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LETTERS “Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one.”

A.J. Liebling

In its continuing endeavor to share its press, SOUTHWINDS invites readers to write in with experiences & opinions. E-mail your letters to SOUTHWINDS POLICY ON LETTERS TO THE EDITOR In December, I published our policy on letters to the editor. I received several verbal responses on this, all very positive. One person suggested publishing it each month, but it is way too long for that, so we have posted it on our Web site,, accessed from the home page (and almost every page) at the top right where it says, “Letter to the Editor” Steve Morrell Editor WHEN CAN AMERICANS TRAVEL TO CUBA? We have spent nine years cruising the Caribbean and have visited most of the countries and islands—east, south and west. So far, we have missed Barbados and Cuba. PLEASE keep your readers updated regarding travel by sailboat to Cuba. I have my charts, guidebooks and am “sittin’ on ready.” I hope we can go to Cuba in 2010. Paul and Malinda Gebert S/V Daydream, Morgan OI 41 Paul and Malinda – If the federal government ever stops prosecuting people for their right to travel to any country that we are not in a declared war with, I will definitely print that fact in SOUTHWINDS. This includes when the federal government stops

punishing people for the right to travel through intimidation with “threats” of prosecution—something that seems to happen regularly. I call it “punishment without conviction.” It’s an old government trick. When they stop doing this, U.S. citizens can go to all sorts of places, including Cuba—especially since we haven’t had a legally declared war since WWII. Editor FWC PUTS OUT NOTICE ON NEW BOATING LAWS I am a huge fan of your publication and always read it from cover to cover. I have a quick question about one of your recent articles, “Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Puts Out Notice on New Boating Laws” (“Our Waterways,” November). I believe the quote to be, “Laws regarding titling, numbering, and registration now apply to any vessel operated, used or stored on state waters except vessels lawfully stored at a dock or marina.” I am wondering if a vessel that is currently a documented vessel with the USCG will have to apply numbers on the outside of the vessel instead of, or in addition to, the documentation plaque that is affixed inside the cabin. I realize the registration sticker has always been required but am

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