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You won’t lose your old friends! You can see them at break and lunch, and although you may not be in the same House or Tutor Group, you may be in several lessons with them. ‘Moving on up’ into South Wirral is an excellent opportunity to meet and make hundreds of new friends. Everyone will be feeling the same way and our caring students will look after you.

When you’re in year 7, you will have a fixed home learning timetable including Maths, English and Languages. You will have homework set that you can access via your Moodle account that you can log in to from home. If you struggle with anything, you can talk to your tutor or Head of House, and they will help support you.

SCHOOL KIT Ask your Head of House if you would like to hire a locker. You will need to be organised in year 7! As well as books, you will have to bring your PE kit, exercise books, pencil case and sometimes ingredients for Food Tech. You will receive a timetable and a planner. They will help keep you organised! Pack your bag the night before and be prepared!

Helpful Tips



You can buy a broad range of delicious hot or cold food from our canteen during break and lunchtime, or bring in a packed lunch. During lunchime you can go anywhere but must stay on the school premises.

We have so many different clubs. Some are at lunch time and others after school, including many sports clubs for both boys and girls including basketball, trampolining, art, drama, music and dance.

Breaktime 11am to 11.15am Lunchtime 12.15pm to 1pm

Get a new hobby and make new friends!

Problems & Worries


Everyone occasionally has a problem or worry at school. This may be arguments with friends or difficulties with work. When you have a problem you can speak to your form tutor, talk to your Head of House or an older South Wirral student. “I was worried because I came only with only one friend, but now I have lots!” Katie Manning (South Wirral student)

Studying lots of subjects You may have twelve different subjects, taught by different teachers, in different classrooms! You will be doing some subjects you have never done before and using equipment you’ve never used before, but our supportive staff will help you every step of the way. You will be given a timetable to tell you what time each lesson is, where it is, and who will be teaching you. If you lose your timetable, go to the main office and ask for another.

Behaviour & Discipline

Teachers at South Wirral are fair and will help you achieve the best you can. You are expected to be well behaved at all times, and will be rewarded with a House Points System, which applies to every subject. If you misbehave, your parents or carers will be notified of any actions taken.


Hop on a Merseyrail train (Wirral Line) to Eastham Rake. It’s a ten minute walk!

Many buses drop you off close to school including 609, 623 and 610. Check the school website for more information!

CONTACT INFORMATION South Wirral High School Plymyard Avenue Eastham Wirral CH62 8EH Tel: 0151 327 3213 Fax: 0151 327 7798 @SouthWirral SouthWirralHS

Helpful Tips for students transitioning from primary to South Wirral High School

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