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Engine Raw Water Pump Rebuild Made Easy While most of us sailors believe the wind, our sails and seamanship skills are the true test of our prowess as mariners, there is a need from time to time for the helping hand of an auxiliary engine. Expeditious docking, getting out of harm’s way from weather and an occasional, “Let’s get home now,” from the first mate and crew (often the wife and kids), are all good reasons to make sure your engine is working and—better yet—healthy. All too often, I see sailboat owners spend an inordinate amount of time making sure their sails, rigging, electronics and other accoutrements are all in great working order. The engine often takes a back seat. Be it the mindset of sailors who turn their noses up at the stink boats that drive by unknowingly spewing their diesel exhaust in a three-foot wake that is sure to make you and your crew hold on for dear life and scramble to make sure nothing falls overboard, or is it just a lack of knowledge of simple mechanics of an all too important system of your boat, the auxiliary engine system? Engines are a relatively simple machine. Get the proper fuel and air mixture, create a situation that ignites the mixture and off you go. Operation and health of your engine are two separate subjects. Maintaining a healthy engine involves two very important aspects; making sure you have adequate lubrication and cooling. Engines create a tremendous amount of heat via the mechanical force of numerous gears, pistons, lifters, cams and crankshaft. Marine engines are very similar to your car engine. The only difference is the boat engine uses a heat exchanger, while your car uses a radiator to cool the engine. What is confusing is how raw water interacts with the freshwater cooling system of the marine engine. Think of your heat exchanger as a radiator for your

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