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freighters roamed through the inky, moonless night. Though they were well lit, accurate distances are always difficult to eyeball in the dark. Nearing Lake Worth, I could not discern the inlet’s buoy lights from the dazzling confusion of the populous Palm Beaches. Blinking signs, billboards, moving car lights, streetlights and boat traffic triggered an eye-watering sensory overload. Defiant had her own uncomfortable moment when a large patrol boat raced up and studied her with a spotlight. To Bill’s relief, the patrol vessel lost interest and motored away to give Angel a cursory sniff. Groping toward the inlet’s general vicinity, I watched for other boats that might duck in or out of the unseen channel. Soon, a brightly lit gam- Anchored in Lake Worth’s southern half and looking northeast. bling vessel exited Lake Worth and revealed the Peanut Island. The dock fee was 10 dollars per day. Gas, inlet’s location. Lagging behind Defiant, Angel finally wandiesel and friendly information can also be found here. The dered in too late for cocktail hour. I turned to port and public marina is just a few blocks away from the Winnentered the lake’s southern half. The anchor rattled over the Dixie. Note that the ICW in southeast Florida can be bow roller and splashed down in only one fathom on soft extremely crowded on winter weekends. Tidal current and bottom. Lake Worth is mostly shallow, and its dredged nearly nonstop boat wakes can stir up a steep, rough chop channels are marked. There are deep pockets in the lake’s even when the winds are calm. Weather permitting, it’s eassouthern half with ample swinging room. A slip can be ier for a sailboat to travel on the outside to avoid heavy trafreserved at one of the area’s numerous marinas. fic, the chop and the numerous bridges. The next day was set aside for provisioning and restIn the muffled calm before sunrise, Angel and Defiant ing. A Winn-Dixie grocery store is located near shore on the headed into the Atlantic and nosed south. We weren’t sure Riviera Beach side, just north of the fixed 65-foot-high where we’d end up, but the journey itself was just as unusubridge. The only dinghy access we could find was at the al as our next destination. Municipal Marina on Riviera Beach, which is due west of To be continued…

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