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de bas en haut

PARIS IS OUR ESCAPE. “Sun awakes me from the window and soon I’ll feel the warmth The plane is landing and there are no clouds Happiness percolates into me again Goodbye Paris,”

Th e

me b Pa ase ris do By ns Yae on l N gaim


Beautiful buildings you’re old and so noble. But will you keep me warm?



G ett i n g l o s t a g a i n S a d d re a m . I ’ m fa m ou s a l re a d y A nd th e y k n ow of m e H ere i n P a r i s


Turning round and round in enchanted spell bounded alleys swallow me I’m in Paris.



I came here to get a bit blinded Beautiful illusion of mine, try to catch me I’m in Paris


isabel wong

Paris de bas en Haut  

Mini university project based on theme.