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Context presentation General situation in Romania(Calarasi) on the participatory practices/active citizenship

Calarasi county, as well as Romania as a country, are being confronted with a major citizenship problem: the lack of information regarding democracy(as a profound notion), it’s content and significance. Communities do not participate in decision making because they do not know their rights, their role in society. Cause: lack of education in this field; lack of opportunity to fill this voide; lack of confidence in democratic administrative mechanisms. Consequence: exclusion from the society of the social categories who have these difficulties and the development of policies apart from social realities.

Problem: lack of information about the structure of the national and local governance: institutions, their role and function, communication between them. Solution: wide range of courses of PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. They could be taught even during high-school education and/or after graduation-by adult education institutions. The courses need a basic training for the trainers themselves. The training could be done by public or private universities: example-Faculty of Law-Bucharest University. The courses will be taught locally. The process needs identification of the major social categories as beneficiaries- identification made through research market social studies.

Related problem: the rarity or lack of adult education institutions in the county - administrative institutions, training systems, other organizations. The lack of communication between the Public Authorities and these supporting-organizations in order to approach the Citizens. Solution: create and support this kind of organizations through local policies with/without national assistance from other motherorganizations.

Problem: lack of media or institutional promotion of the organizations involved in the training process.

Solution: local dissemination of the steps needed for reaching supporting-organizations. Public meetings with representative members from all social levels and explanation of each problem of each social categorie , made through internal analysis.

Problem: lack of information about each issue regarding citizen rights in concrete situations. Example: November elections in Romania – the replacement of former political system with a new one. New voting system .

Solution: informational materials distributed in institutions: schools, hospitals, factories etc.

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General situation in Calerasi (Romania)

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