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The Norwalk High School

Paw Print “How the Bears make their mark”

february 2009

VOLume iii, issue 3

inauguration Day Creates Obama Drama at nHs Molly Young ’09 Peer Editor

Photo Credit: Daniel Conklin

Over two million people filled the two-mile spread of the National Mall in Washington D.C. to see Barack Obama become the 44th president. At Norwalk High School, over 1,500 students and faculty crammed into the gym and auditorium to watch from Norwalk, CT. A few weeks ago, Mr. Hariton had the idea to show the entire school this historical event. “As the buildup of the inauguration started, I began to realize that the whole school should live history,” Mr. Hariton replied. With the help of the history department, Mr. Smith, Mr. Mecca, and Mr. Karagus, the school was going to watch the live CNN feed from the Internet. Yet, things did not go as smoothly as Hariton hoped, the gym’s video was fine, but the Internet in the auditorium crashed during Obama’s speech. “It fell a part because too many people were trying to get on the server,” Hariton explained. “I was disappointed, but it was out of my control, the school has no cable lines, we could not secure the connection.” Hariton continued. “I don’t believe what happened was the fault of anyone,” said Spanish teacher Mrs. White. “I wish there was a plan B, but it’s easy to criticize when you’re not in the driver’s seat,” White replied. The students were disappointed with the auditorium as well, but understood it was no one’s fault.

“I was excited to see it, then disappointed,” said Jake come and go,” said Bianca Johnson (’12). Mr. Hariton’s idea was not a complete success, but it Passero (’10) “Mr. Hariton started out strong with the speech, but it did bring the students together for an extremely historical went downhill from there,” replied Mike Lepoutre (’10). event. The teachers now have the next four years to allow “The picture in the auditorium was all screwed up, but the the next inauguration showing to go perfectly. sound was correct,” Lepoutre continued. Even though the viewing was not up to par, the students were extremely well behaved. “The kids in the auditorium were fantastic, they wanted to see it,” explained Mr. Seaburg. “It is an exciting time in our country,” he continued. Andrew Krasnavage (’10) was in the gym during Obama’s speech. “I was in the front row and could see well,” he said,” When Obama was talking, the kids told others to be quiet. Everyone was excited,” Krasnavage continued. One student did not share the eager views of the others, “Obama becoming president isn’t so exciting, I don’t see why its important. Presidents Students and faculty join together in the gym only to find that they could not see the presentation.

group Works to build Public support for Public forum The media/forum center will consist of a center stage for uses such as: preStaff Writer sentations, public speaking, mock trials, etc. The plans also contain suggestions for; Smart Boards, multimedia projectors, television monitors and projection screens as well as other technological necessities. Sharon Cadden, a PTO representative, was disMr. Welsh is explaining the future plans for the Social Studies Public Forum Center mayed at the lack of meeting rooms or presentations halls. “I feel this school At long last, the plans for the new media/ could benefi t from a media center like this, forum center are beginning to form. Origiand it offers a chance for multiple class nally created last year, it is planned for use,” Cadden stated at recent meeting to the current detention room. Although the discuss the new plans. media center was supposed to be built dur“It was originally a planned part of ing summer construction, cut backs in the the renovations, but it was lost with overschool’s budget prevented it from moving runs and cuts from funding,” said Mr. forward.

Daisy Villalobos ’10

Photo Credit: Daisy Villalobos



i n

t H i s A&E

O’Shaughnessy, one of the teachers help- Santos and Nicole Piatek, have voluntarily ing to put this together. developed blueprints for the room’s outBecause of the recent budget constraints, line. The blueprints consist of plans infunding has become a major setback in the cluding tiered seating, changing the lights, construction of the media center. At a re- and a sliding screen to allow easier visual cent meeting, funding for the project was access. Bill Ireland, the building inspector, discussed. The main idea to help fund this recently looked over the plans and after adproject is to include more students in this justing them so they are safe, approved of project. A Facebook group was considered them. All that is left to do is obtain funding, to help create awareness, and improve stuand hire workers, and the media center dent participation. By promoting the school involvement, will be well under way. there would be a more personal feeling to the room. Ordering equipment one at a time, instead of all at once, was another idea, so students could see their monetary progress. Grants from local organizations and community outreach were more ideas floating around to raise money for the media center. Recently Norwalk Community College architectural students, Louis The future plans for the Public Forum include a stage and tiered seats

i s s u e : SPORTS


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february 2009

NEWS BRIEFS 2008-2009 Yearbook The deadline for yearbooks has been extended until February 13, 2009. The cost is $80.00, please contact Mr. Pagano or Mr. Segers if you have any questions.

Class Dues The last day for Junior class dues is February 12, 2009.

Course Selection Attention all underclassmen, course selection will take place February 9, 2009. Keep an eye out for all of the new and exciting classes being offered at NHS.

Recycling Thank you to all the students and staff who have helped make NHS a little greener by using the new recycling bins in each classroom. The only complaint to be made is please discard the bottle caps in the trash before any kind of bottle is recycled.

Report Cards Report Cards will be distributed to students on February 5, 2009.

Snowflake The Sophomore holiday dance, Snowflake, will take place February 27, 2009 at seven oclock. The dance will be held at the local Norwalk Inn.

economic Crisis Hits norwalk High

Molly Young ’09

Thank you to all of the students and staff who bought Valentine’s Day Ads for the Paw Print and we hope that everyone enjoys their Valentine’s Day on February 14.

Winter Break The well awaited winter break will take place February 16- February 20, 2009. Have a fun and safe vacation.

“The economy is going through a rough patch and everyone will be affected.” -Principal, Leonard Mecca

Staff Writer Each American will have to tighten their belts in order to get through the economic hardships, and Norwalk High School’s budget will be affected as well. As a public school, NHS already has a tight budget, but with the economy worsening, the budget is getting tighter. “Because the economy is in the tank, I can’t complain.” Patrick O’Shaughnessy, NHS Social Studies Dept. Chair said. “We all have to learn to do with less,” O’Shaughnessy continued. The Social Studies Department’s budget is not the only area in the school affected; the library is preparing to deal with the cuts. “The money situation will get worse, library always first to get cuts,” said librarian Mrs. Daniels, PhD. Mrs. Daniels, PhD, explained that there will be no money to buy new and innovative resources for the library such as research databases. NHS principal Leonard Mecca’s, outlook was not much brighter than the library’s. “The Board of Education has already said there will be no increases in the budget,” Mecca said. “The economy is going through a rough patch and everyone will be affected,” he continued. The superintendent, Salvatore Corda, is struggling with this year’s budget because of the unstable economy. “I want to be clear -- there will be an impact on our schools,” said Corda at a recent board of education meeting.

Corda has communicated the budget problems to the community at meetings and via email. “We prepared a budget that carries an increase of 3.4% and it was prepared as much for creating the lowest possible increase as it was for sustaining and enhancing our educational programs. I found myself in the position of making budget reductions, not for sound educational reasons, but because it was necessary to develop a budget that acknowledged the dire straits in which we find ourselves.” He concluded the message sent out to the community noting that he knew, “This is a gloom and doom message but I want to keep you informed about the state of our financial picture. We shall keep you posted as the budget proccess progresses.” No one is positive about how devastating these cuts will be, but Norwalk Public Schools are going to have to learn to decrease spending.

• • • •

NORWALK PUBLIC SCHOOL BUDGET 2009-2010 CUTS Secretarial Staff Dean of Students Teacher Aids Custodial Services

• •

Clerrical Support Assistant Principals in elementary school

getting money for Just being you Jeff desimone ’09 Feature Editor Have any unusual habits or hobbies that you never thought would be worth anything to others? With the present economic environment being a tough time for the college investment, there are unusual scholarships out there that could be calling your name. By simply Googling “unusual scholarships” or “rare scholarships,” one can find an array of different scholarships that may seem unbelievable. To give you an idea of how odd some of these are, here are a few that stick out. Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Contest is a scholarship of students who wear an outfit or accessories made our of duct tape to their Senior Prom. The first place winner will receive a 3,000 dollar scholarship. The National Marbles Tournament Scholarship awards 2,000 dollars to the winner of a marble shooting

tournament and a 1,000 dollar sportsmanship scholarship. If hobbies or habits are not your thing, do not lose hope.There are scholarships given out if you are above or below what is considered average height. The Little People of America Scholarship awards a scholarship to a student under 4’10” and The Tall Clubs International Scholarship awards one to a female over 5’10” or a male over 6’2”. Courtney Ellis (‘09), proved she was unaware of the financial assistance that are at her reach. “That’s crazy, I had no idea about the kind of scholarships there are out there. I wish I knew about all of them,” she exclaimed. The list just goes on and on, so if you are interested in some scholarships that are not very well-known that you fir the bill for, here are a few websites to look into. The website is, com, and Students should be sure to check them out, because what is better than free money?

The Israeli Palestinian Conflict Molly Young ’09 Peer Editor

Valentine’s Day


In a tiny rectangle along the Mediterranean Sea coast, between Israel and Egypt, intense violence has been occurring for the past few weeks. This rectangle is called the Gaza Strip and the tension here began many years ago amongst the Israelis and Palestinians. For centuries, conflict between these two countries did not exist. Palestinian population was eighty-six percent Muslim, ten percent Christian and four percent Jewish; and all lived in peace. “The state of war between the Jews and Palestinians has not always existed,” explained the New York Times recently. This all changed in the 1800s, when a group of Zionists began to move to this land. Zionists are a minority of the Jewish population and want nothing else than to build a Jewish homeland. When the Zionists first moved there was still no conflict, but as more and more moved in, they wanted to convert the land to a Jewish state. Fighting broke out and with that, the conflict began. In 1947, The United Nations decided to step into this mess. The final decision was to give the Zionists fiftyfive percent of Palestinian land to create a Jewish state,

even though their population only equaled about thirty percent. Since then, war has erupted frequently, there was a war from 1947-1949 and a six-year war in 1967. Each of the wars allowed Israel to gain more land. Palestine was split because of Israel’s success in these wars. Today, the conflict is escalating daily because there is a need for a peace statement. Those who used to live in Gaza before Israel are now refugees and do not have a country to call their own. One refugee, Sameh Zakout, explained, “I think it’s wrong. But we will never forget what happened to us.” In today’s Palestine, the government is ruled by the Hamas, whose main mission is to destroy Israel and continue attacking Israeli soldiers and civilians. Yet, they are experiencing many more casualties because their army is extremely inexperienced compared to the Israeli army. The next step is to create a peace treaty for both sides, “The UN general assembly will consider requesting an advisory opinion from the international court of justice,” reported, Afua Hirsch of The Guardian. The civilians from both sides are hoping for peace, and hoping it comes soon. A cease fire was declared by Israel on January 20th, but this conflict is far from over.



february 2009

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norwalk High Kicks the Old gym floor Out the Door Chelsea jacoby ’09 From old cracked wood to new floor panels, the Norwalk High School gym shines with promise. It is a possibility that the new floor granted luck for the girl’s varsity team as they won the first game played on the new wood floor, Wednesday, January seventh. With the floor costing over $35,000, the new green and white creates a new tone for the school. The gym was renovated over Christmas break which consisted of ten days starting from December twentieth through December third. The money was used from the reconstruction fund for NHS, and Wayne Mones, athletic director and guidance counselor at NHS, believes that the floor brings more than a new look to the gym, but a new and improved morale from students and faculty. “The new turf and floor seems to have generated more student spirit with having new facilities to use and play

Photo Credit: Samantha Redfield

News & Business Editor

on,” Mones stated. The floor was sanded down to the base and repainted by five workers from the Gullitti Brothers Flooring Company. Other positive attributes that were added in the gym were new light fixtures, the bleachers were refurbished, padding was added on the walls behind the hoops for players’ safety, new speakers were installed, and the walls are being painted a new kind of green to match the floors. The new floor replaced the original paneling from when the school was built and with the way the workers did the renovations the floor it should last about seven to eight years with bimonthly maintenance. The final design printed on the floor was picked by researching college team’s floors and was ultimately picked by Coach Trimboli.

Part of the new gymnasium floor.

Life On mars becomes Possible attempt for Change Jenny Wilkins ’10 Staff Writer

Photo Credit:

A new year can represent change – or at least an attempt. Although new year’s resolutions are planned, we wonder how many are actually kept. Recent studies show that some of the most common goals Americans make have to do with fitness and family. Jake Passero (’10) explained, “The gym becomes more crowded from January to March, but then finally…I like the gym again.” Resolutions for the new year are not always followed through, but why? “Some people can’t reach their goals because they aim too high. They realize they don’t have enough motivation to reach their resolution,” said Will Hirsch (’10). Sarah Zezima (’12) writes her resolutions. If a resolution is too big of a change, we can learn to reach our goals in smaller steps. More reasonable goals lead to a greater achievement. The new year represents a fresh start, but is everyone willing to make a change? Photo Credit: Sara LeDuc

nent of natural gas on earth. The team found methane in the atmosphere Sports Editor by carefully observing Mars through NASA’s Infrared Telescope Facility and the W.M. Keck Scientists have discovered methane in Mars at- Telescope, both in Hawaii. mosphere which raises the possibility that life “Microbes that produced methane from hymay have or might exist drogen and carbon on the red planet. dioxide were one of Scientists were not the earliest forms of sure how long this has life on Earth,” said been on the planet, but Carl Pilcher, directhere are a few possitor of the NASA Asbilities of where it might trobiology Institute. have come from. This Scientists are advismethane could have ing that this does not come from past or presmean they are sure ent microorganisms, about life on Mars, but geological activity, or it does raise the poscomets striking the plansibility. et. The recent Phoe“It’s time, it’s pru- Primitive life found on Mars, not like SciFi nix Mars Lander misdent that we begin to sion came to an end in explore Mars looking for the possibility of a life November after collecting and analyzing soil form that’s exhaling methane,” said Lisa Pratt, samples on a arctic plane where there was professor of geological sciences at Indiana Unisaid to be quantities of frozen water. versity. NASA’s next mission to Mars is the Mars Methane also happens to be the main compo- Science Laboratory scheduled to launch in 2011.

Matthew Cranston ’11

the real michelle Obama elect to Do something new Daisy Villalobos ’10

Ashley Lampman ’09

Design Team

Design Team

Move over Oprah, there is a new woman in town. Michelle Obama is married to the first African American to be elected to Presidential Office. She started social involvement at Princeton University in the 1980s. There, she ran literacy programs for local neighborhoods. Later, at Harvard Law School she took part in demonstrations demanding more minority students and professors. She, like her husband, quit the practice of law to go into public service. Michelle has an ability to relate and “click” with the crowds she speaks to. During her husband’s political campaign, Michelle routinely rallied audiences of more than 1,000 supporters, even when she was campaigning on her own. She speaks bluntly, but genuinely, drawing huge support from her husband’s followers. Michelle Obama represents strong, politically active women and does not fall into the general categories of most First Ladies. She does not sit back, or carefully rehearse certain lines to say if spoken to, but she is not over bearing, and tends to try to avoid running the entire show behind the curtains. Michelle instead chooses to take the more practical approach and only gets involved with her husband’s politics. Some indentify Michelle Obama to be a milder version of Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady to Franklin D. Roosevelt. She was a fighter, and often spoke to crowds, getting them riled and passionate about causes. She seems to take the reins as Eleanor did, but is less involved, and more concerned about her family’s welfare. All in all, some see Michelle Obama as a great influence on the lives of all Americans; she represents hope for change and activism in our country.

As midterms and first semester end, the wave of subject selection starts. As students receive sheets for subject selection, they will find new courses that have not been offered at Norwalk High School before. During second semester students and guidance counselors meet to pick courses for the next year. Students are given about a week to meet with teachers to pick from over 228 different courses offered at NHS and about nine of these courses are new. Incoming freshmen will now be able to take Honors English, World History, Italian, French and Spanish. In previous years, freshmen students were either placed in level five or eight. However, the freshmen class of 2013 can be placed in Honors. Sophomores through seniors will be allowed to take new courses as “If courses like that were offered last well.Some include Human year, I definitely would have signed Anatomy & Physiology which will count as a science credit. up for it.” Jessica Munoz (’09) said, “If -Jessica Munoz (’09) courses like that were offered last year, I definitely would have signed up for it.” Peggy O’Hara (’11) said, “I look forward to subject selection I like being able to choose the classes I take and because there are some classes you can take as a junior or senior but not as a sophomore.” While filling out subject selection sheets, look for new courses available at NHS.

february 2009

Test Your Knowledge

Select True of False

1. Yale and Brown University are among the top fifty universities for black students. TRUE FALSE 2. Dr. Carter G. Woodson (1875-1950) on founded Black History Month in 1927 TRUE FALSE 3. February is Black History Month because it marks the birthdays of two men who greatly influenced the black American population: Frederick Douglass (February 14) and President Abraham Lincoln (February 12). TRUE FALSE 4. Dr. Woodson is called the “Grandfather of Black History.” TRUE FALSE 5. It is celebrated annually in the United States and Canada in the month of February. TRUE FALSE

neWs feature 6. The official guide to Black History Month in the UK is published by Sugar Media, Ltd., which has produced 100,000 copies nationwide. TRUE FALSE 7. Morgan Freeman, is a huge fan of Black History Month and encourages its celebration. TRUE FALSE 8. In Britian, Black History Month is held in August. TRUE FALSE 9. Akyaaba Addai Sebbo is viewed as the person who set up Black History Month in Britain in 1987. TRUE FALSE

Staff Writer

It had never been heard of for a race or culture to have a month dedicated to them in honor of their achievements as a whole until the United States declared February as Black History Month in 1976. The remembrance started in 1926 by historian Carter G. Woodson, first as “Negro History Week” or rather Omega Psi Phi which was used by the black fraternity. He chose the second week of February because it held birthdays of two Americans who greatly impacted the lives and social condition of African Americans. These Americans were former president Abraham Lincoln and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863

What Does Black History Month Mean To You? Thenya Taiyanides (’12) “I think it’s a good way to think about different races and how they all blend together.”

10. The first black woman elected to congress was Shirley Chisholm. TRUE FALSE

a brief History Of black History month Alex Morsanutto ’09


John Cunsolo (’11) “It shows their achievements.”

ANSWERS: 1. True 2. False, it was 1927 3. True 4. False 5. True 6. True 7. False 8. False, October 9. True 10. True

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which prohibited slavery within the 13th amendment. Douglass is known as one of the most prominent figures in history and was a firm believer in equal rights for all races, and also was the first African American to run on the vice president ticket. When the tradition of Black History month started in the US, most of the population had barely begun to explore black history. At that point, most of the representation of blacks was used in books only in reference to the low social position they held as slaves. Part of the aim of Black History Month that Woodson intended was to recognize significant contributions to society made by black slaves and how their history has impacted the future of a nation. It demonstrates how all peoples contribute to a culture.


Jovani JeanCharles (’10) “The end of hate.” Taylor Watson (’09) “It’s a good way to bring people together and educate the youth”

W h y do n’ t yo u... Barack Obama’s novel

Dreams from My Father:


A Story of Race and Inheritence


...tour the

Black Heritage Online Trail brought to you by the Museum of African American History Denzel Washington’s

The Great Debaters ...visit

Apollo Theater in New York City

...visit Photo Credit:

for more information on Black History Month

VaLentine’s Day

S To Ha am : pp m y ie G Da Vale ait Sa Fr y< nti a m om 3 ne’ s Zu ant : llo ha


To: Ashley

T Dano: ie I hop lle grea e you ha v t Va len e a Day. tine’s F Androm: rew

To: APUSH & A.P.E. classes Have a gre at break! From: Mr. Hariton

To: n oberso Mrs. R You Thankm: Fro cca Mr. Me

To: Anna ou<2 hiko m Yine t : Fromx Ale

To: Touger Ryan u on Valen o See y ’s Day! tine : From y Ashle Coto To: TJ Happy Valentine’s Day. From: Ashley

To: Special Office Ladies in the Main Office Thank You From: Mr. Mecca

t Bud dy I’m co ld! From: Jaim ee To: Sara LeDuc Sara, will yo u marry me? From Allie Cutt:ne r To: Linon Mecca Even during a busy day at school From: Lenny Mecca

s er <3 : w To in Po you : alez v ve m z De I lo Fro Gon e ett Yv

To: ty Boun e a brain. ar We sh u have my o y w No t. heaorm : Fr n Teflo

lla m tre oo To: n Venoom B my in re B Lauoom t you ! B an om I w ro om: n Fr lliso A dica Mo

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hley To: ra + As to Sa y Trails p Hap you. : From le Nico

To: Telepo r

Happy Valentine’s Day. From: TJ

AnTo: na Mi aA ga pi F <2 Al rom ex :

s nt de tu ’s ’s S ine To: orte lent Va ! .F Ms ppy Day : m Ha Fro ra. S ite Wh

To: Sawa and Ashw ee Great Job! Love, Samantha, Lindsay and Robert

To: Allison Modica You are the best and I love you so much! From: Lauren Ventrella

february 2009

To: Anna To: Mrs. Vetter

Be Mine? <2 From: Alex

Thank You From: Mr. Mecca

To: Gilbert Happy Valentin e’s Day! From: Aedan

To: Lindsay Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you. From: Matt

To: Joy Orban Thank You From: Mr. Mecca

To: Teresa Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you!<3 From: Brendan To: To: Mark Have fun in Italy. From: Your Brother

To: Sara LeDuc Happy Valentine’s Day to my smokin’ hot co-worker! From: Laqwan

To: Laura I love you. 10.7.08 From: Andrew

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CLub COnneCtiOn

february 2009



President: Gregory Berger Written By: Robert Romano

Presidents: Noah Cooper, Andree Thelusca

Meetings are every Tuesday Norwalk High School is home to a number of outstanding clubs and extracurricular activities. One of 308 E (Mr. Franco) the schools most prestigious yet enjoyable clubs is, the Although we have changed our name to better reflect the work Future Business Leaders of America, FBLA for short. that we do, our mission and commitment to those we serve Contrary to common belief, FBLA is not all about remains the same. buildOn empowers people and transforms commercial organization, although we do utilize lives by partnering our after-school service programs in our business know-how. We are more focused on the U.S. with communities in developing countries to build giving back to the community. We host a considerable schools. ( amount of fundraisers and charitable events. Just to name a few, March of Dimes, Toys for Tots, and Read Across America. At the end of the year, we do in fact put our patronage prowess to the test. We compete in many different fields amongst some of the brightest young minds Connecticut has to offer. “At the end of the day, I’m not so worried about the results of the competition. As long as we bring smiles to the hearts of our community, we have no choice but to categorize ourselves as winners. All and all, our main goal is to shoot for the moon, and even if we fail, we’ll land amongst the stars,” a truly compassionate quote from FBLA President, Gregory Berger. As you can see, the Future Business Leaders of America is not your ordinary club, we set our sights high to create a stronger and better community. If you are interested in joining please see Ms. Gleason in 316D



Editors in Chief: Molly Young and Michelle Scatamaccia

Meetings are every Thursday Deadlines and Prices February 13 - $80 After Febrary 13 - $85 Wait Until Distribution in June - $90

This years yearbook will be in Color! Be sure to order yours today on:

Circle Your Answer

Are you Creative? Do you like to Write?

yes or no

If you you circled “Ye “Yes” Y s” to 1 or more of these... Ye

yes or no

Do you complain about the paper? Could you do it better?

SIGN UP FOR JOURNALISM If you have any questions talk to your guidence councelor or Mr. Karl (116 B)

yes or no yes or no

Earth Club

Earth Club Meets every Wednesday at 2:15 in 301A All are invited. The purpose of Earth Club is to raise awareness in our school community for environmental concerns. We work on all kinds of “Green” issues and sustainability initiatives. Our Mission is to reduce our carbon footprint and get this message out to our community. Currently we are working on recycling cans, bottles, all mixed paper and soon all food waste from our cafeteria. We also work on “greening” our environment with plants and trees and sustainable landscapes.

We have speakers, films and field trips. Earth Day is April 22 and we are planning an”EARTH SHOW” much like the Art Show. It will be in the Priority Schools Room and have interesting speakers/exhibits/films/ interactive displays and other fun things. All are invited to come and to participate. See Mrs. Verel for more information.

Chess Club

Advertise Your Club on Three Monitors Throughout the School

The NHS Chess Club meets after school every Thursday in the upper library. We simply come to play chess with one another, for the pure enjoyment of the greatest board game in the world!! All are welcome any time!! Advisors: Mr. Arrigo and Mr. Voychick

If you want to advertise on the monitors, pick up a form at the main office, then submit it to the B House mailbox labeled TV MONITORS, or email to nhspawprint@gmail. com Any Questions Contact: Mr. Moffet (205 A), Mr. Franco (308 E), Mr. Seaburg (114 B), or Mr. Karl (116 B)

Color War is Coming Soon... Friday April 3rd - Thursday April 9th COLOR WAR is a week long competition of costume battles and school spirit activities. Grades team up and earn points through out the week by dressing in cool costumes. At the end of the week there is a pep rally where teams can earn even more points and cool prizes. The team with the most points wins!

Seniors and Sophomores v. Juniors and Freshman!

This Could be Yours!!!!!!

arts & entertainment


february 2009

Page 7

Film Festival Winners Best Editor Winner, Kristy Mastropietro ’09 Sara leDuc ‘09

Best Director Winner, Libby Burr ’10

S: What was the hardest thing about producing this film? K: The hardest part was getting the right story; it is a very sensitive topic so we wanted to make sure we did not miss represent the people who risk their lives for us.

S: What advice would you give to future editor? K: My advice would be to start early, you don’t want to start it the last two weeks because you will feel like your eyes are bleeding, trust me I know. Photo Credit: Alex Morsanutto

S: What was the most rewarding aspect of this project? K: The most rewarding aspect was being able to hear real soldier’s stories and see their passion and emotion at the fullest. S: What have you learned from this project as a whole? K: As a whole I've learned in order to create a top quality film you must give up a great amount of personal time in order to achieve your goal.

Why Don’t

Best Editor Winner, Kristy Mastropietro


...visit The Gallery at Black Rock in Bridgeport.

...take a class at Silvermine Arts Guild Center. ...visit for discount Broadway tickets.

...take the train into New York City and visit the Wax Museum. ...visit the Garbage Museum in Stratford, CT. ...check out Nokia Theater for upcoming concerts.

Sara: What was your movie about? Libby: It’s called “Under The Sea” and it was about the Maritime Aquarium. S: What was the hardest thing about producing this film? L: Probably scheduling. I had sports and it was really hard to find a day we could go to the aquarium to film. S: What was the most rewarding aspect of this project? L: When we finished and saw the final product at the film fest it all came together really well.

S: What have you learned from this project as a whole? L: I have learned how to work the equipment and the macbook. S: What kind of work does a director have to put into a film? L: I have to keep my gorup organized and make sure they are ready to work at all times.

S: How did you lead your group? L: I just made sure everyone was ready to do the work they had to do. I divided up the work. S: What advice would you give to future editor? L: It is a lot of work so you have to be ready. Work with people you know are

Best Director Winner, Libby Burr

a trip under the sea ashley lampman ’09

Design Team Become a part of their world, under the sea with Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian, in the Broadway Musical, Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Based on the Disney movie, The Little Mermaid, the musical takes on a new way to watch Ariel and her journey to become “part of that world.” The musical contains new songs that you will not find in the movie, this is the only one of the great things you will find in this cute musical. This musical is also very unique from others. The audience finds that actors dance around stage in roller skates. This makes the musical truly entertaining. Not only will the roller skates catch your attention, but the set

will also. The creators of the musical create a true feeling of being under the sea. The many effects used bring your favorite scenes to life and create a great experience. With a talented cast, eye-catching set, and catchy songs, it is near impossible to not tap your foot and sing along. Photo Credit:

...see Will Ferrel’s one man comedy, You’re Welcome America. A Final Night With Geoprge W. Bush.

Executive Editor

going to work hard. It’s a lot of work and you can’t do it by yourself.

Photo Credit: Alex Morsanutto

Sara: What was your movie about? Kristy: The title is “Through the Eyes of a Soldier”. Our film was about the journey the soldiers and their families go through while they serve.

S: What kind of work does an editor have to put into a film? K: The editor is one of the most important jobs there is in creating a film. I had to sit there day after day splitting interviews and adding in transitions. If the editing isn't done completely or carefully it could ruin the film.

Executive Editor

Sara leDuc ‘09

Sierra Boggess as Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

Slumdog Millionaire alex morsanutto ’09 Staff Writer

Slumdog Millionaire is a story about an young uneducated man from the slums of Mumbai, who appears on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? His journey through life helps him answer each question in this heart trenching romantic drama. The movie, was very brilliant, showing how everything in life happens for a reason and that everything in life is already written, that it is destiny. Not only was the cinematography (film angles) great but everything from the settings to the soundtrack. If you are looking for a heart felt drama with an ending you will not forget, look no further than Slumdog Millionaire. This film is sure to leave you impressed. You surely will not regret spending the money to see this terrific movie.

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february 2009

arts & entertainment


Weezy is Wanted Dead Or alive the band trip recap Brian Jacoby ’09 Sports Editor

How would you feel if you found out that your idol was shot and killed in their prime? That is how thousands of people felt when a fake BBC report was released saying that popular rapper Lil’ Wayne had been shot and killed in a gang-related altercation shortly after one of his concerts. The report fooled fans by being very specific, claiming that Lil’ Wayne (Dwayne Carter) was fatally shot six times with a nine millimeter Smith and Wesson handgun. The article seemed legitimate, having the BBC emblem and links on the page. Readers were outraged when they found out that the article was a hoax. One blogger on said, “On dat real deal don’t talk (expletive) bout my boy Weezy.” Students at Norwalk High had similar reactions. Dominick Franco (’09), who claims to be the biggest Lil’ Wayne fan at Norwalk High, had this to say about the hoax: “That was really messed up,” said Franco. “I knew he was alive the whole time. People just like to spread rumors.” This was not the first time that Carter had been surrounded by falsehoods. In August of 2008, another fake report was released about how Carter’s daughter, Reginae Carter, had allegedly been killed in a car accident. None of these rumors are true, and star rapper Lil’ Wayne is alive and well.

Band Trip In Photos

“Especially for the seniors it was the best way to end our marching season. We came in as freshman strong and left strong.” – Nicole Bamford (’09) “We basically went down there to get the W. Our path all year sent us many struggles but the finish line provided us with new heights of greatness. After succeeding, we all had a great time. I personally had a blast. I even made two friends which now gives me three band buddies.” - Greg Berger (’10)

“We won the field show and parade competition and had a great time in Universal and Disney.” – Noah Cooper (’09) Photo Credits: Nicole Bamford, Brenna Beluk, Mike Corasaniti, and Allie Cuttner

This year the band went to Orlando Florida, and was still able to spend a little time in Disney World.

On December twenty-sixth, the Norwalk High School marching band and color guard embarked on a trip to Orlando, Florida to compete at the Champs Bowl. There, they took away 14 awards. Below are quotes from some of the band and guard members reflecting on their trip:

“Despite the twenty-seven hour bus ride and the extra weeks of preparation we put in, the trip was really fun. We got to spend a whole week away from the dreary snow running around theme parks with our best friends. And we kicked butt in our competitions while we were at it. What more could we ask for?” –Allie Cuttner (’09) “You really get to know people almost too well.” – Ryan Cybart (’09) “It was an experience I’ll never forget and always wish I could relive.” –Rachel Tangard (’11)

“It was the perfect end to a great season.” – Marshall Weiss (’09)

start 2009 Off right With new music and new movies JeFF DeSimone ’09 Feature Editor

After a year full of some of the best selling movies and albums in a long time, there seems to be even more excitement over what’s coming soon. Some of the movies with the most buzz for 2009 are sequels. In the always popular Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is set for a July release. Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox are getting ready to appear in the second installment of Transformers, being known for all of its special effects. There are also movies coming out this year that are not sequels and already have people talking. For teenagers, it is difficult to have not heard of the movie Notorious, a movie based on the life of The Notorious B.I.G., known to some as Biggie Smalls. If comedy is more your thing, keep your eyes and ears open for some upcoming movies, two in particular. The Year One, is a comedy starring Jack Black and Michael Cera of Juno about two cavemen who are banished from their native village and must fend for themselves. The other movie that many people are talking about is Funny People, starring two of today’s best comedians, Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen. With all of these movies slated for 2009 releases, it is possible that it will be a

stronger year for the music industry. Both Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West are due to release albums once again, with the Carter 3 being re-done, and Kanye’s new CD tentatively named 4 Seasons. But what is even more exciting than this, is the return of many rappers who have “With all of these movies not put CDs out in quite some time. All the slated for 2009 releases, it top artists like Jay-Z, Eminem, Dr. Dre, and is possible that it will be a Outkast are all due to release new CDs this year, but the most exciting CD of the year stronger year for the music may be Lupe Fiasco’s final CD, entitled Luindustry.” pEND, which will be an unheard of, three discs. Outside of ths Hip-hop field, there are many other releases already set for this year. Ciara will be back with a new album, and the legendary U2 is another group seeming to “come out of retirement”. Christina Aguilera, Boston, Dave Mathews Band and even Michael Jackson are trying to get in this year’s CD mix. So it is clear to see that music and movies are headed in the right direction for this coming year. The year may even be remembered for some of the same actors and musicians as the previous year, which says a lot about the talent of today. Photo Credits:

Upcoming celebrities that will be a hit this year.


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february 2009

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Is Paris Really My BFF? Was It Scientology That Samantha Redfield ’09 Killed Jett Travolta Or Not? Design Team

Matt Cranston ’11 Sports Editor

Sixteen year old Jett Travolta, son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, was found dead while vacationing with his family in the Bahamas. The body was found by caretaker, Jeff Michael Kathrein at 10:00 am January second. He was last seen going into the bathroom in their private suite at the Old Bahama Bay Resort. There have been reports that Jett was autistic, and that he suffers from Kawasaki Syndrome, which often leads to heart disease. Autism is usually accompanied by epilepsy. An autopsy was performed on January fifth and reports came back that Jett had died after a heavy epileptic fit in the bathroom of his hotel in the Bahamas. After numerous attempts to revive his son by using mouth to mouth CPR, he was taken to Freeport’s Rand Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. According to U.S. media reports, John Travolta would not treating his son for autism because their religion forbids them to accept it. Instead he followed Scientology’s detoxification program which included vitamins, sauna visits, and healthy eating. Those who were traveling with the family and spending New Years’ at their vacation home had much to say about the horrific event. “It is beyond shock, it is devastating. To bury your son is the worst thing you can ever do. It is beyond words,” said friend and family attorney Mike Ossi. Jett’s family flew with his cremated body back to their estate in Florida, where they held a memorial service for their son on January eighth. Friend Bruno Tonioli of Jett’s meaning to his parents, “Their children are everything to them, Jett was their pride and joy.” Photo Credit: Sara LeDuc

Photo Credit: Melanie Pinto

I turned on my television and put on MTV, I was disgusted to realize the only show that was on was a Paris Hilton’s New Best Friend marathon, one of the many horrible reality shows that deceives Americans. Reality shows are what can plague an American family. To some they are only entertaining when we see people humiliating themselves for fifteen minutes of fame. There are two types of reality shows. The first type is the one that includes keeping a bunch of people together, not competing for anything, but simply to “learn about life.” These people are not trying to learn about life, they are simply seeking fame and fortune after there show has ended. The second type of reality shows are competition shows, where people compete for the affection of another person or for money. Whether it is looking for a new best friend, trying to find a new lover, or simply trying to get rich these reality shows display that people are either desperate for love, or attention. The name “reality show” is not a suitable name at all, because they are not actually reality. Reality is getting up everyday and doing whatever it is you do. They are what we see everyday on the streets. Instead of watching something that is going to deceive you, read a book, go outside or do Student bewildered at the reality shows of today. something proactive.

Student reading about the Jett Travolta tragedy.

Documentary Film Festival Honors “Reel” Students Gabriella Cappo ’09 Peer Editor The room is abuzz. Almost everyone is sporting dresses or tuxes. The red carpet lines the walk way and Oscars

sit on a table, engraved with the categories and shined to perfection. This is not, as it sounds, the Academy Awards event, it is in fact, Norwalk High Schools’ own H.I.T.M Film Festival 2009, an event many look forward to all semester long. H.I.T.M stands for History In The Making: a docu-

Photo Credit: Katie Murray

Photo Credit-: Katie Murray

The Film Fest in progress.

Kristy Mastropietro said “I did not know what to exmentary film class. This class was officially started last year by Mr. Seaburg, who has been doing film projects pect in this class but it looked like a lot of fun.” Kristy also with his U.S. History classes since well before the Stone agreed that they all had to work hard. Many people do not realize all the planning and time Age. In this class students make a total of three films, a that goes into making a movie. All of the students wished public service announcement, a documentary film on a they had more time to do their project. Overall the students where proud of their work. They topic of their choice, and a final exam film advertising the felt even though they had to work hard, it was well worth class. At the end of the documentary film, but before the the fantastic end product, and of course, that shiny Oscar. final exam, a huge festival is shown to honor the students, display their films, showcase PSA’s and past films, and to eat all day. The film fest is a full day affair that students dress up for. Class alumni are invited and sometimes special guest appearances are made from participants in the film. At the end of the day, after each film has been viewed, the awards are handed out. The students themselves get to vote for a people’s choice film and for the best poster, but Mr. Seaburg chooses everything else. To complete the atmosphere of the day, tiny Oscars, engraved with the award categories, sit on a table next to the M.C. podium. The students did a great job on the festival and all of them worked hard. “It was fun but hard work” said Libby Burr ’10 The trophies awaiting the winners. about the class.

The Connecticut Art Education Association, Inc. has awarded the following NHS students with Scholastic Art Awards! Art Teacher: Lauren Delong Lorena Sferlazza: Honorable Mention, Dominique Angulo: Silver Melissa Iannazzo: Honorable Mention, Ashley Tavolacci: Honorable Mention Art Teacher: Duffy Franco Mario Lopez: Silver, Christen Ferris: Honorable Mention Art Teacher: Patricia O’Connor Shane Doyle: Honorable Mention Art Teacher: Donna Worsham

Lucy Esposito: Honorable Mention

Also, the Norwalk housing Authority Art Calendar features three artworks from NHS. Front Cover: Ms. O’Connor’s student Thomas Diguglielmo March: Ms. Manousos class/group draw October: Ms. Delong’s student Melanie Weiss

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february 2009

eDitOriaL ranks should not rank too Highly anymore

Staff Box the Paw Print

Sara leduc ’09

Norwalk High School 23 Calvin Murphy Drive Norwalk, CT 06851 (203) 838-4481 ext. 1808

Executive Editor

The Paw Print would like to thank all Journalism students for their work in the creation of this newspaper. The following writers are those whose work appears in this issue. executive editor: Sara LeDuc Design team: business editor, news editor: Chelsea Jacoby arts & entertainment editorMelanie Pinto feature editor- Jeff DeSimone Opinion editor- Bruna Petrillo sports editors- Matthew Cranston/Brian Jacoby Club Connection editor- Noah Cooper Ashley Lampman Samantha Redfield Daisy Villalobos Photography editor: Daniel Conklin staff Writers: Marc Coppola Diana Newman Jaleesa Davis Samantha Redfield Victoria Giannitti Eric Scatamacchia Justin McGown Max Whitaker Alex Morsanutto Jennifer Wilkins Peer editors: Kenzie Bess Emily Bonebrake Gabriella Cappo Kristen Cordero

Ellen Foster Marissa Shields Megan Wrinn Molly Young

advisor: Mr. Karl

Letters to the editor Dear Editor, Littering is bad for you and I feel that littering at Norwalk High School is out of control. I see a lot of trash thrown around and it is bad not only for our Earth, but for our school. If a visitor came into our school and saw a lot of garbage, they wouldn’t want to come back. We all deserve to have a clean school. Sometimes when I stay after school, I wait in the front and see garbage thrown around. Some people may not care but I


Some students yearn to learn their cumulative class rank and others could not care less. With the year more than halfway through and the college process in full swing for seniors, many are fully aware of their class rank. However, walking down the hallway adjoining second floor B and D house, the entire school knows the top twenty ranked seniors. Though those students deserve recognition for their accomplishments, it seems unnecessary and discouraging to other students to see a random posting of the top twenty seniors. What do class ranks ultimately signify? Should such value be placed on a mere number? While Norwalk High School seems to be almost obsessed with class ranks, other schools have veered away from the idea of placing a number to a student’s ability. Several public schools in Wisconsin are considering dropping class ranks claiming that schools that have eliminated them send their students to more elite universities.

According to a survey conducted by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, nearly forty percent of all high schools have either discontinued class ranks or ceased sending that information to colleges, relieving competition and coercing colleges to look at applicants closely. On, the highly accredited Wellesley College in Massachusetts lists class rank as an “important” admissions factor rather than “very important,” falling beneath five other factors. At Ohio’s Kenyon College, sixty percent of enrolled students did not apply with a class ranking as well as fifty-seven percent of Vanderbilt applicants. Class rank has been a big part of college admissions decisions in the past but also a motivator for students to take easier classes rather than challenge themselves. Someone with all AP classes may not always get top grades and then pay for it via a lower class rank than someone who coasts through easier courses. Class ranks are becoming a thing of the past as colleges begin to put less emphasis on them and more on the individual student as a person, not a number. NHS should place less emphasis on it instead of making them into a bigger deal than need be.

Picture this: a teacher’s Quality in Question

BRUNA PETRILLO ’09 Opinion Editor

Blatantly hanging up in the D house office is the Norwalk High School policy stating in bold red letters: “We do not change schedules for different teachers or because you have simply changed your mind!” In other words, while we may be able to select the courses we want to take, we have no say in our teachers. This is important because though all students are taking the same classes, the quality of their education is dependent on the quality of their teacher. Some teachers may be more strict than others while some seem lenient. Every teacher has a legend that is passed down from class to class, so when students get their schedule they either groan when getting a “harder” teacher, or sigh with relief for getting an “easier” one. What students do not realize is that these “easier” teachers may not be making things easy in the long run. Ideally students should want teachers that will do.

If we don’t stop littering, our school will become dirty and nobody will want to come to school or visit. We all deserve a clean environment. This also happens outside of school, people throw garbage on my lawn. Sincerely, Danny Barrand Class of 2011 Dear Editor, On behalf of the Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship Fund, I would like to extend our appreciation to The Paw Print for the coverage, in your December 2008 issue, of the Semi Finalists for our 2009 scholarship. As this scholarship is designed to recognize the breath and depth of commitment and achievements in academics, arts, athletics, and community and religious service, the coverage

challenge them and actually teach, because that is what they are here to do. Picture this: Two classes across the hall from each other studying the same material. The students in one class are breezing through because their tests and quizzes are easier while the students in the class across the hall are struggling with harder tests and quizzes. Regardless of the fact that these students are being taught the same thing, half of them will walk away with an undeserved grade and poor understanding on the subject which will affect them in the future, and the students are not the ones to blame. We cannot deny the fact that there are some teachers that simply do not teach. Though every course has a curriculum that is to be followed, it is very loose. One way to ensure that NHS students are getting an equal education is to create common tests for each course as opposed to teachers making up their own. Another way to fix this problem is to give students a say in their teachers.

not only publicly acknowledges the accomplishments of this year’s semifinalists, but also provides motivation to those in lower grades to make a commitment to excellence in as many of these areas as possible to improve themselves, their community, and their candidacy for Kevin’s scholarship in the future. Sincerely, Christian H. Eidt Director Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship Fund Dear Editor, Student Government has been working since open session to take your concerns into consideration. We are working with administration to negotiate issues such as open courtyards and alternative school lunches. Your voices were heard and we are doing our best to represent you. We are planning a pencil drive, color war, and campus clean up. It’s important to have students be a part of these events. Student Government is also preparing for the NHS elections. If you’re interested

in taking part, let us know at Tuesday meetings after school in room 116B. Student Government appreciates the support. Sincerely, Your Student Government President, Gabriella Cappo Class of 2009

Please let us know what you think. Students are welcome to submit writing either in person to room 218B or email to Policies: Our newspaper reserves the right to edit all submissions for space and clarity. All entries must include name, year in school, and phone number for verification.



stuntin’ is a Habit, get Like me Jeff DeSimone ’09 Feature Editor

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four Walls for four Hours Victoria Giannitti ’09 Staff Writer Twenty-five students (not including the three that got kicked out and the two that did not bother to show up) sat quiet and restless on a Saturday morning for four hours. Time seemed to go by at a steady decent pace, until it hit eleven o’clock. After that it felt like time stopped. I’m convinced that I looked at the clock every minute wondering why time was passing so slowly. All twenty-five of us were anxious to get up and walk around. After all sitting for four hours definitely causes legs and feet to fall asleep. So they gave us a couple of minutes to stretch out, and a couple bathroom breaks. But if you didn’t follow the rules which were very simple, then you can go home. No talking and no sleeping. You had to do work. Don’t have any? They conveniently had a word search for you to work on. You had until eight-fifteen to meet in the lobby and be escorted to the room you would be in for the rest of the morning, if you came a minute later, then forget about it, just walk right back out. The rules of our school are simple yet just like in the Saturday detention students decide to break them. If you don’t follow the rules that is where you will end up, and trust that is not where you want to be on your day off. Photo Credit:

Here is the definition of stunting. High class, flashing your jewelry, money, riches etc. A person who stunts would be a “stunner”, usually showing off diamonds, gold, platinum, cars and stacks of cash. Now that doesn’t seem like something that would warrant a problem in school does it? Wrong. During our senior picture, 19 students participated in making t-shirts, each getting either a letter or space, to spell out the phrase “Stuntin’ is a habit”. These students consisted of sports captains, the senior class president, a student who is currently ranked third in the class standings, and many other students who have never been known to ever cause trouble. However, when time came to take the senior photo, the students were told to either remove the shirts, or remove themselves from a class photo, which is something that is very near and dear to graduating students. So, just as we are taught to do when we get into the real world, we did not want to blend in, but stand out and at the same time, keep it appropriate. Now correct me if I am wrong, but I am pret-

ty sure we go to school to move on to possibly a higher education or get a job, and be prepared for the real world. Now in the real world, conventional wisdom has always told us, the harder you try in school, the more successful you will be. And it seems like being successful and high class is the definition of “stuntin”, so if we are reprimanded for having expectations to one day be able to be successful enough to show off possible riches or jewelry, then that kills the drive and determination to do anything with our lives. So if the argument is that some people may see these shirts and think it means something different, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are right. Just because this phrase is associated with hip-hop, people generalize it as something that is “ghetto” or “gangster”, when it is not like that in any such way. All we wanted to do was something that would be remembered, and something we can look back on and get a good laugh or smile out of it because we did something original and different. Now we just have a basic picture that will show up in our yearbooks where we are going to spend timeless amount of time putting our nose to the page and squinting to try to find ourselves in the picture.

february 2009

Saturday detention classroom.

Prisoner “98160” reporting to the Jail formerly Known as nHs Alex morsanutto ’09

Club builds Hope With books Noah Cooper ’09

Club Connection Editor After being a member of Building with Books (BWB) for two years I have come to realize that it is an organization that truly makes a difference in people’s lives. BWB involves students in after school programs that take part in community service projects, and raise money to aid in the expansion of global education. Students involved in Building with Books have contributed more than 100,000 hours of service hours as well as built 285 schools in various developing countries. The countries that BWB is currently working in are: Haiti, Malawi, Mali, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Senegal. Not only does BWB involve students in projects within the United States, but also sends students to developing countries to help build a school, and immerse them in the culture. Every year two students from Norwalk High School travel to a

developing country. In February 2008, Nicole Press, Emma Crisci and I were part of a group of students that went to Malawi in Africa. We spent fifteen days living in a remote village without electricity, running water, or contact with the outside world. While in the village we stayed with a host family, helped in the construction of a school, and took part in cultural workshops. My time in Malawi was undoubtedly the greatest experience in my life. It is one of those unforgettable journeys that are life changing. Upon returning we were required to give presentations about our trip to other students in school. We told the story of our trip, but we were never really satisfied with the story we told. After thinking about this further we came to the realization that this experience is not something that can be told to someone. How do you explain to someone what it feels like to look into the eyes of a starving child and know that you are making a difference in their life?

Photo Credit: Sara LeDuc

Staff Writer Take down the signs bearing Norwalk High School; replace them with “State Penitentiary”. Paint the buses white and chain up the windows. Raise barbed-wire fences and guard towers around the perimeter of the building. Now enter the concrete block which once was Norwalk High School. There’s a rumor that the architect who designed our school was also well-known for his designs of prisons. If you have not already noticed, the characteristics are strikingly similar. If NHS was built into a jail, this is how it would be. Walk into the doors, prisoner “98160,” your officer checks you in behind the threeinch bullet proof glass that stands in between any angry patrons and the friendly ladies behind the desks. You walk past an auditorium, where you have heard that local bands put on a monthly show for the prisoners. Pass the key-pad Alex Morsanutto behind bars.

locked security doors and be welcomed to your home for a year or possibly longer. What used to be A,B,D, and E house are now a three-level high inmate holding facility. This facility houses several hundred inmates all under the watchful eyes of the security guards and the rotating bubble cameras. Everyday we follow the same schedule. They shackle us up and we walk in order down the flights of stairs down the hallways passing the room where they give yoga lessons and then the weight room where all the meat-heads reside. It is considered regular for alarms to go off throughout your stay here, some are false alarms, but some are serious as convicts escape and emergency vehicles arrive to the building within minutes. We enter the washrooms, once known to be the boys and girls locker room and take our daily shower. The highlight of my day is eating. They call us down by floors. Our breakfast and dinner are the highlights of our day. They give you trays as your walk down the assembly line. At best we can get some nice cheesy pizza, or if we get lucky some nice spicy nachos. Occasionally there are arguments that get out of hand in the cafeteria. However, in most cases, security guards get everyone under control and put those in trouble in detention. Several months go by until I get called down to the newly renovated Admissions office in what used to be called the science wing. They say I have been released for good behavior, I’m a free man.

graduates should mind the gap

Ashley Lampman ’09

A gap-year provides seniors with a myriad of options. Gap-years can give a student a Design Team choice of traveling to another country or state In the last few months of summer, most for a service project, or allow them to chance to graduated seniors are packing boxes and intern, potentially providing great opportunities. suitcases full of clothes and other essentials. It gives students a chance to explore the world However, many seniors may not be sending outside the classroom. their boxes and suitcases to their college or With college amounting over $40,000 a university of choice. year, a gap-year may seem more appealing. Even though this idea might sound crazy During a gap-year, working a full time job, a to guidance counselors and parents alike, student could have the opportunity to make more and more seniors are putting off their well over $4,000 in six months. Taking a gaplong awaited drive to college and taking a year can give a prospective student the chance “gap-year”. A gap-year is not just an excuse to save and make money and hopefully head off for not being able to leave home or parents. to school the following semester. A gap-year enables seniors to decide what While parents and interests them and guidance counselors “A gap-year enables seniors to decide helps them decide might not this where they are what interests them and helps them idea to youoffer around headed. decide where they are headed. “ college application As students, time, it is something we do not stop to consider. Taking a gap-year does not mean going to school from kindergarten, some that you are never going to get a degree. Taking even from preschool. We spend thirteen years a gap-year gives you an opportunity to find waking up and sitting in a chair for six hours, yourself and what you want to do in college and while teacher after teacher crams information beyond. Your experience during your gap-year into our brains. Would it not make sense for a newly graduated senior to want to take some might even give you a better chance of getting into the college of your choice. Do not ignore downtime to stop and think for a minute? the option of a gap-year; if anything, mind it.

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february 2009


no need for a resolution

the best Pizza around

Jaleesa Davis ’10

Marc coppola ’09

Staff Writer

Staff Writer Photo Credit: Sara LeDuc

Since the New Year hit, everyone has been asking the same question, “What is your New Year’s Resolution?” Truthfully, I did not make one and I do not plan to make one. In my opinion making a resolution is a waste of time due to the fact that I never fulfill them. Year after year I used to make resolutions, but then never actually stuck with them throughout the year, making them a personal waste of time. A lot of people are so excited to enter the New Year, just to start a new, but why should a resolution for life be put off until then? There is no reason. If there is something Sarah Zezima (’12) decides against her resolutions. that needs to be changed, then change it! New s Year’s resolutions are just an excuse for people to feel as if change will occur in the upcoming year. In some cases that is true, but in others that is not. All I am saying is that New Year’s resolutions should not be made when you know that you are no going to go through with them. So in order to avoid this, I do not make them, and do not have a problem with it.

Pizza is adored by almost everyone, so when I’m in need of a pizza fix, I go to Little Nick’s. This authentic Italian pizzeria is nestled in the Cranbury area in Norwalk, located on Chestnut Hill Road right next to the old Gregory’s store (currently IGA’s Cranbury Market). The menu consists of delicious entrées and appetizers. Just like many other Italian restaurants, the meals range from pizza to grinders to pasta. My two personal favorite dishes are the buffalo chicken pizza and the veal parmagian grinder. Of course I enjoy the rest of the menu, but these two dishes are particularly outstanding. A compliment to just about every meal from here is their gorgonzola garlic bread. This appetizer hits the spot. “It’s the greatest pizza alive. Everything there is just good; you can never go wrong with anything you choose,” said Chris Carbonara (’09) If you are ever in the area, stop by and grab a slice. While you are eating you can always have a good conversation with the owner and pizza aficionado, Albert. He loves to talk and also makes one of the best pizzas in the city, as Little Nick’s is the best around.

a short story: A Fiasco of Musings: Part One Lucas Spiro ’09 Guest Writer My eyes kept to the ground as I walked along the corroded sidewalk of what was once a desirable area of town. It was still too early to consider it spring, but winter wrath was nearing it’s personal apocalypse. I was headed towards the coffee shop only a block away from where I worked. Residents of the halfway house walked aimlessly on these same sidewalks like the victimized saints left behind after the Nazis abandoned Aushwitz. They spend what little money they have on Winstons and USA Golds, chain-smoking all through this and every other day resembling clergymen censing ceaselessly. Each has become a regular fixture in my psyche where I have fabricated names appropriate to my limited familiarity. How sad, I think, that I only imagine what they may be like, as if it isn’t worth the trouble to find out truthfully and respectfully. Not to be blasé, but truth never had a chance anyway. I always considered the possibility, that if a new patron looking for the halfway house were to accidentally stumble into my job, the sight of perplexed, shadowed eye sockets peering around makeshift cubicles or the antics of drunken Vietnamese would imply they reached their destination successfully. All of us employed there may indeed need an establishment of that nature at some point in the future. Meanwhile, color coded youths have circled their wagons on a corner with faces permanently scowling. They make deals with devils and devils out of deals. Each outlaw pulled a hood up over his head like blinders on a horse. They appear oblivious to everything around them though never miscalculating the steps of strangers. Intimidation through ignorance I suppose. Or perhaps I am the one overlooking some details of significance? Their future selves sat nearby on a large porch that not too long ago served as a

WITH THIS ADVERTISEMENT Any NHS community member will receive


similar gathering place for a different people in a different time. One could even argue a different place. Charcoal gray tufts and worn bowler caps adorned their wrinkled skulls. They were all agreeing on one permanent truth as their necks gave a constant slight bend of approval like weighty pendulums. I wondered how few of those on the corner won’t end up on this porch. One house on the beat still had its Christmas decorations up, along with countless other items of uselessness. It lay a mass of wreckage and hysteria. I imagined the inhabitants of the house to be deceased. Brown links of dried pine garland ran along the railings of the porch like the veins through a corpse. Wreaths hung crooked on paint chipped columns and small pine trees were cast around the yard. A few suspicious looking Santa Claus statuettes linger idly on the porch, each about the size of a toddler. As my eyes scanned this sight and all it’s domestic din, they fell upon a figure so peculiar, so authentically bizarre, that I could not help but let my mind fall prey to invasive ponderings. It was a statuette, slightly larger than those belonging to the Claus clan, of a proud looking Indian chief; similar to one you might see in a cigar store only smaller. He was a majestic being in his traditional head dress and Native American garb: a noble savage, so out of place and far from his ancestral land. Does this chief not deserve to be here even more so than the Clauses? Why suffer subjection in this out of season slovenly arranged décor of the capitalist machine driven by the selfish, materialistic turbine of secular Christmas? I felt a deep sorrow at this modest reclamation of a more honorable time. I was never one for “clauses” anyhow.

FED O R ody W


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february 2009

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an astronaut’s Work for naught?

apocalypse then

Justin McGown ’11

Matthew Cranston ’11

Photo Credit: Google Inc,

Staff Writer

Can you tell which Armstrong is which?

Sports Editor The challenges we are facing today could be the cause of the end of life as we know it. If it is not the challenges or the problems we are facing, then it might just be us. The Mayan society was known for its highly advanced mathematical system for time keeping, which had been used to calculate all the eclipses, equinoxes, and solstices for the last 5,000 years without error. Their famously accurate calendar began in the year 3114 B.C. and ends with the winter solstice on December 21, 2012.

“It may just be us as a planet that destroy ourselves in the end.” In the year 2012, from the earth’s perspective, the sun will align with the center of the Milky Way galaxy in a rare astronomical phenomenon that occurs only once every 26,000 years. Some believe that with this comes great change or even danger and violence. Apocalyptic extinction disasters range from mega Photo:

In the past people would ask us what we want to be when we grow up, and we used to tell them far fetched things. While it is a good thing that we all moved on, otherwise half the world’s population would be princesses, we seem to have forgotten about one career path we all wanted to follow at one point or another: Astronaut. Here at Norwalk High School if I were to mention Neil Armstrong the first thing that comes to a student’s mind would likely be yellow rubber bracelets. Not that I have anything against Lance, and while being a world class cyclist and fighting cancer is no mean feat, going to the moon happens a lot less often. My parents said that when they were in school, classes

would stop and teachers and students would watch in awe as brave men strapped themselves to a 363 foot tall tank of fuel with over one million pounds of thrust. If things went off without a hitch these men had the reward of spending hours or days in the most hostile environment known to human kind. Now the NASA (National Administration for Space and Aeronautics) only makes front page news is if something goes terribly wrong. Some of the old excitement was from the risk involved. However, people did not watch the Apollo missions just to see something go wrong. On the contrary, they watched to see heroes brave the dangers of space to expand human knowledge and to be the first to achieve the previously unimaginable. While there are still uncountable risks during spaceflight, things have become somewhat routine. This by no means indicates that just because things have become marginally safer that we can ignore those who risk their lives to learn for the betterment of our own. To me, they remain heroes, and I hope that the same is true for you.

to be frank, i Do not Like “skank” Bruna Petrillo ’09

have no problem saying them to those who are closest to us. Of course we do not literally mean to offend our friend, which is As I walked down the halls why by using of Norwalk High School, these terms we I heard someone yell out, merely disregard “Hey, skank!” In my head the sexually I hoped they were not judgmental nature referring to me. I nervously of the word. It turned around not expecting begins to lose to come face to face with one meaning. By of my best friends. calling each other I am not sure if I should these names, we feel relieved that the person are simply making calling me a skank was not an it okay for others angry stranger ready to fight to say them about me, or upset that it was a us. One may not good friend. mind a good friend Now-a-days, terms like calling them a “skank,” “ho,” “slut,” and “skank”, but if A girl greets her friend with “Hey skank!” others have made their way it were someone into daily conversation between girlfriends. These terms they did not like, well then there would be problems. can often be heard in a salutation (“Hey skank”), but are It can be argued that no harm is being done, but it is also commonly used as a noun (“You dance like a skank”), safe to say that it is not helping either. Instead of calling and an adjective (“That’s such a skanky shirt”). If you ask each other nasty names, let’s try to stick with words like me, this is degrading “babe”, “sweetie”, or my favorite, “girl.” Not too long ago, these words were used to bring girls down and were said by boys or enemies. Now we seem to Opinion Editor

Photo Credit: Bruna Petrillo

It’s the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine.

freezes in the earths climate, firestorms, hurricanes, tsunamis, category-5 tornadoes, super volcanoes, asteroids, earthquakes, the eruption of the Yellowstone super-volcano destroying the earth’s climate, the suns violent rays, and maybe mankind or nuclear warfare. As of now, there is no clear idea of what will definitely happen on 12/21/2012, but from what people are predicting, it doesn’t sound good. Imposingly, what if the predictions are wrong and maybe instead of it being the end of time, it may be a new beginning. Scientists are trying to get across the idea that we may be killing ourselves and the planet more and more each day. Concerns ranging form global warming, pollution, and warfare, we may be in for a global crisis sooner than we think. The idea of a new beginning is being discussed by scientists only if we can improve our living standards and our planet for the sake of humankind. Nobody wants the end of time to come, and if we continue our ways of living, it may just be us as a planet that destroy ourselves in the end.

the best Way to Cure “the mondays” is fashion Brian jacoby ’09

Sports Editor Non-verbal expression can be seen all over school, town, or even in your own home. My favorite way to express myself non-verbally is through clothing. Not in a literal sense, like with shirts that have messages printed on them, but just by the color or style. Most people will agree that Monday is the hardest day to get through during the week. When walking through the halls, I can see that most people are wearing sweatpants and other loose articles of clothing. Quite frankly, I think that they are going about it all wrong. On Sunday night, I pick one of the more interesting outfits in my closet to wear the next day. Whether it is very bright and colorful, or just matching all with the same color. Either way, I like to wear outfits on Mondays that

will get people talking. I do not expect compliments, but just the fact that people are talking about my outfit makes me happy. This means that they are not concentrating so much on the fact that it is Monday, but more on my clothes. It makes a win-

“I like to wear outfits on Mondays that will get people talking.” win situation for any student who sees me. If everyone dressed their finest early in the week, then it would make the whole “weekend hangover” situation a lot more tolerable. Instead of grumpy teachers and irritable kids, the hallways would be filled with

compliments and buzz about how nice everyone looks. With every outfit I put on, I want to get the message across that I am confident and do not care what anyone has to say. As long as I feel comfortable, there is practically nothing in the world that can bring me down.

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february 2009



: s d i e a t d S i a a e b S h e D He Said, Said, She e

H S too many shoes? Putting Our foot Down On fashion.

Brian Jacoby ’09 Sports Editor

Do you know how hard it is to pick one pair of shoes to wear when you have thirty two possible choices? It gets very difficult for me sometimes. It was recently brought to my attention that my classmate, Justin McGown, thinks that purchasing shoes is a waste of money. Personally, I could not disagree more. When people want to be taken seriously, they tend to dress in fancy clothes. When I want to be taken seriously, I buy new shoes. To me, a kid with nice shoes comes off as a person who really knows what they are doing. I will not judge a person on how extravagant their shoes are, because I know that some people are less fortunate than others. On the other hand, if a person does not care Yes, about footwear, a problem presents itself. I tra To not care about footwear is to deny one more thing that sepas hoe de shoes that are flashy rates you from everyone else. I like to buy s. and colorful. I also like to customize them so that I know for a fact that no one else owns that exact pair. A person that does not care about footwear will usually be seen wearing what I like to call the “default shoe.” This shoe consists of a generally black color, and no real detail that makes the shoe stand out. To me, that poor child is saying that he does not wish to stand out and is completely fine with fitting in with the mold that society expects them to fill. I refuse to fit that mold and will continue to stray away from the norm. Focusing on the issue at hand, you cannot put a price on individuality. Collecting pairs of shoes could get very pricey. My secret is that I do not spend money on anything else but shoes. I have bought or traded for every pair of shoes that I own. Yes, I trade shoes. I do not like to make my parents spend excessive money on me because I know that they have to pay for my college tuition as well as the food I eat. Therefore, any money I accumulate goes into my shoe fund. Once I get enough money for the pair I want, I will either order them or go to Foot Locker and get them right away. So you see, spending money on something that makes you happy can never be a waste. As long as I live, I will continue to buy new shoes and I will not feel an ounce of guilt over it.

Justin McGown ’11

Staff Writer Shoes. One word, countless styles, countless examples, countless dollars spent. I will not argue that they are not an important part of our lives, because they definitely are, but they are not something that we should put on a pedestal and grovel before. Shoes have helped people all over the world live more sanitary lives. With them we can keep our feet off the dirty, wet, cold, parasite laden, ground. They have protected our feet for centuries. In the 1700s soldiers would relieve prisoners of their shoes before their gold. I recognize that shoes are indispensable. I will not recognize, however, the need for multiple pairs as a way to express my individuality. If I want people to tell exactly who I am by looking at me, I will forgo the subtle nuances required to inI dicate that my footwear is a statement; instead I will wear a shirt with y like m an obscure saying or image that will spur a conversation. ” t l u Frankly I only need four of current pairs: my “dea “def fault” shoe, a sneaker of some sort that will shoe. give me a good balance of fashion flexibility and comfort, a pair of dress shoes for church or occasions where laces may be undesirable, a pair of snow boots because this is New England, and lastly some sandals for the summer. While my shoes may be “default,” I have had a hard time finding fault with them. They are a sturdy, well-made pair and thanks to their dark color, I gain valuable minutes in bed sleeping instead of worrying about whether my shoes will match my outfit. If I had pink shoes, for example, I would need to spend much more time laboring over what would and would not clash, and unlike my opponent, I am not so dedicated a follower of fashion that I own outfits enough to compliment a selection of pink, purple, and other bright primary colored shoes. Lastly I like to think of my shoes as a reliable set of friends, ready to go wherever I am. But I know after a year of rough use that they will invariably fall apart on me and once they degrade past a certain point they can become a useful pair of work shoes…

Do your Pants Hang Low? Do they Drop Down to the floor? Sara Leduc ’09

Ashley Lampman ’09

Executive Editor

Design Team

Ever heard the song, “Do your ears hang low?” There is also that revised version “Does your chain hang low?” Well, maybe your ears do not and perhaps your chain does, but it is a fact that a lot of male’s pants at Norwalk High school do, and this is acceptable. Some criticize low slung pants and most West Rocks alums remember the infamous threat of tying your pants up with a rope if they were too low. However, these complaints are illegitimate. We go to a public I like them school and therefore reserve the this way! right to wear almost anything, as long as it is not inappropriate or degrading. On the NHS website, while there are sections regarding the cell phone, discipline, attendance, and smoking policies, the dress code policy is MIA – probably because it does not exist, except for the rare times that security reprimands select students for their clothing – but that is a whole different story. Boys who wear their pants low are simply expressing themselves, which adults tell teenagers to do. Wearing pants in this manner also might give boys the means to be comfortable in school and learn more. If the worst thing this prompts is a chorus of “he’s got a donk,” it is not doing harm.

Everyone has a “donk,” but the question is: do we have to see it? Despite the dress code at Norwalk High School, boys wear their pants very low giving everyone the chance to see what underwear they picked out that morning. Belts were made for a purpose: to hold pants up. Very few Pull boys at NHS actually up y own one of these lovepant our s! ly inventions. Walking up the stairs during the day I fear that one of these boys might lose their pants entirely. Not everyone wants to see the colorful boxers in their face as they walk up the stairs or through the hallways of school. Could people be considerate and wear a belt or at least the right size pants? No matter how comfortable wearing your pants low might seem, people do not want to see your pants almost hitting the floor. In fact, wearing your pants so low might give everyone a show of more than just your boxers, and that is one show people do not want to be buying tickets for. If you are looking to hear people singing, “He’s got a donk,” leave the singing for Soulja Boy on your iPod.

OPiniOn feature

Staff Speaks Out ...On Lunch

...On Budget “Money should be spent on updated technology for sudents.” -Mrs. Morrell SSRC Secretary

“I eat salad most days for lunch and on Mondays there is never any salad!” -Mrs. Barber-Reed Mathematics “We should add french fries, greasy hamburgers on white bread, chili dogs with extra onions, and all the good real food that was taken away back on the menu.” -Mr. Louis Graphic Communications

“We need more variety of fruits” -Mrs. Carswell Security

...On Sports

“I feel there could be more school spirit [at NHS] but since the school is so big it’s hard getting an organized group together for the games.” -Mr. Fuller English “We have an excellent sports program.” -Mrs. Carpenter A House Secretary

“I am excited to hear that we will have a rowing club and a boys volleyball club. Thats how sports start.” -Mr. Mones Counselor

“[Money should be spent on] an additional working fax machine in the building” -Mrs. Millar D House Secretary “We should spend money on community service related activities that get students and staff working together. -Mr. Simonsen


...On Fights “Don’t listen to third parties. There are a lot of ‘popcorn’ people. Those that just want to watch the fights in the first row but not actually fight and get suspended.” -Mr. Albrecht Dean Of Students

“Just see Beaves. Beaves doesn’t allow fights at NHS... unless you’re superman” -Mr. Beaves Secutiry “I don’t speak English.” -Mr. Lewis Security

february 2009

Page 17

Of the nHs staff s Samantha Redfield ’09

the secret Live


Design Team

Students see them five days a week for forty-five minutes a day, but do not know what their teachers do outside of school. Some students think that all teachers do is teach, but this is not the case. Some teachers have jobs and hobbies outside of school. Frank Stein, NHS English department teacher, is a Bethel police officer. He does not have a particular assignment, goes to backup an officer or direct traffic for a day. He leaves his students some clues about his “secret life.” In his room, there is an orange traffic cone and he does not take rules lightly. “The combination of

the two jobs helps me maintain my sanity,” said Stein. Susan Pettibone, NHS Music department teacher, is another teacher who has an additional job. Pettibone and her husband run a company called TheatreWorks, there she is currently directing Rabbit Hole. She will direct this year’s school production, Beauty and the Beast. Sam Alesevich, the graphic communications teacher, has many hobbies. He enjoys duckpin bowling, distance running, golf, softball, travelling and basketball. Teachers enjoy their free time just as much as we do.

Custodians Clean up reputation Daniel Conklin ’09 Photography Editor In the past two edition of this very paper, The PawPrint, a certain group of individuals have been targeted and insulted. However this paper’s written criticism may have missed their mark. The custodial staff of Norwalk High School was the focus of these grievances in type. They were accused of fulfilling their duties to level less than satisfactorily. The two topics covered by the PawPrint included a dual article covering the school bathroom conditions from both the male and female point of view. The second article was about the cleanliness of the tables in our cafeteria. However the side of the custodians was not consulted in any of the three articles. They were written by students, at the writers own discretion. I can say that with all confidence being the author of one of the original articles about bathroom conditions. I feel that the custodians have been unfairly portrayed by our paper, which has cast them in a very negative light. We students need to only point the finger at ourselves and our classmates when we complain about Norwalk High’s physical appearance.

“We wipe down the tables after each shift, sweep the floor in each section, and empty the garbage cans in two to three minutes between each shift.” -Angelus Papageorge Head Custodian The custodial staff came in over the winter break in late December and added a fresh coat of paint to the bathrooms. They have taken the bathrooms under their wing as a personal project, seeing that none of the renovation funds have gone to the bathrooms. “We plan to paint more bathrooms over February break and finish them all by some point,” said Angelus Papageorge, the head custodian here at NHS. “Each bathroom is walked through four to five times a day and swept. Our main objection is to keep the bathrooms sanitary and healthy over debris free.” Angelus went on to say. Also the tables are cleaned at the end of every lunch shift. The trash is left by the students, and the custodian’s job is to keep the school clean, not clean up after lazy or inconsiderate students here at Norwalk High. “We wipe down the tables after each shift, sweep the floor in each section, and empty the garbage cans in two to three minutes between each shift,” Angelus said in response to the cafeteria being unclean. So let’s help out our custodians a little bit. It will make the school a nicer place for everyone.

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spo rts

february 2009


More Than A Rec League Daniel Conklin ’09 Photo Editor Forget the green and white jerseys, the new gym floor, and being a Norwalk High Bear. There’s another basketball league that is drawing the attention of many students here. The Junior Basketball Association or (J.B.A.) is stealing some of the spotlight, and talent from Norwalk High’s very own basketball program. This public recreational league offers student aged males an opportunity to play the game they love with a little less pressure and a little more fun. It has been reported that nearly 100 students from both of Norwalk’s High Schools are involved in J.B.A. That number is far greater than the basketball programs at either school. For example, the Grizzlies ten man roster is made up of all NHS. This group of friends has been playing together for years and has been strengthened with a transfer from Staples High and two former members from the NHS basketball program. “I like the fact that the Grizzlies can have fun without having to worry about winning or losing. All we worry

about is pleasing our fan base,” said Tommy Miller (’09) leading scorer and fan favorite. It is the number one goal of the Grizzlies to have a good time rather than winning every game. “It’s a lot easier to play without having to worry about points scored or a record. If you’re looking to see some great basketball and some wild antics just come to our game,” stated team captain Brian Jacoby (’09) NHS senior Jeff DeSimone and new comer to the Grizzlies adds passion and leadership to the squad. “I personally worry about winning. Why can’t we please our fans and win at the same time?” stated Jeff DeSimone (’09). The Grizzlies have rebounded from a sparkling 1 and 12 season. So if you want to see ejections, behind the back passes, powder high fives, and other high flying stunts and tricks, just come to a J.B.A. Grizzlies game.

Ultimate Sport Noah Cooper ’09 Club Connection Editor

New M.L.B. Network A Grand Slam Matthew Cranston ’11 Sports Co-Editor With the start of a new year comes new people and new events; the new MLB Network was launched in approximately 50 million homes on January 1, 2009. This was cables largest network debut in history. The MLB Network will air live games, highlights, classic games, and coverage of all pre and a post season events. The new network also includes two studios of over 9,000 square feet. Studio three was named to honor Babe Ruth, and will be the primary home for the nightly show, MLB Tonight. Measuring 5600 square feet, the studio features sixty-two video displays and a touch screen monitor. Studio forty-two was named to honor Jackie Robinson, and is a replica of a baseball field. With forty-five ft. base

paths and movable mound and plate, this will be a great way to show realistic demonstrations. Including a brick-designed outfield wall, this studio can hold 173 people in its realistic stands and has a scoreboard resembling Citizens Bank Park (The Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Stadium) in Philadelphia. The lineup will include a range of shows including: All Time Games, Baseball Seasons, Hot Stove, Inside the Moments, Ken Burns Baseball, Prime 9, and Rising Sons. MLB Network will be available on major systems including Comcast, Cox, Direct TV, Time Warner, Charter, Cablevision and Verizon FiOS. It would most likely be found on Channel 790, and channel 400 for non-HD TV’s. The on-air hosts and analysts feature: Al Leiter, Harold Reynolds, Matt Vasgersian, Victor Rojas, Barry Larkin, and Joe Magrane, and many more. The addition of these baseball intelligent people and the high tech studio, this new network ensures to be a great place for every fan.

Most people have tossed around a Frisbee, but some Norwalk High students have taken it to the next level. What started with a small group of seniors looking for some weekend fun is now a large team of skilled players. “Well it mainly started with a bunch of us getting together the end of last year and playing pick-up games on Saturdays,” said Brendan Giolitto (’09). “We were having a lot of fun so we decided to just continue it throughout the summer.” Throughout the summer a core group of players emerged including seniors: Colin Jenkins, TJ Lepoutre, Gilbert Schuerch, Brendan Giolito, Henry Carvajal, and Chris Cadden. They invite everyone they know to play this sport that that is receiving increased attention from the students of Norwalk High. TJ Lepoutre (‘09) explained, “Frisbee is a lot of fun, and it’s a good way to stay active without all of the commitments.” This group’s enjoyment of Frisbee is so great that they are hoping to start a club at Norwalk High.

Pittsburgh “Steels” A Close One From The Cardinals Jeff DeSimone ’09 Feature Editor This year the Super Bowl returned to its roots, concentrating on the game and not the halftime show or advertisements. It was a night where the athletes were the center of attention, not the commercials. Super Bowl XLIII occurred between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona on Sunday, February First. The game included one team many believed to be knocked out in the first round of the playoffs to face a team that many picked to win the Super Bowl. However, the Cardinals brought their A-game the past month to beat the top teams in their conference to get to the big show.

A classic David vs. Goliath story came down to the wire after a streaking Larry Fitzgerald breezed past the entire Steelers defense with less than three minutes to play to take a three-point lead. Just like last year, we had another game to sit on the edge of our seats and watch it come down to the wire. For those fans of sports like baseball, this game would be the equivalent to the Marlins vs. The Yankees in the World Series. You have the team who is notorious for being at the top of their game year in and year out against the team that no one expected to put up a fight. With the game looking bright for Cardinals fans, the Steelers made one more heroic drive down field capped off by an outstanding touchdown grab by MVP Santonio Holmes. The game was once again exciting in the final

minutes for the second year in a row which was great for fans. The score at the end of Super Bowl XLII was 27-23. As a spectator it was difficult to tell which team was the fan favorite. The Steelers are the well-known franchise, now having the record for six franchise Super Bowl Championships, but everyone likes the old fashioned underdog story, especially when they are led by a quarterback who is contemplating retirement. All side stories and questionable calls aside, the Super Bowl provided a very exciting and close game, with the teams going back and forth throughout the final quarter with no one seeming to have the edge until the last minute. When there are twenty seconds left in a game, and the winner is still up in the air, you know it was a Super Bowl that will not soon be forgotten.

SuperBowl: Sell out the Seats, Not the Commercial Slots Eric Scatamacchia ’11 Photo Editor As years go by, the Super Bowl has been transformed from a championship football game into a media extravaganza for millions to watch. After all is said and done, it usually turns out that the most talked about events in the aftermath of the Super Bowl are the halftime show and commercials. Quite frankly, I am sick of this. A large portion of the millions of people who tune in watch for reasons other than the actual game. As a devoted sports fan, I am appalled to hear more coverage on what songs were sung during halftime, or what commercials premiered instead of the amazing catch or controversial call. I understand that the NFL wants to make money and make the Super Bowl appealing

to many different people but, all of the extra junk takes away from the importance of the game. It is the biggest game one of the most popular sport in America that tends to get overshadowed by aging musicians: Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, and Prince, as well as unreliable clothing: Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction; along with commercials for various drinks: Bud Light, Pepsi, and Gatorade. Call me crazy, but when people think of the Super Bowl they should be thinking of David Tyree pinning the ball against his helmet instead of Janet Jackson’s untimely striptease and a Bud Light hitchhiker holding an ax. The NFL should cancel their over-the-top Super Bowl halftime shows and the unnecessary hype surrounding the unveiling of new commercials to allow football fans to enjoy the game



february 2009

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A New Team But A Unified Spirit Paw

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Design Team

As the winter season starts, Norwalk High School girls cheerleaders are taking to the court to cheer on the boys basketball team. At the end of fall season, the cheerleaders start, what they call their “official season.” Adriana Johnson (’09) tri-captain said, “Basically the winter season is our actual season because that is when we compete in competitions such as FCIACS and CIACs.” The girls sign up to compete in four competitions during the winter season. Starting the year with a squad of new girls, the team hopes to improve from their previous seasons. Tri-captain Asia Gilbert (’09) said, “Our squad is new, so The Norwalk High School Cheerleaders. we’ve been slowly but surely been workcomplish their many goals despite the injuries and other ing our way up the ranks. The other squads never know problems that other teams face. So while you are cheerwhat to expect from us, so I think that’s one of our goals ing on the basketball team this winter, support the NHS for this season… to keep them guessing!” cheerleading team as well. With a unified spirit, the team hopes to ac-

you Wanna take this inside?

Sara Leduc ’09 Executive Editor

The Norwalk High School indoor track team’s season is in full swing. Starting off with a team of young members, they have been training hard and working towards the goal of a strong FCIAC performance. Boys distance captain Daniel Conklin (’09), boys sprinting captain Malik Miller (’09), girls sprinting Lauren Ventrella (’09), and girls distance captain Nicole Brancaccio (’10) lead their team. "We started the season as a ‘scraggedy’ bunch of youngins with a lot to prove. But with our veteran captains and hall of fame coach guiding us I feel we have become a real threat in the FCIAC.” said Mike Corasaniti (’11). "This year we have a really young team which is hard but everyone is doing really well. Everyone has been improving each week and contributing to the team in different ways," said Ventrella. “I couldn’t be more proud of my distance boys, they’ve worked hard all season and now I look forward to competing with them into the championship season,” said Conklin. The team has had trouble practicing due to inclement weather, but fortunately Staples High School track team was kind enough to let the team use their indoor track. "I could not be more proud to be the captain of the NHS Indoor track team. We are all doing our best, and as far as I am concerned, we are the best,” said Miller. Norwalk indoor track is striding into high gear with FCIACs and state championships right around the corner. Photo Credit: Laura Jean Conklin

COMPLETE LANDSCAPING SERVICES Including masonry, Trees, Irrigation Excavation Services Specializing in Grading, Drainage, Trenching 15 Yard Dumpster Contrainers Avaliable Fully Insured

Photo Credit: Daniel Conklin

Ashley lampman ’09

Norwalk High’s Joe Sullivan leaps in the high jump portion of a track meet.

bears Looking good at midpoint Photo Credit: Daniel Conklin

Alex Morsanutto ’09 Staff Writer After an 5-7 start the Bears are off to bigger things this season. Led by captains Jeremy Dickens (’09), Shawnelle Philo (’09), and Evan Kelly (’10), the Bears are getting closer and closer to accomplishing their goal to reach the post-season. Dickens says, “The Bears are hungry for a winning season.” With a .500 start, anything is possible for the Bears that have held their own against all teams faced. They have led three out five teams going into halftime, only to let their opponent slip away with a win. Ten games are left on the schedule for the Bears. They seem to be getting better and better each week growing stronger as a unit, receiving contributions from the whole team. At the half way point of the season their future seems promising as the bears have showed

The Boys Basketball Team practicing for their next big game.

their opponents that they are far from being an “easy win” this season.

Page 20


february 2009


Bruna Petrillo ’09 Opinion Editor

With a 20-4 record and just one week left before FCIACS, Norwalk High’s wrestling team is in great shape. Captains Chris Mulford (’09) and Clifford Magloire (’11) are leading the team of twenty Bears to victory this year, working harder and winning more matches than the previous year. “We are doing better than I though we would do because we have a lot of new wrestlers and I think we

did well for the season,” explained Mulford. “We won our last seven out of nine matches,” said Magloire. With a little improvement on their technique the boys have the upper hand in achieving their goal of being top three in the FCIACS and top four in States. They will also have big shoes to fill next year as they loose some valued senior wrestlers. “I hope next year’s team is as strong as we now,” concluded Magloire.

Photo Credit: Daniel Conklin

norwalk Wrestling Hits the mat

NHS Wrestlers Practicing After School

Conjoined teams motivated swimmers take a Dive

Daisy Villalobos ’10

Noah Cooper ’09 Club Connection Editor

Design Team

The smell of chlorine is strong in the air, all is silent, the horn sounds, and the Norwalk swim team means business. The attitude on the swim team comprised of both Norwalk High and Brien McMahon students is very positive. “The motivation on this year’s team is greater than ever before, and attendance and effort are great. All of this is reflecting in our results so far this year,” stated Marshall Weiss (’09), co-captain of the swim team. This team has seen improvements in both skill and numbers. Coach Marchetti explained, “Our experienced swimmers are putting out good times, and our less experienced players are coming along very nicely.” Many new swimmers have joined the team this year, and thanks to the help of Ms. Fisher, a health teacher here at NHS, they are developing as swimmers and becoming more competitive. Marchetti explained, “As a team we talked about competing in every meet.” The motto of the NHS swim team is, “You may beat us, but you’re going to earn every point.” “Up to this point in the season, we’ve been very Michael O’Callaghan (’12) swims in the January 29th swim meet.

Photo Credit: Sarah Zezima

Although there is an ongoing rivalry between Brien McMahon High School and Norwalk High School, there are many programs combined between the two schools. BMHS and NHS together form several sports teams. These teams put their differences aside and train working side by side to become successful. The swim team is a perfect example of such. BMHS and NHS swim and exercise together, without conflict. “I enjoy swimming with another school, it gives a more rounded view of swimming,” said Oscar Castillo (’10), an NHS swimmer. Another program that combines BMHS with NHS is Winter Percussion. Winter Percussion is a program consisting of only percussion instruments. BMHS and NHS drum line and pit members rehearse tediously to compete against other schools. “Winter Percussion is great program, and McMahon brings a lot to the [drum] line,” said Claude Louis (’09). Although BMHS and NHS may have conflictions, it is true that there are some programs which unite both schools peaceful and efficiently.

happy with how we’ve been performing at meets. If we keep doing what we should at practices and compete to our full potential, I think we have a chance of being very successful at the FCIAC meet,” stated Weiss. Good luck to the Norwalk swim team as they finish their season and compete in FCIAC.

High Hopes for the Combined norwalk Hockey team Staff Writer It took three publications to finally get it right, The Hour got it wrong; this publication got it wrong; finally The Norwalk Citizen printed the truth: Dylan Byrne, class of 2011 is captain of the combined Norwalk High and Brien McMahon hockey team. Byrne deserves plenty of recognition for his position, since he has some serious work ahead of him. Last year the team’s record was 0-20, whle this year is planned as a “rebuilding year,” with a focus on building up a competitive team for next year. “Our focus this year is on improving our game,” said Byrne. “Our offense needs to work on taking more shots, and while Mike [Diaz] is a great goalie, defense could do a little better with keeping the other team off of him.” According to Byrne, the Norwalk team is lucky to have a talented lineup including brothers Doug (’10) and Dave (’12) Weeks, two brothers who play the forward wing on the first line. Forward Alex Langyel (’10), the alternate captain, is the leading

scorer for the team. “Everybody knows that we didn’t win a game last year,” Byrne continued, “But this year we’re focusing on improving our skills, hopefully move some second string guys up to first for next year making sure everybody gets ice-time.” Not all of the team’s challenges are on the ice. One of the bigger challenges is just getting on the ice. The team calls the Darien Ice Rink home, and rink time is very expensive. This means that the hockey team is severely limited in its practice time. All of which is compounded by the low funding of sports in general and the hockey team in particular. Byrne commented on the financial challenges, saying: “We’re easily one of the most underfunded sports.” Though only a sophomore, and according to left wing Marc Cappola “the youngest captain in FCIAC,” Dylan Byrne seems to be a confident and competent captain, and with his leadership the Norwalk team should be able to recover from last year’s season. Hopefully the team will succeed, and newspapers will continue getting his name right.

Photo Credit: Lori Diaz

Justin McGown ’11

Norwalk Goalie Mike Diaz


boys basketball

2/10-Trubmull-7:00 p.m.(H) 2/13-Brien McMahon-6:00p.m.(A) 2/16-Westhill-7:00 p.m. (A)


2/13-FCIAC New Cannan-5:00 p.m. (A) 2/14-FCIAC New Cannan-10:00 a.m. (A) 2/20-CIAC Class L Champ Bristol Central-4:30p.m. (A)


girls basketball

indoor track


2/10-Trumbull-7:00 p.m. (A) 2/12-Brien McMahon-7:00 p.m.(H) 2/16-Westhill-7:00 p.m. (H)

2/14-CIAC Class L Champ. New Haven-4:00 p.m. (A) 2/21-CIAC Open Champ. New Haven-12:00 p.m. (A) 3/6-New England Championships-Boston,MA-5:30 p.m. (if qualified)

2/11-Staples-Weston-8:30 p.m.(A) 2/14-St. Joseph-8:45 p.m. (A) 2/18-Trumbull-8:30 p.m. (A)

2/11-New Cannan-3:00 p.m. (A) 2/13-Hamden-4:00 p.m. (A) 3/3-FCIAC Trials-Greenwich H.S.-4:30p.m.(A)


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february 2009  

february 2009