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OUR UR WATERWAYS ATERWAYS: DWINDLING WINDLING ANCHORAGES NCHORAGES? A liveaboard sailor, who has anchored out along Florida’s western coast for many years, writes about the changes he has seen. In this section. Photo by Steve Morrell.

SOUTHWINDS “Our Waterways” Section SOUTHWINDS has created this section to inform our readers about changes in our waterways. We believe that Southerners are in the midst of a great change occurring on our waterways—through the conversion of many boating properties to condominiums, restrictions on anchorages once thought to be more open and now being more restricted and regulated, and other economic forces at work. This section will also concern itself with the environmental health of the waters we boat and swim in. The waterways belong to all of us, and all of us have a right to use them. The waterways are not just for those who can afford to live on the water, and it is up to us boaters and lovers of these waters to protect that right. We hope that by helping to inform you of these changes, we will contribute to doing just that. We are looking for news and information on changes, land sales, anchorages, boaters’ rights, new marinas, anchoring rights, disappearing marinas, boatyards and boat ramps, environmental concerns and other related news.

Independent writers wanted on these subjects. Contact Steve Morrell,, or call (877) 372-7245. We regularly receive many letters to the editor on these issues. See the “Letters” section for more opinions and information. Some letters will be published in this section if appropriate. In the coming months, we will be developing “Our Waterways” pages on our Web site, Visit those pages for links, information, articles and more.

BoatU.S. Magazine Honored For Advocacy on Column on Rick Santorum Bill to Privatize National Weather Service Forecasts For the fourth year in a row, BoatU.S. Magazine has received an Apex Award, this time in the contest’s Editorials and

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August 2006