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WELCOME Thank you for considering Immanuel Christian School as an option for your child’s education. Immanuel, just 3 minutes from Lynn Mall, will appeal to parents in central and west Auckland, who are looking for an independent Christian school with a proven track record. Our goal is to support parents as they seek to raise their children in God’s ways. Enrolling your child or children at Immanuel Christian School has many benefits: Dedicated, qualified staff who care for and love children and teenagers. Teaching is more than a job to our teachers. Excellent, settled learning environment with small class sizes and focused students. Students are taught to think according to a Biblical worldview and how to outwork this in a lifestyle of servanthood. Academic excellence. Immanuel students gain better marks in external exams than their counterparts in the state system. Please see the statistics on our website showcasing our NCEA results over recent years and let the numbers speak for themselves. A peaceful, safe, happy school environment. Friends made at Immanuel become friends for life. Exceptionally low fees by independent private school standards. I invite you to make the time to come and view our school and talk with me about how we can serve you and your family. Pete Slaney. Principal

Serving today’s Christians, educating tomorrow’s


Our School We are a friendly Christian school with a family atmosphere where parents, staff and students communicate openly and easily. Immanuel Christian School is interdenominational and evangelical Over 25 churches are currently represented by the 70 families

Immanuel Christian School provides education that: Centres all learning around the lordship of Christ, promoting a Biblical worldview Encourages academic excellence Facilitates student interaction and incorporates various teaching and learning styles Builds Christian character in practical ways Prepares and equips children to be salt and light in society Includes extracurricular activities including camps, sports events and trips

Structure and Accountability Immanuel Christian School is owned and operated by The Christian Schools Association of Avondale (a charitable organisation). A Board of Trustees, elected by the Association, administers the Association and the School. The Principal of Immanuel Christian School is responsible to the Board for the overall conduct of school operations.

The Interact Curriculum The Interact Curriculum is a Biblically-based and integrated programme of learning suitable for students in Years 1 - 8. It is designed to inspire teachers with a multitude of creative ideas, questions and learning activities through which students can engage in learning about God and his world. The Interact Curriculum is designed to encourage students to interact with God, with others and with their world in the course of their learning day, and it is our intention to serve teachers by resourcing them with leading edge curriculum material that helps students to:


IMMANUEL CHRISTIAN WITH AS A Immanuel Christian SchoolSCHOOL partnersPARTNERS with parents as aPARENTS God-honouring GOD-HONOURING QUALITY EDUCATION PROVIDER quality education provider


Parents Endorsement

Years 1 - 6 Children at Immanuel are excited about learning. Every child is expected to work to the best of their ability. All studies at this level are based on the uniquely Christcentred Interact curriculum.

Learning in our foundational years include benefits such as: Small class sizes Teachers can quickly recognise the unique learning styles of each student and shape lessons accordingly Studies in devotions are a basis for other work whether it is art, written language, reading, social studies or science etc.

I am constantly blessed by the depth of modelling of Christ’s teaching that I see at Immanuel Christian School. The students, the staff and the wider community are a wonderful blessing to our family. Moreover, the standard of education, the Biblical foundation, and the Christian worldview that my children receive are developing in them a love for God, His Word and for others. It is such a joy to see our children being ‘transformed by the renewing of their minds’ and equipped for a truly missional lifestyle. Reverend Glenn Paddison

In every area the children are challenged to measure what they are learning with what the Bible says.

Extracurricular events particular to this age group Performing arts / musical theatre Choir, including performances at retirement homes Engagement with local and international missions at assemblies A school musical every second year with special roles for younger children

Serving today’sCHRISTIANS, Christians, educating tomorrow’s SERVING TODAY’S EDUCATING TOMORROWS

Emerging Adolescents Years 7 & 8 At Immanuel, our Year 7 and 8 students have a home room teacher who is responsible for the core curriculum areas. The Interact Curriculum, written by Helen Pearson, provides a Christ-saturated basis for all core learning. Developmentally, our emerging adolescents are beginning to question what they believe in order to ‘own’ their faith. It is a growth time for our students as they seek to walk the talk and talk the walk. What a privilege to join them in that journey! They are also taught by specialist teachers in subjects including: Various forms of technology Art Maori Music

Extracurricular events particular to this age group Camping opportunities each year Long Bay for kayaking, abseiling, sailing, archery, orienteering etc. Waitakere or Coromandel Ranges for a bush experience Indoor soccer, outdoor soccer and netball Choir School musicals every second year

Pastor Endorsement Immanuel Christian School has been a positive influence in the Christian community over the last 20 years. We have witnessed the impact this quality school has had on quite a number of young people from the Victory Christian Church that have been shaped by the positive Christian environment at Immanuel. We see Christian education as a powerful extension of our desire to see a new generation of well-rounded believers grow up in the church. We personally send our daughter to Immanuel and love the character and influence of both the school and its principal, Peter Slaney. Pastor Paul Saunders


Immanuel GOD-HONOURING Christian School partners parents as a God-honouring QUALITYwith EDUCATION PROVIDER quality education provider

Emerging Adolescents

Academic Programme

Years 9 & 10

Immanuel produces a very good academic achievement among the Year 9 and 10 students

All learning, be it academic, physical or spiritual is aimed at enlarging students’ Biblical worldview and developing their faith. Our goal is that students who complete their High School education at state schools after leaving Immanuel do so with a missional attitude, outworking their Biblical worldview and faith as salt and light in wider society. We aim to achieve this through: God being central to all subject areas Dedicated devotions period each day Leadership opportunities Mission trips every second year

Teachers are secondary trained subject specialists Students sit externally written standardised tests on a regular basis (Progressive Achievement Tests and ICAS exams) Small class sizes allow programmes to be tailored to suit individual learning requirements

Great academic progress made is evidenced by: Excellent NCEA results at Year 11 (see our statistics) Very pleasing ICAS results Our students do very well upon entering other schools

Extracurricular events particular to this age group Pupil Endorsement I spent all 13 years of my school education at Immanuel Christian School. Without the input of Christian teachers and friends in an environment that Immanuel offers, alongside years of Bible teaching with each lesson and a mission trip in Year 13, I doubt I would be a Christian today, and no, I am not just saying that to win students for the school. The years I spent there built a strong foundation for my faith, and the friends I made at Immanuel will be life-long, I have no doubt.

Field trips Including a week long North Island field trip Mission trips (NZ or Fiji) Indoor soccer, outdoor soccer and touch rugby School musicals every second year Immanuel’s culture is one of challenge, participation and encouragement. This provides a healthy platform for students to ‘safely’ extend themselves among their peers.

Educationally, Immanuel prepared me very well for university and I have recently finished a Bachelor of Health Science (Medical Imaging) and obtained full time employment as a radiographer at Auckland Hospital. My studies at Immanuel and the work ethic that was taught to me there stood me in good stead for further learning, and I plan to take those skills on into post graduate education later in life. Yvonne ter Veen

SERVING TODAY’S EDUCATING TOMORROWS Serving today’sCHRISTIANS, Christians, educating tomorrow’s

Benefits of attending Immanuel Christian School Academic Excellence NCEA Success 100% NCEA pass rates over most years High ratio of NCEA Merit and Excellence endorsements ICAS Success (all our students sit ICAS, not just our best and brightest) 2007 11% in top 10% of Australasia 2008 9% in top 10% of Australasia 2009 14% in top 10% of Australasia

Character Development Biblical values - fruit of the Spirit is actively sought and encouraged Preparation for the triumphs and challenges of life

Lovely Playground Atmosphere Great friendships are formed - friends for life Safe environment

Small class sizes Teachers can cater for students’ individual learning needs Fantastic learning environment - students want to learn and teachers get to teach rather than manage behaviour issues

Godly Worldview Students are taught God’s answers to life’s big questions Education that trains young people to provide answers for a lost world - students emerge as agents of change Students are strengthened in their faith not buffeted for their faith Biblical thinking is integrated into all classroom learning, not separate from it

Community-based and family-focused Families are actively involved in the education and community of the school Immanuel assists families in educating their young but does not take over

Prayer and Devotions Teachers and parents pray together and individually for students Teachers pray with students during times of discipline or difficulty Students pray and start to develop a personal walk with the Lord

IMMANUEL CHRISTIAN WITH AS A Immanuel Christian SchoolSCHOOL partnersPARTNERS with parents as PARENTS a God-honouring GOD-HONOURING QUALITY EDUCATION PROVIDER quality education provider

What we aim to achieve To educate children and teenagers in a way that exalts Christ as the centre and source of all learning, through a Christ-saturated curriculum in all educational areas To partner with a community of Christian parents, as they seek to raise their children to honour and obey God To provide academic excellence through a rigorous programme and learning-focused class environments To facilitate growth and development in all areas of life: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical To equip and encourage our students to recognise their unique God-given talents and abilities To assist students in achieving God’s purposes for their lives, both now and in the future To provide a team of committed Christian teachers and support staff who care for the needs of all students To provide a safe, friendly, fun playground environment where all participants will be free to relate together harmoniously To provide meaningful and effective educational experiences outside the classroom such as sports, trips and camps To equip and prepare students to have a strong lifelong faith to be salt and light in wider society

Serving today’sCHRISTIANS, Christians, EDUCATING educating tomorrow’s SERVING TODAY’S TOMORROWS

Enrolment Process Call or email the school and make an appointment to meet the Principal and view the school. Fill out an enrolment form and send it to the school.

What dollar value do you put on:

The Board of Trustees will then consider the application and two members of the Board will visit to conduct an interview.

Education that positions God at the centre of existence on a day by day basis, and complements what is taught at home and church?

The Board of Trustees then accepts or rejects the enrolment application and informs the applicants by phone. If the enrolment is accepted, a contract, a payment plan must be provided and a $500 deposit paid to the school to secure the place. This deposit is credited against the first term’s tuition fees. Prior to starting school some diagnostic tests might be carried out and then a starting date agreed upon.

Education and encouragement that empower parents in their God-given role as the first educators? Wholesome friendships for your children that stand the test of time after school years are over? Having teachers that care and pray for your children? An environment where children are encouraged to try the untried, where their best efforts are affirmed? High academic standards? All the above have been our experiences over the 21 years we have been associated with Immanuel Christian School. Our family has been truly blessed. Thanks, Immanuel.


Earle and Lorraine Price

Tuition Fees: Our goal is to have all fees set at a level designed to cover all operating costs of the school. At this point there is a need to rely upon fundraising and the use of the government grant to fully meet all current operating costs. A complete breakdown of tuition fees can be found on our website or on a separate sheet attached to this Prospectus.

Immanuel Christian School SCHOOL partners PARTNERS with parents as aPARENTS God-honouring IMMANUEL CHRISTIAN WITH AS A GOD-HONOURING QUALITY EDUCATION quality education provider PROVIDER

Immanuel Christian School Prospectus  

Immanuel Christian School Prospectus

Immanuel Christian School Prospectus  

Immanuel Christian School Prospectus