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SP288* Study Abroad Salamanca, Spain May 1-May 29, 2016

The Castle of Segovia SP288* Group in Segovia

* A 1.0-credit intensive

Spanish language and culture immersion course Wilfrid Laurier University @ El Colegio de Espa単a

Overview SP288* is a 1.0-credit, shortterm, intensive study abroad experience offered by the Department of Languages and Literatures. It provides students with the opportunity to learn Spanish under the supervision of a Laurier professor while living abroad and immersing oneself in the target language and culture.

La Alhambra, Granada

La Plaza Mayor, Salamanca

SP288* features cultural and conversation activities along with excursions and day trips to over a dozen cities while abroad. At least 1.0 credit of introductory Spanish is required in order to take SP288* (completion of SP100* or SP102 or permission of dept.)

“Guernica” by Pablo Picasso in Madrid’s Museo de Reina Sophia

“Las Meninas” by Diego Velázquez in Madrid’s Museo del Prado

The Mosque of Córdoba

Guadalquivir River, Cテウrdoba

The walled city of テ」ila

What’s included?

• transportation and airport transfers while abroad • textbook and academic materials • international student health insurance • room and board with Spanish families in Salamanca including three meals per day and linens • hotel accommodations and all meals on excursions throughout Spain o trip to Galicia and visits to Santiago de Compostela, Astorga, Ponferrada, Lugo, Villafranca, and León o trip to Andalucía and visits to Cáceres, Sevilla, Córdoba, and Granada o trip to Madrid and Toledo and visits to world-famous museums o trip to Segovia and Ávila

1st Century Aqueduct, Segovia

What’s not included? • Airfare: is not included in the price in order to give the students the freedom to stay on in Europe after SP288*, use frequent flier miles, etc. SP288* will commence and end at the Madrid airport. • WLU tuition: is not included in the price and is billed to student accounts by the Business Office.


• SP288* is paid in either 1 x $4,200 certified cheque (i.e., bank draft or money order) or 2 x $2,100 payable to “Wilfrid Laurier University.”

La Mancha

Timeline Expressing interest • Submit an e-interest form by: • Dec. 1, 2015: Early deadline to express interest. • Jan. 10, 2016: Final deadline to express interest. •

• •

Pre-departure Jan. 14, 2016: Mandatory predeparture meeting 1 of 3 and nonrefundable payment due (4:005:15pm in BA403). Feb. 11, 2016: Mandatory predeparture meeting 2 of 3 and nonrefundable payment due (if haven’t paid in full) (4:00-5:30pm in BA403). March 1, 2016: E-mail flight information to supervising professor. April 7, 2016: Mandatory predeparture meeting 3 of 3 (4:005:30pm in BA403)

On site • May 1, 2016: SP288* begins at the Madrid Airport. • May 29, 2016: SP288* ends at the Madrid Airport.

The Plaza of Spain, Sevilla

The Cathedral, Salamanca

El Colegio de Espa単a International Host Institution to SP288*

Have questions? Visit the SP288* website

SP288* Group in Toledo

Dr. John W. Schwieter Supervising Professor of SP288*

SP288*: Study Abroad