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Trailer Sailing: Rigging Tips & Tricks Part II of III By Gary W. Dickinson

Last month, we took a look at your boat trailer, and I shared some lessons I learned the hard way to save you from making the same mistakes I have. Now on to some tricks and changes I have made to my boats over the years that speed up the rigging process and reduce the problems associated with getting underway.

The mast step secures the base of the mast to the deck while still allowing you to raise and lower the mast. This mast step has an additional hole in the front (towards the right shown here) of the fitting to which the mast-raising pole attaches to.


y boat, a Macgregor 26X, has a mast-raising system that makes it possible to raise and lower the mast by myself. Those of you who have a mast that sits in a tabernacle may be able to make a similar system that will allow you to do the same. The tabernacle on my boat is actually hinged in such a way that it allows me to raise and lower the mast easily. The manual says that the rigging can be put up in only 15 minutes. They must have got that

time in a speed-rigging contest, but—regardless—the information I will share can save you lots of time. You may be able to make some of these modifications to your own boat that will make rigging your boat faster and easier than you ever thought possible. (You should check with your boat manufacturer before making any modifications) There are three main elements that my boat has that

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