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so much fun that I figured are between 15 to 20 knots. why not help others and let The wings would be free, others have some fun, too. and in return for the use of This was the point at which them, we would expect a Solid Wing Sails, LLC, was regular critique on any and born. The parts that take all aspects of the system. the longest time to build We want to see races are the ribs, which is why against one of the other the Laser-cut ribs are wings, races against other offered in kit form. standard sail systems, and It is the intention of free sailing in light and SWS to work with smallheavy winds. By the end boat sailors, so the design of the year we would like is not intended for larger to publish a “How to… cruising sailboats. Wing and How Not To” instrucsails are easier to build, tion program showing the rig, and sail on smaller plus and minus aspects of boats than bigger ones the wing system. We anyway. They don’t need Launch of the X5. Version 5 was the first wing design that was sailed a expect to make improveto remain on the boat lot. It took a beating, but held together and was a reasonable weight to ments along the way. Also overnight, and can be han- easily step. It was also the first version competitive against the 75- along the way, photos and dled by one person—and square foot Sunfish regular sail. videos should be taken to no crane required! document all related activWhy did we choose the ities, i.e., storing, transSunfish? It’s the largest porting, rigging, stepping, small-boat class with a launching, and, of course, wide range of ages, abilities showing how to right a and interests—and a simple knocked-down boat—with stepping system. Why the the wings floating high Laser? It also has simple and the boat cannot turtle! mast-stepping like the The wings will be mainSunfish, along with a large tained, repaired and class of sailors with the updated during the time need for action. Do we see you are helping. the wings sailing in direct We plan a mini regatta competition with the soft later this fall with Winged sail versions? No. I believe Sunfish and Winged Lasers it will take a separate class and will have a couple section to compete fairly. wing systems to supply to This is a faster, more those who would like to efficient sail system, with compete in the Charlotte easier rigging and setup— Harbor area. These wings and it will point higher. are also available for qualAnother advantage is that In wing design, a major step was made with the slotted dual wing. Dual ified racers during the it can stand in a corner of wings can be seen on airplanes as they unfold for takeoffs and landings October Sunfish Regatta in your garage and takes up to create more lift. Using the same principle, the forewing in the St. Petersburg. For more very little floor space. For America’s Cup sailboats forces more air through the slot, creating information, to sail a wing tremendous lift while driving the boats. Not unlike the standard, but transporting the wings, I much less efficient, jib/main overlap. and compete in these use my GMC pickup truck races, go to and let me (8-foot bed) or my boat know if you’re ready to try. We trailer to get the wings back and can also arrange for a trial sail on forth the five miles to the water. Charlotte Harbor if you are in the area. Let us know. If there is suffiFree Wings Available for Testing cient interest, we could possibly There are five wings under concome to your area. struction, being built to the latest There is interest all over revisions. We would like to give the world in the wing sail systhese wings to some experienced tems, and probably more interest racers, meaning sailors who have outside the United States than consistently won at least some inside. The stats on the website local races/regattas and are not show this international interest. afraid to get out when the winds The X5 fits compactly on a trailer. 34

September 2012


Southwinds September 2012

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