor that this battle station is indeed fully operational… This is one for the ages.” Kris Swales review of Orbital at Family (Brisbane) Wednesday 24 February 2010 in Zebra (RIP). HONOURABLE MENTIONS A Tribe Called Quest ; LCD Soundsystem; Gorillaz; Salt-N-Pepa. FUN FACTS Nostalgia is king in the concert halls of Aust ralia, with A Tribe Called Quest’s unlikely but much appreciated Aust ralian debut and Salt-NPepa’s equally unlikely yet triumphant return both proving winners alongside hype acts LCD Soundsystem (who dominated Splendour In The Grass) and Gorillaz – who had only played Melbourne when our writers were polled.


MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS It doesn’t matter where the writers of 3D World saw Melbourne trio Midnight Juggernauts – whether in the band venues of Oz, a castle in Serbia or a festival on the beach in Singapore, they’re a clear-cut winner as Australia’s premier live act. 3D scribe abroad Clare Dickins praised the Aussies for saving the day at Serbia’s Exit Festival in July, with “Aussies on the floor to ensure the parochial mosh action continues, capped off by Road To Recovery – easily one of the festival’s most exhilarating highlights”. While Sydneysider Jeremy Wood was unconvinced by their 2010 album drop The Crystal Axis, he wrote of their August show at The Forum “It is only when the lads return to their magnificent debut album, that the gig truly shines. The perfect mish mash of pulsating rock and synth-driven electro is a sight to behold as indie classics Tombstone, Shadows and night closer Into The Galaxy are performed predictably brilliantly.” And when Kris Swales caught the band wrap up their 2010 international campaign at Singapore’s ZoukOut in December, he witnessed “a handful of the already converted joyously singing every word of Australian festival staples like Into The Galaxy straight back at Vincent Vendetta, while Andrew Szekeres taking the vocoder for Tombstone is also a highlight – until the band’s roadie Dale takes the stage sax in hand to help the band blast through Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street”. 18 3DWORLD

HONOURABLE MENTIONS Drapht; Christ ian Vance; PVT; Regurgitator (Akira Live Score). FUN FACTS Regional voting impacted heavily here, with acts like Simon Caldwell, Kylie Auldist, Mat Cant, We Are Fans, Cosmo Cater and 3D World ’s own Robbie Lowe picking up high scores in their own territories without translating the votes down the east coast.





INCEPTION One actor with his head st itched on a second body to play a set of twins, the end of the best trilogy ever made, Guy Pearce’s moustache and a barely teen girl dropping C-Bombs all got our notice, but the thinking person’s blockbuster was unstoppable. Positing itself as an enigma wrapped in a riddle, Inception was more like an act ion fi lm – albeit a very, very good one – wrapped up in both those things. Current Batman franchise director Christopher Nolan continued a golden run st retching back as far as 2000’s Memento with a Leonardo DiCaprio star vehicle which gave just as much screen time to a top-heavy ensemble including Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger and Michael Caine. What was it all about? A group of spies infi ltrating the dreams of others to steal valuable secrets from their unconscious minds. What does it all mean? Who cares when cities fold over on themselves and hallways spiral out of control. Do androids dream of elect ric sheep? Spin the top and see where you end up. HONOURABLE MENTIONS The Social Network; Toy Story 3; Animal Kingdom; Kick-Ass.


MAD MEN While David Simon fans were st ill too busy catching up with The Wire’s final roll of the dice to anoint Treme a slot in 3D World ’s list, disciples of Don Draper and his cronies were settling in for the fourth season of Mad Men. Spoiler alerts prevent us from going into great detail, but who wouldn’t be drawn into the world of advertising in 1960s New York when the men make George Clooney look unrefined and the ladies are curvier then Katy Perry? The AMCTV network are clearly on a hot st reak, with Breaking Bad (about a cancer-suffering chemist ry teacher who takes to cooking meth to provide for his family when he’s gone) somehow getting more popular the darker the themes it explores – having Bryan Cranston play one of the great anti-heroes of all time surely helps its cause. Elsewhere Dexter’s return to form (complete with headcaving Season Four finale) has been noted by Team 3D and Modern Family proves that commercial TV isn’t a total dead zone, while Martin Scorsese’s Prohibition era drama Boardwalk Empire getting the nod despite not yet screening in Aust ralia has us completely bewildered. How can it be? HONOURABLE MENTIONS Breaking Bad; Dexter; Modern Family; Boardwalk Empire.


SOUNDCLOUD It seems 3D World ’s writers were slightly more interested in watching a movie about Facebook then updating their status this year – in fact the social networking behemoth was topped by two music portals, one of them the awesome social media-esque SoundCloud. The 2007 German creation is a best-kept secret no more and whether you want to find that fresh new edit of that track you never thought you needed to hear, preview your favourite artist’s forthcoming drop or download a club set (most likely with the artist in quest ion’s permission) as soon as the DJ has stepped out of the booth, chances are you’re in the right place. In many ways it’s everything the good people at MySpace always dreamt of creating, only with a user friendly interface and a dist inct lack of noobgenerated clutter. Making a late surge for top spot amongst the usual suspects was Julian Assange and his rogue band of journos and sources at WikiLeaks. Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year? Pff t. If he can keep out of jail for another 12 months a coveted gong from the writers of 3D World is all but assured. HONOURABLE MENTIONS Resident Advisor; Facebook; WikiLeaks; Twitter.



RA PODCAST You’ve got to hand it to the brains trust at Resident Advisor – while their picks for Album Of The Year have aligned surprisingly closely with 3D World given their predilect ion for st roking chins that are yet to even develop the hint of st ubble, their weekly RA Podcast is off in a world of its own. They signed off on 2009 with Tensnake before Coma Cat sent him to the top of the hypeometer, and though 2010 delivered sets from such respected names as Carl Craig and Rub-N-Tug there were just as many curveballs thrown in. Let’s face it, if you act ually know the identity of the mysterious 19.454. it’s probably time for you to unhook yourself from The Matrix and spend some time under that big fiery ball of heat in the sky. Having an east coast radio reach helped funnymen Hamish & Andy take out the silver medal, but from here our writers logged in, clicked on and blissed out – whether it be to the downtempo drum‘n’bass of Autonomic courtesy of dBridge & Inst ra:mental, the progressive flavours of John Digweed and guests on Transitions or various shards of disco-ish fare from Tim Sweeney and co on Beats In Space. HONOURABLE MENTIONS The Hamish & Andy Show; Autonomic; John Digweed – Transitions; Beats In Space.






Where most pop songs struggled to concoct one great hook, The Fives’ UK funky anthem stitched together four in a row. In the year’s most frothy, delirious piece of dance-pop, Vanya’s slinky vocals glide across the bouncy, string riff assisted soca-house groove with a selfassurance that seems hardly human. Exhilarating.

(Night Slugs)

Kingdom builds Fogs’ slithering, slimy dubstep meets techno groove around cut-up snatches of Beyonce’s verses, abandoned at the bottom of a swamp of turgid bass and kick drums ripping your ears off.


SHY CHILD Dark Dest iny (Wall of Sound)

Grandiose synth-pop balladry that doubles as a hymn for a generation defined by its celebrity fuck-ups, Dark Destiny’s insistent chords and deflated falsetto vocals underscore the fragility of its optimism, but “I’ll keep defending choices you’re making” remains an unexpectedly honest and moving affirmation of friendship and fidelity. Tearjerking.

YELAWOLF Pop The Trunk (DGC Records)

A southern gothic confessional from the year’s best new rapper by a considerable distance, Pop The Trunk caught Yelawolf ’s flow at its most lucid and unsettling, accelerating and stretching out with eerie fluency as he offers character sketches of sociopathic family and friends with a biblical sense of solemnity. Haunting.

THE-DREAM Yamaha (Def Jam)

In which R&B mastermind The-Dream takes his Prince obsession to its logical conclusion. His Yamaha is even louder and faster than his hero’s little red corvette, boasting a joyfully stuttering electro beat, an impossibly gleaming synthetic arrangement and cavernous multi-tracked vocals that sound like light refracted into a rainbow. Overwhelming.

MARCOS CABRAL & SHUX Lifetime Groove (On The Prowl Party Breaks)

On first play Lifetime Groove’s 12 minute groove feels like it’ll never end; on each replay you hope it never will. With looping samples from the New Edition classic into a blissful infinity of shuddering drums and bittersweet bass, Cabral & Shux offered an improbable new pinnacle for disco revivalism. Sheltering.

RICK ROSS BMF (Blowing Money Fast) (Def Jam)

In 2010 apocalyptic street rap’s name was Drumma Boi, and no groove was as all-encompassing as BMF, a beat so dumb-big its biceps had biceps. As for Rick Ross: “I think I’m Big Meech! Larry Hoover!” Who cares what it means? It sounds awesome screamed from a rooftop at 3am. Energising. 22 3DWORLD


(Wolf + Lamb) Jaar understands the science of dance rhythms better than possibly anyone else right now. A Time For Us is extravagant, delicate blues-house that Henrik Schwarz would sell his soul for. Scintillating.

FANTASIA Man Of The House (J Records)

Is Fantasia pop’s best storyteller? Not in the tale – though Man of the House offers excellent battle of the sexes material – but the telling, her hyper-melismatic, now-grittynow-coy voice adding nuances no one else could. And no one else could make this steely, sensible lecture on familial duties sound so sympathetic. Rousing.

MAD ONE House Girls 6 (Devine UK)

The year’s hardest house groove was almost nothing but percussion: sampling that hail-on-tin snare pattern from Dennis Ferrer’s Hey Hey and adding layers and layers of tribal percussion until the junglistic density of the groove approaches white noise. Exhausting.






HAUL Music has been one of the most consistent labels of the year, and newcomer (sort of) Claire Morgan gives Vance’s Wanna Give Ya the remix treatment and delivers a worthy tune of the year. The shuffly percussion and quirky vocal stabs complement the deep bass and lush synth washes, while the raw, jackin’ beats keep it dancefloor friendly.

CHYMERA The Rumours Of My Demise (Komplex De Deep)

While all his output over the past 12 months has been excellent, The Rumours Of My Demise has been Chymera’s most memorable tune in that time. Th is needs only some basic percussion, a funky bassline, reverbed sax and a synth line that follows the same progression of notes as the bassline to rock a dancefloor.

SPECTRASOUL Bygones (Shogun Audio)

Spect rasoul continued to dominate this year, offering up more of their blend of techy, st ripped-back beats, low sub bass, non-cheesey vocals and subtle pads. Proving you don’t need ten million layers of compressed drums to write good d‘n’b, Bygones is bare essentials d‘n’b – and it sounds best that way.

VINCE WATSON Love In F Minor (Everysoul)

Emotive, thoughtful and lush while st ill driving and punchy enough for a peaktime dancefloor, Love In F Minor is soulful, melodic techno at its very best. It’s hard to pick a favourite part of this tune when everything from the chunky drums to the improvised piano jams are fantast ic.

BREAK, CALYX & TEEBEE Don’t Look Down (Symmetry)

Th ree of d‘n’b’s biggest stars finally sit down together at the same time and churn out a tune and, perhaps unsurpisingly, the result is amazing. The sort of bomb that if dropped at exa ct ly the right time will cause serious carnage thanks to its subtle, funky intro which eventually gives way to a mammoth drop, hammering drums and rolls that are a work of art.

WILLIE GRAFF & TUCCILLO Give You Up (Chez Damier’s A Little More Interpretation) (Freerange)

2010 seems to have been Chez Damier’s comeback year, and we’re all the better for it. This is classic Damier vibes: deep, funky, chunky, raw, and of course, long. Coming in at just under 10 minutes, this one is definitely for the floors that love the grooves, with Rhodes keys, bouny acid licks and old school analogue bass to keep it rolling the whole way. 24 3DWORLD

ZERO T Tavistock Dub

(Nu Direct ions) Zero T has had an excellent year and Tavistock Dub is just one of his many highlights. Steppy beats, cut up breaks, reverbed ragga vocals and floaty synths create a false sense of security early on, leading one to think this is just another Zero T liquid tune, but watch the drop on this one – it’s devastating.

PALE SKETCHER Can I Go Now? (Donnacha Costello Mix) (Ghost ly International)

Th e genius behind Jesu took his Pale Sketches album and completely deconst ruct ed it, as well as off ered a few of his inspirations the chance to remix him. Donnacha Cost ello’s remix of Can I Go Now? st ands head and shoulders above the rest . Both beautiful and ugly, uplifting and depressing.


(Buried Audio) In amongst all the noisy, wobbly cheese, a select group of d‘n’b producers are st ripping things back, getting techy and bringing dark atmospherics back to the genre. June Miller have led the charge in 2010, and Quartz Controlled has received a thrashing thanks to its tight, crisp beats, futurist ic sci-fi soundscapes and sublime bassline.


(Naked Lunch) Genre benders Inst ra:mental take a break from broken beats and serve up some sub120bpm deep house vibes with that trademark Inst ra:mental aest hetic. Techy and slightly leftof-centre, but st ill perfect for the dancefloor, Let’s Talk relies on a deep, throbbing bassline, warm pads and a very suggest ive vocal.





I’m finding it increasingly hard to organise my music collect ion these days. Once upon a time I could go through my shelves and look through a heap of records or CDs, but now it’s pretty much all digital downloads with the occasional vinyl or (even rarer) an act ual unadulterated compact disc. Now I hear you scream, “but check your iTunes library”. Yeah right. It’s a frickin’ mess. Not everything is catalogued in one spot, or even with proper ID marks, covers, etc. My music collect ion resides on my computer, my girlfriend’s PC, work, burnt unmarked data discs, USB st icks… It’s all over the shop and I’ve totally lost track of what has come out this year. Best idea would be for me to go through my columns, but honest ly I can’t be arsed, so I’ll just mention some highlights. I’m glad that Cut Chemist has returned, albeit without much musical fanfare and with a belated interest in Ethiopian jazz, but I’m a fan and anything from the dude is dope in my books. DJ Format is also back with his remix for Speedometer and his work with his quirky future-retro act Simonsound. DJ Shadow finally released something worthwhile, even though it was his earlier work with The 4-Track Era EP on vinyl. France’s Dj Moar was bouncing out all over the place with vinyl in all shapes and sizes. The funk label Mocambo has been blew my socks off with every release – Indian sitar funk, gold coloured 45s, Swiss freakbeat, African school bands, and most of them B-boy friendly. Even UK Breakin’ Bread have returned with a B-boy explosion 7” from drummer extraordinaire Malcolm Catto. In fact it’s the unusually packaged and coloured vinyl releases that have been keeping collectors and music fans happy. Even Resin Dogs members Katch and Dave have just dropped a limited 100press for their latest white label, whilst a heap of Aussie funk outfits such as Adelaide’s The Transatlantics and Candice Monique and the Optics, Sydney’s Dojo Cuts and the oddly psychedelic Captn K from WA all dropped wax. Has it been a good year for hip hop? It feels like it’s in a weird transitional period. But seriously I cannot run through a year’s worth in such a short amount of space. Maybe next year I will endeavour to keep tabs on it, but as usual life will get in the way and sabotage any kind of organisation I would have in mind.

BLAZE ALBUMS Koolism - The ‘Umu Aloe Blacc - Good Things Budos Band - Budos Band III Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - I Learned The Hard Way Cut Chemist - Sound Of The Police DJ Shadow - The 4-Track Era Black Sheep - From The Black Pool Of Genius Dialect rix - Audio Projectile Statik Selektah & Termanology - 1982 Nabo Rawks - Bizarro World TRACKS J-Live - Poetry In Motion The Natural Yogurt Band - Eastern Promises Cleon & Jazzy Pidjay - Return Of HipHopotamus DJ Day - Kossa Paikan & The Mighty Mocambos - Ballad Of The Bombay Sapphires INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Dj Moar Madlib Mayer Hawthorne Dâm-Funk Cee Lo Green AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS M-Phazes Plutonic Lab Bliss N Eso Briggs The Tongue INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS A Tribe Called Quest @ Hordern Pavilion Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings @ Enmore Theatre Mulatu Astatke @ The Basement Akil & Louis Logic @ Tone Egyptian Lover @ Civic


AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS M-Phazes @ Annandale Hotel Ozi Batla @ Annandale Hotel Thundamentals @ Baroque Dirtbox Kings @ The Sandringham Hotel Koolism @ Melt Bar MOVIES Mesrine Animal Kingdom The Social Network Winter’s Bone Kick-Ass TV SHOWS Sons Of Anarchy Rubicon Bored To Death Justified The Amazing Race

RADIO SHOWS/ PODCASTS The Super B-Beat Show superbbeatshow. The Nextmen podcast Beyond Jazz ONLINE DESTINATIONS Twitch Film Elect ro Empire Paris DJs More Than A Stance Vimeo HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Mocambo record label. Killer funk releases. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Kanye West. Over extended presence. Go monk it out somewhere remote. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “I absolve you of all your sins. Now, get the fuck out!” Padre Benito del Toro from the fi lm Machete. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP 2010 ARIA Awards. What a crock of shit.


PREDICTION FOR 2011 More interest ing vinyl packaging.




CYCLONE WEHNER ALBUMS Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy A Mountain Of One - Institute Of Joy Janelle Monáe - The ArchAndroid Johnny Flynn - Been Listening Fanfarlo - Reservoir Stornoway - Beachcomber’s Windowsill Gypsy & The Cat - Gilgamesh Trentemøller - Into The Great Wide Yonder Cee Lo Green - The Lady Killer Annie - Don’t Stop TRACKS Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Somebody To Love Me Eminem feat Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie Aeroplane feat Merry Clayton - I Don’t Feel Paul Weller - Fast Car/Slow Traffic Kelis - Acapella INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Kanye West Janelle Monáe Eminem Cee Lo Green Nicki Minaj AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Gypsy & The Cat Paris Wells Illy Washington The Holidays INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Johnny Flynn @ Northcote Social Club Jeff Mills @ Stereosonic Fest ival Laura Marling @ The Corner Hotel Mumford & Sons @ The Palace Moodymann @ D25



Urban news with CYCLONE


AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Christ ian Vance @ Blow Your Own Way Boat Party Midnight Juggernauts @ The Forum Ladyhawke @ Big Day Out Oh Mercy/Lisa Mitchell @ AMP Secret Gig Midnight Juggernauts (DJ set) @ New Guernica MOVIES The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Inception Agora The Runaways Remember Me TV SHOWS Tess Of The D’Urbervilles Being Human True Blood Rake The IT Crowd RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Gilles Peterson/ Worldwide - BBC Radio 1 Stylin’ - RRR Hair Of The Dog KISS FM ONLINE DESTINATIONS WikiLeaks IMDb Rough Trade Twitter eBay HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Elect ro-hop (urban

trance), the Swedish House Mafia (more trance), Ke$ha (wannabe rebel), rock-hop albums (Lil Wayne), models on decks (Nervo), plus Jessica Watson and girls on yachts... DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Laneway was the best curated and most enjoyable festival experience, the music video made a comeback (from MIA’s Born Free to Eminem’s powerful Love The Way You Lie), and neo-folk influenced urban and provided a foil to Autotuned trance-hop. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “Shout-out to Alfred, Lord Tennyson.” Jay-Z’s Decoded autobiography. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP The Solargate furore following Guru’s passing. PREDICTION FOR 2011 2011 will bring a new gothic influence into pop, with the eerie Ebsen And The Witch – and more post-chillwave (like Summer Camp) and its hip hop variant illwave (Kid Cudi). There will be more girls on guitar (Anna Calvi). Also expect the return of deep Detroit techno...

2010 should have been Eminem’s year, but then Kanye West unleashed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The Chi-towner created maximalist, surrealist and hubristic hip hop about his own American dream unspiralling. There were significant rebirths this year. Usher charmed back his female audience – and showed himself to be Michael Jackson’s true successor. His R&B blockbuster Raymond V Raymond spawned a smash in’s stadium-fied OMG. However, no comeback was as victorious as that of the Godfather of Emo Rap. On the transformative Recovery, Marshall Mathers deconstructed ‘Eminem’. He also teamed with Rihanna for Love The Way You Lie, analysing the dynamics of an abusive relationship. Lil Wayne’s output underwhelmed (the rockhop Rebirth – shudder!), but Weezy’s Young Money proteges blew up. Canadian anti-MC Drake dropped his proto-illwave Thank Me Later. Nicki Minaj emerged as the most successful femcee in years, rattling the Queen Bee herself, Lil’ Kim. Hip hop’s Barbie was the go-to cameo act of the year. And the Your Love rapper upstaged underground playaresses like Kid Sister and even MIA with her pop/ dance/art hybrid Pink Friday. In fact, 2010 was a good year for urban’s female contenders, Janelle Monáe dazzling with the conceptual The ArchAndroid, Kelis modernising disco on Flesh Tone and Jessica Mauboy blossoming into a bona-fide R&B star with her (admittedly contentious) Snoop Dogg collab Get ‘Em Girls. Gnarls Barkley’s Cee Lo Green relished a viral hit in Fuck You and contributed the freak folk What Part Of Forever to the Twilight: Eclipse OST. But Green’s real triumph was to deliver his st rongest solo album yet in The Lady Killer – transgressive disco-soul. The UK’s Plan B staged the reinvention of 2010. The post-Eminem MC metamorphosed into a gritty neo-soulster, part Daniel Merriweather, part Everlast, on The Defamation Of Strickland Banks. The East End kid was among several Brit movers, from the gangsta Giggs and st reet-pop MC Professor Green to the blinged-out grimer Tinie Tempah. Hip hop also lost a pioneer in Guru, half of GangStarr. Sadly, Guru’s passing was overshadowed when his later cohort Solar circulated a circumspect “farewell letter” in which the MC dissed DJ Premier... Solar became the most hated man in hip hop.



ALBUMS Yeasayer - Odd Blood Beach House - Teen Dream The National - High Violet Ratatat - LP4 Midnight Juggernauts - The Crystal Axis LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening Surfer Blood - Ast ro Coast Midlake - The Courage Of Others Tame Impala - Innerspeaker Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy TRACKS Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill The National - Anyone’s Ghost Deerhunter - Revival Bear In Heaven - Lovesick Teenagers Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Lady Gaga Sleigh Bells Kanye West The National Gorillaz AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS PVT Tame Impala

AMBER MCCORMICK ALBUMS Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Spit Syndicate - Exile Miami Horror - Illumination M-Phazes - Good Gracious Tame Impala - Innerspeaker Bag Raiders - Bag Raiders Illy - The Chase Hot Chip - One Life Stand Class A - Me,Me, Me and Him: The Secret Life of a Receptionist Rihanna - Loud TRACKS Miami Horror - Summersun Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know Kimbra - Settle Down Flight Facilities - Crave You INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Lady Gaga Just in Bieber Kanye West Katy Perry Rihanna AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS M-Phazes 28 3DWORLD

Cloud Control

and furthermore, Andrew Daddo.

Angus & Julia Stone

QUOTE OF THE YEAR “And with that folks - I’ve gotta zip!” Kevin Rudd

Washington INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Grizzly Bear @ City Recital Hall The Strokes @ Splendour In The Grass Midlake @ The Metro Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros @ The Factory Theatre Surfer Blood @ Manning Bar AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS John Farnham @ The Big Top/Luna Park PVT @ Manning Bar Midnight Juggernauts @ The Factory Violent Soho @ Splendour In The Grass Tame Impala @ Enmore Theatre Washington Miami Horror Bliss N Eso Tame Impala INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Lauryn Hill @ Raggamuffin Salt-N-Pepa @ Good Vibrations Redman and Method Man @ Days Like Th is Busta Rhymes @ Good Vibrations Big Boi @ Need For Speed Launch/ Horden Pavilion AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Miami Horror @ Beach Road Hotel Horrorshow @ The Gaelic (Walk You Home Tour) Tame Impala @ The Gaelic Bliss N Eso @ Enmore Theatre Spit Syndicate, The Tongue, Class A @


MOVIES I’m Still Here Kick-Ass Jackass 3D Birdemic The Social Network TV SHOWS Dog Squad Weekend Sunrise Bondi Vet Ready Steady Cook Minute To Win It RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS This American Life The Moth - themoth. org

Q&A - au/tv/qanda/ ONLINE DESTINATIONS Twitter The Guardian io9 Reddit YouTube HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Hey Hey It’s Saturday returning to television. Hey Hey It’s Saturday not likely to return to television ever again. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE The Telst ra T-Box

SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP The person who signed Catherine Deveny up for Twitter. I’ll see you in hell! PREDICTION FOR 2011 John Cusack will learn how to drive a limousine in preparation for the events of the following year. Repeats of Meerkat Manor will continue to be Sunday afternoon TV filler. Karl Stefanovic will reveal himself as a guinea-pig eating lizard. Transformers 3 will open to spectacular reviews. Santa will identify the bodies he buried in the Belanglo Forest.

The Gaelic (Wildside Tour) MOVIES Inception Animal Kingdom The Social Network The Other Guys Toy Story 3 TV SHOWS Mad Men The 7:30 Report At The Movies Entourage Family Guy RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Saturday Tsunami Bondi FM Hamish and Andy Today FM Sunday Night Safran Triple J ONLINE DESTINATIONS Twitter New York Times The Aust ralian Trend Hunter Your Gigs


HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Learning to tie my shoelace. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Katy Perry. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “I am the fucking game.” Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Jonathan Holmes from Media Watch accidentally post ing his mobile number on Twitter. PREDICTION FOR 2011 An information superhighway will revolutionise communication forever…

ANDREW MAST ALBUMS jj - No 3 A Mountain Of One - Institute Of Joy Caribou - Swim Crumbs - Pieces And Portions 2 Dominant Legs - Young At Life And Love Den Haan - De Brandende Hann Various - Heavy Soul Museum Of Bellas Artas - Days Ahead Memory Tapes - Seek Magic David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Here Lies Love TRACKS 40 Th ieves Feat Qzen - Don’t Turn It Off (Greg Wilson Edit) Archie Bronson Outfit - Hoola (House Of David Remix) Jona Lewie Presents Man Like Me - You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties Nite Jewel - Tonight James Chance & The Contortions - Incorrigible

THE BEST OF 2010 Crumbs Harmon Scattermish Congo Tardis

Kick-Ass The Runaways A Single Man Alice In Wonderland

INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS The Phenomenal Handclap Band @ Corner

TV SHOWS Treme Community The Sarah Silverman Program Parks And Recreation Party Down

Gorillaz @ Rod Laver Arena Goldfrapp @ Palace Theatre Shunda K @ The Tote The Dodos @ East Brunswick Club AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS The Blow Waves @ The Tote The Black Jesus Experience @ Jazz Rooms

INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Memory Tapes MIA Brennan Green Greg Wilson Bottin

The Process @ John Curtin


MOVIES Four Lions


Christ ian Vance Boot Robbie Lowe Linken & Vertigo

ALBUMS Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - The Social Network Jesu - Heart Ache & Dethroned Radio Slave - Strictly Rhythms Volume 5 Red Sparowes - The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer Caribou - Swim Pale Sketcher - Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed Various/Zero T - Fabriclive 52 Commix - Re:Call To Mind Various/Surgeon - Fabric 53 Genotype - Ritual Dance TRACKS Christ ian Vance - Wanna Give Ya (Claire Morgan Vibez) Spect raSoul - Bygones Chymera - The Rumours Of My Demise Break, Calyx & Teebee - Don’t Look Down Joel Mull - High Coast Highway INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Rockwell Just in Broadrick (under any of his aliases) Marcel Dettmann Vince Watson Spect raSoul AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Royalston

Otologic @ Sorry Grandma Canyons @ Sorry Grandma

INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Surgeon @ Index/ The Forum Chymera @ Chinese Laundry Cause 4 Concern @ No Frills/Phoenix Massive Attack @ Sydney Opera House Vince Watson @ HAHA/ Marrickville Bowling Club AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Infusion @ Chinese Laundry Simon Caldwell @ Index/Civic Underground Linken & Vertigo @ Bass Drop/The Arthouse Ben Korbel @ Space Ibiza NYD Fest ival Claire Morgan @

RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Dangerous Minds Radio Hour Dangerous Minds Stylin’ (Ennio Styles) - 3RRR The First Time (Matt Everitt) - 6music ONLINE DESTINATIONS Death Of A Disco Dancer SoundCloud Twitter Discogs Juno HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Disco-a-go-go.


DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE That Kanye West album. His tweets about it were far more entertaining. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “Right, where was I? Oh yes, the government....” Rob Oakeshott, somewhere near the start of that speech that overshot his 15 minutes of fame by two minutes. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Fiddy Cent’s management allowing the rapper to control his own

Twitter account wasn’t a fuck-up, coz it gave us gold: “Look michelle obama Need I thug in her life fuck that come here Girl you can be my mentor”. PREDICTION FOR 2011 An ironic ‘Death To Disco’ movement will lead to an un-ironic pub rock revival which peaks with a Don’t Look Back-style festival with Australian Crawl playing The Boys Light Up LP with the lyrics on a big screen so the guys in the pool room can finally decipher the lyrics. Moshing, Infusion opening with Spike, Godflesh reforming. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Layo & Bushwacka. That performace was just plain sad.


Church Of Techno/ The Forbes Hotel MOVIES Scott Pilgrim vs The World The Men Who Stare At Goats Kick-Ass Shutter Island The Social Network TV SHOWS Dexter Fringe The Walking Dead 24 Psych RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS

Mnml Ssgs Mix Series - mnmlssgs.blogspot. com RA Podcast - www. Simon Caldwell Sunsets - FBi 94.5

QUOTE OF THE YEAR “’s going to be proper hard dubstep” - Rusko referring to his forthcoming collaborations with Britney Spears which were subsequently lost in a house fi re (thank God).

ONLINE DESTINATIONS Beatport Mnml Ssgs InTheMix Bassfreqs Resident Advisor

SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Cisco’s attempt at parodying the Old Spice “The Man Your Man Can Smell Like” viral video campaign. It sucked. Badly.

HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Massive Attack playing Angel, Reel Big Fish playing Thank You For Not

PREDICTION FOR 2011 As long as Caspa and Skrillex fuck off, I really don’t care what happens next year.



ALBUMS Various/James Grant & Jaytech - Anjunadeep:02 Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty Technasia - Central Various/John Digweed - Structures Various/Agoria - Balance 016 Various/Above & Beyond - Anjunabeats Volume 8 Pendulum - Immersion The Chemical Brothers - Further Gorillaz - Plastic Beach Space Invadas - Soul:Fi TRACKS BT - Flaming June (James Grant & Jaytech Remix) Arty - Hope Bag Raiders - Way Back Home Bass Kleph - Hey Ya Danny Byrd - Ill Behaviour INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Arty Laidback Luke Above & Beyond Armin van Buuren John Digweed AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Jaytech The Aston Shuffle

BEN KUMAR ALBUMS Magnetic Man - Magnetic Man Plan B - The Defamation of Strickland Banks Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Underworld - Barking Bonobo - Black Sands Clubroot - MMX Kylie - Aphrodite Chromeo - Business Casual Hybrid - Disappear Here Faithless - The Dance... Never Ends TRACKS Lauer - Delta NRG Abakus - Wasted Feeling (Kobana & Mario Hatchet Remix) Plan B - Love Goes Down Underworld - Between Stars Caribou - Sun INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Tensnake The xx Kanye West Orbital Magnetic Man AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Flight Facilities 30 3DWORLD

Bag Raiders Karton Space Invadas INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS John Digweed @ Future Music Fest ival Joris Voorn @ Warehouse Music Fest ival King Unique @ Música/The Forum Krafty Kuts @ Chinese Laundry Headhunterz @ Defqon.1 AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Jaytech @ Trinity Bar Shapeshifter @ Metro Theatre Marcotix @ Subsonic Music Fest ival Horrorshow @ The Gaelic Trent McDermott @ Airport/The Gaelic RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Euphonic Sessions with Kyau & Albert -

www.kyauandalbert. com Jaytech Music Podcast - www.jaytechmusic. com Hospital Records Podcast - www. ONLINE DESTINATIONS InTheMix Sydney Morning Herald Aintitcoolnews Idolator Beatport HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Música at The Forum – amazing artists, product ion and attention to detail, so much care in that event and everything an intimate party should be. The Defqon.1 Fest ival – everything a large-scale event should be. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Dubstep.


QUOTE OF THE YEAR “The internet has given a voice to a lot of people who don’t deserve to be heard.” The Juan MacLean, InTheMix SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP MIA tweeting the name and number of a New York Times

journalist who pissed her off made her look like an utter tool. PREDICTION FOR 2011 Fingers crossed we’ll see the big NEW product ion trend – the new minimal techno, the new French elect ro, the new dubstep etc...

Miami Horror Bag Raiders Sia Kylie Minogue INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Apparat @ Música/ The Forum Orbital @ Family Imogen Heap @ The Hi-Fi Sasha @ Big Day Out Calvin Harris @ Big Day Out AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Sia @ The Hi-Fi Itch-E & Scratch-E @ Big Day Out Powderfinger @ Big Day Out The Temper Trap @ Big Day Out Flight Facilities @ The Met MOVIES Inception Toy Story 3 Scott Pilgrim vs The World


TRON: Legacy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 TV SHOWS Mad Men The Inbetweeners 30 Rock Skins The Wire RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Beats In Space - www. DJ History Podcast Jaytech Music Podcast - www.jaytechmusic. com

ONLINE DESTINATIONS SoundCloud Wikileaks Springwise Something Changed Beatport HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR The amount of quality acts and DJs to visit Aust ralia in 2010 and the standard of their performances. It was a “best eva” year. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Steve Aoki, Bloody

Beetroots, Tiësto. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “I’m not a witch.” US Politician Christ ine O’Donnell. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Facebook’s continued fuck-around with privacy settings. PREDICTION FOR 2011 Further erosion of personal liberties by governments in the name of terrorprevention, and house prices to plummet.

BRAD SWOB ALBUMS Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma Grinderman - Grinderman 2 Lorn - Nothing Else Brian Eno - Small Craft On A Milk Sea Burzum - Belus Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Dark Night Of The Soul Bonobo - Black Sands Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers Teebs - Ardour The Roots - How I Got Over TRACKS Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse feat David Lynch - Dark Night Of The Soul Grinderman - Worm Tamer oOoOO - Mumbai Flying Lotus - Zodiac Shit Lorn - Tomorrow INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Flying Lotus Salem Lorn James Blake Caribou AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Puzahki

THE BEST OF 2010 Meeting Bret Easton Ellis, lapping up the beats/sets from the Brainfeeder collect ive, the glorious return of Futurama.

Elroy 4.0 Tigermoth Erther Walrii INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Al Green @ Brisbane Convention Centre TOKiMONSTA @ Family Kryptic Minds @ Alloneword Monarch @ The Hi-Fi Lamb @ The Tivoli AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS El Gusto @ Dank Morass/Step Inn Erther @ Bass Playa/ Step Inn Sektile @ Junkyard Sessions/Step Inn Puzahki @ Dank Morass/X & Y Bar Lone Pariah @ White Rhino/Step Inn MOVIES Machete The Ghost Writer

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Pop-step and the saturation of easily digest ible rubbish for tweenies (Glee, Twilight, etc).


Crazy Heart Piranha Inception TV SHOWS Mad Men Futurama Boardwalk Empire Archer

Elect ronic Explorations - www.elect Elect ric Storm - 4zzz 102.1 FM ONLINE DESTINATIONS Boomkat Until It Kills Me Brizbass Discogs IMDb

QUOTE OF THE YEAR “Delta Goodrem... I have a very complicated relationship with this woman.” - Bret Easton Ellis at Byron Bay Writers Fest ival SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Kanye West’s Twitter account. Enough said.


PREDICTION FOR 2011 We will finally learn the truth about the existence of extraterrest rials.

Underground Solutions - RTR Trapdoor - 2SER Simon Caldwell Sunsets – FBi

MySpace Pitchfork Self Titled

many but my head is in the clouds most of the time.



Fucking Bag Raiders. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP I am sure there were

PREDICTION FOR 2011 Next wave of beat blurring genre madness


CARINE THEVENAU ALBUMS Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma Caribou - Swim Future Islands - In Evening Air Bonobo - Black Sands Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers Teebs - Ardours Gonjasufi - A Sufi and A Killer Full Crate + FS Green - Hi-Hat Club Volume 5 Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue Letherette - EP TRACKS Caribou - Odessa Caribou - Sun Caribou - Jamelia Flying Lotus - Pickled Mount Kimbie - Blind Night Errand INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Flying Lotus Tame Impala Teebs Gonjasufi Caribou INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Missy Elliott @ Parklife Darwin Deez @ Parklife


Martyn @ The Forum Sharon Jones @ Enmore Theatre MOVIES Inception Gainsbourg RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS



ALBUMS Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dust y Diplo - Free Gucci (Best of The Cold War Mixtapes) Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Yelawolf - Trunk Muzik Crystal Cast les - Crystal Castles II Girl Talk - All Day The Hood Internet - Trillwave Die Antwoord - $O$ Eminem - Recovery Salem - King Night TRACKS Eminem feat Lil Wayne - No Love Lil Wayne feat Eminem - Drop The World Dirt Nast y - Big In Japan Girl Talk - Get It Get It BrokeNcyde - Sexy Bitch INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Kanye West Dirt Nast y Nicki Minaj Yelawolf Rifoki AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS The Only

CLARE DICKINS ALBUMS Various/Agoria - Balance 016 Technasia - Central Robert Babicz - Immortal Changes Groove Armada - Black Light The Chemical Brothers - Further Tame Impala - Innerspeaker Booka Shade - More! Four Tet - There Is Love In You Caribou - Swim Faithless - The Dance TRACKS The Chemical Brothers - Swoon Jaytech - Ozone Jamie Woon - Night Air Trentemøller - Sycamore Feeling (Gui Boratto Remix) Groove Armada - I Won’t Kneel INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Deadmau5 Groove Armada Caribou Four Tet Agoria AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Tame Impala Jaytech 32 3DWORLD NFL Rants & Raves ABC World News With Diane Sawyer - www.abcnews. ONLINE DESTINATIONS Kanye West Tumblr TMZ


DJ NIKK-C The Mercy Beat The Melodics Mammoth Logic INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Mickey Avalon & Beardo @ Coolangatta Hotel Buck 65 @ The Spiegeltent Fukkk Off f @ The Met Health @ Step Inn Zombie Nation @ Illy tyDi Midnight Juggernauts INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS The Chemical Brothers @ Exit Fest ival (Serbia) Andy Farley @ Storm Halloween Party (Coalville, UK) Laurent Garnier @ Village Underground (London, UK) Faithless @ 02 Arena (London, UK) Armin van Buuren @ Armin Only Mirage (Utrecht, Holland) AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Anthony Pappa @ Trust Us/Brown Alley Gavin Martin @ Rainbow Serpent Midnight Juggernauts @ Exit Fest ival (Serbia) Dave Pham vs Mike Callander @ Rainbow Serpent

Winter Sound System AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Tranceducer @ Winter Sound System Potato Masta @ The Zoo Oh Snap!! @ Creamfields Toxic Lipst ick @ Step Inn The Swamplords @ The Hangar MOVIES Enter The Void Let Me In

Inception Kick-Ass Winnebago Man TV SHOWS It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! TMZ The Hills Community RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS My Brother, My Brother and Me -

HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Dwight Howard. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Yeezy Taught Me. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “Where the fuck is Kanye when you need him?” Eminem, No Love. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP John Mayer quits Twitter. PREDICTION FOR 2011 Lovers Gonna Love.

Dirty South @ Exit Fest ival (Serbia) MOVIES Animal Kingdom The Kids Are All Right The Social Network The White Ribbon The Hurt Locker TV SHOWS Skins Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List Weeds Breaking Bad Mad Men RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS The Sunday Inquisition - 774 ABC John Digweed Transitions - Kiss FM Above & Beyond Trance Around The World ONLINE DESTINATIONS Resident Advisor Adem With An E The Longest Way Home Lonely Planet Travel For London


HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Losing my shit at Exit Festival when The Chemical Brothers dropped Swoon. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Yolanda Be Cool, Tinie Tempah, Cheryl Cole... QUOTE OF THE YEAR A guy staying at our hostel in Estonia says he’s from Townsville and without skipping a beat a random local

pipes in with “are you a bogan?”. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Paris Hilton claiming the coke-filled purse she was arrested for wasn’t hers, clearly forgetting she’d earlier tweeted a photo of it. PREDICTION FOR 2011 Cheryl Cole appears on American X-Factor only to be subtitled because local audiences can’t understand her.

DANIEL CRICHTONROUSE ALBUMS The National - High Violet Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Dark Night Of The Soul Salem - King Night Sleigh Bells - Sleigh Bells PVT - Church With No Magic Suuns - Zeroes QC Benjy Ferree - Take Me To The Five And Dime Bobby Dee Bobby Dee Super Wild Horses - Fifteen Carl Barât - Carl Barât Brian Eno with Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams - Small Craft On A Milk Sea TRACKS Florence & The Machine - Heavy In Your Arms The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio Kanye West feat Pusha T - Runaway PVT - Window Salem - King Night INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Kanye West Katy Perry Salem Arcade Fire Daft Punk

DANIEL SANDERS ALBUMS Cobblestone Jazz - The Modern Deep Left Quartet Superpitcher - Kilimanjaro Wolf + Lamb - Love Someone Magda - From The Fallen Page Luke Abbott - Holkham Drones Various/Agoria - Balance 016 Various/James Holden - DJ-Kicks Shackleton - Fabric 55 Various/Michael Mayer - Immer 3 Chris Carrier - Gosse De Paris TRACKS Kanye West - Runaway Redshape - The Lesson Glimpse - Train In Aust ria Wolf + Lamb - Love Someone Tiga - Overtime (Motor City Drum Ensemble Tape Dub) INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Shed Ben Klock dOP Cobblestone Jazz Kenton Slash Demon AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Alex James

THE BEST OF 2010 AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS The Temper Trap Washington Yolanda Be Cool & DCup Tame Impala Nick Cave/ Grinderman INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Muse @ Acer Arena Antony & The Johnsons @ Sydney Opera House Taking Back Sunday @ Metro Theatre Surfer Blood @ Manning Bar Black Lips @ Manning Bar AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Aust ralian Chamber Orchest ra performing Jonny Greenwood’s Popcorn Superhet Receiver @ City Recital Hall Cloud Control @ Hordern Pavilion Washington @ Little Fritter Deepchild YokoO Loin Brothers INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Shed @ 5 Jahre Ostgut Ton/ Panorama Bar (Berlin) Kenton Slash Demon @ Clique It/Horst Krzbrg (Berlin) Funk D Void @ Subtrakt/Barsoma Booka Shade @ Future Music Fest ival Seth Troxler @ Winter Sound System AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Alex James & Little Fritter @ Me + You Island Rikki Newton @ Subtrakt/Barsoma Adam Swain @ Me + You Island Scott Walker & Magoo @ Drop/


Oxford Art Factory The Jezabels @ Big Top, Luna Park Creepers @ Gladstone Hotel MOVIES The Social Network Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Scott Pilgrim vs The World Exit Through The Gift Shop Fish Tank TV SHOWS Party Down The Trip Lowdown The IT Crowd

Newswipe with Charlie Brooker RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS This American Life - National Public Radio Tech Weekly - The Guardian By Design - Radio National ONLINE DESTINATIONS Twitter Touch Arcade Design*Sponge Shoebox Blog: Chuck & Beans Tumblr HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR

The Pop Life exhibition at the Tate Modern, and The Libertines reforming for Reading/Leeds. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Short Stack. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion dollars.” SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP That rugby league player with the dog. PREDICTION FOR 2011 Daft Punk will play Vivid LIVE in Sydney.

Empire Hotel MDX @ Big Day Out MOVIES Inception Shutter Island Kick-Ass The Social Network Toy Story 3 TV SHOWS Modern Family Hung Offspring The Gruen Transfer Raising Hope RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS RA Podcast Lazpod - Autonomic - ONLINE DESTINATIONS Resident Advisor Beatport DJ Tech Tools Skratchworx Beatportal


HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR New Cobblestone Jazz album, then a solo effort from band member Danuel Tate. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Model 500. They’ve released groundbreaking music in the past but I’m not so sure the group remains as relevant today. Time will tell. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “Gold Bond foot powder on your balls after you shower; it’s like angels kissing your nuts. It’s amazing.” Seth Troxler (who else?) SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Kanye West. Love him or hate him, he does make a habit of fucking up on every media channel available. PREDICTION FOR 2011 More dancing, less bullshit.



coming home; the return of the 90s in house music; while New York hip hop continued sleeping (Das Racist , 1982, Homeboy Sandman aside) the south fi nally threw up some good music (Big Boi, Big KRIT, Yelawolf) and the west coast st irred in a big way (Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, Odd Future).

ALBUMS Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy The Roots - How I Got Over Space Invadas - Soul:Fi Drake - Thank Me Later Janelle Monáe - The ArchAndroid Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty Aloe Blacc - Good Things Clipse - Til The Casket Drops Dom Kennedy - From The Westside With Love Yelawolf - Trunk Muzik TRACKS Tensnake - Coma Cat Doom - Papermill Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar 1982 - Goin’ Back Sade - Soldier Of Love INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Kanye West The Roots Drake Big Boi Yelawolf AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Space Invadas M-Phazes

DAVE DRI ALBUMS The Chemical Brothers - Further Tame Impala - Innerspeaker Bonobo - Black Sands Foals - Total Life Forever Midnight Juggernauts - The Crystal Axis Technasia - Central Pretty Lights - Glowing In The Darkest Light Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner Four Tet - There Is Love In You Broken Bells - Broken Bells TRACKS Underworld - Scribble The Chemical Brothers - Another World Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey Way Out West - The Gift (Gui Boratto’s Fallopian remix) Pretty Lights - Looking For Love (But Not So Sure) INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS The Chemical Brothers Danger Mouse Orbital Pretty Lights Rick Ast ley AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Kana Collect ive Midnight Juggernauts 34 3DWORLD



Nathan G


INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS A Tribe Called Quest @ Fest ival Hall Busta Rhymes @ Good Vibrations Kid Cudi @ Good Vibrations Naughty By Nature @ Good Vibrations Clipse @ Prince Of Wales

Mad Men

TV SHOWS The Wire ShockOne Sampology Loops Of Fury INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Dennis Ferrer @ ZoukOut (Singapore) Danny Tenaglia @ Shore Th ing Netsky @ Paradise In Bali The Wombats @ Parklife DJ Krush @ Up Late/GoMA AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS ShockOne @ Paradise In Bali Regurgitator Akira Live Score @ Sydney Opera House Midnight Juggernauts @ Parklife Rich Curtis @ Family Kana Collect ive @ Kana MOVIES Kick-Ass

Breaking Bad AFL Footy ONLINE DESTINATIONS ihiphop Discogs Essendon Football Club Traxsource Hip Hop Site HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Kanye West owning the entire second half of the year; James Hird and Bomber Thompson

QUOTE OF THE YEAR “The Siamese triplet... connected via the gast ric system.” (Dr Heiter, The Human Centipede) PREDICTION FOR 2011 Another federal elect ion, massive Collingwood premiership hangover, Dr Dre’s Detox.

Inception TRON: Legacy The Social Network Shutter Island TV SHOWS The Daily Show with Jon Stewart The Colbert Report White Collar Entourage Treme RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS This Week In Tech The TWiT Netcast Network RA Podcast Resident Advisor Essential Mix - BBC Radio 1 ONLINE DESTINATIONS Create Digital Music Resident Advisor Lifehacker SoundCloud TED - Technology Entertainment Design HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR


Aust ralia survived the 2010 ARIA Awards, unifying the masses in a powerful display of solidarity, determined that this scale of tragedy must never befall humankind again. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Home taping is killing music. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “Puff wants the whole thing to sound like... Ketamine.” Seth Troxler on working in the st udio with Guy Gerber and P Diddy.

SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP 3D World for forgetting the password to the Twitter account while we were smashing it at ZoukOut in Singapore. PREDICTION FOR 2011 I may have called this one a little early in last year’s poll, but I’m confident that the impending uprising of our future robotic overlords is bound to happen in 2011. Th is time for sure.

FERN GREIG-MOORE ALBUMS Groove Armada - Black Light LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening Maximum Balloon - Maximum Balloon Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Record Collection Little Dragon - Machine Dreams M-Phazes - Good Gracious Magnetic Man - Magnetic Man Cee Lo Green - The Lady Killer Plan B - The Defamation of Strickland Banks Gossip - Music For Men TRACKS Groove Armada - History Gorillaz feat Mos Def & Bobby Womack Stylo Naz & Damian Marley - As We Enter Simian Mobile Disco feat Beth Ditto - Cruel Intentions Illy feat Wren - Diamonds INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Groove Armada Gorillaz Little Dragon LCD Soundsystem Cassius AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS M-Phazes

GUIDO FARNELL ALBUMS Digital Myst ikz - Return 2 Space/Urban Ethics Lindst røm & Christ abelle - Real Life Is No Cool Skream - Outside The Box Chrome Hoof - Crush Depth Guido - Anidea Charanjit Singh - Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat Scuba - Triangulation Crystal Cast les - Crystal Castles II Chilly Gonzales - Ivory Tower Erykah Badu - New Amerykah Part Two (Return Of The Ankh) TRACKS Jonquil - Various Production MIA - XXXO DJ Elmoe - Whea Yo Ghost At, Whea Yo Dead Man Shackleton - Man On A String Joker - Tron INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Shackleton Digital Myst ikz Crystal Cast les Lindst røm Chrome Hoof

THE BEST OF 2010 Sia Angus & Julia Stone Horrorshow Miami Horror

of ‘08. The influx of zombie movies, zombie tv series, even hip hop MCs act ing as zombies.

INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Kid Koala Presents The Slew @ Corner Hotel Kora @ The Hi-Fi Speech Debelle @ The Espy Cypress Hill & Spit Syndicate @ Palace Theatre Agoria, Marc Romboy, Chez Damier & Superflu @ The Likes Of You/ Brown Alley

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Lady Gaga’s VMAs meat dress. There was so much more that could have been milked from that publicity st unt.

MOVIES The Social Network Animal Kingdom Daybreakers The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Inception TV SHOWS Mad Men Tangle The Walking Dead AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Lotek & Rebel HiFi Tame Impala The Swiss Canyons Miami Horror INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Gorillaz, Little Dragon, De La Soul @ Rod Laver Arena LCD Soundsystem @ Fest ival Hall D25 – Moodyman, Theo Parrish & Carl Craig @ Brown Alley Tomorrow In A Year, Hotel Pro Forma @ Melbourne Arts Centre Ricardo Villalobos @ Stereosonic AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Tame Impala @ The Forum Lotek and Rebel HiFi @ Curve Bar The Swiss @ Mercat Cross


Weeds Breaking Bad RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Home & Hosed - JJJ 100% Phat - KISS FM 2010 with Richard Kingsmill - JJJ ONLINE DESTINATIONS 22 Tracks The Music Network Facebook I Want That Flight Wikipedia

HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Kid Koala Presents The Slew performance, it will go down in history as my all time favourite gig. Discovering music gems like Maximum Balloon and Sydders outfit Ghoul. Indie bashing – the most fun to make fun of a subculture since the faux-hawkoompaloompaelect ro-fluro culture

QUOTE OF THE YEAR “Mahogany blew me away then, and then they walked into the audition room and blew me again..” Guy Sebast ian, The X-Factor. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Carrie Bickmore’s segment on Aussie Culture in alignment with Oprah’s visit to Aust ralia. PREDICTION FOR 2011 More musical fusions – hip hop with metal, indie with blues, rock with drum‘n’bass.

Empire Of The Sun @ Future Music Fest ival Canyons @ Stereosonic MOVIES Gainsbourg The Runaways Four Lions Blue Valentine Of Gods & Men TV SHOWS Embarrassing Bodies How Not To Decorate 60 Minute Makeover Escape To The Country Rage RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service - BBC Radio 6 Skream & Benga Rinse FM Anything going on www.technopodcast. com ONLINE DESTINATIONS Wikileaks


SoundCloud Twitter XE Currency Exchange Google

THE HYPE Just in Bieber. “Baby...

HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Impending holidays, otherwise it was bleak.




PREDICTION FOR 2011 Like baby...


Making Tracks Entourage

ALBUMS Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers Swans - My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky Gil Scott-Heron - I’m New Here Caribou - Swim Four Tet - There Is Love In You Guido - Anidea Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics - Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy TRACKS Dâm-Funk - Hood Pass Intact James Blake - CMYK Big Boi - Shutterbug Guido - Mad Sax Mosca - Square One INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS James Blake Flying Lotus Kanye West Kode9 Drake AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Tame Impala

HUWSTON ALBUMS Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma Erykah Badu - New Amerykah Part Two (Return Of The Ankh) Darkstar - North Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dust y Toro Y Moi - Causers Of This Aloe Blacc - Good Things Various - Ninja Tune XX Gorillaz - Plastic Beach Janelle Monáe - The ArchAndroid Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy TRACKS Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar Jay Elect ronica - The Announcement Maddslinky feat Omar - Special James Blake - CMYK Flying Lotus - Do The Ast ral Plane INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Jay-Z James Blake Janelle Monáe Flying Lotus Jay Elect ronica AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Canyons 36 3DWORLD

RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Radio 1’s Experimental Show BBC Radio 1 Autonomic - Stinky Grooves ONLINE DESTINATIONS FACT Blackdown Generation Bass 20jazzfunkgreats Scattermusic


Grinderman Canyons Djanimals INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS A Tribe Called Quest @ Fest ival Hall Mulatu Astatke @ The Order Of Melbourne Andee Frost Tame Impala The Public Opinion Afro Orchest ra Thundamentals INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Mayer Hawthorne @ The Basement Dâm-Funk @ The Basement Elect ric Wire Hust le @ Tone Martyn @ RBMA/ The Forum Hypnotic Brass Ensemble @ WOMAD AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Space Invadas @ Days Like Th is Grrilla Step @ WOMAD Thundamentals @ Changing Lanes Thundamentals @ Newtown Fest ival The Public Opinion Afro Orchest ra @ WOMAD

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings @ Palace Theatre Martyn, Tokimonsta, Illumsphere, Samiyam @ Roxanne Parlour DJ Premier @ The Espy MOVIES Animal Kingdom

The Killer Inside Me The Social Network Exit Through The Gift Shop Winter’s Bone TV SHOWS Breaking Bad Modern Family Mad Men

HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR A Tribe Called Quest at Fest ival Hall; James Blake; Kanye on Twitter. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Witch House. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP The White House; The US Embassy Cables; via Wikileaks.

MOVIES Scott Pilgrim vs The World The Town Inception Toy Story 3 Harry Brown TV SHOWS Conan The Cobert Report The Inbetweeners Dexter Mad Men RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Gilles Peterson Worldwide - BBC Radio 1 Benji B - BBC Radio 1 Soul Glow - 2SER ONLINE DESTINATIONS Filest ube Juno Download Resident Advisor Spine TV InTheMix HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR


Wikileaks Megaleak, getting engaged, all the Kiwis getting overseas record releases. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Lakers vs Boston NBA Finals. QUOTE OF THE YEAR I AM THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN DANCE MUSIC TODAY -

Smokin Joe Mekhael, InTheMix SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Myspace 2.0. PREDICTION FOR 2011 As predicted by this mag some years ago, it’s st ill Jay Elect ronica. Now that he’s teamed up with Jay-Z, it’s finally game time.



An Idiot Abroad RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS War Is Peace - 4ZzZ The Jazz Show - 4ZzZ World Beat - 4ZzZ

ALBUMS Autechre - Move Of Ten The Black Dog - Music For Real Airports Lisa Gerrard - The Black Opal Gil Scott-Heron - I’m New Here Massive Attack - Heligoland Daft Punk - TRON:Legacy Soundtrack Underworld - Barking Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma The Roots - How I Got Over Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy TRACKS Massive Attack - Atlas Air Underworld - Always Loved A Film The Roots feat Blu, PORN and Dice Raw Radio Daze Kanye West - Monster Michael Jackson - Hollywood Tonight INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Peter Christopherson Autechre Gil Scott-Heron Massive Attack Kanye West AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Lisa Gerrard Decoder Ring

JANE STABLER ALBUMS Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy The Roots - How I Got Over The Black Keys - Brothers The White Stripes - Under Great White Northern Lights Robyn - Body Talk LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening Clare Bowditch - Modern Day Addiction Kylie - Aphrodite Caribou - Swim Sia - We Are Born TRACKS Jay-Z - Empire State Of Mind Lady Gaga - Bad Romance Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) Katy Perry - Teenage Dream Sia - Clap Your Hands INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Lady Gaga Rihanna Just in Bieber Ke$ha Katy Perry AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Angus & Julia Stone Washington

ONLINE DESTINATIONS Sacred-Profane Boing Boing Okayplayer Newsarama Bleep HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Autechre Aust ralian Tour.


Tigermoth AOI Morgan Macmanus & Omegachild

Centre Underworld @ Winter Sound System

INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Autechre @ The Forum Massive Attack @ Brisbane Riverstage Orbital @ Family The Prodigy @ Gold Coast Convention

AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Decoder Ring @ Big Day Out Tigermoth @ Step Inn AOI @ Alloneword Science Project @ Step Inn Subsea @ Ric’s

Sia Birds of Tokyo Guy Sebast ian

The American Red Love And Other Drugs

INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Calvin Harris @ Stereosonic Salt-N-Pepa @ Good Vibrations Naughty By Nature @ Good Vibrations Busta Rhymes @ Good Vibrations Tiësto @ Stereosonic

TV SHOWS The Bold & The Beautiful Modern Family Offspring Glee America’s Next Top Model

AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS The Aston Shuffle @ Stereosonic Angus & Julia Stone @ The Basement Sneaky Sound System @ Big Top Bass Kleph @ Good Vibrations Bag Raiders @ Future Music Fest ival MOVIES Wall Street 2:Money Never Sleeps Inception

MOVIES Enter The Void The Sentimental Engine Slayer Inception The Burning Plain Cemetery Junction TV SHOWS Curb Your Enthusiasm The Office (US) Peep Show South Park

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Lady Gaga. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “I Want to Go Home.” Karl Pilkington. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Wikileaks. PREDICTION FOR 2011 DJ Krush finally releases a new album!

RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Hamish & Andy 2DayFM The 80s - Sky FM Club Zoned Clubbers Radio ONLINE DESTINATIONS Google Facebook Yahoo SMH InTheMix HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR Oprah’s visit! DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE iPad.


QUOTE OF THE YEAR “I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems.” Elton John. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP

Stephanie Rice’s gay slur on Twitter. PREDICTION FOR 2011 The girls in music videos will somehow manage to wear even less, and then so will the girls at fest ivals and clubs. Sigh.



ALBUMS Eminem - Recovery Angus & Julia Stone - Down The Way BoB - The Adventures of Bobby Ray M-Phazes - Good Gracious Janelle Monáe - The ArchAndroid Nas & Damian Marley - Distant Relatives M.I.A - /\/\/\Y/\ Sandwich - Contra Tiempo Bliss N Eso - Running On Air Gorillaz - Plastic Beach TRACKS Travie McCoy feat Bruno Mars - Billionaire Angus & Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane BoB - Nothin’ On You Janelle Monáe - Tightrope Illy - Happiness INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS BoB Janelle Monáe Sandwich Six60 Nicki Minaj AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS The Temper Trap Angus & Julia Stone Drapht

Bliss N Eso Illy INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Lauryn Hill @ Raggamuffin 2010 3 Houses Down @ The Hi-Fi Akon @ Summerbeatz Gym Class Heroes @ Good Vibrations Six60 @ Tempo Hotel AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Drapht @ Tempo Hotel Blue King Brown @ Raggamuffin Bliss N Eso @ The Tivoli The Vampers @ The Music Kafe Powderfinger @ Brisbane Riverstage MOVIES The Runaways Kick-Ass Alice In Wonderland The Social Network Precious

TV SHOWS Outrageous Fortune Keeping Up With The Kardashians Skins Modern Family The Big Bang Theory RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Hamish & Andy B105 The Hip Hop Show Triple J Phat Tape - 4ZzZ ONLINE DESTINATIONS Facebook Blinkx Remote DJ Booth Time Off Domain HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Lauryn Hill @ Raggamuffin. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Kanye West. I just don’t get it. He was so much cooler when he was st ill rapping with Twista.


QUOTE OF THE YEAR “One shot for my pain, one drag for my sorrow, I’ll get messed up today, I’ll be okay tomorrow.” Bruno Mars – Liquor Store Blues. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Carrie Bickmore selling McCafe as the cool Aussie hang out for Oprah’s Down Under Tour. PREDICTION FOR 2011 2010 but more marketably undefinable.

JASE SPILLER ALBUMS Salem - King Night Four Tet - There Is Love In You Das Racist - Sit Down, Man Emeralds - Does It Look Like I’m Here? Technasia - Central Panthu Du Prince - Black Noise Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner Various/Apparat - DJ-Kicks Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers Caribou - Swim TRACKS Underworld - Scribble King Unique - 2000000 Suns Salem - King Night Bottin - Fly Like A Beagle Baths - Lovely Bloodflow INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Die Antwoord Salem Das Racist Panthu Du Prince Bottin AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Seekae PVT 38 3DWORLD

SoundCloud NBA League Pass Resident Advisor Facebook HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Seeing Mike Patton’s wang. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE LA Lakers winning another championship. KYÜ

Flatwound Space Invadas Kyü INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Orbital @ The Forum Apparat @ Música/ The Forum Silversun Pickups @ Hordern Pavilion Imogen Heap @ Metro Theatre Faith No More @ Hordern Pavilion AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS

PVT @ Manning Bar Robbie Lowe @ Música/The Forum The Snowdroppers @ Come Together Fest ival Monk Fly @ Tone Gareth Liddiard @ Notes MOVIES Animal Kingdom The Road A Serbian Film Toy Story 3 The Social Network

TV SHOWS Treme Boardwalk Empire Breaking Bad Eastbound & Down Sons Of Anarchy RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS New Weird Aust ralia FBI Radio Beats In Space - www. The Sound Lab - Triple J ONLINE DESTINATIONS Elbows

QUOTE OF THE YEAR “Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Beyonce has one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!” Kanye West SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Courtney Love. Noodz. Twitter. Say no more. PREDICTION FOR 2011 LA Lakers winning another championship.

THE BEST OF 2010 JEAN POOLE ALBUMS Caribou - Swim Darkstar - North Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma Gonjasufi - A Sufi and A Killer Janelle Monáe - The Archandroid James Blake - Klavierwerke Faux Pas - Noiseworks Casino vs Japan - Night on Tape Four Tet - There Is Love In You El Guincho - Pop Negro TRACKS Caribou - Odessa Caribou - Sun Darkstar - Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer Janelle Monáe - Tightrope Four Tet - Sing INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Janelle Monáe Caribou Diplo Poirier DJ Rupture AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Faux Pas Suckafish P Jones Kenny Sabir

Lewis Cancut AOI INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS The Gaslamp Killer @ Golden Plains Mouse on Mars @ Corner Hotel Pavement @ Golden Plains Hypnotic Brass Ensemble @ Meredith Music Fest ival El Guincho @ Meredith Music Fest ival AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS The Dirty Th ree @ Meredith Music Fest ival Scattermusic Sound System @ Golden Plains QUA (Mouse on Mars support) @ Corner Hotel Toecutter @ Racket/ Miss Libertine Cumbia Cosmonauts @ Horse Bazaar

MOVIES Four Lions Marwencol Inception Enter The Void Food Inc TV SHOWS Breaking Bad Anytime Germany played during the World Cup Every BBC nature doco with sublime camera work The Chilean Miners reaching the surface Newswipe with Charlie Brooker RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Radiolab - radiolab. org XLR8R - Mudd Up! - www. ONLINE DESTINATIONS Wikileaks Wikileaks Mirrors 3 Quarks Daily MetaFilter


Kickstarter HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Hard to go past Wikileaks. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE NASA declaring they’d discovered a new recipe for life, which turned out to be not such good science. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “Both the American

JEREMY WOOD ALBUMS Foals - Total Life Forever LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening Los Campesinos! - Romance Is Boring Klaxons - Surfing The Void Maximum Balloon - Maximum Balloon Yeasayer - Odd Blood Vampire Weekend - Contra Tame Impala - Innerspeaker The National - High Violet The Mayfair Set - The Mayfair Set TRACKS Foals - Spanish Sahara The Jezabels - Mace Spray The Fall - Bury Pts 2 +4 Menomena - Pilgrim’s Progress Hot Chip - I Feel Better INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS The Beatles James Murphy Them Crooked Vultures Diplo Phoenix AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Powderfinger Bliss N Eso

people and nations that censor the internet should understand that our government is committed to helping promote internet freedom.” Hilary Clinton. PREDICTION FOR 2011 A new golden era begins, and lasts until the clock finally ticks over to the end of the world. YouTube HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Aust ralia’s top model fuck-up, Paul The Octopus & Iceland’s volcanoes. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE End of Year Best of Lists.


The Temper Trap Washington Just in Hemmes INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip @ Hordern Pavilion Calvin Harris @ Metro Theatre Major Lazer @ Field Day Foals @ Manning Bar Busta Rhymes @ Good Vibrations AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS

Cloud Control @ The Annandale Bag Raiders @ Civic Hotel The Jezabels @ The Gaelic Miami Horror @ Field Day The Presets @ Field Day MOVIES Toy Story 3 The Hurt Locker Four Lions Inception Animal Kingdom TV SHOWS Breaking Bad

The 7:30 Report Mad Men Treme The World Game RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS An Idiot Abroad Sky 1 Frontline - PBS Hamish & Andy 2day FM ONLINE DESTINATIONS BBC Sport Facebook Book Depository Sydney Morning Herald

QUOTE OF THE YEAR “It’s been a while.” Leon Panetta, CIA Director, answering a quest ion about when US last “had good intelligence” on the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP “So the winner and Aust ralia’s next top model for 2010 is....” Sarah Murdoch. Pure television. PREDICTION FOR 2011 One more year to the end of the world, so have a good one!


JOHNNIE RUNNER ALBUMS Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers Various/Tensnake - In The House Various/Aeroplane - We Can’t Fly Massive Attack - Heligoland Superpitcher - Kilimanjaro Various/Michael Mayer - Immer 3 Various/Damian Lazarus - Fabric 54 Robert Babicz - Immortal Changes Various/Martyn - Fabric 50 Underworld - Barking

TRACKS Chromeo - Don’t Turn The Lights On (Aeroplane Remix) Underworld - Scribble Butch - No Worries Josh Wink - Jus Right (Jimpster Remix) Johnny Dynell - Jamhot (Tensnake Remix) INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Maetrik Tensnake Butch DJ Sneak Kaiserdisko AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Deepchild Bass Kleph

Alex James YokoO Bitrok INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Orbital @ Family Claude VonStroke @ Monastery Ben Watt @ Auditree/Barsoma Michael Mayer @ Kompakt 4/Barsoma Pezzner @ DROP/ Family AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Brisbane locals @ Subtrakt Incognito Boat Party Virginia Le @ Sundae/Watt Jamie Stevens @ Barsoma Mag00 & Scott Walker @ Auditree/ Barsoma The Bird @ Manifest MOVIES TRON: Legacy Reign Of Assassins The Human Centipede

Nightmare On Elm Street Machete TV SHOWS Dexter Poh’s Kitchen MasterChef Rage Antiques Roadshow RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS RA Podcast - www. John Digweed Transitions - Kiss FM Beats In Space - www. ONLINE DESTINATIONS InTheMix Facebook Discogs Beatport Google HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR The quality of music released in 2010! DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Tiësto and Get Him To The Greek.

KRIS SWALES ALBUMS Technasia - Central Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Dark Night Of The Soul Shapeshifter - The System Is A Vampire The Flaming Lips with Stardeath & White Dwarfs - Dark Side Of The Moon The Chemical Brothers - Further Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers Four Tet - There Is Love In You UNKLE - Where Did The Night Fall Various/John Digweed - Structures Various/dBridge & Instra:mental - Fabriclive 50 TRACKS Underworld - Scribble The Chemical Brothers - Swoon Shapeshifter - Twin Galaxies Eelke Kleijn - The Lone Ranger Tensnake - Coma Cat INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Katy Perry Tensnake LCD Soundsystem The Chemical Brothers Noisia AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Space Invadas 40 3DWORLD


Opiuo Bitrok Sampology Flatwound INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Orbital @ Family Metallica @ Acer Arena James Zabiela @ Chinese Laundry Nic Fanciulli @ Summafieldayze London Elektricity @ Bass Drop/The Arthouse AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Regurgitator Akira Live Score @ Sydney

Opera House Cosmo Cater (Orbital warm-up) @ Family Robbie Lowe (Retrospect ive Set) @ Shrug/Civic Underground Jaytech @ Future Music Fest ival Sampology Super Visual Smackdown @ Beck’s Fest ival Bar MOVIES Toy Story 3 The Road The Social Network Beneath Hill 60 TRON: Legacy


QUOTE OF THE YEAR “I’m perpetually lonely. I’m lonely when I’m in relationships. It’s my condition as an artist ... I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they’re going to take my creativity from me.” Lady Gaga.

SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Sarah Palin – stating that USA will fully support its North Korean allies – all over Twitter and Facebook

TV SHOWS Dexter Treme Survivor Eastbound & Down Breaking Bad

the “must see before I die” list in the space of seven days.

RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Grandstand Rugby League - ABC Local Blood Bros’ First Blood (80s action film themes) - Mad Decent blog John Digweed’s Essential Mix - BBC Radio 1 ONLINE DESTINATIONS SoundCloud Resident Advisor League HQ Fox Sports Twitter HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Metallica’s laser intro and finally hearing Orion live just pips checking Orbital (twice), Faith No More and AC/DC off

PREDICTION FOR 2011 Prog bombs are back baby!

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Anything involving vampires that wasn’t Daybreakers. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “if you st roke your chin hard enough i heard a genie comes out and gives you 3 track ids.” Th is effort from mashedman has to be the best post on InTheMix of all time. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Some people see Joel Monaghan’s canine love-in as a fuck-up – I see it as one man’s selfless act to (for a day at least) make the Canberra Raiders the best known sporting franchise on Earth. PREDICTION FOR 2011 I’ll tear up during at least one of the Kyuss Lives gigs.

LIZ GALINOVIC ALBUMS J Cole - Friday Night Lights Ishu - A World In Progress Elect ric Wire Hust le - Elect ric Wire Hustle M-Phazes - Good Gracious Laura Marling - I Speak Because I Can Grinderman - Grinderman 2 Mista Savona - Warn The Nation Loose Change - Loose Change Spit Syndicate - Exile Sia - We Are Born TRACKS Dutch - Just Before the Rain J Cole - Who Dat J Cole feat Wale - You Got It Katy B - Katy On A Mission Ishu feat Mantra - Progress INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS J Cole Nicki Minaj Plan B Currensy Wiz Khalifa AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Parkway Drive M-Phazes Washington

LUKE MCKINNON ALBUMS Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy The Drums - The Drums Illy - The Chase Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner Reflect ion Eternal - Revolutions Per Minute Bliss N Eso - Running On Air Crystal Cast les - Crystal Castles II Mantra - Power of the Spoken Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma Plan B - The Defamation Of Strickland Banks TRACKS Crystal Cast les - Baptism Kanye West - Power Arcade Fire - We Used to Wait Janelle Monáe - Tightrope M-Phazes feat Muph & Plutonic w/Candice Monique - Goodbye Gravity INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Kanye West Deadmau5 MIA Pusha T AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Bliss N Eso M-Phazes

THE BEST OF 2010 Angus & Julia Stone Sia INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Jean Grae @ The Metro Jean Grae @ The Forum Pharaohe Monch @ The Metro Talib Kweli @ The Forum A Tribe Called Quest @ Hordern Pavillion AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Powderfinger @ Sydney Entertainment Centre Tuka @ Raval Loose Change @ Sandringham Hotel Daily Meds @ Sandringham Hotel Dick & Christa Hughes @ Camelot MOVIES Toy Story 3 Exit Through the Gift Shop


Salt The Road Cairo Time TV SHOWS South Park True Blood Q&A Mad Men Rake RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Hack - JJJ Low Motion - FBI What’s a podcast? -

Who has time to keep up with all this? ONLINE DESTINATIONS Wikipedia New Matilda Look At Th is Fucking Hipster ei HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Rudd’s oust ing. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE The second coming of Jesus. It happened last year. He lives on the Gold Coast. PREDICTION FOR 2011 NSW State Liberal government.

Tame Impala Hattori Hunzo Illy INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS A Tribe Called Quest @ Fest ival Hall Pharoahe Monch & Jean Grae @ The Espy The Drums @ East Brunswick Club LCD Soundsystem @ Fest ival Hall The Strokes @ Fest ival Hall AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS M-Phazes album launch @ The Espy Scatterfest @ The Espy Little Red @ The Forum Theatre Philadelphia Grand Jury @ Corner Hotel Hermitude @ A carpark somewhere in Melbourne MOVIES Toy Story 3


Scott Pilgrim vs The World The Social Network Boy Exit Through The Gift Shop TV SHOWS Boardwalk Empire The Gruen Transfer Rage Bondi Rescue The Pacific RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Hypetrak Weekly Set Hip Hop Show Triple J

All Songs Considered - NPR ONLINE DESTINATIONS Hypetrak Hypebeast Curated MashKULTURE SLAMXHYPE HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Finding out that Aust ralian producer M-Phazes is producing beats for Pharoahe Monch and Talib Kweli. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Pretty much

everything The Bloody Beetroots touched. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “Let me please express how amazingly I rap at this point.” Kanye West. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Whomever showed Kanye West how to use Twitter. Massive. Twat. PREDICTION FOR 2011 360’s new album. Watch that shit blow up!



ALBUMS These New Puritans - Hidden Hungry Kids Of Hungary - Escapades The Young Gods - Everybody Knows PVT - Church With No Magic Four Tet - There Is Love In You The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma The Optimen - The Out of Money Experience Killing Joke - Absolute Dissent Hrdvsion - Where Did You Just Go? TRACKS Kanye West - Power Caribou - Odessa 65Daysofstatic - Weak4 Re: Enact ment - Problematic Venetian Snares - My So-Called Life INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS These New Puritans Wiley PVT The Young Gods Killing Joke AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Re: Enact ment Hungry Kids of Hungary Topology

MATT UNICOMB ALBUMS Pantha Du Prince - Black Noise Lorn - Nothing Else John Roberts - Glass Eights Darkstar - North Shit Robot - From The Cradle To The Rave Martinez - Paradigm Shift Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers Shigeto - Full Circle Scuba - Triangulation Superpitcher - Kilimanjaro TRACKS Âme - Rrose Sélavy Childproof Man - Bloom Space Dimension Controller - Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere Jamie Jones - Ruckus Pantha Du Prince - Stick To My Side INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS John Roberts Mount Kimbie Pantha Du Prince Jamie Jones Space Dimension Controller AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS PVT Tornado Wallace / Lewie Day 42 3DWORLD

Washington Lawrence English INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Emily XYZ @ The Judith Wright Centre Grouper @ Open Frame/Brisbane Powerhouse Metallica @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre Nadja @ Open Frame/Brisbane Powerhouse KK Null @ Liquid Architect ure/ Brisbane Powerhouse AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Topology @ Brisbane Powerhouse Topology @ Brisbane Fest ival Lawrence English @ Open Frame/ Brisbane Powerhouse Re: Enact ment @ Lofly Hangar Re: Enact ment @ The Troubadour Maggot Mouf Maundz Jake Biz INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Vince Watson @ HAHA/ Marrickville Bowling Club Todd Terje @ Adult Disco/Civic Underground Extrawelt @ Subsonic Music Fest ival Marcel Dettmann @ Disconnected/Space Ewan Pearson @ Playground Weekender AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Ant J Steep @ Plus+1/Civic Underground Future Classic DJs @ Adult Disco/Civic Underground Schwa + Jamie Lloyd @ Circo Loco/ Greenwood Hotel Prize @ Space Is The

HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Interviewing Jaz Coleman. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Arcade Fire. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “Th is is twitter? Th is isn’t what I wanted at all. What’s the one where you watch st rangers mast urbate?” Soren Bowie, Twitter. THE OPTIMEN

MOVIES Inception Kick-Ass Toy Story 3 The Men Who Stare At Goats Up In The Air TV SHOWS The Good Wife Damages Always Sunny In Philadelphia Dexter Lost

RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS RA Podcast XLR8R Podcast TEDTalks - iTunes. ONLINE DESTINATIONS Cracked Facebook Wikipedia Allmusic Five Eight Forums

SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP The greatest fuck-up is society’s inexplicable belief that a celebrity’s actions on a social media website should be held to the same standard as their actions in day-to daylife. Not to leap to the defence of celebrities, but is any one of us bereft of social media sin? PREDICTION FOR 2011 Kalashnikovs and Frankincense.

Place / Tone Simon Caldwell @ Mad Racket/ Marrickville Bowling Club MOVIES Youth In Revolt Frozen Cop Out Hot Tub Time Machine Get Him To The Greek TV SHOWS Skins Bright Falls 30 Rock We Are With The Band Mad Men RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS RA Podcast URB Podcast - urb. com LWE Podcast littlewhiteearbuds. com ONLINE DESTINATIONS Resident Advisor


URB Little White Earbuds Spank! Records Blog Everyday Junglist HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR John Roberts going below 100 BPM. Compressed dub. Night Slugs. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Any artist proclaiming themselves under the

‘sound art’ umbrella. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “I just don’t see the point of performing live.” 2000 and One, Resident Advisor. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Flying Lotus @ thegrammys, Twitter. PREDICTION FOR 2011 Post-dubstep becomes postdubstep.

NHJ ALBUMS Various - Bangs & Works Vol 1. (A Chicago Footworx Compilation) Act ress - Splazsh Wicked Witch - Chaos 1978-86 Lone - Emerald Fantasy Tracks Various - Cold Wave & Minimal Elect ronics Volume 1 Nacho Patrol - The Africa Jet Band Experience Urban Tribe - Program 1-12 Various - Return Of The Sherm Various - Afro-Beat Airways EMAK - A Synthetic History of EMAK TRACKS Act ress - Purple Splazsh Submersible Machines - Cold Sleep Addison Groove - Footcrab Beautiful Swimmers - Big Coast Lone - The Birds Don’t Fly This High INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Act ress Lone Shed Mike Paradinas Beautiful Swimmers / Maximillion Dunbar AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Ramos

THE BEST OF 2010 Hysteric

Total Planet Ice

Julien Love

HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Musical boundaries blurring, new sounds and movements – eg dubstep/techno/ house/footworx hybrids. Great quality reissues, especially old-newwave, afro and other weird obscurities. The death of nudisco, pointless edits and prog minimal.

Inverto Ransom INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Theo Parrish @ Revolver Brennan Green @ Rooftop Bar Mark Seven @ Convict Rooftop Femi Kuti @ The Hi-Fi Mulatu Astatke @ Melbourne Jazz Fest ival AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Futuretron @ Kiss My Grass Inverto @ Live Album Recording/ The Toff Matt Tudor @ Good Machine, Bad Machine Julien Love @ Cosmic Pizza Dr Phil Smith @ The Toff


MOVIES Boy Four Lions Animal Kingdom The Men Who Stare At Goats Lebanon TV SHOWS Cops 2010 FIFA World Cup Show The IT Crowd Q&A The Colbert Report


ONLINE DESTINATIONS BBC World News Intergalact ic FM English Russia Imagineer Departament

TV SHOWS Mad Men The Wire Family Guy South Park Big Love

TRACKS John 00 Fleming - Temple Of Spice Subtara - Computer Technology Airwave - Above the Sky (Subtara Progressive Mix) Nick Sentience - Nocturnal Subtara - Space Exploration

INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Adam Beyer @ Amnesia (Ibiza) Carl Cox @ Space (Ibiza)

Good Machine, Bad Machine - Kiss FM

MOVIES Toy Story 3 Inception The Social Network Exit Through The Gift Shop Invictus

ALBUMS Timewave - Solar System Kay-D - Source of Miracles Christos Fourkis - Free Love Tropical Highlight - Walking in the Dark LoQuai - DNA Vibetech - Spirit of Harmony 00.db - Angels & Demons Protoculture - Love Technology Gareth Emery - Northern Lights Doxx & D-Slide - D-Toxx

INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS John 00 Fleming Timewave Kay-D Subtara Airwave

RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS The City Rises - RRR Against the Arctic RRR

RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Sunday Night Safran Triple J Radiolab - www. Global Trance Grooves -


Nic Fanciulli @ Space (Ibiza) Magda @ Space

(Miami) Ellen Allien @ Berghain (Berlin)

ONLINE DESTINATIONS Google Facebook Beatport Discogs SoundCloud HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Anything I’m already over. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “Doing nothing is very hard to never know when you’re finished.” Leslie Nielsen. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Anyone who ended up on Wikileaks. PREDICTION FOR 2011 More of the same, less of the other. Ibiza. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE The “Swedish House Mafia”. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “It is absolutely bizzare that the people who can’t tell us what the fucking weather is next Tuesday can predict with absolute precision what the fucking global temperatures will be in 100 years’ time. It’s horseshit.” Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary on the topic of global warming. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Funkagenda bitching about zippyshare and illegal fi lesharing on his Twitter account. PREDICTION FOR 2011 Proper progressive house and trance will make a huge comeback.



ALBUMS Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Record Collection The Bamboos - 4 LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening MIA - /\/\/\Y/\ Space Invadas - Soul:Fi Skryptcha - The Numbers Nas & Damian Marley - Distant Relatives Illy - The Chase Healer Selecta - Let’s Get It Started The Psyde Projects - Welcome To Boomtown TRACKS The Bamboos feat Kylie Auldist - On The Sly Illy - It Can Wait Nas & Damian Marley - As We Enter LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Bang Bang Bang

Kylie Auldist The Putbacks Skryptcha Illy

Social Network Kick-Ass Alice In Wonderland Get Him To The Greek

INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings @ The Palace Fat Freddy’s Drop @ The Forum Mulatu Astatke @ Order Of Melbourne Tiki Taane @ Roxanne Parlour Beduion Soundclash @ Prince Of Wales

TV SHOWS The Big Bang Theory Family Guy Weeds Entourage 30 Rock RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Boss Action - www. The Breakdown Black Heat Radio

members of Deep Street Soul & The Bamboos, the Sydney Road Fest ival, continued gigs playing exact ly the type of music I love and watching my son score his fi rst basket playing basketball. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Herbie Lavender... he’s not who he says he is! QUOTE OF THE YEAR “DO NOT PLAY ANYMORE 60S MUSIC... play some David Guetta or something.” Baraki owner/manager screams to me whilst a full dancefloor is going off to The Temptations. I haven’t desired to play there since or been asked back...

INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Mark Ronson LCD Soundsystem Nas & Damian Marley DJ4AM MIA

AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Kylie Auldist @ The Penny Black The Skylines @ Cherry Bar Cookin’ On 3 Burners @ Red Bennies The Bamboos @ St Kilda Fest ival The Putbacks @ The Penny Black


MOVIES Despicable Me


Mu-Gen Spenda C Toni Toni Lee INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Porier and MC Zulu @ Big Day Out Douster @ The Espy Lady Chann @ Espy Heatwave @ Pretty Please DJ Krush @ Curtain House Rooftop

RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Spin D Music - www. Noise In My Head - RRR Against The Arctic - RRR

AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Mat Cant @ Everywhere Brain Children @ Revolver Mars E Pan @ Roxanne Parlour Metals @ Revolver Cumbia Cosmonauts @ Croft Inst itute

HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Moombahton, Guarchero.

ALBUMS Lewis CanCut - Neon Saxophone María y José - Kibosé Munchi - Kuduro Promo Various/Gilles Peterson - Havana Cultura Various - Palenque Palenque! Champeta, Criolla & Afro Roots In Colombia Sonora - Siempre Fresco Various/Radioclit - The Sound Of Club Secousse Sabo and Dave Nada - Moombahton Massive Wildlife! - Buckup Crumbs - Pieces and Portions Vol 2 TRACKS DJ Alan Rosales & Erick Rincon - La Kuina (Tribal Remix) Muzziak - Manduco (DJ Danila Disqoteque Remix) Sabo - Toca Pra Moombahton Swappi - Dis Gyal (Nah Go Play) Patch - Pipe INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Munchi Sabo Dave Nada Seiji Erick Rincon AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Lewis CanCut Cumbia Cosmonauts 44 3DWORLD

MOVIES Fantastic Mr Fox Shutter Island A Single Man The Hurt Locker The Men Who Stare At Goats

ONLINE DESTINATIONS Black Caesar Events Woo-Ha Blogspot SoundCloud Melbourne Beats Oz Reggae HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Kylie Auldist @ The Penny Black with a superstar backing band featuring

SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Twitter is, unto itself, a fuck-up. Just go there daily to read up on all


that doesn’t need to be said by ignorant twits who many of us used to look up to. PREDICTION FOR 2011 Happy pants... the hippies are itching for a return to mainstream Melbourne. Accept them!

ONLINE DESTINATIONS SoundCloud Venom Fire Scattermusic Tropical Bass Tumblr

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Boombahchero. QUOTE OF THE YEAR DJ Stiff y dubbing Shane Warne “Shwarn” in Inpress. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Me not being on Facebook. LEWIS CANCUT

PREDICTION FOR 2011 Creole Swamp Funk.

THE BEST OF 2010 RICHIE MELDRUM ALBUMS Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers Shackleton - Fabric 55 Caribou - Swim James Blake - CMYK/Klavierwerke Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Act ress - Splazsh Toro Y Moi - Causers Of This Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Record Collection Alex Smoke - Lux Plan B - The Defamation of Strickland Banks TRACKS James Blake - Limit To Your Love Caribou - Jamelia Mount Kimbie - Ruby Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Somebody To Love Me Jai Paul - BTSU INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Magnetic Men James Blake Die Antwoord Mount Kimbie Caribou AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS We Are Fans

RIP NICHOLSON ALBUMS Statik Selektah - 100 Proof (The Hangover) Murs & 9th Wonder - Fornever Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Cookin’ Soul - Teddy Pendergrass Tribute Nas & Damian Marley - Distant Relatives Wale - The Mixtape About Nothing/More About Nothing Cypress Hill - Rise Up Joell Ortiz - Me, Myself & I Mos Def - The Ecstatic Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr Rager TRACKS Lil Wayne feat Eminem - Drop The World Diggy Simmons - Come To Rock Kanye West & Jay-Z - That’s My Bitch Chuuwee & Cookin’ Soul - Night Life (Fast Lane) Wale & Currensy & Tre - Wordplay INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Kanye West Lil Wayne Drake Nas Wale AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Bliss N Eso

Drapht Space Invadas The Temper Trap Rat vs Possum INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Gorillaz @ Rod Laver Arena Optimo @ Stereosonic Samiyam @ Espionage/St Ali’s Roast ing Room DJ Krush @ The Corner Hotel AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS We Are Fans @ Parklife Mark Pritchard (claimed by residency!) @ Too Much/Mercat X Yacht Club DJs @ St Kilda Fest ival Fugitive @ Espionage/St Ali’s Roast ing Rooms Affi ks and A13 @ Rock Like This/ Heavy Innit Boat Party

MOVIES The Social Network Get Him To The Greek Kick Ass Exit Through The Gift Shop Greenberg TV SHOWS Mad Men The Wire Entourage An Idiot Abroad Man vs Wild RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Joe Nice - Gourmet Beats - www. The Sound Lab Triple J Mary Anne Hobbs BBC Radio 1 ONLINE DESTINATIONS Computerlove Guardian Asian Dan Gorilla vs Bear FACT Magazine HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR


Dancing barefoot in a thunderstorm to The Prodigy. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Eat Pray Love... Truly Fucking Awful! QUOTE OF THE YEAR “What does censorship reveal? It reveals fear.” Julian

Chasm M-Phazes Choose Mics DJ Butcher INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Salt-N-Pepa @ Good Vibrations Naughty By Nature @ Myst ique Naughty By Nature @ Good Vibrations Kid Cudi @ Good Vibrations Raekwon @ Step Inn AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Drapht @ Tempo Hotel Funkoars @ Step Inn Choose Mics @ Step Inn The Optimen @ Step Inn MOVIES Machete Salt The Expendables Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Assange, editor in chief, Wikil eaks SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP The guy in the US who tweeted “coffin getting lowered” etc from a kid’s funeral! PREDICTION FOR 2011 Psychedelic. “There’s no way, with hindsight, I would’ve ever called up Larry [Bird], called up Magic [Johnson] and said, ‘Hey, look, let’s get together and play on one team’.” Michael Jordan when asked about Lebron James and Chris Bosh joining Dwyane Wade in Miami.


Brooklyn’s Finest TV SHOWS Sons Of Anarchy Eastbound & Down Boardwalk Empire Phoneshop An Idiot Abroad ONLINE DESTINATIONS ESPN HipHopWired All Aussie Hip Hop Pirate Bay 2dopeboyz HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR

NFL game of the year: Philadelphia Eagles’ QB Michael Vick’s all-time record breaking game v Washington Redskins. LA Lakers getting back to back titles. Nas & Damian Marley’s collaboration. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE New Miami Heat team success. Dr Dre Detox bullshit. QUOTE OF THE YEAR

SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP The US homeland security invest igations shutting down sites for copyright infringement. Step up and get with the internet or get stepped on. For every torrent/DL site shut down, three more will spring up. PREDICTION FOR 2011 Lakers for a threepeat, Oklahoma makes play-offs, Miami doesn’t!



ALBUMS Genotype - Ritual Dance Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong Dâm-Funk - Toeachizown Various/dBridge & Instra:mental - Fabriclive 50 Calibre - Even If... ASC - Nothing Is Certain Jimi Hendrix - Valleys Of Neptune CTI All-Stars - California Concerts (Reissue) Aloe Blacc - Good Things TRACKS Nether - Deep Echo Black Pocket - Ur A Sta (dBridge Remix) Solid Groove - Throwing Stones Pariah - Detroit Falls dBridge, Inst ra:mental and Skream - Acacia Avenue INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS dBridge Genotype Mount Kimbie Nether Need For Mirrors AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Vice Versa Tape2Tape

HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Music in general. Minimal d‘n’b , protosonic twostep and loads of brilliance in between. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE The Music Hype Machine. Use your ears people!


2 Fresh Q45 Diamond Lights INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Alix Perez @ Chinese Laundry Inst ra:mental @ Void Paradox @ Void Lynx & Kemo @ DnBBQ DJ Marky and Stamina @ Niche AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS The Night DJs @ Chinese Laundry

Moriarty @ Ro Sham Bo Biz (live) @ Void Spikey Tee @ Foreigndub Yes Yes Records @ Ambar MOVIES Exit Through The Gift Shop TV SHOWS Entourage Weeds Grand Designs American Dad / Family Guy

ROBBIE LOWE ALBUMS Various/dBridge & Instra:mental - Fabriclive 50 Various/John Digweed - Structures Various/Michael Mayer - Immer 3 Underworld - Barking Commix - Re:Call To Mind Various/Apparat - DJ-Kicks Eelke Kleijn - Untold Stories Consequence - Live For Never Various/James Zabiela - The Masters Series: Life Technasia - Central TRACKS Est roe feat Sam Leigh-Brown - High Maintenance (Audiofly Remix) Boo Williams - Mortal Trance Taras van de Voorde feat Jelle Kuipers - Skylime (The Youngsters Remix) Omar - Lay It Down (Andre Lodemann Remix) Jem Haynes & Jamie Funk - Gobi’s Paradise (Inxec Remix) INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Sasha Chez Damier Andre Lodemann Inxec Steve Rachmad 46 3DWORLD

The Simpsons RADIO SHOWS/ PODCASTS Autonomic - Inst ra:mental and dBridge - Rinse FM Benji B - BBC 1

AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Phil Smart Jono Fernandez Trinity PQM YokoO INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS John Digweed @ One Night Only/Tank Robert Babicz @ Spice/Home Terrace Chez Damier @ Adult Disco/Civic Underground Pezzner @ Shrug/ Civic Underground

AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Tim Culbert @ Colour/Civic Underground Christ ian Vance @ Loosekaboose/Civic Underground Trinity (Phil Kieran warm-up) @ Home Terrace Sari Amia @ Colour/ Civic Underground Murat Kilic @ Spice/ Home Terrace MOVIES Inception The Book Of Eli

SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Social media is a fuck-up to be honest. Interact! We are humans

ONLINE DESTINATIONS Footage Clothing / Trainer Store FACT Magazine The Record Store Pick Your Shoes Rinse FM

PREDICTION FOR 2011 The underground saying it loud. No need for a takeover, everything can have its place. The need to interact on nonmass levels of life and people enjoying just that.

Get Him To The Greek Avatar Hot Tub Time Machine

winning his 10th world surfing title. Subsonic Music Fest ival.

TV SHOWS Q&A The Gruen Transfer 60 Minutes Master Chef Packed To The Rafters DBRIDGE & INSTRA:MENTAL

QUOTE OF THE YEAR “London - No Future!” Instra:mental – even though it was last year, still great.

RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS Autonomic - www. John Digweed Transitions - Kiss FM Hack - Triple J ONLINE DESTINATIONS Resident Advisor Swellnet InTheMix Beatport SoundCloud HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR My Shrug and Spice residencies – plus all the other fabulous gigs throughout the year. Kelly Slater

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE The federal elect ion. Labor. Interest rate hikes. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “Warm-up DJs should have an idea of how the headline DJ sounds, and not resort to showing off as it kind of looks a bit idiotic, and can totally spoil the flow and energy of a potentially great night.” Danny Howells - You Heard It Hear First Blogspot PREDICTION FOR 2011 Lots more good events and a continued trend of locals making proper house and deep house bombs whilst also making an impact on the global scene...

THE BEST OF 2010 RUSS MACUMBER ALBUMS Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy The Roots - How I Got Over LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening Various/Greg Wilson - Hazy Cosmic Jive (mixed for Beats In Space NYC) Aeroplane - We Can’t Fly Various/The Revenge - Triple J Mix June 2010 Big Boi - Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son Of Chico Dusty Janelle Monáe - The ArchAndroid Pantha Du Prince - Black Noise Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Record Collection TRACKS Janelle Monáe - Tightrope Agent 86 - Dark Matters Big Boi - Shutterbugg The Revenge - Looking Up To You Pockets - Come Go With Me (Eli Escobar edit) INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS David Guetta The Revenge Janelle Monáe Major Lazer LCD Soundsystem

STEVE DUCK ALBUMS Roc Marciano - Marcberg Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty Intuition - Girls Like Me King Fantast ic - Finger Snaps & Gun Claps Celph Titled & Buckwild - Nineteen Ninety Now Fabolous - There Is No Competition Part 2 Skyzoo & Illmind - Live From The Tape Deck Young Jeezy - Trap Or Die 2 Black Milk - Album Of The Year Guilty Simpson - OJ Simpson TRACKS Big Boi - Shutterbugg Intuition - Al Bundy Roc Marciano - Scarface Nigga Game - Slangin’ Rocks Fat Joe feat Young Jeezy - Ha Ha

AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Yolanda Be Cool The Aston Shuffle Agent 86 Fromage Disco The Skylines

falls a very distant second (headed up by fulfi lling a teenage ambition of catching Faith No More live).

INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Faith No More @ Fest ival Hall The Revenge @ Revolver NAPT @ Trust Us NYD/Brown Alley Shit Robot @ Scatterfest /The Espy Massive Attack @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl

QUOTE OF THE YEAR “Grab your shit and get the fuck out of my office fuckwit” Julia Gillard to Kevin Rudd on news of her coup (probably).

AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Agent 86 @ Every time he steps up The Hump Day Project @ Scatterfest /The Espy The Skylines @ Red Bennies DJ Ash_Lee @ Trust Us NYD/La Di Da Silversix @ M-Phazes Hilltop Hoods Cam Bluff INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Clipse @ Prince Of Wales A Tribe Called Quest @ Fest ival Hall Ice Cube @ Palace Theatre Jean Grae/Pharoahe Monch @ The Espy Dilated Peoples @ The Espy

INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Roc Marciano Scoop Deville Intuition Black Milk Kanye West

AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Obese Block Party @ Palace Theatre Illy, 360, Skryptcha @ Hi-Fi Bar M-Phazes @ The Espy Drapht @ Prince Of Wales Geko/ Maundz/ Crate Creeps @ The Johnston

AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Crate Cartel Pagen Elypsis

MOVIES Animal Kingdom Exit Through The Gift

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Armin van Buuren.


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SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP “MICHAEL JACKSON DIED SO THAT CHRIS BROWN COULD LIVE!!!!!!” US R&B star/woman beater Chris Brown’s mum was a little over-enthusiast ic on Twitter in September.

HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Finding out I’m going to be a dad! Everything else

PREDICTION FOR 2011 More disco but funk’d up and slowed down.

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Money – Drake was never any good, Weezy’s finished. I’m st ill waiting on a Nicki Minaj solo though. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE The continued success of local hip hop artists was, as always, my highlight this year. The rise of throwback releases such as Nineteen Ninety Now, Marcberg and Live From The Tape Deck kept me interested in a year that was otherwise pretty dull musically.

QUOTE OF THE YEAR “You know if you don’t like me something might be wrong with you. I just looked in the mirror and I’m cool man.” 50 Cent via Twitter. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Stephanie Rice’s Twitter mishap. Not because of what she said but for the media’s ridiculous backlash. PREDICTION FOR 2011 I get another year older and new music gets even more confusing to me.



ALBUMS LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening Gorillaz - Plastic Beach The Chemical Brothers - Further Various/Timo Maas - Balance 017 Local Natives - Gorilla Manor New Young Pony Club - The Optimist Bliss N Eso - Running On Air The Roots - How I Got Over Hot Chip - One Life Stand Deadmau5 - For Lack Of A Better Name TRACKS The Chemical Brothers - Swoon Calvin Harris - I’m Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix) Funkerman feat LEFT - Speed Up Once More Funkagenda & Mark Knight - Good Times Josh Wink - Jus Right (Jimpster Remix) INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS Nero Joris Voorn Mark Knight Armand Van Helden Axwell AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Miami Horror Yolanda Be Cool

Sia Dan Sultan Bliss N Eso INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS The Prodigy @ Hisense Arena Orbital @ Billboard Pete Herbert @ Roxanne Parlour Renaissance Man @ The Espy Timo Maas, @ Brown Alley AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS Carl Cox @ Billboard Acid Jacks @ Prince Bandroom ATM15 @ Prince Bandroom Sam Sparro @ Roxanne Parlour Miami Horror @ The Espy MOVIES The Social Network Inception Green Zone Kick-Ass Animal Kingdom


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The Onion Grooveshark AgencyNet Interact ive Monoface HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR Duck Sauce - putting the funk and soul back into house music while the Swedish House Mafia continue to churn out the vocal happy st uff. And it’s good to see some old favourites return, including The Chemical Brothers and Faithless. DJ Petchy/The Last Supper - Live FM Beats In Space - www. ONLINE DESTINATIONS I Love Music Google - “x song” + “mediafi” Cocaine Blunts Dissensus Rinse FM


World’s End Press Little Red INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Classixx @ Parklife Vampire Weekend @ Palace Theatre Taylor Swift @ Rod Laver Arena Ramadanman @ Mercat Cross Delorean @ Parklife AUSTRALIAN ARTIST GIGS DJ Seymour Buttz @ John/New Guernica The Paradise Motel @ Northcote Social

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HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR UK Funky was the best thing ever for the third year in a row. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE “UK Bass”/“Global Bass”, Salem, in general nerdy white people half-heartedly cribbing from crunk/ juke/kudoro/[insert regional urban dance st yle]. You all should know better by now. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “I’m telling you that this works. You know, before we all started

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Anything from Art vs Science. These blokes couldn’t produce vomit let alone a decent product ion. QUOTE OF THE YEAR “Refudiate. English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it.” Sarah Palin, US Republican party and creator of word “refudiate”, compares herself to Bard. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Catherine Deveny’s ill-judged attempt at comedy with the “I do hope that Bindi Irwin gets laid” Twitter rant which led to her sacking. PREDICTION FOR 2011 Dubstep will be remixed and trashed and ultimately be a short-lived fad. having health care, in the olden days, our grandparents, they would bring a chicken to the doctor. They would say, ‘I’ll paint your house.’ I mean, that’s the old days of what people would do to get health care with your doctors. Doctors are very sympathetic people. I’m not backing down from that system.’’ Sue Lowden, Nevada Republican Senate candidate, on Nevada NewsMakers, April 2010. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Being asked this quest ion is an indict ment on our society. PREDICTION FOR 2011 Everyone will continue to slip below my exacting standards by falling for corny indie versions of dance music.

THE BEST OF 2010 TOBY HEMMING ALBUMS Hot Chip - One Life Stand Gorrilaz - Plastic Beach LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening Four Tet - There Is Love In You Various - Down To The Sea And Back Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - The Golden Year Various/Fred Deakin - Nu Balearica Mulatu Astatke - Mulatu Astatke Darkstar - North Various/Leo Zero - Disconnect TRACKS Gorillaz - Stylo LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change Paul Weller - No Tears To Cry (Leo Zero Remix) Grosvenor - Drive Your Car (Hot Chip Dub) Jonathan Jeremiah - Going Home (Quiet Village Remix) INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS LCD Soundst ystem Coyote Leo Zero Todd Terje Prins Thomas INTERNATIONAL ARTIST GIGS Hot Chip @ Horden Pavilion LCD @ Horden Pavilion

TRISTAN BURKE ALBUMS LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening The Chemical Brothers - Further LCD Soundsystem - The London Sessions Gorillaz - Plastic Beach Goose - Synrise !!! - Strange Weather, Isn’t It? Shit Robot - From The Cradle To The Rave Arcade Fire - The Suburbs Chilly Gonzales - Ivory Tower Vampire Weekend - Contra TRACKS LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean Chilly Gonzales - Never Stop (Erol Alkan Rework) ZZT - Zzafrica Carte Blanche - Gare Du Nord The Chemical Brothers - Escape Velocity INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS LCD Soundsystem Erol Alkan ZZT Carte Blanche Chilly Gonzales AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Bag Raiders


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Kick-Ass Fantastic Mr Fox TV SHOWS Friday Night Lights Chuck The Walking Dead Breaking Bad Mad Men RADIO SHOW/ PODCASTS My Name Is Tiga mynameist Firewall & Iceberg iTunes The /Filmcast slashfi fi lmcast / ONLINE DESTINATIONS Erol Alkan IMDb LCD Soundsystem Ain’t It Cool HIGHLIGHT(S) OF THE YEAR LCD Soundsystem’s This Is Happening. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Avatar.


QUOTE OF THE YEAR “She’s a crazy psycho fucking bitch.” Diplo on MIA to InTheMix. SOCIAL MEDIA FUCK-UP Comedienne’ Catherine Deveny

tweeting unsavoury comments about Bindi Irwin in her Logies commentary. PREDICTION FOR 2011 ZZT to release a year-best beast of an album.

BUSINESS MUSIC Serious Underground Business With PAZ

L-VIS 1990

SOUNDCLOUD No CSS or PHP framework to meddle with, doesn’t block external links and no social pinching or flogging. Straight up music framework. The best tag was “bounce”, best club tracks came from Koolest of TSE and his Jersey club music. Soundcloud was also great for “Hollertronix” st yle crossover tracks, which helped with the weekly “Bunsen burner”. Biggest disappointments were the “Balearic” tags, which kept giving me proggy trance instead of siesta funk. Maybe they need to sub tag them “Balearic ‘88‘94” and “Balearic - Pommy Backpacker Trance”. TRANCE SYNTHS The element that made dubstep interest ing were trance soft synths. The L-VIS 1990 “double step” drum formula made its way into the dubstep formula. The Guetta synth also crossed its way into hip hop,

pop and Nova FM ads. Magnetic Man is blowing up and it’s the uplifting (I cant beleive that word is back again) trance synth that takes dubstep away from the hoodies and gives it back to the ladies. Nice one. SOUND SYSTEMS The Heartical HiFi sound system by Derek Marr is a unique luxury in a city of “rock ‘n’ roll” bass. It looks so smart it should have its own Flickr page. Colombian Picos were another unique sound system, which were partly documented at Afrocolombia web spot. More recently Dutty Artz posted a few modern pico “clashes”. Beware of Google defaults when searching for “Colombian Picos”. THE CARIBBEAN The Hold Yuh tune by Gyptian should have blown up worldwide. That’s the track Major Lazer will rip off in 2011. Those keys are like cucumber on sunburn. It’s surprising Jamaica’s Busy Signal was absent from said riddim. Busy got busy on lots of obscure tracks including a riddim titled Americano, which is the DCUP/ Yolanda track that blew up worldwide. Someone cut it up and made a Caribbean riddim out of it. That trend is prominent in Soca crossovers recently. The ye’ olde Samim’s Heater gets a rework from Swappi for Nah Go Play. Easily the favorite 2010 Soca hype track. Props to Spin D Music Soca mix Volume 11 which made Swappi a part of Oz Soca history. 3D WORLD Being from Melbourne, this used to be known as a half-baked Sydney rag. Now it proudly sits next to the cistern alongside Grazia and Wallpaper. Someday this publication will live up to it’s title of World (and 3D) – until then Business Music has made the effort to think Eastern Seaboard, and less Chapel St, Prahran, to gain more local info from the northern neighbours. What has a Zebra got to do with music press anyway?

CLAMPDOWN! Alt.indie.pop with DCR And so here we are: the last column of 2010. The year began with Vampire Weekend and the release of their second album, Contra, a textbook summer record that was quickly overshadowed by the lawsuit thrown at the band, before PVT’s Church With No Magic welcomed in autumn with all the sexual sterility of German architect ure. Then the year’s crown jewel came mid-year with The National’s High Violet, an album speaking of the state of the world in 2010, packaged as the most sophist icated pop record in years. Sleigh Bells proved that American youth and nostalgia were st ill highly desirable, while Melbourne’s Super Wild Horses made an impact with their awesome debut album Fifteen. On the live scene Surfer Blood at Manning Bar were energetic, while The Strokes were about as grand a spectacle as you can be when you’ve no desire to go stadium. However it was Muse, who’ve well and truly gone stadium, that provided the most eye-exploding display of the year, with their stage show at

times resembling Ridley Scott circa that Apple Mac advert in 1984, at others Batman Forever. The show even made their new songs sound good! Locally, you should keep an eye out for Creepers, an all-female band from Sydney with some incredibly catchy lo-fi grunge-pop. A personal highlight of the year was The Libertines reforming for Reading/Leeds in the UK. Whilst Clampdown! couldn’t make it to the fest ival – even though, in a momentary bout of hysteria, tickets were bought – we have spent many hours watching the BBC recording of it, which proved, of course, that it was the Best Th ing Ever (Sorry Gorillaz). It was a beautiful thing to see the four on stage again, the songs sounding as fresh as ever; it was only their stage language that showed that they’ve moved on from the glory days (John Hassell looked incredibly bored, whilst Pete Doherty and Carl Barât barely shared the mic). Speaking of Barât, he released a solo album and an autobiography this year, allowing fans to delve deeper into his life; the book a revealing and candid behind-the-scenes look at the life of The Libertines from his point of view, while the album explored Barât’s love of the Romantics in greater depth. Meanwhile Doherty is set to make his act ing debut in a just-announced French fi lm about poet/dramatist Alfred de Musset. The Libertine will play the 19th Century literary figure opposite Charlotte Gainsbourg (Antichrist ) and, interest ingly, her late father Serge’s exwife Jane Birkin. Th is just surpassed Richard Ayoade’s debut fi lm Submarine (starring Sally Hawkins and Paddy Considine, and featuring music by Alex Turner) as our most anticipated release of 2011. Vampire Weekend’s influence on 2009 was huge – and at the beginning of 2010 it looked like the beach-sound was going to take over the airwaves everywhere, and to some degree it did (see Surfer Blood, Wavves, Girls et al). However the most significant sound to emerge – but by no means begin – this year was that of drag and witch house. Bands such as Salem and oOoOO were everywhere on the internet a la Crystal Cast les in 2007 and dubstep in 2006, so we can expect it to crossover into the mainst ream in 2011. Until then, Happy New Year.





‘BURN HIP HOP Local Flow with STEVE DUCK ALL OVER FOR ANOTHER YEAR In the last issue for 2010, we take a look back on another year in local hip hop and realise how blessed we are to have such a huge amount of talented artists in the city we call home. Not only does Melbourne enjoy a huge amount of top-tier local hip hop artists, but the variety of the music being produced in this city is staggering; from Mantra to 360 to our very own Bangs, there’s something in Melbourne for every taste. In 2011, make sure you get out to more shows and continue supporting


Holy kicks loyal readers, has it been another year already? Seems like I was just spinning crap about 2009 and now I gotta’ think about the next odd numbered year of tunes... Much love to Lightspeed Recordings for the regular sends to my email box… I love all the slightly-off, elect ric disco y’all be doing, so keep it up. Also, much love to those cool cats in The Psyde Projects for dropping one of the best Aussie hip hop albums of 2010. Heartening it is to see someone keep flying the old skool hip hop vibe when all these young’uns seem to think Rihanna or Jay Sean are the originators of the genre. Their DJ, my man Uri Moonshine, is on point and his edits just keep getting better. Do yourself a favour and peep him in the nightclubs, buy his wax and/or check out the Woo-Ha Blogspot for the best in edits of tracks you’ll need. Another on the rise who I’ve been hyping throughout the year are cool kids Planet Jumper. A monthly residency down at e55, plus countless gigs over at Revolver have seen this two-piece gel into a force to be reckoned with in 2011 and I’m positive a large pile of releases will be forthcoming. On the live tip, 2010 can be remembered for the continued dominance of deep funk in Melbourne Town. The Bamboos ripped apart another pack of shows to sold out crowds and their new album off Tru Thoughts, 4, is/ was one of the best Aust ralian releases to date. Deep Street Soul kept setting the bar high and their own album through Freest yle released late last year kept the hips gyrating


throughout 2010. The Putbacks have their Hope Street Recordings label off the ground with some quality releases and are playing some dope live shows and my new find, The Cact us Channel, look to be making a big splash in 2011. Plus, local funk/soul event outfit, Black Caesar Product ions, did some big things in 2010 and have some massive events planned for 2011. Whew! So there you have it. I know my year was fi lled to the rim every weekend and next year is looking to be even larger. If you love your funk/soul/edit based music, then this town has got it going on… it’s just up to you to keep supporting it! Have a great holidays and I’ll see you on the dancefloor.


local hip hop. MORE SIXTY And if you want some more 360 in your life, I’ve got two things for you. First of all, Sixty’s Just Got Started single is available now on iTunes. Cop that cop that cop that (Diddy voice). Secondly, keep your eyes on YouTube for the recent 360 vs Greeley (Tasmania) battle. No info on the battle is available as yet, but Sixty seems really psyched on this one so it must be good. AUDI 5000 I’ve been writing this column in Inpress and now 3D World for around five years now, and it’s finally time for me to acknowledge I’m too old and behind the times to continue writing for the mag and hand over the reins to someone new. I wanna take this time to shout out all the people out there grindin’ every week to try to survive off music, sending me through gig info and act ually saying thanks for the free promo. In the past five years I’ve seen a lot of artists come and go, but it’s safe to say Melbourne hip hop is in the best position it’s ever been right now. Let’s not forget all the hard work the previous generations have put in to get us here. I’m out. Peace.



Bass Culture with RICHIE MELDRUM



That’s it folks, 2010 is almost at an end. Musically, the last year of the fi rst decade of the new millennium has been a good one. Some big names including Kanye West, Gorillaz, LCD Soundsystem and Mark Ronson all released albums that are worthy of the Top Ten lists that they occupy. But that’s the dream in the mainst ream people – what about the sounds from the underground? Well, 2010 was the year that dubstep finally went properly commercial with Skream, Benga and Artwork’s Magnetic Man outfit breaking into the UK singles chart with debut single I Need Air. While some purists who’ve been there from the start might not like the extent to which dubstep has become something your mum act ually knows the name of, it’s important to always judge music on its quality rather than it’s popularity, amen! Fans of Magnetic Man might be in for a nice surprise towards the end of the summer/beginning of autumn if the rumours of an Australian festival appearance are true. It’s also been a good year for clubs in Melbourne town as a fist ful of promoters continue to show insight and ambition by bringing some new and exciting debuts to our fair city. Over the past year we’ve had Hessle Audio’s Ramadanman, grime guy Silkie, Deadboy, Addison Groove, Samiyam and 12th Planet from the USA, Kryptic Minds,

plus many more. So congrats to all those involved, including the crowds on the dancefloors, and long may it continue. Looking forward, who are the artists, producers and DJs that we’ll be plugging in 2011? Well, as his fellow band members kick back and relax, Jamie xx from Mercury Prize winners The xx, continues to deliver a steady output of quality remixes and original product ions of bassy UK sounds. Watch out for the beautiful tones of Jamie Woon who has got Burial onboard as a producer for a couple of his tracks due for release in early 2011...

Well, it’s been a st range year for me. I’ve dropped in and out of the elect ronic music world, alternately moving from hotspots (Buenos Aires, Ibiza) to complete dead zones (Bolivia, Ireland). However, that lovely thing called the Internet has allowed me to most ly keep up with the state of play. A year is a long time to consider in one sitting, but looking back I can’t say much has changed. I wrote a column in ‘09 about the amount of psy-trance producers switching over to techno, and it seems largely that the trend has continued. Labels like Iboga Records exemplify this. Perusing their latest tracks, the basslines have all but disappeared and tempos have dropped markedly. Club trance has

continued to sound more like pop music, and there’s nothing more to say. In an amazing coincidence, I happened to catch Above & Beyond at a very upmarket club in Bulgaria a few months ago. I hadn’t seen them play since 2008’s incredibly wet Global Gathering in Melbourne, and I had high hopes. Along with Ferry Corsten, I’ve always pegged the trio as an act who didn’t have to compromise their sound, who’ve always been able to please both fanatic fans and the more casual listeners. Unfortunately, I was wrong - they stank like shit. Apart from the soppy music, central to the performance was a giant screen operated by Paavo, flashing up messages like “hug the person next to you” and “love is the answer”. If that doesn’t tell you something’s wrong with club trance, then you need your head checked. So, in truth, the real stars of this year hav been the progressive labels. Panda Recordings, Mist iquemusic, Jetlag Digital and Silk Digital Records, for example. While Beatport’s monkeys might call the music house, most ly it’s just slow trance. Now to put on my gypsy hat and pull out my crystal ball, I think 2011 will be a big year – a year for revival. Some veterans who are fed up with the scene will make an effort to restore it – think names like Act iva and Airwave. Helping them will be relative newcomers, such as Subtara, Kay-D and Timewave. The subtlety will come back, and people will once again start to realise that every track doesn’t need to be a huge anthem. In some ways, this has already happened. Whether the message will fi lter through to the big boys of trance is another thing.







AARON TROTMAN WHERE AND WHEN WAS YOUR FIRST SET? “Playpen 2006.” WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE ALL TIME 12”? “I think it may have just become Lovebirds – In The Shadows, such an amazing record.” WHO ARE YOUR FAVOURITE DJS? “Internationally: Joris Voorn, Luciano, Sven Väth, Jamie Jones, Tensnake, David Keno, Riva Starr. Locally: Luke MCD, Spacey Space, Chardy, Nick Young, Tom Evans.” FAVOURITE CLUB TO PLAY? “Onesixone, Circus and Vineyard.” WHAT’S YOUR BEST ALL TIME GIG? “I’ve got some really good ones coming up and can’t wait for Summadayze.” WHAT’S THE FUNNIEST THING YOU’VE SEEN FROM BEHIND THE DECKS? “It’s always good when someone has a massive stack.” WHAT’S THE WORST REQUEST YOU’VE GOT? “Do you have any Greek or belly dancing music?” WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF WHAT YOU DO? “They’re just happy I’m doing what I love.” WHAT DOES THE LOCAL CLUB SCENE NEED MOST? “More variety in music. Punters don’t have a reason to head out at the moment in my opinion when there’s no new records getting broken in clubs.” WHAT GIGS HAVE YOU GOT COMING UP? “Summadayze, The Likes Of You at Eureka Sky Deck Sunday 2 January, Onesixone every Friday, Happy at Boutique every Saturday, Mama Said at Circus Bar every Sunday.” PHOTO BY KANE HIBBERD




THE CORNER HOTEL Public Enemy, Ozi Batla. 8pm. $71.50 + bf. THE ESPY GERSHWIN ROOM Arrested Development. 8pm. $50 +bf. THE ESPY LOUNGE BAR Edan the Dee-Jay. 8pm. Free. MARION BAY The Falls Music & Arts Festival: Public Enemy, Interpol, Joan Jett, Tame Impala, The Rapture, Ladyhawke and more. MISS LIBERTINE Elements: Elf Tranzporter, Mz Rizk, Sizzle, Mr Six. 8pm. PHILLIP ISLAND Pyramid Rock Fest ival: N*E*R*D, Arrested Development, Chromeo, Xavier Rudd, Gyroscope, Mystery Jets and more. $270 (+ bf)–$305 (+ bf). REVOLVER The CasioKids, Neon Indian. 9pm. $40.


THURSDAY 30 DECEMBER THE CORNER HOTEL Peaches, JD Samson. 8pm. PHILLIP ISLAND Pyramid Rock Fest ival: N*E*R*D, Arrested Development, Chromeo, Xavier Rudd, Gyroscope, Mystery Jets and more. $270 (+ bf)–$305 (+ bf).

FRIDAY 31 DECEMBER 24 MOONS Naked Disco, AKA, Steph Kyda, John Papas and James Belias. 8pm. $35-$50. BILLBOARD Something on NYE: Chardy, Boog$, Spacey Space, Polyfonik, Orkest rated, Stevie Mink, Katt Nial, Kalus, Jamie Vlahos, Frazer, Adnam, Mr Magoo, Sam Gudge, Nick Missa, Markie Mark, Yoshi, Untitled, Just in Raymond, Jimmy Sculler. 9pm. $25. BROWN ALLEY Trust Us NYE: Steve Lawler, Sebast ian Léger, Slam, Freq Nast y, Freest ylers, Soul Of Man, Far Too Loud, Chris Fortier, Nick Curly,



Will Saul, Kazu Kimura. 7pm. $85 + bf. CIRCUS Mama Said. 10pm. $15/$20. THE CORNER HOTEL Jamaica, World’s End Press, Knightlife. 8:30pm. $45 + bf. DEEP 11 (THE MERCAT CROSS HOTEL) More Fire NYE: Ras Crucial, Troublemaker, Blood Lip Sound, Sista Sara, Armagideon Time. DING DONG LOUNGE Tonedeaf NYE: Violent Soho, Redcoats. $21.45 + bf. DOCKLANDS PRECINCT NYE: Butterbox, Tom Evans, Sean Rault, DJ George, DJ Aaron Trotman, Nick Jones. 10pm. $120-$160. ETIHAD STADIUM Armin Only - Mirage: Armin van Buuren. 9pm. $115-$135. FIRST FLOOR Lord Finesse, Boogie Blind, Ozi Batla. FUSION NIGHTCLUB DJ Havana Brown. HOME HOUSE Ken Walker, Kay Z & Syme. Zoe Badwi, Adam Bartas and Herbee & Anth’m. 9pm. $20. LA DI DA NYE Masquerade Ball: La Di Da DJs. 8pm. $40-$80. LOUNGE New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day at Lounge: DJs Mr Moonshine, DJ Who, Tahl, Nick Coleman, A-Team with Darren Coburn, Luke McD. 9pm. $10/$15. LUCKY COQ No Frills NYE: Matt Rad, DJ Who, Moonshine, Mr George. 12pm. Free. MISS LIBERTINE Purple Sneakers House Party: Kimbra, Alpine, Fearless Vampire Killers, The Frowning Clouds, City Calm Down DJS: Purple Sneakers DJs, Jane Gazzo, Mafia, Badhorse. $19 + BF. NEW GUERNICA Tensnake. 9pm. $40/$50/$60. NUMBER FIVE BAR DJ Mark Da Spot, DJ L, Malibu Brown. 7:30pm. $150. ONESIXONE Thomas Schumacher. PHILLIP ISLAND Pyramid Rock Fest ival: N*E*R*D, Arrested Development, Chromeo, Xavier Rudd, Gyroscope, Mystery Jets and more. $270 (+ bf) – $305 (+ bf). PRETTY PLEASE François K. $75. PRINCE BANDROOM Code Red New Year’s Eve: Ajax, Nick Foley, Chris Papas, PTFFP, James Fava & Rob Pix, Kronic, Danger Mazz and more. 9pm. $40 + bf. RED BENNIES Dionysia (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil). 7pm. $60/$80/$140. RIVA Dirty Laundry, Ruby Rose, Grant Smillie, Laura Dundovic, Nick Foley, George Sinclair, Andrew Mackinon, Samantha Bliss Cooke. 9pm. $85-$130.

TEMPERANCE HOTEL Temperance Hotel New Year’s Eve Party: Darren Glen, Marcus Knight feat Ladi Tash Live, Sean Declase Live , Rob Care Live percussion, DJ Dir-X, Xander James. 8pm. $50. THE TOFF The House De Frost: Andee Frost, DJ Harvey, DJ Garth. 10pm. $62.20. TRAK Jon Stevens. 8pm. $40 pre-sale or $40 at the door. WAH WAH LOUNGE House Party at Wah Wah. 10pm. $10.

SATURDAY 1 JANUARY 3D Dynasty, Kid Dyl, M-Experience, X-Statik, O-Tek, Karpe-DM, Josh Lang, Soul-T, DJ Kat, St Luke, Roket, Master Kaos, Chris X, Voog & Pazzle, Voog & Pazzle, Threason, DJ sNuff, PGRM, MLK, Bodie, Dylerious. 8am. ALBERT PARK LAKE Betterdays: Junior Jack, Alan Braxe, John Course, Peter Mac, Cassian, Feenixpawl, Brad Sassman, Craig Delmo, aNyO, Kid Creme, DJ Graz. 1pm. $90. THE CORNER HOTEL Built to Spill. 8:30pm. $48 + bf. ESPLANADE HOTEL 2 Live Crew. 8pm. $48 +bf. ESPLANADE HOTEL Illy. Free. PENINSULA, SHED 14 Welcome Summer 11 : Bob Sinclar, Simon Digby, Franky D, Derek {K}. PHILLIP ISLAND Pyramid Rock Fest ival: N*E*R*D, Arrested Development, Chromeo, Xavier Rudd, Gyroscope, Mystery Jets and more. THE POINT, ALBERT PARK Basement Jaxx, Frankie Knuckles, Kaz James, Arthur Baker. $165. PORT PHILLIP BAY Blow Your Own Way Boat Party: Quarion, Christian Vance, Myles Mac vs Andy Hart, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Craig Mcwhinney, Louis Mccoy, Luke Bruin. PRINCE BANDROOM Bass Jump New Year’s THE RAPTURE



TUESDAY 4 JANUARY THE CORNER HOTEL Junips feat Jose Gonzalez, Elias Araya & Tobias Winterkorn. 8pm. $55+ bf. ROOM 680 Big Tuesdays: Room 680 DJs. EAST BRUNSWICK CLUB HOTEL Darra J Family.

WEDNESDAY 5 JANUARY THE CORNER HOTEL The Morning Benders. 8pm. $38.50+ bf.

THURSDAY 6 FIRST FLOOR Ring The Alarm: Jesse I, DJ Major Krazy. 9pm. Free. Day: Andy C, Excision, Break, Loefah, D Bridges, Breakage, Gamo, Krooked, Rigo Tubbs, Klute, Atomic, The Hooligans, They Live, MC Lowqui, DJ Presha. 2pm. $95 + bf. REVOLVER Milton Jackson, Jamie Stevens, Steve Ward, Uone. 8pm. RIVA DJ Ron Carroll, Julie McKnight, Zoe Badwi, Grant Smillie, Minx, Baz Emera, Mark John, Matt Campbell. 2pm. $95-$130. SIDNEY MYER MUSIC BOWL Summadayze: David Guetta, N*E*R*D, Justice, Armin Van Helden, Chromeo, Bob Sinclar, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Tinie Tempah, Miami Horror, Riva Starr, Dennis Ferrer, Claude Von Stroke, Aeroplane, Nervo, Plump DJs, So Me, DVNO, Yuksek, Zombie Disco Squad, The Revenge, Nick Warren, Darren Emerson, Luke Slate, Dave Seaman, Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw, Breakbot, Stafford Brothers, Dirty Laundry, Ajax and more. 9am. $127.45.

SUNDAY 2 JANUARY CIRCUS BAR Circus Sundays: Chardy, Luke McD, Nick Young, DJ Aaron Trotman, Tom Evans, aNyO, Rowie, Katt Niall. 8pm. THE CORNER HOTEL Future of the Left, Blacklevel Embassy. 8pm. $42 + bf. FIRST FLOOR Supa Fly Sundayz: Duchesz, Ayna. THE ROXY Sunset Boulevard Sundays: Jesus, Sammy Hallowell, Sam Gudge, Sauce. 4pm.$10–$15. ONESIXONE Morning Glory: Dwayne Thompson, Derek K, Sam Gudge, Joel Alpha, Tom Evans, James Fava & Rob Pix, Rowie, Jad Hamzi, D-Manual.

MONDAY 3 JANUARY THE CORNER HOTEL Hot Hot Heat, Papa vs Pretty, Fuzz Phantoms. 8pm. $44 + bf.

THE ORDER OF MELBOURNE The Dynamites, Charles Walker. LOOP Mood: Tuan Besar, Johan Elg. 9pm. Free.

FRIDAY 7 JANUARY BILLBOARD Killer: A-Trak, Ajax, Generik, Tranter, Opulent Sound, Kris Baha, Matt Cant, Mafia, Post Percy. PRINCE BANDROOM Sleigh Bells, Baio, Rat vs Possum, Purple Sneakers DJs. 7:30pm $49.50 + bf. THE CORNER HOTEL The Soft Pack, Boomgates, Bleeding Knees Club. 8:30pm. $38.50 + bf. THE ESPY Promoe, Cosmic. LA DI DA Summer Sizzling Sessions: Luke McD. THE ORDER OF MELBOURNE The Dynamites, Charles Walker. ROXANNE PARLOUR Chase & Status DJs, Subfocus, 16Bit (UK), Netsky.

SATURDAY 8 JANUARY HI-FI Espionage: Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer, Hudson Mohawke, Dam-Funk, Harmonic 313, Killa Kella, Kito, Galapagoose, Nam, JPS, Shamik. 10pm. $55 + bf. PRINCE BANDROOM Digitalism. 9pm $35 + bf. THE CORNER HOTEL The Rapture, Strange Talk, Andee Frost. 8:30pm. $55 + bf. FIRST FLOOR Perplex, Ooh Ee, Agent 86, Simon Sez, Paz, A-Style, Weapon X, Lewis Cancut, Mr Fish, Bonitta, Moonshine, Smiles on Impact. THE LOFT The Loft Saturdays: Scotty Erdos, Phil Ross, Nick James, On Time. THE OUTFIELD Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, The Gaslamp Killer. TRAK Strut Saturdays: Mark Pellegrini, Jason Sirini, Andreas, Nick Van Wilder, Michael T, Mas, Danny Merx, Henrique. 9pm. ONESIXONE Audioporn: Audiporn DJs. 9pm. $15–$20.

SUNDAY 9 JANUARY CIRCUS BAR Circus Sundays: Chardy, Luke McD, Nick Young, DJ Aaron Trotman, Tom Evans, aNyO, Rowie, Katt Niall. EVELYN HOTEL The Twelve Legged Beast, Broken Crayons. FIRST FLOOR Supa Fly Sundayz: Duchesz, Ayna. ONESIXONE Morning Glory: Dwayne Thompson, Derek K, Sam Gudge, Joel Alpha, Tom Evans, James Fava & Rob Pix, Rowie, Jad Hamzi, D-Manual. PALAIS THEATRE The National. ROYAL MELBOURNE Darren Emerson. THE ROXY Sunset Boulevard Sundays: Jesus, Sammy Hallowell, Sam Gudge, Sauce.

THURSDAY 13 JANUARY LOOP Noizy Neighbours: Noizy Neighbours.



FIRST FLOOR Ring The Alarm: Jesse I, DJ Major Krazy.

FRIDAY 14 JANUARY LA DI DA Summer Sizzling Sessions: Luke McD. PRINCE BANDROOM The Bamboos, Electric Empire, DJs Pierre Baroni, Kano, Ennio Styles, Chris Gill. PALACE THEATRE Mos Def. 8pm. $102.50. THE FORUM THEATRE Shpongle. $75 (early bird)–$90 (+ bf). NATIONAL THEATRE Gotye NORTHCOTE SOCIAL CLUB Plutonic, G Love (USA). 8:30pm. $34 (+ bf)–$40. ROXANNE PARLOUR Blow Your Own Way: Henrik Schwarz. THE TOFF Poprocks: Dr Phil Smith. THORNBURY THEATRE Owen Pallett.

SATURDAY 15 JANUARY FIRST FLOOR Perplex, Ooh Ee, Agent 86, Simon Sez, Paz, A-Style, Weapon X, Lewis Cancut, Mr Fish, Bonitta, Moonshine, Smiles on Impact. ONESIXONE Audioporn: Audiporn DJs. THE LOFT The Loft Saturdays: Scotty Erdos, Phil Ross, Nick James, On Time. TRAK Stut Saturdays: Mark Pellegrini, Jason Sirini, Andreas, Nick Van Wilder, Michael T, Mas, Danny Merx, Henrique. PLEASE SEND ALL GUESTLIST LISTINGS THROUGH TO MELBOURNE@3DWORLD. COM.AU BY MIDDAY THURSDAY PRIOR TO PUBLICATION.



TOP ALBUM OF 2010? “Yeasayer – Odd Blood, Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, The Drums – Here Come The Drums. Mark Ronson – Record Collection, Paris Wells – Various Small Fires.” TOP SINGLE OF 2010? Beyonce/Gaga – Telephone, Mark Ronson – Bang Bang Bang, Gorillaz – DoncAmatic, The Bedroom Philosopher – Northcote So Hungover.” ARTIST OF THE YEAR? “It’s been Rihanna’s year for me.There is nothing this woman cannot do!” TOP GIG OF 2010? “Echo and the Bunnymen at the Metro Theatre in February.” PREDICTION FOR 2011? “Aloe Blacc – one of the best soul voices I’ve heard in a long time.”


TOP ALBUMS OF 2010? “Janelle Monae – The Archandroid. The diversity of this album was amazing, and she reminds me of Lauren Hill vocally. It’s well written, well produced and original with a bit of everything.”


TOP ALBUM OF 2010? “Kanye West– My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy . The movie Runaway way to go with it is breath taking.” TOP SINGLE OF 2010? “Rihanna and Eminem – Love The Way You Lie. I even love Love The Way You Lie Part 2 on Rihanna’s album”.” ARTIST OF THE YEAR? “Jay-Z is up there, Florence and The Machine. I think I have to give that to Eminem. He’s been through a lot and is exceptionally talented.” TOP GIG OF 2010? “Katy Perry. A great live act with giant inflatable cats. She popped out of a cake. Looks great in latex.” PREDICTION FOR 2011? “I’m interested to see the new Veronica’s album after teaming up with the smashing pumpkins. Zoe Badwi has an album coming up which sounds awesome!”

MC 360

TOP GIG OF 2010? “The Th ree Up Tour at The Hi Fi bar in Melbourne.” PREDICTION FOR 2011? “Hip hop from Aust ralia to become the biggest genre in Aust ralia.”

TOP GIG OF 2010? “DJ Premier at the Espy.” PREDICTION FOR 2011? “Drapht will own 2011, Illy will follow closely behind, Kanye will do a folk/polka/techno record.”


TOP ALBUM OF 2010? “ Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Also Miami Horror – Illumination.”

TOP ALBUM OF 2010? “Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It’s probably my favourite Kanye album yet.” TOP SINGLE OF 2010? “Kanye West – Runaway. Tame impala – Solitude Is Bliss. Drapht – Rapunzal.” ARTIST OF THE YEAR? “Kanye West. After 808’s & Heartbreak no one would predict he would go to making st raight up hip hop and he did it flawlessly.”

TOP SINGLES OF 2010? “Big Boi – Shutterbug. He stepped up everything on this song - lyrics, flow, production.” ARTIST OF THE YEAR? “Plan B. The guy blew me away out of nowhere.”


TOP ALBUM OF 2010? “Drake – Thank Me Later. It’s a massive guilty pleasure, but I’d say I know every word on this release.” TOP SINGLE OF 2010? “Dr. Don-Don – King Of The Stars. I miss house music heaps. Clean, sunny-day, soul-sampling, smile-inducing house music.” ARTIST OF THE YEAR? “You can’t go past Kanye for this one. He’s had the entire world on the proverbial tip of his penis for the second half of the year.” TOP GIG OF 2010? “Horrorshow at The Factory Theatre.” PREDICTION FOR 2011? “Funky house revival, Jinja Safari will be huge, Fred Durst solo album.”

TOP SINGLE OF 2010? “Pendulum – The Island Pt 1. Also hard to go past Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime.” ARTIST OF THE YEAR? “Steve Angello. With an ever growing list of Beatport number 1’s this year alone, he’s proven his label as one of the most sort after house acts in the world.” TOP GIG OF 2010? “Future Music Fest ival 2010: Main Stage before Operator Please.” PREDICTION FOR 2011? “I think you’ll see the Swedish House Mafia continue their domination of the house music scene.”




TOP ALBUM OF 2010? “ Sleigh Bells – Treats.”

TOP ALBUM OF 2010? “Hatikvah – Synchronicity. The album is just an amazing journey through the abyss.”

TOP SINGLE OF 2010? “Grouplove – Colours. I’ve always been a sucker for this sort of whimsical slacker anthem.”

TOP SINGLE OF 2010? “Nina Kraviz – I’m Gonna Get You. I have never seen a dance floor lose there shit to a bass line as they do when you drop this track!” ARTIST OF THE YEAR? “Culoe De Song – Super young, up and coming, consistently producing top quality deep emotional tunes.” TOP GIG OF 2010? “Bukanyr House Boat in Prague over the European summer.” PREDICTION FOR 2011? “The launch of our Reckless Republic Record label. A European tour. Lots of time dedicated to producing with my partner Kate Aust in and other product ion partners.”


TOP ALBUM OF 2010? “Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Family. Honourable mentions go to Rick Ross – Teflon Don and J. Cole – Friday Night Lights.”

ARTIST OF THE YEAR? “LCD Soundsystem. This Is Happening was a great album.” TOP GIG OF 2010? “The Strokes at Splendour In The Grass.” PREDICTION FOR 2011? “Definitely Gypsy and the Cat. Expect to hear about nothing but them.”

TOP SINGLE OF 2010? “Drapht – Rapunzel.” ARTIST OF THE YEAR? “Not to ride Kanye’s pole any further but he has easily been the greatest and most prolific artist of the year.” TOP GIG OF 2010? “Splendour in the Grass.” PREDICTION FOR 2011? “J. Cole is going to change the rap game. Joyride is going to change the sex music game.”


TOP ALBUM OF 2010? “The Roots – How I Got Over You. The Minist ry of Sound Chillout Session XIII.” TOP SINGLE OF 2010? “Swedish House Mafia – One. Also Cinematic Orchest ra featuring Patrick Watson – To Build A Home.”


TOP ALBUM OF 2010? “Watergate 07 mixed by Lee Jones – I was honoured to be able to write a track for the infamous Berlin clubs exclusive mix series.” TOP SINGLE OF 2010? “Nufrequency feat. Ben Onono – Fallen Hero (Motor City Drum ensemble remix).” ARTIST OF THE YEAR? “Ricardo Villalobos – amazing remixes on DFA records, Endless Flight, Desolat, Cadenza and Cynosure.” TOP GIG OF 2010? “Ricardo Villalobos vs. Luciano at Stereosonic Brisbane 2010.” PREDICTION FOR 2011? “San Soda, Kez Ym, Little Fritter – big things to come for all of them in 2011.”

DANNY CLAYTON, CHANNEL [V], THE RIFF TOP ALBUM OF 2010? “Jonsi – Go. Also Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Best Coast – Crazy For You, Girltalk – All Day and Arcade Fire – The Suburbs.” TOP SINGLE OF 2010? “Sleigh Bells – Infinity Guitarsm, Art Vs Science – Magic Fountain, The Radio Dept. – Heaven’s On Fire.” ARTIST OF THE YEAR? “ Lady Gaga. As this meat dress wearing, Santa killing, disco st ick riding freak of nature, she might not have changed the way the game is played but she has definitely rewritten a few rules.” TOP GIG OF 2010? “The Strokes at Splendour in the Grass, Amphitheatre Stage.” PREDICTION FOR 2011? “Just in Bieber will get pubes, his voice will break and he will pimple up like a mofo.”


ARTIST OF THE YEAR? “Armand Van Helden. He producers so many st yles of music and consistantly kills it with every release.” TOP GIG OF 2010? “My closing set at Splendour this year.” PREDICTION FOR 2011? “I have a lot of music coming out next year so hopefully 2011 will be successful for me!”


LINDSAY LOHAN’S NOSE The very notion of being dropped from a fi lm about a town bike with low self-esteem who does too many drugs for being a town bike with low self-esteem who does too many drugs is itself worthy of a Hollywood feature. JOEL MONAGHAN’S DOG’S PENIS Forget Aust ralia qualifying for the World Cup in 2006 or winning the America’s Cup. Joel’s brief st int in the world of zoophilia is now the defining moment in Aust ralian sport, finally trumping Shane Warne’s twohookers-and-a-blow-up-doll escapade. KEVIN RUDD’S GAPING ASSHOLE Did I say asshole? Sorry, I meant mouth – it’s really hard to tell because shit seems to constantly st ream out of both. Th is two-assholed, shit-talking monster may no longer be PM, but as anyone who has act ually battled two-assholed, shit-talking monsters knows, he’ll be back. KATY PERRY’S TITS The only time I can otherwise remember Sesame Street being censored was when “C is for Cookie” got changed to “Cookies are a Sometimes Food”, which was depressing at best. Now apparently Katy Perry’s Ds are going to ruin the lives of children around the globe. LADY GAGA’S SYNAPSES Apparently covering yourself in meat can be interpreted as a statement supporting human rights with a focus upon those in the lebian-gay-bi-trans community. I’m going to remember that next time I’m at the sauna. JULIAN ASSANGE’S HAIR People have asked me what my beef is with dear Julian, to which I generally respond: “Bad hair. You never took a side-part seriously at high school and you shouldn’t as a grown-up.” JULIA GILLARD’S THIGHS It’s interest ing to watch people get highpower, high-st ress jobs and then see what happens to them after way too many breakfast buffets. Kevin Rudd totally porked it on after about four weeks and suffered sandwich withdrawals. Poor Julia

instead is seeing it go st raight to the thighs. Mark my words, no pantsuits within six months. LIL WAYNE’S UTERUS Rebirth generally represents something kinda profound, like finding God, surviving an accident, etc. However, it shouldn’t apply to half-arsed albums that are basically more of the same shit, with the only difference being you got out of prison. KANYE WEST’S THUMB The great thing about Yeezy’s Twitter account is that, unlike the exceptionally inane messages along the lines of “I cry because I love Just in Bieber”, Yeezy gives us gems like: “I specifically ordered persian rugs with cherub imagery!!! What do I have to do to get a simple persian rug with cherub imagery uuuuugh.” Deep. BRENDAN FEVOLA’S SCROTUM Fev’s scrotum was, of course, the unsung hero of Fev’s career in 2010, playing second-fiddle and key support to the more high-profi le penis. People, please give credit where credit is due.


The incredible world of television with 5SPROCKET And here we are at the end of another great year, where so many things happened and we all learned valuable life lessons along the way. Ideally, this column would be a montage of moments; grabs from 2010’s TV bliss, relayed in slow motion to one of Josh Groban’s hits. In this montage would be a narwhal fighting a unicorn and a large-breasted woman wearing limited garments fighting dragons on the edge of an erupting volcano. Fade in to a nine-yearold st ruggling to guess an answer on Pyramid, with a celebrity act ing out the word “dinosaur” and the child answering “triangle”. A grandma being wheeled in to the Antiques Roadshow with her family eagerly waiting to find out her net worth. MasterChef ’s Matt Preston smashing a plate on the ground in protest, then licking up the gourmet mess. Star wipe to New Zealand’s finest cops, a team of super-average dogs wearing helmets, solving crimes and having helicopter rides. Cross fade to Larry The Lawnmower’s highpoint, a lengthy R&B song for the kids about digging a hole (told from the perspect ive of a shovel). Remember All 4 Kidz, the show “made by kids, for kids”, where they wonderfully mispronounce words like “wocket” and make rockets out of velcro and nitroglycerine. Be moved by that sequence from World’s Strictest Parents where

a camp, emo teen is being torn to shreds by a black Baptist family in the South of the US. Next, footage of Daryl Somers picking up the Hey Hey phone, being told that Kevin Rudd was being ousted as Prime Minister, then returning to the action with a guy on a pogo stick breaking his nose. Star wipe to a close up of the “incapacitating verucas” and “festering arseholes” on Embarrasing Bodies, followed with a glimpse of that episode of Bondi Vet where the good doctor had the sea salt licked out of his ear by a party of affluent middle-aged women. Music crescendos, shots get faster. The potato addicted teen on Eataholics. The visionaries of Daredevils: The Flying Car stranded and starving in the middle of the desert. Richard Morecroft stabbing his hand with a pencil out of Letters And Numbersinduced agony. A contestant weeping after failing to restart his career on The Boss Is Coming to Dinner. Recruits. The Joneses. Some beauties. Some geeks. It gets so fast the television explodes. The smell of burning hair. And like a phoenix it all starts to reassemble, ready to start this shit all over again for a newer, similar year.




The big technology stories of the year arguably revolved around oil and information – the flow of it, the spilling of it, and the abundance of hot air generated by it. The White House called BP’s Gulf of Mexico spill in April 2010 the “worst environmental disaster the US has faced”, and it ended up being the “largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum indust ry”. BP’s internal documents were later to reflect the spill was their own fault, and they only had themselves to blame for their own PR moves which included their CEO taking time out to relax at a yacht race during a key time of the repairs. Amongst the many responses to some of BP’s press gaffes, Twitter user @BPGlobalPR provided the funniest and often most biting commentaries. Later in the year, in Cancun, Mexico, we had some small progress towards our increasingly necessary transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient economy. At the Cancun Climate Conference, a funding model was approved that aimed to provide $100 billion a year of funding for developing countries by 2020 to help them green their own economies as well as adapt to the impacts of climate change. A win of sorts. Next meeting? Durban, 2011. Meanwhile: “A trimaran sailing boat has circled the North Pole in a single summer season (Oct, 2010), a feat made possible by global warming and the melting of the Arct ic ice cap.” INFORMATION WANTS TO BE FREE/ COMIC/TRAGIC “Censorship has also been privatised… litigious billionares and big companies are able to effect ively prevent certain things appearing in public...” Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, which was refused service by PAYPAL, Mastercard and Amazon’s host ing late in 2010. “The aim of WikiLeaks is to achieve just reform around the world and do it through the mechanism of transparency.” Julian

Assange “Both the American people and nations that censor the Internet should understand that our government is committed to helping promote Internet freedom.” Hillary Clinton, now part of White House moves to try and prosecute WikiLeaks in regards to leaked US diplomatic cables, some of which suggest Clinton ordered espionage on UN members. “They could plug into your wire whenever they wanted to. You had to live – did live, from habit that became inst inct – in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.” George Orwell, 1984. “Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard, just ask. People just submitted it. I don’t know why. They ‘trust me’. Dumb fucks.” Mark Zuckerberg, during his early years of Facebook. He was the 2010 Time Magazine Person Of The Year. The Time readers poll voted for Assange... @JEAN_POOLE



If you’re reading this, that means you made it through 2010 alive. Congratulations. With global warming, the continuing Global Financial Crisis and skyrocketing power bills, this has been a crappy year and a lousy start to the new decade. Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and Gary Coleman are two and a half men who probably wish 2010 had never happened. Mel and Charlie positioned themselves securely in the fi le marked “Completely Undateable”. Meanwhile former sitcom star Gary Coleman collapsed in his kitchen from some kind of brain tumour. He died, despite his dist raught wife rushing him to the children’s hospital. Aust ralian television poured a bucket of crap on our heads this year. First ly, Channel 7 only saw fit to kill off one beloved character from their appalling show Packed To The Rafters (surely a suicide pact involving the entire cast would’ve been more entertaining). Then, just to kick us while we were down, Channel 9 attempted to reinvent Shane Warne as some kind of pithy talk show host. The result was witless, self indulgent and utterly gruesome. Box office receipts indicate that it’s statist ically likely that you sat through the three hour, 3D yawn fest Avatar, director James Cameron’s fi rst fi lm since his three hour, 2D yawn fest Titanic. 2010 certainly didn’t learn how to merge interest ing plot lines and actual act ing to the 3pectacle either. Later in the year, Sex And The City 2 took the once untouchable franchise one step too far by changing the “City” from Manhattan to Dubai and changing

the characters from fun loving girls into spoilt, leathery old racists. In US politics, Barack Obama learned that trying to quit cigarettes is physically impossible while simultaneously cleaning up the mess left by the previous guy. Closer to home, Julia Gillard asked us to judge her on how she does the job, not how she got the job. That hasn’t helped her popularity. Maybe she should ask us to judge her on the fact that she isn’t a smoker. The good news is that 2010 is over now. The bad news is that 2011 could be even worse if we aren’t careful. So let’s make sure it really is a Happy New Year. Or at least a happier year than the write-off that was 2010. DAVE JORY



Quitting implies not smoking anything, and nothing is very small.


No foul breath, no stained teeth and fingers, no having to huddle outside a club in the freezing cold for a cheeky mid-winter gasper... You need more?


No more cigarette breaks means you’ll work at least an additional hour per day.


“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.” Mark Twain.


Once you’ve kicked it you’ll theoretically have more money than you’ve ever dreamed of.




It definitely does – whether you want to end up bigger or smaller depends on where you start.


If you get fit, people will start to think you look fit and from there anything is possible. There are also all sorts of self-esteem benefits but they’re an added bonus really.


You’ll become one of those people who talks about exercising who everyone hates.


“It’s as satisfying to me as, uh, coming is, you know? As, ah, having sex with a woman and coming. And so can you believe how much I am in heaven? I am like, uh, getting the feeling of coming in a gym, I’m getting the feeling of coming at home, I’m getting the feeling of coming backstage when I pump up, when I pose in front of 5,000 people, I get the same feeling, so I am coming day and night.” Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Check your local gym – or do it for free at your local park.




50,000 words and beyond.


Prose is its own pro.


Will most likely rule out any chance of quitting smoking or getting fit in 2011.


“Writing a novel is like making love, but it’s also like having a tooth pulled. Pleasure and pain. Sometimes it’s like making love while having a tooth pulled.” Dean Koontz.


Hours of your life you’ll most likely never get back.

FROM? – but cramming it all into November isn’t recommended.


EMPLOYMENT ENTERTAINMENT Australia’s leading online employment and news website dedicated to backstage. The website is free to search and join with out any hassles of membership fees. www. iFlogID: 9953 LOCK & LOAD MELBOURNE: NOW HIRING! We service the entertainment & events industry. We need crew for the Xmas/ New Year period. Award rates paid weekly. Hurry! Don’t miss your chance to be part of this dynamic industry! Website applications: lockandload. iFlogID: 10170

FOR SALE AMPS P.A AMP. 1800 watt split mono “CARVER” USA made with BOSE controller.rack mount style in case.will run 2 by 4 “W” bins.very powerfull.VGC.cost over $2500 sell $750. Ph.0428744963 Cooroy. iFlogID: 10225 PEAVEY BANDIT 11 80 watt 12” combo guitar amp.USA made.2 channel footswitchable.reverb,saturation etc. great fat tones.VGC.$350 Ph. 0428744963. cooroy. iFlogID: 9913

DJ EQUIPMENT DJ & Midi Gear for Sale Tonium Pace maker dj mp3 & mixer $500, Novation Launchpad $160, Novation Nocturn $150, Icon I-control $79, Korg MicroKorg $400. Newtown ph: 0430 422 902 iFlogID: 10095

DRUMS Roland TD-12 V-Drum Kit. Includes Tama Iron Cobra double kick pedals, HiHat stand and drum throne. Also, Roland PM-3 Sub and Amp box with 2 rack-mounted satellite speakers. All in excellent working condition. $5000 ono. 0404 084 854 iFlogID: 10263 Win a Pearl Forum drum kit with cymbals. Drummers Paradise are celebrating their 21st birthday by giving away a Pearl Black Forum 5 piece kit with cymbals. Just go to au to enter. Prize is Drawn Dec 21st a noon. iFlogID: 9939

KEYBOARDS NOT AVAILABLE FOR FREE ADS. CL Akai-Miniak V.A-Synthesizer just bought in-Canada.Brandnew. In-box with wrappings-manualsetc. 37 semi-weighted-key-synth with 40-band Vocoder, Drummachine on-board, THREE MODwheels, from Akai-Pro/Alesis. Has N.American plug-adapter, so-I’m throwing in a brand-new Stepdown transformer ($60 value) $575. Way-way below Aus-retail. Pickup/cheap delivery within Sydney, iFlogID: 9996

Clutch is good, brakes good, everything on this bike is in great condition. ph: 0430422902 iFlogID: 10097 Male Siberian Husky 6 month Pupp Pure Bred Certificates Vaccinated, Chipped + Wormed Perfect for Breeding or a Great Guard Dog Very Affectionate 0425 820 547 iFlogID: 10273


PHOTOGRAPHY SMT Media is all about capturing what live music is all about....... Artists have included Guns’N’Roses, PINK, Beyonce, Foo Fighters etc. Affordable hourly rate for local artists. For further information please contact Sarah at...... Email: iFlogID: 10033



BOOKING AGENTS Gig Launch is Australia’s first online booking agency. Gig on a Japanese Boat for 6 months at AU$3000 per month, Submit your music to feature films, Play at any of the Scorcherfest festivals and Apollo Bay! Just head to www.giglaunch. iFlogID: 10004

DUPLICATION/ MASTERING Deluxe Mastering: Melbourne’s premier mastering specialists for CD, vinyl and online release. Service-focused, relaxed atmosphere, decades of experience in all genres, custom analogue signal path. No-obligation quotes & mix evaluations. See website for credits. w: au e: iFlogID: 9854

EP RELEASE EVERY SONG - RADIO READY! SPECIAL PRICE avail for singer/songwriters until end of January 2011... Have 5 songs produced, mixed & mastered for ONLY $499 per track!!! Email info@nathaneshman. com for more details as conditions apply. Visit www.nathaneshman. com for audio examples iFlogID: 9963

HIRE SERVICES For as low as $100, you get a professional PA system with a sound mixer with operator. Suitable for weddings, pub/club band gigs, private parties etc. infovision@ Contact Chris 0419 272 196 iFlogID: 9834 INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED PRODUCER! Credits include: Marcia Hines, Candice Alley, ExToto frontman Fergie Frederikson. Have every song produced at radio standard...under every budget. Visit, email or call 0403 498 103 for package prices...from demos, to singles and full albums. iFlogID: 9965


OTHER Hyosung 2007 GV250 Motorbike, Learner Legal, 5600km. rego until march. Serviced at 5000k and running perfectly. Tyres are good,

sonal industry experience into each and every tax return. Individual Tax Returns from only $99. Discounted rates available for multiple years. Phone Dave Elliott 0434 979 269 or email iFlogID: 9978

Detax will maximise your tax refund or minimise your tax liability, by applying years of Entertainment & Arts industry tax knowledge & per-

way to learn saxophone for students of different ages (from kids to adults) and different levels (from beginners to advanced). $35/hour Lorenzo 0410041979 iFlogID: 9911 VOX MUSIC ACADEMY FOR GUITAR • VOCAL • BASS • DRUM TUITION Get the very best out of your music career. BOOK NOW! Vacancies at Dandenong, Bayswater & Brunswick. Contact Us info@voxmusic. or PH (03) 8772 2605 iFlogID: 9907



We have been working in our new room for some of the most talented around the globe and we’re getting some amazing results. // Drop us a line to hear your music in a world class listening environment, or send us some files to hear a sample of our results. We are as passionate about your music as you are, and guarantee our work for a reason. // PRICING IS FIXED... EP $320 / ALBUM $600 // This is a complete package cost and does include attended sessions, which we encourage. // Check us out at... ... or drop me a line on 0403 435 686. // Paul Butler Tayar // THE BUTLER MASTERING iFlogID: 10140

STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! Whether it be drumskin decals, logo design, or a portable stage backdrop, allow Brainchild Project Management take your gig to the next level. You sound great, now look great - dont be just another Band/DJ at just another venue... let your fans know who you are, and advertise your name at the same time! iFlogID: 9852


Eternal Post Production iFlogID: 9698

DRUM SKIN GRAPHICS, GUITAR & AMP PERSONALIZATION, CUSTOMISED DJ GEAR, BANNERS & MORE! an independent design and graphics service aiming to create a unique & personal magic to performing artists, musicians, venues and events coordinators for reasonable cost. SEARCH 102designs ON FACEBOOK! iFlogID: 10047

Looking for an affordable place for your next recording? New artists welcome! Prices just $35 an hour on weekdays, $40 on weekends. Book 5 hours and pay just $30 an hour. Please call JD on 0423498917 for any further information. iFlogID: 10312



REPAIRS ROCKIN REPAIRS - GUITAR TECH RESTRINGS-SETUPS-UPGRADESREPAIRS Do you live to play? Whether you’ve bought a new guitar or a favourite is feeling faded, we’ll rejuvenate it! We work hard to give you the feel/sound you want! 0405253417 tara@rockinrepairs. com iFlogID: 9342

TUITION “360 degree” participation: Artist Management. Business Support. Production Support. Multimedia Design & Management. Customer Care. Web / IT. Software Development. Get the Business Advantage and Go the Next Step. Office: +61 2 8011 3144 iFlogID: 10166

Australia’s Apple Certified Logic Pro 9 Trainer and Apple Master Pro User,is now available for Logic Pro 9 tuition.20 years exp.Best tuition,best rates.Courses start from $299.00.Call Song Surgery on 02-8212-4522.I guarantee you will learn. iFlogID: 10155

Heavy Metal Music Community. Upload And Promote Your Metal Music Online Free. Create your own band page. Heavy Metal, Black, Thrash, Death Metal, Hardcore, Gothic, Grindcore and many more. Australian owned. Join now! www. iFlogID: 10031

Guitar & Bass Tuition. Electric & Acoustic. Private one on one lessons, all age groups catered. Beginner thru intermediate. Theory, Rock, Blues, Slide, Finger Picking & Improvisation techniques. Phone Terry 0402 993 268. Sutherland Shire. iFlogID: 10020 is free to join, and with over 4500 members its fast becoming the largest online music community in Australia! If your looking to join or form a band, find a band member, or get exposure check Ozjam out today! iFlogID: 9941

GUITAR LESSONS with experienced and qualified tutor. Who has 20 years of studio and live performance. Rock, pop, jazz, theory, etc. etc. Beginners to advanced. In the convenience of your own home. Good results guaranteed. Phone Oles on 0407413143 email oa@ iFlogID: 10153 SAX


MUSIC VIDEOS offer a great way to gain exposure. Immersion Imagery has worked with over 20 artists and strives to offer quality creative Music Videos at an affordable price. Visit or email iFlogID: 10054

MUSICIANS AVAILABLE BASS PLAYER NOT AVAILABLE FOR FREE ADS. CL looking for keen and creative drummer to start playing live and wanting to make it big. Must want to make originals and be dedicated. Please get in contact if interested, Sam, 0431953894 iFlogID: 10252

DRUMMER Pro level drummer with good vocal ability available for gigs, sessions, tours etc. Good gear, good attitude, own transport. Can play many styles, specialising in Rock and Funk. Based on the Sunshine Coast. Call Paolo on 0404054743 iFlogID: 10012

GUITARIST Pro guitarist / singer available iFlogID: 10022 Credits: Marcia Hines, Candice Alley & Fergie Frederikson (ex-Toto)... Nathan Eshman is available for online guitar sessions. Email him your guide tracks & you’ll receive tracks recorded in a pro studio without leaving home. Contact info@ or visit www. ANY BUDGET! iFlogID: 9967

OTHER SAXOPHONIST AVAILABLE----Experienced saxophonist based in Sydney is looking for bands and studio sessions. Jazz, funky, afro, reggae, latin, rock, folk. If interested contact Lorenzo at 0410041979 or Cheers. iFlogID: 9909

SINGER Guy (26) with singing in his blood. Need music in my life.I’ll give my all and be myself.Definitely a performer/ frontman. Got lots of energy, inspiration and can write lyrics.I believe that the right band will find me. iFlogID: 9882

MUSICIANS WANTED BASS PLAYER Bass player , experienced for

original trio iFlogID: 10016

Bass player needed to complete 8 piece soul and reggae type band. Playing mostly covers but working on originals, plan on showcasng band mid Feb so no time wasters please! iFlogID: 10260 Female bass player wanted for Brisbane rock dance band. Must be 18 - 35 years, photogenic, reliable. Inf: RHCP, RATM, P!nk, Suzi Quatro, Alanis Morrissette and more. Ph: 0437 428 859 or 3267 6789. iFlogID: 9932

KEYBOARD KEYBOARD/ORGAN PLAYER NEEDED FOR NORTH SHORE BASED CHRISTIAN FUNK BAND - MUST BE COMMITTED & HAVE GEAR & TRANSPORT CONTACT: Ben 99444984 OR snapper_watson@ iFlogID: 9899 National shows, recording and management backed. Need versatile keyboard/synth. From vintage B3 and Rhodes to giant arpeggiator and melodic synth. We have a keyboard, you need to a basic knowledge of chords and willingness to learn songs. thebabyseal@ iFlogID: 9884

OTHER Guitaring psytrance producer located north-west of sydney with ample free-time forming a RockTrance act to play at bush parties and eventually clubs using loop pedals and programs. keys/drums/ bass/other musicians wanted for collaboration, gigs and good times. Search gmabbit online. iFlogID: 10118 MANDURAH REGION:BLUES/ BLUE GRASS JAM SESSION ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT’S NEXT YEAR @ THE SLUG AND HARE ALEHOUSE 12 PINJARRA ROAD MAND. au if you want any information 95358866 iFlogID: 10281

SINGER Female Vocalist Wanted for Corporate/Club Act An established Corporate/Club act is looking for a Female Vocalist, good vocal versatility, own transport, reliability. Constant work, great conditions, pay for the right applicant. Email/ Call Steven s-rowden@onthenet. 0417728754 or www. Gold Coast/Brisbane/Sunshine Coast iFlogID: 10212 Indie/electronica/dance producer looking for singers/songwriters to collaborate. Looking for vocal style like Passion pit, MGMT, The Empire of the sun, DOM, Wolfgang. For more info mail to reigovilbiks@ iFlogID: 10130 Require a strong professional female singer with cover band experience for high end Corporate and private Functions Party Covers Band and agency backed! Send CV/bio to on receipt I will send applicable band website, setlists, songs etc iFlogID: 9714 SINGERS NEEDED FOR NORTH SHORE BASED CHRISTIAN FUNK BAND - MUST BE COMMITTED & TRANSPORT CONTACT: Ben 99444984 OR snapper_watson@ iFlogID: 9901

For a limited time. Free online andprint classifieds Book now, visit



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3D World has been serving the electronic dance music and hip hop community of Sydney and surrounding areas since 1989, recently racking up 1...

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