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Blast Supper A grand scene, bits and odds hung from a ceiling or light fixture. A fan of some kind blowing glitter. “Full Bullets” Dates pregnant with cooking fat and and a violence of curling metal shavings

“Moonlit Harbor” Glittered broth with a deserted island of incandescent green garnish

“Rose Almondine” A dry almond cradled in fatty bacon swathed in an affectionate red rose

“Young Chickens in Detroit” An eggs-bolt salade, heavily peppered, dusted with glitter of multi-colours, with a drizzle of motor oil, set gently in a pellucid glass vase.

“Birth to Death” Chicken thighs, two dollops of whipped cream, colored metallic jewellery beads and tiny specks of gilded paper. (menu by Ashley Scurto)

Photos by Ad-Lib for Marvin Dobson Media

Blast Supper  

photo montage in homage to the Futurists