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THE CLUE: “I run for my sister who can’t.” That motto motivates her every day life and her new passion, running. She started running after her younger sister, Deborah, received a breast cancer diagnosis last July. Her first 10K, the Survivor’s Challenge, sponsored by the Reynolds Cancer Support House raised money for the cause. The Support House treated her sister in the beginning of her battle with cancer. Standing along the six mile Challenge trail, survivors held up signs to support runners. Her favorite sign, held by a small child at the bottom of Hendricks Hill read, “I beat cancer, you’ve got this hill.” Crying so hard, she stopped. The child’s handpainted sign motivated her to conquer the Hill and run more 5Ks and 10Ks. Inviting a challenge, she Googled how many miles were in a half a marathon and ran 13.1 miles in March, finishing the Little Rock Marathon in just over two hours. THE GIVEAWAY: Training and preparing for a full marathon in early 2014, attendance secretary Tracy Person, plans to run in the annual Paint the Park Pink walk held at UAFS on Oct. 5, for her sister. “I urge everyone to get involved. I’m the type of person that feels if we all get involved, if only in some small part, we can do so much to help so many. It’s our duty,” Person said. Thinking of running 26.2 miles makes Person sick, but her sisters smiling face pushes her along.



varsity libero anchors defense > by Andrea Johnson

“If everyone puts forth all their effort and does their job, winning and losing will take care of itself,” Sayre said.

Diving to the floor, the libero, digs up the hardest hits to begin an offensive play. On the home court the Lady Confederettes sport white long sleeve jerseys; however, one player, Helen Sayre, wears the opposite color jersey. “The libero is a defensive player that can only play on the back row,” junior libero Helen Sayre said. “Since there is a limited amount of subs per game, the libero is allowed to go in and out for any player on the back row without having to go through the process of a regular substitution and without it counting toward the total amount of subs.” Wearing a different jersey designates the libero as the single player that maneuvers in and out of the game constantly, and also makes the player easier to spot for referees and score keepers. “The most challenging part about being the libero is playing consistently throughout the match since I’m on the court almost the entire time with only a few short breaks,” Sayre said. The libero receives the majority of back row passes, according to varsity setter Sarita Stegall. Without a solid pass, the play will most likely

not be executed as desired. “They’re usually the best passers, and since they dig up most of the hits their passes must be good for us to even have a chance at setting up the offense,” Stegall said. “They’re basically the rock of the team.” Sophomore and junior varsity liberos include sophomores Catherine Owen and Markia Stiles, and Sayre plays as libero for the varsity team. “This position gives a smaller, quicker girl the opportunity to impact the game,” coach Steve Haaser said. Defeating the Fayetteville Lady Purple Dogs in the first game, the Confederettes started the season with a three set win, followed by wins against Rogers, Bentonville, and Little Rock Parkview. On Sept. 19, they continued their trend beating Greenwood in three sets with scores of 25-19, 25-15, and 25-14. “We’re in a very strong conference; they’re all really good teams,” Haaser said. “Winning the conference championship is always one of our goals. To me though, my main goal every year is for the team to be the best they can be and for us to achieve our potential, and I believe this team has good potential.”






senior competes in national tourney


by Drew Smith Boys and girls tennis, with records of three wins and one tie, approach the end of the conference season and head to compete for the conference title in Little Rock on Oct. 7 and 8. “I am really excited for the conference tournament and I hope I can pull it out,” junior Dusty Mikula said. Against both Conway, boys and girls won the majority of the matches. At press time, only Northside and North Little Rock meets remained. “The teams are very competitive and have been in strong matches,” tennis coach Stephanie Wright said. Chosen to represent Arkansas in the Southern Lipton Cup, senior tennis team member Lindsy Pearce competed in the tournament that played out in Tennessee. At press time, Pearce remained in Tennessee to compete for a tournament title. more coverage @

SPORTS NOTES Oct. 1 | @ SHS Volleyball



conference season underway

> by Nick Khodayari

At press time, the football team prepared for a home game against number one, Har-ber. Two games into the conference season, the undefeated Rebels relied on solid play. Younger players see more playing time with the graduation of key players from last season. The

team hopes to achieve a winning conference record and take the state title. “I expect the season to go great, get to state, and win it,” senior quarterback Issac Jackson said. more coverage @


state tournament play begins next week


by Drew Smith Competing in the state tournament starting in Rogers on the Lost Springs Golf Course next week, boys finished with a record of 3-8 and girls finished with a record of 7-1. “To play golf, you’re going to have to play for hours. Young people don’t want to play because it takes time,” ten year golf coach Pedro Sadler said. The golf team has fifteen members that practice every day at Ben Geren. “On days we don’t have a match, we practice by working on hitting balls on the range, putting on the green, chipping, and we usually end

practice by playing three to four holes at Ben Geren,” Sadler said. Players adapt to different types of courses through the season. “Ben Geren is a more open course while on Eagle Crest (Van Buren), you have to be more precise, in Paradise Falls (Fayetteville) its old school, and in Hardscrabble there is a treeline,” Sadler said. Ember Sargeant began playing golf at the age of three and will be competing in state. “My favorite thing about golf is meeting new people from different schools,” Sargeant said. Also competing in state is senior and eleven year golfer Patrick Teagle. “Coach really keeps us in line. Spending time the other guys on the team is my favorite part of golf. Its great bonding,” Teagle said.


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