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SCRIPT OF THE PLAY “THE WORLD IS OUR PLAY GROUND” ACT I A boy is sitting at a computer. He is surrounded by scattered papers, soda cans, crumbs, baggies, etc. Judging by the boys face it is plain that he’s very tired. He is typing with effort, he’s straining his eyes to see something on the screen. Through the window we hear voices calling: FRIENDS - Jacek ! Jacek! The boy hardly rises his head and answers:

JACEK - What now?! FRIEND - Come out, the weather is great! JACEK - I have no time! The boy focuses on the computer. Moment of silence. And then (we hear) again. FRIEND 1- Jacek! Come out to play ball, Andrzej’s got a new one! JACEK - I don’t feel like it! FRIEND 2 - You never feel like anything! Jacek gets up (with difficulty), trips over some junk and closes the window, finally (huffing and puffing heavily) he sits back down in an arm chair. He returns to the computer. A few boys dressed in sweats enter mid stage, one of them is holding a ball. They face the audience: FRIEND 1 - Jacek wasn’t always like that. FRIEND 2 - He used to run and play ball with us. FRIEND 3 - We often used to play hide-and-go-seek and paper chase FRIEND 4 - That’s was like until he got a computer. FRIEND 3 - Since then he ignores us. FRIEND 2 - The internet and computer games are more important for him. FRIEND 1 - Unfortunately this is true. The computer is all Jacek sees. Such a life style may cause many health problems: overweight, bad eye sight, being out of shape, as well as losing your friends and poor performance at school… This situation could have been totally different. A student enters. Jacek is typing again, playing a fascinating game. Through the window a voice can be heard:

FRIENDS - Jacek! Jacek! JACEK - What?! FRIEND 1 - Come out, let’s do something. Everyone is here. JACEK - I don’t feel like it. I have more important things to do. Jacek returns to the game. Somebody is knocking, then Jacek’s friends enter the stage. FRIEND 2 - Jacek get away from that computer ! FRIEND 3 - You’ve been at it all day.

FRIEND 4 - Do you wanna waste all Saturday? FRIEND 1 - Take a look at yourself, you look awful! Unlike me! Shows off his muscles. FRIEND 2 - Look at the mess around you! FRIEND 3 - There’s trash everywhere! He motions “all around” with his arm. Jacek turn’s off his computer. JACEK - You’re right. I don’t want to live like this. I have to change something! No more games. The computer is just a source of information, otherwise this will not end well. Let’s go! The boys exit, patting Jacek on the shoulder, they’re laughing and joking. A student enters the stage. FRIEND 1 -We know which solution is better. Spending too much time in front of the computer can even lead to addiction. Let’s not allow that to happen, and let’s help those who are addicted to computer games. It’s better for the health to spend more time outside. ACT II A girl sitting in a chair. She’s holding a book, next to her there are more books. A voice is coming from the window. FRIENDS - Kasia! Kasia! Sucked in to the book she’s not answering. We hear: FRIEND 1 - Kasia?! KASIA - Yes?!

FRIEND 2 - Want to skip the rope with us? FRIEND 3 - I don’t have the time, maybe later… FRIEND 4 - But it’s Saturday, you don’t have to study! FRIEND 2 - You’re reading again! FRIEND 3 - Leave your books and come out for a moment! FRIEND 1 - I can’t, my mom needs me. Kasia closes the window, then she sits back down in the chair and returns to her reading. Some girls with jump ropes enter the stage and they address the audience: FRIEND 2 - Kasia wasn’t always like that. FRIEND 3 - She used to play with us more often. FRIEND 1 - Recently something changed and she doesn’t come out at all. FRIEND 2 - It’s good that she reads, but she doesn’t have a single moment for us… FRIEND 3 - Kasia is an excellent student and she works hard for it. Her homework is always done, she studies (diligently) a lot. Yet she spends all of her free time reading. She often reads late into the night and for that she is tired and she gets head aches. Her eye sight is also suffering. Her love for literature is causing her to loose her friends… This story also could have ended differently. Kasia turns a page. A voice is heard: FRIENDS - Kasia, Kasia KASIA! - What? FRIEND 1 - Come join us. We already drew hopscotch KASIA - I can’t, I have a lot of studying to do. Preoccupied by reading she doesn’t notice her friends’ entrance. One nudges her and Kasia looks at them in surprise with sleepy eyes. FRIEND 1 - What’s wrong with you? FRIEND 2 - You don’t go out at all, you’re reading all the time!!! FRIEND 3 - It’s been a long time since we’ve played Chinese jump rope FRIEND 4 - Be active with us, let’s go to the playground! FRIEND 3 - I’ll take my sophie ball, we can play it Kasia jumps out of the chair and says:

KASIA - Yes, you’re right. The books can wait, and I need some time for myself. Reading and studying will be a pleasure again! The girls exit, laughing and skipping. A student enters the stage. FRIEND 1- Sometimes it’s important to give something up for your own good. The stories of Kasia and Jacek tell us how important it is to be physically active and to spend time outdoors. Let the world be our playground. Everyone enters the stage, they bow. THE END


In the gym, pupils are sitting down leaving a square free for the play. 12 pupils are playing and two more arrive. Narrator: This is the story of Piotrek and Ayse. This is their first day in a Spanish school. P: (speaking to the audience) Hello! My name's Piotrek. I'm.....years old. I'm from Poland. A: ( '' ) Hello! My name's Ayse. I'm.....years old. I'm from Turkey. How are you? Piotrek and Ayse introduce themselves again to the group that is playing. P: (speaking to the pupils) Hello! My name's Piotrek. I'm.....years old. I'm from Poland. A: ( '' ) Hello! My name's Ayse. I'm.....years old. I'm from Turkey. Two pupils from Africa stand up and speak to Piotrek and Ayse. Aminata(w):Hello! My name's Aminata. I'm.....years old. I'm from Africa. Abdoulaye(m): Hello! My name's Abdoulaye. I'm.....years old. I'm from Africa.

Aminata: Do you want to play with us? Abdoulaye: We are going to play “Trente cinq” N: Two groups. Group 1. Go to the hoops! Group 2. In the middle, one foot inside, a ball in your hand. Ready, steady, go! (Pupils follow the instructions) (Game instructions: two teams with four participants each. Five hoops, four making a square and one in the middle at a distance of 5 meters. The participants of one group are safe in the hoops. They have to go running from one hoop to the next until they arrive the starting point. The other group in the hoop of the middle should try to touch the others using balls. After this, the group change positions and the winner is the group with more survivors.) Pupils play the game, one time each group. When the game finish the narrator says which one is the winner. They sit down and two of them stand up and go next to Piotrek and Ayse.

Hannah: Hello! My name's Hannah. I'm.....years old. I'm from America. Billy: Hello! My name's Billy. I'm.....years old. I'm from America. H: Do you want to play with us? B: We are going to play “Catch the ribbons”. N: Three groups. Group 1, blue ribbons. Group 2, red ribbons. Group three, yellow ribbons. Colour red. Catch the ribbons!. Colour yellow. Catch the ribbons! Colour blue. Catch the ribbons! After each colour the narrator counts how many pupils still carry on their ribbons. At the end the narrator says which group is the winner. (Game instructions: Three groups. Each group carries on their backs a colored ribbon. A player of each group will say a colour and the other groups should go and take these ribbons. If a player catches a ribbon will put it on his back with his own. This way the player who has lost the ribbon can get it back.) They sit down and two of them stand up and go next to Piotrek and Ayse. Akenehi (w): Hello! My name's Akenehi. I'm.....years old. I'm from Oceania.

Amahau (m): Hello! My name's Amahau. I'm.....years old. I'm from Oceania. Ak: Do you want to play with us? Am: We are going to play “Follow the mother”. N: (choosing a mother) You are the mother. Follow and imitate the mother.Ready, steady, go! (Game instructions: all players make a row and the one in first play will be the mother. The others should repeat exactly every movement of the mother. If they don’t do it they will be out of the game)

At the end they sit down and two of them stand up and go next to Piotrek and Ayse. Yan-Yan (m): Hello! My name's Yan-Yan. I'm.....years old. I'm from Asia. Kumiko (w): Hello! My name's Kumiko. I'm.....years old. I'm from Asia. Y: Do you want to play with us?

K: We are going to play “The fisherman” N: The fisherman in this line. Players in this line. Ready, steady, go! (Game instructions: A field divided in two by a line. All players stand in one side of the line. One player stands on the line and can move along it but not out. This player is called “the fisherman”. The other players should go to the other side without being catch. If a player is catch he/she should hold hands with the fisherman and try to catch the others) At the end they sit down and two of them stand up and go next to Piotrek and Ayse. Alejandro (m): Hello! My name's Alejandro. I'm.....years old. I'm from Europe. Patricia (w): Hello! My name's Patricia. I'm.....years old. I'm from Europe. Al: Do you want to play with us? Pa: We are going to play “Chu-chu-a” N: Listen to the song and follow the instruction. At the end they sit down. Piotrek and Ayse speaking to the audience:

Piotrek: Now it's our turn. Ayse: Do you want to play? Piotrek: We are going to play “Pass the ball”. N: Two groups. Pass the ball using your chin. Ready, steady, go! All the participants: (to the audience) Do you want to play “Pass the ball”? Group 1, group 2...Ready, steady, go! Pass the ball!!! The audience plays together “Pass the ball”.

(Game instructions: two or more groups in a line. Each group has a ball. The ball should arrive to the end of the line going from one participant to another using only the chin. If the ball falls down, they have to take it again and follow.) While the audience plays, pupils in pairs and in order of appearance in the play make a cue. When the game finish they say the name of their continent showing their t-shirts. Finally, they say all together the title of the play, which is written on the narrator's t-shirt.

SCRIPT OF THE PLAY “THE WORLD IS OUR PLAY GROUND” Act I David is sitting in his room.He has got a lot of toys but he is unhappy. David: All of these are boring. Look at these toys all of them are old. David’s mother :David! That’s enough! These toys are not old. We have just bought them. David: I don’t like them. They are not funny. David’s mother :Don’t behave like that. Your father bought you the latest model of laptop and also there are funny games in it also. Why don’t you play computer games?

David: Offf!!! I don’t want to play!!!! Maaammm you don’t understand me exactly. All of them are boring. David’s mother : Well then. We moved into new house with a children's playground for you. Children are playing outside. Go and play with them. David: I don’t want to play. It has got old toys. Playing with children is also boring. When I play with children I will fight with them so you angry to me.

The bell is ringing and his friend John comes to play with him.

John: Hi David. David: Hi John. Come and sit. David’s mother : Would you like to eat Cheese Cake ? David : No thanks. If John wants to eat , bring to him. John: Neither do I. John: What are you doing at home? Wheather is sunny. David: It’ s too hot. I don’t like .And What shall I do outside?

John: OK. Let’s play with your toys . David: With these toys…Don’t talk nonsensible! John: Let’s play computer games. David: No. I am boring while I am playing. John: Well Then I am going.

Act II

Jim: heeyyy kids. Play also for me. Jim’s mother: Look Jim. Who is coming? Jim : Joohhhnn! Welcome my friend. Come and sit. Jim’s mother: Would you like to eat bread with honey? Jim : OK Mum. Thanks a lot. John: You are sitting at home all day. It is boring, isn’t it? Jim: No, I am watching the children playing outside, I am drawing pictures, talking with my mother. I can find something to do every day. John: I went to David’s home yesterday. He is the only son of a rich family. He has got a lot of toys and latest model of laptop. In addition there is a children’s playground in their garden. He is healthy but unhappy. When I look at you Mmm… You understand what I mean… How do you manage to be happy? Jim: Look John. People can be disable, can be poor and maybe in prison. The important point is people should be aware of ways to be able to happy himself .And the simplest way of its is keeping in mind that The World is our playground and all of us are part of the same game. Every time, anywhere we will be happy .


The scripts of the plays ‘The world is our playground “ were written and translated into English. Then the plays were staged, recorded and...

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