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SMALL BOAT REVIEW North and the other here in or self-bailers. With 600 Florida. Or they may trailer pounds of positive flotation them back and forth.” installed, it’s unsinkable. As an indication that the Oh yes, the size. Its class is growing, Fleet 198 length overall is 19 feet and was established at Port the beam is eight-feet, four Charlotte’s Charlotte Harbor inches. The draft ranges from Yacht Club in November eight inches to five feet, nine 2009. Some say Flying Scots inches, depending on where are one of the fastest growing the centerboard is. It weighs classes in the nation. 992 pounds and the sail area, So, why the Flying Scot? including main and jib, is 272 “Well, for one thing, you square feet. A spinnaker adds The cockpit and layout of the Flying Scot. Photo by Dave Thinel. have one builder and one 378 square feet. mold, and therefore all of the boats are the same,” Pletsch The cost varies, of course. A person can find a good said. “All of the boats are equal and can be competitive. used one in the $5,000 to $12,000 range. If you go to the “You can take an old boat and still win. And yet a Flying builder, Carpenter has three different levels, but the costs Scot is a good boat for all ages.” were slated to increase in March 2010. They are forgiving and good for a tyro to train aboard. A family 2009 model, complete with trailer, was $16,300. The Naval air stations at both Jacksonville and Pensacola The racing version that adds a spinnaker and all of its gear have Flying Scots at their morale, welfare and recreation was $18,300, and a radial racing boat went for $18,700. marinas, not only for those personnel who want to go sailThe Scot is very easy to pull with a trailer, easy to rig ing, but also as training platforms for neophytes. and easy to launch. Pletsch says you can pull it behind “It’s an ideal beginner’s boat,” said Harry Carpenter, almost anything, and Buffington adds that you can haul one the builder. “It’s easy to learn how to sail, and yet, it’s a boat with a Volkswagen. you can grow into.” The class is conducting a membership survey and has They are good-sized, and people are not sitting in somediscovered that approximately two-thirds race, while about one else’s lap. As many as eight people can sit in the ample one-third enjoy just daysailing. cockpit, and a high boom easily clears all heads. Thus, racing is a key item on the Flying Scot agenda. Fred Strammer of Nokomis came back to sailing after The Midwinter Regatta will be at New Orleans’ Southern several years of going to college, working and raising a famYacht Club in March, and then the event will start alternatily. When his children started sailing with the Venice Youth ing between New Orleans and Sarasota. Boating Association, he “got the bug” again. The late Gordon K. “Sandy” Douglass had designed “I wanted a class that I could sail with my wife and different sailboats, notably the Thistle and Highlander, but kids, Strammer said. “ It is a growing class, and it has a built a prototype in 1956 to incorporate the speed and hannational as well as a local presence.” dling of those two vessels into a more durable boat made of Thinel had been boatless for two years when he and his fiberglass. What to call it was more of a challenge. wife, Kim, agreed to try a Flying Scot in December 2003. The Flying Scot had been the name of a famous “We were looking for a boat that just she and I could sail,” London to Edinburgh express train. And there was a wellhe said. “We also wanted a boat with a spinnaker, and that known yacht of the 1890s by the same name. It seemed to was easy to travel. And we wanted a strong one-design class.” be a good fit. They bought a 1965 model Flying Scot and never regretDouglass launched a boat company in Mentor, Ohio, in ted it. 1957 and subsequently moved to Oakland, MD. He retired “We like it more than we thought we would,” he added. in 1971 and sold his company to Eric Ammann who, in turn, And while it has a spinnaker, there are no hiking straps hired Harry Carpenter, who attended Grove City College in Pennsylvania. Carpenter taught sailing at Amman’s sailing school on nearby Deep Creek Lake during the summers, and after he OAT IVE ERVICES graduated in 1978, started working full time for Ammann. (941) 587- 6221 Then in 1991, Carpenter and his wife Karen bought all the assets and created a new company, Flying Scot, Inc., which KACY & GRETA is in Deer Park, a small town in the mountains of western Interior/Exterior Repairs - Painting - Cleaning Maryland, near Oakland and the Deep Creek Sailing School. IN WATER Cleaning, Cutlass Bearing Replacement, However, the class association has had its headquarters Prop Service…and More! in Columbia, SC, since 1978. Courtney LC Waldrup is the Bottom Paint Jobs • Mast Climbing executive secretary. Kay Summerfield is editor of the association’s publication, interestingly called “Scots n’ Water.” Mooring Inspections, Installation & Repairs For more information on the boat, call (800) 864-7208, Trip Prep - Boat Sitting…and More! or go on-line to For more informaBased in Sarasota, FL With Mobile Service Beyond tion on the class, call (800) 445-8629 or check it out at w w w. a 1 b o a ta n d d i v e s e r v i c e s . c o m

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