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Goa Meet 2015 01.09.15-- 05.09.15 01.09.15

A Journey So Far – Can’t Expect 2015


Secret of U


We've seen the power of the mystery , and we've seen that it's unstoppable.



Truly Mission Of Success I M A G I N A T I O N

Self Broking House, Sovride , SovArm , Loan Project Inauguration on th 28 or 1st october 2015 Venue – Science City or Nazrul Manch

New Initiatives of

Sovran Comtrade Pvt. Ltd.

--------------7 new brand Introduced

SovArm New

Fellowship Member Mantra of Fellowship Member:

“Enjoy the World with Learn and Earn”

Terms and Condition:


Every week Training from Sovran Minimum 3 Paathshala mandatory on weekly basis. Group Discussion must. Create Trainer for your group development. Monthly maintenance of minimum 10 New active remiser in group. Every day activity report must by using apps or mail. Choose active leader and upcoming leader. Time to time explain team about the report of Sovran. Dumi code not applicable. special recovery stop if no activity is found. Fellowship member transferable but fees required. Proper Demonstration must according to company’s norms. Special recovery depend on all activity ,else it will stop forever.

Every month Do earn with learn. Domestic and International tour recreation. Special Recovery in short time. Best Practical Education on market. Technical Analysis Course. Fundamental analysis course . Best advisory Knowledge on share market. Retirement benefit after education. Stipends on monthly basis Remuneration coming soon.  Best Advisor award. Best trainer award in Sovran. Many more……………….

Laxmi Royalty Hurry up!!



Laxmi id








Terms and Condition: Any time if your team member above 25 with ratio . Laxmi id must. Auto pool mandatory. Per month 5 new active laxmi id with ratio. Sponsor id must be active else no royalty payment.Activity criteria to be reported later.

Benefit:  1000 for Laxmi royalty achiever each month. Many more Coming . Will be treated as leader, will get other benefit also. Lifetime benefit as royalty bonus according to activity

Laxmi Rescue Plan Your Activity

Team Activity

Hurry up!

Terms and Condition: Laxmi Royalty achievement must. Per month 5 New Laxmi in group with ratio. Your activity and team activity must. Paathshala Mandatory. If any Complaint against laxmi so recovery hold. This offer is valid till 15th September 2015. After 15th September no Direct entry into rescue plan. Benefit: Sovran provides you 10000 as recovery margin free. Recovery benefit worth 5lakh . After 3 month you can withdraw amount as profit / Loss. Many more benefit coming soon. No activity no income. Special education on stock market or any.


RBI APPROVED Coming soon

A Unit of Sovran (NBFC B/G) company

Laxmi Member Stock jobbing Income. Replace with Portfolio Jobbing-1 or if any one want to qualify she will get income from stockjobbbing Same for Sovlaxmi. But awareness program and auto pool must.



Income from Shopping And Cosmetic


A Mission –Plan -19

Terms & Benefit: For Subscriber

. . . . .

Vacation Ownership. Minimum 50000. Upto 15th September free Jackpot call via Call/SMS. You can Expect 3000-5000 Per month without Headache. Self Brokerage Income worth 1000 Per month.

Terms & Benefit: For Subscriber 1. A Package must worth 7000/- one time. 2. 11 type income . to be announced shortly. 3. T&C Apply.



Margin fund A/c Benefit : Minimum 50000 in our A/C. No Package Required. Unit value 100.00 Minimum qty 5000 Expected Profit 5000-15000 upto 6 month Risk taker Can Earn 10-25000 Daily Update Via SMS Daily Free Jackpot Call valid 15th Sep 2015. Refund policy available. Terms and Condition: Last day for entry 15th September 2015.  First Payout closing 30th October. Acquaintance with stock market compulsory.

Best For Non Active Person

Option Core Software: 50000/- P.M Robot Software 30000/- P.M Miratech Software 30000/- P.M Stock jobbing Software 20000/Auto Call Software 5000/-


After Purchase need 15 Days Education for operating the system. If you are unable to access then money will be refunded.

Brokerage Income

First Brokerage Income on October-2015. But With out knowledge and Qualification process no Brokerage Income from Stock jobbing.


Portfolio Jobbing, Plan-1

Terms & Benefit: Redirect from Stock jobbing for non Qualifier.  Stock jobbing member transfer to Portfolio jobbing -1 if he/she get marks below 55%. No Direct Entry in Portfolio Jobbing Plan-1, No Package Required. No Education Required. Per month Reward Expected around 15-30 Basis Point upto 6-12 months. There is no money required so no refund policy. Awareness Program Must in Paathshala. Positive Activity Must. Any Misrepresentation, Mis-selling will lead to disqualification of benefit . If any member have no T.O means will get benefit according to Portfolio jobbing plan-1


Portfolio Jobbing, Plan-2

Portfolio Jobbing Plan-2 You Can take direct Entry but M.P Pack or SSP Required. Minimum entry 25000 maximum 100000 per I.D. Income through Miratech Software (BTST/STBT) Expected 20-40 Basis Point per month from Miratech /Group a/c ,up to 12 months. If you are able to qualify, free entry in stock jobbing without education fees. Refund policy available after 14% deduction. Not required any examination or process. Last Entry date 15th September 2015. First Payout Closing on October 30th . Auto pool required.

New Stock Jobbing w.e.f 7.9.15

Advisory income

Benefit: 1. Income Depend Upon You 10k-20k-50k-1l-2l-3l-4l-5 lac. 2. Minimum stipends 10000 maximum 20000 on target basis(as profit sharing/commission). 3. Upto 6 month in between training period. 4. After education you will be millionaire. 5. No Turnover No profit Sharing (Turnover Responsible on both side) Condition: 1. Minimum Education cost 10-20k. 2. Minimum Qualification 12 pass 3. M.P Pack Required. 4. After 1 Month Examination required 5. If fails, Education cost refund or convert 6. After qualify stipends continue upto 6 month on target basis 7. During 6 month Education must . 8. Auto pool must . 9. If Terminal open so turnover also count . 10. Above 18 yrs of age. Sound Mind. 11. Quarterly Examination must and Joining 1 Direct or 3 Indirect (Monthly). 12. At least 55% marks requested to stay in stock jobbing Or else Demoted to Portfolio jobbing. 13. Able to train in Paathshala. Turnover may change and payout accordingly.


Svcc A initiative by Sovran

Last day 15th September 2015. Maximum 500 Person can take new Entry. Sureshot Pack Mandatory , Qualification mandatory. Verification must.

7 Days

Singapore Meet 2015


7 Days


7 Days

Golden Dubai 2015

Dated, 5.12.2015

Amazing AustraliaAustralia- Feb-2016

Sky is the Limit !! but Sovran has no limit ??

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9960684 goa event