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Sovera Edizioni +39 06.5894525 Via Leon Pancaldo, 26 00147 - ROMA

overa Publishing has been active in the Italian book market since 1985. Its catalog currently lists over 1000 books from both Italian and foreign authors, in 23 series ranging from novels to poetry, from travel books to manuals, from cinema to new age culture, from psychology to psychotherapy. Every year it publishes over 70 new books, among which many are the works of young and emerging authors. Searching for new talents, new genres, new styles, is a peculiarity of this publishing company. Its main target has been the well-educated reader, as it was one of the first to introduce the Counseling genre, at that time quite innovative, to the roster of books published nationally. This enabled them to have many books translated into foreign languages. The director of the series Psychotherapy & Counseling is Edoardo Giusti, creator and manager of the Aspic schools in Italy. Sovera has also focused on producing books about relevant investigative cases in contemporary society, thus creating the book series ‘Investigations’ that has the contributions of crime scene investigators, criminologists and journalists. Among those, we should mention Pino Nazio’s works on the mafia homicide of little Di Matteo, whose body was dissolved in acid, on the kidnapping of Emanuela Orlandi and on the recent, very intricate case of Serena Mollicone. Year of foundation: 1985 Publishing sector: narrative Best sellers: ‘11 novembre 2007. L’uccisione di Gabriele Sandri una giornata buia della Repubblica’ by Maurizio Martucci; ‘Lineamenti di storia dell’architettura’ by various authors; ‘Un mostro chiamato Girolimoni. Una storia di serial killer di bambine e innocenti’ by Fabio Sanvitale and Armando Palmegiani; ‘Il bambino che sognava i cavalli. 779 giorni ostaggio dei corleonesi. A un incontro con Santino De Matteo’ by Pino Nazio; ‘40 passi. Omicidio di Antonella Di Veroli’ by Mauro Valentini; ‘Il buio negli occhi. La colpa di essere innocente’ by Enzo A. Tana; ‘Pasolini’ by Benito Li Vigni.


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NICOLA ZINGARETTI President of Lazio



he publishing industry in the Lazio region – where the 328 publishing houses (accounting for 17% of the national total) employ more than 1,200 staff and publish around 10,000 titles, with around 9 million copies being released onto the market every year – constitutes not only a crucial cultural bulwark but also a great resource for the regional economy. We are endeavouring to support small and medium-sized publishers with innovative tools, deployed through a programme that encompasses the spheres of both cultural and industrial policies. The Translation Catalogue forms part of this strategy and compiles the results of an important initiative that we launched with a view to promoting and raising the global profile of our multi-faceted publishing sector. More than 100 works issued recently by Lazio-based publishing houses were translated thanks to the support of Lazio Region. In the catalogue, you will come across everything from essays and fiction to poems and cartoons. It all adds up to a wealth of interpretations and visions of the world, encapsulating the vibrant nature and cultural quality of our region, which are deserving of an audience that extends far beyond the regional borders.

GUIDO FABIANI Regional Councillor for Economic Development and Production in Lazio



azio International is the regional programme intended to support the internationalisation of the local manufacturing system. It is the tool through which we aim to increase the competitiveness of our businesses, encouraging their expansion into new markets and helping them to leverage the most innovative processes currently available in the global value chain. To this end, we have set aside €30 million for the operations scheduled for the period 2014-2020, of which €15 million are available immediately for use on the activities planned for 2016-2017. It is against this backdrop that we have decided to support the regional publishing industry through a range of interventions geared towards reinforcing its structural growth and enhancing its international profile. We are doing so by helping small and medium-sized Lazio-based publishers with the translation of their texts and with their participation at international trade fairs, promoting a plethora of associated initiatives. Having already supported in 2015 the volume dedicated to “The creative excellence of cartoons and illustration in Rome and Lazio”, the Lazio Region Translation Catalogue is another important instrument for the international promotion of excellence in publishing. The catalogue collects brief extracts in English of some of the main works recently released by Lazio-based publishers, with a view to taking them beyond Italy’s borders. The translations can also be downloaded from the site. We are delighted to be able to say that it is thanks also to the support of Lazio Region that 30 publishers have been afforded the opportunity to have translated, free of charge, a number of extracts of their works to present to potential clients overseas, at leading international trade fairs such as the Frankfurt Buchmesse. This is one of the various ways in which we are supporting our local strengths and our knowledge economy. The Lazio International initiative takes in a multitude of diverse measures that we are making available to SMEs in the region.

he Frankfurt Buchmesse is the largest of all the international book fairs. At the expo, novels, short stories, essays, poems and poetry are bought and sold, offered, discovered and optioned. The Frankfurt fair is a launch pad for that anomalous category of merchandise: the cultural product – i.e. the fruit of thought and of the words expressing that thought, of inspiration and intuition, destined to be enjoyed and explored, to stimulate questions, to risk answers, to describe experience and to make the most of the intelligence of others, which in books is conserved in order to allow us to understand the past and to imagine the future. For a publisher, for an author, attending the Buchmesse is a sine qua non. But it is not always possible to do so. It isn’t cheap, and the competition is fierce. This year, for the first time, the Region is supporting Lazio-based publishers in their efforts to have a presence there, to participate actively, and to put their best products to the stress test of the mass market. The Region is doing so through the new Translation Catalogue. Each publisher was offered the chance to have a summary and a number of pages of the chosen work(s) translated, and for the translation to appear in this precious catalogue. It is a first step in the positioning of our culture and our tradition on the world market, and towards the overcoming of language barriers, with a view to boosting familiarity with our country and bolstering our competitiveness in book publishing – a sector that is as important as it is delicate. LIDIA RAVERA Regional Councillor for Culture and Youth Policy




Frankfurter Buchmesse 19-23 ottobre 2016