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Client:  Marketair Services Case:  Longhaul Magazine Jetair - Thomas Cook

Client:  Thierry Deblaton Case:  Identity system Thierry Deblaton

Client:  Marketair Services Case:  Jetairfly magazine

Client:  Eye On Fashion Case:  Full Identity system and event communication

Client:  Zaboe Case:  Design website

Client:  Choke Case:  Identity system Choke

Client:  Concentra Case:  Concept and design proposal Inside out. Including online and offline communication.

Client:  Demonstrate Case:  Design Jupiler T-shirt

Client:  Vorminplus Limburg Case:  Concept and design V+ magazine and corporate identity

Client:  Demonstrate Case:  Côte d’Or event identity system

Client:  Concentra Case:  Viva-Velo design portal.

Client:  Dansstudio On Stage Case:  Identity system

Client:  Demonstrate Case:  Burn Europe identity system

Client:  Demonstrate Case:  Ben&Jerry’s identity system

Client:  Lizzy Music Case:  Identity System

Client:  Mini Case:  Creative Use Of Space design contest

Client:  Provincie Limburg Case:  Bio Ecologica identity system

Client:  Demonstrate Case:  Coca-Cola - Zero: international POS toolkit build with CZ intrinsic

Client:  Demonstrate Case:  Hanes identity system

Client:  Demonstrate Case:  Design Coca-Cola Xmass truck

Client:  The Bonanno Crime Theory Case:  Digital illustration

Client:  Demonstrate Case:  Stella Artois Music festival printlabels

Client:  Demonstrate Case:  Coca-Cola recyling European identity programme

Client:  Demonstrate Case:  Coca-Cola - illy: toolkit for the international launch of illy RTD

Client:  Demonstrate Case:  Coca-Cola Atlanta - Romance IMC council: international perfect serve toolkit

Client:  AFF Case:  Design proposal absolutelyfreefestival

Client:  Demonstrate Case:  Stella Artois World draught master campaign visual.

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