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jAnuArY 2007

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Project for the greater good gets more than High marks Kacie Finch ‘07

Photo credit Jess Deorio

Go out into society and find four ways to make it a better place. This was the assignment Ms. Bomann’s sociology classes received. Over a period of about one month, almost eighty students found four ways to better society through donations, charitable work, good deeds, and any means necessary to complete the assignment. Although the project would be easy to forge by simply making up deeds and writing a paper on them, many sociology students found it in their hearts to take out their wallets or clear their schedule to perform such tasks. With little direction as to what to do for their deeds, they were sent out to perform four things they thought would benefit society. The deeds could be personal, by helping a friend or family, a social basis, by helping a stranger, a charitable deed by donation, or an act of community service. An assignment of this nature has the ability to help the community on a larger scale than many think. While Ms. Bomann’s students see it as just doing four things for a project that will make or break their grade, those four things can reach far beyond the NHS community. Jennifer Ocampo (‘08) wrote in one of her essays, “From my table I saw how happy that old man’s face turned when the waitress brought him what looked to me like chicken fingers with french fries, a bowl of soup and a drink.”

Her deed was buying dinner for a beggar who was asking the manager for food at a restaurant where she was eating. Ms. Bomann, who did the project herself, listened to the ideas of her students and got input on how far they had come with their own four deeds.Her favorite project

Angel Hall (‘07) presenting her sociology project to her class.

from last year was a when a student had invited an elderly man to eat with them when he was eating by himself. Her overall goal for the project is that each student can realize their potential to change the world around them. “I want each of you to realize your role in society. That it’s the small things that make a difference,” Ms. Bomann said to her third period sociology class during one of her many class discussions on the project. Justin Bourke (’07) shared with the class that one of his good deeds was babysitting an autistic child, a mature act of community service that not many people would do. Part of the assignment was to write the reaction of people to the good deed done for society. When Sophia Aptalides (’07) helped an elderly woman in Walgreens, the woman replied to her kindness by saying, “Thank you young lady for being so kind to me; it’s nice to know there are still nice and kind people out there.” A project like this helped many people, but it also showed students that giving can be quick and easy. “I felt good inside,” wrote Chris Ferrera (‘08), “especially after she had called me a gentleman for helping her.” Ms. Bomann’s students learned one of the most important lessons anyone can learn: a lesson of kindness. Many of them will take this lesson with them and use it throughout their lives.

the ever Changing History of norwalk High School Libby Tiani ‘07

Norwalk High School has changed significantly over the years, principals have come and gone, construction has been done, but most of all generations of students have passed through and left their mark. One of the best known students to have graduated from Norwalk High would be Calvin Murphy. He was an amazing basketball player who went on to play in the NBA on the Houston Rockets. “As

far as sports went… It was our basketball team with Calvin Murphy as the star player that was our claim to fame in sports,” says Cindy Lenz Horosky, class of 1966. Norwalk High School has definitely gone through its fame with sports. The baseball and softball teams have multiple FCIAC Championships along with many other sports teams. Dayle Robbs from the class of 1970 says that “The football team was the most successful or at least received a lot of attention.”

Photo credit Libby Tiani

Picture old Norwalk High School building on West Avenue.



i n

t H i S A&E

Mike Errico, class of 1938, remembers another big football name, Harry “Mickey” Connolly who was described as “a triple threat (run, pass, and kick).” Connolly was the quarterback who then went on to Boston College to play under head coach Frank Leahy (later famed Notre Dame coach). All throughout Norwalk High School’s history there seems to always be a successful team. As far as Norwalk High School dress code goes, some things have definitely changed. As far as the girls were concerned, pants were not allowed for a while. Ginny DeMassa Ruggieri says, “We wore mini skirts, but not pants.” Back then the “mini skirts” were much different says Mrs. Ruggieri. “I remember being checked in front of my English class to see if mine was too short. My teacher asked me to kneel on the floor to see if my skirt touched the ground.” As for the boys, they didn’t need to worry about sagging their pants according to Mr. Errico “Our trousers were up around our waist.” In the spring of 1999, Norwalk High School underwent one of the biggest physical changes, Testa Field. There used to be baseball and softball fields there but they replaced them with a new stadium with artificial turf. The softball field has now moved to the front of the school and the baseball team plays at City Hall. Some other things that were remem-

i S S u e : SPORTS

bered by Norwalk High School graduates are things such as the fact that kids could smoke in the courtyard. Vinny Boccanfuso specifically remembers the change in class size. “I graduated in a class of 550 students in my senior class.” The current building hasn’t always been Norwalk High. This building opened in 1971. In 2002 the 100th class of Norwalk High graduated. The first graduating class graduated in a theater in South Norwalk, the class of 1902. Norwalk High School’s original site was on West Avenue, it then moved to East Avenue. In the 1930’s, listings called it “The High School,” not referring to the town name of Norwalk. At this time it was still a regional high school with students from Norwalk, Westport, Wilton, Ridgefield, and New Canaan. Currently Norwalk High School is going through a very large physical change. There are renovations being done to build a new science wing on the end of the building. Some parents have even been pushing to put turf in on the lower field, in front of the building. Who knows what is in store for Norwalk High School in the future? One day students may be looking back on the current building amazed at all the changes that have been made for the better.

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neWS BrieFS: Yearbook Deadline •

The yearbook deadline for Seniors is February 16, 2007. $25 will be deducted from the price of the yearbook if all class dues have been paid.

Cap and gown •

The cap and gown order forms will be distributed to all Seniors on Friday January 26, 2007.

Principal Parking Raffle •

Buy a two dollar raffle ticket for the chance to win Mr. Daddonna’s parking spot for the entire week of Ferbruary 12th-16th. Tickets will be on sale February 5th to the 9th and will be available during lunch.

Presidential Address •

George W. Bush said during his Presidential Address to the nation on Wednesday January 10, 2007 that more than 20,000 troops will be sent to Iraq and the majority of which will be stationed in the Iraqi capital city, Baghdad. Additional U.S. and Iraqi forces would allow them to keep areas secure after they have been cleared of insurgents, according to Bush. “Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me,” said Bush referring to the numerous acts of sectarian violence which took place in 2006.

nHS Artists enter Competition •

Sarah Kelly (’07), Karen Shiers (’07) and Sarah Ostasiewicz (’07) have compiled art pieces to be judged at the Scholastic Art Awards, held in the Hartford, Connecticut Art School. The competition runs from January 16th to February 3rd . The winner of this competition will be given the Gold Key award and sent to Nationals.

CAPt tests •

CAPT tests will begin March 6th and contiue through the 15th. The full CAPT schedule can be found in the February news brief of the Paw Print News.

Spring Sports •

The spring sports season, including Track and Field, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Boys and Girls Tennis, and Golf will begin March 19th.

Adopt A Platoon •


jAnuArY 2007

The Social Studies Dept. will be begining the Adopt a Platoon fundraiser the week after Mid-Terms. The Student Government will assist in the effort.

Blood Discrimination Kara Pereira ‘07

Students at Norwalk High School voluntarily donate blood annually to the Red Cross. However, during one of the last blood donations a NHS student, was denied the oppurtunity to donate their blood to help others in need. Their dismissal from the donation area was not because they failed to meet the major requirements of being seventeen years old, weighing at least 110 pounds, or bringing photo ID, but because of their sexual orientation. The general requirements for donating blood are clearly laid out in any of the Red Cross’s pamphlets, but something that frequent blood donors may not know, is that you will not be able to donate blood if you are a homosexual and has had sexual contact with another person since 1977. This means your blood is not acceptable. Debbie O’lympio, a nurse at the Give Life Foundation, when asked why this happens to willing donors she replied, “It is considered a risk and you can not give blood, even if you have taken an HIV test and came out negative, the FDA deferrs you.” Another nurse responded, “Unfortunately, peo-

Project explore Jessica Deorio ‘07

Project Explore allows students the opportunity to study their own curriculum and accomplish a focused aspect of their life they thoroughly enjoy in the form of an annual assignment available to seniors. Signing up to be a part of this “out of school” class becomes available to juniors in mid January through their guidance counselor, ending January 30th. All who wish to participate are to present their idea to committee members and receive an invitation to join the program on April 15. Each student chooses a teacher as an in-school mentor and, after conferencing with their designated guide to examine productivity records, they are expected to individually provide a

The beeping of the alarm clock is sometimes not enough to wake up students for 7:30 class, who were up until 3 A.M finishing homework. Some schools in Edina, Minnesota; Pike County, Kentucky; and Arlington County, Virginia, have recently changed their high school start time to 8:30am. Not only did students applaud the extra time they got to sleep, but recent studies showed that teachers from these schools stated students were more alert and responsive during morning classes. Wilton Public schools in Wilton, Connecticut, also tried out this process. Studies in CT have shown that students from Wilton got more sleep and were healthier and happier. Even though it seemed to be an “up-in-the-air” idea beforehand, the new schedule change did not affect Wilton’s sports involvement. In 2001, the University of Minnesota took 7,000 high school students and conducted a survey on the effects of one extra hour of sleep. The data collected showed that later start times led many students to get up to an hour more of sleep per night, as a result, they performed better in class, endured fewer mood swings,

ple do get turned down, but if you don’t meet the requirements there’s nothing we can do about it. The reaction to being turned down was that the student felt “ashamed” and “humiliated.” “I’ve always wanted to give blood ever since I was a freshman and saw all the upper classmen doing something to give back to people in need, I was so excited when I finally got my chance. “I’ve never felt so degraded in my life. I felt like everyone could hear what the nurse was telling me, about how I have to leave the room, and I couldn’t donate blood.” Once you have been denied the ability to offer your blood you cannot stay in the area. “It was like all eyes were on me when I left the gym, I didn’t see anyone else leave except me.” “I’ve never been able to donate blood because I’m anemic; if it was possible I would because I know how important it is,” said Kimberly Waring (’07). Which shows not everyone can give blood. “There are so many people out there who don’t donate blood for whatever the reason may be. I find it to be discrimination that equal members of society who happen to be a little different can’t give back to people in need,” they exlpain.

written, visual and oral presentation. Students can obtain either a pass ing or failing grade in this course that can be worth up to a full or half year credit. This ranking is dependent on the level of difficulty and creativity put into the project of their choice. Some students involved in the program include Adrienne Dimarco, who is focusing on poetry and plays, Andrew Knopp who is following his film fascination, and Sam Sachetti among others who is working on percussion for kids. The course is described as, “A unique opportunity for self exploration,” by Mrs. Radshaw, a committee member for this course. She goes on to say, “I deeply encourage any students or teachers that wish to be involved in the success of this program to email me at”

School Start time Lauren Catino ‘08


and missed school less frequently. Although this study took place a little over 5 years ago, results are just as true today. “High school students don’t get enough sleep”, stated Dr. Carl Hunt, director of the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research. High school students agree. “We just don’t get enough sleep, and to start off so early in the morning, is just not fair,” said Dawn Schmidt (‘08). Some teachers also seem to agree with students on a later start time. “I think it should be later. Studies show that students would just preform better academically,” said Ms. Morris a social studies teacher at Norwalk High School. “I think it’s unrealistic due to a number of different reasons,” said Mr. Seaburg, another social studies teacher, refferring to after school activities and jobs students may have and also the inconvience for parents of elementary school children if they were released later. Wilton, agreed with this, and has since changed back their start time. It is possible that Norwalk Public Schools could follow in the same direction as other schools who have pushed back start time. If schools started later in the morning, the results may be a drastic improvement in overall test scores.

unsung Helpers Nick Vallas ‘07 They pay for musical instruments, the school mascot costume, fund PGP, and among other things, give out a $5,000 college scholarship each year, all from money they raise themselves. The name, “Father’s Club” is actually a misrepresentation of the actual club, whose January 9th meeting consisted of 6 women and only 4 men. However, the club, despite deliberations each year to change it, keeps the name for traditional sake, and there certainly is a lot of tradition attached to the Fathers Club. The Father’s Club is the oldest organization here at Norwalk High School. Founded in 1945 it has raised and given out tens of thousands of dollars in past years. Each year the Father’s Club funds a $5,000 college scholarship given to a deserving NHS student. Last year alone the Father’s Club made donations which added up to almost $14,000, including the complete funding of the Post Graduation Party for Seniors, a new English Horn for the Music Department, and brand new gymnasium chairs. “What we like contributing the most, is what gives the school immediate benefits,” one Father’s Club member says referring to the donations which fund classroom supplies such as a new digital camera and scanner for The Paw Print. 100% of the Father’s Club’s funds come from fundraising. The Father’s Club runs the concession stands at almost every home football and basketball game and also during the spring play. All of the money is given directly back to the school. “Our school doesn’t raise enough money as it is, so to have the Father’s Club donate to Norwalk High is really helpful,” says Senior Jess Alaimo. The Father’s Club will continue donating money to teachers who request it and also will fund new and upcoming programs in the school.



jAnuArY 2007

Let’s get inspi(reD) Amirah Kuta ‘08

AIDS, a disease that has been under discussion for many years. As teens, it seems like we learn about it every year in Health and are taught how to prevent AIDS and the signs if you have the disease. But what can we do for the people who are already infected with this disease? (Product)Red is a program created by rock singer Bono and Bobby Shriver of Debt AIDS trade in Africa (DATA) to raise money for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. The Global Fund manages and gives out resources through a new kind of funding that will make large contributions to decrease infections, illnesses, and deaths. Companies including The Gap, Apple Computers, Converse, Motorola, Giorgio Armani, and American Express (available only in Europe) are creating products with

products depend on the region the item is purchased in. Each day in Sub Saharan Africa 1,300 newborns are infected with HIV/AIDS from birth or from their mothers’ breast milk. 5,500 people die due to AIDS-related illness in the Sub Sahara. If everyone at NHS, including staff, bought one shirt, we would raise about $27,045 to give to the Global Fund. Purchasing just one t-shirt can change the lives of millions of people.

(Product)Red logos on them. Each time an item is purchased, a percentage of the total cost goes to the Global Fund. The Gap sells articles of clothing, such as shirts, jeans, and jackets, with a word ending in (red), for example Desi(red). These shirts, modeled by celebrities such as Jennifer Garner and Dakota Fanning, cost an average of thirty dollars, with 50% of the proceeds going to the Global Fund. Ten dollars is given to the fund for every (Product)Red I-POD sold. All of which goes to the sick. Armani’s watches are sold for $225.00, with 40% of the money given to the DATA. Percentages of the other

tired teens

Students need to start worrying about their sleep; sleep is very important; sleep influAt Norwalk High School students are sleep- ences everything from a teen’s ability to ing in class, some are not sleeping they pay attention in class to his or her mood. This does not only affect teens in school or just have their heads on their desk, or their “heads in the clouds” either way, this is sports, it also affects the way a person performs. Sleep deprivation slows reaction. a problem. According to The Harris Poll, 12% of students aren’t getting enough sleep. This can be life-threatening for teens that It is third period; shouldn’t students be drive. The National Highway Safety Trafawake by now? But no, there are students fic Administration estimates that 1,500 with their heads on their desk, stinky morn- people are killed every year in crashes ing breath, walking half asleep, wanting to caused by drivers between the ages of fiffall asleep. Where is the energy? What hap- teen and twenty-four who are just tired. Lack of sleep also causes emopened to students wanting to come to school? Today twenty percent of high school tional problems, like sadness and destudents fall asleep in class. This leads to pression. Sleep keeps people healthy. poor grades. Why is this thing happening? It keeps you awake and energized. Students need to have enough sleep so Some of the biggest problems that are that they can perform as best as they can. This is a problem most students do not realize. Since teens have this problem, some are not doing as well as they should be academically. Students are falling asleep in class. This is disrespectful in teacher’s eyes. “I feel that I don’t have everyone’s attention in class” said Ms.Garndiner. “Some kids are doodling, Some kids put their heads down until I tell them to put A stu t dent takes a nap tu a du ap d ring class hoping that their hoodie hides them. them up,” says Garndiner. Garndiner adds that there is a lack of carcausing lack of sleep is staying up late doing homework or projects, partying, watch- ing as well. “Some students tell me that they ing TV, or thinking too much about problems. don’t want to be here in school, and some It is always something. Students are say I have better things to do than be here.” Some students do not really want to be at very tired because they are in sports, clubs, and some have jobs. “Students are under school because they have to wake up to early, a lot of stress,” says Lisset Medina (‘08). this is causing them to fall asleep in class. and “Not everyone has time for everything this is all because they don’t get enough sleep. even if they get organized,” adds Medina. Jenn Rodriguez ‘08

PAge 3

“If everyone at NHS, including staff, bought one shirt, we would raise about $27,045 to give to the Global Fund.”

Don’t Wait ‘til Senior Year Samantha Tuozzolo ‘08

Photo credit Kim Garvey

The stereotype of freshmen in high school is one of scared little freshmen that don’t know what an H is, where A house is or, why they should be proud of Norwalk High School and participate in Spirit Week. This year during sprit week the entire school was proven wrong. As everybody is well aware, the freshmen class of 2010 came in second place for the house decoration contest during spirit The Freshman came in second place fo f r their eff ffo ff fort week. The fact that the freshmen even had decorations up, came as a surprise to many people, so to see them win second place over the sophomores and juniors came as an even bigger surprise. This year’s freshmen advisors are Miss Todeschini and Ms. Sherrill, who both had a major part with helping the freshmen to get started. “We had a very short amount of time and we did a lot more than we would have in other years,” says Sherrill. The freshmen were extremely involved with sprit week, but if it weren’t for Ms. Sherrill and Miss Todeschini, they would not have been as involved as they were. There was a meeting to talk about house office decorating, after the nominations for president, vice president, treasurer and secretary, took place for the freshmen class. The meeting was with some of the freshmen after school, to decide what the theme of the house decoration should be. “At the meeting after school we talked about what freshmen year means to you, at first they were intimated to come out of their shells, but then they came out of their shells,” says Todeschini. The freshmen class, along with their advisors came up with the idea of opening a new chapter in their lives; the entire high school experience for freshman is a new “chapter” in anybody’s life. “We would not settle for fourth place,” Sherrill told them “the only thing you can settle for besides first is second”, which is what they did. The freshmen were all extremely excited about winning second place their first year at Norwalk High School. “When we came here we didn’t know how everything was going to be, so winning second place was a good feeling because we didn’t really know what was going on,” says Jessica Bretherton (‘10) Thanks to Ms.Sherrill and Miss Todeschini the school saw spirit that they never thought they would see: spirit from freshmen. “Setting the tone1 that’s the way we wanted to approach it, we wanted to let them know that you don’t have to wait until senior year to be involved,” says Sherrill.

Compare Your Parking Problems With Other Connecticut teens Photo credit Kim Garvey

Lauren Catino ‘08 Kim Garvey ‘07

•123 parking stickers were given out to park at NHS and about thirty-five were supposed to be given out for Andrew’s Field. •Every week there is a member from American Legion waiting to see who will park there. He takes down your name and your license plate number and you are allowed to park there for $10 a week •The fines range from $3.00, $5.00 and $10.00. Students who violate areas such as staff, visitors, auto mechanic, fire lanes, handicapped parking, etc. may receive $10.00 tickets.

•At Staples High, there are 300 parking spots for seniors to use. •At Darien High School there are 197 parking spaces. •In Greenwich there are over 650 parking spots for their seniors to use; 480 as of today have been issued. • Ticket Prices: Greenwich-$20, Darien-$35, Staples-$40 •Greenwich gives parking spots based on the student’s GPA. •Staples provided about 50 junior spaces via lottery

Brand new “No Parking” signs on Alrowood St.

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jAnuArY 2007

Staff Box the Paw Print Norwalk High School 23 Calvin Murphy Drive Norwalk, CT 06851 (203) 838-4481 The Newspaper would like to thank all Journalism students for their work in the creation of this newspaper. The following writers are those whose work appears in this issue. Peer editors: Nikki Moshella Francesca Faretta Giedra Kovaliovaite Advertising: Sam Tuozzolo Staff Writers: Libby Tiani Kara Pereira Dean Miraliotis Jenn Rodriguez Amirah Kuta Kim Garvey Brian Jacoby Suria Ceja Kelly Blair Joeseph Mulkerin Nick Curioli Sam Blosser Mike Mastriani Te’Onna McNeil Foster Mullings Jannay Murray Lanette Maldonado Staff Writers & Design team: Lauren Catino Kacie Finch Nick Vallas Adrienne DiMarco Jess Deorio Sara LeDuc Lindsay Megale Laura Myler executive editor: Megan Riley Advisor: Mr. Karl Policies: Our newspaper reserves the right to edit all submissions for space and clarity. All entries must include name, year in school, and phone number for verification. to submit to our paper, e-mail us at: contact us: 203-838-4481 ext. 1808

Letters to the editor Dear Editor: The Norwalk High School AFJROTC would like to make the school aware of a current event. On Saturday, December 9 the Norwalk High AFJROTC Cadets went to their first drill team competition of the year, at Naugatuck High School. The team competing was the Color Guard; led by commander, Cadet Captain Patel. Other members of the team were Cadets Santiago, Silva, and Crespo. These competitions test in areas such as regulation, strict drill, and exhibition, leisure drill. In either of these areas we have an unarmed team, no sabers or rifles; and an armed team, with sabors and rifles. Each team performs a drill sequence, and is judged according to precision, confidence, and neatness.


eDitOriAL Megan Riley ‘07

Teaching methods have come far recent years. Educators now acknowledge that students learn differently and excel through various methods of testing. Teachers have distanced themselves from the teach and test method and now diversify assignments with take home writing analyses, model building, Power Point presentations, and performance pieces. Technology has aided this transition by providing access to innovative lesson plans, high speed animations, and up to date information at the strike of a key. For this reason, it is a wonder why our graduates all too often wind up inadequately prepared for the modern world. Aside from select Advanced Placement courses and a few electives taken by a fraction of students, little of the information learned in our classes has changed in the past twenty, thirty, or fifty years. We are inundated everyday with trivia of ancient wars, algebraic oddities, early American literature, and a dated periodic table of elements. In short, we are being taught the same lessons that our parents and grandparents were taught while living in a much different world. With limitless information now at our whim, there should be a paralleling evolution in what we are taught. Because of this failure to bring lessons into the 21st century, students often overlook that what they learn in school is applicable to daily life. History is happening everyday. Looking back on 2006, we can see numerous notable events including the death of fascist leader Saddam Hussein - things that will be in our children’s text books twenty years from now. Science is achieving the impossible by manipulating lifespan and sending crafts to distant planets. Math becomes important when dealing with your own money and investing. New and credible literature is printed everyday. It is true that the past enriches the present. However, the unfortunate truth is that that logic requires the student to have a decent understanding of current affairs, an assumption that is too often misguided. While it is apparent that there are numerous beneficial courses at NHS aimed specifically towards creating a modern and world savvy student including entrepreneurship, comparative politics, biotechnology, and civics among others, it seems that they are too rare to produce a graduate that has a firm grasp on current issues and is ready to join the rapidly advancing and increasingly competitive work force. We could do better. The AFJROTC Color Guard didn’t place, but cadets enjoyed the pride that came with the competition. “I thought the teams performing this year weren’t as good as the teams that preformed last year. We could have done better if we practiced more,” Captain Anstead said. Sergeant Gill thought differently, “It was a good learning experience. Although we lost we still have a chance to recover by winning more tropies at the governor’s cup on April 14th.” Sergeant Gill also stated that in the future we would like people who aren’t in ROTC to support our teams and come to our competitions -The





Dear Editor: The Future Business Leaders of America would like to invite students to join. What is FBLA? Well FBLA could possibly be one of the most beneficial clubs a student can join. This is the first year, in many years that FBLA has been brought back to Norwalk High School. Ms. Gleason, our club advisor wanted to start the club to help promote leaning in the fields of Business, Finance and Economics. We participated in December’s Toys for Tots drive and in January we will be helping to contribute money to The March of Dimes. In March the club will be participating in the FBLA regional competition in upstate Connecticut which challenges all FBLA clubs throughout CTto test their skills in various business related fields. This club the potential to do great things for NHS, as well as our entire community. We hope to bring in any new members that didn’t get a chance to sign up. Our club is a lot of fun and looks good on a college resume. This club meets Wednesday afternoons after school in room 316D. See you there! -Steve





Please let us know what you think. Students are welcome to submit writing either in person to room 218B or email to Our Next issue will be out in March

Dear Editor: Thomas Friedman, an author, I once despised while reluctantly reading The Lexus and the Olive Tree for APCP last year, has been an author that I have grown to respect as I continue to read his work. His most recent article was brought up by the famous, Brian Williams, of NBC Nightly News. Friedman and Williams said we live in an era where we only listen to what we want to hear. We listen to the music we like by customizing it on our iPods, therefore not giving any other genre of music besides our favorites a chance. We customize what we read by going onto the internet and typing in the only article of importance to us at the time. We can also tiVo our TV to record the shows we only wish to see, then play them back at a more convenient time. The truth is, the time that we gain from advances in technology isn’t going to any good use. If teens finishes their after school responsibilities early, they no longer pick up a book or read a newspaper but they go on Myspace/Facebook or watch TV. We’d rather hear if Britney Spears wore underwear today instead of whether Barack Obama will be our next President. The 2006 Election Decision was another low voter turn out by young adults, showing that people between the ages of 18 and 24 aren’t concerned about who governs us. Regardless if politics interests you, all those that can vote…should vote. The election in November went down in history books because it changed much about the way our government was to operate in the future. While many students are not eligible to vote yet, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pay attention to politics. Juniors and seniors should start thinking about who we want running our government, because in less than two years, it’ll be our job to hit the polls. Elections should be a time, where we unplug our iPods, turn off our cell phones and go vote, then watch the outcomes unfold on our TV being broadcasted by Brian Williams or Tom Brokaw. This past election was a step toward a feeling of a community among Americans. In the future, I hope to see our so called “iPod generation” show their true patriotism through voting. -Sarah Kozak ‘07



jAnuArY 2007

PAge 5

Productive minds Free People Suria Ceja ‘08 The influential person is the one who grew up in a cruel neighborhood, whose story inspires every passerby, who challenges the possibilities to make a better life for themselves, and who succeeded at a goal. Many neighborhood civilians struggle routinely, trying to hold up their household including themselves. Many historical figures have often come from tough neighborhoods or unfortunate households: President Abraham Lincoln, musician Tupac Shakur, and talk show host Oprah Winfrey. These historical figures have kept a healthy perspective about the world and have tried to teach it through their words and actions. But why is it that only a few people make it out of the aggressive neighborhoods while many other residents end up in jail, on the streets, or even dead? All people who have succeeded have done so because they believed in what they could accomplish, despite any adversity. Your mentality determines your destination. If you do not put a higher value on yourself, no one will set that value higher for you. Where your mind is equates with where you are in life. You can live anywhere on the map but it would never matter because your mind decides how far you have traveled as a person. Richard Lovelace, the writer of “To Althea, from Prison” states, “Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage.” Lovelace means that as long as his mind is innocent and free, he enjoys liberty, even

“If they can make penicillin out of moldy bread they can make something out of you.”

-Muhammad Ali

in prison. With a productive mind willing to make something out of what you have, you can achieve your goals. Leaving a habitual mental and physical state, whether it is addiction, isolation, illness or poverty for some is not an option. Rather it is something bred into somehow but can be helped in many ways. The hundreds of children living in constricted environments will not have money placed at their feet because their living conditions are unfair. But there are many opportunities out there in school, in the paper, or online, especially targeted towards those who live in difficult neighborhoods with harsh living conditions. These opportunities are here to help everyone who is willing to grab it, but if you do not take your chances, you will miss 100% of the shots you did not take.

You can free yourself from a bad neighborhood through your mind because nobody can control your thoughts. Never overwhelm yourself with the numbers posted in the news about incarceration, homelessness, and death because the anger starts to form an unhealthy grudge that takes away from the time you could have used to act. Conquer all doubt about yourself. Muhammad Ali stated, “If they can make penicillin out of moldy bread, than they can make something out of you.” Your mind is your exit out of a harmful environment, which requires challenging your abilities and taking in all the help you can get that is out there.

Books on the subject The Rose That Grew From Concrete By: Tupac Shakur The Power of Your Subconscious Mind By: Joseph Murphy

Lunch Shifts Changing in the Second Semester

the early bird catches the worm. Or does it?

Since the beginning of the year students, including myself, have been struggling to remember their lunch shifts which change everyday. Starting the second semester the lunch shift schedule will change for everyone, including teachers. The original schedule we have just gotten used to (when to go to what lunch shift) will be altered. First floor A house will no longer go to 3rd shift, but 2nd, third floor B house will now go to 3rd shift, so on and so forth. I understand that the teachers want their classes to be fair and even, but all that was supposed to be figured out in the summer. The people who come up with this schedule and these changes do not have to go through the changes daily like students and teachers. We are finally getting used to it and like who we have lunch with. It’s like the beginning of school all over again; figuring out when to go to lunch, where to sit, who to sit with, etc. It sounds easy, but it’s just plain annoying. Even some teachers I have spoken to are complaining. When this schedule was made, the Board of Education probably didn’t think that changing the lunch shifts would be a big deal, but it’s a hassle! If they keep them the same everyone will be relieved and happy. I haven’t

High school students are always so overwhelmed with so many things on their agenda that they hardly ever have time to sleep. When sleep time is lost, it is much more difficult to wake up in the morning and go to school. When high school students are tired in school, their attention span decreases and capability is not at its fullest potential. Elementary school students, on the other hand, do not have that much stress in their life; they get to bed early and wake up very early in the morning. Does it make sense that elementary students start later than high school students when elementary kids are very enthusiastic and hyper in the morning, while teenagers in high school are not enthusiastic at all , and sitting in a class room at 7:30 am is the last thing they want to be doing? High school is one of the most important times of a person’s life. How can teenagers do the best they can in school if they are always tired? This is why it is a very wise idea to change the times of elementary and high school students. Younger kids are up early in the morning, eager and waiting to go to school, while on the other hand, teenagers are in their beds press-

Kim Garvey ‘07

heard one person say they are excited for them to change. Maybe I am exaggerating a little bit but who wants to go through the whole “first day of school feeling” again? Not me.

CHAngeS 1st Shift Music Tech. Educ. A & B -House 2nd Floor C-Rooms 3rd Floor 2nd Shift A -House 1st Floor E-House 2nd Floor E & D-House 3rd Floor 3rd Shift Phys. Ed. A & B-House 3rd Floor B & D-House 1st Floor D-House 2nd Floor

Samantha Tuozzolo ‘08

ing the snooze button until the last possible second. If the times were just swapped between elementary school and high school then the bus schedule would be the same, the routes would just be different. If this occurred there would be a change in the grades of high school students and their achievement levels would be much greater. The swap of times could be one of the wisest decisions ever made and it would benefit more than just one group of people!

Hu 2 Blayme 4 my Airers? the issue. “We should not accept papers that have

By: Brian Jacoby ‘09

“Take out a pen or pencil and get ready for the quiz,” said Mr. So-and-so. Everyone diligently begins working. Jeffrey Smith seems to be doing well when he comes to a problem. He doesn’t know how to spell the word “college”. When Jeff gets the quiz back he gets a decent grade and finds that the teacher ignored his spelling error. Luckily, it was a History quiz and not an English quiz. This is a classic example of how students at Norwalk High need to improve their spelling. English teachers at NHS and Norwalk Community College (NCC) agree that kids these days have a serious problem spelling the easiest words. Freshman English teacher Mr. Pagano, who has been teaching stanine 8 freshman English classes and a Graduation Prep class for two years, says he gets four to five spelling errors on the papers he gets back from his students. “The kids are using text message nonsense,” said Mr. Pagano. What he means is that his students are using “ur” instead of “your” and other things of that nature. He believes that anything that is typed should have perfect spelling due to the advances we have in technology today such as Spell-check. Not surprisingly, Lori Soderlind who is an English teacher at NCC had a much stricter opinion on

more than one spelling error per page,” she said. She thinks the students tend to get lazy when it comes to spelling due to carelessness. “A mistake can be forgiven,” said Mrs. Soderlind, “but three or more errors on a page that is supposed to be your best work is just careless and shows that you aren’t trying.” She also mentioned that students should have their own class to learn better spelling if they need help. “If you apply for a job, people will throw your application in the garbage if it’s full of errors.” Mr. Pagano doesn’t think there should be a separate class, but spelling should be tied in better with the curriculum. It was interesting to hear the grade that the teachers gave their classes’ spelling ability. Mr. Pagano said he would give his classes a six to seven out of ten (ten being the best). “I wouldn’t put money on them,” he said jokingly. Mrs. Soderlind mentioned that her students vary from ones to nines, but overall her classes would get a five out of ten. All in all, to succeed in college as well as occupations you might engage in after college, you have to be a decent speller. Some of the bigger words used in some fields of education are acceptable to spell wrong a few times, but the simple ones, such as “college”, must be spelled right every time.

PAge 6


jAnuArY 2007

2006 - 2007 Most Popular for 2006 and Prediction for 2007 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

technology/internet 2006 Play Station 3 ipod Cyber Security myspace Youtube Facebook

Senior Even

Senior Prom- June 16th-Stam

Graduation- June 18th- Norw

technology/internet 2007 1. iphone 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Senior Breakfast.

tv Shows 2006 Desperate Housewives American idol Dancing With the Stars Without A trace CSi: miami House

Special Events Fundraiser- h and March to raise money for

Senior Night- Planning for sp the senior class is in progress suggestions contact class pres

tV Show 2007 1. grey’s Anatomy 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

movie 2006 glory road the Departed the Prestige X-men: the Last Stand the Da Vinci Code Superman returns

2007: Year o

Some Personality traits of this ous, honest and tolerant, those bo be relied upon for their loyalty a for life

movie 2007 1. Spider man 3 Sports 2006 1. italy wins world cup 2. Winter Olympics in torino 3. Cardinals beat tigers in World Series 4. texas upsets uSC 5. Duke Lacrosse team scandal Sports 2007 1. Baseball pitcher Daisuke matsuzaka

Years compatible w 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 19

Famous people born in Lucille Ball, Humphrey Bogart, Hemingway, Alfred Hitchcock, M terman, Arnold Sch

Albums 2006 1. High School musical Sound track 2. nickelback: All the right reasons 3. james Blunt: Back to Bedlam 4. justin timberlake: Future sex/Love Sounds 5. mary j. Blige: Breakthrough Album 2007 1. 50 Cent: Before i Self Destruct

michael mclachlan (‘07) “Be more organized and prepared for school and other responsibilities.”


Ashley Cote (‘07) “I want to graduate.”

jonny Peden (‘08) “My parents would be really happy with me if I got a job and started supporting myself.”

Bonnie Bray (‘08) “I want to stop procrastinating and focus on what I have to do!”


jAnuArY 2007

PAge 7

“Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right.” -Oprah Winfrey

nts 2007:

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things...If you dream it, you can do it.” - Walt Disney

mford Sheraton .


walk High School. •

held between February r senior activities.

pecial night involving s- If any seniors have sident, Kelly Blair.

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of the Pig

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january 3 - Twelve deceased coal miners and 1 survivor are discovered in the Sago Mine Disaster near Buckhannon, West Virginia in the United States. February 11 - U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shoots his friend and lawyer, Harry Whittington, in the face with a shotgun on a south Texas ranch. july 9 - Italy wins the 2006 FIFA World Cup by beating France 5-3 on penalties. july 12 - 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict: Israeli troops invade Lebanon in response to Hezbollah kidnapping 2 Israeli soldiers and killing 3. Hezbollah declares open war against Israel 2 days later. September 4- Steve Irwin killed in freak sting ray accident off the East coast of Australia november 8 - U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld resigns. December 30 - Saddam Hussein, former Iraq president, is executed

“Lost time is never found again” -Benjamin Franklin Make It Through The New Year

2007 2008

Test Your Knowledge 2006 Former Iraqi President executed Dec. 30 2006: _ _ _ a _


the year of the pig: , Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Baghdad is the capital city of: _ r _ _ Mahalia Jackson, David LetAfrican Genocide responsible for taking an estimated 400,000 lives in 2006: _ _ r _ _ _ hwarzenegger

Republican U.S. Secretary of Defense that resigned: _ o _ _ _ _


Taco Bell Lettuce tainted with: E._ _ _ _ Oldest living former president that succeeded Richard Nixon dies: G _ _ _ _ _


Killed by a sting-ray barb while filming documentary: _ _ e _ _

Alan Quintero (‘09) gianna Vinelli (‘09) I want to improve at lacrosse and try “I want to improve my grades so to win every game! that I can develop a solid work ethic when I get to junior year.”



Chris martinez (‘10) Kerri Britton (‘10) “I want to become more active in “I want to try new things I didn’t get school so that, I will be a well-roundto do in Middle School.” ed student.”


jAnuArY 2007

Should Varsity Sports teams be exempt from gym? Lindsay Megale ‘08

Photo by Kelly Blair

Being on a varsity sports team includes a great deal of hard work and takes up quite a bit of time. On top of making practices and games the athletes have to manage school work, jobs and other things. It can be very stressful to manage all these things. Students who work hard playing varsity sports should be exempt from gym classes for that season and receive a certain amount of gym credits. Not only would this benefit the athletes, but other students as well. Gym classes would have less students per class, locker rooms would have more space, and teachers would be able to focus more on the kids who are not as in shape, as those who play sports. This would benefiit all of the students. The purpose of gym classes is to get students in shape and help prevent obesity. 12% of male and 8% of female students are obese. Making students participate in gym class who are in practice for at least two hours a day, six days a week already is unnecessary because their practices after school keeps them in shape. And also practices can be up to three times as long as a gym class which is every other day and not on weekends. It is understandable to not give the students all the four gym credits for that quarter they are playing the sport but they do deserve something. They end up doing over triple as much as you would be doing in a normal gym class. Students who manage to do school work on top of a varsity sport should be rewarded for their hard work.

“Gym classes would be smaller and teachers would be able to focus more on the kids who aren’t as in shape.” Varsity sports players participate in aerobic gym classes.

military recruiters Hunt more than terror titled “America’s Army” was released by By Joey Mulkerin ‘07

We have all seen them. They stand in front of brightly colored tables with giant displays of propaganda, fake smiles plastered on their faces. They prey on innocent students who might not know any better to join the Army, Marines, or Navy. They saunter the hallways stopping students on the way to class and give them Uncle Sam speeches full of false patriotism that are probably onesided lies. It is always the same spin “Serve your country and make money for college”. If the point of going to school is to be trained as a critical thinker, then schools shouldn’t welcome in those who will bend the truth to accomplish their own goals. If schools must allow military recruiters in, , then actual veterans of wars should also be allowed into schools to share their experiences and tell students what the military is like. It is only fair that students are offered multiple points of view. Every time recruiters come to the cafeteria to talk students into joining the Marines there should be another table with someone telling students not to join the Marines or expressing a non-biased point of view. In order to keep their jobs, the recruiters need to get a certain number of recruits to enlist. This is why some recruiters become desperate and begin to bend the truth. This is also why recruiters spend less time in wealthier towns like Wilton or Westport. They know that students in those towns are more likely to have trust funds and be set for college financially. Because of this, they are less likely to gain recruits from these towns. It may be argued by some that military recruiting is necessary to preserve freedom and defend our country. They may say that military recruiters should have the same status as college recruiters. You tell me the last time a college recruiter sent you into a life threatening situation. And with a civil war in progress in Iraq how can we truly say that the “war on terror” has truly made us safer? In summer of 2002 a video game

the United States government. Thousands of copies of this game were distributed to students across the country for free. Developers of this game willingly said that it was meant to be a propaganda tool. According to the game’s official website: “We want the whole world to know how great the U.S. Army is.” While playing the game there is no visual portrayal of emotional or physical pain suffered by soldiers and no collateral damage is shown. In 2003 19% of college recruits in the military stated that they had played this game, and in the two years following its release enlistment quotas were met. According to the No Child Left Behind Act which was signed into law in 2001, all public schools are required to turn over students’ private information to the military. Schools are NOT required to tell you that they are doing this. However in section 9528 of the NCLB, it is stated that students have the right to opt out of this practice with a signed form from their parent or guardian. Students wishing to opt out of having their private information passed on to the military, should go to and download the form. Do not believe all they say about making money for college either. According to this website, those who enlist in the military after 1985 can only qualify for the GI Bill by either giving 100 dollars a month to the government for their first year of service, or if they are honorably discharged. A normal discharge will not earn you any money. Although the GI Bill is available for up to ten years after you are discharged, your tuition money does not increase with the rising cost of college tuition. If you have a family commitment upon being discharged from the service and cannot go to college right away, then your money may become worthless. Do not think that joining the military is the only way to get college money. There are many alternatives which are listed on the Military Free Zone website also.


Overprotective Parents By Kelly Blair ‘07

Too many parents these days are becoming over protective of their children and even though they think they are helping, they are not. Children need to learn from their mistakes and be able to grow; with someone always by their side protecting them their children are not getting this opportunity. Debi Boccanfuso, Principal of Middlesex Middle School and also author of 9 Ways To Raise A Brat, stated “Parents no longer want to see their children unhappy and yet they would all agree that kids learn good lessons sometimes from disappointments in life,” adding “ Parents seem to want to control many of the things in their child’s life way too frequently.” Parents are dealing with their children’s problems for them, like making the phone calls to the guidance counselors instead of having the child go and talk to them themselves. “If parents are always trying to protect their children from this “pain” or “challenge”, then the kid doesn’t have the opportunity to grow.” “Kids need to feel badly sometimes, we learn through experience and we learn through bad experiences. Through

failure we learn how to cope,” says David Elkind, Tufts University Professor. When kids start going out into the real world they are not going to be prepared. “Parents and schools no longer geared toward child development, they’re geared to academic achievement.” Holding your child’s hand and pushing them to do well does not mean they will be successful in the future if they are unable to handle everyday problems on their own. Though many parents believe they are helping their children in some ways they are not. “Overprotective parents actualize the tendency to anxiety disorders,” stated psychiatrist Michael Liebowitz. Many children who have over protective parents end up with stress problems, anxiety, and behavior problems. “Over protectiveness brings out the worst in kids.” Recently in an article released by Time Magazine called “Baby Einstein vs. Barbie” declared, “Parental involvement in schools has actually gone down, not up.” Though this does not mean that at home they are not pushing their children to work harder and be a straight A student so they will be able to attend the Ivy League schools.

Build a Baby Laura Myler ‘08

Choosing the sex of their baby, to some couples, may be a dream come true, but there is even more advanced technology in “building” your child before he or she is born. Technology today allows couples to choose the sex of their unborn baby by PGD (Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis), an in-vitro fertilization technique in which embryos are created outside the womb and tested for genetic disorders and gender. PGD was originally created to help reduce the risk “People all over of having a baby that suffered from genetic disorders the world would passed down from the parents. Today, PGD is also used be ‘program- for women that are thirty-five or older or who have had multiple miscarriages. Many clinics do not allow PGD ming’ their chil- to be used simply for sex selection; yet, it is still done. Choosing the sex of the baby seems like a good idea at dren the same.” first, but there are too many complications. Personally, being able to choose whether or not I have a boy or a girl seems unbelievable, but it could result in having the same gender ratio imbalance that China has. Some people believe that this technology is playing the role of God, and that destroying healthy embryos is wrong. I believe that this technology is perfect for preventing diseases, but is too complicated just for sex selection. In the future, eye color can be chosen to be like this naturally Geneticists say the blue-eyed baby. ability to choose what your baby looks like and their personality will be available in about ten to twenty-five years. Again, this new technology may seem like an amazing discovery, but it would do more damage than good. People all over the world would be “programming” their children the same. No one would want an ugly, dumb baby; there will only be attractive, smart children. Every child in the future will look and act the same, not only destroying diversity, but also increasing competition because every person applying for a job will have the same abilities and qualifications. This would increase unemployment because there would not be any jobs to fill since everyone would be applying for the same one. I believe that what makes humans so interesting and different is our diversity. Every single person on this earth is totally different; there is no personality exactly the same as another. Planning what your baby will be like before he or she is born not only ruins the surprise when they are finally born, but it destroys the natural diversity that we have and must preserve. Photo by Lauren Catino

PAge 8



musician of the month Photo credit Adrienne DiMarco

Adrienne DiMarco ‘07

Every issue of the Paw Print will feature an artist, actor, or musician of the month. This issue, Ryan Beluk and Steven Chuba, the 2006-2007 Norwalk High School Marching Band Drum Majors, have been chosen as musicians of the month.

PAge 9

marching Band Sweeps Liberty Bowl The Norwalk High School Marching Band spent their winter vacation in Mephis, Tennessi competing at the Liberty Bowl. Here are the results from the firld Competition and Performance: Outstanding Percussion: Norwalk High School Outstanding Color Guard: Norwalk High School Outstanding Music: Norwalk High School Outstanding Marching: Norwalk High School Outstanding Drum Major(s): Norwalk High School Outstanding Special Effect(s): Norwalk High School The 2006 Band for the Pre-Game Liberty Bowl Show: Norwalk High School

great job guys! Congratulations!

Ryan Beluk and Steven Chuba picture by Adrienne DiMarco

Ryan: I’ve been playing the oboe for half a year, the bassoon for four years, the guitar for nine and the snare drum for three.

ance. He [Mr. Smith] doesn’t want to see how fit you are, but wants to see if you push your limits.

Stephen: I’ve been playing the clarinet for seven years.

R: He [Mr. Smith] knows what everyone’s limits are, he just wants to see if you can break them. It’s more a test of the mind.

A: Are you planning on going to college for music? Where have you applied? R: Yeah, I want to go for music composition and theory. I applied to UMass Amherst, The University of Delaware, and WestConn. S: I want to go to college for music, but the audition is the hardest part. You have to know all your scales and be prepared to play selections for two or three pieces of music. It takes a lot of preparation. I applied to Ithaca and Syracuse both for music, but if I go to another college, I could minor in music.

"He [Mr. Smith] knows what everyone’s limits are, he just wants to see if you can break them. It’s more a test of the mind." - Ryan Beluk ‘07

A: What type of music do you enjoy playing the most or plan to study in college? R: Everything. But I like classical music. I want to study classical music but apply it in to modern arrangements. S: Everything, except rap. R: How can you not like rap? S: I want to go for classical performance.

Photo fr from

Adrienne: What instraments do you play and how long have you been playing them?

jAnuArY 2007

S: About thirty people tried out. R: There were at least twenty seniors. But everyone does it for a different reason.Some people just want the experience, other want to be section leader, and others really want band major. S: Kaci Finch (‘07) and Adam Rosado (‘07) are assistant Drum Majors. A: How do you feel this season went? R: I am extremely proud. I felt our drum line was the best I’ve seen, our brass came a long way, and even though are guard started off rocky, they came very far. S: I have no regrets. A: Do you feel you deserved to win [the MAC Championships Bridgeport] ? R: It’s all very political. Norwalk has won the past fourteen or fifteen years. Some people might hold a grudge against us.

Cocky with the NHS band .


Whether you take an art class or just doodle on your own, we need your work! Comics Drawings Illistrations Cartoons Help us liven up our Arts & Entertainment section with your masterpieces! All submissions brought to Mr. Karl's room 218B

S: It’s kind of like - “I hate the Yankees because they win all the time.” It’s that sort of thing. A: Just for fun, what is your favorite food? R: Pizza: it’s the most logical. You can have all your food groups in one. S: French fries: Curly fries are my favorite but good ones are hard to come by!

Melissa Bocconfuso(08)

A: What CD is in your car right now? R: Ravi Shankar, Joe Satriani, and Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog. S: Meatloaf, Like a Bat out of Hell. A: What did you have to do to become a Drum major? R: I’ve tried out all four years. The auditions are open to anyone. S: It’s three days. The first day we learn how to conduct. The next are all physical endur-

Michelle Rivas(07)

Melanie Pinto(10)

Page 10

january 2007

“21” Omarion




Janay Murray ‘07



The Myth of You and Me By Leah Stewart

R&B singer Omarion launched his sophomore album “21” nationwide in December 2006. The highly aniticipated album was originally scheduled to release in August of 2006 before the singer actually turned 22 in November, but due to bootlegging and lack of promotion of the CD, the release date was moved to December 26th. With a new debut date came a new feature to the CD, a DVD composed of some of the Omarion’s interviews and musical performances which is sold only in Wal-Mart stores . The album “21” is Omarion’s follow up to his first solo album “O” released in 2005. The project proved to be a success even with doubt that the young R&B ladies-man can hold his own without the backing of his previous career with singing group B2K. Omarion portrays a completely different personality through “21” compared to his “Bump, Bump,Bump” days with B2K, with songs like “Obsession” (produced by hit-maker Pharell) and “Beg For It” . These two songs describe his different encounters with women from him falling head over heels from a girl he has seen only from afar in “Obsession”, to having a one-night stand in “Beg For It”.The “21” album also includes his hit summer single,”Entourage” and his new single,”Ice Box” produced by Timbaland.

Sara LeDuc ‘09

"9" Damion Rice

Samantha Tuozzolo ‘08

Giedre Kovaliovaite ‘07

“Once in a generation a new musical comes along that changes everything”, a critic said regarding Spring Awakening a new musical on Broadway. The musical Spring Awakening is a very touching and sentimental show. Once you walk out of that theatre you will never be the same again. It is a show about teenagers dealing with all the problems that a regular teenager today deals with, but this show takes place in the 1800’s , with all contemporary music. It really makes you think that everything that was taking place back then is still taking place today, the show really makes you think and feel for the characters. With teenage love, stressful life and pressure from everybody around you, trying to be yourself, and trying to figure out life on your own . Duncan Sheik really captures the true emotion of the story and these teenagers through his music and Steven Saters amazing book and lyrics leave you walking out of that theatre a whole different person. The movement on that stage just puts your mind in a whole different perspective on what good musical theatre is. A cast filled with all teenagers, an amazing story, an amazing everything “Spring Awakening” will change your life. Its “ a miracle that must be seen to be believed”, words cannot express on how real and wonderful this show is. “Spring Awakening” is being played at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre, 230 West 49th St. (betw. Broadway & 8th Ave.) New York City, and if you are not sitting in one of those chairs at the Eugene O’Neil Theatre than you are making a real awful mistake, remember ONCE in a generation, the only thing that can come close to describing how wonderful it is, is to actually be in attendance and see for yourself.

The new album by Damion Rice, "9", is a great follow-up to his 2003 release of "O". Just like in the first album, the songs are heart-wrenching and relatable. he is one of only a hand ful of artists that can put true emotion to song. The listener can often find themselves connecting to the poetic lyrics, which resembles those of artists like the Decemberists and Snow Patrol, in songs such as "Accidental Babies" and "Me, My Yoke, and I". On this album, he collaborates with Tori Amos and Herbie Hancock, both of whom add their own elements to each song. Overall, the album is an endearing and even more sentimental work than any of Rice's earlier works. It leaves the listener wrought with passion and wanting more.

What is Art? Sam Blosser ‘07

literally from the inside out. Along with the skin-stripped bodies, are preserved Livening up your neighbor with colorful fetuses and the fluorescent lungs of a smokgraffitti or eye-catching exhibits may be er. Many citizens and officials have recently your idea of beauty but your local officials started an uproar saying it is not only disremay be at odds with that group of thinkers. spectful to the bodies displayed but also, to The question that has recently been a popu- the public for such graphic exhibits to be dislar conundrum not only in the media, but in played. It is also undecided weather it should the government is, what exactly qualifies as be aloud due to the deceased’s consent isart? How can one determine which graffiti sues. There’s a fine line between education is artwork and which is and exploitation in these vandalism? Or if cadavkinds of exhibits. And ers that are cut open to you only want people to show every inch of their be displayed if you have insides is actually art intheir consent, not the conspired and educational. sent of a third party,” said More over, who is to be Arthur Caplan, director of the one to decide what the Center for Bioethics is appropriate or not? at the University of Penn Well known artist sylvania as taken from a Banksy started out as a National Geographical graffiti artist roaming article by John Roach. On the street for a slab of the opposing side, they untouched pavement or argue that it is art in one wall to make his mark. of its most unusual forms The work he has done has and an educational exbeen described by critics Display at the Bodies exhibit. perience for anyone who as "pure masterpieces". Yet a recent endeavor stops by. “It should not be an experience dehas left English town, Bristol, in a pressing nied to anyone who would like to enjoy in situation. Banksy recently custom stenciled it.” said a supporter of the exhibit on BBC. a window scene where a woman is standing These two prime examples have left in her underwear while a man in a suit looks many wondering who is correct and who has angrily out the window. And to boot? A nude the ultimate say in what is to stay and what man is clinging to the windowsill hoping not should go. Is the medium used simply the to be seen. After an online forum debate, it only determining factor in what should be was concluded that 97% of the community considered art and what should be considered voted in favor of keeping the mural, "His miscellaneous? Or would you have to look work brightened up the urban environment" at each of your cases individually to judge according to a BBC article by Gary Hopkins. exactly which could be considered what? On the other hand, BBC also reports that of- Musician, Casey McKenna (‘04) states ficials of Bristol would like to convey one "Art is the abscense of guidelines. There very precise message to its town of which is, are no restrictions and no definitions and the decision to keep this Banksy image is not that’s the point.” He also noted, “It is only a green light for more graffiti in the city. It thought and emotion so no one should ever seems they may have a soft spot for Banksy police it. On a similar note, art student Matbut do not want to see this becoming a trend. thew Rossetti (‘07 ND) feels that, “Describ Another dominant example is Body: ing art is like describing the color red. You The Exhibition in New York. It takes can describe things that are red but you can corpses from China and cuts them open, ex- not actually describe red. Red is just red” posing to the public a persons true colors,

The novel The Myth of You and Me by Leah Stewart tells a remarkable and unforgetable story of a lost friendship and the journy to rekindle it. Using frequent flashbacks, Stewart paints the perfect picture of the friendship between Cameron and Sonia when they are teens and inseparable, and then another once they are older and no longer friends. The story tells the raw truth of how friendships can end suddenly and then be brought back by new beginnings, like marriages or deaths. you will immediately fall in love with all the characters. With each chapter that passes, you will become more and more anxious to get to the end of this brilliantly written book and find out if Sonia and Cameron become friends once again.

Spring Awakening




jAnuArY 2007

Football Obsession

Boys Swim team Laps Last Years Season Lauren Catino ‘08

Sara LeDuc ‘09 - Sports Opinion Photo by Lauren Catino

The Norwalk High Boy’s Swim team splashes into the season with a win against Trumbull. Having not beaten one of the top teams in years, head coach Mr. Marchetti couldn’t be more proud of his team this year, watching the team rack in points for the last 400 freestyle relay, to win. As long as NHS is swimming co-op with McMahon, the team dives as well. Team co-captain Adam Genuario (’07) beat the school record for diving in the first meet. With a new strength and conditioning program on the rise, each team member gains the muscle needed to swim faster in freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly. NHS student athlete swims in the backstroke. Rather than having niors this year, and it would be awesome to beat them.” tough 5:15 am swim practices like the girls swim team, Even though the swimmers aren’t as strong as Mr. Marchetti has built a program from scratch where others, the team is larger than ever, and each team the boys lift weights, building the repetitions each week. mate can now swim different events in meets rathThe previous 3x12’s is now a mere 3x25 workout. Soon er than being stuck in the same one all season. the weight will increase and the process will restart. The swimming goals are to beat New Ca“I started to find the 5:15 am practices counter productive. naan, Danbury, Staples, and best-in-state Greenwich. It’s cold in the winter, and needing to get up, start the car, and “There are no ‘gimme’ meets. The boys need to condrive here at that time is pointless. With a conditioning protinue to improve and work harder as the year goes on in gram starting later, there’s no need to have a dry-land practice order to do well at the end of the season”, say Marchetti. in the afternoon to take away from swimming”, says Marchetti. The medley and freestyle relays are always fun By varying the practices and implementing difto watch because they’re a team effort. The divferent workouts for different boys since everying portion of the meet will make you cringe. one can’t do as well as others in certain events, Mar“Swimming’s not for everyone. It takes a lot chetti hopes to keep the team on a winning streak. of guts and bravery to dive”, Marchetti states. Hopefully this season brings in more wins than The swimmers challenge can be met by anylast year, having won two meets in the ’05-’06 season. one willing to practice and give their best effort. The captains hope to triple this previous record. How? Many agree when Saviano says, “The “By kicking their butts”, says co-captain Danen sport’s an extremely good workout and the Saviano (’07) in refernce to Greenwich High. “Alteam is an excellent atmosphere to be around.” though it seems far-fetched they’ve lost a lot of se-

Steroids are not the Solution Mike Mastrianni ‘07 - Sports Opinion

Anabolic steroids are powerful drugs that many people take to boost athletic performance. The word ‘anabolic’ means “building body tissue.” Anabolic steroids help build human muscle tissue and increase the male body’s production of the natural hormone, testosterone. Both, Kaitlin O’Brien (07) and Nick Iannozzo (07), agree that steroids are not the answer for any type of athlete. Iannozzo (07) was the captain of the Varsity Football team and plays on the Varsity Baseball team during the spring time. Kaitlin O’Brien used to play basketball outside of school. New Jersey became the first state to announce that it would begin drug testing high school students. I think that it would be a good idea for all of the athletes at the public and private schools in Connecticut should get tested for using enhancement drugs. School officials cited statistics from the state health department showing that steroid use among New Jersey high school students had increased from 3% in 1995 to about 5% in 2001. A 2002 study by Texas A&M University estimated up to 42,000 Texan students were abusing steroids. In recent years, steroids have been found in mostly college, Olympic, and professional sports. Most major professional and amateur organizations have banned steroids. For instance, the NFL, National Football League, is one of the organizations that have banned athletes from using steroids. I feel that banning steroids on the professional level of sports is a good idea because it will influence young children not to use steroids in the future. Steroids can be taken by, using steroid pills or injected into an athlete’s body with a needle. Student athletes must understand that when sharing needles for steroids, they are also at risk for serious infections including HIV and the AIDS virus. “Steroids help in the short run, in activities such as weight lifting and sporting events, but when it comes to the long term effects they are not beneficial to their health,” said Iannozzo. Side effects when using steroids for both females and

PAge 11

males include: nausea and vomiting, baldness, sleep problems, high blood pressure and heart disease, liver damage, cancers, and much more. More than 6% of 15,000 students surveyed admitted trying steroid pills or injections. According to a survey by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, steroid use among high school students more than doubled between 1991 and 2003. Everyday in sports, many athletes use enhancement drugs to perform at a higher level than the basic athlete. When using steroids, athletes are cheating themselves and the athletes that they perform against. Would you feel right cheating, when you know that, your competition has been working really hard to get where they are? I wouldn’t. I would know in my heart that I was too lazy to find time to practice and become the best. I would feel that I were taking away my competition’s reward of his/her hard work ethic and would feel foolish to take the prize. It is unfair for the athletes who have hard work ethics to end up falling short in either winning a track and field event or in a team sport. I have noticed while playing three different sports in high school, especially during football season that many of the opponents from the other team are very muscular and seem to be “roid-raging.” Now, I know that I am not the biggest athlete, and I am not accusing all big athletes of using steroids, but I feel that over the years more and more high school athletes are finding ways to take steroids. “Some of these student athletes are too big to be all natural, and not be using steroids,” said Iannozzo. “I don’t feel anything good comes out of using steroids, said O’Brien.” They may help enhance your performance in the game, but in the long run they won’t help you.” Steroids are not the solution for student athletes. Steroids can have dangerous long term effects on the human body and may even kill you. Steroids are for cheaters that do not put in the time and work that are necessary and feel that everything will come easy. Steroids are a waste of time and certainly a waste of money.

It seems baseball is no longer the only “great American pastime.” Football has accompanied baseball in that category, since TV, radio, internet, and billboards are filled with advertisements for NFL. For a lot of people, Sundays are no longer for church, relaxing, and family time. Instead, they are spent sitting on the couch with pizza, chips, and nachos, screaming at the television rooting for that person’s favorite team. Nearly everyone has a favorite team, and does spend part of their Sunday watching the game and of course, pulling for their team to walk away with a victory. But what happens when the love for one team and the obsession with the sport goes too far? American’s have become too involved in football. The obsessions go way past playing the sport and watching games each Sunday. People have become infatuated with the game and all the violence it entails, and also each week attempting to win money, but usually losing it, by betting on whom people think is going to win. According to statistics from David Schwartz, director of the University of Nevada Las Vegas’ Center for Gambling Research, more than $1 billion was spent gambling on pro-football in Nevada alone. Take a die-hard Denver Bronco’s fan, for instance. His love for the team goes way past watching all their regular season games. He watches their preseason games, and is deeply emotionally damaged after each loss, and absolutely cannot be interrupted for anything during a game. His entire room and a lot of his wardrobe are made up of Bronco memorabilia and attire. The mood for the rest of his week is set each Sunday by the outcome of the Bronco game. He places bets on each NFL game, and then proceeds to watch every single one of them, devoting his entire Sunday to football. The article “NFL Popularity Reaches Hall of Fame Level” by Rick Maloney from Business First of Buffalo states football is the “most popular team sport in the country.” Even politicians, particularly George Allen, seem to have caught the ‘football fever.’ The article “Mixing Politics, Pigskins” from the Washington Post by Dana Milbank talked about Allen’s overuse of football metaphors while speaking of important national subjects. “As head of Senate Republicans’ campaign efforts in 2004, he called his candidates in the southern states the ‘NFC South’,” the article states. says that approximately 39% of Americans are always interested in watching football. Apparently, that’s not all their interested in doing. Kids, teenagers, and adults constantly play football video games, particularly Madden, which allows the player or players to be one NFL team and face another. According to, the latest edition of Madden, Madden ’07, which came out in August, sold a record breaking 2 million copies in its first week out. Football used to be a fun sport to watch each Sunday. Now, it has escalated into something that many people base their whole Sunday around, and perhaps their whole lives during football season.

PAge 12


jAnuArY 2007


Mike Mastrianni ‘07

Photo by Lindsay Megeale

norwalk’s joint Hockey team means Business in the ‘07 Season After losing in the state semi-finals last year to Cheshire High School, the Norwalk High/Brien McMahon co-op Ice Hockey team is looking to rebound on the new season with a record of 2-4-1 and being able to find improvement with the new head coach. This season the NHS hockey team is going to have to skate without the team leaders and recent Captains from the Norwalk side Matt Discala (06) and Joey Diaz (06). Discala, who was captain and a leading scorer on the team and helped the Bears reach the state semi-finals, along with graduate Joey Diaz who was an outstanding defensive player. Although this season Jason Foritte (07), Nick Serasis (07), John Lengyel (07), and Lucas Deck ‘07 are some of the returning seniors and starters that are hoping to improve on last seasons upset. “We are looking to make states and win as many games as we can and get enough fans to come The Norwalk hockey team faces off against Wilton. support us at our games,” says co-captain Lengyel. Lengyel, who has played hockey since he was eight years “I’m going to miss the excitement of going in front of the entire school old, plays Center for the Hockey team. “Playing Center re- and competing in on of the best sports ever played, I’m also going to quires you to be a leader of your line and you have to be every- miss my teammates because after high school we will probably go our where on the ice, offensively and defensively,” says Lengyel. separate ways in looking for a bright future. Not only that, but I will miss After losing in the state semi-finals the recent head coach for our general manager, Clayton Burrows,” says Co-captain Lengyel. This season the Norwalk/Brien McMahon co-op Ice the Norwalk/Brien McMahon co-op ice hockey team Coach Terry Driscoll ended up resigning his head coaching job. The Norwalk Hockey team has beaten St. Joseph 7-1, and Wilton 2-0. /Brien McMahon hockey team began worrying about finding a new The hockey team lost to Southington 5-4 in a thrilling overhead coach with the Hockey season around the corner. Luckily time game, Trinity Catholic 9-8, Staples 4-1, and Sheenion enough the team were able to replace their old head Coach and re- 3-0. So far this season the Norwalk High hockey team has place him with the new and improved head Coach Keith McElaney. had only one tie against former opponent Joel Barlow 0-0. “During my 4 years of playing hockey I’m going to miss the “I really like Coach Keith McElaney, he is a great guy to be coached by and he knows a lot about the game of Hockey,” says Serasis. players that I will be graduating with, winning the big games, Serasis has been the starting goalie for the team for two years now. making it to the state semi-finals, and I will also miss playing “It’s a very important position to the team, I like having the pressure against the teams that some of my friends played on,” says Serasis. Many of these NHS players are going to miss each othon my shoulders in the big games and I thrive on it,” says Serasis. Serasis has been playing hockey since he was in the second grade. er when this season comes to a close and they hear that final “The New head coach is a really cool guy. The new head whistle after the last regular game of the season. Lengyel and coach is very dedicated. I feel that it’s tough for the new coach Serasis explained that out of all the seasons of playing hockto have to coach a team that’s been together for awhile. Be- ey with each other, this is going to be the most memorable seafore games Head Coach Keith McElaney does a lot of en- son because of the chemistry that they had with their teammates. durance training to get us ready,” says Co-captain Lengyel.

Foster Mullings ‘07

The Norwalk High Lady Bears are having a good year and are looking to improve on their 4-3 record with some wins. Standing behind Rick Fuller, coaching in his third year as the varsity coach the Lady Bears are competing to be in the FCIAC playoffs and the state playoffs and try to do damage as they lost in the first round last year against West Haven. With their losses coming in some close games, the Lady Bears are over .500 by one game with wins against Harding, Stamford, Greenwich and their latest against Staples. Girls are confident that they can play with anybody and are going to look to make a name for their selves in the long run. The Lady Bears looked to increase that margin Wednesday night when they played Trinity Catholic, the defending FCIAC champions who came to town to duke it out in a FCIAC clash. Making a brilliant comeback from 30-13 the girls were hanging tough to make it 33-29 at the half. But Norwalk fell short in the end losing 6654 to the fourth ranked team in the state. “We played hard, there were spots we didn’t execute well in the end,” said Fuller. This game didn’t put the girls confidence down as their heads are high keeping it a game with Trinity. The girls are now even with a 4-4 record, 4-3 in the FCIAC and going to look to get back on the winning ways as they play St. Joseph here at Norwalk High, Friday night at 7;00 p.m. *Congratulations to senior guard Shannon Singleton-Bates for reaching the 1,000 point mark and being a part of history.

Jan 25 - Feb 14 HOME GAMES

Ice Hockey 1/27 2/03 2/05

Stamford Staples-Weston Greenwich

6:15pm 8:15pm 8:30pm

Boys Basketball 2/02 2/09 2/14

Trumbull Danbury Darien

7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm

Girls Basketball 1/30 2/06 2/12

Westhill Bassick New Canaan

7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm

Boys Swimming 1/26 2/02 2/09 2/14

Stamford Darien Ridgefield Greenwich

3:30pm 3:30pm 3:30pm 3:30pm

Indoor Track 1/27

FCIAC Divisional 3:30pm

Keep an eye out for Spring Tryouts!

track is Back in ‘07 with Seniors in Charge Kelly Blair ‘07

After having a hard 2005-2006 season the Norwalk High School Indoor Track team is having a great start. In the first match of the season the indoor track team Willie Myers, Mike Mastrianni, Nickel Hay, and Dan Conklin were all state qualifiers. Those four and Malilc Miller were also FCIAC qualifiers. John Curley (07) says “over all as a team we did good”. Indoor track is not only a team sport but also an individual one. The team has to work hard to do their best in each race, but the team player has to do their best to qualifiy themselves for the state championship or FCIA’s . This year Indoor Track captains are YeeNing Cheng, Billy Branccacio, John Curley, Erin Gombos, Nicole Diblasio, and Mike Mastrianni. Kevin Boccanfuso (10) a freshman on the indoor track team says “ I felt like being on a school sports team” for him it was “hard to start” but he has learned to enjoy the sport. Another event you will see at an Indoor Track meet is hurtles this years. Hurtles captain is John Curley he chose

this event because “Hurtles just came naturally to me.” This season the team will have to compete at nine meets. Indoor track has many events which include the 50, 300, 600, 1000, and 1600 meter runs.

Photo Credit: Lindsay Megale

team Shoots For Win


Indoor Tr T ack Cap a tains meet befo ap f re mid season practice fo

Senior Reflections on Gymnastics’ Big Tumble Lanette Maldonado ‘07

The Norwalk High School gymnastics team of three years no longer exists. The team once of thirteen girls was a varsity sport. The gymnastics team began to dwindle down every year loosing at least two to three girls a year leaving the underclassman to return. Last year the gymnastics team consisted of senior Sarah Mintz, (‘06) and me, Lanette Maldonado (’07). We tagged on to Staples High School as individuals. But this year, it was unfortunate that I had to look for a coach and not to mention make the team. Also the gymnastics team is a varsity sport so you would have to try out, and to be a starter on an

event you have to be an all around gymnast on two or more events. The team officially began in 2004, where the original members tried their hardest to convince NHS that a gymnastics team would be something new, different, and beneficial. A team is still an option; as long as there are 8 or more girls on the team

that want to do gymnastics if there are not enough girls at NHS you can make a Co-op team with McMahon and it would be both of your team together and you would not go against each other. Girls who really want a gymnastics team back, you all as a whole must find a coach and you must also find a home site, where you can practice everyday and have meets. Once that is all organized members of the team and their par“The Norwalk High School girl’s ents should call Mr. Mones, beanything is officially done. gymnastic team of three years no fore Good Luck to any gymnast longer exists.” who wants to keep the team going. Don’t take no for an answer!

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